Joan Hunter Healing School: Healing Our Bloodlines Through the Blood of Jesus (1 Peter 2:24)

Jul 6, 2021 11:30 · 13510 words · 64 minute read

Is is I’m excited about what I’m gonna teach on today. I talked a little bit last night um about the power of your words and uh when you think about it in that way, it’s like a whole new meaning. Um and how how powerful your words are uh based on Jesus on the inside of you. We have the power to cast out devils. We have the power to curse cancer and and the same situation we can curse our finances. We can curse our family. Meaning, cuz we have so many that are new here this morning that we in turn can curse our finances by saying that giving never works.

00:46 - I’ll never get out of debt. All power of heaven and earth is in you has said that. It’s good. Okay? I want you to kinda think about what I’m saying cuz I’m gonna I’m gonna be downloading a lot. This is not a miracle service we’re teaching. Okay? So, it’ll be fun but this is a time when I’m gonna hammer through so much information. That’s why it’s so important that you have the the manual that goes with it and um cuz the manual, I most of the notes are actually in the manual and uh but the thing is, I wanna encourage you.

There’s another area I want to address this morning in regards to that. The words that honor a prophet, receive a prophet’s reward.

01:31 - What does that mean? I was raised that you honor the prophet, you give the prophet water, and you get pregnant.

01:37 - Which is what it, what happened in the Bible. You honored the prophet, made room for the prophet which is type and shadow of Jesus. You made room for the prophet in the home and uh and then what do you want and she wanted a son? She got pregnant, she got a son. So, John, John Paul Jackson, uh I I’ve known him since before we were both when we were both um naturally brunette. Uh over 35 years ago, uh I as when II first met him before he was even in ministry and uh and so we we hang out a few years ago.

Obviously, he’s with the lord now. He’s hanging out with my parents but uh but we were in a meeting together and I made sure he had plenty of water. If it, his bottled water was getting low, I would fill it up and at least seven times. I got seven grandkids. It works, okay? But There’s more to that than just do it getting a son.

02:33 - I got, you know, three grandsons and four granddaughters and I’m gonna have more. So, I’m looking for another prophet. So, I keep giving Patricia water which is good. Patricia King and uh but uh honor a prophet receive a prophet’s reward. Dishonor a prophet and you will lose the prophet’s reward. Now, honoring a prophet does not mean oh we honor you Joan Hunter. No, it’s whenever you think of me, say god bless Joan Hunter. Now, what I’m speak over you is you’re gonna lay hands on the sick, they’re going to recover, that you’re gonna be healed, body, mind, soul, spirit, and finances.

That this is what I teach. This is what you’re gonna experience healing in all of those areas today and if you go and you criticize me because my lipstick is too dark or my hair doesn’t look the same or constantly and she went so long. Well, you know what? I have 45 years of information.

03:31 - I’m gonna share in about four and a half hours. Okay? So, I’m I’m gonna be cramming it as fast as I can but if you dishonor me, what you’re doing is cutting off the blessings and everything I’m speaking over you. You’ve heard the term I had my pastor for lunch. Yeah. Okay, when you just talk about your pastor and backbite your pastor and everything that the pastors have said, no matter where you go to church, everything that they have spoken over you, blessings, you have cut them off by the power of your words.

Amen. Amen. Amen. That is a great word. Yes. You’re welcome. Uh No, but see and and even on TV, I just can’t stand her the way she’s doing her hair. Look at that outfit. You have no idea what she’s saying but anything that she’s saying or you know, obviously more of a she or a he, everything you’re saying is now being cut off where you’re concerned. If you have a problem with how how they look, just walk in the other room but still listen.

If you have a problem with what they’re saying, like a CD. You know, if you don’t like the way I look, buy my CDs, not my DVDs, okay? Yeah, that’s right, man. Okay.

04:47 - Iii you should see me in the morning. You should praise god how I look now. I wake up and I go, whoa, oh yeah. Not the holy ghost. It ain’t the holy ghost and uh That reminds me. I have a book called You Can Prophesy and it teaches you how to prophesy and it teaches you how to prophesy over yourself. It’s like getting up in the morning and going to the mirror and go, whoa Yeah. Okay, yeah, that’s me. Nobody broke in and uh Thank god for makeup.

That’s for sure and ain’t that the truth? All the men said, amen.

05:25 - Okay. And uh but I teach you how to prophesy over yourself.

05:29 - Like go into the mirror and point to the mirror and say today, god’s gonna meet your every need according to his riches and glory by Christ Jesus. You can start prophesying these scriptures over you and you’re gonna start seeing them happen. That today is your day that god’s gonna point to you as an example of his incredible wealth of his favor and kindness and all he’s done for you through Christ Jesus. Yes. Well, oh what a great prophetic word.

It’s Ephesians two verse seven. It’s in the word. You need to know how to prophesy to yourself. Amen. Everybody wants a prophetic word. You know, for themselves. You’re you’re getting it but you’re getting it in groups. You’re gonna lay hands on the sick and stay and recover. Ain’t that good? That Jesus Christ is gonna heal you in your body, mind, soul, spirit, and finances today. Glory to god. You’re gonna have wisdom, how to deal with your family, how to fix your husband, and all kinds of stuff.

I mean, uh um and your wife and your kids, okay? And And uh and so I just want you to understand that this is a time and a season where there that healing I believe right now it’s time for healing.

06:31 - Meaning not only getting healed but get it putting it in full gear for you to go forth and lay hands on the sick no matter where you are. Yeah. Family reunions, whatever it is, they may have made fun of you but when they’re sick, they’re gonna call you. That’s right. Okay? And I love Cal and Michelle Pearce in the healing rooms. I found out that there’s I think over 2,000 worldwide right now but you know what? Your home needs to be a healing room.

Your neighbor is your friends need to know that they can actually come to your home and get healed. Amen. Amen? Hallelujah. Glory to god. Well, there’s about 3 hours right there. If this isn’t too hot, I’m going to take a little sip of it. And uh those of you that have your manuals, uh the word, what I was talking about the words, that is on page number eighty-one. We’re not gonna turn to it because I’ve already talked about that and uh if you would um I’ve already talked about authority which is page twenty-seven.

Fifty-two, you don’t return to it, it’s gonna be about anger. Amen.

07:34 - This is really good. Here we made it. Yummy. Yes, very good and uh but anger comes from unmet expectations. Now, II love the way that these pastors teach. I told Jacob, I said, I would love to have a church like this in Texas. Absolutely love. I know we all eventually have a church like this in at our headquarters but currently, we don’t have a church and uh church, you know, we have conferences, we don’t have church because they, I, you know, I love Mark Chirona.

I he’s a very very dear friend of mine but when he’s done, I need my husband to interpret. He is so brilliant. He has so many degrees and and I can catch about half of what he says and I’m knowledgeable and you know, but it’s like, I take the word and make it in so that everybody can understand it.

08:26 - Amen. Okay and and the way that you talk about the parables because see and I tell stories. Jesus told parables are basically the same thing but see, you learn through that.

08:35 - Yeah. You know, instead of the analytical, let’s exit Jesus, whatever that is, you know, it’s like, Jesus is exiting. I mean, I don’t know. You know, Now, I really do know what it means, I think and And so, um but anger comes from unexpectations. So, I’ll give you an example and I’m gonna start off by saying, do not judge me because that’s not good for you to judge me. Right. Okay? And so, II was in North Platte, Nebraska and there was three of us traveling and we only had meetings at night and then, normally, I ate one major meal a day, one meal meal a day and I’ll have like a little snack in the morning, little snack at night and so, I’m over there and so we met about uh 130 2 o’clock to go have lunch.

