Cape Wrath Trail: A Rough Bounds Birthday (day 3 & 4)

May 20, 2021 17:30 · 2371 words · 12 minute read

uh good morning troops it is quarter past nine and we’re back on the trail whoa first plan today is to reach Sourlies which is only 10 kilometers away and we’re going to play by ear barrisdale bay is 25 kilometers away which is less than yesterday’s trip but we’re going into the rough bounds of knoydart today so be less tracks in fact once we get off this track that is it and it will be very rough terrain the villa today is a bit overcast the clouds are touching the peaks and there was some rain overnight last night oh so we shall push on right as we fork in the path here you can follow the track around that way or you can just make a short climb up to the path out so i’m going to follow you in that way all right folks we’re now on the path to surly’s i’ve got three and a half kilometers on the clock since leaving the buffet and that’s just been on the go for an hour on the nose so what i’ll do is i’ll we’ll make some progress on this track first and i’ll bring you back further along alrighty folks what we have here is this path here is for the monroe baggers doing the nakisha ridge for us we want to cross this little stream and this will take us to suli’s which is only about four kilometers away this really is a stunning location there is some opportunities for all the pitch hero there this is beautiful so peaceful very remote and this is the lower down lock which again is rather stunning not bad at all better catch up here we’ve just come to a sort of junction in the path and there’s a lot of cairn and then it’s marking another car over the river and the path goes up to the crag so we’re just checking the map and it seems correct and because there’s also a path that goes that way as well so this does seem right i’ll mark the grid reference in the bottom corner of the screen as always do yeah you can see here why the the path switches across the river because this would be a pig to negotiate so uh yes you definitely crossing over there and now behind me there is loch nevis so now it’s all downhill to surly’s buffy let’s go well we’ve got 10 kilometers on the clock but surely there’s still a bit to go so uh yeah probably 12 13 kilometers all right folks this is it’s very small and dang but it’s got its charm as well yeah she got like sleeping platform there that would sleep what five six four cat push got a little bench here oh that’s just storage a little fireplace you could probably find plenty uh driftwood although that big vanguard bag is something coming back strange sleeping bag right oh it’s a well-earned break that took us four hours and 15 minutes to get here so it’s time for some lunch the time is half one for lunch i’ve got some oat cakes tomato puree some premium cheese i’ve got a couple of baby bells in there as well just to bulk up both cakes is going to be my staple lunch no mackerel wraps this time ian almost forgot to mention you are 50 today indeed i am happy birthday thank you and how does it feel to be here on your 50th magical is there anywhere better you could be well it’s hard to beat this is right up there this is amazing it’s dry maybe not sunny but it’s a good temperature i just listened to all the birds and everything i’ll see it’s wonderful yeah it’s quite special happy enough to me just [ __ ] funny hey folks after an extended lunch at surly’s that’s us back on the go i’ll tell you what i was tempted to stay there but just didn’t have enough distance on the clock i think uh you can do this section to can tell in four days but it might take us five the way it’s looking but we’ll see where we end up tonight let’s say three o’clock at the moment so we’d like to sort of finish about six o’clock and that doesn’t give us enough time to get to barsdale bay we are currently having a bit of a nightmare here we’re trying to get over the marshland to karnick bridge and it’s just so wet on the foot there’s like really deep bits you just can’t make a direct line straight for the bridge so we’re going up down across back really don’t know which is the best way and means just about lost his checking pole there you think you found a of solid ground and then your food just disappears there’s like little lots of islands islands in the stream right oh we’ve made it there’s a new conic bridge i think that went in in the summer of 2019 but this section here if i had any tips i’ll give you one but it’s an email uh particularly if you’re wearing boots and you’re trying to keep your feet dry wasn’t such an issue for me with the trail runners but yeah i think ian’s still got dry feet which isn’t too bad anyway this big scary looking mountain is ben eden is a really fine corbett one i’ve still to do but i’m just going to catch up with ian and i shall bring you back later on right this track is not on the map it looks new you can tell it’s been dug up here so uh that’s river carnick there i don’t know how far this is going to take us but i shall report back if it is useful to us or not right well this new track as you can see just in front of you in there has peered out a bit of mud there and now just back on to the usual terrain a kilometer long roughly yeah about a plumber uh better nothing right let’s let’s roll all right folks we are puggled so we have uh found somebody to pitch right under ben eden so yeah you can just see there i’m just about to pitch aims just in front of me and the mighty ben eden it would be nice to have got a bit more distance in the route but our route takes us in and around there and up over the pass this up here is london or affectionally known as so yeah we’ve stopped a little bit short but burst will be battersdale bay is way overreach tonight it’s just turned five o’clock well it’s amazing what you find in scottish wilderness just collecting water i came across this