انمي تاريخي رومنسي الملكة العنقاء موسم الثاني فصل الثاني مترجم: King of the Phoenix Chapter 5

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stop What do you hold You actually took the things in our home to sell it is not my fault, lady Master told me to take these things to to to the Miss Bai Qiangwei of the Rose Ballroom this cheap woman wants to take advantage of us it is about to rain And i am waiting for you Bai Qiangwei Bai Qiangwei You refuse my invitation every time…

01:05 - Today you must have a drink with me do not come Let me go Don’t touch me, take him away I’m a guest here I want you to accompany You must do as what I say Do you know who my dad is I am Ma Gang I am the son of President Ma Sure enough she is a prostitute Who What a shrew Why don’t you just kick her out? I warn you never dream of becoming a member of Liang family in your life Dare to ask him to steal the family heirloom for you shameless what Liang family Is she the mother of the Liang Qun? she seduces many men really What a shameless woman If Mr.

Wei knows Disgusting I thought she is innocent and pure so pretentious I… i don’t do any of these Aunt Liang I love Liang Qun with all my heart Prostitute, don’t call me aunt You don’t deserve to call me aunt Smash her things no no Stop, stop, please These are mine You guys are breaking the law Xiaoting Xiaoting Who dare to hurt you Xiao Ting Xiaoting, are you okay? I will never let these people go Is this lady okay? Seems to faint A lot of blood it is about the time what how time flies Interview the day before yesterday afternoon Thank you so much I hope your manuscript can make me satisfied, too something bad happened downstairs a person is injured what? Go and see Eh if you don’t mind We will also go What’s the matter, where is the security? This is really a classic battle of tearing hair and clothes Lv Xia, a crazy woman hurt Xiaoting find a car now I want to take her to the hospital I didn’t expect to find this when I come to interview Mrs.

Su This news must be a hit We must show it to the public first this is the crazy woman who hurt her, call the police I want her to be in jail mom Goodness she is Mrs. Liang mother How could this be What i just did Mr. Liang do you hurt your own mother for a nobody? Why do you do this Have you hurt your mother many times? what an unfilial son Whether the invasion of foreign culture is a progress or moral loss I’m done with it Xiao Ting Miss Bai Mr.

Liang hurts his mother for you What do you think Did you ask him to do this it is not…… not my business Don’t bother me they finally end up with mutual hurt wow, are you surprised Everyone, please go away, the priority Is to send the injured person to the hospital for treatment Mr. Liang Madam lets you hide for a while Everyone should go now Don’t delay the treatment for her Also don’t Disturb my husband Lv Xia, let’s go Those reporters are so annoying Lv Xia Lv Xia stood up to help me Why i think Lv Xia is more and more like an independent women in the new era Compared with the one she was It’s totally different I I might love her again The next day This impossible How could this be How to save filial piety? This How can this be Rose ballroom is suffering huge losses Liang Qun hurt his mother for a prostitute you’re awake The doctor said you didn’t hurt badly But may leave scars Host, you are so mean as you say this go away Get out Leave You are injured in my ballroom Of course I should come, I am the boss After all, you are my top star Who are you Are you Su Lvxia no, it is impossible Su Lvxia is fat and stupid You can’t be her You were nice to me before Su Lvxia in the TV series is obviously an ugly fat woman with no skills You look different from her who am I Is it important You look upset Are you okay You are really Su Lvxia You are Su Lvxia You lied to me, right You were sent by Su Lvxia to trick me ask Liang Qun to come here I want to confirm it with him Don’t waste your time I just came to inform you You are fired what did you say I’m the top star At first, you let me stay to make money for you How could the Rose Ballroom become so famous without me? Everything you know now has been taught to others and your reputation is terrible now Then why would I keep you You should not come to the Rose Ballroom anymore you How can you treat me like this without me the Rose Ballroom is just nothing How could the Lanxiangdiao be so successful so cruel I never expect that Miss Bai Will ask me this one day Be careful, host, if you are stabbed I have only 39 ways to save you back Are you pretending to have amnesia You know Liang Qun has a wife Still choose to destroy You insult me after knowing that I am his wife you embarrassed me and asked Liang Qun to hurt me All the things Have you forgotten It’s you who provoke alienation Use unsound words to defame Su family and me You ruined everything by letting Liang Qun break up with me first It’s you who ruin my family and pretended to be the host in my house you pushed me into the abyss you have no rights to say that I am cruel I…… I I I’m just I only like him it is not my fault it is not my fault I did nothing wrong You came here alone Disregarding parents and family Just for a man whom you don’t understand at all Just give everything does it worth What does she mean Does she know that I don’t belong to this world Humph She is mocking at me and she regards me as a countryside girl A woman who has never seen the world if not you I have succeeded Why do you ruin my life People like you you deserve it it is great that you can spike her guns before the fight I have nothing to say Su LVxia, it is all because of you Now I have to suffer it is all your fault I clearly should be the heroine Why do you laugh at me Block my way Host, be careful You b**ch, I will kill you stop Lvxia Are you okay, Lvxia? Xiaoting, what are you doing? How can you hit her Don’t you love me Why do you only care about Su Lvxia now stop Lvxia helps you so much You are not grateful but you hurt her I offended Mr.

