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[Music] Five ghosts trapped on video hello folks all over the world and welcome back this summer is very hot and stimulates the exits of our favorite investigators new stories await us again this week if you like the mystery ghost stories documentaries or our investigations don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and press the bell to receive notifications good watching The ghost of the artist we are usually used to precise information the place the investigation team a date and an hour but this time everything is turned upside down it happened to the guys from the P.

I. T. Paranormal Investigation Team which we have already enjoyed in previous episodes during the investigation of a World War Two bunker in search of the soldiers trapped in that place the PIT group works in the area of upper italy in the piedmont region an area where it is particularly cold due to its proximity to the alps mountain range on november 4th 2020 Paolo and Debby were driving home after having accompanied Simone the photographer and investigator of the PIT group at the end of an investigation that kept they busy all day the visibly tired boys were traveling by car it was two in the morning when Paolo saw something from the car really disturbing Music see Music (italian language) (italian language) [Music] [Music] the two guys approach the pylon but Debby being slightly behind thinks what they see is an illusion [Music] signal [Music] questions Music [Music] [Music] the guys in shock hurriedly get into the car wondering what an old man was doing alone at two in the morning with five degrees celsius in total darkness in the middle of nowhere they decide to go back with the car but when they arrive at the place there is nobody [Music] [Music] in front of the pylon they find flowers in a photo of an old man together with a painting probably done by some artist and the man in the photo wearing the same cap as the old man with a stick they had seen before they decide to look around to see if the old man was still there badly [Music] so what did Paolo and Debby see was it the ghost of that old man in the photo or a crazed man wandering through the night into nothingness what do you think? let me know in the comments The abandoned factory part 5.

07:07 - the ILMN Bahno Paranormal youtube channel is a page that we have been following for some time in previous episodes Bahno sneaked into an old car factory in Ostrava, Czech Republic for those who haven’t seen the old episodes this is a farm abandoned about sixty years ago following a massive explosion that caused numerous victims among the employees of the building and the inhabitants of the area claim that the factory is heavily infested because noises can be heard even during the day for the fifth time Bahno completely alone decides to explore the huge building despite the very hostile energies he faced in previous explorations what’s up everyone welcome to part 5 of exploring the abandoned factory only a minute after entering the factory bono explores a bathroom when a chair moves by itself making a lot of noise from the next room the noise is so deafening that Bahno is forced to find out what it was no way [Music] hello there anyone [Music] is there anyone how could it move wait up i’m gonna go there i would see that there are no strengths attached nothing just what another noise this time similar to footsteps is heard from the other side of the room Bahno begins to get nervous what was that those were like hard steps you had to hear it it was pretty loud Bahno explains that strange noises are heard continuously from the hall on the lower floor so he goes to the place and while he begins the patrol to figure out how to get to some windows he resumes a strange shadow yeah i also want to go in this room up here but I don’t know how to get in there wait a minute isn’t that I’m really stupid oh um yeah I just room up here but I don’t know how to get in there wait a minute isn’t that I’m really.

