Top 10 TIPS for NEW Players in Infinity Kingdom! Infinity Kingdom Gameplay & Beginners Guide!

Jul 16, 2021 16:51 · 5303 words · 25 minute read

today i’m gonna be giving you guys 10 tips that i wish i knew when i first started infinity kingdom what’s going on guys cheers we’re drinking water today you know gotta stay healthy so i’ve been playing infinity kingdom for a couple of months now and i compiled 10 tips that i think are going to be the most valuable for you if you are just starting now later in the video we’re going to be obtaining the brand new epic immortal himiko so make sure you stick around for that and without further ado let’s jump into the list okay tip number one has to do with the market now when you go into the market you can see that there are two types of currencies you can use either premium gems or you can use the purple soul gems now what’s important to know is that when you make a purchase here for immortals you actually when you spend these purple soul gems you can purchase let’s say this is 10 fragments of joan of arc right let’s go back into the alchemy lab and what you’ll find is that if we go ahead and we dismantle uh 10 fragments of joan of arc we’re going to get 500 just soul gems back which means you actually get the exact same amount of soul gems back that you spent for these fragments inside of that market so what does this mean well not only is this going to help you with your daily quests because every single day there’s going to be a quest that uh wants you to make five purchases in the market but you might not need five things from the market any given day right so what you can do is you can just go through and for for 50 soul gems you can buy whatever greens are over here or blues and you can buy five of them and then you can go over here to the alchemy lab and you can just dismount all of them and you get back all of the same soul gems for that so that’s super important but even more important than that is that there is a growth a main quest growth mission for making market purchases you can see here this one i’m pretty far here it says by 1750 items from the market and here you actually get some lord experience and you get some free gold as well you can make insane amount of progress on this particular main quest by just buying all of the purple soul gem immortals that you can get in here with your daily refresh chances and then going through and dismantling the ones that you don’t need because again there’s no downside to this you get exactly the same amount of gems that you spent tip number two has to do with your troop composition now you’re going to notice that the top players in this game are using full teams of epic immortals and as a brand new player that’s not going to be feasible for you it’s going to take a bit of time for you to build up those armies so what you’re going to notice is that you’re going to be using more of the elite immortals here in the game such as helen of troy right now one thing you may be thinking is let’s say you have helen of troy she’s maxed out because you get her for free when should you replace helen of troy with yoshitsune right you may be able to unlock him pretty easily but at one point is he better than helen of troy now the general rule of thumb is that you can replace a maxed out immortal with the higher rarity version of that immortal when it hits about five stars now of course my yoshitsune is fully maxed out in terms of his skill but when he hit five stars that would be generally the break-even point or the point where he becomes slightly better than the maxed out helen of troy and then once you get to the point where you’re not gonna use some of these blues or these greens or anything like that even if you’ve invested a ton into them and ton of experience and a ton of skill ups with their fragments you can actually go into the alchemy lab and you can reborn that immortal so let’s go over here to velasta and you can see that when i reborn her i actually get back all the fragments that i’ve put into her i get back some of the gold and some of these resources that i’ve used to to kind of make her a little bit stronger so when i reborn her there is a cool down timer right and then i get back her fragments and now you may be saying okay what good are her fragments well go into the lab here and you can get rid of all of the fragments and that gives you those soul gems and those soul gems you can then use to purchase the fragments of the immortals that you are now working on so for example you know you get rid of all the fragments of your lancelot you convert them into soul gems and then you can use those soul gems to buy brynhild in the market so it’s an easy way to sort of step up to the next level tip number three has to do with your dragons now dragons if i’m not mistaken are maxed out at level 30.