Wei for you Our unhappiness led to my unwillingness to work Affected my promotion Now I hurt my mother by mistake Now I have a bad reputation because of you Aren’t you guilty at all? All of these things are caused by your own actions How can you blame me? The angle you just hid was calculated, host Must be considered do not talk deal with the wound first Do another check Nothing is more important than your body I listen to you these two scumbags One is a pretentious bi**ch and the other is a irresponsible man who blames me All lie to me I want you to regret Bai Ting, what are you doing? Ridiculous You guys follow me to the top floor now Su Lvxia Do you think you won I want you to cry and leave Newspaper office Hey Since the interviewed Mrs.

Su No big news Someone is going to jump from roof of Renai Hospital You guys go Yes excuse me We are newspaper reporters What happened someone wants to jump from the roof I can’t see Why is this person like that Bai Qiangwei? how about it If you don’t agree, I will jump I frame you and shout that you force me Say you are murderers You want to be one of the Liang family I promise you Don’t be impulsive I want you to divorce Liang Qun what I did is to be with him wow, show time Ready, go you should not be blamed for loving him I love him am I wrong? What a pretentious woman You are such a b**ch Liang Qun is really blind you I will not give my husband to someone like you The scum man’s soft heart value has reached 20% Bai Ting, this is enough Jump if you want I won’t allow you to hurt my wife anymore The scum man’s heart softness value has reached 40% Humph Now, you pretend that you are a lovely couple Do you want me to jump and die You guys can have a good life How did I travel across time and space for such a person If I tell the public the disgusting things Liang Qun did now what Bai Ting You love him too How can you ruin him The scum man’s heart softness value has reached 60% This kind of waste is only rare for you I don’t look down upon him He thought I loved him very much stop dreaming I’m a woman loved by Mr.

Wei I can get everything This kind of man whom supported by his wife’s dowry Don’t be funny How can I really fall in love with him The only thing he can be proud of is just his face Bai Ting, I was wrong about you Bai Ting Liang Qun is always my upright husband in my heart You are so superficial Thanks to the hard work of the enemy Scumbag’s soft heart value reaches 70% I have no time to listen how much you love each other All the evidence of Liang Qun is in my hands I kow everything he has done if you don’t divorce I will jump All his secrets will be exposed I want Su Lvxia to Feel abandoned by a scumbag for fame I won’t divorce Even if You don’t be a soulful man You scumbag I agree I agree to divorce Liang Qun As long as you let him go Scumbag’s heart softness value Has reached 80% Lvxia, don’t leave me From you marry me You are everything to me I will give up everything for you Even if I have to go As long as you still love me I have no regrets Host,hold back You can’t laugh even if you are happy, the value is at 90% Don’t waste what you did Lvxia Lvxia I’m sorry Lvxia so dramatic Really have such a deep feeling why did you almost divorce her for me Host, this is the best record, you are awesome Actually get 100 soft heart values ​​in half an hour it is not all my credit I should also thank Baiting just be unassertive Su Lvxia, don’t go Even if you look beautiful Still the stupid wife in the TV series Tell you the truth I have no interest in Liang Qun But to make you unhappy I force you to divorce a conservative woman like you Do you think the sky is falling down? Have you misunderstood something? Bye bye Liang Qun will be yours you…… Why are you smiling so happily? Mrs.

