Allah (God) Does Not Reside in the Kaaba - the House of God

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And always a reminder for myself ana abdukal ‘ajeezu, dayeefu, miskinu, zhalim, wa jahl, and by for the grace of Allah (AJ) that we are still in existence.

00:22 - Alhamdulillah that the 11th month of Dhul Qi’dah opened and the beatific tajallis (manifestations) that Allah (AJ) granted for us to have a life in which to be dressed by these realities, to see and to witness the opening of this holy month.

00:47 - And that a reminder from the heart of awliyaullah (saints) about the reality of the eleven, the reality of la ilaha illallah reflecting into the heart of Muhammadun Rasulallah ﷺ.

01:02 - What we covered last night… very very deep [shaykh laughs], say very very deep.

01:13 - So inshaAllah we go into any questions and answers from our discussions last night and see if people had any concerns and understandings from the number where we started from 92 and you write like a circle put 92 inside that circle is the reality of 29 and then you put 29 at the top and inside that circle is eleven and that becomes the secret of that reality of Muhammadun Rasulallah ﷺ and the reality of laam-alif and why tariqahs (spiritual paths) are symbolic of laam-alif and the symbolism of laam-alif is that the laam comes behind the alif because La ilaha illallah - no partner, Allah (AJ) allows the reality of the laam to attach from behind but Allah (AJ) ‘I’m a hidden treasure, I wanting it to be known not that I will be known.

’ So as a result of ‘I wanting to be known’ the laam goes in front and the alif remains always a hidden treasure.

02:39 - Because of that, non-tariqah are very confused.

02:50 - Non-tariqah people they have no idea what you’re talking about, they don’t see the importance of the laam and they think their whole life is to focus on the alif, and this understanding of laam-alif is our entire secret of haqqaiqs (realities).

03:22 - As much as you pursue the alif, as much as you pursue Allah (AJ) trying to get to know Allah (AJ) without the order without the haqqaiq, without the muhabbat (love) of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ, Allah (AJ) moves - doesn’t allow you to understand it.

03:47 - So as a result they keep trying to move to that reality that ‘I only want to know about Allah (AJ), I only want to hear about Allah (AJ)’ and they never reach to any reality and they teach always very superficial because they’re not able to reach.

04:09 - They go for hajj (pilgrimage), they spend their time in Mecca and they barely visit Madina and they left.

04:20 - 99. 9% of people, because this will be your collective body of religion, like a lab say ‘How do we collectively know what Muslims believe? Do you speak on their behalf. ’ No astaghfirullah (seek forgiveness from Allah (AJ) nobody speaks on their behalf but you can witness the collective whole on hajj or even their plan to go for umrah.

04:50 - The collective mindset is - we go spend 15 days in Mecca and barely the hajj package wants one day, two days Madina, get out.

05:01 - Because they’re always after the alif, they paid no attention to the laam, they think it’s this [shaykh shows two separate laams].

05:09 - But Allah (AJ) Say ‘I’m a hidden treasure wanting to be known’ so it can’t be that simple, that this alif is hidden somewhere.

05:23 - So when we understand Bi sirritul laam jalalah there’s always this flipping happening [shaykh shows the laam and alif].

05:32 - So Allah (AJ) call creation to oneness - that’s represented by the ka’bah ‘Come to Ahad (The One & Only), come to oneness, leave multiple gods, leave all your desires, leave all your characteristics, come to the ocean of oneness. ’ And that’s the symbolism of the holy Ka’bah is that - you take off all your identity, you put your white fabric and you begin to make tawaf (circumambulation).

06:15 - The tawaf is the crushing, it’s the people coming from many entering into the ocean of oneness and they’re moving like one ocean of white - that was only to come to tawheed (oneness) but that was not Maqamul Mahmood, that was not the realities that Allah (AJ) wanted for the nation.

06:40 - This was the 99%, and when we talk you can’t talk otherwise you can’t come, you can’t have your own discussions back there we have to have them here [shaykh talks to people talking in the back].

06:53 - So the reality of Mecca is the reality of that oneness, that to make people to come to oneness but you didn’t get the treasure, you came to the understanding - leave the many and come to the one.

07:09 - Its haqqaiq then begins to teach that that servant of One ‘I’m not on heavens and I’m not on the earth but I’m on the heart of My servant. ’ The one whom represents the oneness of Mecca, the servant of Mecca, the one whom understood the tawaf, taught the tawaf, brought the Holy Qur’an - is the hidden treasure of Allah (AJ).