so one thing to know is that it’s not really worth bringing your dragons past level 25 until late game the reason for this is because the upgrade cost starts to become insanely high past 25 and what you’ll notice is that all dragons have three skills the last skill is unlocked at 25. once you have all their skills unlocked you can domesticate those skills whenever you want whenever you have enough of the crystals for it but all levels beyond 25 aren’t going to unlock new skills it’s just going to increase the stats of that dragon which are important but again it’s so expensive to do that that you might as well start upgrading the other dragons because eventually you’re gonna need them anyway and you’re gonna get more value out of the gold that you spend to upgrade the other dragons than it is to upgrade my water dragon for example to 26 i’m not going to get that much out of it tip number four comes in the form of your alliance shop now as you donate to alliance technology or you start to garrison alliance cities you’re going to be getting these alliance contribution tokens now there’s a lot of things that you can use these tokens on and i will encourage you to save these tokens the entire early game the entire mid game whenever you save them up until you get to alliance that is alliance level 9.

there’s a lot of things in here that are good like the contract builder right this is a really great item for you especially if you’re free to play but what i would recommend is try to avoid spending any of them until you’re able to send them on yoshitsune or space portals now you should send a is already maxed for me there’s many ways that you can get yoshitsune but for free to play players this may be the best and cheapest way to max him out right you can you can hoard these nothing happens to them over time they just stockpile it it is what it is uh and space portals the reason why you may want space portals is because these are very difficult to obtain and if you want to migrate to a server that’s a little bit more active or if you want to migrate to my server for example or if you want to just play with some friends that are in a different server the space portal is the way to go and again if you’re free to play that is going to be the way that you get them uh for for free without having to buy any bundles uh you may want to invest a little bit into Leonidas or Frederick if you’re going to build either earth or fire of course but i think most players at the beginning of the game are going to go water and yoshitsune is the best way to go here now tip number five this is a timeless tip no matter how old this video gets this tip is going to be good and relevant even as the meta changes okay so if you’re a brand new player no matter when you’re watching this video if you’re curious to see what some of the best immortals are in the game and what the current meta is the way that you can do that is by going into the arena go ahead and click on ranking and you can actually take a look at the top of mortal compositions that people are using currently in your arena in your server now i would probably go through the top 10 or 20 players and see if there is a trend and we can see here that there’s a lot of water a lot of fire and a lot of earth so that’s gonna give you guys sort of an idea as to what you should be working towards make sure you check this often to see how the game is changing tip number six is a really simple way to save market refreshes okay market refreshes are not free you do get some just by playing the game every single day but eventually you’re gonna run out okay now one way to save market refreshes is to not summon epic immortals that you don’t think you’re gonna use for a while right which is what i’ve done here i’m still collecting these fragments uh eventually i’m gonna probably use some of these immortals but once you summon an immortal there’s a chance that they will show up here in the market so if you summon an immortal just randomly because you can they’re gonna start to show up here which is pointless because you’re not gonna use them for maybe months or a year or two years so why waste those market orders when something else could have shown up in that slot and it could be an immortal that you actually would use also when you summon epic immortals there is a bundle that shows up for that particular immortal so if you are a spender then it would be a good idea to just not summon them until you’re ready to make that 15 purchase if it’s a 15 purchase that you would be willing to make tip number seven comes in the form of how many troops you’re going to need of each troop type so when we take a look here what you’re going to notice is that you’re always you’re always going to need more bowmen than anything else and the reason for that is because when you take a look at your troop composition these first of two portions here these first this first front row uh can either be uh spearman shieldman or cavalry the back row can only ever be bowman there’s no other choice for this back row so if you’re gonna train a ton of troops and you’re not sure which ones to do just check and see how many bowmen you have if you have the same amount of bowmen as every other troop type it’s time to train more because you’re gonna need more when it comes to the other troops you can just look at your main march right i have attila who’s cavalry i have ramses who’s spearman so shieldman i don’t really need for my main march now there’s other marches that i have that do use shieldman so it’s important that i have some of them but you can see here that i have a majority of my troops are going to be these troop types and the reason by the way if you didn’t notice uh there’s a cap on the number of troops that you can have in your city for me it’s 440 000.

