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you know this is the sweetest news i’ve ever received this year i’m telling you wow this is very very nice i want to see her to myself yes now days the very first time i saw her i think she made a very good impression okay i i don’t think she’s a bad girl that’s okay that’s true that’s what’s happening you know what i’m asking about i wouldn’t like any idiot me let me get something i hope they are not going to add another list of this this is all right i don’t think so it’s all right uh our sister i think i put a finishing touches around regarding the posts we’re going to use impression that you are going to do um i think you are ready for this marriage yes who did you even give the food contract to uh do we hope for fish bbq he’s going to be dmc let’s that finish it no suggestion that i’m making will be writing them now who will do your empty mamma do you know your problem your problem is overloading x you’re hearing so many things in your mind at the same time now that i am just trying to tell you the things that are very important to you right okay is that going to be a stand have you ever stand for two years hi why is it that she doesn’t even want to take my own suggestion see baby you are lucky to be going into that for me if you behave yourself i am sure you will enjoy your marriage but let me warn you don’t allow my sister your mother to influence you negatively no problem uncle i’ve heard and let me finish what i was doing you you see our family that praise together stays together um we have decided to delve into fishing the ladies should be remembered we are not just going to be housewives eating and sleeping busy we are not housewife beds please come and show me wow i really have this system julie she’s so open prayerful she’s a homemaker i pray the family will continue living in peace the only problem you have is nothing but diarrhea on the map once you open your mouth you vomit venom if you like say what you want to see i don’t care all i know is that nothing will distract me from going to visit my end yeah only god knows what problem you’re going to cause there but let me let me one beware of their uncle danny black who went to america and did not pass anything only that he smokes and walks up and down within the village okay yeah what did you call his name blake okay he doesn’t know me yes he doesn’t know who i am by the time he sees me he will understand that me angelina i am not that easy i haven’t seen anything yet when the time i gave comes too much notice here i will be coming back i’d love to know you’re working on this oh god god damn it damn how can you keep me did you want me to leave in the squad on islands i’ll give you three more spots if you don’t finish it then i’ll blow up your head do you understand me you are showing another thing you are cool you are cool actually i came to tell you that if you see my sister give her the beating of her life really very evil yes that is for you i am coming back hold it use your letter to cover your nose cover your nose yeah drinking the beat it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay all right see what i have done in place i love playing this now listen listen if you look at me you see i am tipsy enough i need a roof over my head when you feel you’ve stayed enough you can find your way home oh you really want to do that i’ll go home stop committing sins you don’t understand those who do nothing go to heaven come on drink and when you drink you’ll be tipsy and when you’re tipsy you sleep and when you sleep you do not commit a sin and when you don’t commit sins to heaven we go bye-bye when you are due you can grow up my point remains that you should allow bidi to live her life in her husband’s house angelina that is my gossip what do you want me to do to fold my arms and watch my daughter to be subjected subjected to what just give me one instance of an injustice method out of that game one um do you know what they told that i didn’t know that’s why i’m asking you give me one instance which one will i mention now which one will i mention and leave eh and eliminate one hey mozart even tell you anything as i tell you before i go to their house must i tell you you see your life you know i’m fine i’m fine where’s my nose he’s inside welcome hey don’t carry this one leave it mommy i i don’t know about them i don’t like the way you talk to judy is that her name mama what crime did she commit in sharing in our discussion eh i don’t like did i talk to her no she can only talk to me only when i talk to her i don’t like that attitude of all this the attitude of kuzaku she’s jumping up and down like rats for this period of six months that i would be in this house did you say six months for you you will want me to even stay over one year but no way he’s unless he’s what i will stay and i will go back you’re joking right you’re different i am saying here for this month it’s okay like that managing yes you’re serious hey mama that will not happen next week you’re leaving this house let me go and help what crime have i committed now is it not a crime for somebody to visit and help her yeah come back oh i came to see you will not even stop me from from spain this month i decide to stay in this house eh that is how they behave if you want to talk to them and explain this to them you will not understand you don’t even know what they call a negotiation and conflict resolution okay you are trying to explain to yourself i don’t know what this woman is up to i hope she doesn’t bring about the downfall of this family