So, we went to eat, went to this restaurant, nobody was there, you know, it was wide open and the sign says, wait to be seated. They were serious. So, we waited and eventually, the guy comes out and said, you can sit anywhere because literally, there wasn’t anybody else there. Somebody will be out with you in just a moment. No, they were not. We waited. So, she comes out by then, we know that we want three iced teas cuz we’re from Texas, okay? And uh so, we said, okay, we want three iced teas.

So, we waited and waited and she eventually came back with two iced teas and a water but at least we’re all hydrated. Okay, so at that point, she says, I’ll be right back. No. Some of you are getting angry thinking about this happening to you. Okay? So, we go over and and she eventually brings a tea bag. I tell her I said, we would like to have such and such as an appetizer. She says, I’m sorry, we don’t serve that here.

10:27 - That’s at the other restaurant in town. Two restaurants in town. That’s at the other one. I said, um it’s um it’s right here on your menu. Are you aware that I can have you fired because you don’t know what’s on the menu and I mean, how stupid can you be? I feel those eyes coming at me. Don’t judge me. Okay? And how, I mean, how hard is it to get three teas? It’s harder to get two teas and a water than it is to get three teas.

11:00 - Yeah. Praise god. Watch us say grace. $20 bill for a tip? Yeah. Yeah. A fake $20 bill track for a tip. Oh, I’ve been so in so many meanings like that. I did not do that just so that you know and yes, you are forgiven for judging me anyway and so, I did not do that. But that’s you can feel the anger in you about the possibility of that happening to you. Now, I have eaten with people that have totally annihilated the waitress or the waiter.

Oh, it’s so wrong. I used to be married to him. I’ll give you, I’ll give you an example. When he takes the children out, my daughter’s out to eat now, they’ll go, I’ll be right back.

11:52 - I need to go to the restroom. They give the waiter a waitress an extra twenty. They say take care of that man or you’ll regret it.

12:03 - Hallelujah. That’s very true, okay? But the thing is and and I said, well, I said, you know, it’s on your menu and she says, I’m really sorry. I’ve been out for a while. My son is very sick. He’s in the hospital right there that you can see.

12:22 - And they called me today and says, if you don’t come in, you’ll lose your job and your insurance. They’re carefully him from North Platte to the Denver Hospital tonight. He’s 9 months old. He’s not known a day of health. And hopes that he will survive after he goes to Denver and his aunt, her aunt was there taking care of and being there with him and no wonder she could care less about an appetizer. Yeah. Okay.

12:49 - If I had done that, I could not ask her the next question. Like what you said. Wanna go to church with me? No. Are they all like that? Yeah. No, there’s hypocrites in church.

13:00 - Yeah, no joke. You know, and uh but the thing is and I and because II was nice to her, I said, may I pray him and she said yes. So we join hands and we pray. We sent the word of healing to Josiah down the street and I said you will hear from the hustle before we leave our meal. So long story short, we got appetizer. It was great. Meals were great. She now had peace in her heart and we’re walking out the door. She comes running after us and they say we don’t know what has happened that Josiah has taken a turn for the good.

Come on. Ain’t that good? Hallelujah. Glory to god. Hallelujah. So, there is an example of what anger is if you don’t let it go. That’s a good song. It’s a good name for a song. Let it go. Okay, yeah.

13:54 - Okay. I have granddaughters and I also like the movie but uh I think that’s one of the most powerful teachings cuz we’re gonna talk about forgiveness today and you’ve got to let it go. Yeah. You know, And uh but the thing is it’s like that Josiah potentially could have been dead if I got angry.

14:14 - That’s right. Yeah. Cuz she sure would not have let me pray. I probably wouldn’t have asked her if I’d gotten angry and so, but if you hang on to the anger, it will turn into bitterness and bitterness will aid you. Yuck, yuck. Okay. So, uh now, we’re gonna talk about generational curses. Turn to page seventy-one if you have a manual.

14:42 - And this is called the title of this is Breaking Generational Curses. And uh Sarah if you’ll just run that back to the table in case somebody needs it. And um but this is, once again, breaking generational curses and covenants. You’re gonna learn some things today that you never have never really thought about, not potentially that you haven’t heard but most people don’t teach this and what’s so awesome is that, you know, like Randy Clark teaches a lot of what I teach now.

He devours my books. First time I met him, I took him a whole sack of my books. He says, I’ve already read all those. I went, thank you very much. That didn’t hurt my feelings, you know, ‘cuz I know that he’s kinda more popular in this area and Bill Johnson has been in services and spent hours taking notes, learning about trauma, learning about stress, and now his students in Redding aren’t know about trauma. John Arnett and Carol, you know, they’ve been healed in the area uh of something that was brought on by a traumatic event, okay? And because and now they incorporate that and so, god has used me to help the leaders.

I do learn from them too. Amen. Okay? So, but uh but you know and then Randy, I’ve I’ve written a forward to a book and and an endorsement for another book and uh his um person that helps him write Craig Miller is ordained under this ministry. Yes. And minister’s with me and of course with Randy too but we’re gonna talk about generational curses. Generational curses are passed down through the bloodline, okay? Now, that’s kind of a normal situation.

Some people say, generational curses are broken at when you get saved but you still have diabetes which most time is a generational curse, okay? I would like to believe that in the uh spirit realm, they are in the soulish realm which is the natural, they’re not broken. So, they there needs to be a step in regards to that for you to get completely uh set free of any generational curses. You may say, what is a general generational curse? You go to the doctor and there’s a list of things.

Is this in your family? You had a check? That’s a general rational curse.

16:57 - Whether you have it or not, it’s in your DNA that you are in inclined to get that. Right. Okay? And uh and so, it’s very important that we get rid of this. In addition to that, um blood transfusions, you open yourself up to other people’s uh blood and generational curses, okay? And I’m gonna give you an example that just happened this morning. Uh somebody that came for prayer, the child was too young to stay and um I’ll just I’ll tell you because you don’t, you don’t and this is this is great teaching material here.

This little girl um who is here had a heart transplant shortly after birth and uh and so it’s like god bless both families.

17:39 - It’s amazing. Of the donor of the heart, okay? And uh and so and now, she says, she said, her mom says, you’re such a beautiful little girl. She said, but I’m a boy. She asked me this morning. She said, I wonder if it was a boy’s heart.

17:55 - I said, probably. Kind of an interesting example that just happened about 30 minutes ago here. I mean, that’s very powerful just you know, making that statement. I’ve I’ve had others that are inclined to same sex after they’ve had uh blood transfusion or uh transplant of some kind. So, what you do is it opens it up to to other people’s generational curses and things like that because there’s power in the blood. There’s power in the blood of Jesus but there’s also power in our blood and uh and so um so we we prayed with her for for all of that to be cut off any generational curses that came in through that blood transfusion and the transplanted heart and um and so then in addition to that you’ve got the body part transplant which was that example but then you’ve also um got the blood transfusion then you also have um Imma give you another example when I was in Raleigh North Carolina last year I had been communicating with this lady and uh and she says, there’s gotta be something wrong here.

