انمي تاريخي رومنسي الملكة العنقاء موسم الثاني فصل الثالث مترجم: King of the Phoenix Chapter 6

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Sister Su is back Qingxiao Group Is Sister finally back? Great Su Why are you hurt You never return Master was so anxious that he almost sent someone to find you Bother you guys as long as you are safe thanks to you, Jing Oh, why do I think you are going to make trouble? Su I knew it come Hurry up and invite Master over Yes it goes as I plan she is severly injured as her lung, her muscle are damaged Where did you go? how could Lv Xia be seriously injured it is my fault as I was not capable to protect her Master, please punish me he is really self-aware To some extent He was dragged down by his useless apprentice Not counted as prime culprit they are all scumbags, no matther what the crime is You wake up Master Am i dreaming I can still see you alive Good girl tell me about your sufferings, I may be able to help I will support you all the time Chener what happened and who harmed her so badly Where did you take her I Master it is not Jing’s fault, I insisted on following him down from the mountain Jing I want to know what happens to the defector who cooperated with the evil group Su, you got it wrong, right Wushuang is not a defector just lost and childish for now Just went down from the mountain according to the rules of our Group If the disciple does not have the permission of his master he should never go down from the mountain privately And Feng Wushuang not only violated the rules many times After going down the mountain, she went to the place where the evil groups gathered If she has no collusion with the evil group I am afraid Hard to convince others but enough These things are hidden from me till now announce my order Feng Wushuang violated the rules, she will be lashed with a whip for 80 times and she will be in captivity for 3 months Jing Chen You really spoil your disciple I will be careful Lvxia have a good rest I’m going back Master, good-bye Jing, please wait Jing do you think that I am thinking about revenge What you and I know No need to mention Sorry I don’t understand Wushuang is just a child and is not with enough ability Why do you have to have trouble with her young few ability then can she be so reckless? Do whatever she wants I don’t know how many times had you sovled these things She just does whatever she wants she made so many unberable mistakes 5 years ago She went to a forbidden place without authorization Also released the level five monster who was in prison Caused countless deaths and injuries It’s you who killed the monster alone with just one sword To save the people from danger 3 years ago War with the Devil She ignored the battle plan and thought she could end this battle on her own and she went alone without authorization tired to persuade Moxiu to retreat as a result Captured by Moxiu The sister who tried to save her got serious injuries and her ability is greatly reduced Brother, you got a thousand electric whips for her a year ago She ignored the rules Raising a monster without authorization The monster fleed as it hadn’t been trained hurt countless people Disciples of our own was seriously injured Dantian broken Can’t keep his training anymore one after another can she really escape with the excuse of being young Jing In your eyes The lives of ordinary people are not important The work that of sisters and brothers are not important, right? I know you pity her as her parents died early and she is lonely But because of this You should educate her strictly after all Her every move is also related to the reputation of our Qingxiao Group you’re right I usually spoil her and I forget to teach her strictly Su, you are injured this time I also have joint responsibility I will send someone to deliver some healing pills later To make it up Jing I was seriously injured for her How can medicine be enough then What do you want Please tell me Since we grew up you have never called my name again if you really want to apologize how about this you call my real name once As long as you forgive Wushuang Then, Su no Lvxia Wow, Jing looks so good when he smiles Host, you should chase him, you won’t lose anything anyway Okay Host Why did you ask Jingchen to call your name emm You don’t understand Emotional entanglement between people Often starts with a name I understand You want to separate him from Feng Wushuang not only that I want him to suffer from the pain of regret as he can’t get what he wants wow, you are awesome Host You dress up Where are we going isn’t it obvious? Of course I want to see they suffer Master Master Save me ouch, Master, save me Torture room ouch, ouch Master, please come and save me now This scream did you ask someone to add salt water to the whip? no, I am not that cruel She’s just so weak that she can’t tolerate it Master Sister Master asked me to take you to the Siguo cliff to think about your fault Where’s the master Why doesn’t Master come