Su Is the woman who wants to jump from the roof Bai Qiangwei Are you and your husband in a relationship crisis? are you available for further interviews Be quiet I have something to announce publicly I have prepared a divorce agreement with Mr. Liang Qun the companies and wealth I took when I married Liang Qun Still belong to me I wouldn’t take away the Liang family’s property I will do my best to treat my seriously ill mother-in-law And give Mr.

Liang Qun some help Mrs. Su, you are really a model of a good wife It’s really filial to be willing to take care of your exmother-in-law Mrs. Su It’s Miss Su now you are so generous even though your ex-husband cheated on you I support Mr. Liang Qun To find his true love Why are there so many people how can I buy it? Lan Xiangdiao Various perfumes Mother-in-law is really troublesome Why dose she only want to buy things in this shop? I heard that this boss is a filial and wonderful woman she divorced but she still takes care of her ex-mother-in-law My lady also told me that she must get the perfume from this shop Said that the product is good The boss is also kind The gift box this week has been sold out ladies and girls, you can make an appointment next week to buy it So fast This new store is gone The owner is so awesome Her silk mask is only available in gift boxes I want body lotion, please lady Liang Family’s house Are you ready, Miss Let’s go Miss Why are you dressed like this you should go from the back door as you won’t go out by car I have nothing to hide I was brought in from the front gate of the Liang family’s house Today, I will leave with an honor from the front door I have been wearing Cheongsam for so long, I want to be relaxed Why haven’t you been so excited before? I was not rich before I’m going to be successful soon as I may become the richest woman one day Then, will you make your dream of buying whatever you want come true? you are so jealous, you must have never had such a happy feeling I had, when the pregnancy stone is out of my body I am in this mood too Big Brother get on When you got married, I carried you out of our home now you will come back home Naturally, I should take you back lady You take us away Please don’t leave me behind At first, it was Master Liang’s idea to take advantages of you I didn’t participate in anything take advantages? The old lady arranged for someone to threaten the accountant to manipulate accounts to steal money from Miss Su’s private account Spend for herself Master Liang knows it all, clearly Acquiesced old lady to do so Also told the accountant not to speak So every time Miss Su asked Master Liang, he was furious to cover the truth When Miss Su asked again Master Liang would hit her This old lady is too shameless Beasts are better than her what They told me they it was my fault that I can’t run the business successfully too frightening The Liang family is also a big family with a good reputation The Liang family has no money, Liang Qun used all the money to see the dancer and he bribed with your dowry I will never let go of this beast Brother, calm down as it may hurt you Do you still want to protect him at this point we should forgive and forget Don’t hurt the elder Anyway Mrs.

Liang, I should take care of her Lv Xia, get on You keep an eye on that servant, let’s go such a filial woman the one who can marry Su’s daughter will be so lucky Liang Qun, the bastard, is not grateful at all host, why don’t you beat him completely it is not like the thing you would do After all, he will be of great use in the future The plot of this episode has come to the present In addition to helping the original owner reverse the status Change destiny I still have to do something for this small world and it is worthy what I did in this world Good reputation is very important to a person Bai Ting knows the plot I also know I want to use someone she doesn’t want to save and I will make the woman whom Wei Qing can’t forget come back in advance I must make sure nothing bad would happen Excuse me Is Lv Xia here? Su Lvxia’s best friend in childhood The woman whom Wei Qing loves Wen Xiaowei You’re back Lv Xia Xiao Wei after you called me I rushed back non-stop I prevent the incident that would kill this woman so she avoids the disaster What a virtue This move is important and easy This girl’s name is Wen Xiaowei she has been Su Lvxia’s friend for many years It’s the woman whom President Wei misses You got married when I was studying abroad to accompany you I divorced before you came back we should be single together monkey, do you get bullied? I can teach him a lesson Don’t poke ouch, ouch,ouch Wen Xiaowei is cheerful, generous and lively with a great background However, due to various objective factors, she and President Wei never become a couple Damn totally unexpected I have to be a matchmaker Although I don’t think Wei is reliable The host is old enough to worry about the marriage and children of her own Quickly, say it, do you miss me? hit you, shut up I will always be 18 I can guarantee that someone misses you more than I do How is my place Wow, you actually have such a nice ballroom Can I drink alcohol for free? Oh, you want to drink without paying Then sing to pay it off This is Miss Wen, my best friend Hello Miss Wen please go this way oh, my god, I… he is Wei Senior am I dreaming You know him? Of course he was my idol when I was studying in Germany I liked him so much But he was very indifferent to me indifferent…

