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[RUN BTS EP. 132 77 Minute Debate 2] [This content was sponsored by THE PLAZA] [Last episode] [Last week!] Where are we! [Pool with wide windows] I can see the Seoul City Hall.

00:22 - [Huge set] Yes, the PLAZA HOTEL where you can see the City Hall.

00:24 - [They had to keep the words “RUN BTS” on their palms] Everyone! Let’s begin the debate.

00:28 - [They had to guess what were the forbidden actions and words] [while being thrown water bombs] No but… No! Don’t you know crispy on the outside and moist in the inside? [They must continue the 77 minute debate while all this is going on!] You mean hard and mushy! How far are you taking the crispy and moist thing? [But the water bombs continue!] What’s the problem! Say Something! [The debate is not important anymore!] Rebuttal! Rebuttal! [Is this really a debate… ?] - No. - It’s not broken is it? Say something! [What will happen to the debate?!] When does this debate end? [77 minute debate, Round 4!] Now~ Let’s go! [4th topic] Wash your face first VS brush your face first.

01:05 - [V & Jimin & SUGA all shout out brush first] - Of course you have to brush first. - Brush first! - Of course brushing your teeth first! - Brush your teeth first! [Finally he found the right team] Definitely brush your teeth first! [Jung Kook & RM & Jin] Are we the brushing team? - Washing! - Washing! [Forbidden word for washing team “I… “, brushing team, “I think”] [Today’s 77 minute debate] [Highlight] [Round 4, forbidden action is turning around & touching their hair] [Moderator j-hope] - We’ll begin the debate now.

  • Brushing, right? Go? Go? [Round 4 begins~!] [Get’s up] Do you wash your face first when you shower or…

01:31 - [Water bomb in the very beginning] Let’s start with a cool shower Mr. Moderator.

01:34 - [But getting up is not the forbidden action… ] Let’s take a nice shower Mr. Moderator.

01:38 - [What happened just now… ?] Let’s take a nice shower Mr. Moderator.

01:42 - [If RM isn’t the one who caused it, who is it~?] [It was Jimin] - We’ll begin the debate. - Is it the start? [Jimin touched his hair as soon as the debate started] Do you wash your face first or…

01:51 - [Jin wants to find out what the forbidden action is] [Conan Jin wants to find out] j-hope has no reaction whatsoever.

01:57 - [Hint 1. Hitting the desk (X)] j-hope has no reaction whatsoever.

02:00 - - What is this? Who was it? - j-hope. - Newcomer ceremony. - You can’t get up! [Hint 2. Not getting up (X)] You can’t get up! [A newcomer’s ceremony for j-hope~] j-hope it was a newcomer’s welcome.

02:08 - [j-hope is a professional MC] [Shall we continue?] When you shower…

02:09 - [Nope! Another water attack] [Hint 3. The forbidden word is “now” (X)] You can’t say “no”! [Hint 4. Not using your hands (X)] What about your hands?! What?! [What is it?] [j-hope is trying to start the debate again] What is it? Do you wash your face first or…

02:23 - [No way] [Jung Kook took off his goggles and touched his hair] Do you wash your face first? [Let’s please start the debate now!] Do you wash first or brush your teeth first? Let’s start the debate, everyone! Please continue.

02:32 - [We thought that Jung Kook would be done with turning his face but… ] [RM triggered it!] Everyone.

02:36 - [Nice and cool~] Everyone. Don’t! J! J! - What? - J! [Now it’s time for the moderator j-hope to give you a present~] What is it? [Can’t believe it] He said “j”, “j”.

02:46 - - “J”? - No, no. Please. [Water attack +1] Come on.

02:55 - [He touched his hair so another water bomb +1] No, wait.

02:56 - [Not a word but some action!] [RM finally got it] - It’s not a word. It’s an action. - Hey SUGA.

02:58 - [But the water bomb continues… ] Don’t do anything suspicious! [OK] - I think many people will relate to this. - Yes.

03:11 - If you brush your teeth during your shower (?) - you get the foam all over your face~ - Yes! - And it stings~ - Yes! And it’s a mess! [Jung Kook’s attack!] - Who spits it out on your body? - I know! - Moderator. [Jimin do you… ?] - You must do that then? [What?] Do you do that? Yes~ I do that! Everyone, brush your teeth first! [He touched his hair] His forehead is so handsome] [The brushing team continues to speak] Everyone.

03:40 - When do you usually shower? You usually take a shower in the morning, right? No! Before you go to bed! [First things first, water attack!] I take one in the night and in the morning.

03:49 - [He keeps touching his hair instead of moderating the debate] - In the morning. - Wait.

03:54 - [Debate can’t continue] [2 attacks in a row thanks to j-hope] When you wake up…

03:56 - [Doesn’t listen to the other team] - No. - Do you know how many germs are in your mouth? [The washing team tries to guess the forbidden word] Wait.

04:00 - [Here is the water attack that you ordered~] When you wake up.

04:03 - [Wait!] - No. - Do you know how many germs…

04:04 - [It looks like he figured something out?] Don’t touch your hair! Your hair! [j-hope touches it as soon as he warns everyone] Don’t do it! Don’t touch your hair.