This has to be something from my donor, cornea. Whoever donated my cornea and she had a cornea transplant about 2 years ago, she saw me on Sid Roth, got totally completely healed by putting her hand on the TV while I was on Sid Roth and she she goes, she would shut her eyes and go to sleep and there’s all these people looking at her. But she doesn’t know them. It’s the the person who donated their cornea, it’s the last people that saw her before she died.

Wow. And that’s called cellular memory and that image was transferred. It’s in the memory of every cell of your body, whatever it is, okay? And so, she got set free and and I got to meet her and it was just so exciting.

19:52 - There’s so much in regards to that situation. I’m looking forward to seeing her again next month. She’s from South Africa and her, she doesn’t type in a South African accent.

20:01 - So, I was really surprised. You have such a cute little accent.

20:04 - Let’s give your testimony and uh I have uh those of you that have uh Facebook, I have Joan Hunter public page and I post hundreds of testimonies on there and her testimonies on there from about a year ago and absolutely life changing and uh and so, in addition to that, which we will go over today is pornography. Pornography, when you look at the screen, it is literally burned on your cornea, burned into your eyes, burned into your your memory.

There’s a lot more to it but we’re gonna deal with that today. What that does is his prayer and you ask god to wipe away the images. Yeah. God will wipe away the images from a transplant. He’ll wipe away the images of when you were raped, when you were molested, any of that kind of stuff and then also uh any anything that you’ve seen, you know, like on my teaching on a race of pain of your past, there’s a Vietnam vet uh and for forty-two years, his helicopter went down and every night and exploded with him in it.

Until we prayed and he got healed, he got his neck healed, he grew, he gave, we dedicated his life to the lord and doesn’t remember. Hallelujah. Hallelujah and I’m gonna just throw this in here. PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder, a little bit is from vets, a little bit firemen, little bit policeman, and a whole lot domestic violence.

21:28 - Yeah. Majority of them are domestic violence. Either child, spousal, you know, that type of thing. There’s a lot of that. That is a label and then people live up to that label and it makes them dysfunctional. I know there’s reality in PTSD. I understand that but there’s also healing.

21:46 - Yeah. You know, where that’s concerned and that is another label that we need to remove from us and not live up to, okay? Now, there’s a movie, you talked about a movie. There’s a movie coming out next month called Stronger. I know it’s gonna be released in Houston first. Uh I met the producer and partial writer of that the other day about a month ago in my office. It deals with PTSD and and There is no healing at the end of it. It just and I told her I said, you realize with this cuz I saw the trailer and everything.

I said, you’re opening up a can of worms. Right. With PTSD. So, as the body of Christ, you need to know how to deal with PTSD.

22:29 - Yeah. Okay and and is and you’ll you’ll learn that is is there anybody here with that? Okay, quite a few of you, okay? So, we’ll deal with that and use you as an example in a little bit and but this move I have been asked to have my healing team of Houston there at the movie theater to minister these people. Awesome. Awesome. Which is awesome. I have also offered to have a meeting at our facility before next month with the area pastors and whoever wants to learn about this to actually have a meeting and train them before the movie is released.

Because you’re gonna need to if that movie comes up here, you’re gonna need to know especially this church of how to deal with that and this it targets primarily war vets because you know, II praise god that there’s a shift happening in uh retired vets and finances. Oh yeah. So, they’ve they’ve gone through enough hell. They don’t need to be living on the streets. Yeah.

23:32 - That’s just my opinion, okay? And uh but but we’re gonna go through this. Generational curses in the Bible once again, page number seventy-one and it talks about generational curses and it begins with a word curse and then I’m not gonna read the book that’s your job okay and uh and this is a simple prayer we’ve all got had you know some form of generational curses now uh do you all have a son two sons okay and how old are they thirty-one and 2021 Are they both married? I got a daughter.

24:08 - Okay. Anyway, Yeah, three of them are married. I have one that’s not married yet but it’s he’s got he’s gonna be the absolute best ever and uh but the point is, I know that y’all have blessed them. That’s a generational blessing. Amen.

24:26 - Okay? So, understand there’s generational curses and there’s generational blessings. In particular, more specifically from the father and uh can’t come from the mother. Say that again. From the from the father. I mean it as a truth not me. I’m just saying. I know. You need to know this.

24:45 - There’s too many fatherless children on the streets. Okay? And I mean you look around and we probably have 10% men in here maybe twenty. Okay? This is a time and a season for the men to rise to the occasion and do all that god’s called them to do. Yeah. Lay hands on the sick and and not just let the women do it. Right. Yeah. Okay? So that was that was good there and uh but as a mom, I have given my generational blessing to my girls, okay? But it’s a father’s blessing in the father’s heart, okay? There are no male and female in Christ so understand that.

25:26 - It’s a good word. If you know somebody that doesn’t have a father and you’re a guy, be a father like to them. Amen. We were talking today in in the car on the way here and you know, and I Steve and Sarah have a daughter that lives in New York and so, she’s dating somebody, dating two guys. One treats her like a jerk and one treats her like a woman and a princess. Okay, so it’s kinda narrowing down to the one, obviously, but the thing is, is So many people in the church don’t know how to treat a woman.

Yeah. Okay? They don’t know how to treat their moms probably because they haven’t seen their dad treat their mom good. That’s right. And so I told Steve and Sarah, I said, I said, Steve, you know, has set a really, really high example of what a dad or a husband needs to be. Amen. And I don’t know any man that can do that but he has passed that blessing on to the two sons and now the daughter is expecting it because that’s just normal.

26:30 - Beautiful. Yeah. Amen. Okay? And uh you know and it’s and it’s like you know it’s like it does that make you any I can open my door. I you know I mean I get in my car and I open my door and I get out and and whatever but you know what it’s really nice to make sure that there that somebody is secure.

26:47 - When I’m walking down the streets of New York, I don’t wanna be walking alone. Am I afraid? Absolutely not but I know who I am and who what god’s called me to do and I protect that anointing. Amen. Okay? I use wisdom. You know, it’s like if I stop late at night, there’s somebody else with me. I need to go into the store. I don’t go in alone.

27:07 - It’s called wisdom because people know who I am and um recognized a lot on the street, okay? Or in Israel wherever it happens to be. Literally, people come running after me the other day on the streets of Jerusalem. Joan Hunter, I’m like, I’m the only one Joan Hunter here in Israel like right now. Okay, but here’s a prayer for the generational curses and I’m gonna lead you in a prayer and uh cuz this is lab. This is time. This is and and the thing is what we’re gonna be spending more time today is dealing with the root causes.

What has actually opened the door for the sickness and sin usually is the answer and so you repent for the sin, it may be generational sin. I don’t know why I have lung cancer. I’ve only smoked three packages of cigarettes a day. You know what I’m saying? I mean, there’s wisdom in that too, okay? This is not condemnation. This is self examination, okay? And and we’ve we’re gonna look at ourselves. So now, we’re gonna start off with generational curses.

Then, we’re gonna continue into if we have ever had any kind of uh blood transfusion. Now, to just explain a little bit more, the Rogam shot, RH negative factor.

28:20 - If you’ve had a Rogam shot, I personally think they’re absolutely amazing. I I’m not RH negative but to keep it so that you don’t have a problem with the baby. The next, the next one, I just think that’s amazing but the Rogam shot itself is made from multiple people’s blood. So, you get a little mini blood transfusion in a little shot. Now, I mentioned this last night but the GMOs genetically, genetically, genetically modified organisms.

