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so welcome to another garage this is the pre-trip to miami meeting before the meeting uh the meeting before the meeting is typically more important than the meeting after the meeting and it’s equally as important as the meeting itself [ __ ] this camera man it’s a cool ass view though like hey will i don’t know we look like the puppets in the candy corn video bro i’m gonna dump this [ __ ] with the [ __ ] category song oh cops we got cops all right yeah we’re gonna dump this [ __ ] with the [ __ ] cannon coin video we got the [ __ ] sirens over there the sirens that you know they look like warning we’re doing something scoot over hey scoot over we’re doing something hey guys scoot over we’re doing stuff that’s what these guys say scoot over that way we’re chilling here texting on our phone hey jeremy i hope you don’t mind i’m recording look at this [ __ ] look at this video though look at this look at us would have expected this not me not me look at that [ __ ] bro look at this [ __ ] we look at life out here can we flip the camera we can’t even flip the camera so we just got to look at our other big mugs you know i hope everything you know a little bit more unfortunately you know for a person of any kind of color that’s any kind of darker than yours or mine it’s just a difficult circumstance dealing with law enforcement typically fear for our life we can’t even forget you know feel safe when we see a cause we can’t even think they’re doing their job because we see so many innocent people get hurt by cops doing their job that’s just stupid it’s unfortunate right i’m not trying to bring racism to the [ __ ] thing it’s just a unfortunate reaction yeah it’s unfortunate because as much as i’d like to feel safe i don’t i feel crazy i feel like they’re at work on opposing sides and i never did nothing to the policeman nothing never and the police haven’t really done anything to me have i been arrested yes i’ve been incarcerated yes have i done illegal things yes do i still do illegal things absolutely not right so was it beneficial for the well-being of everybody involved absolutely does it does it work in some small cases sometimes and i like to see a lot more of it working and they’re not not working you know like it [ __ ] sucks that we got to be afraid of cops no matter what color we are this is ridiculous even if i was just smoking weed i’m sitting here as a passenger uh on a trip and i can’t smoke weed comfortably because hey we might get pulled over and go to [ __ ] jail for smoking hey my bad i didn’t mean to go there but like i just you know i felt uncomfortable when i saw the car i think we all did i i don’t like that feeling you know i think that [ __ ] is it sucks you know all of these things that make us different so many things that make us the same and we spend a lot of time focusing on the [ __ ] that makes it different color of skin religion [ __ ] job title where you’re from you know what’s your favorite food anything like that these kind of things are just like yeah sports teams you could break it down into like super [ __ ] macro and and you’ll see that like there’s just too many things that separate us and there’s too few things we can focus on that are [ __ ] similarities hey like [ __ ] this [ __ ] sucks i want to be able to love the cop like i love everybody else uh but [ __ ] it you know is what it is 2021 maybe in 2022 you know racism doesn’t exist anymore maybe 2023 is when [ __ ] poverty doesn’t exist anymore like we just been looking at all these [ __ ] trees jeremy like all right what’s out here i want to show you look at just trees those are like what do you think those are i can’t see them they look kind of still like more almonds this [ __ ] almond guys are nazis i didn’t mean to say nazi like that be careful no i didn’t mean i didn’t say it like that but like they’re [ __ ] ridiculous whoever has this many [ __ ] armies is ridiculous whoever why like i would say the world you know yeah there’s some of the things that are just worldwide bro [ __ ] yeah pistachio pistachios oranges uh almonds like five broth like whoever grew all those almonds there’s [ __ ] genius get enough almonds to [ __ ] fund the whole world with with almonds yeah like nobody would ever have to eat anything they could just eat almonds for the rest of their [ __ ] life like who would have like what what is the usage of that mini almonds you know like i bet there’s a store house somewhere exactly exactly the [ __ ] is a genius yeah he’s like i’m gonna make all of these things just in case they ever make almond milk and it’s better for you yeah right like and then got all of these [ __ ] almonds instead of any other plant well i always thought the idea of drinking milk was [ __ ] weird that’s like we’re the only we’re the only living beings that i do it a lot but it doesn’t make sense i do it often but i do have almond milk almond milk and sugar instead of uh you know and then i’m trying to get to matcha trying to switch over my coffee routine into matcha like that’s what i’m saying i was like what the [ __ ] if you guys cruise about it you wouldn’t know right like it’s a spanish slang like remember what i was saying tone doesn’t speak any slang tone wouldn’t know what that is he might but he would never use it he’d say that to one of his friends you say that to one of his friends maybe that’s a funny ass word though so do you uh do you only do you only want to do houses physical tangible properties or you open any other things other than like real estate jeremy yeah like anything other than just physical buildings mostly properties houses those kind of properties where you find like a burger thing like like where we went to go eat that’s a perfect example depending on what your goals are like it just completely depends if you’re buying real right and like those businesses are bored talking about the whole block of businesses right there you feel me the building where they went the spaces that’s what a lot of people are doing right now i know they’re saying they’re probably cheap they’re cheap everything’s probably cheap right what’s the average range you’re talking about a condo right yeah like let’s say a thousand dollars so do i own it let’s say it depends on where like right let’s say the bay area 1500 wait uh if you make that [ __ ] would you would you buy a house for a thousand dollars no i’m talking about buyer would you buy a house for a