Student Awards 2021

May 20, 2021 22:30 · 4884 words · 23 minute read

- Good evening and welcome to Bristol Community College’s Student Award Ceremony.

00:09 - My name is Emma Montague, I’m the Director of Student and Family Engagement.

00:12 - This evening we are here to recognize students who have demonstrated exceptional academic growth and development as well as those who have made significant contributions in service and leadership.

00:24 - This year has been like no other, and I am beyond impressed with our students’ ability to rise above the significant challenges brought upon by the pandemic.

00:33 - I am honored to work alongside leaders like our student senate and club presidents who have continued to stay motivated while navigating a virtual environment.

00:42 - Tonight, we will hear from leaders across the college and learn more about our student recipients.

00:48 - While we are unable to be together in person this evening, I do encourage you to engage.

00:52 - Please add a comment to our YouTube or Facebook Live platforms throughout the evening.

00:57 - Now I am pleased to hand the mic over to our president.

01:00 - Dr. Laura Douglas believes in putting the community in community college.

01:05 - She provides ongoing outreach to ensure that our college’s service area is supported in accessing college and continuing education.

01:13 - She is passionate about student success, economic development, and workforce preparedness.

01:18 - Please join me in welcoming Dr. Laura Douglas, President of Bristol Community College.

01:24 - - Thank you, Emma. Good evening, everyone, and welcome again to Bristol Community College.

01:29 - It is truly an honor to welcome all of you to our student award celebration.

01:36 - Your dedication is something to be commended, and I am so happy that we are here this evening, albeit virtually, to celebrate all of you and your many accomplishments.

01:48 - We welcome our faculty, staff, students, family, and friends joining us tonight.

01:55 - I would like to thank all of you for your commitment to Bristol Community College and our students.

02:02 - To our students, may you continue your quest for knowledge, and I hope that you will always remember that Bristol is where you received the best education possible.

02:14 - We will always be here to support you. I also hope that we have instilled in you a love for learning that will forever be sought.

02:26 - I now have the distinct pleasure of announcing the first category in tonight’s proceedings, our Foundation Awards and scholarships.

02:37 - Many of the following are financial awards.

02:40 - In total, the 58 awards add up to just under $50,000, all of which will go directly to our student recipients.

02:50 - Our first award is the All USA Academic Team Scholarship.

02:56 - Nominees are chosen for their outstanding academic achievements as well as significant college and community service.

03:05 - This year’s recipients are Dakota Chixarro and Magielette Hudson.

03:12 - The Jeannette Denning Writing Award third place recipient is Xandria Gloddy.

03:21 - The Jeannette Denning Writing Award second place recipient is Vanessa Cruz.

03:28 - The Jeannette Denning Writing Award first place recipient is Frederick Byrne.

03:36 - The Katia Lund International Student Award is an annual award given to an international student at Bristol who demonstrates academic proficiency and a commitment to increasing global understanding.

03:51 - This year’s recipient is Elvis Dos Santos. The Johanna Duponte Occupational Therapy Assistance Scholarship is given to a second year student who is matriculating in the OTA program who demonstrates professionalism, collegiality, and a commitment to the OT profession.

04:13 - This year’s recipient is Jessica Carmichael.

04:17 - The Bristol Foundation Quest Scholarship recipient is Antonia Fernandes.

04:24 - The John J. Sbrega, Ph. D Honors Book Award is a book chosen by Dr. Sbrega and given to a Commonwealth Honors student at Bristol who demonstrates exemplary achievement through honors work.

04:41 - This year’s recipient is Sara T. Hincapie. The Jennifer E. Serpa Memorial Scholarship is given to a Bristol student in the Medical Laboratory Technology Program.

04:56 - This year’s recipient is Ronald Fadrigalan.

05:00 - The Edward Terral Smith, Jr. Scholarship is awarded to a graduating Bristol student who will be transferring to a four-year college or university.

05:11 - Additionally, the student must be of high personal integrity and be actively expending an extra measure of commitment beyond what it takes to earn good academic standing.

05:23 - This year’s recipient is Aydee Morales Rivas.

