انمي صيني تاريخي الولادة الجديدة في القبر الفصل الاول مترجم:anime rebirth in the grave chapter 1

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This work is produced by Chang Reading City This work is produced by pineapple animation broadcast It’s frightfully cold today I don’t know if this room is good enough for burning knives ah ah ah Oh, you just got the dirt in your mouth and you almost suffocated Fortunately, the old grave-keeper was lazy He dried up and ran away Or this little body can’t get out That’s just plain stupid The only daughter of a large merchant Was killed by aunt do not say I don’t have any clothes for burial Also called Qin Lin, right Silly girl For the sake of your body and name Do you have in this revenge I’ll be sure to give it to you Seven o We need to find a sucker and eight clothes Otherwise, I’ll blow a cool breeze all night I’m afraid it’s going to be spineless again I didn’t think! I’m a golden agent Through the first day I was reduced to piling clothes among the dead This can’t The stink I guess the clothes are rotten This one doesn’t work either After full foot You don’t have to look to know the re are no decent clothes Ouch! There are even shoes.

02:05 - A mass grave is a rarity here Sorry, big brother You - you - you - you - Clean up, clean up What’s wrong with you Isn’t it just a corpse that looks a little handsome What’s going on Much taller than I am But I can barely wear it Don’t worry, big brother I will pay you back double for helping me today the I’ll make it up to you first I’m still soft It wasn’t that long ago Nice material Oh, those are nice hands Big is a little big But the material is comfortable enough People who don’t know who they are How did you get there This figure It would be a pity to die The dead is heavy What are you thinking about Someone as good-looking as you died like that Oh, no skill in this world It’s a sin to look good Like this stupid girl with my name He has a good complexion Pathetic and pathetic I’ m sorry to say goodbye today If have the opportunity to I will prepare a coffin for your son to be buried I tumbled Childe you you this is Who’s so b old? The private den was closed Childe your antidote I also brought Go and look in that grave Yes, I’ll go and have a look Sun clearly observed that there was indeed something in the grave The grave is very fishy The red rope of the wood leaves is also clean I’m afraid it’s a woman’s thing My secret message in the mezzanine of the mountain Most of them were taken away by the master Liang knew all about it His master Zhuge Yunle Although there is a jade face of the son of the reputation But when the jade face childe frown frown Whoever annoys him will be stripped of his skin Search as soon as it’s recovered This herdswoman must be smoked This native is really a big lady who never leaves the door I couldn’t find my way back to town last night At dawn it was a chicken Be native I guess it is inherited by this old Qin family This cheap stick put officialdom trying not to go Unluckily with all corners of the country woman elopement bitter ha ha business What good is money in gold hill Yuan God’s parents have short lives He is now being taken home by his aunt Through only a Yuan Fujia miss call the shots Anaemia? But an aunt just Qin Jia shop do not say Also with the outside of the bureau of good service He killed his own young lady Dead even clothes not let go There’s no room in this girl’s eyes Now that I’m here I’ll certainly get him back myself Is this I don’t know where the old gatekeeper has slipped away It’s ok No one in I’ll just go back to my room Hey, hey, it’s delicious Or follow Yu Niang hello The voice sounded like that of a servant girl in my seams He went over to Liu Yiniang What is this I told you so There are many days to enjoy with me Good things depend on people Just say this dress You look so much better on Yin and Yang than that stupid girl Ha ha ha ha Dead girl Give you a bowl of rock candy bird’s nest mouth on the sweet honey You can’t believe what you say Oh dear, how about red plum The in-laws are all dead It’s time to call you madam Mrs.

Ge of th e Ge family Hahahahahahahaha I’ll get you some more dresses in fine material The bed in this room is also a good thing My lady may as well share in the fun I’m afraid the two men thought they were dead Such arrogance Even Mrs. Gerhardt What person There is no manners like that Please go out and have a look at Hong Mei I’m going to see it Don’t A ghost! Little lady Your young lady to lock the life Lock life When you take my clothes to my bed Never thought about retribution or say Dead man’s stuff Do you also like Rustling sword It’s all about liu yingniang.

