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do you ever wonder what happens when the police leave crime scene cleaners are private companies that handle the cleanup after the police are gone spaulding decon is one of the nation’s largest cleanup companies handling the aftermath of homicides suicides decompositions hoarding and much more these are our stories all right today guys we have a client that called us back in 2018 when his mother had passed away and she was an extreme hoarder holy smokes not too too bad oh god that is a big ass tree yeah there’s a lot in the garage a lot of stuff there it is it was a tool chest from the 30s had all his grandfather’s tools in there and this one is ‘52.

wow 1952 huh this is an extreme level five hoard watch your header out of curiosity how did the door end up like that eventually we just adjusted it it so many times it just came off the track meanwhile people are just calling the cops oh jesus all right today guys we have a client that called us back in 2018 when his mother had passed away and she was an extreme hoarder we gave him a proposal to do the work and he just couldn’t do it at that point he was super super emotional about it so we kept in contact with him and now we’re in 2021 and he is ready to let go of this house and uh you are going to see kind of how i walk through with it what the house looks like now and what we can take it to okay so like when you in terms of the stuff that you want to keep do you want the furniture or do you want honestly like items it’s little trinkets and like memorabilia type stuff like this honestly like most of all this is just garbage to me okay you know it has rat piss yeah and shit roach whatever all over it how are the cats getting in there’s a door in the window oh okay that’s jammed by a piece of wood okay is that i remember that there’s a roof issue yeah right roof issue and they it has a new roof oh it does have a new roof yeah okay just the inside hasn’t been repaired yeah the inside and the repair okay water’s been off for like five years that’s a good picture of you yeah a lot of hair huh senior year yeah this is a lot for you to take on exactly yeah this is no joke yeah i can see how this would be taxing especially my stuff physically mentally right it is like i i tried yeah i got like this out but this is all like brand new sealed stuff no no siblings  all of this is like still in the box brand new but i don’t i don’t know what’s good anymore you know like maybe that like car wash set or just like you know there’s a bunch of random s#!t right exactly how many bedrooms was this again it’s a three bed so it’s two bedroom one bath there’s a there’s supposed to be a bath in the back here there’s always this covered stuff because you know when i grew up yeah like this basically well not like this right with all the piss and s#!t yeah but you know there was always stuff was it always just you and your me my mom my dad oh your dad passed before her yeah okay so there’s like you know this is my old bedroom so there’s stuff in there this one was yours on the left okay here’s like what i’d probably want to go okay so it’s three bedroom done yeah it’s a three bed one two three and there’s a there’s a bathroom back there oh okay part of the process then would be that i you know i go through this stuff and take out stuff that you might want is that is that kind of the yeah the goal do you know kind of an idea like anything of value basically yeah what about like photo albums yeah are you missing that stuff too yeah there’s like photos i mean there’s like little trinkets and stuff but did the roof get replaced before she passed or after before before okay so it’s not that old if you guys store anything in like the attic or anything that i need to get holy smokes not and it’s got a palm in the middle yeah that’s kind of my fault because when i think i was in sixth grade i put it there oh and uh no it’s a beast is there a fence on the other side yeah there’s a chain link fence it’s only like three and a half feet all right so how long have you been getting these code enforcement things i’ve been getting them for a few years now because like i’m letting them go but i’ve been i kept up with it and i cleared the property and i did what they asked okay i’ve just been keeping them today all right i’m assuming there’s no mortgage on it so that’s good at least okay so there’s no insurance currently on the house this is a major rehab that’s for sure what’s on the other side of this we call it the middle yard there’s a way out from the garage leads out here okay from that room up there is a sweating glass door what’s inside of it grass stuff overgrowth shrubs okay so there’s more overgrowth in there yeah yeah this sucks it’s like a big weight on you you know it truly is and i i’ve been dealing with it for like the past five years i mean like relationship i’ve had relationship struggles yeah emotional criminal because of this oh yeah you have nobody to help you out with any of this it’s all on you yeah like do you live far right now i’m in between places i’m staying with uh my mom’s friends okay so um i can even try to get your uh code enforcement fines reduced oh they’re not even fine they’re just like well you know how they put like uh yeah yeah they give you i had one lady that had 150 grand of fines and i got it reduced to 5 000.