05:28 - Congratulations to all of our recipients. - Good evening, all.

05:33 - I will be presenting the next section of our Foundation Awards.

05:37 - Congratulations to all of this evening’s recipients.

05:41 - The Bristol Community College Art and Design Award and Foundation Studio recipients are Mujie Wu and Morgan M. D’Amaral.

05:52 - The Bristol Community College Art and Design Award in Fine Arts is awarded to Braulio Ortega.

05:59 - The Bristol Community College Art and Design Award in Graphic Design is awarded to McKenzie Arruda.

06:07 - The Bristol Community College Art and Design Award in Animation and Motion Graphics is awarded to Michael Gould.

06:15 - The Bristol Community College Art and Design Award in Web Design and Media Arts is awarded to Meagan Peter.

06:24 - The recipient of the Ron Lister Professor Emeritus Fine Art Award is Sarah Mailloux.

06:32 - The recipient of the Ron Lister Professor Emeritus Design Award is Hannah Sousa.

06:39 - The Jessica M. Raposa Class of 2005 Memorial Scholarship is awarded to Destiny Matos.

06:48 - The Jessie E. Richardson Art Award is given to an art student who has excelled in painting.

06:54 - This year’s recipient is Alison Borges. The recipient of the John Stobart Art Award in third place is Nicole Giroux.

07:06 - The recipient of the John Stobart Art Award in second place is Alison Borges.

07:13 - And the recipient of the John Stobart Art Award in first place is Paige Smiley.

07:21 - The Professor Marion Wilner Art Book Award is awarded to an outstanding art transfer student who has demonstrated creativity and excellence in drawing and design.

07:33 - This year’s recipient is Rebecca Smith. And finally, for this section, the Helen Marie Booth Theater Award recipient is Tiffany Pinaretta.

07:46 - Congratulations all, and enjoy your evening.

07:49 - - Okay, good evening, all. I have the honor to present the next four Foundation Scholarship Awards in Criminal Justice.

07:57 - The Kenneth M. Candeias Memorial Scholarship recipient is Katelyn Gouveia.

08:03 - The Charles E. Croshaw, Jr. Memorial Scholarship recipient is Douglas Znoj.

08:10 - The Raymond J. Lavertue, Sr. Scholarship recipient is Dakota Chixarro.

08:17 - And the Barry McKee Scholarship recipient is Logan St. Louis.

08:22 - Congratulations to you all. - Good evening, I’ll be announcing the recipients of the Foundation’s Culinary Arts Scholarship Awards.

08:31 - The Chef John J. Caressimo Scholarship goes to the following recipients.

08:36 - Dylan Peckham, Rachel Hutson, Kaddisy Garrity, Bree Grenier, Amanda Silva, and Kelly Sousa.

08:47 - The Nick Grossi Memorial Culinary Arts Scholarship goes to Stephanie Weaver and Olivia Mariotti.

08:55 - Congratulations. - Good evening, I will be presenting the nursing section of our Foundation scholarships.

09:03 - The John A. And Eileen F. Carr and Kathryn V. Whalen Scholarship is awarded to Anastasia Rosa and Colby Bissonnette.

09:17 - The Donna W. Castro Memorial Nursing Scholarship is awarded to Shantal DaPonte, Adalgisa Mercado, Rachel Costa, Cassie Conroy.

09:31 - The Ruth E. Hurley Nursing Award recipient is Sarah Ayala.

09:37 - The Marie B. Maalouf Memorial Scholarship recipients are Kelsey Houlihan and Chelsea Augustine.

09:48 - The Marie Marshall Nursing Scholarship is awarded to Ashley Richards.

09:54 - The Mullins Family Nursing Scholarship in honor of Anna E. Mullins, RN, Clair T. Mullins, RN, BA, MSN, Ruth Mullins Mosley, RN, VSAF, and Anne Mullins Body, RN, is awarded to Samantha Laffey.

10:22 - The recipient of the Evelyn Pacheco Scholarship is Diana Ngo.

10:28 - The recipient of the Richard and Doris Quirk Nursing Scholarship is Brenden Cooney.

