MEGA MEGANIUM | New Pokémon Snap # 1

May 19, 2021 01:09 · 5250 words · 25 minute read

hello everyone my name is jerry br and welcome to pokemon new pokemon snap so i haven’t started the game all i did was put in update it so let’s get right into here i cannot see that notification at all game saves automatically don’t turn off so yeah i’m super excited for this game um last year i had done a replay oh they actually have voices now we’ll we’ll see what their voices are like select my appearance i think i’m this first guy right here um yes i played the original one sometime last year i forget when exactly did it give me a default name oh it already has my name good yeah so they’re so cute laboratory ecology and natural science that’s i’m just hoping this game is not adorable i feel like this could have been if this came out last year this time it would have been the the game of the year with the pandemic and everything just let me know how the audio is if there’s any issues it’s too quiet too loud hi there i’m glad you made it welcome to the laboratory of ecology and natural sciences or lens for short oh yeah so since i picked it up became a stuff i also got this super cool poster let’s see it’s the one side show some of the pictures you could presumably take in here or super cute one with taking a picture of pikachu chomping down on an apple super excited for that right mirror that’s that’s not a tree are you a real professor is there such a thing as a mirror tree because that cannot be right our mirror trees real things no no it’s some ancestry thing researching pokemon in their natural environment here on florio island yeah that’s not all professors are going to study every single island here in the lentil region so that’s our new region for here no one’s ever done an ecology ecological study survey like this before it’s going to be amazing no one wish ever getting a certain explorer todd you’ve heard the stories of captain vince haven’t you no but i would is this a real book even counting him professor your survey is gonna be the first of its kind in a hundred years that’s awesome thank you well thanks this is rita her parents are good friends of mine she’s here on vacation while her school’s on break i’m not just here to goof off professor i’m your research assistant huh that’s right yeah i appreciate the help before we go over what you’ll be doing in this program well we step into the lab to get settled right you are professor i’ll lead the way yeah i must have led the show i’ve had this for years it’s a pokemon snap shirt and if anyone can read what i assume to be is japanese i would love to know what my shirt says and hope it’s not something offensive or i don’t know all right let me explain lentil region is absolutely teeming with pokemon be weird if it wasn’t photogra photographing these pokemon helps us learn more about them and their ecosystem that’s exactly what you’re here to do at night you might even get to see glowing pokemon really pretty now without further ado here’s your research camera i’ve got the same one we can use them to communicate with each other and the rest of the team too that’s right it’s more than just a camera let you keep in touch and analyze data on the fly i want to serve as sort of an id batch for you here let’s take good care of it the camera’s cool oh is this going to have motion controls it’s going to have motion controls isn’t it awesome right professor invented it can i explain how to use it professor anyway marita assist away i’ll go take care of some other preparations all right come on let’s go outside tutorials based on the following layout i don’t know what other layout i could possibly use all right all right i can’t i don’t move this apparently but i want to push to the middle why don’t you try moving the camera it’s not pointy at all yes that does not seek what is this tilt did i do that first move the pointer so it’s lined up with pikachu easy did you see that he’s gonna run away if you keep talking i agree i was gonna take a ton of pictures nice and big pika oh what happened why is my lens like tilted in the middle doing it for a very long time that’s right let’s get this show on the road photos taken three pokemon photograph two anyway oh no oh you can choose a photo with them or by moving the pointer see when you decide which one to show me obviously the zoomed in one all right take a gander at these professor a new discovery that’s right from one to four stars you know the system to help us understand categorize how pokemon behave photos of pokemon and ordinary state get fewer more unusual behavior means more stars all right camera keeps logs of what was happening when you took it okay the posts all right size is straight forward the larger your subject appears in the photo the better there’s direction try to get it facing you obviously and it’s placement try to get in the center and finally you’ll get bonus of other pokemon in the photo all right that was a lot of info let me pull it down remember this get the pokemon nice and big in the center frame then snap the shutter here’s my evaluation looking good i other than sitting around and waiting for him to show up better i don’t know how i could improve on a standard picture a new discovery oh yeah no pavilion nice work all right it’s in flight as it should be two thousand one star for pavilion how was it what do you think once you get your photos evaluated using felt your very own pokemon photo decks probably a great milestone to work towards right that about does it it’s time to sit off on your adventure that’s right we got travel round lentil now that should about do it see this pod carry you on your photography expeditions by the way it’s called the neo one that’s right i knew it had some name it’s the best you can teleport to far-off places in no time flat here’s the thing i finally put the finishing touches on it not long ago a little help from someone i know is it professor oak see it makes use of energy hot spots scattered throughout the lenovo region come on professor the details can wait fair enough let’s get you moving clown in and touch the camera to the console no that’s not really teleporting why did it go invisible that’s just taking off super fast in the air i probably should have read that hint or tip all right so here’s our path oh we are just right into it okay i get like 68.

