[Vlog] OnlyOneOf 유정기록 #9 | 퍼스널 컬러, 웜톤, 쿨톤

Jul 21, 2021 15:00 · 3794 words · 18 minute read

[Yoojung’s Record] I finally have some time off today, so I’m gonna do a vlog. [Today, I’m going to find out about my “personal color,” which I’ve been wanting to do. ] Today, I’m gonna get personal color consulting done.

00:17 - Apparently, you’re supposed to go there without any makeup, so I’m not even wearing sunscreen. [It was hard for me to watch my bare face while editing. ] I just used a toner, lotion, and moisturizing cream. That’s it.

00:26 - And of all the days, I got this mosquito bite right here. So I put on glasses. [But it doesn’t really show on camera lol] It’s my first time going for the personal color consulting. I’m excited.

00:43 - Let’s go then! [I’ve been so busy that I had no time to edit my vlog. I’m really sorry for uploading it so late… ] I’m here! It’s on the 5th floor. So I’m gonna take the elevator.

01:06 - I’m nervous. Going up to 5th floor…

01:22 - It’s so colorful here already. There are lots of flowers here too.

01:36 - - Hello. Hello. Hello~ - Hello~ - You look so much more handsome in person. - Thank you. - To the extent that I hope it doesn’t sound rude to celebrities like you. - Really? - ‘Cuz isn’t it supposed to be better for celebrities to look better on camera (than in person)? - Yes.

01:55 - - I thought so too. But you really… are so handsome in person. - Thank you.

01:59 - I’m here for the personal color test. Can you please explain what that is? [I asked this for those who don’t know about the test!] Hello. I’m Se-ryung Lee from Color Place, where we find the best image and colors for you.

02:18 - - Thank you so much for coming today. - Thank you. I’m looking forward to it.

02:22 - - I’m OnlyOneOf’s Yoojung. - Oh, yes. I already know that too well. ;) The main purpose of finding your personal colors is to find the best image that suits you.

02:31 - So first, we need to find the characteristic that makes you charming, and what authentic image you’d like to present when communicating with others.

02:40 - - And then we’ll move on to doing the comprehensive personal color test. - Thank you.

02:45 - So let me ask you a question first. What do you think your image(impression) is? Me?… I think… It feels weird saying this myself but…

02:56 - I think I have a pretty image. [That’s what many people have told me, so I’m believing that’s true… . lol] But on the stage, I seem chic and cold. [That’s what many people have told me, so I’m believing that’s true… . lol] Why do you have that chic and cold image on the stage? Because the song’s concept is sexy, I’m supposed to show that side of me.

03:13 - And I think that sexy look is very cool. But when I’m not performing, I have this pretty, nice… image… [It’s not what I really think, but what many people have told me… lol] Yes, I agree. You also have this soft image. [It’s not what I really think, but what many people have told me… lol] If you had to choose between this soft image and strong image, which one do you think suits you better? - The soft image. - Yes, I also see that soft image too.

03:37 - Colors have a whole different world though, so let me explain more in detail. - So about personal colors… you know how we have 4 seasons in Korea? - Yes.

03:49 - Just like that, the colors are categorized into 4 seasons.

03:52 - [Colors of the 4 seasons. ] Let’s think of what feelings you can portray if you were the spring season type.

04:06 - Warm? Bright? - Boy? - Yes, you’ve got that boyish image.

04:14 - And you also have a kind image. You seem like you’ll be a good listener.

04:21 - So you definitely have the spring image too. Let’s move on to summer. What feelings can you portray? - “Innocent” comes up to me first. - Yes, the innocent look would really suit you well! -… Soft? - Soft. OK.

04:38 - Then let’s move on to autumn. I’d go with… mature and soft feelings.

04:44 - Sensible vibe… - And elegant… elegant. - Ding dong daeng~ that’s right.

04:50 - If you turn out to be the autumn type, then rather than the athletic look, the soft look with a touch of sensible vibe would look good. Like Gong Yoo. [I’d rather give up then… T. T] How can I dare to seek an image like Gong Yoo…

05:03 - I can’t really think of any words for winter. - Sophisticated? - Sophisticated. Yes.

05:11 - - Cold? - Cold. I think “urban” and “sophisticated” would go along better.

05:17 - If you want to go with the winter image, or if the result says you’re the winter type…

05:22 - Soo-hyun Kim is the typical winter type. Woosung Jung is also a winter type. [I’m gonna give up the winter type image too… T. T] So I think the soft image along with the sophisticated image would go well with you.