10:36 - The recipient of the Lucy Rose Memorial Nursing Scholarship is Tanya Quiterio.

10:42 - The August I. Ryer, Ph. D Memorial Scholarship is awarded to Dale Jenkins.

10:51 - The Truesdale Hospital Nurses Alumnae Association Scholarship recipient is Brittany Fernandes.

10:59 - And the Union Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Scholarship recipient is Sokthida Saing.

11:05 - - I will be announcing the next four award recipients in our Foundation scholarship section for this evening.

11:13 - The Fletcher-Grocer CIS Programming Award goes to Arthur Tripp.

11:20 - The Fletcher-Grocer CIS Web Development Award goes to Sumedha Welgamage.

11:31 - The Fletcher-Grocer CIS Computer Game Development Award goes to Peter Gomes.

11:41 - And the Fletcher-Grocer CIS Cyber Security and Digital Forensic Award goes to Michael Whitney.

11:52 - Congratulations to each of you and to all of our recipients this evening.

11:58 - - Good evening, all, I’m Sara Archambault, the Chair of Student Engagement for Student Senate.

12:03 - The Bronze Shield Award is awarded to students who have provided continuous outstanding services to a student club or organization of the college.

12:10 - Let’s hear a little about why you might nominate a student for this award.

12:14 - - For the Bronze Shield, I look to nominate students who understand the value of the full Bristol experience, students who connect something that they’re passionate about outside of the classroom and create opportunities for others who share the same interests.

12:28 - For some students, work within a club is how they’ll define their time at Bristol, and I want to be sure that those students are recognized for their dedication to the Bristol community.

12:37 - - It’s now my honor to announce this year’s Bronze Shield Award recipients.

12:42 - Shannon De Oliveira for her services to the Deaf Studies Club.

12:46 - Taijahn “TJ” Henry for his services to the Multicultural Student Center.

12:51 - Emily Huling for her services to Student Senate, the Commonwealth Honors Program, Phi Beta Kappa, and Seeds of Sustainability.

12:59 - Corinne L. Lepage for her service to the Commonwealth Honors Program and collaborations with the Hero Club, Multicultural, Holocaust, and Women’s Center.

13:09 - Ian Legge and Ruth Lazare for their services to the STEM Club.

13:12 - Sumedha Welgamage for his work to reestablish the Bird Club.

13:17 - Raffia Saleem for her dedication to Student Senate and the Student and Family Engagement Department.

13:22 - Allison Brum for her work in Phi Beta Kappa.

13:26 - Victoria Perry for her work with the OER Committee and dedication to Student Senate.

13:31 - Congratulations to all the Bronze Shield Award recipients and congratulations to all student leaders.

13:37 - - Thank you, Sara. Our next award category is the Silver Shield Award.

13:42 - The Silver Shield Award is given to students who have made significant contributions to Bristol Community College and are recognized for rendering outstanding service of consistent high quality to the college.

13:55 - Let’s hear a little about why you may nominate a student for this award.

13:58 - - My Silver Shield nominees are those students that go above and beyond.

14:03 - They are the ones that offer up their creativity and feedback to take something to the next level.

14:07 - They show enthusiasm in what they do and get others excited about getting involved.

14:12 - They’re the ones that hold themselves accountable and have the ability to effectively balance their personal lives with their extracurricular activities as well as their education career goals and workforce expectations.

14:24 - My Silver Shield nominees show up and stand out in a crowd while sharing their passion for what they do and what they are learning at Bristol.

14:31 - - I agree with you, Rose. When I think of a student to nominate for this award, I think of the student whose name seems to be everywhere, known to faculty and staff from different areas of the college.

14:42 - This is a student who has that spark for learning, but has more than that.

14:46 - This student wants to be a part of a community, wants to find a home with the college and build something with others here.

14:53 - They have an energy, a positivity to them, a curiosity and a willingness to use their gifts.

14:58 - They’ve taken part in many events and projects at the college and have drawn in others with them.

15:03 - - Absolutely, Denise. Students who deserve this award are those who make important contributions to Bristol Community College.