here in person Is he angry with me? Master is really busy I’ll take the you over why are you so pretentious? other disciples have always gone to the Siguo cliff by themselves Host Your plan is not comprehensive this time She was taught so badly this time If the hero begins to pity and cherish her again Then it will fail We had better try to please them just like what we did in the small world before Overcome all obstacles What do you know I have my own arrangements, don’t worry Watch the show it would be wonderful Master, where are you a week has passed Why doesn’t Master come to pick me up? Are you not worried about Wushuang? Xiao Wushuang I came to see you Bailixuan Not seen in a few days Do you miss me? How did you come Didn’t I told you not to com here? If this is seen Master should blame me again Master You mean that pretentious and proud Jingchen I forbid you to call Master that way He locked you in such a bad place You still defend him like this Just this kind of thing None of our dogs would eat Master sent this to me How can you the porridge is so disgusting why do you care I will take you to enjoy the delicacies, ok what No no no I want to listen to Master Let me down Master will be angry when I go I won’t be responsible if you fall again Do we really want to let them go Why not In the original novel Feng Wushuang and Bai Lixuan met accidentally The two fell in love at first sight But Feng Wushuang didn’t expect This Bailixuan is the master of the evil group who killed countless people After Feng Wushuang knew his identity she doesn’t want to see him again Bailixuan just does what the heroes in the romantic films do Kneeling in the rain for seven days and nights Begging hard finally Feng Wushuang was blinded by the methods he used The two reconciled As for whether Bailixuan continues to hurt innocent people Our heroine doesn’t care at all Not all kindness is desirable Not all evil is worth forgiving Kindness without judgment That’s condoning evil you are totally right cool Hey Mouse You talk too much so We don’t need to stop her we can get more benefits when she escapes than staying here Is there anything special about this broken porcelain piece? There is a thousand-year-old Ganoderma scent on it it has the same smell as the one which Jingchen sent to me to apologize Eh? Jing Chen pities Feng Wushuang Secretly added Ganoderma to the white porridge But it’s a pity all wasted she prefers the fish and meat of Demon Lord Ah, this is my favorite Baihua mushroom When Master took me out to practice he would buy this and bake it for me I really like it Humph How difficult is this Buy it all rich I personally bake it for you today I said it before Don’t be so fierce to others Yes yes i will change it next time Didn’t you think your craftsmanship is good of course I am better than your useless master Bailixuan enough I know that you think your master is the best I won’t say anything no I feel terrible Wushuang, wake up Baihua Mushroom grows where the environment is great Delicious it can enhance the effect of power Who gave this to me Your disciple gave it to you to help you recover how about it Are you very moved no Baihua mushroom tastes good But I can’t eat it now Teach you a knowledge Baihua Mushroom is good But not everyone can eat Baihua Mushroom and a thousand-year-old Ganoderma lucidum can’t be eaten together Once eaten at least get abdominal distension and vomiting it may even cause coma and vomiting blood The Ganoderma from Jingchen that I ate before So can’t eat this anymore what Are we going to throw this away no Pack it up and send it to Jingchen at this time The news of Feng Wushuang being taken captive by Moxiu Time to let others know Jing, Su Su, you just recovered from a serious injury you can ask others to come to me for you if you need help why do you come here in person Received a basket of fresh Baihua mushrooms today Because I ate the thousand-year-old Ganoderma lucidum sent by you as my condition now I can’t eat them at the same time I heard that you like this I deliver it to you what Su, you misunderstood I am not greedy for appetite Those were mainly for Wushuang before I get it Wushuang is unhealed Now eating Baihua mushrooms will affect recovery Please enjoy it then thanks This kind of righteous man who cares about other people it is quite easy to please is it tasty? just with care and companionship caring, then… Baihua mushrooms really taste good thanks a lot you are welcome, it is good to see that you like it In short Thank you if Wushuang knows her faults at Siguo Cliff if she drinks Lingzhi porridge? How is the injury As a master I’d better go see her in person This is your purpose By sending Feng Wushuang’s favorite food To remind Jing Chen to visit Feng Wushuang What’s wrong Natural, not pretentious I can also appreciate the handsome guy Kill three birds with one stone Then you are great Mouse, you’re so arrogant what Where did Wushuang go How is this going what This breath It’s Moxiu, oh no, Wushuang