so there’s no point in evenly distributing that 440 000 when you’re gonna need more bowmen and i’m gonna need less shieldmen you might as well train them in that proportion i think we’re on tip number eight at this point and it’s gonna be in the tower of knowledge when you go in here and you tap a learn you’re gonna be able to unlock some of these skills for your immortals for a particular amount of soul gems and it actually costs quite a bit of gems just to unlock these skills and then beyond that it’s actually not as expensive to level them up eventually it will get more expensive but the first couple of levels are much cheaper than the initial unlock cost but the tip i want to leave you with is to not unlock skills that you’re not really sure that you’re going to use because you can’t get the initial unlock value back so for example this skill called support costs 2 000 gems now let’s say for example this hold fast skill i’m not i don’t want to use it anymore right you can actually reset it and you get 80 of your soul crystals back however it doesn’t lock that skill meaning it just goes back to one so you don’t actually get back the crystals that you spent to unlock that skill so what i’m trying to say is that you can sort of undo any progress on a skill that you find is just a bad skill or it’s not the meta or you don’t need it anymore you can get most of those crystals back and it’s not too big of a deal but you can’t get back the crystals for unlocking a skill you’re never going to use so if you go in here and you just start unlocking a ton of different skills that you’re not going to use you can’t get those crystals back it’s gone so just be very careful as to which ones you unlock just make sure that they’re decent and that you’re gonna get use out of them tip number nine has to do with upgrading your troop training buildings now every time that you go ten levels with a troop training building you unlock the next tier of that unit so the game starts you have tier one units when you unlock your bowman barracks level 10 you get tier 2 units and the way that the game does it is it just converts all of your tier 1 bowman into tier 2 bowman so the tip for you is that when you’re upgrading these barracks you want to make sure that your training ground is absolutely filled to the brim because it doesn’t when it converts all those units it doesn’t cost you anything you get a ton of a higher rarity unit at no additional cost however it does cost more to train and heal the higher tier of units so you might as well get as many of those units for free as you can because in order to replace them later it’s going to cost you more tip number 10 has to do with immortal equipment okay and the equipment system there’s a ton of different rarities not only is there elite but there’s also elite plus right what are these pluses should you bother with the plus it’s like an in-between rarity like should you bother with that guys it’s it’s very simple they’ve made it incredibly simple and the rule of thumb is always upgrade to the highest tier and always dismantle the old piece if you have no use for it the reason is because you can come into the alchemy lab and you can actually dismantle a piece of equipment and you will always get back the same number and number of enchant stones as it would take to get the new piece of equipment to that same level so for example if we’re looking at brynhild here and we take a look at her frantic armored chest plate you can see that this level 15 frantic armor it would actually cost the same amount to get this lower rarity frantic armor to 15 as it does here so again if you have this at 15 and you just suddenly obtain a an elite plus you can dismantle this and immediately get the elite plus to the same exact level so it’s just a free buff it’s a free boost you might as well do it and i’ve noticed uh depending on the piece of equipment you’re gonna get anywhere from a two to ten percent increase in stats by going from an elite to an elite plus so again it’s free stats just dismount the old one if you have no use for it and you’ll be good to go ladies and gentlemen the moment you have been waiting for today we’re gonna be obtaining the new epic immortal himiko and i am super excited just look at her her model looks incredible she looks like a literal goddess of darkness itself but before we get into any statistics let’s allow himiko to introduce herself all right let’s take a look here we got spooky got some ninja action looks absolutely beautiful by the way got the cherry blossom trees okay what are we doing there she is unfazed unprotected meditating yo you thought you could just hit her with circus you just you thought oh my god he right look at her she says i’m flying he had the he had the audacity to rush dude this is a whole army there’s like there’s like 20 of them there yo no way that is so he knew he messed up yo dude that is so sick she’s just killing them with shadow energy and she’s laughing about it she’s like you thought your whole army could take me out like you really thought you could do that it’s like she’s ripping the souls out of their bodies look she’s unfazed didn’t break a sweat no big deal it is what it is you’re all dead now there she is himiko the shamanist queen of yamatai you gotta admit that was that was sick okay that was sick if that doesn’t get you excited to get her in game i don’t know what will okay now the way you’re going to get her is by spinning thea’s roulette you do need to have some tickets in order to spin this wheel you do get some free spins