21:45 - Sleepy Half a month later Why does Xiaowei have to call me every time as Wei Qing invites her they were indifferent to each other before Now they are dating they hope that they can meet everyday so disgusting What do you check why are you so serious Host’s rebellion period is up Host’s rebellion period is up. What to do as the host doesn’t do her job What to do as the host doesn’t do her job when I am her friend Will I hurt her feelings as I use electric shock? Can I hit her as she is a grown-up I, I, I was just chatting I tell you clearly you should support me it will hurt my feelings you can’t hit me You can’t just see my recent obsession with making money you should find out who I really am through my appearance I was desperately assisting Wei Qing and Xiaowei It’s not easy for me to stimulate scum man and his mother at the same time host, if you are too tired Let’s rest Our psychiatric departmen took a few patients recently I will tolerate lady Mrs.

Liang is here again Let’s go let’s meet her The picture I want to see the most appears Hey! You should control yourself I really want to die Su Lvxia You won’t end up well that you take advantages of us shameless Mrs. Liang, please save your own face You must give me the Liang family’s house back How could you make me Live in such a broken yard as I am disabled Liang family’s deeds for the house and land were sent by Liang Qun willingly when we divorced why do you blame me now? you should have refused him Why are you so shameless? we are so unlucky to have a family member like you do you want me to ask you to pay for the loss that I have been suffering since I married Liang Qun the money you own other companies the salary of servants the bribery costs that Liang Qun asked Your food, clothing, housing, car fare Which is not from my pocket those are your duty as you married Liang Qun The Liang family’s house was mortgaged before I married him Shouldn’t it be mine after redemption? You were married to my son you have no rights to say it Wow such a shameless woman I’ve never seen anyone as infamous as she I agree we should kick her out Don’t worry, Mrs.

Liang will be useful later Anyway, if you refuse to return the house I will tell the whole city that you stole the title of my house and land then I will see if you can run your business Don’t be in a rush In fact, I can return the house to you I can forget those expenses before Really… really You will forgive and forget of course As long as you drink this I will never come after you because of the past the title deed you want can be given to you It depends on whether you want to drink this glass Su Lvxia You are really a viper You push me too far Don’t be angry, Mrs.

Liang. It doesn’t matter if you don’t drink though the roof is leaky and it might fall when there is strong winds it is better for you to stay this house than sleep on the street Su Lvxia Host You are addicted to be the matchmaker Why did you match them up? Of course I want the situation to get worse Since Bai Ting was completely disappointed with Liang Qun she has been paying all her attention to Wei Qing in order to become Mrs.

Wei Wei Qing Completely ignored Bai Ting’s existence because Wen Xiaowei returned So she has no chance to seduce Wei Qing today Let’s take a look at the live version of the show Overbearing president and his alternative Lvxia, you’re here To thank Miss Su I’ll treat you all tonight Everyone should order something expensive to support Miss Su hey You are embarrassing yourself, sit down President Wei finally met the person who can control him When will she become Mrs.