is in danger Feng Wushuang was abducted by Mo Xiu Qingxiao Group I want to go down the mountain to kill Moxiu and rescue Wushuang ok Jing I will go with you But your injury Su, you need to think for yourself Jing I didn’t want to go down the mountain for you Jing, do you remember the girl named Lvyi just joined in our group? Three years ago, during the war with the evil group She died in that war Su Am I dying, nonsense Before her death I made a promise I will kill all the evil don’t let her die in vain I must go ok Then we will go to rescue Wushuang together And take revenge for Lvyi Are you all rubbish This can’t be cured why do I need you Lord, please forgive us please A bunch of waste Wushuang What’s the matter with you wake up now otherwise I’m going to tie up other doctors I can only kill those idiots just now Master Wu Shuang, you finally wake up Bailixuan Hush Don’t open your eyes now what are you doing The room is dirty The room is dirty I can clean it Why cover my eyes I can’t bear you to do rough work Let’s go to another house Anyway, there are many houses around here how do you get those houses they are not yours You promised me Don’t hurt others’ lives Yes yes, yes, I promise Excuse me May I ask where Qing Xiao Group is I do not know Stinky beggar go away Ouch Grandma why do you want to find Qingxiao Group? We are from Qingxiao Group you can tell us if you have any trouble We will try our best to help you Come I beg you! Help us! finally falls asleep Give her the aromatherapy you are getting older being emotional is not good for your health Let her sleep a little longer That demon Mozun Bailixuan you sure the Moxiu who has red hair and golden eyes regards human life as grass There will be no one like as him in this world What are you waiting for He wantonly slaughteres lives hurts others Let’s go to subdue him Let’s eliminate Moxiu together Justice for our Lvyi and the innocent people who have passed away ok Junior sister we will do it together It seems to be here I will go in to check the situation You go behind me go together As a man older than you There is no reason to let you take risks I get it Then I will give my back to you, please keep me safe In short Just follow me Wow, he is so manly it is just so so When he sees Feng Wushuang and Bai Lixuan smile happily together he would be so furious that he acts much more manly Oh why are you so stupid The fish ran away, you idiot little Wushuang Come over and let me kiss you I will get a big one with you How about it Dn Don’t make trouble Wushuang he arrives so fast what Master Why is Wushuang so close to Bai Lixuan? What were they doing just now Wow not like this Things… Master what you see is not true He and I are just friends Bai Lixuan, say something When did I say that I want to be your friend? We are obviously, Bai Lixuan Fine little Wushuang and I are just good friends good friends We eloped, hugged and kissed But we know we are just good friends Su Please be careful Wushuang I remember that you sweared you had stopped seeing Moxiu No more contact with him Don’t you know that our Zhengxiu and Moxiu are enemies? I didn’t stop seeing him But Master, Bai Lixuan has already changed… you can just fight with me, why do you criticize a woman, are you a man? our business of Qingxiao, you have no rights to disturb Could it be that you don’t want to be a good demon but a chatty old woman Hey i remember you it turns out that you are not dead Be careful Shamelessly, you attack him don’t be upset I come to take the interests back you will die stop fighting Su Can’t you talk calmly? Moxiu can be good good? You say he is a good person do you know how many people did he kill? How many families are broken because of him What do you mean He has been killing when would you understand Kill The old man who sold the Baihua Mushrooms died tragically in his hands Just because you used Baihua Mushroom and the Millennium Ganoderma lucidum at same time and you felt uncomfortable He took his life Old man’s wife is Looking for him every day but she never find him she was so anxious that her eyes are almost blind she found the Qingxiao Group to Help her find her husband And those doctors who treated you Just because they couldn’t find the way to heal you and wake you up from a coma Fell in a pool of blood And the house you live in now its master and men, women and children in the house other countless innocent people just out of your conscience pardon Is he a good person he is even worse than beasts, not deserved to be respected as a human being not to mention a nice person the strong beats the weak, it is the rule of nature i did nothing wrong How how could it happen Didn’t you promise me that you won’t kill innocent people? never take human lives again? Don’t listen to that woman talking nonsense there I did what I promised you Didn’t hurt others but Su clearly said I admit that I did something bad to save you But that’s not killing innocents You and I have been together for many