04:12 - [How are you not supposed to touch your hair at times like this… ?] Don’t.

04:14 - j-hope, don’t touch your hair. j-hope, don’t touch your hair~ Don’t touch our hair? [WOW] [Look at j-hope’s hair] Don’t touch our hair? Yes~ Please continue~ j-hope is so ugly right now! [He’s so sweet for touching his hair instead of him] I’ll do it for you.

04:29 - - Yes. - If someone else touches it… [No can do] - Don’t get up. - Don’t touch! Don’t touch your hair! [The brushing team resumes the debate~!] Continue talking about brushing.

04:36 - When you wake up, there’s a ton of germs in your mouth.

04:40 - - You can’t even count them all. - Yes. So they say that you shouldn’t even drink water before you brush your teeth.

04:45 - [Really?] When you go to work or go to school, what do people say when you don’t wash before leaving the house? [What?] They say you smell like poo! They say you smell like poo! What? Poo? [j-hope is loving the poo comment] You can skip washing your face but…

05:02 - You can skip washing your face but~ I can’t stand my mouth smelling that bad! [The face washing team is asking for a chance to speak] I’ll talk now! Yes, rebuttal? [What will Jin’s rebuttal be?] Yes, rebuttal! It’s not anything special, but I’ll go.

05:13 - [Since it’s not anything special, let’s start with some water~] [V dodged easily~] [j-hope got some special hair styling done that covers his view] - Hair~ Hair~ - Sorry~ The water keeps falling.

05:25 - [RM gave him some special tips] Hold on to your hands, hold on to your hands.

05:27 - [He looks so cute with his hands to his sides] - I’ll speak. - Yes.

05:29 - - Brushing your teeth when showering is… - Yes.

05:33 - They’re two different things. [Jung Kook agrees] - Right. - You should brush your teeth first.

05:37 - [Listening to what he has to say] You should brush first and shower later [Looks like he just took a shower] or shower first and then - brush your teeth. - Right. - Yes.

05:43 - Showering and brushing your teeth are two different things.

05:46 - You should brush your teeth after you’re done showering everyone! [If they’re same, why don’t you just do it while you’re using the toilet?] - After using the toilet. - Then.

05:51 - Why don’t you just brush your teeth and shower after using the toilet then? It makes no sense to shower after using the toilet! Because the shower booth is inside the bathroom.

05:57 - [Can RM even see SUGA… ?] You’re dismissing the facts and tricking people with - incorrect information. - You’re adding on to the confusion.

06:07 - [Listen to me~] - I’ll tell you. - Yes. [RM steps up to clear things up] What do people usually wash first? [The outside? Or the inside?] The outside or the inside? We start with the outside. Right? [What are you talking about? People wash the inside first!] The inside comes first.

06:15 - [If you start with the inside] [It’s sad] If you start with the inside, you can get hurt.

06:17 - [That’s why people say that?] - That’s why people say you can get hurt. - Then…

06:19 - [2nd version of crispy outside, moist inside] - That’s right. - It’s really upsetting.

06:21 - [You can hurt your feelings but no the outside!] But there’s no such thing is hurting the outside.

06:22 - That’s because you start with the outside. [So you should start with the outside!] - Yes. - You should wash your face first. - Yes.

06:26 - And then brush your teeth… - Out with the outside! Out with the outside! - Yes.

06:31 - Out with the outside. [Not much time left] Be quiet. Please continue.

06:35 - [What do Korean people say the most?] What do Korean people say the most? - Oh~ I brushed my teeth! (?) - That sort of thing? - Yes.

06:40 - [Korean people use “oh” the most] I think it’s “oh”. “Oh”! Oh? Oh~? Oh~ [If you put “oh” in between “yangchi” (brush)?] Try placing that in between the word brush in Korean.

06:47 - What does it turn into? Yangahchi!(bully) [They’re like bullies!] They keep saying these bully-like remarks.

06:52 - - They’re unbelievable! - You are bullies! Don’t be ridiculous! He’s saying nonsense and making fun of this debate! - Yes! - You’re the bully! [Us?] [RM is approaching this in a linguistic manner] - It’s a linguistic approach. - Yes.

07:08 - There’s something else I want to say. - RM. - Yes.

07:12 - Before you call us a bully, go brush your teeth first! [Brush attack] [RM always washes his face first and then brushes~] I’ll go wash my face.

07:17 - I’ll go wash my face! [Jimin touched his hair] Shall we all wash our faces? [Right now then! [Thank you RM] Great! [j-hope touched his hair again] How do you feel? [j-hope must have wanted to wash his face too] [He can’t see in front of himself] [The 4th debate is over] Now…

07:41 - [Round 5] [V is the moderator this time] - Everyone. - Shall we hurry? - Don’t twist or anything. - Yes.

07:46 - [I’m not going to do any forbidden actions] Nope. Never.

07:49 - [Let’s go~] Let’s go! [Round 5 begins!] [The topic of the 5th debate] The kelp piece that goes in the ramen.

07:59 - Eat VS don’t eat. [RM has something to say before they start] Let me say something before we start.

