2021 Moonman Ti 200 Titanium Fountain Pen Unboxing and Review

Jun 26, 2021 14:00 · 3010 words · 15 minute read

i am alignment for the county is hello there welcome to my channel my name is doug and i’m back with another fountain pen review and thank you in advance for liking and subscribing to my channel your support allows me to continue to do these reviews so thanks back in october 2020 i reviewed this wingsung 601 flighter style stainless steel vacuum attic with a hooded nib as i said in the review many times i’ll purchase a pen that i know personally i don’t prefer but i buy it just for the review i was expecting this pen to be the same as i don’t generally like hooded nibs however once i used the pen and especially after i upgraded the nib to a bobby bent nib it became one of my favorites and has made my top 10 list of 2020.

here it is 10 months later and i’ve done another upgrade where i added a stainless steel hood section to the wingsong 601 flighter which made it my favorite of favorites i have this pen with me always it goes out with me very few of my other pens leave the studio but this one goes with me everywhere i use it constantly for making lists jotting down notes taking measurements of other pens for my reviews and so forth it is always inked with eroshizuku takisume and ready to go and write all the time every time so it’s going to take quite the pen to knock this one off its pedestal i saw the early listings of the new moon man ti 200 titanium fountain pen with a price tag that made me laugh i ignored it it isn’t even a vacuumatic pump filler but a cartridge converter and the specification said it weighed more than my stainless steel flighter if it’s titanium how can the same size pen be heavier than the stainless steel version titanium is lighter than stainless steel then a viewer asked if i was going to pick one up for review i said nah it’s obviously stainless steel and they jacked up the price and called it titanium but then i thought inquiring minds want to know so i bit the bullet and i took one for the team and i ordered one from bobby on aliexpress i was interested to see if i could tell if it’s truly titanium as there are some science experimenty kind of tests you can perform so is it titanium or is it a ripoff let’s find out right now okay this is a new pen day and i’m actually very excited about this pen even though i didn’t want to buy it one of my viewers informed me that there was a new moon man fountain pen that was titanium and it’s the ti 200 and i looked at it way overpriced and looked at the weight and there’s no way that it’s titanium but then i thought well inquiring minds want to know is it really titanium or not because i have a wingsung 601 flighter which i’ve converted to all stainless steel and put a fuday nib into and i use this pen every single day it’s marvelous and it’s half the cost i think of the moon man so let’s see whether this stainless steel wingsong 601 flighter with all of its upgrades is the same or different than this new moon man inquiring minds want to know and here is the pen but the key thing is going to be is that stainless steel or is that titanium let’s find out so what i’d like to do today is go over the parts and features of this pen show some size comparisons some measurements and then provide a writing sample after the writing sample please stay tuned as i will talk about what i like and what i don’t like so much about this fountain pen so my personal inquiring mind wanted to know a couple of things the moment i unboxed this supposedly titanium fountain pen question one is it real titanium question two is it worth 67.