13:19 - come on out i there’s so many pokemon about anything in the water i love how every direction i’m looking i feel like i’m missing pokemon the other way up a doop but those are not is there something in the what tree [ __ ] was that mushrooms some other kind of glowy fruit another wormful or two that’s bad oh you following me all right what else is going on here oh i know those are more actually that might be a better shot of the doof it’s not a great one there’s stuff oh this dojo nice close-up of magikarp i’m curious how like how long is this level because at this rate you know we could be going for ages all right here’s the ending i i guess anything i’m missing behind me basically teleport me before i’m ready welcome back we got a good time in florian florio nature just like before it’s time to show me some photos you talk go ahead and choose one photo per pokemon oh yeah why did i i know all this all right i think this one’s probably the better one especially if it counts the other pokemon is all the ones in the background woof land that’s a picture that’s not man that’s grokey all right pichu only got the one badoof easy wormpole isla i thought i took more than one of whimple forges i’m not covering facebook swanna magikarp man i should have i did not take nearly as many so it’s a picture of comfy but it’s not clearly visible uh try that one all right let’s see what the professor thinks do we get to move on to a new region or new area of the island all right it’s new fairly common behavior 35 not bad all right let’s see if we can improve on this it is better it’s not a lot better i guess we’ll keep the new one a new discovery all right nice work i should go i thought that more credit for having four of them in the picture and that grokey yeah it’s not a good one but it exists why is that oh i guess centered placement is important i know i could look at his scores and that would exactly tell me why but is this my this is a warm bull my best picture that’ll be hilarious 3700 nice nice work 419 i think for a basic picture of magikarp i think that’s pretty good 3 000.

20:56 - i wonder which taylor’s the picture is focusing on the top one bottom one a new discovery is that it yep all right let’s see what he says overall oh i forgot you can level up in this come on oh only 33 000 anyway one last thing let me tell you about research levels your research level on a course tells you how much progress you’ve made there once that level goes up you may see pokemon behave in ways you haven’t seen before key to raising your research level is to observe all types of pokemon behaviors this means getting photographs of them in every category from one to four stars so in short film that boogie decks keep that in mind and you’ll be on the right track get out there and snap lots of photos and cherish the encounters of pokemon you have along the way never guessed it was your first trip out there keep up the good work nice smackdown in the middle you got a score of a thousand or more in placement together a friend you gotta score 500 more in the other pokemon category all right save them to my album and let’s roll um oh is this do i want to save any of the ones i oh wait no it’s all of them that’s right you can adjust pictures i’m just curious all right so we can play with the brightness oh that’s that’s interesting ah that’s i don’t see much happening is this that’s what i wanted that’s what i thought i was playing with last time oh that is that is a cool picture that’s oh my gosh all right what so the filter options are silhouettes or none ah zoom out not too much i’m guessing i can unlock like more um more more filters for my picture-taking do i actually have to save all these got the gold star i don’t know why i’m just gonna save this just in case it’s important i don’t know if it is but i have no way of being sure all right oh i can just save it like that that would have been easier young girl who loves pokemon helps professor mira as his research assistant curly ponytails are her signature look all right good to know i honestly could not have told you right now she is does she have curly ponytails because i don’t think she does can we go on a nighttime photo shoot later that’s a weird thing that’s not yet but soon after a little more practice by the way don’t forget you can come back to the lab and take a look at your photo decks anytime i’ll say more about that when you stop at the lab don’t let me keep you any longer go have a good time and snap some photos i will do exactly that what are the settings motion controls no thank you camera speed are these not the same i’m just gonna turn them up a little frame guide sound oh that’s probably good okay so that should auto upload any of the pictures then this is the professor’s lab not that’s your first time here of course it’s where this is where the professor does his research works on mechanical stuff in fact he pretty much lives here anyway let me give you a quick rundown of what you can do here that server there is where we store our research work a few