thousand dollars yes done all right cool would you buy a house right now it just depends on where so no no what happened with jerry he said initially just yes he didn’t have to think about it he didn’t have to rationalize it he didn’t have to have a real serious thought about it will you buy it would you buy a house for a thousand dollars the answer to that question for most people initially is going to be yes they may have some real sincere questions that go along with it but up front they’re going to be asking up front they’re going to be like yes right like in theory yes right depending on on the answer of the questions then you know then they’ll be like [ __ ] yeah right so like what are the questions where is the house uh it is in a is in the unknown location are you buying just the house and you get the land it’s all a bunch of questions too you’re buying the house there is a land maintenance fee for the property so you know uh you could potentially potentially no you could own it it will be available absolutely so what kind of real estate deal would it be then it’s like there’s like three different types there’s like there’s a hundred different types right well not like in terms of that i mean you could do like just property on the real estate well like what i said or it could be like one of those commercial homes where you own the property and the building and they’re just on the space oh no i want to own the land i want to own the land where the thing it’s in delano california okay all right i’m just gonna use that as a hypothetical for where this one is it’s where i’m from it’s entirely made out of cement and hemp and it’s on a property where there’s quite a few other structures like tiny houses and other movable but we got these structures that you know could be made really ineffective like a lot of people if they would buy a house for a thousand dollars because if if a thousand people would say yes then you got a million dollars you own an object in a piece of real estate that doesn’t appreciate just the real estate uh that’s not necessarily true because you can rent it out right the house you want to [ __ ] live there at all and it costs a thousand dollars who doesn’t wear anymore it’s a thousand dollar house bro it’s in my hometown you can rent it to one of my friends for like five or six hundred bucks and they’ll be really happy all right and they’ll pay rent i don’t know people pay 900 for a mobile home spot in the bay area out here in front like in a fractional area probably have like 500.

000 feel free to join me and get animated good morning good morning this is a nft in itself me will and mello all in the same spot at the same time is definitely a rare nft uh with the smoke and debris don’t kill my bus i’m at the club getting staggered more smoke more animation no doubt [ __ ] a spot let’s out and they say go home i’ll be so damn bad fully blown and hit a zone like a dial tune is my always state of mind when it’s time to unwind when you need your mind do what you do to get faded and i can just tell you that when i got home the best sex i ever got with my wife that’s when i took him to prom because she wanted to know if i’d partake in two trump is where the cat houses are you don’t know that right no sir i’m not savvy hey i agree every twice a month i took him to front but what i got for that a wholesaler would close out something like your t-shirts and he’d just plus them out to me at 10 cents a piece five six hundred of them it could be green beans it could be t-shirts it could be anything that you can imagine whatever wow that is pretty cool how long did you do uh supermarkets um what else do you do for fun then other than drive people around and play twice a week do they take cryptocurrency uh well not one guy would yeah let’s see what’d he tell me he said he didn’t get in the crypto currency man i i i don’t know about you know gambling but i think you know we could play with the cryptocurrencies and the stock markets the same way it’s comfy no no like no we don’t want to play like that we want to play so we both win you know like poker is a game where one person wins i know that when trump took office what’s that on six years ago if you’d have played the stock market you’d be a rich man now correct and it’s went up even since biden took office it’s still going up yeah initially the stock market really responded to joe biden’s presidency very very well and then it went into like this you know epic boom uh bear market it won’t stay good it’s gonna crash uh it’s it’s i think it’s going to grow it’s going to grow at a much slower rate than it would have in a lot of other circumstances he’s spending too much of your money and so it can’t continue to grow he can’t spend my money i don’t have any i don’t have any money just be careful through cryptos you’re probably okay because that’s something new and nobody knows where it’s gonna go it’s really sketchy too because the tax laws on that you know they’re trying to move for more taxes on that and more regulations on that and china back you know i have a body that says he bought a condominium in las vegas just so he could have a las vegas address because of taxes yeah yeah we live in california unfortunately but like well they figure it out no no no i get it you know i got friends with when you figure it out absolutely you got friends with uh corporations based out of delaware you know because it’s 13 and a half percent that you have to pay here it’s ridiculous tough yeah it’s okay initially as you know starting a business and getting started but like long term yeah i love to be located uh at least on paper from a logistics standpoint that’s really really to our advantage for taxes let me give you guys some advice you probably have never heard this before it’s easy to make a million dollars correct the hard part’s keeping it did you get that yes sir so i don’t care what you make it’s irrelevant to me whatever it is you need to put ten percent of it away yeah yeah i don’t give a [ __ ] if it’s yeah if you’re working for minimum wage figure out how to save ten percent yeah and if you’ll figure a way let me tell you i’m 84 years old i have never met a tight person broke ever that’s true so parsimonious so what i’m trying to tell you no matter what your income is it’s 600 feet if you’re conservative with your money when a bargain comes along those people always seem to have the money to take advantage of it for the guy that spends every