years Don’t you even trust me? I just killed a few dn trash How can it be regarded as killing innocents? I I believe you Oh my god Is the heroine’s brain useless? Mentally retarded? She also believes this kind of lies she wants to believe Bai Lixuan has to believe in Bai Lixuan Otherwise, how will she face the truth that she is a murderer’s friend Master, Su, please forgive him once, OK? little Wushuang, stand up What are you doing I don’t need to beg them for mercy they can’t hurt me You go what The sword is invincible Bailixuan This is the so-called decent you are so good at sneak attacks Master Bailixuan Feng Wushuang, what are you doing Bai Lixuan, go now! Wushuang, wait for me, I will come back to save you Humph So-called decency Despicable means I, Bailixuan Next time I won’t be as merciful as last time Wait to be bloodbathed by me Feng Wushuang You really can’t judge right and wrong fine as you believe that he didn’t kill Master, Su, she She hit me I’ll let you see with your own eyes the disasters caused by You and your good friend what what How could so many people die Could it be… this all these are these people Are they all killed by Bai Lixuan? I don’t know how your brain grows these people People who died innocently because of him Look at these do you think they commit suicide? it’s all my fault If it wasn’t for my sudden illness Bai Lixuan won’t tie these doctors over Not even All this is my fault You are just fooled by Moxiu It’s not your fault Su What do you think Master Since Jing said so I Naturally have nothing to say Su I have to go Is she angry Master What should Wushuang do Naturally go back with me Your fault will be dealt with by rules Host Feng Wushuang was flogged 200 times according to the rules Now she is locked in a dungeon The elder master also said No one is allowed to visit her Ok how long will it last? no one knows She should be locked for a long time who knows how much trouble would she make Humph Ideas are good but not necessarily Su Jing wants to see you Wow again Since returning to Qingxiao Group He comes almost once a day, right Really infatuated ask him to leave leave Tell him I’m taking a nap Yes Jing, Su is not feeling well she is taking a nap Can’t come to see you thanks I will come later You are really angry with him nonsense I won’t do meaningless things In the original The original book clearly lived with Jing Chen for a hundred years But she was subconsciously ignored Because the original owner only knows to obey blindly Silently dedicates Feelings Can’t rely on compromise the kinder you are The more it will be taken for granted worthless I just want to use some tricks and use the cold war strategy To deal with this matter on the one hand it can show my honest and upright character on the other hand it can let him get rid of the thought that I can only be his sister Slowly he will start to care about me romantically It seems that Su is really angry with me What to do Kill two birds with one stone why not do it Woman, you are so clever Then when will the cold war last? Humph It depends on how Feng Wushuang assists Hey, do you want to encourage her to do bad things? This can’t work Host exactly the opposite I plan to save her what Master Is it you master no it’s me Su Lvxia Su… Su Su, why do you come Wushuang Why are you tortured like this Jing told me that You were fooled by Moxiu Those innocent victims Have nothing to do with you So I came over to ask you The murder of innocent people do you really know nothing about it As a warlock your senses are Far more sensitive than mortals Blood in the room People’s breathing before death The feeling of nostalgia for the world The residual spiritual power fluctuations in the air all of these Can’t you really feel Obviously there are so many signs that prove he is a murderer How could you know nothing No I don’t know i’m sick I do not know anything I don’t know it was the smell of blood I really do not know as you say so I believe you once I’ll take you back You are seriously injured If it is not treated in time I’m afraid your disease will never recover in the future Wushuang Su Isn’t Wushuang under house arrest I brought Feng Wushuang out of the prison Although colluding with Moxiu But she is still a disciple of Qingxiao group How could I just watch her die in a water prison? Master I will get the penalty Farewell don’t go Don’t you go I have something to tell you ok Hey silly kid just got hooked What do you want to say Do you know Wushuang’s real identity Big brother You don’t need to say that we know it better Wushuang lost her parents since she was a child and became an orphan Never felt care and warmth That’s why when others treat her well she would believe others wholeheartedly Moxiu took advantage of her Cheated her, hurt her But her nature is really not bad Jing I only ask you one question if Wushuang Continues to make friends with Bailixuan what would you do This is impossible If she is so obsessed Then I won’t tolerate her anymore I will