Wei? stop later I’ll go to the Wen family to ask for the permission of our marriage Wow President Wei is really a good man great Don’t forget to invite us to your wedding Don’t forget my matchmaker money You will get all you want, shut up now Lvxia we have a drink Ignore these stinky men what Wen Xiaowei Isn’t Wen Xiaowei dead? why is she here No wonder Wei Qing has been hiding from me recently Bitch shameless You bch who seduce my man Shouldn’t you die in a plane crash? Why are you here Humph even though you are still alive Do you think you can take him away from me? she deserves it as she once took away ‘my ex-husband’ she seduced mine and someone takes her man from her what Who is she How dare you to seduce my man, shameless bch Bai Qiangwei What are you doing You dare to cheat, you ask me what is wrong who are you He is my man why can’t I yell at you I have nothing to do with her Who knows where she came from It was you who sent me flowers and jewelry to pursue me and take me away from here everyone knows about it Is it true? why don’t you explain Xiaowei Between me and her is not what she said I only love you I have no feelings for her She is just a showgirl in a dance hall Xiaowei Wei Don’t chase her now First figure out the relationship between you and Bai Qiangwei But Xiaowei I’ll talk to her As long as you finish Xiaowei is not an unreasonable person Why is Su Lvxia here? she must sow discord between us She is avenging me Su Lvxia, don’t be pretentious don’t sow discord between Wei Qing and me I have nothing to do with you I thought she was alike Xiaowei Maybe Miss Bai had misunderstood me before I was close to you out of the art And I find that what you do is not about art at all now You can ask my subordinate to pay you But please don’t trouble my fiancee What are you talking about? You have no fiancee at all You can’t lie to me Miss Bai, let go You scumbag You said you wanted to marry me Miss Bai Stop being a cheap person You stand still Believe it or not, I will come to that woman and hurt her I will make her suffer, I… Little girl How dare you defame President Wei how to punish this woman? you you How can you our dereliction of duty I actually thought this crazy woman was just like Xiaowei ridiculous Never mind Just throw her away Bai Qiangwei, don’t appear in front of me again get out Don’t come again and as you may make Mr. Wei feel sick So why are you angry Of course, I’m confident I just don’t like his attitude So, you want to give him to her Don’t even think about it I’m not generous Just can’t make him feel at ease, I will never spoil him I don’t regard a singer as my enemy I divorced because of this singer My ex-husband was so fascinated by her that he couldn’t help himself Although she is powerless now But don’t underestimate her wow, she seems not bad, I would like to tease her Xiaowei looks elegant and innocent she is this kind of terrible person Mrs.

Wen in the TV series is capable to control eight concubines of her husband How could her daughter be simple-minded finally, you are here Don’t you worry about me at all? Aren’t you afraid that I die here? mother I’m really busy at work Have you prepared the meal for me? The servants have gone with Su Lvxia You don’t have a wife no one can cook for you I’m still hungry I can’t live anymore no one would look after me as I am too old no one would stay with me when I am sick No one would cook for me Stop it except this requirement I can promise you anything else Don’t make me feel embarrassed I worry about you But now I can’t afford the maid Then you marry a woman to serve me This is not excessive, right Now no one wants to marry me at all Isn’t Bai Ting falling in love with you? Then marry her Why not eat outside? I will be paid in two days Anyway, this old tea should also be replaced with fresh Son, get our house back I really can’t live here anymore You are killing me mother The house was originally redeemed by Lvxia I want my house That is my house No one can take it Jin Cheng Ballroom I’m sorry, Miss Bai Our boss doesn’t want to see you Please, help me once I used to be the top dancer of the Rose Ballroom Your boss once wanted me to work here please leave I went to all the ballrooms in the whole city Yipinxiang Ballroom Dahua Ballroom Yuegong Ballroom No one wants me I will definitely beat Su Lvxia The clothes are dirty, d**n it Didn’t the boss like that Bai Qiangwei before? Why don’t he leave her hump, she is just a cheap prostitute How noble do you think she is Besides, the boss of Rose Ballroom told the public that Whoever dares to hire Bai Qiangwei, she will make his or her go bankrupt I heard that a woman named Beauty Xue works at the Rose Ballroom now she is so pretty Sure enough, it is Su Lvxia’s fault The boss of Rose Ballroom is also cruel she can make her ex-husband penniless after they divorced I heard that she even took away the house The Liang family moved out How could this be Fortunately, I didn’t marry the scum man with Luo Yi’s face I should go home and get an umbrella What are you doing Who took my stuffs You have defaulted on the rent for two months how shameless you are if you don’t go now I will just smash all your things please give me more time I will get a job right away Who doesn’t know that you are involved in other people’s family Su Lvxia slandered me You let me stay for a few more days, please If you drive me out it will be your fault if something bad happens to me humph, my fault? Really shameless as you can’t pay the rent Just get out with your trash lady The fur you wear today is really eye-catching You are so beautiful lady will Miss.