freaking dime he’s got plus 10 he couldn’t buy a bag of horse [ __ ] for a dollar uh the richest man in babylon you know one of the books that you know really got that principle like in my head uh but yeah absolutely wealth principle 101 couldn’t have been said any better uh it’s basically kindergarten if you want to be wealthy see you need to learn how to earn but you also need to learn how to save oh come on somebody get this man’s phone number can we play cards with you we got 10 of our companies available the thing i do is play cards no we got 10 of our companies available we’re about to go do some other stuff well i can i can show you how to make it grow because i’m i’m the tightest man you that ever shipped behind a pair of shoes except playing poker well then uh we’re looking for a one million dollar investment for ten percent of our company we have one already shark tank no we have one already we’re going to miami to get the other two okay do you guys know what you’re doing it’s been a pleasure it was really nice talking with you talking to you yeah i didn’t mean to say like you know kindergarten as far as just putting it on the dashboard yeah that was that was just solid solid solid advice hey we’re going to miami guys oh video starting i will yo we on our way to freaking miami though i’m videoing him why he’s videoing me oh you know just a warp thing work experience on our way to freaking miami we got stuff you know hold up get a shot of me without you know because i got the magic shirt anyway yeah bon voyage and all that good stuff put on your mask before helping others oxygen is flowing even if the bag doesn’t inflate and place the mask over your nose and mouth in a water evacuation you can use your seat cushion for floatation pull up to remove the cushion and take it to the closest usable exit when exiting the airplane place your arms through the straps and hook the cushion to your chest and it will distribute an infant like vest if necessary these are located in a forward overhead bin identified with a placard please refer to the safety card for operating instructions if you need something please let us know please refrain from placing used cleaning lights tissues or other disposable items in a seat back pocket or toilet thank you for your cooperation and understanding thanks for watching our safety demonstration the federal mass mandate remains in place for air travel under the recently updated cdc guidance for vaccinated travelers as a result we continue to have additional safety measures due to covet and we appreciate your attention for a few more moments you must wear a face mask over your nose and mouth and make sure it is secured under your chin or neck during the flight you may briefly lift or lower your face mask while eating or drinking please keep your mask on if you want to sleep so we don’t have to wake you we’re coming to the aisle for final safety and face covering checks not more than ever we appreciate you choosing american so back relax and enjoy your one hour and eight minutes when you’re feeling low down like the worms in the ground like your world is closing in on you and no one wants you around and they treat you like a bottom feeder but you’re not a dung beetle the world is full of shh you really don’t need them i don’t need you they label you an outcast cause you don’t look like they do what’s wrong you don’t think like they do you but there’s something great inside you they can never be who you are when you bust out that cocoon they won’t recognize the new stars it’s like oh oh you can’t learn to be a butterfly from a caterpillar but a butterfly should never forget what it’s like to be a caterpillar i wasn’t always flying beautiful i used to be low down so wrapped up in my cocoon but i’m so on the glow now i spread my wings and fly with the best of them these days got nothing but love for you no hate running through these lanes yeah it’s been a long road i had to let it all go but since i’m flying now i don’t need no extra cargo weighing me down holding me back i ain’t dealing with none of that who i was ain’t who i am that old worm ain’t coming back i’m really living in living color like a wayne’s brother bob ross on the canvas see the picture like they used to laugh without me when i didn’t have my wings yet but now they see my monarch and royalty it’s okay rain rainy days don’t matter if you know what i’m saying in life you know i mean sunny rainy days i mean they hit me with the camera sunny rainy day we out here in miami hold up come this way i want to see the rain again i guess sometimes it rains but when it rains when it rains it pours though it’s really look you can see the drops look look from here where i’m at you can see the drops that [ __ ] is [ __ ] epic rained out in miami the the people in florida listen buddy i haven’t had a car in a while i haven’t even i haven’t even drove i used to drive a lot it’s all right dude so the lights are right there the big one just pull it out there you go okay man this thing’s sweeping it’s right and then you got what three gears in this yeah that’s it yeah but it’s all right that’s how you drive your thing yeah it’s got this weird thing you have to put it in drive and then you push a for automatic so put it in drive first and then push a for automatic and it drops it there you go is that what it is why am i doing it because i want you to drive me dude let’s go straight down that road bro yes now imagine 27 2800 miles in this bad boy top down the stars it was raining yesterday as long as i was going 80 the rain wasn’t hitting me you ever mess with the transmission i do so i drop it down to third in the second so you just push that and then you can use the stick and drop it down the third second first whatever that’s it and then of course it has drive so it’s the fourth gear right a little bit of torque i mean it really doesn’t have that much horsepower but it’s fun probably a little bit more than that yeah you think yeah like the old days no well it and when i have it overloaded i do i mean this thing is so packed my bag actually when i picked up sean’s right behind us that’s all right yeah with the first gear it’ll get up and going but i’ll tell you where are the sweet spots is that 80 well then what they do is they cross up next to us so they can get online but this thing cruises best at 80 to 85 like a dream like butter dude just freaking butter i think you’re right dude it definitely needs a little bit