things you can do with all that data first you check your photo decks that’s the encyclopedic record you’re building with the photos you’re taking isn’t it cool getting to put together your very own photo decks next there’s your space that’s where you see your personal photo album okay so those are where i saved my yeah that’s where i saved my photos did you cover what we can do on the internet oh yeah that was it fuses the online internet feature you can see photos from players all around the world if you really like a photo you tell the photographer nice job giving them a little digital medal they’re called sweet metals give all you want people love getting them that’s right you can also see other photographers rankings in each score all right yeah it sounds pretty straightforward we should try everything out what is airspace uh take me back outside yeah let’s go explore again out on another expedition already let me tell you one more thing you can do for your camera run a scan i’ll give you details about your surroundings it tells you about nearby pokemon and points out anything unusual because it’s unusual you’ve never given me a solid answer basically anything that makes the system go check this out that’s not a very detailed answer i guess that’s all the detail we’re getting out of him you’ll get the hang of it once you try rita would you mind demonstrating leave it to me professor all right get that camera ready but i’m more interested in the vehicle yeah what’s that first did you see the picture change that’s your cue to press and hold the x button to analyze whatever’s there is pika gonna get jealous and hop in here i don’t think he is pretty easy right when this icon pops up at the bottom of your screen there’s something nearby to check out yep i see it all right i’m guessing i could do this uh hey professor let me go do my job explanation’s all done thanks rita don’t hesitate to run a scam tell you a lot about your surroundings i know i’ve been doing this for 20 years first of all all right tried taking lots of photos put on the nature part during the day we will work to protect nature live together all right so are my levels based on individual areas yep i got it hey youtube turn around grokey i got a picture of you i guess i should get a nice big picture that dodrio oh yeah i’d probably want more of the woofer buffoon yes oh wait some charge for something around a pokemon do this where did he go oh he flew away didn’t he he’s flying get that stupid thing out of my face where did he go oh this is some stupid talo wasn’t there wasn’t dodrio here last time oh right before they all i don’t know how i was expecting to get them to to look my way before scattering all right i like that i’m just keep pulsing this oh i guess if i come back during the day it’ll oh magikarp i forgot you that’s a terrible picture but i just want to see what he says is oh hey another one of them can you turn around kindly um yeah i think i’m about out yeah all right let’s see did we level up 31 pictures 14 pokemon to choose that one pichu a lot of these i only have one picture of one that should make amazing i did get it’s not a good picture but i did get a picture of you oh it’s a two star for some reason those magikarps not going to be that good but all right show me what you think show me what you think tell me what you think professor who’s not my professor all right which one you like more it’s a lot bigger all right say bye-bye to that old loser picture it’s bigger it’s phasing the right way it’s not in the middle as much oh yeah all right silver star good deal oh i thought i almost beat it in every category oh a gold star yes please there it was a gold star last time so i don’t really need to beat it but hey good i gotta make these harder to beat it’s okay i know it’s not great it’s facing the wrong direction but other than that scored pretty well taylor i thought it was like the same picture but worse by two points that is a close one that’s funny i guess we keep the old one it’s a two star photo oh two gold stars thank you oh i had a diamond last time nice work oh even better wow it’s so rewarding i don’t know why and like i feel like that’s a lot of points for that picture all right is that better yeah a little bit better yeah now let’s see if there’s no way this one should be anywhere it’s better placement but no thank you yeah i wasn’t expecting that to be out all right that level up i better have otherwise yes hit new stage keep an eye out for changes no matter how small by the way thanks to the progress you made got something to report fill you in what your photos are square way i think you’ll be pleased to hear this yeah i think my photos the ones he has are pretty good hello your photography seems to be going well i think you’re about ready for a nighttime visit to the florio nature park here’s the thing hopefully you’ll get to see one of lentils greatest wonders a glow called the illumina phenomenon you’re the one who discovered how that glow happens right professor yes i am but explain the process scientifically