Timothy Dixon (Jun 20, 2021) SHOCKING Prophetic Dream: 3 Leaders Die In The House/ Greatest July 4th

Jun 20, 2021 10:00 · 1927 words · 10 minute read

I want to begin with a prayer for get into Dream I asked you to move tonight I asked you y’all too I’ll break all these spirits and he’s forces Lourdes people hear that They don’t listen they don’t they don’t believe They don’t believe the The Bible they don’t believe nothing that they fear they don’t believe dreams they don’t leave Visions they don’t even believe in you But they’re here to discourage and to try to make God’s people down Lord my face in you it ain’t It ain’t nothing else just send you and you alone Ask you to open up everyone’s ears anoint them God Open Up Our Lives let’s go out through the land At the power Hope your spirit Lord go out to this land and Shake us Lord Your spirit is the one that’s doing the shaking in the shower It’s not man it’s not religion it’s not church It’s not a denomination is not a building that we put a name on and call it Church Good lord it’s your spirit in your power Nothing’s going to stop at Lauren Uvula give chance You going to give people chances to repent of their sins Before Before they stand before the judgement Before they stand one day Lord and he’ll give an account for everything they’ve ever done They’ll believe then They’ll believe then hard We thank you in the name of Jesus I want to Talk about a dream.

02:11 - The Lord give me Better few days ago when I first come back Got here to the house And up During the night I had dreamed Richard Chevrolet And I’d wake up back to sleep I dream again same dream wake up And just The stop The Revelation that God was giving me my soul Beyond Compare Before I get into it I want to say something and I’m going to say this for the Believers I’m not saying this for the critics cuz you ain’t But I’m going to say this part that I’m fixing to say here I must say it for you that believe The things that God has showed me Over year ago He showed me every detail Every single detail What happened On the six Of January Everything You can go back and listen to the dream God has spoken And and when something like this comes to You can believe the outcome of the rest of the dream is going to come No sitting president I didn’t understand it but I’m I’m telling you There’s a The normal There’s already a president we’re talkin stupid and crazy But What’s going in It is showing his whole world Is the Believers in the middle of God right now No I’m not crazy but you’re the one that’s going to be looking back He speaking to his people It’s never been like this before It’s He’s shaking like it’s been Not for a long time it has been I say is never been but that’s not true It has been But it’s been a long time a long time coming long time ago The actual real power of God shook people and change their line You’re the other night you said that He said you were in a battle But it’s spiritual warfare You cannot see or comprehend what we’re battling Someone that’s attacking you On the speed Roar Attacking your Eroder attacking you on your YouTube video or And all that there is something that should be on Straighten Straightened going to use them the devil’s going to use them But there is a time right now That guy Is going to lay the axe to the root of the trees And the Lord showed me lately that God’s going to bring things to pass just to instant It’s going to come to pass To make people realize that the Lord ain’t playing to make people realize And I haven’t But we’ve reached a place and a Time Bet bet that All the electronics Calling like my telephone here we don’t need a TV in there In the house You know how And I believe some things you can look at you can do But I’m telling you if it starts pulling you away from your dedication to God there’s something wrong with what you doing It’s better to It’s going to get your hair cut off Tronix in church on TV I like I like the internet top But I still believe that it’s Yourself somewhere another And get 1 - Emporium But I want you to know something Something tonight American Gods people It ain’t nothing but the devil doesn’t makes me afraid There’s nothing in my phone to make me doubt Cuz I believe Spanaway Anna Supernatural Is a supernatural God You can’t do all that you can’t make her ask him Jobs And it’s going to be A some kind of My church You something The only thing History only power of God it’s going to stand up against this evil that’s jumped Today’s is true Somebody He’s the same yesterday Took his hands and he scooped out the Canyons It is with his fingers he traced corpses the Sun out in the Moon.