but god forbid the spirit of my late parents will not allow her to succeed in all her evil plans what should i do should i talk with tom about this no i don’t think so i’m sorry for my mom’s misbehavior this morning please don’t take it too bad i don’t really know what came about you just have to stand up please stand up stand up you don’t have to nail them thank you see it’s not your fault that your mother behaved like that today okay i don’t even know what came over mama mama was not like this before these days really changed be the idea nobody is blaming you for what mama did you just have to put yourself together mama will come around that’s one thing i believe it’s already what’s the meaning of this morning disgrace eh i don’t understand what don’t you understand i know what to do since i am i just want to know what is still delaying the sharing of the assets both of you are married and i still don’t know why you should by now you should be doing things in your different ways i’m even thinking that thinking what mama thinking words what do you mean are you trying to cause problems for us in this house mama hey is that what you want to achieve don’t misunderstand me why are you talking about sharing of assets have we in any way solicited for your idea in that direction have we mamma can you imagine mama you’ve come again you’ve come again you people don’t you are misunderstanding you you don’t that’s not what i’m trying to say what are you trying to say mama please for god’s sake go back to your house i should leave your house because it’s obvious you’re here to make trouble go back to your house i should leave your house do i have water in my mouth or am i missing words is not a question of wanting i demand that you leave this house this very minute you are said that she’s just trying to cross out my promise dude yes i promised to stay with two people for six months and then she’s trying to cut it short no wait hey no way mama you can’t stay in this house for another six months where are you where are you going this woman is your mother-in-law this is what you brought into this why is everybody walking after me maybe they don’t even like the six months that i said i will stay with them maybe i should make it one year maybe by the time i still want to understand what i’m trying to say not causing any problem i just want to make them live happy with that what’s the mama big me that we should share the buildings and the vehicles she even went to an extent telling me that we should start cooking differently i don’t really know what is her mission in this family i wonder you baby i really don’t know what has gotten into that woman what is she even thinking setting her daughter’s home on fire what kind of a woman is she i’ve never seen such a woman who derives so much joy and pleasure in tearing apart her only daughter’s home and happiness is gradually turned into an epicenter god will never allow such a thing to happen listen my parents built a very strong christian family in this in this house and i will never watch that woman throw it more than that are you listening to me god do not allow such a thing to happen to us so you’re sharing the same fear what are our almighty god the god we stand in this house we’ll never allow such a thing to happen god will continually hold this family and we will never tear apart seriously my dear we really have to pray we have to put all this in prayers okay god will not allow them to go astray though i really i really i really don’t understand you know this hotel is getting out of hand but if i tell you i’m not tired of all the situation who wouldn’t be tired in such a thing but you know i never knew that this woman could be that troublesome little one i know why my wife has been against her mother visiting us who wouldn’t be tell me tom who wouldn’t be now the whole thing is telling on her head that woman is such a trouble she’s she’s in fact she’s a disaster strike whenever she comes in there is trouble listen me me me particularly me i can never stay with that woman one minute do you know if you put me in a room with that woman for one week i would drive like stockfish i don’t even know how you cope with her each time when i come back from you know i was able to feel hanging in this frontage or backyard but i hope we’ve been discussing that one disgust me i want to go for a meeting i don’t know you want to go for me you just have to take care of that girl she’s even in my [ __ ] that’s no problem try and come back eliot i didn’t want to show my face during the wine ceremony because i don’t want anybody to identify me with that you people did not make a difference at all honestly speaking tom never mentioned anything about this guy to any of us all we just heard was that i found a wife the only person he mentioned was her father okay okay yes okay has no trouble at all he was the gentleman to become so you don’t have to blame us do you know the problem you have my sister angelina a double internet yeah you see your sister that’s why i cannot positively talk about her wait you mean she’s that bad hey stories about how we train you visit us but among our people once you mention heart in any discussion people will just laugh and say change the topic seriously i don’t know how you people fell into this temptation right wait you mean the matter is that serious it’s super serious that you have entered means that you have entered i mean jessie go further angelina that’s his only problem take your mother in those advice because advice will never mislead you i don’t know why it’s finally difficult