Bahno returns to a room where in a previous exploration the closet doors had opened by themselves and the aggressiveness of the entities of that place is remanifested again look and the closing moves wait a minute no way frightened he takes refuge in the shower tray to recover from that attack there had to be someone I can’t believe that ghosts or spirits are that part powerful [Music] Bahno manages to get out of the room of aggression with the throw of a cup but while in the corridor a loud thud and a demonic recording is heard similar to hey listen carefully this [Music] Bahno returns to the room where the poster in the wall had moved and as soon as he enters in that place the door of another closet opens by itself and this is the closet I’m sorry I’m out of here I I know I said I wouldn’t run away but in this room especially this room is really like aggressive again Bahno tries a question and answer session with his mobile phone but the reactions are very negative throwing objects and the phrase “get out” (czech language) but the most terrifying moment was when Bahno at the end of the session searches the adjacent section another object falls to the ground behind him and when he turns to look he films a truly chilling shadow I don’t know what one more thing that I want to show you it was truly a scary exploration you can find the entire video of the patrol on the ILMN Bahno Paranormal youtube channel we will find Bahno in the next future episodes of 5 ghosts trapped on video Ghost baby in infant seat on march 7 2012 Mark Byers youtube channel containing only a funny family video showing his dog struggling with defending christmas tree gifts posted this rather disturbing footage the video is presented in low resolution perhaps due to mobile phones of the period in the description on youtube Mark specifies that his two daughters went for a ride in the car in the late evening in the car of the eldest daughter but without the grandson therefore with the child seat empty as they sing Adele song entitled “Someone like you” a strange translucent shadow with the likeness of a child appears on the seat upon careful analysis one can distinguish an infant’s face in the upper part of the seat the younger daughter terrified notices the figure looks behind but the darkness of the evening does not allow her to see warns her sister who is literally speechless in the comments below on youtube subsequently deactivated Mark replies by providing some information such as no children died inside the car, the car had no previous owners what do you think about this video? it is a glitch of the mobile phone camera or it is some deceased child in the area that appears inside the car during this ride? let me know on the comments, I am very curious to know your opinion about it The ghost under the bridge the next story takes place in Mexico in the Nuevo Leon area precisely in Monterrey where one of our reference investigators the good Ricky Velasquez investigates on june 18th 2020 in live streaming a haunted place characterized by an urban legend Ponte de la Unidad it is a cable state bridge that crosses the Santa Caterina river and connects the city of Montertey to San Pedro Garza Garcia in the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico the story tells that one evening around 9 pm a local doctor passing by bicycle in a parallel street he leaves his bike on the side of the road because he hears the echo of a female voice emanating a scream having taken the hippocratic oath he couldn’t ignore it his duty was to save lives so he had to get close to see if anyone was in danger when he approaches to his surprise he finds a woman crying but the terrifying thing is that the woman was faceless she was crying but her face showed the living flesh the doctor asks the woman if everything is okay and the woman lets out a cry so loud that the doctor runs away in terror other people who pass that street will have the same experience as the doctor and all describe the woman crying and letting out an inhuman scream during the first 20 minutes of streaming Ricky detects electromagnetism signals that highlight the presence of entities in the place he also begins a spirit box session with a series of responses that provide movement indications that make him move to a precise area of the bridge where in fact he perceives the first oddities listen the first signs of hostility start right from the spirit box that had moved ricky to that precise point under the bridge (spanish language) Ricky receives other indications to be able to get closer to the exact position of the entities he is talking to when at a certain point he stops and continues to dialogue hey so you know she is (spanish language) [Music] although there was a clear dialogue no trace of the lady who does not want to reveal herself to Ricky even if she is called at this point however a really disturbing thing happens as soon as Ricky explains the operation of a device to eliminate shadows look but just as Ricky performs a shadow removal demonstration a dark shadow of humanoid shape is clearly visible on the other side of the bridge when Ricky reactivates the display of shadows on the device the distant shadow disappears into thin air [Music] [Music] Ricky closes the investigation by saying that surely the people who pass here feel something because there are entities and the evidence has shown it in your opinion are we in front of a demonstration of how entities appear only when they want them or is it a simple reflex photographed bush? what do you think? The pair of shadows guarding the cemetery the next video was shot by an excellent paranormal investigator appreciated all over the web I’m talking about Franko of the FrankoTV youtube channel who publishes lots of interesting patrols from Florida, USA this time Franko is back in one of the most famous cemeteries with mausoleum in the area whose name we will not say as the author of the video once out of respect for the souls who rest in that place the video released on august 4th 2021 is one of the most extremely creepy shot by Franko, let’s see it together in the first part of the tour Franko perceives the sound of footsteps and visibly frightened passes in front of a series of windows where in a previous episode he had filmed a dark shadow subsequently he decides to let himself be guided by the electromagnetic fields detection device the k2 which takes him to an area where he sees something really supernatural this is the creepy area that always terrifies me just because of how big it is in a narrow road or sidewalk and then it’s got like these uh these flowers here which in the daytime look nice but at night it’s terrifying what holy [ __ ] I got something I got something creepy I have no idea what that is holy [ __ ] Franko sees two shadows at the end of the corridor one large and one small moving rapidly from left to right at the end of the corridor he turns left and in the end sees two light shadows pass quickly from right to left where is it I just got something extremely creepy on camera as I was walking you can see what looks like a mist in front of me at first I thought it was fog but then it looked like it was kind of moving really creepingly slow and so as I walked towards it I looked to the right and right over here in the back you could see what looks like something moving towards this wall area here I got something creepy but I don’t know what that was definitely afraid he tries to calm down to continue the patrol so he decides to go to an area with several chairs where in a previous video he had seen a chair move by itself he decides to start a session with the spirit box and get a really impressive set of clear responses listen for warn me about her are you looking for someone hello how many people are here with me tonight okay so I had a very deep demonic voice there for a second and then it said what sounded like to me it sounded like they were saying the message the message the message so the only thing I’m controlling here is the volume but that that alone was already creepy it says the message the message I don’t know if you guys are going to hear it the same way i got to check it upon editing but that’s how it sound like to me what message are you referring to that you want me to know about hello [Music] I just heard something that go from behind me and it sounded like a voice but i don’t know if it came from the spirit box or if I just heard it hello all right I sound that sounded like what sounded like a laugh or a giggle who’s laughing you [Music] he’s here are you from the light or from the darkness is it okay that I can be in here if you don’t want me here just let me know and I’ll leave let me turn it off right now holy crap oh that was that was terrifying only because every corner when I was walking I just got a sound over here so guys what do you think? this cemetery has shown us so many interesting things and I think Franko will be back soon and we will be here to follow him Dear friends that’s all for tonight thank you for all the affection you are showing we are doing our best to offer you an increasingly accurate service if you like the content don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell thanks for watching, I’ll meet you next week for another creepy five ghosts trapped on video good night [Music].