little bad boy it is a nikon d3200 obviously it’s goosed but i have where is it salvaged the memory card i’m going to stick this in my camera but what i’ll do is when i get home i’ll fire this in the computer and see what senate and i might be able to at least reunite the photos to the owner by the power of social media i’ll stick on twitter and the old instagram and some of the facebook groups good morning campers and welcome to day number four on the cape wrath trail oh it is a bit more breezy than it was last night the tent is born dry it is looking a little bit dark like it could rain though so we’ll see what happens yeah but hi let’s get some breakfast and get on the go it’s actually getting later it is it’s not that bad yeah it definitely knows the difference from the last few days right too it’s just gone eight o’clock and we’re back on the move so i don’t know if i mentioned last night but today we would like to get to kill lokun and maybe set up camp around there and then day five would get us to cantel that is the plan it was looking rather dark and ominous so i wouldn’t be surprised if we got a few dots around but hopefully holds out and i’ve got a nice little message come through in the garment and reach money from the misses so it’s a nice little thing to wake up to this morning i’ll reply later now we’re slowly making our way to the crux of the rough bounds of noidart we go up past lunavin or london as it’s properly known as and once you get past that and drop down to barrysdale bay that’s uh say away from a lot of the more rough terrain well this is definitely a pocket of scottish wilderness it’s so remote where’s in between the mountains tracking camping opportunities here in fact somebody’s left a little fire pit there this is stunning got a big cliff right in front of us here we’ll swivel around private beach private beach hi superboss right folks we’re pioneering a new route here being hardened hill walkers that never dies in you we’re trying to sort of cut an angle from the river so the path sort of sticks to the river and you do a dog leg round here and up and you pick up a path here’s what we’re doing is we’re trying to cut an angle and i’m sorry the side is on the root it’s going to be weaving out these crags and then up here and then we’ll pick up the path so it shaves off about a kilometer and a bit and it also just says a little bit of re-ascent as well so we’ll report back once we pick up the path if it’s worth doing or not look at this in here that’s seriously rugged the pathway join actually does go in that way so you’ve got benedictine still here this here is the monroe garrick i believe down there is where we saw those nice camping spots now we’ve just got this little bit here to go up and it should just there may be another rise behind that that we’re not aware of but the path will be up there somewhere so this does so far seem to be a good option alrighty folks update we’re on the path that is a harvest shortcut no scrambling a couple of crags to be even out of but not major and it just seems to cut an angle perfectly you can see this here we went around to the side of that and we just came right up if you want to sort of copy this you could go to the other side of that and up but it seems to save a lot of attacks down there that’s just bog land so it feels like we’ve saved a bit of time and distance i’m happy with that definitely you happy in most certainly i am right here folks we are at the top of the pass this here will take us all the way down to barista bay well we just had our first glimpse of barrysdale bay just here this hill here is ben screel my friend john he completed on that it’s a good good weekend that but uh yeah we’ve now got far to go we’re gonna have a little bit an extended lunch down there so let’s go all right we’re pushing on from the little buffy camp site there there’s a really nice strip of land here you could camp on nope no clamping they’re asking not to camp here i don’t know if they can stop you though probably a shotgun maybe a bit harsh but hey ho this is a nice stop for a spot of lunch i’ll swing the camera in and show you the views there you go that’s a lockhorn and then if i swiveled in this way you’ve got the mighty larvin which is up here i’ll just zoom in a bit for you there you go there’s larvin cracking look in monroe oh dearly me this path just keeps on going and going i’ll put my big camera awake so i’m not gonna do any more vlogging i’m gonna get this out of the way but i just want to have a moon so here i am having a moon honestly yeah you have to climb up and over there to avoid the cliffs and now we’ve got another 100 meter climb up this one i think when i get up over this i should finally just be a general coast walk to king lakon okay coming up yes i just paid for use of the shower 10 pound best 10 pound of ever spent wash my scans or socks i think i’ve got a suspect tick on one of my bum cheeks i’m not going to show you don’t worry we’ll have to take a photo with my phone just to double check i don’t have a way out if it’s a tick all right folks we have landed on our feet the state i’ve just opened this up for the new season now the cancellation so they’ve given us this little cottage for the same price as our bmb for the night and that’s the living area there and we’ve got the kitchen behind it and i’ll show you upstairs this is my room there’s two twin rooms and there’s a double through the back as well so this is fantastic used to be bathroom so a big shout out to the killer [ __ ] bb in tea room for this and they’ve recently just opened and their aim is to obviously provide food and drink for cape raft trailers uh monroe baggers that come down here or anybody that’s just looking for an escape yeah so definitely recommended but i’m just going to enjoy the evening and i’ll bring you back tomorrow on the trail cheers.