Who’s genetics? Hmm. The hybrid, tomatoes, hybrid with human DNA to be bigger. Not flavor not full of vitamins but bigger.

29:06 - Okay? You can go to first Google and look it up, okay? Cuz that’s not in the Bible cuz they everything was organic in the Bible. Everything is organic in Israel now which is like really awesome and uh it’s still is cuz they just they don’t they don’t allow GMOs into the country and but you’re eating people’s DNA and you’re not even aware of it. I mean, it sounds really gross. It sounds really gross. So, this prayer is gonna help you and keep you well because you cannot live 100% GMO free in America you need to buy organic but so expensive well you can pay for it now pay for it later that’s right medicine’s expensive too and medicine’s expensive too okay and you don’t you you lot of stuff you do not know what you get in your food okay and so that’s very very important that you understand that so if you I haven’t had a blood transfusion you know you don’t know where you’ve gotten anybody somebody’s blood you don’t.

You know, as a child, you know, you swap blood with your best friends. That’s a covenant. All the, this is a very blood, blood is very very important here. Amen. Okay? So, we’re gonna say this prayer together. Whether you think you’ve had a blood transfusion or not, we’re just gonna keep going. Say it.

30:31 - Okay. He’s standing and saying it. You’re welcome to sit.

30:34 - You’re welcome to stand whatever you want. Just say father. Father. I repent. I repent. For my sins. For my sins. And the sins of my father. Take this sin from us.

30:46 - Take this sin. Put it on the cross. Put it on the cross.

30:49 - Never to be held against us again. Never to be held against us again. In Jesus name. In Jesus name. The generational curse. The generation. Of cancer is now broken off of me.

30:59 - Of diabetes is broken off of me. High blood pressure is broken off of me. Blood pressure is broken. Varicose veins is broken off of me. Poverty is broken off of me.

31:15 - Everybody gets really loud on that one. Okay? Now, I’m gonna take a break right there and just say, you know what else is in your family. You just keep going, make a list when you go home and you take care of it, okay? And then, now, we’re gonna go. Father, father. I repent. I repent. For my sins.

31:34 - My sins. And the sins of whose blood. Or DMA. Or GMO. I may have received. Or body part transplant. Or rogue or um blood transfusions. Body part transplants. I repent for my sins. And all of their sins. All of their sins. Take their sins. Take the sins from us. Take the sins. Put it on the cross. Put it on the cross. Never to be held against us again. Never be held against us again. Anything bad. Anything bad. That came in through that blood.

That came in through that blood. Take it from me now. Take it from me now. In Jesus name. In Jesus name. Amen. Amen. Hallelujah.

32:19 - Hallelujah. Amen. Some of you may even feel different. Wow.

32:25 - Some of you may feel like your your your heart is lighter and you know, that type of thing.

32:35 - After schools, sometimes people go home and they’ll weigh themselves and they’ll be five pounds less. Yes, this is good.

32:42 - Got their attention on that one. I did. They’re gonna really listen now. Okay. Now, I’m going to encourage everybody.

32:53 - To donate but your holy ghost blood, generational curse free, going into somebody who needs to know Jesus and they’re gonna wake up going, I gotta go to king of kings. Hallelujah. Okay? You know, talk to the spouse. You know, II had an encounter with Jesus while I was under. Yes. All this kind of stuff. It’s just like really, really awesome and so, just get ready for incredible things to start happening in your life. Number one, you’re free of all the generational curses number two that if you donate blood they say that in particular if a man donates blood every 57 days he’ll never have a heart attack and men tend to have a little bit too much iron in their blood which can damage the heart and so by eliminating the a pint of blood uh on every 2 months then it causes the excess iron to go out okay so it’s a very good healthy way of doing it and the blood mobile will be here about 5 o’clock just kidding.

Just kidding. But but seriously, really pray about donating blood. That’s a great point. Wow. Yeah, just think about it. I mean, talk about uh you know, prayer cloths. They can’t get rid of it. It’s in them. Okay? Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Okay. Now, we’re gonna go on the vows and covenants. Um when I got divorced once again, about 17 years ago, they said, renounce the soul ties. I said, okay, the name of Jesus, renounce the soul ties. I felt a little better.

I really didn’t. It I didn’t really Understand exactly what that was. I know what soul ties are today uh and they’re they’re very important but they’re uh when I got married, I did not go into a soul tie. I went into a covenant. That’s right. And in the process of going into the covenant, then, I was still in covenant with a man sleeping with other men. That means everything he was doing, I’m a part of. That deserves three yucks. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Okay, if you read Marilyn again, she always likes to do the three.

35:04 - Yuck, yuck, yuck, okay? And it is. It’s yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck. And so when I got that revelation about 2 years after the divorce, I was no longer in covenant another 5 minutes and it was like, whoa Cuz sometimes you just kinda feel slimed and yucky and you find out why? It’s because somebody that you’re in covenant with has been doing something that’s not of god. Soul ties are people that are very, very, very close to each other.

It can be girlfriends, it can be um and obviously between a husband and wife but it can be girlfriends, male friends not sexually involved, okay? And it can be between a boss and an employee.

35:43 - Uh it can be between a pastor and a congregant. Um you know, it can be between a male and female friend, okay? But they’re very very close, okay? Uh Jonathan and David had a soul tie relationship. They did not have a sexual relationship.

35:59 - Right. Okay? So, and so, you have a situation. Okay, now here we have the woman at the well, Jesus says, you’ve been married five times and the man that you’re with now is not your husband. She did not walk the aisle five times. She had sex with five men in the Bible that’s considered marriage.

36:16 - Yes. Yes. Okay? And so, then at that point, go and sin no more.

36:21 - Everything was broken and and etcetera. So, anybody that you have ever had sexual intercourse with or any kind of sexual relations with incest, um all those have formed a covenant and the hardest one for me to pray for is for somebody that’s had got a covenant with their dad or their father. That one’s tough, okay? I mean, I say the words but I’m like, how can a man do that to his daughter? And then the daughter for years carries it around that it was her fault that she did something to entice her dad.

A three-year-old five-year-old cannot do that or anybody bring any entice a man. It’s a disease and uh it needs to be stopped. It’s a it’s a spirit thing, okay? And then in addition to that, I’m gonna lead you into prayer uh if you’re divorced or your husband or your spouse has died. If your spouse has died, the covenant itself is broken at the death but the second part is anything bad and we’ll take and that’s just good to say the prayer cuz it won’t hurt you to say the prayer and then and then in the area of pornography, many times people, not just men, but people will quit pornography but they can’t have a computer in their home cuz there’s pop ups all the time.

Right. Okay? And they can’t do it and then they get sucked back in. When they get sucked back in, it’s worse than it was before. Right. Because of a. Covenant. Covenant. Wow. But there wasn’t any sexual situation and so the first time we ever prayed for somebody, he begged and we we went ahead and prayed with him. He got so set free. It was absolutely astronomical. I said, okay, time out god. I need scripture. As a man has done it in his heart, he’s done it.

Right. Okay? It’s the covenant that keeps sucking people back in to pornography. I don’t know why I went back into it. Covenant. It’s almost uncontrollable as it draws people back in. Right. Yeah. That’s gonna be a tremendous asset to the church. I have so many pastors tell me this is the first time that they’ve ever ever had um real freedom in the church. Which I thought that was pretty So, I’m gonna say the first prayer if you are divorced or spouse is deceased and then we’ll then I’ll explain the second one.