08:05 - [What is he going to say. . ?] [Is it something important?] V! [Me… ?] V.

08:12 - Are you sure you want to wear your cap like that~? I’m just thinking.

08:15 - [Bewildered] - Me? - Yes. [He thought RM is talking about bending forward] Don’t bend forward? I’m talking about your cap V.

08:19 - [V understood and turned his cap around] [Hahahaha] You tried to get away with that! [Come on water bomb~!] - Come on! - OK! [V is calling the water as if he would call a puppy] Come on! Show us! Everyone, let’s begin the debate~ [Checking for forbidden actions] - What are we doing? - Let’s start! What? Not eating? [It’s not getting up?] The kelp piece in the ramen noodles~ [The water bomb starts them off] Do you eat… [Blank] [Nice and cool water bomb for V as well!] [Hahahaha] [Jimin is laughing along with V too] Don’t cross your legs, don’t cross your legs! [Why did they get sprayed, all he did was wipe his googles] Why did we get sprayed? [Forbidden actions: touching their goggles & raising hands] [Please conduct the debate Moderator V~!] Please conduct the debate.

09:00 - [Here you go] - Mr. Kelp! - Mr. Kelp? [Moderator V isn’t thinking straight yet] Aren’t you for eating the kelp? [When in doubt, water bombs help!] [Jimin touched his goggles in a cool manner] Aren’t you for eating the kelp? Can I say my first comment? [The first comment was stopped by the water attack] [RM raised his hand] Can I say my first comment? [V still looks like he stepped out of a pictorial~] [Angry] Don’t raise your hand! [He won’t raise his hand anymore, please let RM speak~] I won’t raise my hand.

09:25 - I won’t raise my hand! Can I say my first remark? [j-hope raised his hand and wiped his goggles] Yes, I’ll go.

09:31 - [After blaming RM, SUGA touched his goggles] What? What? Why, why! [j-hope’s face can’t ever get dry] Don’t touch your hair.

09:37 - - Don’t touch your hair! - It’s not hair. [Where’s V’s water bomb… ?] - Don’t touch your hair! - I didn’t.

09:41 - - Let’s let the goggles pass! Read it correctly! - Bring it! [Come on, let us touch our goggles!] Let us touch our goggles.

09:45 - - Makes sure you read it correctly! - Bring it! It says glasses, right?! [Yes… That’s correct… ] What? [V keeps provoking the water bomb] Come here! - So. - Yes.

09:55 - [T zone cool guy] [What are the 3 lucky strikes in Korea?] In Korea, there are 3 lucky strikes.

10:01 - [1. Lotto 2. Pension lottery] First, Lotto. 2nd, pension lottery and third [The 3rd is the two pieces of kelp!] is the 2 pieces of kelp! - 2 pieces of kelp! - Yes! [It means that you’re lucky!] It brings luck.

10:08 - [Kelp = luck] It means luck. [Where does kelp come from?] Do you know where the word kelp comes from? [Jung Kook touched his goggles] Dashi (again).

10:13 - [According to SUGA] Don’t ever put it in again.

10:15 - [Dashima (kelp) means: “Don’t eat this again”] Get it? Don’t ever put it in again! [He touched his goggles again… ] [Suddenly gets up?] [Turns his cap around again!] [Seems like he’s preparing something… ] I’ll speak.

10:27 - I’ll speak! [j-hope touched his goggles again] [Changed into Michael T-son~] [Wow he had a plan!] Kelp.

10:35 - [The kelp eating team’s turn!] I’ll speak for our team.

10:37 - [Look at Jin touch his goggles~] - Look. - Yes.

10:39 - [When will they talk?] [Waiting for the water bomb] [V makes it look like a performance!] [Cool] Look! [They’re getting angry at V trying to look cool and not moderating] Moderator, please moderate the debate! Sit down.

10:52 - [Let Jin speak~] I’ll talk. [Everyone is focusing on Jin] Look! Look! Moderator! Please moderate.

11:00 - What~? [V can’t hear very well] What did you say~? Look! [Jin continues to speak] Kelp! Everyone, kelp is a type of food, right? [I have my own swag!] - Yes. - But…

11:12 - [Continues to speak] But how come you throw away a fine piece of food that you bought? [Jung Kook doesn’t know that this is a forbidden action yet] What is it? [Time for meditation under the water] Everyone! Everyone! [Loves his goggles] Usually the kelp…

11:28 - Usually, [Why do people use kelp when cooking?] why do people use kelp for cooking? [Jung Kook’s goggles are meant to be touched] For the broth! [Suddenly starts laughing?] You use it to make broth [Finally gets it?!] then you remove the kelp and put the noodle.

11:40 - [Fact checking] You’re not supposed [Don’t eat it!] [Jimin is speaking fervently without knowing what’s going on] to eat the kelp.

11:43 - It’s not different with ramen. Don’t eat the kelp.

11:46 - Thank you. [Another water attack as he puts his goggles on] [Nods] [Come on~ Why another one?] [You can see his teeth] [He thinks it’s hilarious] Don’t touch your faces~! [Tied his hand with towels] I have my hands completely tied.