07:46 - So when you go to Mecca you’re acknowledging the oneness of Allah (AJ), you’re coming from the multiplicity into oneness and singularity, but when Allah (AJ) accepts your sincerity and your tawafs are accepted, your dua’s (supplications) and your prayers are accepted, Allah (AJ) begin to inspire within your heart ‘I’m not here, I’m on the heart of My believer. ’ Did you find His believer yet? Means then these are the Ahbab an Nabi ﷺ (Lovers of Prophet ﷺ).

08:32 - When they understood, they came to oneness, they came to the disciplines of Islam and Allah (AJ) opened within their heart ‘I am in the heart of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ, if you want to find Me go to Madina,’ and when you enter into the holy precincts of Madinatul Munawwara (Luminous city of Prophet ﷺ) it’s the city of light because Allah (AJ) Divinely Presence on the heart of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ in Rauza e sharif (holy burial chamber).

09:05 - Allah (AJ) is not in the Ka’bah, the Ka’bah is what you built with your hands, that has a different reality of what’s there but Allah’s (AJ) Divinely Presence is where? On the heart of His servant, His servant is holier than the stones, His servant is holier than the house - the ancient house, but this is an ancient soul, this is a soul in which is mazil ul Qur’an (where the Holy Qur’an emanates) the heart of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.

09:45 - So means they don’t get it so they keep missing it, they keep separating the two and they go for where they want.

09:54 - But the haqqaiq is the deciphering and a salik - the seeker, it never comes open like that, the seekers one whom seeks and seeks and through their seeking they sit with the scholars of realities and they begin to be dressed by its understandings and they say ‘Oh now I understand what that hadith means, that when Allah (AJ) is giving this isharat (sign) is that - find My believer, find the one whom I call My habib (beloved) and which I love, and all creation is trying to get My love but I have attached My love to the reality of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.

’ And that becomes the reality of the 11, the reality of the Divinely mirror.

10:47 - That when we’re running towards the love of Allah (AJ) it’s Allah (AJ) that inspire us ‘Qul in kuntum tuhibbon Allaha fattabi’oni,’ – direct yourself to Madina.

11:01 - And if you do it correctly, and you do it with respect, and you do it with ihtiram (respect), that’s why all this na’at sharif (prophetic praising) is about – I’m going to Madina, I’m standing at the qabr (grave), I’m doing with all my respect.

11:16 - I did all my mawlid (celebration of the birthday of Prophet ﷺ), I kept my salawat (praises upon Prophet Muhammad ﷺ), I did all of this ihtiram so that Allah (AJ) would accept my entry into Madinatul Munawwara - into His Divinely presence.

11:31 - This is the greatness and this is why we said that tariqah is the reality of tawheed, they got tawheed complete wrong.

11:43 - The reality of tawheed the real la ilaha illAllah is in the heart of Muhammadun Rasulallah ﷺ and that’s the great reward of the turuqs (spiritual paths).

11:56 - The path is the path to Allah (AJ), path to the Lord of Power which “Laa hawla wa la quwwata,” “Illa…Illa billa. ” You can’t connect and grab power from Allah (AJ), because you’re saying La ilaha illallah can give you power? Because He didn’t put your name on the kailmah (testimony), but “Laa hawla wa la quwwa” means there’s no help that can come to you and there’s no power that can come to you but through where? It has to come from the reality of la ilaha illallah that emanating from Muhammadun Rasulallah ﷺ.

12:49 - So what the na’at sharif said? ‘When I heard… “Innal ladheena yubayi’oonaka innama yubayi’on Allaha,” …the Yadullah – as soon as I heard Allah (AJ) put His Hand on the hand, I understood the reality. ’ What is the na’at, the na’at says? Nabi Ka Zikr Hi Khuda Ka Zikr Hai, Nabi Ka Haath Hi Khuda Ka Hath Hai.

13:15 - ‘The hand, I heard,’ mean it triggered the reality for that wali (saint).

13:19 - That Allah (AJ) giving these isharats (signs) ‘You want My Hand? Take the hand of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ. ’ Where are you going to take the hand of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ, in Mecca or Madina? In Madina.

13:36 - So as soon as you come with adab (manners) into Madina and your life is always Madina, we’re not a of people who go once and then we do every forbidden thing years and 10 years until we go to Madina again.

13:49 - Our life is that we entered Madina and we’re never going to leave Madina.