of a tune up um but so far so good great it’s i think the front tire needs to actually i need to increase the air i let it out a little bit um because it looked like it was wearing kind of weird but i need to fill it up bro right i know you should look at the map it’s ridiculous once i backtrack on the map i really appreciate you i appreciate you man dude that gallery i look at probably once a day seriously you look you’re probably living it that’s well you deserve it bro you deserve the wind in your hair and your hat everybody’s been working their butt off and heidi and josh have been an absolute blessing to me personally and to their friend and just into my life your brother melo and will what a team man yeah good guys will will has never ever one time ever complained about anything we’ve ever asked he’s always just been the guy to get it done and he’s never took except any of our ideas were stupid and he didn’t want to draw any of them he just did it and that was really cool my brother is uh he’s got away with words that i can’t like he does he’s got a little prophetic in him dude he is prophetic oh that is beautiful across science whatever that is looks like a nft building waiting to have oh look at that oh it’s a centralized looks like they’re losing them incredibly decentralized they don’t really have us currency a lot of umt crypto addresses and so you live in the virtual world yeah i don’t have stuff like this yeah one of the physical things i brought everything that i own physically i love it i don’t own anything like as far as tend to write them josh and heidi blessed me with the laptop because i built the work world on a computer from 2007.

that’s amazing but i remember you telling me that and just lived in a computer just doing nothing forever and then and nfcs what is why did it have to be so glad you’re here man so glad we’re here together it’s so awesome man we’re gonna look back at this and it’s going to be the seed that grows so much in this world not in the united states in the world i can’t wait man i need one more pedal i know right you’re so used to just dropping it yeah i don’t want to hurt the car ah it didn’t break in the last 3000 miles it should be fine i don’t know i break things i drove a lot of cars jeff i i love driving i love cars that’s one thing we definitely have in common yeah i’m a car guy at heart right now i really love driving driving uh i haven’t i haven’t done it i haven’t drove anything you know well this is the time right here i got an accident i got t-boned by a money truck one day when i went out to make money i drive lyft and i got nailed in the little volkswagen uh golf and i got hit by a giant rings truck and just totaled my car and it just took away my whole life the whole passion i had for driving yeah that’s a shocker bro yeah it’s like go out the brakes are great yeah they’re not bad i i think that the rear would uh be okay to put some pads on i noticed that they get a little hot and squeak when you’re really riding should we flip a ui and come back and go back and pick up a little sean boyce we got to get him to sleep you really want to do i want to keep driving dude i know i realized yesterday that i was looking at something that it’s very difficult to put a price on as far as you know with all of the feelings yeah i don’t know it’s great if you’ve never been in the state even you know the first time i’ve ever been in miami just buildings right now it’s nice i’m on the camera right now but i’m not going to say exactly how i feel but i’m on the camera oh okay should i be going somewhere how you feel or how don’t you feel on the camera or off the camera i think it was a really nice gesture and uh also a jackass move on jeff’s behalf absolute jackass because i really really fell in love with the car and i didn’t want to listen i know that’s just how it is but now i gotta have it and that’s a problem i know we came out here for this [ __ ] but i will bring his ass back every day is um url with all of our i’ma go there everything’s being recorded uh so i guess i’m gonna meet some people put the bottle down there’s a whole nother room and i still haven’t like a minute oh uh did you see the guy with a gold shiny blazer yeah i did i don’t know that guy’s right there can you walk past me he glittered and i was like the goat himself oh the guys that we met earlier they’re the guys you got the number you got the connection you know they left they’re gonna be back they’re gonna be here all week they live in miami they live in orlando orlando video in the video you’ve got a story to tell to you know oh this is fun but i can’t believe it where did you come from yeah all the way from toronto all the way from another country to be here you got a big project you’re working on i do yes how’s that going it’s going really well we’re looking at uh like the sales should happen to drop in about two weeks 2 17.

and all the art’s been created it’s phenomenal the idea is to combine physical and digital so um i i took five andy warhol marilyn monroe prince and i commissioned five artists to create their own artistic interpretation of that piece you know however however that already speaks to them and uh and then upselling we’re gonna auction off the physical print and the nft together as a and every nft will also come with an infinite object display to be able to you know hung it on the wall and really properly display it that’s that’s that’s the main thing yeah so that’s the idea yeah there’s a lot of a lot of big things happening in the space they got a whole vr booth over here uh i think i’d love to check that out this really reminds me of like how bitcoin was four years ago in 2017 when when uh most people most average people discovered bitcoin for the first time when it was making its crazy run from a thousand in january to 20 000 in december and um people didn’t understand it people didn’t know how to buy into it there were so many questions it was like a new thing and there was a lot of skepticism uh and today we’re seeing the same cycle with nfts where it’s now tuesday they do this thing and everyone thinks it’s a bubble and everyone people don’t understand where the value is so it’s a similar process but the technology is what’s your take on it long term i mean there’s no doubt in my mind i’m recording everything i i wasn’t pointing to that’s okay i think in five years uh there will not be a single video game that has in-game assets that are not nfts on the