LUXURY BEACH VANLIFE FOR $0 A NIGHT [Santa Teresa, Costa Rica]

Jul 26, 2021 14:00 · 1531 words · 8 minute read

good morning so we’re in santa teresa on the nicoya peninsula on the coast of costa rica today we’re just gonna wander around a little bit see what this town has to offer hopefully we’ll get some beach time some surfing in and we heard that there’s a pretty good skate park here so danny’s really excited about that oh yes slumming it at the beach back of the van is swarming what is going on there you see next to us fancy beach place nice pool and we got the ocean right there so we decided we’re just gonna go take a walk around town for a bit now and take the dog of course and see what’s going on around town we’re thinking this must be a natural thing all these swarms right now probably after the rain one gotcha it’s flying into my shirt oh what better than in your mouth sombrita was attacking him too huh looks like these things lose their wings and then transform yes we dodged those flying ants enough that we made it to the skate park of santa teresa that’s uh my favorite form of travel skatepark tourism oh that thing looks sick transfer here transfer there whoa this is a good skate park yeah we have to look how good those transitions are seems really well made well we’ll come back when it’s dry we decided to walk back along the beach hopefully there’s less of those swarms of wing dance and there’s this cool trail here said no atvs so overall i’m kind of liking santa teresa what about you emily oh i love it it’s super fancy it’s super nice not too fancy um but not too touristy this doesn’t seem like there’s that many people here from the right if you keep going when you hit the beach here and go right it would be like way more secluded i think yeah beautiful beach so this would definitely be santa teresa and wow those waves it must be around that corner there where people serve is this like these rocks here gnarly spot to surf well we made it back to the van and it looks like there’s horses here they’re bridled up but i guess they’re free to roam that’s pretty sick anyway dinner time does anybody know whose horses these are i got the key oh there’s graham van dinner for the night fried rice courtesy of the van chef wife she put in some of these heart of palm tasty he’s cuckoo for catnip puffs pretty proud of our little home right now having our morning coffees and we’re getting really good solar right now 170 watts out of 200 so it’s going right from the sun into our phones time for the morning walk something just fell right there oh we’re parked just far enough away here’s sombrita defend you defend your brother not a bad spot for the morning coffee that’s good they’re playing she really needs it all these places seem deserted during the week it’s a party on sunday set up my foot but check out these places here pretty baller i guess this would be santa teresa area a ton of these places along the beach but i guess they’re expensive well we got the van all ready let’s go check out the town skate park surf who knows i don’t know if you guys noticed in that clip that i ran over that kid’s bike after i did that transfer the first time well emily gave him a bunch of our stickers that we got bmx stickers and stuff so that usually smooths it over when i run over a bike super sweaty time to hit the ocean so we’re checking out another beach spot here people have said they come here with their vans during the day we hear it’s a better place for surfing so danny really wants to cool off a little bit go in the water where we were before had just crazy waves and no one swimming so kind of figured it was a little dangerous to swim but here we’ve read it was easier looking like a really good surf spot so here is to hoping this puddle isn’t a little mini pond oh yeah that is a little deep it was a bit deep it was a little bit deeper there’s a bit of roots in the middle nice we’ve been chatting it up with that guy and uh he was helping us find a spot to park very nice guy so i think i’m gonna put it right over here get some solar power hey how’d it go good yeah we definitely found the surfing beach here it’s a wonderful wonderful beach so many people surfing and swimming and hanging out wow we love it here hello are there any hobbits in there i love our little sun shade here at the beach relaxing the puppy is relaxing after playing with so many dogs so now she’s chewing on some sticks and i’m reading a book there’s 25 surfers out there some really good surfers yeah let’s see if we can yeah i’m from the pacific but i love how everybody comes out to the beach at sunset time and just becomes such a scene west coast three years today since our wedding when we also started traveling full-time big day today we celebrate ordered up we received this book as a wedding gift to use for special days instead of buying cards every year well we decided to get a closer beach spot to the fancy dinner we’re gonna have later so here we can have our own drinks our own beach club what do you think little boy so you want to take a little anniversary walk wow so this must be pretty low tide all this exposed rock is full of water hopefully you can climb that thing right there that’d be sick whoa ah this side looks wild maybe we won’t climb it still need a scrape on a anniversary sweet rock though and then we’re gonna walk down here hopefully it’s just like that flora blanca resort probably down at the point honestly so not too far i think it’s at a half kilometer and that’ll be a really really fancy restaurant resort spot 400 a night is the cheapest room but you don’t get an ocean view with that in spanish hermosa means beautiful and it’s nice wow first tide pool discovery man i don’t know if you guys can see that lobster right there right under the rock there wow that looks like a sea slug kind of a jawn well here we are back to van what do you want to do baby you wanna i don’t know set up the sun shade play scrabble yeah let’s do it get that rose out oh yeah let’s crack that rose rose day all day and snack ooh and let’s get the cat out too yeah hopefully he’ll chill we’ve got grammy in the little tent with us we’re about to play some scrabble gold fish goldfish edition so now we got this going you want to celebrate babe yeah let’s do it open that up rose all day but not every day in moderation stay thirsty friends well sombrita got to play with the dog a couple dogs but one of them was scared he comes in here calamity struck and the dog came in here it wasn’t his fault but we messed up the board i think i actually got it honestly very nice owners of the dog they said they moved here from where emily switzerland wow the most exclusive beach club you have to be in vanderson you’re getting that triple word oh no i actually i got a better one so we finished our game of scrabble we’re gonna go for a walk over to the next beach we’re heading to our fancy dinner oh this place is like a garden this concludes the before dinner drinks portion of the dinner let’s go see what world-class cuisine they have to offer happy anniversary that’s what all the fuss is about he loves hair things the cat outside put the dog outside so we’re about to get on the ferry from playa naranjo on the nicoya peninsula over to puntarenas the ferry is about 70 minutes long and it costs for two passengers and a car 20 or eleven thousand colonists it’s gonna be a fun ride goodbye nicoya peninsula let’s check it out huh pretty small boat oh there we go there we go now we hit the mother lode this is the ones you like baby oh buddy so there’s where we left from paqueras but over here i’m pretty sure that’s where we spent the night because remember each side had like a thing you couldn’t see past and then there was these islands out front wasn’t it we spent the night like right in there flying around putting it all together um off the ferry we go.