13:55 - And if you haven’t entered Madina by watching these videos, watching these teachings, you’re becoming and making a Madina in your home.

14:04 - When you have the salawats, have the nasheeds (songs of praise), have all of these realities that are being taught, we said last night - you carry the dome of Madinatul Munawwara on your head with the ihtiram [shaykh shows his turban], it’s the highest honor that Allah (AJ) gave to us.

14:22 - So that your whole character was ‘Ya Rabbi accept my entry into Madinatul Munawwara, that accept me into the presence of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ and that every difficulty to go away. ’ Why all these na’at sharif are talking about Mushkil Gusha (remover of difficulties)? That every difficulty goes away, why because you reach the hawla (support), hawla is – help.

14:50 - All their life they look for help, anywhere you go for help how are you going to reach to help if you’re not with the one whom Allah (AJ) His Hand is on his hand and Allah’s (AJ) going to ask you ‘Why should I put My Hand on your hand?’ You went only to Ka’bah you say “I’m coming here for hawla. ” Allah (AJ) Said ‘I don’t think I said in Qur’an that My Hand is on your hand, My Hand is on the hand of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ. ’ And that Prophet’s ﷺ hand has to be upon your hand, at that time Allah’s (AJ) Yadullah is moving on to your hand.

15:33 - Because Allah (AJ) wants everything in tawheed, nothing in our deen (religion) is based on La ilaha illallah, you can never cut out Muhammadun Rasulullah ﷺ. Qudra (power) if it want to come to you, how it could ever come without Muhammadun Rasulullah ﷺ, you took the imam (religious leader) of your life moved it aside and Allah (AJ) going to send you something? It’s just a horrible adab to even think like that and that’s why it’s the reality of tawheed, such a reality that those who think they’re Ahle Tawheed (People of Oneness) they actually have no understanding of tawheed because they took out the biggest part of that tawheed.

16:16 - What separates us from every other understanding and belief is La ilaha illallah Muhammadun Rasulallah ﷺ.

16:27 - And as a result, that is Allah’s (AJ) Hawla, every help comes onto that hand because the hand of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ is there to resolve it, because you’re holding the hand of your imam and your imam is supported by Allah (AJ), that’s all you need.

16:49 - Every difficulty will be resolved. Every quwwah and power - this is the power source, the one whom his heart is emanating Holy Qur’an is the power of Allah (AJ) because yet we don’t understand what Qur’an is, Allah Say (AJ) ‘If the book that can revive the dead, it’s here. ’ So oh oh, now means what? Let’s translate like science class, ‘The Qur’an in heart of Prophet ﷺ. Qur’an can revive the dead.

17:26 - So means the heart of Prophet ﷺ can revive the dead. ’ Muhyil qulub (reviver of hearts) from… because Qur’an is emanating from his heart ﷺ.

17:43 - Everything in this creation is governed by the holy speech of Allah (AJ), the Holy Qur’an again meaning what - the heart of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.

17:57 - So then we begin to understand hawla and quwwah (power), that every help we reach to the hand, that’s why nasheeds and salawats and all this good character, good adab, the immensity of this love so that we grab the hand of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ and that was the reality of the bayah (allegiance).

18:19 - The bayah with the ulul amr (saints) that represented for you the reality of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.

18:27 - Their life is to teach you about that reality, in our lives we have to find the moons - the qamar, qamaron, the moons of the nation of this reality and their only focus is the sun, they should be focusing on nothing else and they should only be talking about the sun because the moon doesn’t talk about Pluto, it doesn’t talk about Jupiter, it doesn’t talk about Saturn, it talks about the sun, why? Because the sun is the light, it is the sources of light, the reflections of light, all the realities of light are coming out and that is the Muhammadan Haqqaiq and Muhammadan Realities.

19:19 - So as a life is to - follow the Muhammadan Haqqaiqs and realities and take a path like the moon in which it is continuously bombarded and bombarded with difficulty, the moon is not something that is a beatific and shiny but it’s something that has been intensely tested and as a result its surface is all filled with craters and difficulties and testing’s.

19:44 - We pray that Allah (AJ) dress us and bless us from the immensities of the reality of eleven, their immensity and the reality of Dhul Qi’dah and this holy month and its tajalli.

19:59 - Subhana rabbika rabbal ‘izzati ‘amma yasifoon, wa salaamun ‘alal mursaleen, walhamdulillahi rabbil ‘aalameen.

20:05 - Bi hurmati Muhammad al-Mustafa wa bi siri Surat al-Fatiha. .