Why Do We Recite Surah 36 Ya Seen 3 Times Looped for The Deceased?

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When we come against or come across these bad madhab (School of Islamic law) people on different posts and the comments that they leave should we give them a comment back to help people from this deviation? InshaAllah it’s probably best that you go about your way and keep your connection.

00:39 - You know if you see a hornet’s nest and you are not somebody who’s equipped to fight a nest of hornets.

00:50 - We did this when we lived on east coast when a little bit younger and less intelligent, we saw a hornet’s nest and we hit with a broomstick and thought I could run it out, and they gave me a life lesson.

01:06 - And then when we called the hornet nest people, a guy came with a whole uniform.

01:10 - He came with helmets and gloves and I was like, ‘Oh that makes sense because if these hornets come it’s not going to hurt him, he’s equipped. ’ And he had a poison in his hand so that he’s extinguishing the problem.

01:23 - So, in our life these people are hornets, they produce no honey no sweetness.

01:29 - They are in existence just to sting and if you see the hornet they sting and they actually keep going around stinging people.

01:38 - They’re not like the bee that if it uses as a precautionary move its stinger it passes away.

01:45 - It has one shot at defending itself. The hornet’s existence is created to continuously sting and produce no sweetness and no honey.

01:54 - So, unless you’re somebody who’s equipped to take on that type of difficulty and then replying and then spending all the time replying to ten of them and a hundred of them.

02:07 - Most of us are not interested in that at all.

02:09 - So, it’s best that we understand that shaitan (satan) is playing there and move forward and continue our path towards our reality and our ma’rifah (Gnosticism).

02:19 - We have enough problems facing us in life that you don’t have to find ten more that may multiply quickly to a hundred if they all come in and start to go after you and ask you questions that you’re not capable of answering, nor do you wanna spend your time answering it.

02:35 - We absolutely reply to none of them and each one thinks he’s more clever than the one who came before.

02:40 - We just ban them; we block them and we don’t reply and they go into spam folders.

02:45 - If they’re on the web pages they’re immediately blocked.

02:48 - It’s a shaitan and there’s no need to deal with a shaitan.

03:00 - Wa Alaykum As Salaam wa rehmatullah Question is asking that I want to give sadaqah and is it okay for my sadaqah (charity) to feed ants, to give like sugar to ants, to feed animals, creatures anything around.

03:28 - Alhamdulillah sadaqah is a means in which to cleanse ourselves and rid ourselves of difficulties.

03:36 - So, everything in its common sense, to feed a human versus a smaller creature we don’t understand then the importance of humanity, “Wa laqad karramna bani adam. ” The most honored creation of Allah (AJ) is Bani Adam (Children of Adam).

03:54 - And if that creation is sitting next to you and is starving and hungry, and there’s a another creature that not from that creation and that’s starving and hungry, you have to understand with your common sense which one Allah’s (AJ) going to hold you to account.

04:13 - And that’s the danger that you see these people that they give their wealth now to dog foundations and they give a billions dollars donation to dogs.

04:26 - And there are people who are dying on the street, have no food, no water.

04:30 - There are children who are in horrific conditions around the world.

04:35 - Although shaitan came to them with something that appears to be noble, in reality Allah (AJ) would ask that, ‘You didn’t want to feed you know your brother and sister’ for every creation is your brother and sister in Allah’s (AJ) Eyes, just from a different mother.

04:53 - So, Allah’s (AJ) going to ask you that, ‘Your closest of relatives means you’re a human and that why you didn’t take of this humanity? Why you didn’t feed them? Why you didn’t clothe them? Why didn’t you watch over them?’ And if you do that and in addition you put out in your house sugar in the backyard and seeds for the birds, this is all beautiful but everything with its correct understanding.

05:16 - ‘Do I forgo feeding a human being to go and give all my money to give bird food?’ I don’t think it’s advisable.

05:34 - Wa Alaykum As Salaam wa rehmatullah If I go somewhere and my heart is beating fast is it a sign that there’s a negative presence around or that my practices are weak? Again the. . each person knows themselves what their practices are like.

06:13 - You know the answer of if your practices are weak or not but what’s important is that when you tune your heart and do your zikr (Divine remembrance) and do your practices, your heart becomes a tuning fork.

06:30 - So, if you’ve taken any music classes or music lessons in school, it’s an instrument like a metal and if you hit it, it has a vibration.

06:42 - And that the reality of the heart it’s an immense tuning organ – it’s picking up vibrations, it’s giving you vibrations.

06:53 - By means of your heart Allah (AJ) inspires humanity.

06:58 - Allah (AJ) is in control of creation by their heart not their brain, that’s how Allah (AJ) controls creation.

07:09 - He’s the owner of the heart. When anything you plan in life, and ten thousand people plan their brain, Allah (AJ) sends one isharat (sign) into the heart and that plan is finished.

07:21 - He doesn’t have to control the brain and compete with the nafs (ego) and compete with arguing with you, He’s the controller of the hearts of creation.