69 u. s including shipping i should update that actually because you can now get this pin for 57. 72 on ebay and there is a new 14k gold nib version of this for 93. 87 u. s question three is it sufficiently better than my wingsung 601 stainless steel flighter vacuumatic to warrant the extra cost i’ll try to answer those three questions but first let’s examine the moon man or mojang ti 200 overall this is a sleek sexy looking pen with a brushed steel look for now let’s just call it brushed titanium from the top we have a conical finial in brushed titanium this edge here is actually sharper than i’d like in fact all the edges on this fountain pen are sharper than i like there’s a slight seam here right there indicating that the top finial is this entire piece the clip is a very sleek three faceted design that tapers to a point and is the only thing on the pen that is chrome plated the clip is stiff but that upturned tip and narrow point make it usable the cap tapers up to the end of the cap where we see a laser etched moon man logo this is very simple and preserves the sleek unadorned design of this pen the barrel tapers all the way down to another conical end finial the cap snaps off to reveal the long tapering section of this hooded nib pen just for a moment let’s compare the length and girth of this hooded section with the classic parker 51 and now with the wingsung 601 flighter the moonman section is very long and thin compared to the other two and while we’re comparing notice that moon man doesn’t have the normal p51 style clutch ring but they’ve incorporated something very similar to the little ears you see on the lamy 2000 here’s my lamy 2000 and you can see the tiny little ears there that aid in capping this pen and here you see there are three not two let’s take a closer look at this nib now this isn’t a stock moon man nib that was a steel extra fine nib that came with the pen i wrote with that nib right out of the box and i have a photo of the writing experience for you but suffice it to say i was totally underwhelmed by the dry thin line it produced i wasn’t actually surprised as i had anticipated i wouldn’t like the nib i’ve said before that i dislike hooded nibs for their total lack of character and that includes this 1954 parker 51 but i had a plan in my review of my jin howe 85 i tried everything to get the hood off of this pen and replace the nib with one of my wonderful bobby bent nibs if you have little ones within earshot send them away or plug their ears because i’m going to swear now warning the following video contains strong language which may be offensive to some viewers or inappropriate for children the content within this video is intended for mature audiences only are they gone okay good i boiled the [ __ ] out of this pen and it actually deformed the plastic of the section and i still didn’t get the hood off and that actually reminds me of a joke my sister-in-law jane used to tell she was making dinner for win and she said she was going to make their mom’s recipe gourmet pea shells that sounds exotic quinn said how do we make it and jane said well you take some peas canned or frozen doesn’t matter put them in a pot of water and boil the [ __ ] out of them until nothing is left but shells gourmet pea shells my mother-in-law was a lousy cook what a lousy cook i don’t think meatloaf should glow in a dark i leave dental floss in the kitchen the roaches hang themselves brother used to say he was 16 before he realized eggs weren’t black and chicken wasn’t pink but enough of cooking and back to this boiled pen gourmet boiled pen section i took some online advice and tried pulling the nib with a pair of nail clippers from the front of the pen and it worked like a charm and i don’t like this jinhao 85 at all and that was my last of four bobby bent nibs that was in this pen you can get the bobby bent nibs from his etsy page i’ll link it in the description so i pulled the moon man nib out with a pair of nail clippers and it came out very easily and pushed in the bobby vent nib that was in my gin howe 85 easy peasy it took one minute i’ll talk more about it in my likes and dislikes the section unscrews to reveal the moon man converter which looks as wide as both platinum and pilot converters on first glance but it’s neither of those sizes interestingly though it’s identical in size to the converter in the wingsung 628 i shouldn’t have pulled that converter out now i got takasumi all over me oh well you look like a bundle of something that’s fallen off a garbage truck what a mess and here we see a nice addition of a silicone o-ring right here on the bottom of the section the inside of the cap shows a plastic liner to help keep the nib from drying out the cap posts very deeply and very securely and makes the pen nicely balanced the pen looks awesome posted so why wouldn’t you post unposted the pen is slightly better balanced towards the nib so there’s one reason you might want to not post but i love writing with it like this i bought this pen from bobby’s alley express store for 67.

69 u. s including shipping the pen is now available on ebay in both steel and 14 karat gold nib options but it is yet to be available on etsy now let’s answer inquiring minds question number one is this titanium or just stainless steel i was prepared to do a physics experiment to measure the density of the cap on the ti 200 and compare it to the density of the cap on the 601 flighter to do that i hung the caps by some thread into a container of water and measured the resulting displacement on my digital scale then i compared my results with a density chart for stainless steel and titanium titanium should be in the four and a half grams per cubic centimeter range where stainless steel should be in the eight grams per cubic centimeter range then i took the weight of the cap and divided it by the displacement i found i compared that number to the density of the material i got 3.