12:00 - [Another water bomb nonetheless?!] [Jung Kook is the culprit] [As long as he’s having fun… we’re having fun too] [Except for the members] We’ll need goggles.

12:10 - [V is staring at the water nozzle] [Want some? Here you go!] [V got sprayed in the face] [Got it] - Next. - Anyway, I think [The kelp eating team continues with the debate] that you should eat the kelp.

12:28 - I think the kelp is the highlight of the ramen noodles everyone.

12:32 - [He’s such a joker] [So much fun] - Great. Well, but…

12:36 - [Moderator V steps in!] But everyone… [What is he going to say?] Let’s say whoever comes up with a more fun poem is the winner! [All of a sudden?] All of a sudden? What kind of debate is this? [Each teammate has to come up with a line!] - Everyone. - Then…

12:49 - - One by one. - OK. [Moderate V is so serious about this] “Da”, “shi”, “ma”. “Da”, “shi”, “ma”.

12:53 - [When BTS does debate, is becomes an entertainment show!] It’s suddenly turned into an entertainment show! [What’s this] “Da”! Life is like that~ “Shi”! The beginning is what’s hard.

13:04 - “Ma”! Hey! Do you want to die? [A water bomb to end the poem with a splash] [Jung Kook touched his glasses again quietly] [Here’s someone that’s always being attack without notice] They’re saying from above that it was no fun.

13:20 - [Jung Kook did that] [Now it’s the other team’s turn!] What about you? “Da”! [Jung Kook is touching his glasses again] I won’t ever put them in again! “Shi”! - Sihyuk won’t put them in either~ - That’s right! “Ma”! That’s right! [Ha] [Thanks to the last part] We won.

13:42 - [They think that they’ve won for sure] We won, we won! - Moderator. - Yes.

13:45 - [What happens now… ?] Is this how the debate continues? First of all I…

13:50 - Don’t tell us your personal opinions! Then…

13:53 - [Rubbing] Why did kelps come into being? [It seems like he was born to be sprayed with water] Why did kelps come into being? They didn’t want to be born in the first place! Why were kelp born? [Suddenly they start talking about the being of kelp] I honestly have no idea.

14:10 - Kelp is a type of seaweed! [He’s just enjoying the water bombs] I don’t know! [The others are being punished for Jung Kook’s actions] I don’t know! I don’t know! [I don’t know] I don’t.

14:23 - [Thanks to Jung Kook, the 5th debate ends with a splash!] [The 6th topic] Here is your next topic.

14:29 - Do you eat the rice in the sikhye (sweet rice drink) or no.

14:34 - Oh~ Are you all ready? [Jimin is the moderator!] When I say go, you begin.

14:38 - OK, got it. Now~ Let’s Right away.

14:43 - Do you eat the rice in your soup? I don’t~ - I don’t eat them. - Then you just drink the broth? [SUGA has stopped eating carbs] - He doesn’t eat them. - I don’t eat carbs.

14:51 - [No but I saw you eat some?!] I saw you eat some.

14:54 - Yes, I do eat them. It’s good. [Jin’s opinion] Like the rice in your soup, you should eat the rice in your Shikhye.

15:03 - [Meaning Sikhye and Gukbap are on the same plane?] Then, are you saying that you think of Sikhye and Gukbap on the same terms? I cannot accept that! SUGA.

15:09 - [Team Won’t Eat the Rice Grains saying “Gukbap=/= Sikhye”] - I can’t accept that. - Is the rebuttal over? - What was that? - Is the rebuttal over? [Master at noticing things like this] He’s leading! You shouldn’t answer right now. The emcee is leading you to get something.

15:18 - - RM! - Yes! [The forbidden word the MC chose for Team Won’t Eat is “Yes”] Yes.

15:25 - [RM walked right into Jimin’s trap] Eating the rice grains in Sikhye…

15:28 - [RM’s standing up?] - What do you think, V? - First of all, I…

15:33 - [Forbidden action: Standing up & raising hands] [V blocking with the water bottles] [Water bombing brought on by curiosity] - What? - I just tried it. Sorry.

15:40 - [V on Team Eat the Rice Grains starts his argument] Yes, please go ahead and talk, V.

15:41 - First of all, not eating the rice grains in Sikhye - means that you should never put rice in any other soup-based food. - It’s not food! - It’s a dessert! - This thing called Sikhye is - a natural food. - That’s right.

15:56 - Back in the days, with this Sikhye, [Sikhye was a food that gave people happiness?] they tried to give happiness to people.

15:59 - It’s the food they made for that purpose. [Objection from sharp SUGA] What’s the origin? What basis do you have that it gives happiness? [Be quiet!] Be quiet! After only eating the discharges! [What does he mean, discharges?] - You’d throw the rest away? - Discharges.

16:09 - - Yes, that’s right. - Right. - Discharges are bad things. - Discharges? [V language making appearance today also] - You mean juice? - Hey you Sikhye.

16:14 - It’s something that comes out when you’re hurt! - Hey, you Sikhye. - Are you hurt? [Funny “discharge” argument is still on his mind] - Discharges… - I’ll say this really quickly.