15:11 - These recipients are highly motivated, with a drive and willingness to step up in a way that goes above and beyond.

15:18 - They demonstrate a commitment to service and are actively engaged in making Bristol a better place for other students.

15:25 - It is a privilege and a pleasure to nominate students for such a prestigious award.

15:30 - - It is now my honor to announce this year’s Silver Shield Award recipients.

15:35 - Jonathan Morrison for his service as President to Student Senate.

15:40 - Roman Soe for his dedication to the Multicultural Student Center.

15:46 - Jamie Roballo for her service to Student Senate and the senate proposal process.

15:51 - Jonathan Tonin for his service to Student Senate and clubs at Bristol.

15:56 - Casey Pittsley for their service to student Senate and the virtual student experience.

16:02 - Maddy Ironfield for their dedication to “The Hawk” newspaper.

16:06 - Alexis Vivieros Branco for her time as our student trustee.

16:11 - Congratulations to all of this evening’s recipients, and thank you for your service and commitment during this past unprecedented year.

16:19 - - It’s a pleasure to join you all this evening and announce the recipient for the Sceptre and Scroll Award.

16:26 - The Sceptre and Scroll Award and membership to the Sceptre and Scroll Society is given to students who have provided consistent and outstanding contributions of leadership and service to Bristol.

16:40 - This year’s recipients are Magielette Hudson for her service to Student Senate, Phi Betta Kappa, the Mobile Food Market, and the Commonwealth Honors Program.

16:54 - Sara Archambault for her dedication to Student Senate, Commonwealth Honors, the Experiential Education Center, and the Mobile Food Market.

17:07 - Emily Huling for her contributions to Multicultural Affairs, Seeds of Sustainability, Phi Beta Kappa, Student Senate and the Commonwealth Honors Program.

17:20 - Congratulations to each of you for this achievement and thank you for your leadership.

17:25 - Enjoy your evening, everyone. - The Bristol Community College Commonwealth Honors Program offers over 150 outstanding students the opportunity to participate in Honors classes, interdisciplinary Honors seminars, and Honors component projects.

17:41 - These students elect to enroll in classes that require them to meet scholastic challenges that rise above and beyond the usual college level rigor.

17:49 - These students share the same challenges as many at Bristol, balancing their studies with jobs, caring for family members and actively participating in their communities.

17:59 - I am humbled by all that they accomplish and proud of their success.

18:04 - Tonight, the Commonwealth Honors Program recognizes those students who have chosen to undertake these additional scholastic opportunities.

18:11 - They have completed at least three Honors experiences and have worked successfully with a faculty mentor to produce and present a significant capstone interdisciplinary research project.

18:22 - All done while maintaining a GPA of at least 3. 45.

18:27 - The Commonwealth Honors Program Scholars are Sara Y. Archambault, Kwang B. Arnzen, Celina M. Brasil, Robert Comerford, Justine Gonsalves, Katherine A. Haley, Magielette Hudson, Emily R. Huling, Dahlia P. Joseph Albanna, Te’Lynn S. Layton, PJ Lenza, Aydee A. Morales Rivas, Johnathan Morrison, Monique E. Santos, Hannah Sousa, Brandon L. Souza, Jillian N. Sylvia, Hannah H. Walsh, Sumedha Welgamage.

19:26 - Congratulations to all the award recipients, and enjoy your evening.

19:30 - - Good evening, all, it is my pleasure to present the Civic Engagement Awards tonight.

19:34 - Through volunteerism and civic participation, students at Bristol Community College are able to give back to their communities while also enhancing their educational experience through service.

19:44 - Students who have engaged in a significant amount of service as part of their academic experience, either through service learning or by leading a group of their peers in a project designed to address a community need, all earn the distinction of community service leaders.

19:57 - The recipients are Sara Yousuf Archambault, Cathy Bowley, Robert Comerford, Cameron Costa, Justine Gonsalves, Katherine Haley, Magielette Hudson, Emily Rose Huling, Rachel Hutson, Grace Kaluzny, Peter Lenza, Corinne Lepage, Makayla Medas, Johnathan Morrison, Casey Pittsley, Michael Perry, Jamie Roballo, Penny Roberts, Jonathan Tonin, Hanna Walsh, and Sumedha Welgamage.