to take my advice there many rooms that i’ve given advice to they are very happy about it eh they have come to say thank you to me but i am not talking to my email he will not listen to me because he’s taking me for granted i give people advice and it helps me so many homes i don’t know why this one is very difficult i don’t know but on the contrary i am here to fight for what belongs to you to help you at least gather some property that is why i’m here you know as a good model that i am i just want to help you protect the things that are at least belongs to you you’re not saying anything i’ve heard you is that all you can say hi eno absolute rubbish hey listen listen i don’t care how bad you do it my concern is that she must leave this conference today uncle but you ever heard her saying that she has not less than six months no way never did i never will i don’t have it there’s no way she can say in this compound be young two days listen listen if this idiot pushes me to the wall oh oh oh oh that place i’ll just use my gun and blur off her head you know i am an american citizen i will use my gun and blur off ahead and if i blow up her head i will report myself to new jersey police department you know did you know i’d be happy sitting down taking myself from from the press boys and why and how did you waste the [ __ ] come on you’re telling me rubbish okay okay there was a time you told me that she wanted me to be the house for her yes she did but i’m not ready i’m not interested to build any house for her she nobody’s talking about any goddamn house for her and we are going to use that request against her say helpful this eternity that’s why i’m called danny bless you nobody they call us the black monkeys and we call them the hippies with long hair um what did you say you heard me right you meditated yeah but we’re traveling now by next moon for you to show me the sight why are you talking again why why saying this month eh let there’s no problem with my daughter don’t worry she will understand if she comes back we’ll tell her oh hey let me just go inside that is what i’m talking of you now look at like they’re impressive thank god i will make sure you never return back to this family so they actually tricked me home okay so this my ilo tricked me he deceived me eh in the presence that he wants to build he has for me and he now talks to me he finally dumped me back in the village we know what she has done for them to warrant pushing her i know what to do i will call hmm i’m sure you’re not serious have they ever asked of your opinion before preparing any meaning i don’t even understand you anymore i can’t see that first woman i ever married have you forgotten there’s a menu that has been operational for a very long time spare me that nonsense you never sister amaze me you know what menu are we talking about here the menu she prepares to suit them or the one you prepared idea like i said i don’t really understand you anymore you have been fleshed by a mother’s inclination i don’t really understand you anymore i don’t see the sign of the very first woman that i got in thank god with i believe you have been influenced by your mother’s divisional inclination your place now is to start cooking separately is that right please leave my mother out of this my mother has nothing to do with what we are talking about here when will you wake up for crying out loud when will you stop being tied up to die your brother your eyes okay already i am awake you have been coming out gradually gradually but let me assure you that your devilish plans will never work read my lips it can never work me my devil hey you’re actually working out on me tom okay i see my mother was right after all they told me what’s wrong with buddy what exactly has gotten wrong with her what a plot do she have with her mother i have to play along with them to know exactly what they have in mind busy busy busy you caught me something is wrong somewhere just come find me and tell me the problem i will serve it together it’s nothing does it look like there’s something wrong with me i’m okay it’s nothing okay okay tell us exactly what you told me in my house yesterday well i told uncle that um i told uncle that i i i informed him that in fact i told him that i want our properties shut what what that’s exactly what this camera man what is this influential to tell me in my house and i wanted everything to be shared from us what is your problem have we ever discussed this issue before if if you wanted the asset to be shared wouldn’t you have discussed it with me first and when has usage of things in this has become problems for us yeah oh he doesn’t have to wait till it becomes a problem i’m manifesting not speaking english saying that you’re the most elderly person in our family i give you this respect i would like you to allow us to settle this matter on our own if we can’t handle this matter we’ll come back to you please time it a stitch in time saves night eh let’s share this property here and now will you shut up how dare you talk when i’m talking don’t even shout at my wife do you mean you’re talking back i will handle this matter myself are you sure we are doing the right thing we’re doing the right thing for very good that is why i said we should lay our hands on our own assets make sure the assets are shared so we live the life of us very much right that will be done next to me that’s my job well if you say that that woman has been wished i won’t doubt you because that woman is capable of a lot of unpredictable things virtually everything evil i can’t even imagine such