film dokumenter - ketika kawanan hiu pemangsa masuk area rumpoon tuna kami

Mar 18, 2021 13:00 · 1141 words · 6 minute read

see… . can be seen… ??? like being in a pool of gays / bro hey… . watch out unhindered in his hand I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah expected to a friend of panel fishing for still support atho van houten channel so i recommend that bro atho van housten already have their own youtube channel so for those of you who want to see a 10 minute video please subscribe to the atho van housten channel then the full version on your loyal channel PANEL FISHING okey enjoy watching The ones that are not fresh are cut and scattered in the sea water fresh oci fish this is the big one fresh oci fish export ok gays… good night panel fishing look now we haven’t got the tuna yet because it hasn’t been given just the head this is because of the predatory shark look at eating sharks gays maybe not lucky today but there are some who already get tuna ok gays… pull up… pull up yellowfin tuna zul… there is something I want to ask… . ??? zul… what is needed when disemboweling a fish… ??? What are you doing… ??? mute… ??? I asked you How much tuna did you put out beforehand to pack… ??? fifty tails one day just nod this is our chef gays… .

06:06 - don’t straddle like that he’s tired and someone pulled the tuna see we zoom in the time shows it’s 10:00 pm fish still eat our bait the others rest this one went to bed first don’t laugh, just sleep This is the atmosphere in the rumpoon at night we turned to my dad pulling the tuna we take it from afar, okay? good we get into the rumpoon again the atmosphere in the room… gaspar is still sleeping gaspar… you sleeping… ??? he was tired, he pulled four tuna in the morning he pulled five of them gaspar his name you have a cell phone… ??? a new breast sound was heard can be seen now My cousin is pulling the tuna again big…

08:43 - he was sweating can be seen… ??? Do not take it wrong…

08:50 - it’s not that we don’t want to dress because the atmosphere that night was hot Good keep pulling fat uncle “sound of wind” “laugh” it’s been nine months it’s time to give birth to this quintuplets (don’t you talk like that, later he will feel nervous) Look at the way my uncle pulls the tuna, belly up front he’s focused this when weighed, like big eyes big tuna This will be stamped with a ribbon at the tail enjoooooy sing karaoke making stagnant handline ballast This has been completed I will use it because he already broke my fishing ballast I will explain if this one monster always annoys us I’ll explain the bro atho van housten conversation we purposely took this shark to be an alarm for predatory sharks underwater predators when we fishermen cut nylon from our fishing line then we will have difficulty getting the ballast and hook in the middle of the rumpoon therefore we have to lift this shark to the surface of the water and pull the hook out of the shark’s mouth sorry if disturbed by music because Fishermen entertain themselves with copyrighted music that’s why I have to explain to the audience Fishermen say that sharks are a pest to tuna fishermen that’s why we have to lift it to the surface of the water So you can see here how the fishermen catch these sharks fishermen will tie this shark to the surface of the rumpoon with a duration of five minutes to remove the hook from the shark’s mouth after that we will release it again in hopes of being an alarm for the sharks to move out so they think there are lots of traps for the sharks enjoy.

greetings one ocean get around remove the nylon empi we get we fishermen are afraid of these shark bites then we have to be careful we didn’t get the tuna because we weren’t lucky been eaten by sharks maybe not yet lucky How many days are you bothered by sharks a little more yellowfin tuna will come to the surface already visible Behind me are also Gorontalo fishermen what attracts these fish is our chef if he got a catch, that was his extra pay each fisherman paid $ 6.

94 or one hundred thousand rupiah if the angler is 10 then the salary is $ 69. 42 or one million rupiah for one trip, if you are not tired then the chef will also go fishing Oops… get off my friends our chef is very sad big eye tuna malnutrition and healthy babies they are brothers boat paint t-shirt body they are younger siblings the other is a healthy baby the other is malnourished It doesn’t hurt if you subscribe to the Or Van Housten channel because each content, featuring reliable tuna anglers look… even though he is small the way to pull it is very unique are you still strong… ?? I will replace you atho van housten that will be interesting where is alum let’s change first substitution kapulu… … alum whether it’s heavy or jumping… I don’t care relax later you will fall the pull is very strong where’s alum Is this big eye tuna or something… ??? like a kite don’t just watch, subscribe her feet have to wear bracelets watch out for the rumpoon rope Pakura is new, the rumpoon will break up later is dead already sweating I am already short of breath challenging this is tuna empi I was sweating I’ll pull the tuna again later I just live with the container / ship Why did you… ??? Nanati I will replace it again I still eat crocodile fish I’m eating crocodile fish snacks crocodile fish and chillies fish hook this is marlin 90 up at roller fast and approaching here, come closer dip down tuna This horn fish is oily, black color already seen laugh down to this side I told you this spear Look… . this night screen is not tuna can be seen night sailfish need extra strength to conquer the screen tonight bat spear I told you oily horns are very dangerous must be cut off the horns very large nearly 200 kilograms / 418 pounds very tiring me make me sinful night sailfish or pork sailfish let’s take a look at the tired person tired of fishing we found on the upper deck sleeping sleep very soundly his friend was stranded there we were on top of the rumpoon we’ll see we rely on night fishing but the fish doesn’t want to eat yet so we take a break.