20:42 - The next award being given for volunteerism and civic participation is the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

20:48 - Students can earn Bronze, Silver or Gold distinction as an individual or as part of a student club or organization.

20:55 - Students earning any of these honors are to be commended as they have completed anywhere between 100 hours and 1,000 hours of service to their community this year.

21:04 - The recipients of the Bronze Bristol Community College President’s Volunteer Service Award are Aliana Andreoli, Kylee Anzuoni, Andrea Bento, Kaylee Calouro, Erin Colon, Ashlee Cordeiro, Nicole DaSilva, Lindsay Dias, Megan Khubchandani, Carolyn Kritzas, Samantha Lockhart, Meghan Mendonca, Kayla Moniz, Mary Pavadore, Emily Serpa, Ashley Smith, Olivia Towers, and Melissa Zatir.

21:46 - For their commitment to the college community through their work as students senators, the recipients of the Silver Bristol Community College President’s Volunteer Service Award are Emily Huling, Victoria Perry, Raffia Saleem, and Lydia Alouani.

22:03 - The recipients of the Gold Bristol Community College President’s Volunteer Service Award are Katherine Haley, Michael Perry, and Penny Roberts.

22:12 - Congratulations and thank you all for your many hours of service.

22:16 - - Hello, everyone, as a 2020 alum, it’s wonderful to be back with you all and to join the presenters this evening to celebrate your successes.

22:25 - One of the most prestigious volunteer service awards is the Newman Civic Fellows Award, one that I had the honor to receive last year.

22:33 - This national award honors inspiring college student leaders who have demonstrated an investment in finding solutions for challenges facing communities throughout this country.

22:44 - Through service, research, and advocacy, Newman Civic Fellows make the most of their college experiences to better understand themselves, the root causes of social issues, and effective mechanisms for creating lasting change.

22:57 - I am pleased to share the recipient of this year’s Newman Civic Fellow Award is Katherine Haley.

23:04 - Katherine plans to spend her next year as a Newman Civic Fellow creating a peer mentorship program within the Trio Program, a federally-backed program that assists students who face extra challenges, such as those who are economically disadvantaged or first in their family to go to college.

23:19 - Congratulations and best of luck to you, Katherine.

23:23 - Wishing you all a wonderful evening. And remember, stay safe.

23:27 - - Good evening, next on the agenda are the two Curriculum Awards.

23:34 - The Curriculum Awards are given to graduating students who are recognized for the characteristics of reliability, perseverance, and high academic quality.

23:50 - These awards express the college’s confidence in the recipient as they enter the world of business, community service or higher education.

24:05 - The Curriculum Awards are presented in two different categories.

24:12 - One for high academic achievement and one for perseverance and growth.

24:20 - Please welcome our academic leaders to read this year’s recipients.

24:26 - Congratulations to all. - The recipients of the Curriculum Award for High Academic Achievement for Arts and Humanities are Shelly Shaw, Deaf Studies, Elizabeth Camp, Art Transfer - Web Design, Julie Lemieux, Art Transfer - Fine Art, Paige Smiley, Art Transfer - Fine Art, Quintin Desmarais, Art Transfer - Fine Art, Hannah Sousa, Art Transfer - Graphic Design and Web Design Certificate, Laura Franco, Art Transfer - Fine Art.

25:10 - The recipients of the Curriculum Award for Perseverance and Growth for Arts and Humanities are Steven Fernandez, Art Transfer, Animation and Motion Graphics, Chelsea Martin, Art Transfer, Graphic Design and Web Design Certificate, Johnathan Davies, Art Transfer, Web Design and Media Arts, Aydee Morales Rivas, Liberal Arts - Humanities.

25:40 - Congratulations to all nominees and recipients.