10:32 - That I’m talking about Bye It’s the power It don’t matter what the I don’t hurt people that you given That was crucified from my sins and rose again Rrrr some some religions and some preachers don’t A pass that Extreme Ice Auger I’m sorry Big bro And it’s not this big black a big Banquet Hall I seen Joe Biden standing in the middle of the hall And he was standing in wall And a hand come out of the heavens with a finger The started scribbling on the walls And it said And he’s finished Your days are numbered God has counted them And your days are numbered Your life your day Call Antonio You better be ready to go when the Lord comes Cuz you’ll either go to heaven or hell Weather But I seen the handwriting on the wall The time is near the days are numbered Yeah I might be crazy But I’m pretty sure I know in whom I believe It won’t be Just a short time just short few days Don’t kiss is going to die in the streets And the people that was The one that was on the Donkey Because God is still but I seen the finger as Let your kingdom is don’t be divided Because I seen the hand And then It was because because God incoming took him There comes a time when You-know-who Hezekiah Anybody Years to his life because it’s repentance Mercy Just once before Her number Tessa Lord Asia Cup live Country In Washington You don’t care about you Because what Begin to walk out Shaking and trembling in his knees But but people It was written on the wall And I seen a man as he begin to walk down to a Vineyard Vineyard Some of them There Comes A Time.

No longer tolerate Is always Let us be Always strive with man Because of the Headsets Influential You don’t stand in Montgomery You don’t say I know everything’s going to be You know you’ve got to love and you’ve got to guess you got to love them But I’m going to tell you something Everything that’s been happening If you don’t begin the prayer This country Returning the hell with it Bible It’s time for us to get And say Lord Strang I want you to listen to me tonight I know that the things that’s going on that the Does not see because the media has hit it Going down Losing their positions in All kind of stuff but God spoken Justice playing Yes he did but he said it again before it ever started Rumble Creamery It was the voice of the Lord letting us know that he’s He’s going to rescue in this house That’s even anything He’s gonna he’s gonna shake Hallelujah and it’s going to be a great repentance But you’ll never Kill the spirit of God almighty Going to try Any beginning to get down somewhere inside of an altar forgive me Blowdown machines nod Transgressions it’s been against you Forgive me Lord for what I’ve done Lord I want to be a Christian Christian I want to be Like you Lord Doubt Call Marcia Florida God I repent for all The Lord forgive us and blot out our sins Charge Chains of Darkness Vlog Hallelujah God’s going to rain He’s going to stand he’s going to bring the Chariots of Fire he’s going to bring Angels down He’s going to jerk the top of them In the CIA Control Hallelujah because the Lord lazy eye It’s time Evil tree bring forth good fruit The Bible says it’ll be huge down We don’t see We’re fixing to see right here in a few days Who is Rihanna Fixing to find out Fixing to find out We fixing to find out like you-know-who Isabella You know the story if you know it If you don’t go back and read it it’s good read You know what He’s up in the upper room in the supper that night And the shop was fell asleep on me so forth they come back and And the church come to be crucified Spell knots Army Exactly What is he Peter Lawrence Peter learned something about yourself at night Diakonia What’s And he did not even know it We are finding something out Uncovered Nobody stands up God’s going to Cops fiction annoyed Jobs pandas fictional What I’m telling you Thank you Jesus Hallelujah Hello the Lord I believe it up Won’t notice Fannie walkthrough started chopping the trees down It’s never been.

28:53 - Would you believe and I believe I’ve got some Looking right now Sure StayWell maybe copy Change it Listen countless of people Will not change Somebody on your phone and tell him Hallelujah my pastor told me that McIntosh Alabama he was He was in a He preached that night you said you need Quinton Power He steal the Almighty He still can do anything he can he can Who Hallelujah Hallelujah Got out of the boat Started walking on the water HP Steel Your number If that’s what it takes God’s Gonna Cut You Down You can stand for the Lord but if you stand in his way If you do not Throw yourself on this Stone If the stone Dubai You’ll be broke I pray everyone is blessed by this if you want to write to us please write to us And in Post office box 417 Midland City Alabama 36350 And up Some of you has been really Cinnamon sending me pictures of of different ones that you wanted me to pray for I really I really I really like that I really like Being able to make Contact I’ve started Thing where I can look at every picture You’re in here what we praying And it’s just it’s a great lesson It’s a great blessing please continue to write to us and give us your prayer request I pray that the Lord blesses It is not over it’s far from being over Can’t you hear a power Ain’t you hear a cry coming out God bless yous my prayers Pray for me And I’ll pray for you.