You want him Aren’t you - aren’t you already dead Is it difficult that this This should ZhaShi You guys eat my stuff and wear my stuff I think To remove the skin from your cramps It’s better to eat them dry and wipe them clean I Qin Fu big young lady next bury I don’t even have clothes on Because you can say What’s going on here You’re not dead What are you doing Red Mei pull the crazy woman away Liu Yinian miss Didn’t you just shou t the same love as Mrs.

Gerhardt did That’s a change of tack Miss - I - I still want to follow you Give I let go Four girl go through the gates of death Why has it changed so much People of very carefully Wait for the red plum this mean maidservant Turn around when the wind blows Really hateful crazy Hong mei shut the young lady up and call a doctor I just got back Aunt you want to send me back again What fucking flower I’m going to teach you a lesson in the Lord today ah My hands My hands Girl II No, I’m really wrong Damn good Get rid of this dirty - eyed thing from Aunt Liu And get me a bucket of hot water I want to wash myself is is Ah, it’s a lot fresher My father’s clothes are not very nice after all Or wash Send it back on a bath day Ah this is The material between the letters was rare Don’t touch water No words to find Maybe I’m taking the clothes off a big shot The light did not tell It takes fire to make it look right No, no snooping.

10:32 - The owner of that dress looks either pow erful or powerful And wearing the cover line also encountered no thorns The original body is but a broken bone daughter The parents were also the black-hearted aunt worship of all He2 de2 he2 ability Can carry this jinmi to bring the disaster The woman is not strong Why stand on its own My first step Let’s start by recovering the Qin family industry Oh oh That dead girl Pain in the shit out of me There must be some way to deal with him Aunt liu I just heard You’re trying to fix me You you you What are you doing here I don’t want to see you.

Get out of here A book or something I think that’s where I draw it Don’t move Liu Yiniang you are in the way very much Better be quiet This body really if the heart I’m good at pointing Only for an hour can the wicked woman sleep It’s time to get some body 580 How come this is all that’s left There are eight shops in your family Four ancestral gas four earth gas Why is this the only one left well Ah, the old in-laws are idiots The slayer of a thou sand swords Lao Qin had seven shops He gave up his hand to his lover, whose surname was Ge For about five hundred taels of silver I’m so weak Look at you, black soul The Qin family property to the outside defeat Piss me off Hong mei wang What do you want, young lady Hong mei Move the wooden box from Liu Yiniang’s room to my room Locked Lao wang Give me a car I’m going to the shop This is a muddle I must give the old Qin family a sum of money back Lao Wang went to the grain store on North Third Street The girl’s on her way driving The foreheads of the two temples His younger brother owes him his life Want to also read this kindness I just secured the shop Li 3rd Street is not far away It should be there soon Ahhhhhhhhhhh ah ah I’m sorry to you Help uncle, are you there So noisy old million this is to tear down the home or open the door ah Girl you’re not dead You didn’t die Hey hey Get rid of everything The girl is not dead The girl is back This Wan Da Su was a person who paid much atte ntion to appearance This is really a family to cry like this Don’t cry I’m not dead.

Isn’t it good to be standing in front of you Heaven has eyes I managed to hold the shop See the girl Not worthy of the master of the grace of saving life That Liu nourishes abominable Qin First discredit the girl Later also colluded with the ground forcibly to seize the shop I’m dying Neither can he abandon his master’s shop With a machete horse didn’t let him butcher oh ah This foreigner suffered a lot At least a shopkeeper The baby at home is sallow and thin Don’t worry, shopkeeper Liu Yiniang will never hurt you again Let’s open the shop together The girl Wan Mou incompetence The shop is out of stock now And many foreign debts It was the liu who made the meme Girl you don’t know That Liu aunt is delicious before buying goods There was nothing left of the store’s running water All take Ten thousand mu hundred two when the point in I still owe over three hundred taels The shop is open for business Dif ficult to shout I have Mo Ku silver Who robbed us of our money I care who gets it back We can certainly open the shop More than ten years ago, he owed his master his life Today you have to rescue the girl’s skill It’s serious Put the shop in order Even if you return the favor I’ll take care of this shop Don’t worry, girl well Lao Wang and Hongmei people Hong mei wang What were the two men thinking of There’s also the defense line Don’t be lazy home The royal family profit but cast food first day To make a lot of money You have to think of other rules Lao Wang hastened to begin Know the Oh, come on, run Ah, the girl’s still in the carriage These two little people Unexpectedly regardless of the surrounding passers-by safety will start on me It’s a pity you’re barking up the wrong tree I can jump off a train And it was only a carriage ah Looks like it’s all right.