expel her from the Qingxiao You said it yourself Don’t regret it in the future If I break this oath I will never become a real warlock as my mind is not pure Since it’s all clear Then I’ll go back wait you Are you still angry with me? you must be kidding, brother Jing I have never been angry with you Don’t call me Brother Jing what? you use the cold war now you have to pay you are not allowed to call him brother now Don’t call me brother again Please call my name later Jing Chen same I also call you directly as Lvxia May I Jing Chen Jing Chen really disappointed me How can he fall so quickly? are you Are you doubting my charm? no What is the next step, host? emm Naturally, I will try to make Feng Wushuang and Bai Lixuan date together I risked being punished to save Feng Wushuang Of course I want Jing Chen to fulfill his promise Master This is the newly cooked medicine You should drink it now Master won’t you feed me this time? Obviously when I was injured Master would feed me medicine personally Master Are you still angry with me no Wushuang, you have grown up Stop acting like a kid and doing whatever you want You should learn to take responsibility therefore I want you to promise that you will never see Moxiu in the future can you do this? You don’t have to say this I have decided to stop seeing Bailixuan I won’t see a liar who kills countless people as my friend You can realize this It’s not in vain that Lvxia rescued you from the water prison Lvxia Master, do you mean Su? yes you remember to thank her after recovery you must be polite of course, just I didn’t know that you are so close to Su and you can call her name directly Just one name why do you say that we are close I still have something to do I’m leaving Master Sister saved me I should be grateful to her But why When I heard Master calling her name I feel so angry I even hate her a bit just like The little girl lost her parents’ favor I lost my unique position in the heart of Master this is Bailixuan I used the puppet bird to send you so many messages You did not receive or reply I have to take the risk and come to you in person why are you here Wushuang, it has been so many days Are you still angry with me? I am not angry, I am disappointed You promised me no more murders before But you broke your promise Those who were innocently killed Those wronged ghosts aren’t they in your dreams Don’t you feel guilty? I experienced But i don’t regret The people of the world are nothing compared to you I can do anything for you what did you say Maybe in your opinion all beings are equal But for me you are the only person I care I can lose anyone But I can’t lose you Wushuang I give him 99 points for his words Give one point less Lest he be proud Mouse sounds like you have experienced a lot Are the props used? A-level props Golden bell Iron cloth Mom no longer has to worry about my whispers would be heard Even if the warlock is really powerful he won’t know any movement in this yard That’s good After all, our Romeo and Juliet Need more time No i still can’t forgive myself Those innocent people died because of me therefore I can’t talk to you anymore Do not They were killed by me so Just kill me kill me You can avenge those people I if I must die I am willing to be killed by you no I can not do it I can’t hurt my friend Wushuang do you know why I like you your kindness I know you think I am cruel Bloodthirsty But it is quite normal in the demonic world in the demonic world people’s muscles and bones are used as money Heads are used as light Cannibalism is just so common I grew up in this environment so I was taught to kill and rob Even if I want to change It’s definitely not an overnight thing so You give me some more time, OK As long as you are by my side I will change slowly It’s really wrong to kill innocent people but He was also affected by his childhood Can’t blame him How can I blame him blindly Then you have to promise that Listen to me from now on Can no longer hurt others I knew it Xiao Wushuang, you are the best wound Your are still bleeding Fool you know In this apology What is the thing worthy to be criticized? Too many It’s so difficult for me to make a decision Humph The most controversial thing is that What qualifications does Feng Wushuang have To forgive Bai Lixuan for the victims? the one who is killed Not her Taken away from relatives Not her Now Bailixuan Stabs himself pretendingly Tells a tragic story can she forgive Bailixuan stop messing around for the families of the victims? What qualifications does she have what a stupid woman Worship herself she is just a nobody Her kindness really does not distinguish between good and evil How can she be so stupid Remove the props Since Feng Wushuang is still stubborn and she can’t distinguish ood and evil Insists on staying with Bai Lixuan Then we Just help speed up the pace Develop the plot Bring to climax This breath Moxiu is in Wushuang’s courtyard Wushuang Are you OK Master Why are you here Wushuang Has anyone been