so yeah she was she just let it go for like 20 years all right oh man this is a mountain for you it is definitely there’s a lot in the garage but i remember when i was 15 i was able to like clear out half of it half a day oh wow yeah because it’s it’s it’s really just like it’s not it is a lot of stuff yes but it can just come out no problem right right there’s a lot of it i don’t want is this mostly your mom doing this or is your dad doing it too your mom here all this stuff is like stuff that’s never been out of the box but a lot of it i probably don’t even need like i’ll probably take the ceiling meal if it’s like wrapped in plastic enough warning right now oh yeah there is i see him what’s the goal for today search and rescue eric is this your first time in a horde it is not actually i used to do this back in the day so it kind of brings back familiar some familiar times back in the day my family used to buy flip houses and they were foreclosures and people would normally leave their stuff but they’d actually trash the homes and uh we’d walk into them the same way either the walls would be destroyed or the materials would be left and do the same i think the biggest difference would probably be the temperature up in ohio it’s 30 40 degrees and you’re in jackets and sweaters and nice thing is you can do it down here in shorts and t-shirts we would go in with those one yard and 2 yard dumpsters just like i seen back in the warehouse and you would just go in with big snow shovels and just try to clear it out a couple of them were so bad that we would actually go one with a tractor and a bucket and we would actually cut a hole in the door and actually scoop the materials out one of the worst ones i ever went to was we went to this house where there was a foreclosure unfortunately and they cut the sewage lines to the house and they still used it for about two minutes so i’m sure you’re familiar with that one of those this is trash it’s got a hole in it any other boxes like new stuff okay what about that wii u no brandon wonder winner oh oh this is those are a bunch of angels do you want them uh no okay i really don’t so do you want us to start moving this stuff then yeah okay unless you know of something in here i don’t see anything other than pots and pans and yeah really that’s probably about it maybe like little trinkets up on the wall there we’ll start with this room let there be light this was your room right it was okay is there anything that you know from memory that was in here just so long ago really know okay you know as you bring stuff out i’ll probably go through it a little bit and see if it’s worth it i know that there’s like an n64 genesis in there oh there’s books in a drawer and books on the shelf over here and blankets do you want any of these books or anything this book yeah there’s a brand new space bag that’s still in the box right below you if you want to take that out as well still sealed up hmm this reminds me of uh pet cemetery what are the major similarities you’re seeing well because i had to climb up i’ve been like a monkey on my entire life dundee wow that’s pretty there it cool oh wow you got it awesome there it is there was a torch from the 30s had all his grandfather’s tools in wow drill oh my god four batteries they don’t like stuff like that anymore it’s probably from like the 40s or 30s bombers pound red supply last one is 52.