05:34 - Before we start personal color consulting, we’re gonna do a quick color test.

05:38 - Which one do you think has a warmer feeling to it and a colder feeling to it? This one seems warmer. - And this one seems colder. - You’re right. Ding dong daeng~ You’re very good at distinguishing the colors.

05:55 - Which one looks better on you? This one’s the cool tone. And this one’s the warm tone.

06:01 - I think the cool tone suits me better. Okay then. Now which one seems warmer? - This one looks warmer. - Yes. Ding dong daeng~ - And this one seems colder. - You’re very sensible. :) This is the warm tone one.

06:16 - And this is cool tone. Seriously, when I put this up, the yellowish color on my skin pops out more.

06:25 - And if I put up this color, I think my face seems whiter.

06:28 - - For more accurate results, let’s go look in the mirror and start the color test. - Thank you.

06:35 - - I’m seeing all those color cloths that I’ve seen on YouTube only! - Yep, it’s those! We can find out your true personal colors after trying many colors.

06:44 - So let’s compare various colors. - Are they all different colors? - Yes, they are all different colors. [My eyes were enjoying all these colors during the test. ] This one is warm pink. These are neat colors with a bit of yellow in them.

06:59 - So these are warm tone colors. Cool tone colors have white color in them and they’re also neat colors.

07:07 - Let’s compare your face with the warm tone and cool tone colors.

07:12 - Warm tones aren’t bad either. You can go with warm tone colors for softer look.

07:17 - But with cool tone colors, your skin looks clearer.

07:21 - - What about this one? It emphasizes the yellow color. - Yeah, and it makes the blemishes more visible too.

07:25 - What about this one? It definitely makes your skin look clearer, right? [warm tone] [cool tone] Let’s look at more saturated colors. This one has a yellowish undertone. [Can you tell the difference?] What about this one? It has this clean, blue undertone. [Can you tell the difference?] Warm tone? Cool tone? Which one suits you better? [It’s so cool how your skin color looks different depending on colors!] [warm tone] [cool tone] I think the cool tone suits me better.

The other one makes me look like I’m sick. This color makes your face shape look better too. Your face looks smaller with this color.

07:48 - It tightens your face line. With warm tones, your cheekbones will be accentuated.

07:53 - - With cool tones, your cheekbones look softer and jawline looks sharper. - Yeah, I’m not too happy with my cheekbones.

07:58 - These are cool tone blue colors. And these are the most popular neat, cool tone blue colors.

08:08 - So this gives you the clean look. And this periwinkle shade gives you more of a translucent image.

08:14 - Both of these suit you pretty well. Let’s compare these two. The warm tone brings out the yellow color more on your skin. Cool tone makes your skin look clearer.

08:20 - [warm tone] [cool tone] But for blue colors, I don’t think you need to care so much about warm tones and cool tones. They both suit you well.

08:27 - I’ve prepared beige, yellowish colors ‘cuz you said you wear them often. [This was the color I was looking forward to the most. ] Rather than colors with lots of yellow in them, like this one, lighter beige colors would look better for the softer look.

08:40 - - Like ivory color? - Yes, ivory and lighter beige look good on you.

08:43 - For cool tone types, whites and gray colors look better.

08:48 - So let’s compare yellow shades and gray shades for contrast.

08:52 - On the back, you have yellowish colors. In the front, you have cool toned gray colors.

08:56 - [warm tone] [cool tone] You looked very good in blue. I’ll now show you the types of blue according to each season.

09:03 - So these are the blue colors for the 4 seasons.

09:05 - This one is spring blue. Not bad, right? This one’s summer cool. It gives you that cool vibe.

09:08 - So this is spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

09:12 - Generally, lighter colors look much better on you than darker ones.

09:17 - So at this point, I’m assuming you’ll be spring and summer type.

09:23 - Let’s look at yellow. Let’s look at different yellow colors for different seasons.

09:31 - This is spring yellow. Not bad, right? What about summer yellow? It’s even better.

09:36 - It makes you glow more. - And this is autumn yellow. It’s too yellow, right? - It’s way too yellow.

09:42 - And this is winter yellow. You look good with vivid colors too.

09:46 - But if you go with too yellowish colors, it can make you look a bit tired.

09:50 - For sure, this cool tone yellow color suits you much better.

09:54 - It makes you even more handsome. These are winter colors. They’re very sophisticated and urban. Winter colors look great on you too.

10:01 - Let me show you summer pink color… the soft and bright pink.

10:06 - What do you think? It gives you a boyish, neat, and glowy image.