here just now? No What are these bandages? I remember that The bandage on your body was changed a long time ago these are when I drank the potion Accidentally spilled some Soiled the bandage So I changed it again I’ll clean up later can I? Wushuang You never lie to me right Yes I just want to protect my friends it is a white lie Master will understand me in the future In that case Lift your quilt Master I I You won’t let go why not show yourself now? I won’t be merciful next time Master you are so excellent Sure enough, you know I am here but Why are you mad at a woman just fight with me I think so too Master Listen to me I really didn’t mean to lie to you Bai Lixuan has already changed Really Feng Wushuang Step aside Master Master has never treated me so coldly The Qingxiao group never forgive a moxiu Want to fight come Please Don’t fight Bailixuan I forbid you to talk to my master like this You only want to protect him Master I know Bai Lixuan did something wrong But he has changed I beg you to give him another chance didn’t you teach me that I should learn to forgive others before Feng Wushuang Did you forget what i said before I want you to guarantee you will never see him again can you do it Master does not need to speak about this I made up my mind to sever relationship With Bailixuan Feng Wushuang meets several times with Moxiu Repeatedly violates rules Now take away her identity of senior disciple and she is a handywoman now to punish her Master Master No Master, I was wrong please forgive me why would you beg him He doesn’t want you I want you I will take you back to Tuyun Pavilion no I don’t want to leave Master Someday I will let her go with me willingly you have to walk out of this door alive today Bai Lixuan, you will die Jing Chen It depends on whether you have this ability Moxiu breaks through Kill him Revenge for our friends just a filthy mouse how dare him come to Qingxiao Group There was a fight so soon so We have to hurry up to go Present the most perfect ending for this show Jing Chen I will help you ok Two hit one This is your decent demeanor Master Bai Lixuan doesn’t come to hurt anyone this time He just apologizes to me Please let him go please This matter has nothing to do with you Step aside Master Mouse Are the props ready? Do not worry E-level props April Fool’s Day Gift Can cause visual confusion for 3 seconds Make you the most terrifying thing in the person’s eyes Scare her Swords are without eyes If you don’t leave Don’t blame me Don’t Lvxia Feng Wushuang You actually do it for a moxiu how could you hurt your friends no I thought she I really didn’t mean it Master You have to believe me The formation is set up Su was injured Kill the demon Now that you are on the side of the me Why not leave with me I will take good care of you no Go alone yourself I want to stay with Master wait for me I will come to see you again Want to go Bailixuan He came to apologize to me so I can’t let him die here Feng Wushuang You let the enemy go From today No need to call me Master I don’t have a disciple like you Master what are you saying Master Master Look at Wushuang Master Jing is still merciful he doesn’t hurt her Drive her out but I almost finish the plan After all She’s just a b**ch she doesn’t mean to hurt anyone Next I will fulfill another wish of the original owner Kill all demons in the world I am Feng Wushuang Since being demoted as a junior disciple I haven’t seen Master again for 13 months and 9 days Master where are you Why don’t you come to see me can’t you forgive me Feng Wushuang Master’s order All disciples Meet in the square really I’m going now I can finally see Master again Moxiu rages kills innocent people And has been harassing our group frequently Even more he seduces disciple Feng Wushuang to collude with him Moxiu rages and he is so arrogant as we are decent warlocks we have the responsibility to drive demons and monsters out of the world So we set off today Regardless of life and death Moxiu must be put down make the world peaceful again kill all the Moxius make the world peaceful again Master and Su they are such a lovely couple When i’m away Master Have you found someone who can replace me? This battle Master as a leader With the help of Sister Su they are just unbreakable They capture seven strongholds Master and Su became famous and they are seen as a great match by the public Make everyone envy Bai Lixuan finally went out in person Relyed on magic repair with the help of the devils Broke the siege of the decent worlocks The two sides just are in deadlock The army is stationed in the territory of the demon world Waiting for the final battle but I Was assigned to the camp where Su is I am responsible for replacing the spirit stone of the defensive circle Jing and Su are really a great match such a handsome and brilliant man like Master Jing, only Su can be his companion I heard After the end of the war The two are going to get married What are you talking about Master has no affection for Sister Su humph, it is you the traitor who was moxiu’s friend Uncle Jing doesn’t like Aunt Su.