wow 1952. huh yeah wow triple slayer put on what paper is it yeah which what city syracuse harold journal this is this is his newspaper wow look at that yeah this is all gonna be that’s awesome i mean i don’t think there’s anything that he’s gonna want in here we might have to go from the other way now from the inside all i see is a washing machine a water heater that’s ancient and that’s it and everything else is wood and trash this is an extreme level five horde extreme and the chances of getting trapped in here are very high it says sullivan furniture oh it’s the entertainment center this big box it looks like almost like that one now oh it’s a computer desk computer desk now there you go what’s that one that’s what i’m saying worst case scenario you sell it okay it’s going to come down with authority to watch your ankles i’m holding you up with that there’s a bucket full of yard tools do you want that you can sell it yeah all right christmas tree that’s a hard no on that one that’s hard enough watch your head all right sweet man happy first date well the last time you move like this laura more frequent than i’d like to say there you go dude i bit off more than i can chew on this buy hey do you want to take a look here and tell him what to pull it’s so just random i just don’t even know out of curiosity how did the door end up like that eventually we just stuffed it so many times it just came off the track and i think the spring is okay but like the way it’s the way it was wound on i think that size messed up this blower right here we could probably use that honestly because it’s what is it a fan yeah it’s a pretty strong blower you want it oh yeah this is belgium yeah sure it doesn’t crack look at your mom’s pictures and stuff i haven’t run across anything like that yet um that’ll actually probably come in handy because it’s what is it getting warm yeah it’s a high velocity blower nice see any pictures or anything where’s the photo albums and stuff somewhere yeah probably in her room yeah i just couldn’t get all the way to the back yeah it’s i don’t want this to be a long argument surprise no no i get you this is like mentally taxing for you i get it yeah did you want to look at any of these drawers yeah probably i don’t know if there’s like there’s probably not much of anything in them but i think that’s probably just like makeup stuff like that that’s exactly what it is yeah i don’t know that’s stuff i don’t need any hundreds it’s pepsi glass yeah that’s it random stuff looks old yeah jimi hendrix i just noticed that that’s the other one yeah they’re in plastic though yeah yeah right there they’re probably you can probably sometimes you guys hear that oh no it’s probably a refrigerator no it’s not like a kitten there’s one cat male 1 caffeine meal there’s just like film or something in there i mean but you’re looking big more you’re heavy-lifting oh hold on more money i think that’s still okay some of them have like been exploded yeah i asked him if he wanted it no no i can put it in the donate pile all right you find any more valuables yeah i think we’re going to take a small and small these collectible items here can we still put this stuff in here for you yeah i like those candle holders want the stuff up here i’ll probably take the yokiro dog yeah all right sewing machine what was behind the hourglass what is that are they just like marbles rocks you could probably take that down i really just put that up so the cats could get up can get out of there when they [ __ ] get up there and that was old damage from before i had that put on 1952.

20:10 - that was the same as that yeah yeah he’s on the cover of it queen elizabeth dad was yeah i love the giants is that an iron in that guy that’s bam all right giddy up cups you want oh give me a second like it was a margarita if it was in that cup right now right yeah just envisioning that was a picture yeah yes oh jesus hey yay good morning everyone my name is eric general manager of sporting vcon of tampa uh welcome back uh today we’re here at another house that we have purchased here uh we’ve dubbed busch gardens considering you can see the roller coaster right in the background or such as say the roller coaster platform uh so welcome to bush gardens this is another hoarding house that we’re actually getting ready to uh start to clean out uh stay tuned for more updates we’re getting ready to make entry and uh they stay live we’ll show you some more progress as we go throughout the day this is a house that sporting decon has purchased unfortunately the family didn’t want any of the effects or didn’t want to go through the hoarding cleanup process uh they decided they want to just just move on from the the job itself and we bought this house and uh we’ll go through the flipping process get it cleaned up and ready for resale we’re renting hello ladies hi hi go ahead and introduce yourselves and your location and kind of talk about your training process so far how you’re feeling about it so i’m stephanie sanders i am the franchise owner of ben salem pa and this is i’m ebony gray i’ll be her pmr person in bensalem and we so far the training process is going very well we’re excited to be here at our first job and actually getting some hands-on experience today yes it’s going down today the training’s been great and now we’re getting some in-person training and we’re going to get ourselves ready to take this on awesome have you guys ever seen anything like this before do you know what you’re about to get into or it’s going to be a shock