blockchain uh i think in five years there won’t be any trading cards or any comic books sold without a companion nft i mean think about it okay and i understand the value of holding something in your hand and you know you comic book collectors really enjoy reading their comics and turning the pages and i totally get that but you also run the risk of diminishing the value or if you bend it if you hold it all of a sudden it’s no longer mean condition so i see the future of collectibles as uh the values and you buy a comic book you’re going to get an nft and that’s where most of the value will be and if you want to read that comment and hold it in your hand you can for a nominal fee order a reprint and for a couple bucks they’ll they’ll have one shipped to your house and then you can hold it in your hand and fold it and bend it and do whatever you want with it and have fun with it and not have to worry about lowering the value but the nft is the digital asset is where the value will reside wow so i i do believe that we’re really on the cusp of like the next major weight again four years ago so many people were skeptical about bitcoin so many people thought it was a bubble so many people laughed at it and scoffed at it and today you don’t really see that anymore even people that don’t fully understand it at least have to acknowledge that it’s legitimate and it’s credible and there’s a market that exists for it and it’s not going away you can at least respect it yeah but nfts are still highly speculative and a lot of people stop and a lot of people don’t understand where the value comes from and a lot of people think it’s a bubble and the exact same argument that i heard four years ago about bitcoin i’m hearing today about nfc so it’s our job to educate and to get people to understand where the value is and where it’s derived and why nfts are the next big thing oh my god great great shoes by the way shoe cans what are those nice ones yeah nice ones uh yeah wow i completely agree i think everything is going to be tokenized we have assets that are like you know physical properties cars everything clothing and it makes sense every piece of art one out of a million back on the blockchain every piece of art should come with an nfp for the provenance and the certificates of authenticity everything should be registered on blockchain but then there’s no disputes you don’t have to worry about losing a piece of paper and then you no longer have proof that you own the land that you own i mean that’s crazy so yeah it’s challenging right now because the there’s like one process that’s missing from the whole thing which is like an actual notary making the legal documents cohesive like being able to facilitate the whole you can notarize an nft yeah you can notarize the document and put it inside of the nfc so right so like i’m trying to do that with properties we got a a property contract to sell from it’s in the canary islands beautiful property they got like texting text incentives for filming and stuff like that so you know the idea is tokenize it yeah maybe rent it or sell it for movie sets and then every time you enter exchanges you know we get a secondary royalty commission on it same thing with some businesses and real estate deals and stuff like that in real estate land it’s uh like cars or is it going to be just actual property yeah it’s the actual it’s the actual house the the owner gave us a idea to sell it hey i’m videoing you you know that right so while you’re videoing him i gotta i gotta document somebody i’m documenting you i got you bro yeah everybody everybody has their camera on this guy and i’ll say no let’s get the real start right here the guy behind the camera you might not ever even see him but he’s right there he’s making it happen oh oh geez i have no idea thank you man yeah i got it so uh what do you guys do uh clothing we do augmented reality stuff too and nfc oh it’s awesome yeah you’re welcome since they leave my one inch alone let’s make them i gotta go ahead and run it i don’t know what one inch one inch i just wanted can i show you nicely quick quick replay oh yeah i like this what changed how can we know you on wax bro so that’s one of the characters check it out the website’s dope and [ __ ] oh like did the same thing to the hustle house [ __ ] he’s a [ __ ] idiot too like he’s like right around corner for me crypto staff reached out to him he’s in long beach this was [ __ ] months and months and months ago crypto stash had a [ __ ] [ __ ] bootsy collins launch and anybody who bids on that wax one is a [ __ ] idiot because your second fiddle and i want to [ __ ] call him out for it you’re like yo you couldn’t make it on the 8th chain do you [ __ ] port this whole thing over here right now the 8th monsters are pissed and they’re just going to build another platform and say [ __ ] you because that’s what happens when decentralization takes over is that we can say we have demonstration you want knowledge and this is just in my brain wax is a [ __ ] popular process and you all seem to have made a couple of friends here and there i’d like to meet them you can meet whoever i meet and that’s the good networking part about it oh but i’m catching my brother recording the arsenal and i’m catching him do his thing and i’m touching him the camera guy who’s the real star of the whole thing huh is that perfect yeah because he’s documenting him but nobody’s documenting oh um um you i like listening and i like talking about stuff i love the freaking metaverse i’m completely decentralized i have cash right now because we sold some t-shirts and merch but typically i don’t i don’t keep um i don’t think anybody’s ever throws it like me yeah i’d love to have it you’re beautiful yeah as you interview for that is there hi yeah how do you know i’m i don’t know i’m like completely decentralized interacting with a lot of cool people usually weird uh weird times we live in california so i’m up at like two in the morning talking to you where are you that’s what we’re doing yeah in the morning it’s all crazy we might be in the same clubhouse group and and not even know it yeah exactly uh but yeah meta versus and hey right here right and let’s see the movie coming in squeezing it oh yeah get in here brother we’ll get leaked on i think yeah dude i had to watch it i had to watch you’re getting leaked on from the back i’m jeff pleasure to meet you i’m getting involved you’re you’re a partner michelle no nft movie