Does he like you? The toad wants to eat swan You don’t even deserve to wear shoes for Su how dare you want Jing Jing and Su are just born for each other such a great match What right do you have to oppose, traitor I didn’t Does Master think so too? In his mind Can I never compare to Su? No way I need to ask Su If she has nothing to do with Master she should stand up and make things clear Explain the whole thing clearly So as not to destroy the reputation of Master Su I have something to tell you you Master this late Why is Master in Su’s tent just say it if you have nothing important, just leave now I am busy Today I have to ask clearly Su What is the relationship between you and Master you What to do with you first I am no longer your master according to the rule You should call me Master Uncle second The relationship between me and Lvxia It’s not your turn to ask third You intrude into her residence late at night it is so rude of you I Why does Master suddenly treat me so harshly? now Get out Does he really like Su? Bailixuan Did you hear it Can you take Su Lvxia? This is the puppet bird that Bai Lixuan gave me I also know it’s not good to contact Moxiu at this time But I can’t let Master be robbed and so I don’t want you to hurt her You just need to kidnap her can you Just let Su disappear from Master As long as it’s what you want I will try my best to make it come true but Su Lvxia just has a great security Want to kidnap her I’m afraid it will take some time Don’t worry about this Tomorrow‘s midnight There will be holes in the southwest of the defensive formation Just come over I am not doing bad things I just want to protect my own things Do you think that Jing Chen’s attitude towards Feng Wushuang is A little strange Too cruel it is the opposite to his original character oh host, you are so suspicious It’s been a long time since I met such a honest and decent hero like Jing Chen in the small world Moxiu launches a sneak attack Isn’t there an alarm circle outside the camp? Why doesn’t it work Let him get in This is not the time to figure the cause out Get my sword right away Kill all these people Find Su Lvxia Don’t let her escape There are moxius everywhere Where did they come in what should we do But Wushuang told me not to kill her then when I get her take away all her Kongfu lock her down in the Water Prison of Tuyun Pavilion you basards Dare to be presumptuous Su is here Su is here See how arrogant would these Moxius be but as our people are less than them can we really win Humph Bailixuan Do you only have the ability to sneak around now? Only the decent group like you talk about sh*t, such as morals and mercy to me As long as I can win, I don’t care anything else Host The signal flare has been sent but Can we survive until the army returns In the original Bai Lixuan is great at martial arts and only Jing Chen can beat him as Bailixuan is the one of the best you are not capable to fight against him So what Want me to surrender to him Want me to surrender Or flee Totally impossible Want to Break through my camp Slaughter my subordinates His daydream would never come true Taoists Today’s battle Although the enemies are more than us But since ancient times, evil never wins We Qingxiao Party will not be afraid of these evil demons Will not bow to them Military affairs we must be high in morale and the brave ones win This is the truth now Only fight to death Never give up Su is right Let’s fight with them This battle Continued till dawn Under the leadership of Su Lvxia Although the some of the Qingxiao are killed or injured But not too many people die When Jing Chen brings the army back to help they are still to chase Moxiu Bailixuan sees the situation is not good Has to retreat Lvxia Are you ok I will help you to rest Not urgent Although the war is over But one thing we must check it out How did Moxiu sneak into the camp? Why the alarm circle didn’t warn us in advance Fortunately I used to ensure the safety of the camp Privately set image spirit stone in front of every formation Turned out to be you I let her go but she colluded with the enemy heroine in the romance Can she be decent and clever? Kill this traitor To pay for the brothers and sisters Moxiu’s jackal no I am not a traitor Feng Wushuang You really let me down Master Listen to me explain Feng Wushuang Never change helped the moxiu Mutilated fellows Cause disaster Kick you out of the group today Never set foot in the Qingxiao group no Master You can’t kick me out I love you I can’t believe it She was once a disciple of Jing it is not decent at all Really shameless nonsense I’m not talking nonsense My feelings for you I don’t believe you didn’t feel it at all I have fallen in love with you a long time ago I know it’s hard for you to accept my feelings I can always be with Master Already very content Till this moment I really can’t deceive myself anymore Master Can’t you