17:40 - Get out of the way. There’s another carriage coming Don’t want to get run over by a carriage The cart opposite was moving too fast to get out of the way There’s no way to jump Any of us Gerhardt carriages would have dared to run into them Tired of living Mademoiselle we ran into some poor dog Concessions to Ann Give him a shot bah What a poor dog Tell him to get down on his knees and apologize to this girl I was wondering if I should let him off the hook I do not know that it had wrecked the Gerhardt girl’s carriage We pay.

We pay as much as we pay This old king is sure that I have few silver money in hand You’re clearly trying to screw me Ge home girl It could not be the Gerds whom Aunt Liu had been interested in Way to go This unexpectedly met It’s my fault Still a little weak But there’s nothing wrong with pinching and getting out GeXin son you want me to bully which The tiger! You’ve been getting less and less obedient lately What do you mean I bully It is clear that cold monk woman hit me is What’s wrong with a lesson If you don’t want to hit, you have to be hit You are you you GeXin son In the past I ha ve helped you do evil for my own good It was originally a three-year deal This knot You helped me hit people So two years is three years How could you - how could you You and I have nothing to do Upset to leave now ah ah this That means no fight, no fight What does that smile mean well Let it be The toughest weirdo is gone The lessons of the Gerhardts are enough for me There has just been a collision between the two carriages I am the daughter of the Qin family I’d like to apologize to Miss Ge The paint on my carriage was for the royal family Also apologize? Can you afford to pay for that But of course it’s not just an apology I also want to pay the price You pay me twelve for every seven I’ll let you down All right, twelve.

Twelve This greedy thought She’s a distant daughter Let your teacher mother buy a lesson today A hundred taels of silver is what I earn in three years Bad luck for the silly young lady Afraid of what When the time comes, Mr. Ge takes Aunt Liu’s door The money goes in left hand and right hand Two eat outside the pocket Think I can’t hear you I’ll fix you later If you please, Miss Gerhardt, move on I can give it to you Oh, what are you doing GeXin son One hundred taels of silver with a point You’ll be satisfied you Our girl doesn’t want to tangle with you today go Miss Ge is easy to go See you in the future Girls are the next ones going back to the house Back to the office Go back by you and liu aunt together again scold Oh, no girl This little brother Then, I have something to tell you Hey, please tell me what you want to do These two vultures That made everyone laugh I’ll be replaced by someone from around here I think I sold it to two people In my hands the evil slave wants to overthrow the sky impossible The old slave made a mistake, girl, let the old slave go The girl Hongmei did not want to be sold again In-laws girl Let me bring you Mama Ping Well, everybody knows that I married my mother in the most fair way Which do you want to sell toda y, girl The two kneeling on the floor were sold together Mom, you can make a price The old guy can’t sell at a bid The girl is old and not good to get rid of very The threaded not neat The color of skin is black Can only be sent to do rough things Two people together at most fifty-two The girl Ping mother money is not in a hurry The anger of these two is yours I just need a girl to work here I don’t know Ah, there are what kind of people have Miss Qin, come with me That’s the girl These girls are not cheap But the kiss girl who was named by the kiss brother You want to see it Want to see the nature You get what you pay for My in- laws know all about business Miss Qin, this way, please Is the girl of the qin dynasty Girl, help me I’m Green Willow Liu Yiniang because I don’t want to conspire with him He took my application and told me to send a mic If I hadn’t met you green willow today The green willow cried no more Didn’t I come here I say how to leave red plum this evil slave Feelings this aunt liu Sell ​​my people in the dirt I don’t want the five ounces of silver, I’ll go back in exchange for green willows Two for one Ping’s mother must have made it There’s only one condition Sell ​​those two evil slaves as far away as you can Girl My old woman has a big mouth Auntie Liu is not easy to deal with Be careful when you go back Thanks to the mother of the concubine, the wicked man will have his revenge He’s not going to have a good time Girl Green Willow’s luggage can be taken by oneself I can’t trouble a girl Gu girl This honest wench was sold Qin Jia It seems that I have suffered a lot along the way The name Yu Liu is very bumpy You’ll come back with me You ’re back in the mansion Let’s change the name.