is just a documentary telling stories about people who are cool who are doing something within it that’s all it is if they’re not cool they get edited out of them if you find out later they’re not cool zip yeah they’re gone wouldn’t it be nice to do in your life you’re like boom see ya you know like i thought it was in the movie so that’s really what it is it’s about everybody it’s cam you well we’re going to do an interview tomorrow get you something goodbye wow all right on god hey i’m good man i’m just recording everybody’s beautiful faces out here i’ll try to get as many views as i can all the views come on i think unfortunately i think we know the answer to this question who won the battle if you thought beat number one was the best beat make some noise that first track was fire too if you thought i meant right here beat number two was the best beat make some noise a christmas card just saying thanks for holding all these guardians of the galaxy nfts ken here’s a thank you nft right to my address because they don’t really know who i am or where that address but they just know that that address is holding those mfts and that gamification that engagement that flipping from customer to community member i think that’s going to be the the paradigm right here that gets them to say you know what maybe they’re onto something we should probably change this model because we’re starting to see what happens when right now cancer culture is pretty strong if you don’t go with your customers and listen and engage with them as a community they’ll leave yeah and we’re seeing that happen on the level of now i’m not going to buy tickets to that movie for x y and z reasons so if this you know companies giving back because i went to whatever amc and they give out nft ticket stubs and somebody got a mint number one guardians of the galaxy nft ticket stub and somebody bought it for underground with all these possibilities why would i go over there and watch it there watch that over there you know they’re not they’re just taken from you you’re not in you’re not with them you know it’s not cyclical and that’s what’s exciting about this is to see companies coming in from that legacy industry mindset figuring out how do we give back more than we take so you have more to give to us but not it’s not that we don’t have to take everything from them but if we can figure out how to help you grow with us as an industry then we know we have you there to keep us growing and that’s the crazy [ __ ] that they’re just not ready to let go of absolutely i think that’s 100 right especially because uh what we see with the blockchain you know i’ve talked to a lot of people about this is that to operate on it for any anybody any entity any person any individual any company it forces people and companies to be honest you have to operate with full transparency open source you know everybody eyes on what you do and where you’re sourcing and what you’re doing so it is scary for a lot of companies who have been very shady you know we know that that’s not just conspiracy we know that’s just not you know people back hushing or making things up you know this happens we live in a world full of corruption and that’s only because we have we lack transparency we have a lot of failed systems that are in place and have been in place for a long time and they lack transparency and so they can never truly work because somebody could always be pulling the strings behind the scenes so what we’re going to see with these hollywood industries is that they have to be they’re being forced to be honest and transparent and it is community driven so we control it yeah and we just come with power too i mean are the way our society works too it’s not just incentivizing people to get rich it’s incentivizing people to become powerful and to kind of inject their sort of nefarious intentions into the daily lives of others that are just trying to make an honest living so i think that’s it’s part of removing that too and incentivizing good for long enough for people to actually want to do it for the greater good and then kind of weaning them off of it and making them noise they don’t actually need that power it’s not really about that it’s about the love and community that you’re receiving in return it’s not you know it’s not because you can fire people or tell you what to do or just buy whatever the hell you want so you know think of think of your neighbors think of your friends your mother your father everybody around you and then run your business that after that like like you need to evaluate the people around you and think these are the people in society that i’m serving essentially these are templates for every one of these people that i see in front of me if i’m not serving them well i’m not even serving myself it doesn’t even matter so i love it would you mind if i disrupted this for one second anna anna and elise come on up here we’re missing something we’re a panel full of kids one lady over here come on let’s give her a round of applause yeah you’re welcome too that’s our number one sponsor by the way for the event trunks okay let’s get back to the question so if we’re a group of loving people who want to raise up this uh entire movement and let everybody participate what are some of the things we can do proactively instead of waiting for us them to come to us with their half answers and their half whatever it is that they have they think they know what they’re doing how can we get out to them and reach to them and try to make an impact we’re talking about hollywood we’re talking about music etcetera so that’s actually really interesting because i was at a meet up a couple weeks ago and the meetup was noobs teaching news and i thought that was the most interesting thing because the guys teaching the crowd that didn’t know anything where didn’t know anything themselves um and that’s that’s kind of how you spread misinformation and how things kind of like don’t actually work and people get turned off and they leave the space so i mean it’s hard when you have people taking an initiative and trying to you know kind of get ahead of themselves almost because they think they know what they’re talking about um but i don’t know it’s kind of also their fault because the same way that i got into space and i reached out to people and i learned from others they can do the same so i mean if anyone’s watching this and if you’re interested in actually knowing find someone