16:21 - If those rice grains were supposed to be chewed on and eaten, [It would’ve been cooked rice] it would’ve been just rice.

16:25 - [But it’s got “grains” after the rice] - But it’s got “grains” after the rice. - That’s right.

16:28 - Rice grains have the “grain rights”, too. [Human rights for humans, grain rights for rice grains (?)] As people have human rights, rice grains have their “grain rights”.

16:33 - By squeezing out the soupy part of Sikhye, the rice grains have - already finished their duties. - They have. They have. - That’s right.

16:38 - I’ll add to that. If the rice grains were the main focus, [They would’ve made it easy to get rice grains out of the canned Sikhye] in the canned Sikhye that we enjoy would’ve been built in a way that leads the rice grains to come out well. However.

16:46 - - That’s right. - Why do you think [Why the rice grains don’t come out of canned Sikhye well?] the rice grains don’t come out well? Jung Kook! - Jung Kook. - Yes! [Jung Kook got played by Jimin] Do you accept that? - Yes! - Do you accept that? - We shouldn’t say “Yes”. Don’t say “Yes”.

16:58 - Okay! V. [Not “Yes”] [Forbidden word for the rice eating is “Okay”] - Okay, V. - Yes. - Do you accept that? [Jimin’s attempt continues] Attention. Please focus on what I say and make your case.

17:06 - Don’t answer to what the emcee says. Don’t answer to what the emcee says.

17:09 - [Do you all know what Sikhye means?] Do you all know what Sikhye means? [Officially according to V] It’s written with Sik for eating and Hye for generous! It’s a generous eating thing.

17:14 - [j-hope stood right up] [V blocks the water with crazy quick response] [On the other hand, RM gets generous helping of water bombs] [Jimin’s water streaming looking much stronger, well, that’s just in my head, right?] Why did you get up? [j-hope apologizes right away] - Sorry. - j-hope stood up, right? [He stood up without realizing it himself with that “Generous eating thing” speech] Sorry.

17:26 - I got up without realizing it. [Everyone, BTS is one in body and soul, right?] Everyone, we’re one in body and soul, right? - Right. - If 6 of the 7 in BTS were to go off somewhere to have fun, leaving 1 behind, how sad with that 1 person feel? - Right. - Sikhye is one in body and soul as well.

17:42 - That one person is the rice. Right. The 2 parts to Sikhye, the rice grains and the watery part of Sikhye, they are one in body.

17:47 - If they are taken apart, the rice grains of Sikhye will feel extremely said.

17:50 - I think that this argument has a point! [j-hope standing up with a point] Don’t you stand up! [Tries to block with his arm] [Since BTS is one in body and soul, water bombs are shared among all, not leaving anyone behind] Don’t you stand up, j-hope.

18:00 - [About 2 minutes are left on the debate] Everyone, we don’t have much time left.

18:03 - Since we don’t have a lot of time left, we’ll just hear from 1 representative from each team.

18:04 - [One from each team will make a statement] We’ll take one from each team.

18:06 - [Final argument by RM, representing Team Won’t Eat] People suffer the most from obesity.

18:08 - [The disease people suffer the most today is obesity] [What does obesity have to do with rice grains in Sikhye?] A lot of sugar goes into making Sikhye.

18:13 - [Sikhye has a lot of sugar, increasing chances of obesity] - Higher chances of obesity! Moreover, - And we… - Right.

18:16 - [As a worldwide K-idol,] Moreover, we are K-idols, aren’t we? [BTS is always on a strict dietary plan] We’re always on a strict dietary plan.

18:20 - - If you eat even the rice grains along with Sikhye, that’s… - But you don’t follow the diet plan! I’ll be do it starting tomorrow…

18:24 - - You! - I’ll be do it. - Anyways, rice grains are bad! [Team Won’t Eat the Rice Grains] They’re hellbent on [are hellbent on separating families, huh?] separating family members.

18:30 - But I’ve seen you leaving food on the plate, too.

18:32 - That’s… [Stuck with words] - Right. - And, you said [Rice grains & sweet water] [Said that they’re sad when you leave 1] they’re sad when left alone.

18:36 - It’s all the more reason you should let the rice grains stick together.

18:39 - [If MC Jimin were on Team Eat the Rice Grain] If I were on this side, [What would he have said?] I think I would’ve said something like this.

18:42 - [BTS is BTS when all 7 are there!] BTS is BTS when all 7 are there.

18:45 - Sikhye without rice grains is not Sikhye. - We covered that already. - Sikhye has already served its duties.

18:50 - [Jimin’s last finish with a stand up] [Team Won’t Eat the Rice Grains] [and Team Eat the Rice Grains are all BTS] [Great waterman, Jimin’s magic water show] [Round 6 of 77-minute debate is over!] [With the heated 77-minute debate, even the sun went down.

19:06 - [MC of the last round of debates is SUGA!] Alright. SUGA is the last one, everyone.

19:07 - Please put your best efforts in until the last round.