Xue come tonight President Wei has arrived and he is in the VIP room upstairs just make him feel at home I still have a bunch of things in the ballroom I must get them back today When I get these things, I will go away no one can control me quickly, let’s go, the show will begin soon my special dressing table Camellia necklace I have worn How dare this shameless woman use them Xue Beauty, it’s your turn I am going I can only bear with it first Take some valuables and leave It’s really you, Bai Ting I didn’t expect you to steal things I just came to get my own things back I did not steal These jewellery are provided by the Rose Ballroom for the top dancer When you were the top dancer Of course you had the right to use But it doesn’t mean they are yours Su Lvxia, you bch, you frame me as you hate me I didn’t let the security guard throw you out to save your face for the last time I can’t give up I want to make Su Lvxia regret I will seize Wei Qing with my last chance Su Lvxia I want to see Wei Qing Why should i help you I don’t need you to help me I want you to allow me to sing on the stage As long as Wei Qing sees me sing He will definitely remember I am the one whom he loves most Help me beat Su Lvxia what You do not dare, right fine, I will give you a chance See what tricks you can play Since I have you Miracles in life Is this Bai Qiangwei? I almost forgot about her, I thought she was gone Why is she still here? Are you messing Lvxia up? Just because of her, Lvxia and I broke up Wei Qingyi will be impressed by my song our love will last forever This is the last time I sing in Rose Ballroom I want to tell you As long as I can be by your side you can treat me as if I am your pet Because I love you Even if I become his concubine, I am willing now As long as I have the power of the Wei family That Su Lvxia will be a loser This trick is too shameless, right? What if Wei Qing really loves her? do not worry what a rude singer can’t she behave? Bai Ting is just a stupid girl who have watched too many romantic TV series She doesn’t understand Both men and women If they pursue an inequal relationship and one must yield then they are Doomed to have this unhappy ending he told me that he loved me I’m so humble He actually acts as if I am a nobody This Bai Ting is really cheap I was blind as I fell in love with her before For this kind of woman My home is gone My Lvxia also left me I am Just a shameless man Scumbag like me I don’t deserve Lvxia anymore get out Wei I won’t leave unless you come out Only you can save me It is said that the steadfast woman would be touched by the charm of a persistent man Without morals, anything is possible I underestimate this woman my best friend does not lack the means to fight a bch Bai Ting tries to prentend as the weak She will be weaker Never acts like a dominant woman She really is shameless Xiaowei Don’t be angry I’m just worried I am not angry Wei can only control his anger Then he can only blame Bai Ting who puts him in trouble Why didn’t Wei Qing kick Bai Ting out of the city? This is the new era, not the past Wei Qing’s family has a good reputation, and they can’t to anything wrong just in case others would mock I really hate this woman Now it is a new era Otherwise I would kill her Marshal, don’t be so violent Actually it’s not impossible to solve it any solution? I will cooperate Lvxia tell us now if Bai Ting keeps making trouble I will feel embarrassed my room the drawer 3 days later Hey have you heard Mr.

Wei seems to have a quarrel with that Miss Wen and he has been sleeping in the office every day Just to avoid her It is said that Marshal Wei is forced to marry Miss Wen and the one he loves is Bai I knew it I must go in and find you Wei Qing wait for me Hello, please show your ID This is a personal letter from Miss Wen to Mr. Wei Please enter Go to the third floor and turn right to the second room Why is it so quiet There is no one Humph Wei Qing always told me before he is so strict with his body guards Most people are not allowed to be here now I am here with ease I have to hurry up while he is away when Wei Qing comes back Just let him drink this cup of water mixed with Love potion He wil love me By the time He will think that I am the best woman don’t move, hands up Sneaked into my office Ready to poison me to murder me Say Who sent you I I I just want to see you, Mr.

Wei I did not poison Didn’t want to hurt you you didn’t poison Then what is this this is only This just allows us to restore the original moment nonsense Take her own lock her up Mr. Wei You have to believe me I love you so much How could i hurt you I am innocent Mr. Wei, don’t you love me the most? Mr Liang what? Is there anything you need Standing here in the dark shocked me Lvxia I just shelter from the rain I’m leaving now It rains so hard outside Go up and sit down Have a cup of hot tea This is this year’s longjing tea You loved this before Oh Thank you as if we don’t divorce If days can go back How nice it would be I wish time could stop So I can watch her a little longer Liang scumbag is looking at you, his eyes are greasy and disgusting Madam, a warlord broke in and he wants to ask you something Miss Su Bai Ting in your ballroom intends to murder Mr.