38:48 - So, just say father. Father. I went into covenant with George.

38:54 - Who, you say whoever it was. Some of you don’t wanna, I say generic George cuz that’s not his real name and uh I went into covenant with George. We’re no longer married. So, I renounce that covenant. Anything bad that came in through the covenant. Take it from me in Jesus name.

39:16 - Is that good? Okay, part two. I will say you do not have to repeat but you’ll have the general model as in the prayers are in the book, okay? And just I went into an ungodly covenant with George. That was sin. I repent for the sin, take it from me now, put on the cross, and in Jesus name, I renounce the covenant with George. Anything bad that came in through it, take it from me now in Jesus name. Number one comment, I have two main ones.

Do I have to do all of them? Yes. It may not be all of them a lot but it’s you know, sometimes it can be. I have a prostitute who works ex prostitute. She’s a ex prostitute who works for me.

39:55 - Okay, and she’s as clean as the rest of us. Some of you in here have actually talked with her and she’s prayed with you, okay? But you know what? She’s not labeled prostitute anymore.

40:05 - She’s set free. Praise god. Amen. Hallelujah and then but it was just a one-night stand. It’s still coming in. That’s right. I have a friend that was in the navy and um about 5 years ago, this guy calls him up and says, are you Adrian? And he says, yes, he goes, I’m your son. What? Michael’s thirty-five at the time was 35 years old. Mary got four kids so and uh he they always he always wanted a son and he he had one and just didn’t know about it and uh Rebecca always wanted a brother and then just met Michael and it’s just like a it’s like a family made in heaven.

It’s just really neat how god brought him all back together and uh but the thing is it’s like in another bit of story Adrian and Bonnie they couldn’t have any children and we prayed and uh Rebecca is I think 2425 now so if you all want babies we’re anointed to pray for babies we got anointed booties and we see that’s how you make the church grow with lots of babies amen hallelujah cuz their parents are gonna go okay so I’m gonna just say the prayer you’re welcome to say it with me but do not feel obligated to say it with me.

You do need to say it out loud in the privacy of your own home. Cuz faith comes by hearing. You need to hear it, okay? And so, uh father, I went into an ungodly covenant and and it was pornography, with another person, incest, rape, whatever it is, okay? And I renounce that covenant in Jesus name. You keep going like that and then once again, a little bit further in-depth prayer. As you say that, you’re gonna see yourself and the more that you say it as many times as you need to say it.

The more that you say it, the freer you’re gonna get. You know, and this is not a time of condemnation. I want you free. Amen. Okay and what’s under the blood is under the blood but we need to make sure that the blood covenant is broken, okay? And gotta check the time here. I can see why y’all don’t have a clock up cuz you could just go teach forever. Okay, but I know y’all need to eat. Some of you do anyway and uh okay, what I wanna do is um I’m gonna talk about finances because and that’s on page number hundred and five.

Um pretty much everybody that comes for prayer around the world has finances on their prayer list uh there’s probably nobody in here has too much money okay if there is there’s a couple of really good places that we could help you John Hunter Ministries and King of Kings okay because right now you know we we need about somewhere between two and 3 million dollars to do the next phase in the ministry and we really need about 300 thousand to to do the parking lot detention upon things like that that really have to be done within 3 weeks somehow or another, that parking lot’s gonna get in.

Amen. Amen. And I’m you know and and somehow another it’s gonna get in. I don’t know how. I don’t know what else gonna happen but I know it’s gonna get in. And um because we I mean we’re not at the point where we want it. We need it. Desperately need it and um and so I’m gonna share a little bit in regards to um the fish. You did it. You covered all the scriptures but I’m gonna give you a little Jonism. Jonasm plus a few trips to Israel thrown in with it because see everybody is familiar with the the teaching that she gave in the scripture that she gave and so here we have a situation and I don’t know how they depict Peter in there but II depict Peter as a real ego type big burly man and not lovey dovey like in small like John was.

Right. Right. Okay. So, I don’t know what the movie is but uh what you know, how they depict Peter but he wasn’t the lovey dovey type and so, here we have a situation that years and years and years and generations and generations are fishermen. They did not have like the university or or you know, University of Phoenix. They didn’t have that.

44:12 - Whatever your dad was, that’s what you were. You know, and Jesus was a. He was a carpenter. Yes, he was a savior but he was a carpenter. That’s what his dad was. He was a very good carpenter etcetera. He learned the trade very very well, okay? And uh and so here we have the situation where Jesus the carpenter, technically, not a fisherman.

44:33 - Okay, maybe fish with his dad a little bit but not a professional fisherman. He goes to the shore, Peter’s exhausted. He’s been up all night to this day they only fish at night in in the Sea of Gautley and then Jesus says, go back out in the daytime and then throw your nets on the other side. When fish swim in a school, they go on one side of the boat only. He says, throw it over here. Amen. Okay? So, here we have a situation where Jesus and Peter, Jesus is telling him to do it.

So, Peter’s response is, so you’re telling me to go back out, in the daytime. Yeah. Carpenter.

45:24 - And throw my nuts on the other side. Yeah. Wrong side.

45:29 - Carpenter. But at your word, At your word, I’m gonna obey. I am so sure that’s not what he’s the way he said it. But at your word, I will obey. And I’m so gonna prove you’re wrong.

45:47 - That’s Peter. That’s Peter’s personality. Maybe some of you in here. We wanna prove that giving doesn’t work. Okay, we’re bound and determined to prove god wrong and his word wrong even though it’s in the word, okay? So, here we have a situation then Jesus go, Peter goes back out, throws a net on the wrong side at the wrong time of the day and he catches so much fish that two more boats have to join him to help carry him all in. How many fish were there? Hundred and fifty-three.

Hundred and fifty-three. If there’s a number in the Bible, there’s a reason why there’s a number.

46:25 - There’s a whole book on numbers. Yeah. So, numbers are important to god. Yes. Okay, so it’s one five three. 153 adds up to be nine. Nine is the number for harvest. 153 in the Hebrew language, there’s a letter that that a number that corresponds with the letter and the three letters are GOD and it’s also god with us. Okay? So, that gives you a greater level of importance of that, you know, just a whole different aspect of that and and the thing is which is is what she talked about.

Sometimes, you just need to do things differently. Yeah. You know, people get into a rut and then they’ll write a check for twenty-five dollars, twenty-five dollars, twenty-five dollars. They won’t even pray about it. Okay? What god said, do something different. Give like twenty-nine eleven. Why twenty-nine eleven? Jeremiah twenty-nine eleven. You know, for he knows the plans that you he has for you. They’re good and prosper you and bless you and the thing is You need to understand the scripture and not just know it and cuz you can quote it.

God takes pleasure in the poverty of the saints. Prosperity. Oh, prosperity of the saints. Some of you, some of you have had that wrong for all these years.

47:45 - God takes pleasure in you being rich. That’s right. Okay, yes, prosperity means more than just money. So, those of you that don’t like people talking about money, you just shut me off but Imma pray that you open up your ears. Jesus talk more about money than he talks about love. Yes. Amen. Two 2,000 scriptures about money. Right here. And nobody got offended when he brought it up. Amen. Amen. What’s what is wrong with the church today? You know, I’m not talking about money so money will come to me.