19:10 - [Attention] Alright. We’ve got the topic coming up. The topic! [What’s the topic to be discussed for the 7th and last round of debates?] [Raisins in bread, love vs. hate them] [Ah] This is for real.

19:22 - Ah. This is for real! Which side is the hate? [Team Love, Team Hate] Love, hate.

19:27 - [j-hope showing a passionate reaction] j-hope…

19:28 - [It turns out] [j-hope can never eat the raisins] Can never eat the raisins.

19:31 - [j-hope is on the extreme hate side who can’t stand raisins] I really extremely hate it.

19:33 - I… I can’t stand it. I like them.

19:37 - [RM switching teams for j-hope who extremely hates it] - Is there anyone who likes it? - Okay.

19:38 - I actually love it. [Is Jimin also on the hate raisin side?] Really? - Would one of the persons who love them come on here? - I came to love.

19:42 - [Jung Kook eats the raisins though he doesn’t really like them] I do eat them.

19:43 - [Switching Jimin who hates raisins and Jung Kook who does eat them] Switch, then.

19:45 - Jimin says he doesn’t like them. I do eat them though.

19:47 - [Why is he taking the chair?] Leave the chair here.

19:48 - [Leave the chair… ] - Leave it. - I like it. - They taste good.

19:50 - I said leave the chair. Why are you taking the chair? Because the new chair is cold.

19:55 - [Everyone including Jung Kook took their seats!] [Team Love Raisins in Bread: Jung Kook, V, RM] [Team Hate Raisins in Bread: Jimin, j-hope, Jin] [Team Love] [Team Hate] Raisins in bread. Hate it. Love it.

20:05 - [BTS members went to teams they side with] It’s the love and hate side.

20:07 - Right. Why would you eat raisins in the bread? - I know! - As for me, [Team Hate can’t even wrap their heads around it] I can’t even comprehend it.

20:12 - The raisins in the bread even called the devil’s food overseas.

20:17 - [There’s no reason for the raisins to exist!] They have no reason for their very existence.

20:19 - - Right. That’s right. - I… [Why raisins were born… ?] don’t even understand why that fella was born…

20:22 - Tsk. Tsk. [Water bombed while teasing him] As I said…

20:26 - [Surprised] [SUGA’s melting down] [What was the cause?] Can I say…

20:32 - Pointing your finger. Pointing your finger.

20:33 - Don’t point your fingers! - Tsk. - Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

20:37 - [Then, shall I try this?] [No water bomb?] No, this isn’t it.

20:41 - [Jung Kook quietly tries and extends his finger at V] Can I say something? [Forbidden action: pointing at another member] [Don’t point your fingers] It’s the pointing alright. Don’t point your fingers.

20:49 - I saw it with the shadows. [Jung Kook keeping quiet as if nothing happened] [Right away, j-hope points at another member and laughs] [One more water bomb thanks to j-hope] Why? You are not even the experts! [Why did they put raisins in breads?] Then, why would they have put raisins in bread? [They made it because many found it delicious!] It’s because there are many who find it delicious! Hold up! I’ll [RM tries to add on to V’s argument] - add a bit to that.

  • Yes. - Hold up. - Yes. [Jung Kook playing tricks] I’ll add a bit to that.

21:14 - [After rigging it, villain Jung Kook makes his move] Yes, yes.

21:16 - [Testing on his tricks is completed!] What is this? [SUGA suffering, not even knowing the reason why] What? What is this? [The water bomb controller in this area] - Why? No one did anything. - Adding to that.

21:24 - [RM kept on adding for a while now] I’ll add on to that.

21:25 - The “devil’s food” referred to the foreigners means that it’s so delicious that even the devil will eat it.

21:31 - [V copied Jung Kook and rigged his as well] - Didn’t know. - That’s right.

21:32 - [Jung Kook fires away the water bomb] - I think I saw it on the news. - Devil.

21:35 - Stop pointing fingers, Jung Kook! [Okay! Jung Kook’s got it] The thing I want to add on that is the linguistic aspect of the word bread, Sikppang.

21:42 - [“Sikppang” is a word with harsh sound] Its pronunciation sounds very harsh, isn’t it? - Right. - Things like why this bread. Right? - Yes.

21:45 - [But if you add raisins, “Geonpodo”, to it?] But, with Geonpodo? Try adding it in.

21:47 - [A miracle that makes the pronunciation so soft] - The pronunciation gets so soft. - Yes.

21:49 - [For the bread with harsh pronunciation] So, bread in itself is too harsh.

21:50 - [it needs raisins in it] It needs raisins in it to [RM’s argument] [Soft raisins neutralizes bread with the harsh pronunciation] neutralize it a bit.

21:53 - [Bread’s rough pronunciation is softened with raisins?] It softens? - Makes sense! - Yes.

21:55 - [Jimin on Team Hate Raisins starts to rebut] - I’d like to refute that. - Yes.

21:58 - - There are so many people in the world who eat breads. - Yes.

22:00 - Sliced bread is one of the most popular kind of bread.

22:04 - - Yes. - Then why! - Yes. Why did they put raisins in it for no reason? It has to be soft and pillowy, when you bite into it, but…

22:12 - Argh… Don’t eat it. [On that note, an acrostic poem!] On that note, I’ll make an acrostic poem with raisin.