Wei Also claimed to be instigated by you Please come with us Did you make a mistake Bai Ting must frame her and she means to hurt her Mr. Liang is so anxious are you also involved Catch him too Let me go with you Don’t waste time I believe Wei is always reasonable Mr. Liang he just came to shelter from the rain, and he is innocent she is in trouble Lvxia is still protecting me a person like me why do you protect me like this Who are you, you can’t enter The next day Why didn’t you let Lvxia go home? Why are you detaining Lvxia? Wei Qing, come out for me I want to see Wei Qing stop him Mr.

Wei hasn’t finished the matter yet and she is still being interrogated Lvxia, don’t be afraid, I am here If it weren’t for the marshal said to act in a show Finally let him in, he was already subdued yes You know that no one can enter Mr. Wei’s place casually Lvxia, I’m here to save you Stand there You dare to break into my house without permission Humph One is your ex-wife One is your former lover No wonder you are so anxious Wei Qing Mr.

Wei All this is a misunderstanding Lvxia would never hurt anyone Mr. Wei, you must have asked so many questions Let Lvxia go home Of course I know it is a misunderstanding But Bai Ting can’t harass me Attempts to frame Su Lvxia Wants to die with her This Bai Ting annoys me But now it is a new era Without evidence I can’t punish her but I have filed Now take the opportunity to complete the case Can’t let Bai Ting disappear from me Unfortunately Su Lvxia has to be involved How can you How could this happen it is not fair You are not reasonable at all what? Why should I be reasonable You don’t derserve to say this But seeing Mr.