25:07 - It’s all up to the girl More than the late Lost in the night Let’s just call it Mo Wan Don’t decline the girl’s name Girl, I’ll open the door for you Please slow down This time the wall seems to scratch a little Take me to see Marl still hung from the grass Fresh is very I ’m afraid someone’s got a over the wall while I’m out If there’s a thief, I’ll report it to the police What the officer But someone over the wall picked up Aunt Liu I have all the silver of the house There was no one in the yard The cook was not there I’m going to make some food cushions The girl went back to the yard and sat down You don’t love the little monk mo play to remember Such a nice girl Because accidentally hit Break the scandal of aunt liu and boss ge So it’s going to be like this We’ll have to get that silly girl to eat some more later That body is thinner than my body What person I just saw it this morning It’s only half a day Girl don’ t recognize me Dead looks so good It looks better when you smile I’ve been worth it twice ah Where does it come from? But you can tell by looking at it Greek gifts Slip first The girl stay I come here only for a lifetime The clothes a girl had stripped off in the morning Can I have it back? No, it’s too cool My mother is losing control Wait , wait, wait.

This is not the time to be a nymphomaniac Oh, yes, yes, of course I will give childe to get a fan Childe your clothes It looks a little dirty to me wash Haven’t dry Ah, that’s enough time to hit three of me now It can’t be bothered Boss girl leans over I’m so grateful.

27:50 - However, There was a letter in the girl’s dress I don’t know if I’ve seen it Hey hey What letter did childe say I don’t know That’s a secret letter Childe you so casually ask export Really good? Clothes don’t count as letters This one sucks Your son is thirsty Let me pour you some tea Oh, don’t admit it To admit it is to admit that one cannot see clearly I don’t know hum Since the girl did not know Well, let’s look for it in this room you That’s deep inside I heard he wanted to stay in my room He tried to rip me off and kill me inside I may not be able to run But he’s a gentleman If only I Maybe he grabbed his neck and asked where was honey Hum but a gentleman’s words Then deal with him in a gentlemanly way It’s getting late You are a big man in my specification is not suitable I’ll take off my clothes if you don’t leave Well, it really works evacuation We either rip off my clothes or our clothes when we meet Girl you act like this Let me Zhuge Yunle is very difficult to do Look, girl.

29:43 - I’ll give you this for it This small yan You can be familiar with Oh yeah Suddenly my heart was aching This wood leaf seems to be the conscience to take Yuan Sheng for a long time Our girl is tired Unfortunately with you play childe and return The wood carving bore a joke Look closely and know that the carving is delicate and delicate Must be the city’s famous broken stone product It’s worth thousands of dollars Did I hear you right The value of a daughter That’s my leaf.

Please give it back to me This Qin girl is really a wonderful person I’ll pay it back Just get the secret letter Then, You’ve got that bad letter back Where are my leaves Thank you girl for returning my letter The next Do you want to run To deal with a slut like a girl Nature calls for unscrupulous means See you soon Damn me Qin Lin won’t let you go Ha ha ha ha That I zhuge yunle and so on the girl you come Damn me Qin Lin won’t let you go What’s going on here Perhaps someone came just now okay A puppy just broke in and caused trouble I was about to clean him up when he ran away Girl, don’t get angry with a dog Eat it while it’s hot I remember you loved it I was so angry that I forgot I was hungry It smells good.

I’ll try it first… Hot hot hot But delicious I I’ll get you some water for the girl Zhuge Yunle is it Sis, I swear.

31:56 - You can ’t hang on to another meeting The steamed stuffed bun w Big and fragrant meat stuffed bun 5 yuan a It smells good. I haven’t had meat in ages No, your young lady mustn’t spend her money on things A leave of absence is only so small Miss also took me to buy two men’s clothes Is money such a waste The girl saved my life As his personal servant girl, I should be more frugal Just this once I can’t get my business going on this amount of money 2 garments nerfed from 600 to 370 This will save the girl a lot of money I’m sure the girl will praise me The girl also told me to be in a crowded place Find out more about the Ge family But this teahouse is very expensive Big sister punch or with tea Our Yunshui Building’s red bean crisp is a must Bring me a pot of the cheapest vinegar tea when I’m thirsty Nothing else Hum you a poor ghost also come to cloud water building install what And the girl is You want me to come to this bloody place I was supposed to hear news of the Gerns here Well you know Ge Qing’s daughter fell ill Becoming a doctor.