was just one step toward my ultimate goal find the specials pokemon spoken of in the legends of lent is there a legendary pokemon in here no no they’re very much real you’ve seen the photos from captain vince’s travelogue avenge you barely tell what’s in those photos they’re ancient anyway literally a hundred years old we’re going to discuss that later for now enjoy your nighttime outing i will oh yeah because we’re going to take pictures at night no map okay so the level is unique to that location at that time of day but there can’t be that many levels then i i don’t know why i already forgot this was at night ah that’s cool looking score buddy up close with oh my gosh um is it size or quantity that matters where’s that there’s a pidgey off or pidgeotto or something wasn’t there ah squirrel bunny that would have been such a nice shot um noises are coming from this bump in the ground it’s a spencer is that is that something pinchers do yeah that’s a worse shopping my sleepy badoof i’ll enter pigeots i wonder oh did i miss my chance to take scoreboy’s picture well that’s adorable knocked out you should be or not not dow hoot all right he won’t turn for that combis where’d that score bunny go what i’ve been missing how is that any different than what i already had we’re stomping we just picked up a huge energy reading near you the professor is busy that score money just chilling there and that has to be the one i submit all right let’s get these evaluated show me the points oh yeah that last one’s the best one without a doubt sleepy badoof man i am surprised at how much i oh that’s oh i can’t do a threes i can’t do a two star into one star that’s dumb it’s gotta be that one ducklit these are all oh this is the two why is that the two-star one rookie oh this last one whatever that does i’ve taken like three pictures of that now he’s finally interested in seeing it ah that’s a good one all right it’s bigger oh i know it’s just better opposed man i like the sleepy one better but my rules to go by the points oh this is oh it’s a two-star booth oh yeah that’s new a new discovery nice work three stars holy [ __ ] that is not enough points for three stars do you like the pincer i would be terrified if that came out of the ground at me i think that’s my lowest score yet tara that’s a pretty good ring great timing 42 and a diamond chocolate that’s right this is the two stars yeah now this one oh wait what’s the discovery nice work nice work which one’s better ah it’s a little worse i’m surprised the new one’s better it’s bigger yeah silver to diamond the size yeah bronze diamond yeah so what do you want with this we call the illumina phenomenon oh no points for it you’re just write that down all right did i did i level up oh i was so close you got a score of two thousand points or more in size you gotta score a thousand more in direction you’re on night exploration registered at chris doubloon by the way thanks to the price you made i’ve got something to report i feel you once your photos are squared away i think you’ll be pleased to hear this i i forget what i’m what am i looking at again i definitely want you saved and you’re saved and you were saved oh i know i know what i was but that doesn’t seem to be an option for me all right so you take 72 pictures run out of pictures and you’re adventurable and whoa oh they are talking but something incredible has happened here take a look at this is that where i was because there shouldn’t be that much heat and energy going off there here’s the thing we got near that field of flowers picked up an incredibly strong energy reading its source seem to be moving too if only slightly suggest what we’ve got here is an illumina pokemon i can’t be sure yet but i suspect so i wonder why it showed up did you do anything special that’s all i do is special i also doubt that it appeared when it did by chance so i think you should be the one to investigate the area where that reading is coming from uh i want to go see two you can watch through the monitor with me rita please head out as soon as you’re ready well that’s not as fun but do i get a new area oh i didn’t want your space or maybe i did yeah i did i want i don’t want my album goes into my album anyway i want is it the research log top one star photo square talked but i have oh i know 4683 yeah i’ve done 60 scans this is my info okay um but i want yeah the poke the not the pokey decks the photo decks is that what it’s called yeah all right some pokemon okay i thought swanna had her ducklit like right behind her i thought that’s what that blue part was but it’s not wow i actually just did use one of these pictures to learn something this research lab’s not a waste all right let’s go is it a new place on the map uh oh the alumnus yeah they’re the exact same why are they separate well that’s definitely where the reading was coming from do you see or hear anything do you see a gigantic glowing pokemon jirachi no not your run celebi oh it’s a meganium you’re gonna sell toys aren’t you um um sir what am i oh what’s happening chasing