though and it’s around for i believe three days if i’m not mistaken so let’s go ahead and spin the wheel the first time we get 500 000 food just food it is what it is now as you spin this wheel okay and you reach these milestones you’re gonna get fragments of her just by just by spending the appropriate amount of times now you can see siegfried is on the wheel right now we’re gonna try and refresh it and see if we can get there she is himiko okay she’s on here we’re gonna spin out let’s see how it goes boys let’s see how it goes we’re gonna do five spins we’re gonna see what we can get i’m hoping that we get a ton of her i wanna get as many fragments of her as i can because she looks really good so here we get five hours of training speed ups six hours of universal some resources nothing that exciting there so let’s go ahead and spin it five more times we’ll see what shows up on the wheel we are going to get uh what did we get here we got a bunch of experience okay we got 10 med b uh she’s actually an immortal that i do have to work more on and i think she’s gonna pair really well with himiko in the back row so that’s good uh stuff we’re gonna use here is great uh let’s keep spinning we’re gonna see what we can get we haven’t gotten any fragments of her so far we got more med b guaranteed and there it is didn’t wait no we didn’t get her oh i thought this was lighting up over here okay we got what is this we got a hundred shadow dragon crystals so that’s gonna be really useful i don’t have the shadow dragon yet my vip is not high enough but that will come in handy later down the line let’s continue spinning here hopefully one day i’ll have the shadow dragon i feel like i’m pretty far away but regardless let’s go ahead and continue to spin what did we get this time we got more resources more med beat man we are just getting super unlucky the next five spin has got to have it right it only looks like there’s four things left what’s gonna happen if we if we do a five spot what’s gonna what what am i what’s gonna pop up here we got we got okay so we got 10 fragments of himiko so that’s good we got 10 fragments of med b beautiful okay now it refreshes and she’s back so that’s good to know if you’re spinning uh thea’s roulette just know that as long as you don’t refresh the wheel as you continue to spin you’re guaranteed to get everything that’s on that wheel at least once so that is good let’s keep spinning here we get we need at least 60 to summon her which is going to be really exciting one eternity later let’s go ahead and see how many of himiko we actually have in the vault here we can summon her officially there she is we have 280 himiko fragments absolutely incredible let’s go ahead and summon her boom she oh look at that moon in the background this animation is beautiful she is just like the puppeteer of death dude she looks so good and that staff reminds me of legend of zelda twilight princess i don’t know what it is i don’t know if it’s just that logo or whatever the colors but it just looks super good um now if we go if we back out okay so there’s not a bundle there’s not a bundle that pops up for himiko so if you guys were curious to know that is not possible so let’s take a look at her skill here because this is i mean as beautiful as she is right you’re getting her for her power and it’s called demon ambush and that’s what i think is on her little head piece here that looks like a demon to me it says inflicts magical damage with a damage rate of 229.

5 percent to all enemy units if the number of targets is more than two which the first few times this goes off it’s gonna be more than two the enormous energy will rip open the space and pulls the unit with highest troop number into the void while on the void enemy cannot attack or use spells nor be targeted by any normal attack or spell for six seconds so okay so there is a little a give and take here right okay so first off you’re dealing let me let me just look at hang on let’s look at merlin for a second just to compare with another immortal of the same caliber okay so um so merlin at base has 265.

2 percent damage to all enemies and 50 increased damage if they’re chilled so huge aoe on merlin right if we look at himiko she is dealing less damage than him but on top of that it looks like this is going to be a debuff when it goes into this void so whoever has the most amount of troops on the enemy side that particular immortal is not going to be able to do anything for six seconds but they also don’t take damage for that six seconds so a little bit of give and take there let’s see how many uh skills we can add on her so let’s develop that first skill boys and girls boosting that damage absolutely beautiful let’s put that second skill on her easy peasy can we get that third skill we can we are just shy we are just shy of the fourth uh skill up for her so we can actually add a skill to her which is exciting when it comes to determining what skills you should add to any particular immortal it’s important that you take a look at their stats right because when you look at himiko right it looks like her damage is mostly magical attack now just by looking through everything here i think concentration is going to be a really solid choice for himiko because it doesn’t require any probability any chances no special procking or debuffs or anything it just straight up gives you more magical damage which is basically min-maxing what she’s good at but let’s equip concentration here to himiko and we’re actually gonna bring her up to probably about level 15.