A pile of it doesn’t work To die Let me see what Ge Qing did to make money It serves Girl, is this a god This all know I tell you Kind door practice chanting sutras around a big circle I’ll have another meal A white daughter in passion What will he do this time No, we can’t waste the tea Drink quickly go back to tell the girl the news I am back to top form There was no way to fight Zhuge Yun Girl, you’re doing your job meditation It’s just a way to keep fit By the way, did you get the clothes I spent half an hour with the shopkeeper 370 was taken down Something really happened to the Ge family They put up a billboard saying that a bounty can cure it Mr.

Koch’s talent In my opinion, he was punished by the gods for committing too many SINS Don’t save Take the laundry No one want to use But let me tell you Mr. Koch’s illness Of course save Girl why is this We’re leaving tomorrow morning But the heart is sick Only I can cure it Tools aren’t great But I’ve done a pretty good job with it Mo Wan is good at home I’m going to see Miss Gerhardt ah The talisman of our Scorpio crown To get rid of Miss Gerhardt amitabha Anak autocratic girl this disease does not work do not want money Good good We don’t need you guys all scattered Don’ t matter Go and send this iron to zhuge childe mansion Say our Lord begged for his life Butler said Is not that zhuge cloud no I’m trying to get this done before the blue guys I can help your young lady A hairless little liar like you Where did you come from I don’t have time for you My hands are far away You say , Who is the little liar Somebody tear this little thing apart Ouch!… Growth is used to deceit See what I do to you The housekeeper Xiao Sheng is really for the Ge family to heal the girl Could you please say it again The master has a gentleman to give the young lady Yibin to come Is really a family is a bully soft and afraid of hard housework Be amiable to the nouveau riche Leng is to make the house into a warehouse Bright blind! You’ve got some brains, bitch The in-laws’ little girl wafer If you can make fairy like this He had a piece of cloth that I could coax back F * * king can clear Qin’s shop was really swept away by him The lords and ladies were invited you Is the master That’s my method My Lord must have heard of it We only have one baby girl Is this man sincere The man is not easy to mess with To no Find an excuse to send is the lady can not believe Can this Liang Zhou city still have the second person to be able to show the girl Don’t listen to that woman Also please The little girl’s disease please Dear mom dad The heart doesn’t want to die Looks fresh but ugly ah Doctor, help me I’m still young Don’t worry I’m here You’re not going to die So please shut up, girl Give me two hours of quiet sleep The blood of Kahin is clear Then it was time for him to recover Go out so early But Xin’er’s crafty fellow must have been suspicious Stay a little longer Kexin, you have no heart The woman surnamed Liu Are you hiding in the yard on East Street that is Liu Yiniang’s place of residence do not you fool me with a shop I tell you, do not you dare go after that liu again Sooner or later I’ll shoot that bitch Fart does not matter You think I don’t want to talk to him The surname GeDan That’s my father and son, not yours What do you do? My red coral bonsai Th ree thousand two hundred? Master Gerhardt doesn’t smash these things How to treat the young lady’s illness you You you you Go to the The art of geomantic omen is to reconcile each other to have a door when These vulgar things rushed the young lady’s spirit to hit Don’t believe me, Mr.

Gerhardt Does the young lady look much better Ah really Our hearts look better My face is a little rosy this It is Ge who knows little I misunderstood you Ge Mou thanks childe to save the life of grace No thanks from Master Gerhardt I’ve never done more than a thousand times Why was Master Gerhardt so impatient Can’t wait for the next first to find a charlatan The ZhuGeYun Bad. Why did he get here so fast The famous jade face childe arrives humble abode It is a sin not to be far off Lord net recognized me I this banyan tree is not ordinary people will recognize ah I came for this man But this childe met on the slander I am a liar What do you mean Why didn’t you see me for two days Miss Qin changed from a rascal to a swindler you Wait Nass’s lips didn’t move at all Perhaps this is the legendary voice such as honey I care a lot about honey He put some eyeliners around the girl You’ve been here today to cut your money off He’s just here to make trouble If the identity is compromised That’s not to say a thousand pennies I’m almost here The mission must slip away Sooner or later my aunt will find the yard Make him pay money to apologize and take off his clothes Angry after all, it’s your punishment Let it be 5050.