a woman my yeah he’s with me let me give him the phone hold on give me your phone hello yeah speaking yes that’s me yes he’s my brother what happened accidents hey an accident or i don’t i don’t even know what to say please give me my cocky doctor i have the feeling that this is poisonous are you telling me asking me from the look of things it looks like i don’t know hello what’s missing which one okay i’m ready three days are you trying to tell me that my brother has been there for the past two days and he refused to say please i want you to give me your account number right now i want to make the transfer to you right now here and now please i want you to do anything everything possible for my brother to be fine what he’s trying to say is that you should do whatever you can that is only brother please is it money you want whatever you want see i don’t even understand he’s running that uh i’ve heard you give me one minute are you sure time will be fine in this hospital the only problem with that because it yeah only seven days to live but ultimately if the wife can agree to deliver that transparent you don’t ever repeat that nonsense which wife ah you of course i’m not uniform i did not come into this world with anybody if anybody wants to die that person should die alone please doctor i’ll do it i will do it listen if anything happened to my brother i will not forgive myself are you sure do you remember that this is the only brother i have i’ll do it i know exactly what i’ve just said how can i use two causes someone tell why won’t you do it i am not surprised after all you all have succeeded in poisoning simultaneously it is and not yours my people stupid people yeah look at this what were they thinking eh from youtube comment you’ll keep me for what for me to leave he’s not supposed to leave us i would even expect him to come and tell me he’s dead already since the doctor said him he still have five less than five days to live i i suggest you go closer to him now yes you better go close to him are you not his wife again you have seen his wife go there stay here monitor everything look at watch watch the way they are doing because as i’m looking at it now he will not even stay off to five days he would die all of a sudden is dead so that when you are challenging yourself you will be part of it and let me tell you you see all the documents in the house make sure you gather everything every other document but even we’ve saw the key do you know the idea never crossed my mind you should have used your brain something to remember all members of my family yes what for wait doctor wait a minute what’s happening here listen i’m a man i’m a full blown man tell me the truth there is nothing a man since today that his eyes will brush blood my eyes will only rush water so i want to hear the truth from you is there any hope for my brother i want you to confide with me come find me please yes but my greatest problem is but i thought you told me that i have a perfect match for my brother why are we searching for a dollar again doctor is that something you are not telling me here yes i am sure today but there’s no anesthetic drug that comes into you at the level of your blood pressure which is 200 over 150.

wait a minute my life here is dangerous are you trying to tell me it’s harmful for me because of my blood pressure listen i don’t care about my blood pressure at the point we are right now listen my brother must not die please i’m begging you doctor do everything how much will it take i’m ready to pay any amount of money my brother must not die please but please the doctor says that you should be speaking very sparingly these days don’t talking um you mean foreign i want to see um she will call that’s if she gets better because i know for sure now i want to get something clear i hope you are receiving your medications and i hope they are looking after you very well because i wouldn’t like anything to happen to my nephew otherwise i have a plan b of sending you overseas for treatment that what i is tell your puppy that i should use my my nephew not your face cut down yes but what’s the meaning of the voice why not tell us simply that he’s dead then let’s read my role of yours let me tell you if you are not busy in this room please for you um yes many things that sounds that idiot right it’s not that my my brother joe that stupid one eh that he managed to be this this this house where would i have been now what would i have done without you i’m so proud of you yeah i’m proud of mama but when mama was talking to you you were doing your head like this now you are happy i’m happy do you know that that your advice was so valuable to me when i was special didn’t you do this thing you were telling me the doctor said he wants to see all family of me members why in connection to what why why does he want to save it but what else if not to announce his death eh that’s good that’s something right stupid people need to come and stay now he wants to become my ill last week the doctor said he has just four days left he should be dead by now just four days four days and your sister’s in there let’s please yeah like i said earlier that the transplant will not hold again who is talking about transplanting again please tell us the next step yeah the next step is how to ride around committed in this family did you are you a pastor are you now preaching eh i talked to a doctor seen i have seen that you are not in touch with realities at all but let me tell you what everybody is going to be buried everybody is going to be buried in this in this environment