10:12 - Winter colors are more charismatic, but they have heavier feelings to them.

10:18 - Winter colors aren’t bad, but I think softer summer colors like this look much better on you.

10:26 - You’re the summer type. So this is how you come up with the result. [Guys! I’m the cool tone type!] - Cool tone. - Yes, you’re a cool tone type.

10:32 - But here comes more important part. The more important part starts now. We’re gonna find the best color saturation and brightness for you now.

10:41 - Colors with gray undertones are called “mute” tones.

10:44 - You look very refined with gray tone colors.

10:47 - So these colors are good for more luxurious look.

10:53 - This one has white mixed in it. It’s light tone pink. Out of the two, the light tone makes your skin glow more.

11:00 - You can use these grayish pink colors if you want to look more sophisticated, but they’re not the best to use for main colors.

11:06 - Let’s look through all colors. The tones are categorized as pale, light, bright, light grayish, soft, dull, and gray.

11:18 - Overall, these are light tones. Light tones are better for you.

11:25 - These are light tone yellow colors. This one’s pale, light and bright.

11:32 - But rather than these shades, the lighter colors look really good on you.

11:36 - The lighter, the better for you. Now, these are green-based colors with gray undertones.

11:42 - You should look great in mint colors. These are mute tones, and these are light tones. Light tones look much better on you.

11:49 - So the tones are pale, light, bright, light grayish, soft, dull, and gray.

11:56 - The darker it gets, the sicker I look. But these are colors that look good on you in general.

12:02 - Since you can’t always wear light colors only, colors with darker tones aren’t bad either.

12:07 - But you really look very good in lighter colors.

12:09 - So among these light tones, the lightest one would look the best on you.

12:15 - You look good in blue based colors too. Light colors and mute colors.

12:19 - Pale, light, bright, light grayish, soft, dull, and gray tone.

12:26 - What do you think? Doesn’t it look so good on you? Let’s look at purple colors now. Colors on the back are mute colors, and in the front are light colors. This is pale tone. Wow, you look so great in purple.

12:37 - This is light tone, bright, light grayish, soft, dull, and gray.

12:43 - I recommend light tones for purple. You look good in white and gray too.

12:51 - But rather than darker gray colors, light gray colors make you look neater.

12:57 - Let me show you the summer colors that would look good on you.

13:03 - Out of pastel toned colors, these are the light pastel colors.

13:07 - These are the colors that suit you the best.

13:10 - These give you the very clean look. These are cool tone colors.

13:15 - If you want more saturated colors, these are the light tone colors.

13:22 - So these colors are good too. You look better in lighter colors.

13:27 - You can also go with bright tones too. What do you think? - Rather than deeper colors… - I look better in lighter colors.

13:33 - If you are wearing a top in a vivid color like this, wearing a lighter-colored bottom would look much better on you.

13:39 - Let’s look at light grayish tones. They are good for a more refined look. - Don’t you think they give you the more refined look? - They do.

13:52 - So you’re the “Summer light type” who looks good in mute tones too.

13:57 - Let’s look at the second-best colors for you. Let’s compare them.

14:03 - Spring colors aren’t bad for you either. With more saturated colors, your face looks more yellowish.

14:11 - So rather than saturated colors, using lighter colors would be nice.

14:16 - What do you think? These are also light colors.

14:19 - - Pretty nice, right? - Yeah, I look more bright and glowy.

14:23 - - But it does bring out the yellow in your skin more. - Oh, you’re right.

14:26 - So between warm tone and cool tone, you’re definitely the cool tone type.

14:31 - You looked good in blue, as we’ve seen earlier.

14:34 - And you can mix these blue, purple, ivory, and beige colors too. They look good on you.

14:40 - And these are the worst colors for you. Let’s look at the base color for your hair now.

14:50 - I’ve been wanting to find out about my hair base color.

14:53 - So when it comes to the hair color… I’m gonna hold up the strand like this… to be funny.

15:00 - Some people look good with pitch black color like this. But your hair base color is not pitch black.

15:09 - So people with the same type of base hair color as you look darker if they dye their hair pitch black.

15:15 - Yeah, and look depressed. So a dark black color like this can make you look older too.

15:24 - This is a lighter color. This is your current hair color.

15:29 - This color looks very stable and nice on you.

15:31 - So maintaining this hair tone would be nice.

15:34 - Let’s look at a lighter color. Like this. Lighter color isn’t bad. But I like the darker one better ‘cuz it makes you look more calm and sophisticated.

15:43 - Right? Light color is okay. But let’s delve deeper.