I’m talking about your healing of your finances so that you, god will take so much pleasure because you’re so rich. Okay? Well, being rich is a sin. No, it’s not. Because the word says and I’ll refer to the word quite a bit on this one. The word says, Jesus became poor so you could be. Amen. So, you know the scripture. Now, Jesus to become poor, Jesus had to be. Rich. Well, that was hard for some of you to say. That’s some of that BS. Oh. So, I can get away with it here.

For those of you that miss it, it’s belief system.

49:08 - Some of you are going, Bachelor of Science degree. Okay, whatever you wanna call it. Where did your minds go? It’s Jersey. It’s Jersey. Just south of New York. I know what I’m talking about. Okay? So, we’ve gotta get over the religious thinking and the poverty mindset so that you can be rich and be biblical. Amen.

49:40 - Okay? It provokes people to jealousy. That’s the word. Yes.

49:45 - You know, you got a car driving up. You had to pray over to get it started. Try witnessing to a Jew. Um Okay, if you have a car that you have to pray over to get here, let’s pray for god to get you a new car. Yeah. Okay? Some of you say, well, I can’t afford it. Shut your mouth. You know, all of a sudden next Sunday, he shows up with uh I don’t know what car you drive but I know what car she drives.

50:17 - So, I rode in it yesterday but also he pastor shows up in a really nice, fully-loaded, extended Cadillac Escalade.

50:25 - Whoo. That’s right. Black. Most cars in this area are black. I have discovered especially in New York. Very tinted windows but that’s another story. Well, there goes our tithe. Oh, shut your mouth. Come on. Amen. You know, you don’t know that somebody walked up to him on Wednesday and say, I got something for you. Here’s the keys and it’s it’s out in the parking lot. Totally free. And if god can do it for him, god can do it for you, okay? And we work hard for our money but that’s another story but the point is, is that we limit the blessings of god only coming through our pocket and all only through is by our means of making money.

My god’s gonna supply all of my needs because of me. Go ahead. Some of you need to get rid of that ego. That’s pride right there and somebody walks up to gives you $100 wants to give you $100 no that’s okay you don’t have any money for lunch but you refuse it that’s poor pride yeah I don’t want anybody to know I’m poor you know people give me $100 I am not poor but you know what I say thank you Thank you. You heard the testimony of Jane last night.

You know, somebody says, I wanna buy you to school. I wanna send you over to to Texas to get ordained. I wanna do this. You know what she said? Yeah. Thank you.

51:48 - Thank you. Her whole life has changed as a result of that one person doing that, okay? She didn’t say, no, that’s okay. I mean, she was living in the car. Do you wanna move in with us? Uh no, that’s okay. I mean, come on. My bags are packed cuz they’re everything’s in the car. You know, I’m going home with you tonight. Yes, thank you Jesus. She did know the people and so, god’s gonna start giving these things. Now, here’s another um the lots of revelation that says, the the scriptures.

Um give and shall be given to you. Pressed down, shaking together, shall god give to you. Amen. Yes or no? Yes. No. No. No. No. No. That’s not what the scripture says.

52:29 - Okay, that’s good. It’s yeah. Now, what was that scripture again? I was just saying something. Now, I’m gonna give you a scripture. Okay, given and shall be given you. Press down, shaking together shall man, man, man, man, woe man, give under your bosom. Now, your bosom is your man bag wherever you keep money, you know, where women keep their money and uh in their pockets, in their purse of man, you know, and and your hand, you’re gonna be blessed beyond words, okay? And so when you understand and you get this revelation that it’s okay to receive money it’s okay to receive blessing it doesn’t mean well let me give you $100 because you’re poor no god told me to give you $100 and god’s gonna use man now he can make it supernatural had a situation happen lady came in she she was very distraught her mother had just died dad was a wreck and didn’t have enough money to bury bury her and he was just a wreck so he went out for a walk he got lots of trees for examples here not necessarily a really good one because there are not whole lot of leaves on him but went outside and was so mad and just went and there was enough money to bury her his wife on the floor.

53:47 - See, our money is actually made out of trees. So, that is a supernatural but you know what? Chances are, if you go out and shake every tree, you’re gonna get the rest of the leaves off.

53:59 - Okay? But god knows your need and he’ll use super supernatural situations to get it to you but supernatural usually has a name with it. Yes. Amen. A human name. Yes.

54:13 - You know, not not Michael, not the angel of prosperity and things like that but see, in regards to the teaching about 153 and the the loaves and the fish. I mean, not the loaves and the fish but the uh the the cast your nets out. The wrong time. Everything was wrong. Everything wasn’t necessarily wrong. It was just every way we’ve been taught to do it. It needs to change. Amen. Okay, we’ve gotta get out of the rut.

54:39 - You know, a is an open-ended grave. Amen. Okay, your comfort zone is where your dreams go to die. That’s so good. That was my daughter had that one, my daughter, Charity and I mean and that that’s so powerful because you know, you can go and everything that god has for you can die in that comfort zone because you’re dealing with rejection and fear and oh I can’t do that. I can’t pray for the sick. Trust me, if anybody thought that that was me, You know, if anybody, a lot of you in here know who knew who my mom was, my mom and dad but in particular, my mom, imagine being her daughter.

It wasn’t easy because even to this day, people compare me to my mother. I’m not my mother. God says, once enough. But she was a very very powerful woman. I’m a lot like my mother because she’s my mother. Okay? And you know, and I have a funny personality. Mom had one, her dad had one and uh and so, you know, so some of these things are gonna naturally be passed down. Generational blessings. Yeah. Okay? And uh and so, when you understand the power of what I’m talking about, the power to get wealth is he has given you to get power to get wealth.

Point to the mirror, god has given you the power to get wealth. Amen. You see all these new inventions? Yeah. It could have been yours. Yeah. Right. That’s right. I have a friend of mine that um several years ago over probably fifteen, 20 years ago, she had a dream and she goes, that’s the stupidest dream. Just pieces of glue on the backs of paper, whatever. Post-it notes. Yeah. Somebody else made the millions. I have billions. I don’t want anybody to get my dream and make millions off of what was rightfully mine.

Amen. Amen. Okay? So, when you understand that god’s gonna speak to you through your dreams you know and and he he has his own special language you know where that’s concerned which is like really awesome and um The teaching that I’m gonna give you next more specifically out of the book is going can can totally change your thinking about giving. God loves a cheerful giver. He’ll hate, he’ll take it, you know, from anybody. Yes. But he’ll he and then usually the second time you give, you are a cheerful giver because it’s been multiplied back.

So, understand the church offering, yes. They’re sowing in the church offering. Yes. And that’s great. We’ll receive an offering for the ministry in just a little bit but the point is that however god tells you to put it, that’s that’s all that’s that matters and you can tell us that we’re really giving congregation which is really awesome but when you understand the purpose of giving, when you understand that Jesus was rich. Yeah, I can back it up with scripture.

57:39 - So, I’ll do that really quick cuz some of you are going. No, I don’t know. Jesus was born, they brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Gold, provision, frankincense, authority, and myrrh is healing. Whoo. Okay, so they brought brought provision and the authority and everything for his entire life and his parents, earthly parents did not spend it all because when at that time in the scripture, Jesus 30 years old, he became poor, he was still rich.

So, they didn’t bring a bag gold. Okay? They brought camels carrying gold. So, if you hear the statement, the camels are coming. They’re loaded and bringing riches. Awesome. Okay? Amen. Okay, so here we go. Prosperity starts with the heart. Prosperity starts with the heart. Next one is your trust account. Okay? So, I give you $100 and after the service, we go in and uh we go in and and we go to Walmart and I see you buying ten R rated DVDs with that hundred dollars.