25:43 - - The recipients of the Curriculum Award for High Academic Achievement for Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education are Arianna Rebelo, Psychology Transfer, Kwang Arnzen, Liberal Arts, Makenzie Craven, Liberal Arts, Landon Solina, Liberal Arts, Earnest Robert Arnold, Liberal Arts, Alexis Vivieros Branco, Human Services, Jeremy Messenger, Human Services, Amelia Moran, Human Services, Emily Austin, Early Childhood Education Licensure, Samantha Silveira, Early Childhood Education Licensure, Dakota Chixarro, Criminal Justice.

26:29 - The recipient of the Curriculum Award for Perseverance and Growth for Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education are Evelyn Martinez, Early Childhood Education, Sabrina Reed, Human Services, Lauren Masapollo, Liberal Arts, Jonathan Tonin, Liberal Arts, Yashley Edmond, Paralegal Studies.

26:53 - - The recipients of the Curriculum Award for High Academic Achievement for Business and Experiential Education are Klarisa DaSilva, Business Administration, Raya Brandoa-Mendes, Culinary Arts - Baking and Pastry.

27:11 - The recipients of the Curriculum Award for Perseverance and Growth for Business and Experiential Education is Terri Robinson, Business Administration.

27:21 - Congratulations, all. - The recipients of the Curriculum Award for High Academic Achievement in Health Sciences are Briannah Lopes, Medical Assisting, Carolyn Kritzas, Dental Hygiene, Melissa Bellefeuille, Clinical Laboratory Science, Michael Krawchuck, Clinical Laboratory Science.

27:48 - The recipients of the Curriculum Award for Perseverance and Growth for Health Sciences are Gabby Vultao, Clinical Laboratory Science, Olivia Towers, Dental Hygiene, Jessica Carmichael, Occupational Therapy Assistant.

28:07 - Congratulations, all. - The recipient of the Curriculum Award for High Academic Achievement for Nursing is Kimberly Wade.

28:17 - The recipient of the Curriculum Award for Perseverance and Growth for Nursing is Brittany Miller.

28:25 - Congratulations to you both. - The recipients of the Curriculum Award for High Academic Achievements for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

28:39 - Rebecca J. Szwaja, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Meralie Rivera, Engineering Transfer, Alexis Muse, Engineering Technology, Josh Puccio, Architectural and Civil Technology, Xiujuan Wu, Biology, Stacy Botelho, General Studies Health and Life Sciences, Ava Tavares, General Studies Health and Life Sciences, Sierra Pereira, General Studies Health and Life Sciences, Tania Turenne, General Studies Health and Life Sciences, Michael B.

Whitney, Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics, Sumedha Welgamage, Computer Information Systems, Arthur Tripp, Computer Information Systems, Peter Gomes, Computer Information Systems.

30:03 - The recipients of the Curriculum Award for Perseverance and Growth for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are Kayla St. Pierre, Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics, David Castles, Engineering Technology, Jestina Johnson, General Studies Health and Life Sciences, Paula Duarte, General Studies Health and Life Sciences, Xiujuan Wu, Life Sciences Biology, Taylor Coehlo, Liberal Arts Math and Science Transfer.

30:57 - - I now have the distinct honor of announcing our valedictorian and salutatorian of this year’s graduating class.

31:10 - Students graduating summa cum laude are invited to apply for the honor of giving the valedictory address.

31:22 - From the finalist, two students are selected to represent their classmates based on their academic excellence and community achievements.

31:36 - They are designated as valedictorian and the salutatorian of the class.

31:45 - This year’s salutatorian is Lydia Bolger. Lydia will graduate with an Associate in Science in Office Administration from the Executive Administrative Assistant Program.

32:02 - Lydia enrolled at Bristol in 2018 as an ambitious adult learner determined to achieve her lifelong goal of earning a college degree.

32:19 - After losing her job of 10 years to her company’s closing, Lydia decided to view her situation as a positive life-changing opportunity to begin her college education and pursue a new career.

32:41 - Lydia’s goal is to transfer to a four-year institution to earn her bachelor’s degree in computer science.

32:52 - She attributes her positive attitude and the support of Bristol’s faculty and staff for helping her persevere past obstacles and succeed while balancing her family responsibilities.

33:10 - Congratulations, Lydia. This year’s valedictorian is Katherine Haley.