who knows more than you number one and you want to do that with any industry okay that’s the most important thing number two how do we do outreach to those people um personally i work very very hard online and i push a lot of content and i i mean i jack over there at the end he’s i lays on him people come to me i am more than willing to give information i run several companies i’m a part of several projects and i i could not give enough of my time i’ve i’ve slept two hours for the past month just trying to get things together so it’s it’s there’s not as many of us that there is of them and that’s very apparent just based off my schedule can schedule this guy’s schedule like there’s a lot but i mean i i don’t know how that’s a hard question honestly it’s a hard question well we can crack it anybody else any other thoughts um i think a great way to reach out to these industries is uh just by doing it you know if we want to reach out to the music industry and you’re a musician you’re a musician make a music in a team if you want to you know make a music video or reach out to hollywood you know make a show make a movie make a graphic make make it do it you know i think that’s the best way we’ve been able to reach out to people uh because for us to try to reach out to a big mass is kind of hard so i think just getting involved in the space doing it i find that people just come to us they find they seek us out so it makes it easier for us to find who’s interested what’s getting involved who wants to learn so just by doing it yourself you know show them like hey we can do it without you if you’re interested you can join us if not there was an independent uh you know film crew that did a documentary out in alaska i think it was called um project arkansas and i spent thousands of dollars on the cutest nft of a penguin but so i i just but that i wanted to support them and you know help them you know make another documentary but that was just one way for somebody to just say you know what i could just put this up for auction who wants a penguin you know it’s only one of them like yo you just made a whole movie bro like here give me that but that’s you know the community being able to have that bridge to your community well can i can i kind of come in with how i’m addressing that so i’ve got a uh fairly uh fairly well done very young and uh so what i’m doing too so what i’m doing is we’re here on location secretary so what i’m doing is that don’t know anything about team and i’m going to discount the price of the artwork as the as the nft and then provide the arrow for free and that’s not that’s not the first time i didn’t invent that obviously but i got turned on to that by a guy named elbow who does some phenomenal work with uh with a horror and uh and he’s had a lot of success with it too and he’s brought a lot of people into that community and i think that is you know we talk about the love aspect you know if we as an artist really focus on the the uh the people that are going to be benefiting from this you know the people that collect the work the people listen to music if we focus on them the higher ups are going to get it for their own self-preservation right and i think that that to me is the key that is breaking the mold uh and that’s something i’m really excited about engaging in myself thank you jack with a show of hands how many have made a movie before raise your hands okay i made videos you guys there you go you guys have a responsibility now much has given much is required to go out and do uh i i’ve never done a movie before but we’re doing it one other thing i’d like to mention i mean i’ve never really done a [ __ ] coin 2021 this is he is a great community leader and a great example just like ken bozak of how empowering your community can also lift you up into a position that you can be influential in a great way he does great things for his community and we have a lot of people who have learned from that so him and ken you know are definitely big role models um for the nft space and purpose space in general because you know they’re proven that loving your community and providing for them and doing for them and empowering them can take you far they’ve been just trying to bring benefits from them and not only that you grow more community as i’ve mentioned to people before the way i saw is i joined kent’s community first it was the first neighborhood that’s been built based on the rural ideals of the robot community so i decided to you know there wasn’t enough neighborhoods so i built my own neighborhood too i have a cryptic crypto telegram same meaning it’s just an extension of the bravo community and as i see more neighborhoods growing we’re becoming a city and then now as these cities grow these cities grow we become a state and then the states make the country and then there we have a verbal world where we all thrive and love each other and say right isn’t that cool we got bro bros from all around the world that showed up here and i just want to say thank you to every one of you yes we love you okay we’re about to wrap this up i’m sure but i’d like to transition a little bit because what we’re talking about is the have and have nots last night i was at a wonderful event it was women in blockchain statistically speaking annalise how many women are in this crowd statistically statistically speaking it’s it’s two to five two guys for eighty percent of men no it’s one to five i’m sorry for eighty percent of men there’s twenty percent of women so we’re we’re underrepresented but there’s some badass chicks out there guys oh my gosh if you guys were at their mermaid thing last night so freaking powerful they’ll melt your face off so anna i want to leave the last word for you i’d like you to share with us what we can do as a group and a culture and now a society to incl make more inclusive our sisters and mothers right ken our mothers oh yeah my mom’s here is she a hubby mom about that she told me some stories ken wow you’re a good mother so annalise and you can ask questions to the panel you’re in control now i’m gonna leave it to you so i have slightly of a hot tank on this one because i know women who are perfectly fine raising children and staying in the kitchen and they believe that’s their place and that’s perfectly fine i feel women in crypto they’re special not everyone is into tech to begin with and then to be a lady and to approach such a male dominated space takes balls uh and then to