to the system this is going to be our first port our second board but we’re going to be moving stuff around today and there might be some shocking things awesome are you excited yes yeah we’re looking forward to something shocking and exciting hopefully you’ll catch it on film awesome yeah me i hope so too all right guys we’ll see you in there see you in there another dead big boy see him thank you you can say hi to your wife from youtube yeah hi babe loving florida very one smooth you got it i’m just putting it out there there’s a lot of outside on the inside in here my name is jared jones i’m from fairfield california and i hope to open my franchise as soon as possible awesome man how are you liking training so far very informative uh it’s nice to have hands-on experience by the time i open my doors have you ever seen anything like this before uh on tv not in person yeah yeah is it intimidating you don’t mind getting your hands no i have a construction background so i’ve been in some pretty gross environments um not typically like this but pretty questionable situations this is different but it’s kind of along the same time we’re excited to have you at the spaulding family well thank you thank you guys for coming out uh we know he i’ll have him on off the pod but the trinkets and the styrofoams those can go in the pod rest that’s the tv and entertainment center can all go okay uh the picture frames in the table uh he wants to hold onto those we’re gonna put those in the pod everything else can go table table can go okay just the picture frames everything else can go okay what we’ll do uh i’ll just tell everyone to kind of keep your best judgment also i know specifically what you want out of this room as we go through the back rooms like you said if there’s picture frames things that look like it’s like a family heirloom or keepsake even if we’re not sure i’ll just have them put it in the pod and that way you can go through it later but obviously if the rest of it’s been either contaminated or it has cat stuff on it we’ll just remove it but it looks like it’s in good shape and possible family and regard the school to throw it in the pod for you that way it’s we’d rather be safe than sorry you okay with that yeah awesome i was like i’ve noticed it seems like we have bigger bugs down here in florida but you guys have bigger like rodents rat like philadelphia raster freaking monstrous yeah you know new york is where it really is that’s what i’ve heard yeah y’all definitely beat us in the classroom there you are didn’t even make right crowbar good good boy hi big boy boy no beer no turning back okay why is it alive i’ve done all of that all right is it crawling at you yes the biggest [ __ ] i’ve ever seen where i don’t know i’m gonna jump right out at you so so hmm use your anger covered up nothing grimy slimy gotta do some washing with some water my parents say that that’s what my grandpa is right yeah washington idea yeah but also in my region we also say that’s what i’ve been saying yeah he’s doing what jean’s doing i’ve never heard we’re also the only part of the country that puts french fries on our salads okay here you’re ohio is that where you’re from well it’s i’m ohio i say pittsburgh because no one can can oh it’s right now pittsburgh yeah not bad at all no not bad at all no i think the freezer has stuff in it it should be frozen yeah how’d our first horn go a lot of hard work a lot of sweat no tears or scream really honestly you guys are pretty tough i think we all screamed a little bit okay we all screamed for bug cream yeah all right coming soon ben salem pa and fairfield california hey guys welcome back again it’s eric from the spawning decon tampa office uh we’ve been here today we’ve had two uh trainings going on uh we had been lucky enough to have the uh franchise owners from uh outside of philadelphia and outside of san francisco come join us to be uh take part on our initial horde we had here at one of the properties uh help me out here evan the busch gardens what’s gordon’s house uh we have busch gardens right in the backyard uh we wanted to come have them experience what it would be like the labor that’s involved uh that way they can start building out their estimates get an idea on what it included in dump fees labor costs so it’s a good hands-on experience uh with the house that has the materials obviously that need to be removed we’ve completed our first load for the day we’re gonna wrap things up here today we’re bringing a couple more 30 yard dumpsters this house will probably take right around four to five uh 30 yarders there’s that much contents within the garage and the remaining parts of the house so there’s probably a total four to five days worth of work here uh this is a house that we did purchase uh so this would be a house that we clean uh and we’ll either sell it or we’ll turn it into an occupied house uh under our under umbrella pretty much what we got for today pleasure talking to everybody and we’ll keep in touch soon awesome real quick i missed what was happening uh with the window at the beginning yeah so we were uh trying to gain access into the property it was a new acquisition of ours we hadn’t had the doors key yet so we actually utilized the cat window was actually able to ship me in the window i got the window unbolted and was able to gain access to that awesome thanks man yes sir thanks for watching guys don’t forget to like share subscribe and ring that bell to be notified of the next episode for more information visit any of our locations.