market mark my worst what my lips is going what is it tell us how you’re supposed to share the assets that’s our concern please is no no no let me get it what happened to you we should sit down sit down sit down now he brought the asset for you to share so see that he came in with the assets mama come my friend tell them the rest that was how it happened hey listen there’s no way i can deceive you your brother loves you man my brother loves me but my wife told me that my brother and his wife are plotting against me oh god damn it it is not everything a woman says that you put to her that’s what i’m telling you you don’t take everything like you can sinker are you telling me that my wife already saved me oh far from me i can never do such a thing what i’m doing today i love hello do you know at the time i almost told you i really against me i became afraid um to build yeah your father’s up within two years um but um however hate them discussing this morning that you never lay your hands on that day can that be god i think it’s that one day hey let me ask yourself when last did you say tickets is you’ve seen what i’m saying when i ask you to grow up you say i’m insulting you where is your brother we are he went for a business meeting it’s only his brother that knows how to attend business meetings why can’t you go you have finished yourself for eh so he is the only one that knows how to negotiate for your business what if anything happens to you so the business will now collapse yes it will close down because you don’t know how to negotiate better now you are talking gradually you are coming out he is a a partner and you are the sheep hey yes he divides and you take the level my lord my hilo wake up wake up who can’t you see the handwriting on the wall hey you suddenly grow white bears overnight okay you will sit down across your leg and put you into the because you you you suffer to walk out to the money and he’s the one eating it and spending the money you are here sitting in the house telling me he’s the partnership he knows how to negotiate better because he knows how to use you spend and write all the money and put it into his own pocket and you are sitting down here he’s deceiving you you don’t know listen let me tell you you know i am giving you an advice now you don’t want to take it hey don’t say your mother-in-law didn’t give you an advisor i am giving giving you the best advice any any mother any good mother-in-law can give to her son-in-law that is what i am doing you want to suffer my daughter you will not suffer my daughter you will not mama i’m seriously boiling here what kind of man did i get married to your brother is gradually but steadily making you his slave and you are taking it no one makes you an inferior if you don’t consent to it and what that puts me the most is that he is the one giving him the hand no one plays on your intelligence except if you can send to it she all those quarters between demographic never believed until i cut them have you seen what i’ve been oh but you should be very careful be careful maher be careful you see even in my dream last night i saw one mighty hand like this very mighty hand that hand was a trying to to to collect your blessings you see in that dream i still saw that same hand again releasing your blessings back to you the blessing was coming back to you like this my lord is not smarty i told you this just look at what you say hey he’s your father and his wife i told you i imagination dreams i’m not going to be trusted this is my problem with you how hey my you name is it that if i tell you you will notice it i will give you an advice you don’t want to make use of the advice i gave to you right they are showing you something on your site now you saw it yeah you are right i had the same dream last night he doesn’t even understand anything he doesn’t even know what they call negotiation and conflict resolution but you know what i’ll make him understand negotiation and conflict resolution i don’t really understand you you mean i should kill my own brother what is there that you don’t understand eh kill him before he kills you nobody i don’t want my daughter to be a widow okay you are waiting for you to get to that before you know what to do eh let me tell you you spiritually stole me the evil plans your brother have against you so you better know what to do now eh you see that is why i don’t like giving unsolicited advice to people i am now advising you to know what to do you are here thinking doubting me eh i know what to do can i go inside i’ll go what is mama’s problem at first it was her pastor and her hand stealing my blessing this time around a spiritualist next would be a native doctor i am far from here so remember that i’m not always in a hurry to give my opinion that i know too much just take your time to recall that i did psychologically fire with medicine yeah from all you told me neither your brothers nor your uncle it’s your problem the problem is rooted in your mother-in-law i’m partially your wife but i have noticed many pointers my friend i’m very sorry so what do we do what do we do do we have kids kidney problems back to center i don’t even buy the idea of that kidney problem but if it is generally way for us to achieve our aim and if we insist no problem out of my house okay let’s see if she’ll get money from him about visit tomorrow does he have any chance of survival what there is chance of sleep 30 17.