What do you think Ah conscience found And give me the money Miss Ben is not happy 64 73 It can’t be less The thirty cents would barely cover the cost of the next trip Two childe Is it an old acquaintance Mr. Gerhardt I haven’t been introduced to you This is none other than my long-lost junior teacher Long lost teacher brother Ha ha ha Then my daughter can really be saved Is it getting better? Didn’t you see it with both eyes Ask him Has he seen your daughter Well, I’m being rude Here is your silver ticket Your daughter won’t die I took my leave Boss Ge can stay away I’ll come again next time Qin home girl It’s 320 minutes down there Did you forget it Just three hundred taels.

Here Looks like I’m in love with you, girl A long way Give Miss Song a ride As a horse I’m supposed to sit with you They took thirty percent of my money What else do you want Since it’s an apology, Naturally, the girl was riding the horse and walking next Something’s wrong with this guy Now that he’s willing, It’s not bad to try to be a tiger What to do? Don’t touch me Now that the girl is determined to borrow my name I have to do a scene with you This is the only time you’ll ever do it again It’s all up to the girls But since we want to cooperate in the future Whether the girl’s name can inform cloud music hum For the broken letter You’re going to find out who my ancestors are in eight generations Still use to ask The girl is a wonderful person The way I do it No more than a girl, of cou rse A word spoken in person is worth a fortune I take you as a spirit This man’s smile It’s hypnotic I’ll never talk to him again The girl in the Since he promised to let me use it If I elude is not silly Since the alliance also agreed to share Well, you gotta give me something That sounds reasonable Where’s your keepsake, girl You didn’t take my muyan and ask me for it It was ill-conceived There are not many things on Yunraku’s body But the city of Liangzhou has a keen eye are still recognized You can choose whichever you want This all GeYun What a walking treasure chest I see I’ll take this one Girl, you’re running to undress Is it for purpose What’s wrong with your clothes Once born, twice done Let’s go in and take it off The girl Stop talking and wait for my aunt to pick me up Girl, you’re back.

Come wipe it I don’t see anything What a little girl Didn’t you just grab a belt Make a fuss Good stuff. This is really good stuff You told me to take this out Do they recognize it? Be awar e of But what do those people think Is hard to say Kiss the girl Jade belt ditch for you But how is this image going to get home No, look at it again. I can’t hold it You need to get out of here This right Mo wan, don’t hide Bring my stone generation gap to this dandy Gu girl Don’t see this childe clothes still loose Come on They say slaves walk like masters This leave is all right.

47:12 - Interesting please Don’t get my family’s attention Hurry and get dressed for me My dress is a girl you take off The wear taking You really are the son of a rich family The clothes have to be worn ah You couldn’t have made the mass grave You have someone to wear it for you The figure is really good this time If not, just touch it Let me go I was just trying to help you with your clothes machine Osmanthus sugar MAO Sweet and sweet osmanthus candy ah Girl’s kindness Yun Le was very grateful Only the token has been given I should go, too The osmanthus candy’s cry was a secret signal He ran away The ZhuGeYun Tid ying up the Book of Changes I’ll still do it I won’t bother to invite a girl this time Don’t let me see you next time The next time meet Girl, don’t forget my 30 percent bonus The dandy is gone Oh, finally I have nothing to do with that cheeky guy Look at you like that.

Don’t suffocate The girl This falls liu aunt spilt your whole body dirty water to still have not clean We must not let the neighbors get the wrong idea again What are you worrying about, a little girl Don’t worry. I know it myself Don’t tease me like you did today By the way, there is one selling osmanthus candy outside just now I’ll get some for the girl Stop playing kungfu The sweet-scented osmanthus hall’s call was a secret signal You save it Secret code Is that childe a big shot just now Ah, I don’t know where he came from It seems to be called Zhuge Yunle.

Have you ever heard of it the The various ge How do with stutter like zhuge yunle Girl, how did you get into this I picked his clothes off and I knew him that wa y Ah, I’m going to fix my heart Get ready to run tonight.