Am I gonna you anymore? No. Neither would you and neither does god.

58:46 - Amen. Amen. Amen. And that was supposed to go for baby formula or diapers or something. And too many Christians abuse the finances that god has given them. You know, I got blessed with five-thousand-dollar bonus. That’s awesome. Let’s go spend it. When you have $10,000 of debt, you can pay off 5,000 of it. Yes. Okay? How many of you seen the movie Concussion? Yes. Yes. Okay, amazing movie. Um I think I think Will Smith deserves an Academy Award.

Amen. He did a phenomenal job. Unfortunately, he didn’t get it. If I’m not a real movie promoter, but I happen to mention two already and he did one. So, that’s three. So, we’re out but the movie Concussion, Will Smith plays a person from Nigeria and he is a corner and he’s a corner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Now, after that movie and everything that that doctor did, I am surprised that football is legal. Yeah, it’s it’s III was just appalled by it and uh any but but they opted to allow men to be killed because it’s the American sport money.

Yeah and it’s money. It’s it has a is it’s just like you’re you gotta be kidding. Uh but anyway, in this movie, one of the big leaders of the um Steelers kinda went crazy. So, they they brought him in, Will did an exam, couldn’t find anything wrong. And uh so that at that point, Will’s going, I’m determined, I’m gonna find out what’s wrong with him. The head corner says, if you do, it’s on your own buck. Yeah. Right, right. So, So, he goes and and off the clock, after hours, every specimen, everything, he has to pay for 100 percent.

So, they find out what the cause is and basically, it’s uh TBI, traumatic brain injury and a variety of the things in the in the brain stem and uh and so and that’s and it’s causing people to freak out trying to kill their family and they were a loving husband before they had the the the brain injury and so, the head corner ask Will Smith uh you know now you’re paying for all this right how much did it cost you 22 thousand this is several years ago quite a few years ago he says 22 thousand so the guy says where did you get that money he says I saved it and this is the point of what I’m saying here today the corner guy says oh that’s so non American wow I’m on the airplane and I get hit and I’m I’m like, you know, I’m watching it but II like got so hard hit with that statement into my chair.

I was like in shock because you know what? That’s the American mentality and I will tell you this, I put in $6,500 into a specific retirement account, not retired, but retirement account and I had to write the check Thursday morning, I think. That was F. That was hard for me to do that. I just bought a car and so, most of my savings went into the car cuz I still make my car payment but I put it in my savings account. So, then, when it’s time to buy a car, I get my car.

I can pay for it. That’s that’s smart. Okay? And I bought the last three or four cars full. Just full on. You know, paid cash. That’s a miracle and uh but the thing is, it’s like, I’m saving up not for a rainy day. I’m saving up for a vacation with my family and it was like, vacation or refirement.

62:41 - And I mailed the check. That was hard. Yeah. That was hard cuz I could sure you would like to have that $6,500 but I know that god’s gonna make it up but you know what? People have said, it’s not the American way. To save money. Well, I don’t have enough money to save money to to put in the savings account. Yes. Yes, you do. It’s a decision. Right. Right. Yes.

63:06 - Right. Amen. Okay? You know, the average American is in debt way over 10 thousand dollars. If you’re in debt over $10,000 and it’s on your credit card, what did you buy? Stuff.

63:19 - Things. Things. More stuff. Steph? Or like what? Well, Steph. And you’re paying ten to 25% on stuff you don’t even know what it is and I can’t get out of debt shut your mouth yes god can supernaturally wipe out the debt not so that you can charge up your credit cards again so that you can stay out of debt not so that you can charge your credit cards back up so that you can stay out of debt when I got my new car in November it was pretty exciting um I told him II already turned my other car in and and I said II really need a car I really really need a car and I said I need to get this week I had a whole sale that was looking he says we found when it was in Florida he says I don’t know what’s wrong with the car it’s $11,000 under all the other cars that are apples for apples and uh he’s I said check see if it’s been an accident etcetera I just give him $111 based on Deuteronomy 111 I said god I need my car okay long story short is I got that car and I actually have that car.

It’s great. It’s a nice red um Jeep Grand Cherokee that is so loaded. It’s so perfect. It didn’t even have to get detailed. Wow. That’s how perfect it was and it is. Okay, it does need a wash right now but but the point is, I saved $11,000 on that car. Yeah.

64:54 - That’s really about 15 thousand that I don’t have to work for.

64:59 - So, my insurance, II call my insurance, got it covered on insurance and uh and left a voicemail. So, she called you back. She says, the only thing you left out. Was who the lender was.

65:15 - I started crying. I said, there is no lender. I said, I paid cash. Hallelujah. I was completely broke in the year 2,000 had nothing. Started my life over. Come on. Come on.

65:31 - With nothing. Yeah. Not even a zero. I had a zero credit score. Yeah. Not because of bad credit but because of zero credit. I live in an amazing house right now that I got half price. Come on. Hallelujah. Dear father. And in Ottawa Lake, it’s five bedroom, you know, and four and a half bath and the study is also an extra bedroom when we have extra people there because my house is Cramalot Inn. My cow’s house, okay? And uh but the point is, to be able to say that, when you know in in 17 years ago I had two car payments three girls in college and I had nothing I had my my pay was $1,600 a month I was working for a car dealership it was $1,600 a month my take home was 1,200 after insurance and taxes my tithe was 160 cuz I believe in tithing off the gross because I wanna give my father first fruits not my uncle Sam okay and I know you talk about first fruits cuz it’s on your offering envelopes here okay that’s important that we give god the first of everything before we give it to the government before we give it to insurance.

You’re welcome and uh when you get, when you get the uh revelation of that, you’ll actually have more money if you give more. Amen. Because like in saving 11 thousand dollars, you know, that’s $15,000 at least. So, here we had $1,200 take home, house payment, eleven hundred, and a tithe of 160 is minus $60 every month. Two car payments, three girls in college, utilities, food, etcetera. But I never went into that. God met my every need.

Amen. I would come home from work. Hallelujah. And my house would be so completely trashed out and I’m like, what did they do while I was at work? It was over fifty bags of groceries that couldn’t fit in the pantry or the fridges. Come on. And it was literally everywhere. Okay? And so, my god shall supply all of my needs. Not according to my employer but according to my needs. Amen. Garbage in, garbage out. You know, you listen to the news, CNN, constant negative news.

Yes. It also has another other an acronyms but we’ll just leave it at that one and but you listen to that garbage and you are, it breeds fear in the body of Christ. Yeah. Amen. Okay? We have got to not allow that to breed fear into our lives. Yeah. We’ve gotta get rid of the fear. Overcome by faith. Well, I don’t have any faith in finances. You have at least a grain of a mustard seed. Next one is get rid of the poverty mindset. I’m poor. I’m always gonna be poor.

I’ve been poor in my life and I’ve been poor. Poe, you can’t afford the other O. That’s really poor.

68:36 - That’s digging out of garbage cans in order to have enough food to eat. Been there, done that. Okay, I don’t have to do that anymore. Now, I can go to the store and I can buy a peach without a spot without a blemish. You have no idea how good that feels. Amen. Instead of digging them out of garbage cans hoping to get uh a bowl of fruit out. Okay, and disgusting as that was, okay? And see, I understand, I know what poverty is. Yeah. I understand.