only america can see him too doctor the era of miraculous god and then even if he survives he’s going to be a helper oh god it’s still working what’s the need i’m going to see a cops yeah okay let us go too much this is very very incredible thank god you took my advice what are we friends for it’s all right that was how it happened my friend dr ken prescribed kidney problem and i subscribed to prove him wrong but on the contrary there is nothing like kidney problem you prescribed and i subscribed the subscription proved to me that my brother is ready to live wow you mean that this devil and her daughter did all these things or gave this for me with most thankful to my friend dr ken and my entire family members to my in-law and the daughter for making me realize that my brother’s love to me it’s a real love for god now go on go on and explain to me that i didn’t hear what i heard go on and explain to me that i didn’t see what i saw you go tears you better leave this compound before i call i never and cannons i’ve said it and i have to tell you very many a time that the lot of karma must take this place please come outside see if he had killed that man the way i asked you to do all this thing wouldn’t have been happening just look at what you’ve caused now killing killing killing that’s the only language you know how to speak if you look back at me again i smile your face and get out of this house whatever your to associate myself with a mother like you i now know how father died you killed him you’re calling me murderer again is that what you are talking about are you mad you’re calling your mother i don’t blame you are you what you are she just got my mother is she actually talking to me i’m sure nobody’s listening there’s nobody in this house water me oh what is wrong with you you’ve been like this for like how many days now why are you eating yourself up because of this thing listening to me my brother they are not what is that they don’t want occupying your thoughts there are better things for us to concern ourselves come let’s go inside i have another discussion with you don’t just even even sit down and eat yourself up all the time that’s what i’m telling you by so doing we will deeply survive the relationship between the two families that’s what i’m saying i am no longer interested in the marriage so i am not interested in the front of the diary i think i know what to do i have to send a message across i see the message across to her people that will be coming tomorrow unless the other person will do thank you very much please please is what is happening yes this is i am i shall be on my way i really don’t know how to thank you but you see the almighty god will be the other points of needs that’s all i have to say doctor honestly i don’t know how to express my thanks to you you know you really proved to everybody in this house today that a friend in need is actually a friend indeed doctor thank you very much my regards to your family hey it’s okay i’m my friend so when shall second missionary journey he said you have forgotten that a man who was stunned by bees usually run away at the site of house life and you are asking him to come and go for another missionary journey no no no no no trump and that my soul we shall not stop fishing waters from the river simply because a man was drowned how one can’t convert seriously tom will fetch this water but not now your prayers in this world the problem yes in the name of breakup i know everything when you usually sit down in evenings oh that is because it did not coincide with the time the company is sending me out for because i’m so excited are you serious me and my god the only thing is that your father has to find us money see i don’t want this thing to be a large family discussion that’s why i decided to bring it to you first because i know that if i have your consent you will know how to convey this matter to daddy let us put it i really love this girl i want to marry her whenever i’m with her i’m happy she gives me joy you get it my son don’t you believe in prayers i’m going to pray god will touch his heart you marry her i will marry her call me are you sure i’m going to try my best as a woman listen you deserve something you mean mama supported the marriage my brother i was even surprised myself you know there was no resistance whatsoever she was even gonna suggest her to me before i even brought up the topic anyway nevertheless she promised to talk to daddy about it you know my greatest problem in this matter is daddy no other man behaves i hope he doesn’t disapprove of her one thing is saturn if god approves the marriage god will accept with less resistance you think so not matter of thinking but this is my belief but you know how impossible your father can be when god says yes no one can save me i’ll what are you doing i’m naturally watching see everything is actually working out for us yes you know actually told my mom everything about it i was able to convince her she accepted why are you is like this look at you he’s not safe he doesn’t approve of you it’s just that we just have to find a way to fix this matter to him you know that can be very very difficult at times otherwise baby you’re right you know that’s why i need to marry you because you don’t you just bring me very close to god wheel of blood baby baby try and make something warm for me i’m hungry i’ll be watching my boy okay hello camillus what is stopping you from taking a wife dad you you you mean wife no i mean husband did i speak in a foreign language what about that young lady that comes here with a reason when she wants to go to work evening match cook for our father or evening lesson what’s your name julie that’s her name she’s i’m and