50:54 - Don’t worry, girl. I’ll follow you even if I die Blind crying What’s so scary The girl before has been in deep gray do not know This all GeYun But this is loyal to the ruthless role All say this zhuge cloud Was an orphan.

51:20 - Be received for all corners of the country personage is a son just had the identity Eight years ago his father did charity This zhuge cloud out of the mountain It quickly monopolized many industries around Liangzhou Prefecture I heard he was not only smart And a body of unfathomable kung fu Soon the whole Liangzhou city became his territory The new official Pooh to fight each big standard line Those who did not give him the post instructions according to the rules Keep talking about what happens when there’s no subway All been disposed of by the jade face son That’s a great roll Why are you lying in a mass grave I happen to be stripped And who can touch him I follow zhuge childe is a cooperative relationship Al l agreed that I seven and he three He won’t do anything to me You get 70 percent Be careful.

His novelty is bad for you, girl either Come on, I’ll know The candles in the house are running out You have to go and get some This is really a tough one Thanks to the rescue of the second son The stars are open I have to trouble you these days Where where Or your fairy life That’s if I want to But fairy can run laps now Look at the silver in my old qin shop I can make you vomit in any way I can What is this second childe really black ah One thousand taels at a time The stars are not your daughter When you gave money to that bitch named Liu How did not feel distressed If you don’t say a word, you’ll die How many times have you said it I’m going to the Qin shop I don’t believe how long you’ve been dragging your food store Within ten days of Ge’s name You don ’t come in this house until you get it back 2376 silver ticket Wan Ji grain shop and Qin house title deed The anger of the fungus If the gi rl is punished, drink tea Now not thirsty Put it on the table first Don’t say the jade head is good I don’t know how much it’s worth now Is it enough to buy back the rest of the shops Please, girl.

Please, girl Whose child are you What do you want with a girl Aren’t you a son of the Wan Sung family Don’t you want anything to happen to you Daddy told me to invite Miss Qin if she was late Bunny bunny can’t keep it Meng evening tea back to drink Get me up that wooden box on the table We’re leaving Don’t cry I’ll be all right with me at your father’s shop ahhh Meng evening you stay at home I’ll be back with the Wan brothers The girl I Don’t worry about me, silly girl The girl, the little brother of the family Be careful of heart! You tell me who is making trouble in the beam shop… Knife-wielding observation surrounded Dad’s shop Said dad owed my brother’s family money and didn’t have to sew the shop Can respect the original want to take back the shop on the stop Since you Ge Qing pushed my old Qin family to death I’ll give you a taste of me I beg for mercy If you want the shop to go through my Wan Da Song this pass The orphan Here comes the girl.

56:44 - He told me the shop wouldn’t be lost It’s your honour Wan big song doesn’t look like the person who will break the law There you are, girl But this profiteer will tell me that I owe a thousand taels of silver I’m going to pay for it with this shop Wan dasong didn’t you say A debt of 300 taels at most How can not see a few days into a thousand liang The girl I’m to blame Two months ago Wan big pine owe is indeed 156 taels Today it’s 1,350 taels That last line wasn’t there when I signed it Ge Qing, you are cheating The arrears are charged with 1 cent daily interest It is known to each other that there is no mutual desire Daily interest It’s a blatant usury Don’t be inky with these wicked people Hurry to catch the catch the crazy crazy Don’t carry the money back No money and so cross Brother two can only take you to the yamen W ait, gentlemen The little girl had a request This ten thousand good shop It is the property of my Qin family Father and son owe money for gifts And for the repayment of my master The girl How can you ask a girl to return it This is a man of understanding We’re just trying to be fair The girl called to us two brothers Think of something No he The little woman just wanted to run to two official Ye IOU look Thank you very much This last line varies from season to season It is clear that the sky later entrap people Girl this IOU The return The magistrate is sorry I just remembered something about my family This amiable mother essence is very What the hell is going on Lying girl’s money This is the last copy of Lao Qin’s shop Today I’m afraid I’m going to compensate for that black heart Don’t use sarcasm Let me tell you It is only natural to pay back debts Gentlemen, hurry up How much of my business has been delayed I’m sorry I tore up this IOU.