42 for the moon man titanium and 4. 95 for the wing-sung stainless steel the titanium is certainly less than the stainless steel but the numbers just don’t seem right so i figured i’ve screwed up my understanding of physics somehow i’m sure some of you will correct me there are obviously other materials in these caps including plastic and brass so i’m sure that’s throwing the figures off the only way to get a pure result was to cut off pieces of the metal to perform the test so no thanks then i watched chris repsayek’s review of the pen as a metallurgist i figured if anyone balked at its authenticity it would be chris but he had no problems with it then i tried my brain again these two pens are relatively equal in terms of size and shape the 601 flighter has an entire vacuumatic piston mechanism in it and has more ink in it than the moon man and yet the moon man is still five grams heavier than the flighter um isn’t titanium lighter than stainless steel i know that’s not scientific or definitive but it just feels wrong then i started seeing the ti 200 being called different names on ebay and aliexpress one said titanium alloy and another said stainless steel ti-200 sounds to me like the resellers are trying to keep from having their customers complain a little bit of cover your butt happening i’m willing to believe this is titanium alloy in that it is stainless steel with a pinch of titanium dust thrown into the melting pot that makes the quote alloy titanium is very expensive currently around forty dollars a pound so i’m very dubious that this is titanium that’s my story and i’m sticking to it and now let’s look at some size comparisons and here we are with the moon man ti-200 with a wingsung flighter a lamy studio palladium it’s not really palladium a waterford marquee and a hero 9315 now let’s look at them posted and here they are posted notice how short the moon man becomes compared to the wing song when posted and the moon man is longer than the wing song when capped now let’s look at some measurements and i’ll be back with a writing sample and we’re back with the writing portion of the review this is clairfontaine 90 gsm paper and this is the moon man ti 200 and it has a steel bobby bent nib let’s check the wetness it’s decently wet for a hooded nib and let’s take a look at the original nib writing sample you can see how dry and thin the line was i wrote just these lines and that was enough for me i’m sure those of you that like extra fine lines might like the nib if you smoothed it out a bit with some micro mesh for me it just wasn’t worth the effort this nib is smooth and has tons of character and the ink today is montblanc amethyst i think amethyst purple sometimes i’ve seen it called here’s a swatch of the mount blanc amethyst purple i only have a sample of this but i’m really liking it what’s cool about this color is that while you’re writing with it and it’s wet it comes out quite reddish in fact with my sample i don’t know whether you’ll be able to see this or not but if you look through the glass or the plastic here you’ll see that it almost looks red but then when it dries it dries to this much more towards violet side of purple as to line variation well you’re not going to get any line variation by pressure vertical strokes are about 0.

5 millimeters and the horizontal strokes are about 0. 8 that’s not zero 0. 5 0. 8 millimeters so that means it goes from a western fine to almost a broad and a japanese fine medium to abroad and for our quote and for some reverse writing actually does right very very very thin line so this is a lot of variation that you’re getting from this pen and some quick writing yeah that feed keeps up very nicely so what do i like and what do i not like about this fountain pen well let’s answer some of those other questions here question two is this pen worth sixty seven dollars u.

s my answer no it isn’t now that i put the bobby bent nib on it i really like this pen but still what about question three is it worth the extra over the cost of my flighter well just for grinners let’s calculate what my 601 flighter cost me so the wingsung 601 lighter model cost me 25 and 20 cents u. s including shipping and i paid six dollars and 80 cents for the four bobby bent nibs so a dollar seventy each then i paid 19 including shipping for the hood so that’s 45 90 u.

s compared to the moon man ti 200 which i paid 69 37 sorry 39 us and i included the dollar 70 for the nib that i put in this pen which makes the difference here between these two pens 23 dollars and 49 cents u. s so the answer is no it’s not worth the 23. 50 uh difference between the two pens and let’s discuss the new 14 karat gold nib option here for a moment what is the advantage of a 14 karat gold hooded nib you can’t see it it won’t be soft or springy or have any line variation here is the parker 51 from 1954.

it has a 14 karat gold fine nib and it is as stiff as a nail not springy doesn’t have any line variation the only reason for having gold in this pen is for longevity gold will resist corrosion much longer than steel will if you want your chinese pen to last a long time just keep it clean and don’t store it inked up in a drawer for 30 years better yet get a gold nib that you can see has some spring to it on a pen that has a lifetime warranty of course that’ll cost you in my opinion the gold nib on the ti 200 is a ridiculous waste of money now the gold nib on this wing song 628 now there’s some money well spent as this nib does have some character and a little bit of bounce to it as you can see and there you have it if you like this video please like and subscribe and don’t forget to ring that bell to get instant notifications whenever a new video is posted and that just leaves it for me to say thank you for watching and that’s all she wrote i made this.