Liang It gave me a new idea It depends on you tell me, as long as you let Su Lvxia go I promise everything Get it done Get what You guys are acting together why didn’t you notify me first I thought that Wei really wanted to hurt you came as soon as he heard Su was in danger Brother Su, stop Come and have some tea to calm down Bai Ting should be released after the play it’s time for the happy ending A few days later How much does it cost to the train station by rickshaw Miss Two dollars Why is it so expensive Forget it Not far anyway I’m walking Su Lvxia Wei Qing I won’t let you go I know everything as I come from another world when I go to another city by car Sooner or later I will meet another handsome Thoughtful and powerful person By the time Don’t blame me for being cruel Follow me back what I want to marry you What are you bothering me for Now you have nothing How could I have a hard time with you Don’t you have no choice This is what you owe her Also I owe her what Where am I Why am i here Ah right I was kidnapped by Liang Qun Correct Gotta get out and call the police You can’t escape This is my deal with Wei Qing As long as i marry you Take you out of this city He will let you go Wei Qing is not important Liang Qun, listen to me I actually came from another world Do you understand Just follow me and when I am rich and powerful I will revenge those who bullied us Bai Ting, you are crazy Are talking nonsense and In your eyes Su Lvxia is the one who bullied you but me Won’t give you a chance to hurt her marry me Leave here with me otherwise In a few days I’ll say to the public that you die of a serious illness even though you die You have to marry me crazy Liang Qun, you are a lunatic It’s exciting to attend the ex-husband’s wedding for the first time How many opportunities are there in the future to be familiar with the process Ah here they come The bride and groom are here to toast Thank you for coming to our wedding This is my second marriage I want to say a few words today My life Really is a joke No contribution to society Haven’t given a good life to parents Not caring for ex-wife And cheated on my newcomer Beating and insulting ex-wife It’s my ex-wife who Take care of me and my mother after the divorce Now I realized Marry Bai Ting Let my ex-wife to be free And let us torture each other to pay back the sin He deserves to be a chief actor in the play After awakening Still somewhat shining It’s really the first time I have encountered a scum that I can’t continue Let’s go We have wasted your life We’ll pay you back for the rest of our lives Do you want to return to the main room after completing the task? I want to play in this small world for 3 more years Then I am going to see Bai Ting again what Also I’ve said I won’t consider falling in love in the context of realistic themes It must be no good But I always need a man to help carry bags So You know what? Again I like to be a bamboo rat 3 years later Su Luxia, a patriotic businessman Invests heavily in machinery factories Bring me a newspaper Okay, here you go How did you wash the clothes Broke again You’re such a loser Can’t even do this job well Wash these three bowls of clothes quickly Hurry up Otherwise we won’t have money to buy rice I I’ll fix it right away The immortal just knows to ask me to work Bai Ting, haven’t seen you for a long time Su Luxia Why are you here? Do you want to see my joke now? Miss Bai, please be respect Be careful not to stain my master’s clothes Ah Luxia How did you come Liang’s house is of no use to me I’m here to return the deed to you Ah, forget it You bought the house It should be yours Why not This is originally from the Liang family It’s ours I am the head of the family I said no is no! Get in the house Don’t embarrassing me This is a house I don’t want to live in this slum anymore Ok If you don’t want it I will convert it into money Donate to charity in the name of Liang Qun You have done a good thing too Oh, right Bai Ting I ask you a question If time can be reversed Will you regret what you did What regret I should be the heroine You ruined my happiness Hey Ok Then I’ll never see again I wanted to give her a chance As long as she feels sincere regret I will wash away her memory Send her back to her original world Yeah, she actually refused like that I really don’t understand what is in her mind Let’s go back to the main room tomorrow I didn’t even see the result of the last ten consecutive draws What? Really? Finally able to go back Moreover I’m a system Why do I have to become a human being as a servant for you And I have to wear clothes I’m so excited Shushu When will you grow up Whoops Host, what qualifications do you have to say that Haven’t you always claimed to be 18 forever? It hurts Really Really Don’t you admit defeat? It’s really a bone If you admit Maybe I can spare your life Jing Will come to save me So pitiful Just when you were fighting against me The one you miss Abandoned you with his beloved disciple what impossible He won’t leave me alone He must be lying to me You’re so pitiful Then I have to let you see with your own eyes Jingchen, there has an ambush Su, Wushuang can’t hold it anymore I’ll lead them away Jing, hurry up Jing Master Wushuang’s wound hurts hold on Trust me, it’ll be ok You will be fine Master Are you angry with Wushuang It is my fault Don’t be angry, okay I shouldn’t go down the mountain without permission Shouldn’t be alone to the Demon Cult Master You can hit me and scold me But don’t ignore me Master Don’t be silly I just have one disciple I won’t ignore you Master, let’s go back now Master, why did you stop? Su hasn’t kept up She must meet a strong enemy Master My wound hurts Master, I can’t hold on anymore Wushuang Wushuang You must hold on I will take you back to the mountain to heal see it When you are desperate to cover for them He has taken his beloved good disciple Abandoned you Su I did so much for you No matter what i do in the end in your heart I’m still just a junior I just your junior forever? I keep thinking If I work harder Try harder Someday I will catch up with him Not inferior to him in strength Then So I can always follow him Be by his side Jing, I’ll try my best to do whatever you want Su I’m going to trouble you again this time Jing You really Do you really not care about me? Really annoying These are really troublesome why Why in the end, Jing Still don’t like me No matter what i do No matter how hard i try why Why are you leaving me How could i just die like this So unwilling Di Host access Reading memory I seem to die miserably There are 371 fatal wounds on the body And there is a big shoe print of size 44 on the face So hateful Stepped on my face It’s too much This is a third-rate Xiuzhen romance novel Our heroine Feng Wushuang is kind But it’s the life of a lone star Bring back luck to father, mother and friends She becomes an orphan Just when Wushuang wandered around miserably Jing Chen, the senior of the Qingxiao Group, is on his way down the mountain to do business He happened to meet Wushuang who was begging for food He thought she had the potential So I took her back as my apprentice It is said that the grace of preaching We should pay back Wushuang also gradually fell in love with Jing Chen, her own master However, Jing Chen is a guardian who cares about the world Feng Wushuang don’t dare to express her love She was so sad Later, Feng Wushuang encountered handsome again Bai Lixuan, the evil Sect Master Entangled with him for hundreds of chapters Then the author didn’t know How should the plot develop in the future? Could’t write it anymore After a thousand chapters The novel is directly end So the next plot is unpredictable Ok The small world is incomplete Which cause the small world to begin to correct itself Sometimes it will cause the plot to go to the wrong way Characters collapse But this situation is extremely rare Don’t think too much about it, host You’re going to possess Jing Chen’s junior She accompanied him for a hundred years She has been silently giving love to him Until killed by a male partner supporting actor Want to eliminate the grievances of the original owner You have to help her regain the favor of him from Feng Wu And get rid of the evil sect Kill Bai Lixuan Let there be no evil sect in this world According to the memory of the original owner This Feng Wushuang and Bai Lixuan If you take off the beautified romance skin The values are quite hateful but Do you have to help someone fall in love again? The object is the one I hate the most Concern about the world Righteous hero Anyway, host, do you best!.