07:31 - If He merely sends a signal into the heart, it will change everything the brain was thinking and say, ‘I couldn’t do it, I won’t do it’ or ‘I’m going to do it doesn’t matter what you told me not to do. ’ So, the final word always comes from Allah (AJ) by power through the qalb (heart).

07:48 - So, the qalb then has an immense reality and is a very fine-tuned organ that once you begin to make your zikr, your meditation and build your energy it’s picking up vibrations.

08:03 - As a result, you have to be vigilant over the heart.

08:08 - If I walk into somewhere and my heart is beating, there’s an energy that’s not appropriate in that environment and I’m not supposed to build myself so strong that I should be able to walk into every bad environment.

08:20 - That is a safeguard that for me to step back and to each their level.

08:28 - When Allah (AJ) knows the level of that servant, there are energies in that environment that may not be good for you, the heart begin to palpitate.

08:38 - Or if they talk to people, the emotion of the person that you’re talking to once you perfect your heart, work on your heart, do the zikr… “Dhikrillahi tatma’innul Qulob. ” Means the people of zikr their hearts are clean as a result its like a mirror.

08:56 - If somebody’s nervous when they’re talking to you, your heart is beating fast as if you are nervous.

09:02 - You say, ‘I’m not even nervous, I don’t know why my heart is beating like this?’ It’s because you’re picking up the vibration of the other person.

09:08 - They’re nervous talking to you. They’re angered when they’re talking to you.

09:12 - So, the heart begins to understand what Prophet ﷺ described as that the person is a mirror to other people.

09:19 - So, alhamdulillah it’s a good sign, you have to just keep the sensitivity of the heart, try your best to follow the inspirations of the heart.

09:30 - And that we don’t necessarily have to become strong to tolerate every bad environment, that it’s a sign for us to leave that environment if it’s something questionable inshaAllah.

09:42 - Wa Alaykum As Salaam wa rehmatullah The ta’weez around the neck is it a prevention from nightmares and then the second part of the question? Sure, and when I wear it for the first time is it okay if I feel anxious? Yeah, we’ve talked before on the ta’weez (prayer for protection) and the reality of the ta’weez, that anything from the heavens is a heavenly light.

10:28 - And most people live their life with their desires and all that they have surrounded themselves with seen and unseen to them.

10:40 - So, again we described it’s like you know filled your house with homeless people and you thought that was a good idea and you brought them, ‘Just come, come, come’ because every time we go out, we’re attracting all sorts of energies everywhere we go.

10:57 - These energies attach themselves onto the body like a bus – they’re wanted and unwanted passengers.

11:03 - So, for sake of analogy: you invited all these homeless people into your house and they’re all living there making a mess of your entire life’s environment.

11:11 - Now all of a sudden you decide that you want one day to bring the police because you made friend with a police officer and as soon as the police officer walks into the house he sees these people and say, ‘These are all criminals, you know I know these people’ and begin one by one ‘Get out of here, get out of here’ and try to rid your environment of what you have brought into it.

11:36 - So, it would be obvious that there’s going to be a bit of difficulty because they’re not going to leave willingly and they’re not interested in vacating something that they have or thought they had the right to occupy.

11:52 - And many of them occupy insan (mankind), insan’s environment, the home, the. . all the things that are coming through the home, through the music, through their TV, through everything that they do.

12:04 - So, these creation of Allah (AJ) if they’re being forced out and pushed out then there can be all sorts of energies that are not comfortable and that’s when somebody may feel an uncomfortable energy because one energy is from positive and heavens trying to push out every type of negativity.

12:25 - So, when Allah (AJ) describe, “Qul jaa alhaqq” – ‘Say O’ Haqq when the truth comes, it pushes away falsehood and the truth and the falsehood they don’t co-exist in the same space and falsehood by its nature is zahooqan. ’ So, means when these lights of haq (truth) and heavenly lights come, they actually begin to hit and destroy these falsehoods and makes them to be very angered and distress and there’s whole bunch of things that they have to, they have to leave.

12:59 - So, that can be a bit of a process and a bit of cleansing but alhamdulillah with dalail ul khairat (book of praising on Prophet ﷺ), with the salawats (praises upon Prophet Muhammad ﷺ), with good perfume, with your salah (prayers), your namaz, your meditation.

13:11 - Play the zikr in the home and then the ta’weez is an added shield for the difficulties that are coming upon the earth inshaAllah.

13:19 - And this is all with Allah (AJ) Might and Majesty and this from its understanding when people want to understand the daleel (proof) of it, ruqyah (blessing) has many daleels from Prophet ﷺ and to put ayatul Kareem (the Generous verse of Holy Qur’an), to call upon rijalullah (Men of God) and the saliheen, tanzilur rahmah – brings a rahmah (mercy).

13:41 - And when Allah (AJ) was going to send punishment to Bani Israel’s Fir’aun in the time of Bani Israel when Allah (AJ) was going to send punishment to Fir’aun, He gave a warning to Sayyidina Musa (as), ‘Tell your people to mark their door because the angels of punishment are coming, anyone who has that mark should be safe from the punishment of these angels of ‘aazab (punishment). ’ Did the angels not know who they were? Of course, the angels knew who they were but Allah (AJ) wanted to see if your people believe in you because Allah (AJ) is all about verifying.