33:18 - Katie will graduate with an Associate in Arts in the Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Transfer Program.

33:30 - Katie is a student leader focused on issues pertaining to homelessness and addiction.

33:38 - At Bristol, she excels academically and served the college as recording officer of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, a student advocate on the National Community College Funding Committee and as a Commonwealth Honors Programs Scholar.

34:04 - She credits Bristol’s dedicated faculty and staff for encouraging and challenging her both academically and personally to expand her horizons and explore opportunities that she had not considered.

34:24 - Katie has extended her critical work by volunteering in her community at the River to Recovery Substance Abuse Recovery Program and at Bristol’s monthly Mobile Food Market.

34:42 - Katie is passionate about assisting others.

34:46 - She will continue her education in the field of psychology with a focus on trauma.

34:54 - Congratulations, Katie. - Good evening, all, I’m JJ Massi.

34:59 - As a 2020 graduate, I’m very proud to be back here and have the honor of this evening of celebrating our 29 Who Shine recipient.

35:06 - The Massachusetts 29 Who Shine Award, of which I was privileged to receive last year, recognizes 29 outstanding student graduates from the Commonwealth’s public higher education system.

35:17 - It’s granted to those with stellar academic achievements, proven leadership potential, and a dedication to their communities.

35:24 - Here’s a little bit about our recipient from her nomination.

35:28 - This recipient gracefully balances many roles as a wife, mother, student leader, and tireless volunteer.

35:35 - While at Bristol, she’s excelled academically and held leadership roles as President of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, Vice President of the Commonwealth Honors Program Club, and Academic Chair of Bristol Student Senate.

35:48 - She is known for her positive attitude and regularly connects with students on Bristol’s campuses and social media platforms to provide guidance and encouragement.

35:57 - She’s equally dedicated to serving her community as a leading volunteer with Bristol’s Mobile Food Market.

36:03 - The recipient also served as president of her husband’s military unit Family Readiness Group and as a volunteer with the Fall River Women, Infants and Children’s Program.

36:14 - I’m pleased to announce Magielette Hudson as this year’s 29 Who Shine recipient.

36:20 - A huge congratulations to Maggie for this receipt of this statewide honor.

36:25 - Maggie will graduate this spring with an Associate in Arts in Business Administration Transfer.

36:30 - She will attend Bryant University to pursue a degree in human resource management.

36:36 - It was a pleasure to be a part of this celebratory evening, thank you.

36:40 - - Known as the President’s Award, the Mace and Shield is presented each year to a graduate who has rendered the highest quality service to the college and who has demonstrated outstanding leadership.

36:54 - The name of each recipient is inscribed on a plaque which is located permanently at the college.

37:03 - The Mace and Shield recipient was chosen out of the successful nominations of our Sceptre and Shield Awards.

37:11 - This year’s recipient had multiple nominations.

37:16 - I will quote an excerpt of the nominations now.

37:22 - Although the pandemic has caused some shifting, there are still ways for students to give back if they are willing to find them.

37:31 - The nominee has taken advantage of these opportunities and is flourishing in many aspects of campus life.

37:41 - She has represented Bristol in her work as the Chair of Academic Affairs with Bristol Student Senate, a leader of Phi Beta Kappa and the Commonwealth Honors Club, her work in the community as a military mom a volunteer with WIC and her leadership at the Bristol Mobile Food Market.

38:05 - She challenges herself. She sees an opportunity, she goes for it.

38:11 - But more importantly, if she sees a need, she wants to help.

38:17 - Her service to the betterment of the student experience at Bristol is invaluable.

38:24 - It is my pleasure to announce Magielette Hudson as this year’s Mace and Shield recipient.

38:32 - Congratulations, Magielette. You are an inspiration to us all, and we are grateful for your service to the college.

38:41 - That concludes our presentation this evening.

38:44 - Congratulations once again to all of the award recipients.

38:50 - Please join us for Bristol’s 54th commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 22, 2021 at 5:30 PM on Bristol’s 2021 commencement website, Facebook and YouTube pages.

39:07 - Wishing you all good health. (audience applauds).