she’s actually charismatic what has charismatic or effect gotten to do with with you taking a wife i wonder she’s a wife material she’s religious honestly very respectful i’m very very intelligent thank you dad thank you very much sir well talk about the devil i’m sorry i do know you for having me how are you doing honestly speaking that was very tough from a few people to them as well as a well-known for good behavior good characters i wish we had met that family before we got ourselves a thank you with that debut for me uncle right now that is not the bone of contention anymore because that is past and gone it’s just that since after this whole drama tom my brother seems disconnected from this world he just he’s just disconnected and avoids everyone seems lost and taught all the time i just pray he welcomes this new idea because this will bring him back to normal i just pray anyway just hope that all this thing works out please please julian lester objection right now look it’s not my nerves my good friend you know me you know me very well i will never deceive you eh please now i am asking you to marry tom because i know he will take care of you eh i’ve told you everything i did not hide anything from you concerning his journey with pizza people please my friend who is are you sure she’ll not come back to the house again quote forbid come back where that is if she doesn’t get hurt for killing her mother kill her mother she murdered her mother the judgment she’s going to get is a manslaughter which is going to end her life in prison so how is she going to come out how will she escape it she’s not coming in right now people no really i don’t think i can do this so um but from the discussion we’ve been having we’ve actually had today i don’t see brendan thinking of settling down in the next eighties okay if you say you wait for him that’d be the case then i’ll prove bites thank you what is it i’m not even giving my conscience telling me she almost ruined us she’s not bad you don’t even understand what i’m saying again we can’t stop you for another day thank you um this is my brother-in-law’s song this is the thank you let me come up with you oh that’s really nice and it’s nice you guys jumped by and stand like i really appreciate that because nice and single okay let’s just move to the guy foreign how does soft hand suggest marital status let me ask do you love her yes i just met that observation i don’t know what you’re saying no but she may be married what do you mean god forbid are you wishing a bad luck what did you say i was just thinking a lot your hand is very soft my hands i don’t stand the other day i had a handshake with you and the handshake i have to now shows you have a soft hand wow thanks um don’t say i am a nuisance if i max okay um they perfume you hard on you the other day was it splendor queen or slave queen oh i see you’re so observant splendor queen okay i’m supposed to be observant because i i always buy it from biddy but she doesn’t appreciate that’s really nice you said you had an early morning appointment yeah i will go when our visitor must have left i see you um let me just get you something inside i’m coming he told me he’s so caring i pray is going to continue being like this like his kind gestures i just miss him it will be an exaggeration if i tell you he will love you for the rest of your life i’m gradually developing interesting here oh really yes the way we talk on phone invitation me tell you if you propose i’ll say yes hey pero thank you thank you darling thank you in addition to the little things we kept in your house for you we want to say a very big thank you for all the wonderful things you’ve been doing for us since the demands of our parents it’s not see why using these things to pay back no it’s just a piece of our hearts to appreciate your kind gesture towards this family especially your health during varus marriage we just don’t know what to say at this point listen listen it will be our place for me to take canadian from my neighbors simply because i did something good for them wow i wouldn’t like to hurt your feelings but over there i packed my vehicle with all those inside i yeah you take them back i’ve taken the word we did that in that of our precision please accept it no other thing should be attached to it yes oh this is very blessed if you understand me honestly i have taken pina colada which is why i use your drink i wanted i want to personally thank you for everything you did for us because without you my uncle would have made everything very difficult thank you very much it is very clear to me that you are in god’s sense of jesus the mighty name of is a management in jesus nearly sustained let it be made amen nothing bad will happen to you amen i’m not about what happened to you either amen do not be with all of us through jesus christ alone uncle thank you very much i suspected that you suspected what’s the problem um what are we talking about here is it typhoid or malaria or typhoid or malaria what’s the problem shows that we are now happy tomorrow oh it’s not just that i am pregnant but this kind shows that i am pregnant of pre-plans two boys and a girl really still place god almighty she said what she prophesies that the holy ghost now lives in me that the holy ghost is now in my house i will receive and give them to thriftless and just like she prophesies edumator before uh is amen thank you lord we want to thank you for your gift because whenever you promise your children it always comes to pass we want to bless and insult your name forever oh thank you jesus so you.