really accept my heart no, think about it As a disciple of Qingxiao group worked with demons for selfish desire Mutilated your friends By now if I don’t execute you according to the rules It’s really hard to calm the anger of the public Master Everyone Feng Wushuang committed such a big mistake I’m responsible to it as her master as she was a member of us I beg you to let her go Expel her out of Qingxiao Group, and allow her to be alive Those who died unjustly won’t sacrifice for nothing I also will give everyone an explanation According to Qingxiao Group’s Rules I shall be tortured by a hundred swords My sword is out of control it flies itself, Jing’s sword technique is so great it is all Feng Wushuang’ fault To punish me for negligence Also to mourn the people who died last night Master Jing is So selfless Feng Wushuang that traitor only do this Can we calm our friends who passed away Jing, why bother? This is Feng Wushuang’s own sin How can we blame you, Jing? Where’s the doctor Come and help Master Jing bandage Jing Chen is not only upright Also has a strong sense of responsibility Real man Mouse you are wrong Jing Chen is acting too weird Instead, it vaguely confirmed my guess Hey!? he accepted the punishment willingly Seems to be asking for trouble in fact, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages first, he draws everyone’s attention from their indecent relationship Completely draw a line from Feng Wushuang second he is known as an upright person wins a great reputation By the way, he exhibited his superb Taoism Even if it’s someone else’s sword Can also be manipulated and captured by him at will As for the third point Feng Wushuang committed such a big mistake Just expelled from the group Actually can’t convince the public Jing Chen suffered on her behalf It perfectly dispels other people’s doubts emm I just don’t understand Jing Chen can obviously abolish Feng Wushuang’s Kongfu To achieve these goals Why does he have to choose the hardest way His goal is almost like he deliberately rushing Feng Wushuang to Bai Lixuan’s side Bailixuan You came Master, he really doesn’t want me anymore obedient He doesn’t want you, I want you do not Cry I have nowhere to go, Bailixuan Take me away Wushuang You don’t know how happy I am to hear these words do not worry Go back to Tuyun Pavilion with me, and no one can bully you farewell Master There are still gains in this battle Wushuang, you are finally mine Master We end up being separated Since Bai Lixuan rarely appears on the battlefield moxiu’s group has no leader so they finally defeated by the decent coalition I, the chief disciple of Qingxiao group, Jing Chen come to exterminate demons kill the demons? It depends on whether you have this ability Such powerful men in the original book both of them are great, and no one can tell who will win the battle Yes After this battle The last wish of the original body will be also fulfilled it seems to be more interesting Ha ha I thought you were a powerful man, just so so I my power what happened My power is losing impossible How could this be the power I lost How could it be taken away by you did you slp with Feng Wushuang? What did you do Bailixuan about this question Leave it to the devil in hell to ask Ah why Bailixuan Why, master Why do you have to kill him Why don’t you even leave this hope to me Why can you be so cruel to me Jing won the demon and the devil dies Jing Chen are you injured With Bailixuan’s ability Even if he can’t beat Jingchen It would never be possible for Jing Chen to leave without wounds Why is there no wounds on Jingchen Don’t worry, i’m fine Feng Wushuang I thought you were young Just kicked you out of the group But don’t expected you to be obsessed and stayed with Moxiu How could the decent reputation of the Qingxiao group be destroyed by you so The cultivation method you learned at Qingxiao group give it back Master you You want to abolish my kongfu You betrayed the group first and you came to the devil Just abolish your kongfu it is already for the sake of the past I just want to ask you you have never been tempted by me right? Never loved me Never I hope you can behave Master Master How can you treat me like this How can you be So cruel to me as you were nice to me How can you she deserves it She has such a bad ending I can only say that the sin is deserved It’s just a small world deduced by third-rate romance She still failed to surpass her personality But It seems that someone’s character is not as good as what was designed After Baili Xuanshen’s death the demons worked without a leader Became a piece of loose sand and they were killed soon and the decent warlocks rule Jingchen because of the outstanding performance in the battle Becomes the youngest head of the Qingxiao group Lvxia Would you like to join me as a Taoist couple Before answering this question I don’t know if I can ask you a question to Solve my doubts What do you want to ask I would like to know When did you start Planning all this.