15:48 - This is a lighter shade in warm tone. And lighter shades in cool tone are the type of “ash” colors.

15:53 - Lighter hair color in warm tone doesn’t look as good on you.

15:58 - Cool tone makes you look much more refined. The other one brings out the yellow in your skin.

16:01 - - Yeah, this one(warm tone) doesn’t suit me so well. - Yeah, and it makes your cheeks look more yellowish too.

16:05 - This is the common warm tone-based bleached hair color.

16:09 - - Haven’t you tried this color before? - I did.

16:11 - I thought so, ‘cuz many idols dye their hair this color. This one’s the cool tone-based bleached color. The cool tone-based color looks much better on you.

16:21 - Yeah, that one’s better rather than this one.

16:25 - Yeah, I can totally tell (the difference). So you’re definitely the cool tone type. You look good with cool tone-based colors.

16:35 - - And next, we’ll try the glasses… - Can I try the pink colors too? - Sure. [I wanted to do something funny at this point. lol] This is warm tone-based color. This one looks good too if we look at this one only.

16:46 - And this one’s the cool tone-based one. If you look at your face… Ah, the pink’s too much? - I like this color a lot. - Do you think it suits you well? What about the cool tone one? Is it too pink for you? - Yeah, I think so. This one’s too pink. - Yes, you’re right.

17:06 - So rather than the pink one, the lighter one looks better on you.

17:11 - Let’s look at another one. Would you look better in pink hair or purplish, mystic color? [That was not a fart. ] This grayish purple doesn’t look very good on you though.

17:24 - - Do you like it(purple one)though? - I like this one(pink one) better.

17:28 - I’d go with a lighter one… just a moment. This is the basic light bleached color. And this one has some gray in it. It can make some people look older.

17:41 - But since you’re the cool tone type, this one doesn’t look so bad on you.

17:45 - Now this is the color you should avoid. Some people want to dye their hair like this.

17:49 - - Didn’t you say you like the color orange? - I actually wanted to dye my hair orange.

17:52 - - This orange? - Like orange orange. But I guess I shouldn’t.

17:56 - If you want to dye your hair orange orange, try the lighter shade. That’d be better. People try the red-based color when they want to look sexy. - I have some redness on my skin, and this hair color brings out that redness more. - Yes, you’re right.

18:16 - - Let’s look at the glasses base. - I wear glasses often.

18:20 - You seem like the type of person who looks much more intelligent with glasses on. They look very good on you. This is the rectangular frame. You look very nice in glasses. They don’t look bad on you.

18:33 - This one was too rectangular. If you wanna look more sensible, try this frame. Looks good and refined.

18:41 - Let’s try the circle frame. This one’s not bad either. It makes you look cute.

18:46 - Basically, any kind of frame looks good on you.

18:49 - Wear this frame when you want to seem more lively and cute.

18:53 - The round rectangular frame looks the best on you.

18:59 - Let’s try different lip colors to see which one suits you the best.

19:10 - You usually wear coral pink and pink shades.

19:13 - This clean, pink shade looks the best on you.

19:15 - If you move on to more of a coral shade, the color pops out more (instead of blending in).

19:21 - So the previous shade suits you better. If you move on to orange shade, it doesn’t look as good. Out of lighter colors, this shade looks good on you.

19:31 - So pinkish shades look the best on you. - Can we also try the purple shades? - Yes, sure.

19:36 - - Would you like to try the vivid purple shade? - Yes.

19:39 - Like this? This one’s not bad if you want to bring out a certain mood.

19:42 - But the pink shades look the best on you. Your outfit for today is great. It’s got this refined, straight line design. You picked an outfit that suits you very well. You will also look good in crew neck sweatshirts and also long pants with collared shirts. - I hope you’ll try those various looks. - Thank you.

20:09 - Guys. I got this shocking result. For all my life, I thought I was the warm tone type. [I bet many other people thought I was the warm tone type too. ] But it turns out I’m the cool tone type.

20:19 - When I tried all those colors, my skin looked more yellowish and tired with warm tone colors.

20:30 - But with cool tone colors, my face brightens up and like… looks more lively? Those colors had that effect.

20:37 - So as you’ve also seen, this is the result I’ve got.

20:42 - When I think of that experience again, it is just so cool! Since I now know what my personal colors are, I’m gonna mix cool tone and warm tone colors well in my outfit. Please get excited! Bye~ [It was such a meaningful experience, because the consultant also recommended me the fashion style and cologne for my type as well!] [Thank you Color Place for your help in making this vlog. ].