after it does not give me a lot of great photo opportunities mostly just um am i hitting it there how am i gonna pick one of these pictures are you sure you don’t want another hit of that um what what do you mean and off it goes so it just gone i don’t think that’s how po i don’t want to say that’s not how pokemon works because that’s kind of how pokemon works all right now we just have the hard decision of oh come on ah yes what do you mean in which it’s not shown well i’m glad i took this many shots then if only two of them counted i’d be pissed if none of my shots camera all right so it’s two star two diamonds that’s what we like oh i definitely like that first one better so i guess there’s different flowers all right and you receive the research title gentle wonder oh a new filter oh ooh cell shaded that’s gonna be cool by the way now that we’ve got that aluminum pokemon though that’s something to report i’ll fill you in once your footers are squared away i think you’ll be pleased to hear this i think i’m good you’re back yes you’re back that was amazing right wasn’t it gorgeous wasn’t it huge and was it saying something easy there rita take a deep breath look who’s talking you’re practically dancing professor moving on there’s no doubt about it that meganium was an illumina pokemon just like in the legends remind me what the legends say about illumina pokemon again didn’t they supposedly save lentil from a huge disaster a long time ago or something so the story goes yes also fluent and pokemon were also said to have distinctive patterns and to glow with unusual life sounds like our new friend yes to the letter i’m convinced the events in those legends really did happen discovering the true history this region could be the key that opens up all our research hang on wasn’t there one more thing that you were gonna mention professor that’s all right it’s pretty late let’s pick up the conversation from here tomorrow what benefit does that serve gameplay-wise all right she managed to get some sleep as radar already told you preparing to launch an ecological survey spanning the entire region and no sooner had you arrived then we suddenly found an aluminum pokemon you think there’s a connection or fester i am 100 illumina i eat those crystal blooms for breakfast they put them in coke that’s why it’s so addictive fascinating things are bound to happen if you come with us well you know maybe i i’m just a professor in the wood who likes children to work for me for a scientist you sure can be vague sometimes professor so i think it’s a good idea way more fun with you along there you have it ready to officially join our research team can i say no i can’t say no what kind of game is it where you can’t say no i’m not going to join a team i want a team badge doesn’t want to join team immediately wants team badge uh it’s like you’re a born to work what are you waiting for adventure weights i i’m curious if people are already selling like replicas of these badges i don’t even know what to call all right i typed in lentil team badge and god people selling lentil seeds don’t know what i expected that’s right on your parade rita but i need to get a couple more things ready first we can’t just be taking capturing every pokemon we see oh come on just a little bit longer all right i promise it’ll be worth the wait explain next time you’re headed out to do some research oh present officially joined the lentil region research team nice all right let’s head out and do some research all right not your full-fledged team member i have something that’ll come in handy an apple explanation would you do the honors rita yes sir is it just me or have you been getting me to do a lot more of the work that is true so this is this is fluff fruit they grow here in the lentil region it’s like an apple but they’re sweet and tasty and they make a great snack for pokemon they look just like regular apples they’re way lighter and softer oh so i can poke pokemon on the side of the head with them and it’ll be fine that’s what you’re saying you’ll probably make a pokemon’s day if you toss it one of these yeah might give it a concussion but you know i’m 10.

i can throw apples at animals if i want or fluff fruit eat the fluff fruit oh a little bit higher i was having fun pretty easy right yeah that was easy like throw an apple at a baby i guess now we just wait until the professor gives us the green light to move on oh i’ve got an idea you should try testing out fluff fruit and taking some more photos in the meantime that’s a terrible idea let’s do it finish explaining i see thanks rita got one more thing to tell you about for now i thought it would be handy to have a quick way to share what we see and learn in the field you two familiar with len talk didn’t you already say this is like a phone it rings a bell i think it’s a communication tool folks here in lentil use let’s say you know something exciting in the field you can send a photo and a description over len talk i can use it to send things i notice on the monitor too sounds super fun you.