14:21 - So of course the angels know who to strike and not to strike, they see through walls, they have every type of understanding exactly to the soul of who that person is, what their destiny is.

14:31 - But Allah (AJ) wanted to ask from Nabi Musa (as), ‘See if your people believe in you because even how much they bothered you and ask you so many questions if you tell them put the mark, they’ll say, oh, we’re not gonna put the mark. ’ And that’s what Allah (AJ) want to see, if they don’t have the mark they’re gone.

14:47 - And if they have the mark, they should be safe and that mark till today has such an importance in their belief – the misfah that they keep on every door of their homes and apartments.

15:00 - And this is from Qur’an when Nabi Musa (as) was taught that Fir’aun was coming, was about to receive punishment, that ‘Mark your doors so the angel of death pass them and the angels of punishment pass. ’ So, many times Allah (AJ) will ask believers that, ‘If you believe then put the symbol of your belief’ and the turuqs (spiritual paths) they receive these isharats from the presence, ruhaniyat of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.

15:26 - That to put your people with this ta’weez, with these marking, this “Allahu Haqq Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem” and these words and recitations that put this upon their neck if they believe.

15:38 - Alhamdulillah Allah’s (AJ) Might and Majesty to defend and to protect them.

15:42 - All protection is only from Allah (AJ) and Allah (AJ) tries His servant for those whom believe and rewards their belief, and those whom don’t believe then they don’t believe and they bear the consequences of disbelief.

15:59 - InshaAllah. Wa Alaykum As Salaam wa rehmatullah Three times and the reality of three that’s something different.

16:27 - The benefits… the question is asking, ‘The benefits of reciting Surat al Yaseen at graveyards or grave site and should we recite it three times, what’s the benefit of reciting it three times. ’ A lot of questions in one question.

16:47 - The easiest understanding is that all the tariqah’s (spiritual paths) teachings of muhabbat and ishq and love of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ and what Allah (AJ) want to bestow upon the students of this way and the students of tariqah, and all the shaykhs teaching was to achieve this love of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.

17:13 - And this way of ma’rifah, and it’s in the heart of Sayyidina Ya-Seen ﷺ which the name of Sayyidina Ya-Seen ﷺ is Habibullah (Beloved of Allah).

17:28 - That this Ya-Seen is dressed from the reality of Allah (AJ) calling Prophet ﷺ ‘Habibullah. ’ Sayyidina Ta-Ha is Rasulullah (Messenger of Allah), so Ya-Seen is the Habib and love of Allah (AJ) therefore, he is the heart of Qur’an.

17:47 - So, all this teaching to reach to the heart, to be dressed by its realities, to be dressed by every single reality of Prophet ﷺ emanating from the holy heart of Prophet ﷺ, manzil ul Qur’an (where the Holy Qur’an emanates) – the heart of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.

18:07 - So, if you encapsulate all our teaching of the Muhammadan way it’s Surat al-Yaseen.

18:12 - That’s why we have the book on the tafsir (interpretation) of Surat al-Yaseen.

18:15 - I would recommend that you read that book for its understandings just towards the ocean of the understanding of Surat al-Yaseen.

18:25 - All of this Muhammadan haqqaiq (realities) is encapsulated by Surat al-Yaseen.

18:30 - So, what Allah (AJ) wanted for every single Muslim to achieve that dress and that’s why on their death you’re supposed to recite Surat al-Yaseen.

18:42 - They didn’t achieve it in their world, they didn’t achieve it in their life, they didn’t achieve to sit with these Muhammadiyun and to learn that greatness, to learn that reality, at least by the recitation of Surat al-Yaseen on their death bed their nafs is at its lowest point and they are about to meet and the release of their soul is about to come out to meet Allah (AJ).

19:06 - That recitation is then dressed upon the reality of their soul from the dresses of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.

19:14 - That their soul is leaving and departing with all these tajjalis (manifestations) and realities of Surat al-Yaseen to dress the soul so that they be greeted in the Divinely Presence of Allah (AJ) under the intercession of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.

19:29 - So, has a immense reality, immense reality to read it upon those whom are passing away, those who were at the graveyard it dresses all of them from all of these haqqaiqs and realities and that is the manzil ul Qur’an and the house of holy Qur’an where every emanation is coming from this holy Surah and everything within Surat al-Yaseen are all the secrets and realities of holy Qur’an.

19:56 - That is not even something that has a time on it and is of ancient realities.

20:00 - And we pray that Allah (AJ) dress us and bless us from these realities and to dress us from the holy nights of Rajab inshaAllah.

20:09 - Subhana rabbika rabbal ‘izzati ‘amma yasifoon, wa salaamun ‘alal mursaleen, walhamdulillahi rabbil ‘aalameen.

20:16 - Bi hurmati Muhammad al-Mustafa wa bi siri Surat al-Fatiha. .