conquer that space is another thing uh a lot of women and i and i’ve seen it online they feel like they get bullied or they’re not included and i don’t for me that’s not true i’ve been more than welcomed by you know a number of fellas including every single one of them on stage um and it’s really all about your work ethic as long as you work hard and you play hard you’ll you’ll succeed but it’s if you want to do it it’s if your heart belongs there and i think that’s true with any industry whether you’re male or female now when it comes to inclusion um i think that not not to offend anyone but this is a this is a heavily autistic space yeah and uh there’s nothing wrong with that there’s nothing wrong with that not at all uh but there’s definitely uh some some guys don’t know how to talk to girls and they offend them and they run away so let’s start there and uh yeah let’s just you know always encourage people think things are hard before they they find it but as long as you make it fun as long as you gamify it as long as you make it make sense they will find interest so you know whether it’s a guy or a girl encourage them to get into crypto encourage them to understand how to you know you know how you get someone’s crypto hey you like money you like money yeah you like money figure it out there’s so many different sectors so many different ways that you can encourage someone to get into space and i mean with ladies just you know be like hey i can make you this cute necklace and put it online and sell it you know start somewhere start somewhere where they can comprehend go down to their level that’s how you encourage a lady to get in this space offer to pay for your next laptop we end this does anybody have a question you’d like to ask from the audience to the panel okay state your name and uh automated questions um well what we’re seeing right now is that uh it’s growing there’s a lot of big things happening um nfts especially are being heavily utilized in the medicine in the meta space as far as vr and are concerned uh nathan actually is here he’s actually part of a big ar project called super world so i definitely know he would like to say a few things about it yeah the metaverse is changing the way that we view reality it’s going to change the way that we interact on a daily basis it’s going to honestly change the way that we all use our creativity and i think at a time where artificial intelligence and machine learning are kind of gonna essentially push people out of common jobs we’re gonna be able to monetize our creativity in our life force and nobody can really take that from you the only other resort would be for technology to kind of merge with us to make some sort of compromise they want our kind of consciousness and we want their immortality so maybe we can make a deal so like one of the biggest questions in my mind always is like what’s going to be the thing the idea the the movement that’s going to unite all of us everybody here everybody outside what can we build that’s going to make all of us start building together instead of siloing our technologies you know what are you also opinions on that what do you think we can do to bridge a gap between all these different projects and i think relationships i think building relationships is like the main thing that we can kind of build with each other what’s really going to help that is is um bridging we need more pair of chains with polka dots doing bridging all these communities that’s going to help a lot um you know but if we’re trying to like dumb it down if we’re all building on one thing yeah we’ll saturate the chain but also it’ll be easier um if we decide to build on multiple chains cross chain stuff that’s what’s really gonna it’s inclusion this space is gonna fail without inclusion i think it’s like ken said that um jesus just have patience because we already have this system in place you know the blockchain that is the thing that is going to unify everybody in the world especially as interoperability is created with multiple blockchains but it’s already there so it’s just a matter of more development more people understanding that technology and using it as far as business application real world application uh real estate you know uh grocery issues whatever you name it but as they develop and begin to build on the blockchain you know that’ll be that unifying yeah i totally agree with all your answers on the technical uh analysis side of like the answer to the question i think maybe i should clarify more to like what i was um trying to give in the intent which is what’s the emotional movement you know what’s like the the human aspect that we unite behind you know that’s good that’s like one good really good answer yes love is the answer yeah that’s all you need one last question i love you okay state your name heidi gilman i don’t have a question but i do want to like just tell you guys how inspiring as somebody that just got into digital i am so inspired by y’all and i can’t wait to go back to utah and get everybody into this i mean i have like two neighbors i’m like hey you should do crypto and so like i’m on the right path but you guys are gonna change the freaking world i think the biggest emotional factor that we’ll see coming up with the empty space that will give us a big push for uh mainstream adoption is the charitable that’s gonna come in what we can do to help people and you know to utilize those systems to uh give kids options to play blockchain games and earn money for a family of alone or you know using nfts or cryptocurrency to um put water systems on the blockchain to ensure countries and people get you know water food uh you know shelter and so those are going to be aspects that these charitable companies that are going to involve blockchain technology and nfts and crypto that’s what’s going to make people really understand that we’re not just here to make money and make coins and have fun we’re here to actually change the world and we have the tools to do it now it’s just a matter of development one last question this is a tough one and this is for you ken here he goes ready are you gonna have this next year are we gonna have [ __ ] coin 2022 can you make that i think that’s a question for the audience should we just follow the bitcoin i conference right let’s just follow them around everywhere bitcoin conferences we’ll be there good job thank you ladies and gentlemen thank you for the happy day thanks guys right.