22:19 - [An acrostic poem with raisin?] - “Geon”! - Unhealthy.

22:23 - - “Po”! - Glucose. - “Do”! - Don’t try it! [He’s pretty good] Wow~ That was good.

22:30 - Wow~ That was good. [Finishes with an acrostic poem that appeals to raisin-hater j-hope] - Thank you. - Good… - Make an argument.

22:34 - [Will Jung Kook make an argument?] - Do you have a counterargument? - Counterargument. Jung Kook? Sliced bread with raisins! [Succinct] It’s delicious! [Raisins add sweetness to sliced bread] - They add sweetness to sliced bread. - Yes.

22:44 - - It’s delicious. - Is it delicious? Don’t eat it if you don’t want to! [j-hope starts a counterargument] Personally, I like bread with chocolate.

22:54 - I like it. Yes. I like bread with chestnuts.

22:57 - [j-hope will allow bread with chocolate or chestnuts] - What don’t you like? - I like it.

23:00 - [But he can’t allow raisins in bread!] But I can’t allow raisins in bread.

23:03 - - Why? - It’s wrong. [This is actually… ] This is actually, how should I put it? [He wants to enjoy the soft texture] I want to enjoy the soft texture, [and the savory aroma of the bread when he chews] and the savory aroma of the bread when I chew.

23:10 - [But the raisins’ sweetness] But the sweetness, [repulses him immensely!] repulses me.

23:14 - Raisins are savory too. Raisins are delicious.

23:17 - Why don’t you just have raisins, [Just have raisins after you have bread!] after you have bread! There’s a saying.

23:23 - You have to appreciates raisins, - to truly enjoy sliced bread. - Yes, that’s what I’m talking about.

23:28 - - I agree. - Because this is, [This is a famous Socrates quote~] a famous Socrates quote.

23:32 - [Socrates?] It’s a famous Socrates quote. [Socrates?] Socrates? What? [Brazen V] [Don’t you know what Socrates said?] It’s what Socrates said…

23:37 - Oh~ Socrates~ [Let’s say it is a famous Socrates quote] It’s a famous Socrates quote.

23:41 - Raisins are there, to make up for the 2% that’s lacking in sliced bread.

23:47 - [V wanted to fill the members’ water bombs] To make up for the 2% that’s lacking in sliced bread.

23:49 - [The water bombs are fully loaded~] Don’t point fingers! - Don’t point fingers! - I didn’t.

23:54 - [Tada~] Everyone. [Only V didn’t get water bombed by using a trick] V, don’t point fingers.

23:58 - Everyone. No one said, raisins make up for the flavor that sliced bread lacks.

24:05 - [Sliced bread already tastes perfect as it is] Sliced bread is perfect as it is.

24:07 - [No one can judge that it lacks flavor!] No one can judge that it lacks flavor…

24:10 - With that kind of logic, you can’t have milk bread.

24:14 - [Should you only eat plain bread] You can’t add anything to sliced bread.

24:16 - [without adding other ingredients?] You should just eat sliced bread.

24:17 - [Aren’t you the host?] Hey! Aren’t you the host? I’m just asking because I’m curious…

24:22 - j-hope, have you read the Greek and Roman mythology? [I did] - Yes. - What, [What do the Greek and Roman gods eat?] do the gods eat? - Wine~ - Grapes! And bread! - Yes.

24:30 - They have wine! Wine~ [The gods have bread and wine, right?] They have bread and wine, right? - Yes! - Did they have bread? [That wine actually] That wine, [Unfounded] [turned into raisins] turned into raisins, [to accommodate the minors] to accommodate the minors! - Yes, that’s right. - You didn’t realize such a profound meaning.

24:42 - But… [“But” is the SUGA’s forbidden word for the raisin-hater team] [Wine and raisins are completely different!] I want to say that they’re completely different.

24:48 - Wine is just wine~ Why would you have wine? Just have raisins! [RM being attacked in his own words] Why would you have wine? Just have raisins all the time! [No words… ] Just have raisins at restaurants then.

24:58 - Why would you have it in liquid form? [Raisins and wine are completely different food~] They’re completely different food.

25:02 - Don’t have sliced bread with raisins! [Cute] Everyone.

25:05 - [j-hope finds the youngest member cute] Why would you eat it if you think that way! [That’s why we said we wouldn’t eat it] - We said we wouldn’t eat it. - We should just…

25:09 - Just have sliced bread! [Don’t make raisins!] - Don’t make those! - Everyone. Everyone.

25:13 - If the world was in danger, - and you couldn’t find food anywhere. - Yes.

25:20 - And a savior appeared, and gave you sliced bread with raisins, - and said, “Don’t go hungry”. - Yes.

25:27 - Would you eat that? [I would eat that!] - I would eat that. - I would.

25:30 - [Raisin-hater team gets worked up and points fingers] I would eat that. That’s a different situation.

25:32 - [SUGA gets water bombed with the raisin- hater team] It’s a different situation.