dude that that is a beautiful byproduct of this video we have absolutely maxed out medb she is gonna be a beautiful pair for himiko no question and now let’s build an army with himiko okay so this was the best troop composition that i could come up with incorporating himiko and medb in the back row and that’s because my fire dragon was my third most powerful dragon so i figured it was time to put him on the battlefield so we’ve got frederick up front he is sort of tanky right he’s dealing physical damage and he’s healing which is nice so having him in front of him a co is going to be good so he could absorb that damage over here we have william who increases the probability of getting a crit and the fire dragon’s second skill here gives you uh increased crit damage so there’s some synergy there with william which is absolutely beautiful and then the back row is med b and himiko those are gonna be the straight damage dealers they’re just gonna be nuking everything and that’s where probably almost all the damage is going to come from to all enemy units uh medb is only three enemy units which is it is what it is but uh they’re going to take increased damage from himiko when med b goes off so there’s a lot to love about this combination i’m i’m obsessed right so let’s see how this looks on the battlefield all right we’re going to challenge 7-6 burning enemies because the recommended power is slightly higher than what we have here for this army so let’s see if it’s powerful enough to take it down anyway so what we’re going to do here it looks like there’s going to be two waves of enemies so we’re going to actually turn off auto battle and we’re going to see if we can save the shadow immortals for the second round let’s use the true damage from the fire dragon to take out a ton of enemies there again we’re gonna save these two we’re gonna hit them with the fire immortals next and it looks like they didn’t do too much damage up here you could see the hp didn’t really move too much uh now what we’re going to do is we’re going to use the second skill from the fire dragon and let’s actually slow this down we’ll use the second skill from the fire dragon so that way if we get a crit here it’s going to deal crazy damage med b actually is going to increase the uh magical damage that we deal from himiko and we see an absolute it looks like the moon fell on the enemies there super cool looking this this shadow energy balls just looks so cool in uh in battle it’s just it’s actually insane we’re gonna be able to use uh med b again and again guys you want to time these um these immortal activations at the same time i was a little bit uh a little bit too early there but dude that it’s an absolute nuke that just hits the battlefield and you can see that debuff that shadow debuff it looks like it was on one of these two i believe um so let’s go ahead and use the fire immortals medb is just gonna deal some crazy uh roses oh did i say there were hearts it looks like they’re actually roses that she’s dealing damage with super cool um we need himiko to actually it looks like her energy region is pretty slow so when looking for skills maybe uh if there’s a skill that we can get to sort of get her to regenerate energy faster i haven’t looked at all the skills in depth that maybe there’s one later down the line that will give her that ability um but yeah we got some nice experience here and we were able to take out um a stage that was actually requires a little more power and it was pretty straightforward honestly i love everything about her her design her sort of lore behind her being like this this shadow queen is super cool super cool love the animations and she seems like she’s going to be really powerful for shadow marches especially in late game when you have the shadow dragon med b all that stuff it’s going to be absolutely beautiful guys if you enjoyed this video if you found it entertaining useful or informative or anything like that make sure you drop a thumbs up on it it really helps out the channel a ton and it helps get this video out into the youtube algorithm so other infinity kingdom players might see it of course if you’re new around here subscribe to the channel and click that bell to be notified the next time that i upload an infinity kingdom video all my social media links are in the description below so make sure you follow me over there on instagram facebook twitter discord all that stuff it’s always down there and if you’re new to infinity kingdom you haven’t tried it out yet there’s a link down in the description to download infinity kingdom absolutely for free try it out guys i absolutely am loving this game and they’re constantly adding huge updates with amazing immortals just like himiko very very frequently comment down below what you think of her do you think she’s super powerful do you think that her her lore and style is awesome i would love to hear from you guys down there and with that being said guys thank you so much for watching this has been omniarch i will talk to you guys again soon peace.