So, gives me even greater grounds to to teach on this. Okay, gotta get rid of the poverty mindset. My dad was poor, my grandpa was poor, if I was poor, I’m gonna be poor and and my grand, my aunt, my mom’s sister, had a poverty mentality. I don’t have any money for food. I don’t have any money for food. She would call my mom. My mom was sacrificed. Get together $500 and send it to her. This is 20 years ago, 30 years ago now and we send it to her.

When my aunt died, she had over $500,000 in her savings account. Poverty she had to save for the rainy day she had no freedom in spending unless my mom took care of it and paid for everything okay and uh now here’s here’s the the next really strong key here there are three major blocks to financial freedom and we’re gonna remove these blocks okay and and as we remove them you’re gonna see it’s like there’s a dam being built in front of you and the flow is not here I believe that since march 11th seventeenth the twentieth and now that there is a release of finances to the body of Christ like never before and that’s not uh a prophetic word that I’m talking in the natural.

It has been released in the natural. It is being released in addition to that into the spirit realm.

70:29 - Blessings are pouring in that you can’t even comprehend. So, I want you to get ready for what god’s got in store for you. I know you are. Number one, repent for foolish spending. Yeah. You know, you check out at the grocery store no matter where you are, Target, Walmart, grocery store, etcetera and they have this aisle right here of all the stuff you gotta have including all the candy bars, okay? As seen on TV, okay? All those things.

It’s like, oh, I can really use that. So, you get home a few years later and you’re still trying to figure out what to do with this stuff cuz you haven’t even opened it. Okay, that’s foolish spending.

71:10 - Okay? And you need to Concentrate on things that will help you and not just plain junk. Okay. Number two, repent for any time you haven’t tithe. I’m gonna help you out in this area. I’m gonna so help you out in this area, okay? People say, it was before the law, during the law, it’s after law, you have to tithe. There are some people say, hey, man, you don’t have to tithe. It’s grace. They never want a tithe to begin with. Right. Okay? And then I’m gonna tell you what I believe and I know that the pastors will line up with what I believe.

Because I feel very strongly, you no longer have to tithe because of the letter of the law. You get to tithe because of love. Amen? And instead of getting paid a $1,000 and tithing a hundred, give like 100 eleven. The $11 is not gonna make or break you but it’s gonna go into really good ground for supernatural multiplication and as you pray and you ask god how much should you give out of your paycheck god will tell you and then come this time next year you’re gonna be looking at your your taxes and you go wow I give like thirty to 40% of my income away but I have more than I’ve ever had before oh yeah and we we give somewhere between thirty and 40% of our income our gross income away and we have more than ever because how can you I mean $11,000 off of a car Right.

Right. I mean and and it’s it’s the thing is perfect. You know, I was like, I can’t believe it didn’t have bun warmers. Every once in a while, you need those in Houston. Once in a blue moon and uh and I’m like, this is really awesome. You know, I’d love to have, you know, and I’m like, II don’t, you know, II can’t I can’t find the button.

73:01 - I can’t figure it out and so I thought, I wonder what this button is for. You know, a new car. So, I pushed it as oh, there’s a little red seat. It’s all computerized now. So, I punch it and I thought, oh, yeah. So, the next morning, it was still rather cool. So, I got in the car and so II knew where to punch now and I said, so I punched it and I said, oh, I don’t know what that is. Let’s find out what that is and so I punched it. I had no idea what it was and so I’m driving down the road going to the office and I’m glad it was really close and I’m like, something’s wrong with the car.

73:31 - Something’s wrong with the engine. I don’t know what is going on here. You know, my steering wheel is so hot.

73:39 - I have a heated steering wheel. I didn’t even know they had those things. So, my car is fine. It just had some bells and whistles I’ve never heard of before. That’s called exceedingly abundantly above all you could ever ask of, dream, or imagine. Okay. Now, the third one, which is extremely important, anytime you didn’t give an offering when god said to give an offering, when god said to give an offering, okay? John Brown, not Joan Hunter, comes in here.

74:07 - If you know John Brown, that’s what I’m talking about but John Brown Comes in and he says, god spoke to me this morning while I was getting ready. Everybody in here is to give a $1,000 and so somebody just went, okay, I didn’t say that. I’m just using this as an example. If you don’t give in that kind of an offering, that is not the sin of disobedience. If and when we’re gonna pray here in just a few minutes for god to speak to you, how much he would have you give in the offering and if may god says 111 dollars, if you give a hundred, that’s still the sin of disobedience.

That’s right. Amen. Right. Okay? God is looking for people that will listen to him and obey and do what he’s asked because in doing what he’s asked you to do, you’re gonna reap but sometimes, it’s just like me giving to the the requirement account. You know, I knew I needed to do it. I didn’t wanna do it but the same thing, you know, in the in my back of my mind, I’m going, I can’t afford it. I’m like, the money is there. I would prefer not to do that but I did it anyway.

Some of you will look at the what’s in the natural and I can’t afford to give X amount whatever god’s telling me. Okay, what you’re doing is you’re putting your feelings and what you think in front of what god because god wants to receive your seed and bless it and multiply it. Amen. There’s a guy supposed to be here tomorrow at church and uh he’s coming uh from probably from the Delaware area. It’s it’s John and Norman’s son. He came in to a service um a year ago, I think it was a year ago, December.

I know it was December and he came in and he was planning on giving $50 and god says, I wanna give five hundred. He goes, fifty. Okay. God says five hundred. Fifty.

76:01 - Do I hear fifty? And and he kept hearing 500 so he’s like, okay. So, he gave the 500 that was I think on Sunday morning.

76:14 - So, Monday, he goes to work and he works for this great company but they don’t give bonuses. They don’t give bonuses. He walked in and says, I need to see you in my office. Am I fired? You know, everybody thinks a negative. That’s right. He goes in there and he says, you’ve done such a great job. We’re giving you a check for five-thousand-dollar bonus.

76:32 - Hallelujah. You. Amen. And I don’t know 510 dollar an hour raise and he’s got multiple bonuses. He’s gotten multiple raises since that time. What is it? Five-thousand-dollar raise.

76:45 - And just got another $5,000 raise. And I’ll stand back to obedience. And whatever god tells you to give no matter if it’s here. You know, no matter where it is in your regular church service, if this is your home church, if god tells you to give a certain amount, you need to do it and trust god.

77:06 - Yeah. Yeah. Amen. Amen. Amen. Okay? So, we’re gonna receive the offering and we’re gonna pray over this first and then I’m gonna pray. I’m gonna pray uh have you repent and I’m gonna ask you to pray for god to speak to you and then that’s what you give, okay? Just say father, father. I repent. I repent. For any foolish spending. And I repent. I repent. For any time. I have in tithes. And I repent. For any time. I didn’t give an offering.

When you told me to give an offering. All of that is sin. Take the sin from me.

77:43 - Put it on the cross. Never to be held against me again. In Jesus name. In Jesus name. Once again. The curse of poverty. Is now broken off of me. Broken off. And any of these strongholds. That have withheld my finances. Are now broken off. The dam that has blocked it. The dam that has blocked it. Is now imploded. Is now imploded. In Jesus name. In Jesus name. And father. And father. Speak to me. Speak to me. How much you would have me to give.

How much you would have me to give you. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Amen.

78:22 - Ushers are gonna hand out offering envelopes. .