25:35 - - Jimin pointed fingers! - Why would you eat that? [Jin perseveres] [I still won’t eat raisins] I still wouldn’t eat them.

25:40 - Having sliced bread with raisins, is like having seafood with sand. Would you eat the sand? - I would! - You should spit it out! - I would eat it! - It’s delicious. - Is it delicious? - It’s delicious~ - The sand is delicious? [It’s delicious] - It’s delicious. - It’s a delicacy. You could eat a bowl of rice with it.

25:54 - [He can really eat sand… ?] I would tell people, [j-hope helps out Jin who is on the defense] who hate bread with raisins, [Just have raisins and bread separately] to just have them separately.

26:02 - Yes! [Jimin did the forbidden action] Right! You can do that! [A cool water bomb for the worked up Jimin~] Everyone.

26:07 - [Everyone gets water bombed together] Everyone.

26:09 - - Please don’t point fingers. - I’ll give you an option. - Everyone.

26:12 - [j-hope just came up with a great idea!] We got a great idea.

26:14 - [j-hope idea!] j-hope said, [It won’t be a problem if they sell raisins and bread separately] it won’t be a problem, if they sell raisins and bread separately.

26:20 - [So buy sliced bread and raisins separately] You can buy sliced bread and raisins separately, [and put them in the bread before you eat it!] and stuff them in it before you eat.

26:25 - [V doing the forbidden action] [Forbidden action O] I did this.

26:30 - Everyone. When you point at another person, [Make a finger heart when pointing at another person from now on] make a finger heart, OK? [OK~] [Finger hearts are showing everywhere] Everyone. Everyone.

26:38 - A sliced bread with raisins, [Hawaiian pizza] is like a Hawaiian pizza.

26:43 - [It’s like mint chocolate] - Or… - Mint chocolate. - Toothpaste… - Mint chocolate.

26:46 - [They’re all challenges] They’re all challenges, [to help make the world a better place] to help make the world a better place.

26:50 - [Dishes that help make the world a better place] [The final debate by BTS, who everyone loves, ends!] [The members go into the water after the debate ends] [Jung Kook is on j-hope’s back] [V approaches them] [V joins them!] [V being mischievous] Everyone.

27:13 - [It’s time to pick the winner for the mission!] [Before the 77 minute debate, they wrote “Run BTS” on their palms] [They guarded the letters even during their break] Can you see how I’m not submerging my hands? I submerged my hands.

27:28 - [Who guarded the letters and won the mission?] It won’t come off even if you submerge them.

27:32 - [j-hope reveals his palms first!] [j-hope’s letters came off a lot except for “B”] Yes, mine came off a little.

27:38 - [Jin reveals his palms next!] BTS! [Clean] [Jung Kook reveals his palms too!] [Clean22] [Jin and Jung Kook’s palms look like they didn’t have letters written on them from the beginning] [V’s palms are also clean] RM.

27:53 - [Wow. RM’s guarded his palms pretty well] I think it will be either Jimin or SUGA.

27:55 - [Confident] Yes, RM! I did pretty good. [Jimin and SUGA] [How many letters will they have left on their palms?] [Fascinated] [SUGA] [5 clear letters] [Distinct] [Objection] Jimin made the letters too thick.

28:10 - That’s why they won’t come off! [Jimin made the letters thick so his “Run BTS” didn’t come off] [SUGA, on the other hand, made the letters thin but they still didn’t come off] - Mine are thin. - But, [Hands switched] [This is “BTS Run”] this is actually “ BTS Run”.

28:20 - [Shouldn’t it be Jimin who wrote “Run BTS” in the correct order?] Isn’t it supposed to be “Run BTS”? [Jimin who wrote “Run BTS” is the winner!] On your left and right hands…

28:25 - Hey, why are you erasing this? [The youngest member erases the letters on SUGA’s hands] Run! [Excited] The winner, Jimin, [Prize: Voucher for the presidential suite at THE PLAZA] will be awarded a hotel voucher.

28:39 - I’m so jealous. [V steals the prize] [Fun to watch] [Jimin gets the prize back] Jimin is the final winner.

28:51 - [I’m jealous of Jimin] [Jimin’s speech] - I had a great time playing a fun new game with the members today. - Yes.

28:56 - Thank you for the prize! I’ll use it for a good cause.

29:00 - [They’ll wrap it up after shouting “Run BTS”!] Let’s say “Run BTS”, everyone.

29:03 - Run BTS~! [Today’s 77 minute debate from “Run BTS!”] [Post-credits scene] [BTS suffered through the water bombs all day] Since you suffered so much today.

29:15 - [Through thick and thin] [The staff volunteers to get water bombed to share the pain(?)] One of the staff, [Grand welcome] will be water bombed on behalf of the staff.

29:20 - - Wow! Really? - Who? Really? Really? - You’re really getting water bombed? - You’re getting water bombed? [The producer gets in position] The director will get water bombed.

29:29 - [Watching comfortably from the hot spring] Please say “Run BTS” while you get water bombed! Way to go! “Run BTS!” will continue.

29:41 - Run BTS~! [Water bomb coming down!] [Clapping] [“Run BTS!” will continue!].