Spider-Man 4: Spider-Verse (2021) Live Action Remastered - Tobey, Tom , Andrew (Fan Film)

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DISCLAIMER: THE FOLLOWING FILM IS FAN MADE. MACAMTV IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH SONY OR MARVEL STUDIOS. I WAS CREATED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES What to say about myself I there’s the obvious web swinging wall crawling Spider-sense stuff What about me The real me Ah you don’t care about that. On with the baddie beatings That’s me, Peter Parker yahoo Oh not the yellow one Always the worse times with these guys Its okay its okay ladies and gentlemen this is an actual robbery kiss the ground don’t breathe don’t move don’t touch the silent alarm unless you like bullets flying around okay folks we’ll be out of your lives in two minutes come on come on come on come on come on come on come on Woo Hoo get moving blue eyes here we go 10 seconds traffic in that direction howdy Spiderman holy hell sorry Radio: Confirm the traffic was like holy hell? no no i wasn’t talking i was talking to Spiderman switch to the loudspeaker Air 182 did you say you were talking to Spiderman? oh I’m on here good inside officer Spider-Man I need you down closer to the action great two minutes now you’re gonna meet your maker back off ugly give me five minutes in five minutes those goons could be gone Cop: Hold it right there, you are under arrest | Spider-Man: Anybody in that building? We think there’s kids stuck in the second floor Cop: Go come on I got to Parker Peter.

Is there Parker Peter I’m parker peter parker I’m coming aaahhhh this is the best sweet ride for a 15 year old kid that’s actually my friend Tony’s are we losing them looks more like they’re losing us up ahead this is what I like to call return on investments hey no problem you okay I’m fine you keep going come on you’ve got to be kidding me oh hey watch this click that button hey hey hey sorry don’t do that need a hand that’s what I’m here for lead the way stay back everyone I got this let’s pass someone okay let’s go Whoah! don’t be a hero superhero we’ll be right behind you heads up boss hey fellas go ahead go ahead grab your gun use a gun or something and with parked I guess turn the wheels too much for you kids nowadays huh it’s gonna be close see I gained nothing by you feeling you know I want you to pass if you change lanes are you the subway mascot shut up howdy no no If you don’t use a signal, I got to take away points for that too you fail I fail and then you fail again minus one point for eyeballing me I don’t think I didn’t see that I notice everything Peter Did I pass? oh J Jonah Jameson here Spider-Man a psychopath wielding powers he has no right to possess trying to pass himself off as a hero well let me tell you something kid you’re no hero Mysterio that’s a hero you are a criminal a miscreant a masked marauder a menace you look beautiful look you see you know what this is? and I was excited but he also left me a future I pulled myself off by my bootstraps and you better believe they were alligator skin boots and I got mine all right I found myself two pump gators and I shot him in the face on new face eve we’re going to give a little bit of that right now okay now you’re going to let us do an official countdown and we’re practicing this right now right yeah you’re going to lead us mark’s going to direct bonjour hello Mrs.

Spider (french accent) uh yeah I am yeah where’s my suit where is my suit the spider Mitchell you’re uh wearing my suit mate Congratulation on the Emmy and the Golden Globes For all the nominations you got Thank you You were fantastic Mary Jane: Such a good show Thank you Jimmy Fallon: Something else even cooler happened yes it did Yes I got engaged You got engaged? I like to keep things private a little bit.

But yeah we got together a year afterwards We became really good friends first really good friends first working together and then God has brought you together and you have vowed before God to keep your marriage pure and permanent as long as you both shall live I pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss your bride it’s my distinct privilege to present to you Mr. and Mrs…

11:29 - Uncle Ben nothing could ever fill the hole left when he died those wounds never really heal the beautiful redhead is Mary Jane Watson they stuck with me after Uncle Ben died Harry’s dad Norman was great too he even let Harry and me stay in one of the apartments he owned after we graduated and moved into the city I got a job with the Daily Bugle taking pictures of myself life sure is strange sometimes no matter how much you want to hold on to a moment you can’t stop time for moving on especially evening whoa hey buddy 24 HOURS LATER Nick Fury: So good to finally meet you Peter Parker: You’re one of them aren’t you? Nick Fury: the important thing is you’re here who got you kgb, CIA Nick Fury: you become part of a bigger universe just don’t know it yet a week ago a village in Mexico, a similar event in Morocco a village was. . is the money real? it’s real it’s good it’s secure yeah yeah yeah a village was destroyed by what may well be another hey can I come in got big news hell what’s that? You wanted more money I just got you an extra 130k that’s why it’s imperative hey boys so that canal water today was filled with…

15:11 - Nick Fury: Another person touches that door you and I are going to attend the funeral suit up no intel no team * Spider sense * * Radio sound * 30 HOURS SINCE ARRIVAL ON EARTH 962 10 MILES AWAY FROM EARTH 962 PETER PARKER HOME oh man is there anyone wow you’re DJ Khaled you’re Spider-Man 20 MILES AWAY FROM EARTH 962 PETER PARKER HOME can we get a picture? wow Spider-Man: with me? MYSTERIO’S SECRET BASE hey have you noticed anything like strange happening? don’t touch anything don’t say anything back up take a deep breath and relax get in the corner cash in here open it up quickly get over here Spider-Man: what’s up guys you got your pin number ah Spider-Man shoot him! * gun shots * You have the right to remain silent! hey Karen uh are you sure this is the- 962 Spider-Man: out of my way back off ugly I’m gonna take you down 120 Spider-Man: Whoah 616 Spider-Man: Oh oh.

This is awkward Come on 616 Spider-Man: oh my Peter tinkle huh 962 Spider-Man: you messed with the wrong guy 616 Spider-Man: really you stopping me like that [ All yours! Gotta fly, Spider-Man ] 962 Spider-Man: tough guy huh my webs topped off already MYSTERIO SECRET BASE topping the skinny headlines this morning Spider-Man as the new peter parker aka Spidey look at that and before this announcement though information leaked to someone that’s when he walked into the house and started shooting the video 616 Spider-Man: Mysterio? Mysterio: what 616 Spider-Man: That doesn’t matter it’s just what my friends have been calling you we could use someone like you on my world I’m sorry your world? Nick Fury: Mr Beck is from Earth just not yours Mysterio: There are multiple realities Peter this is Earth dimension 616.

21:06 - 616 Spider-Man: I’m sorry you’re saying there’s a multiverse it’s a fine opportunity for some lucky someone charade Vulture: patriotism exists as people like you and people like me need a higher cause my sanctuary’s been invaded by needy little piglets 1 WEEK LATER Mary Jane: we know things life is only on Earth and when I say we’re alone we’re alone Mary Jane like people cared about maybe do something important I feel like somebody’s following me yeah sure rescue 2249 engine 99 for cold water knowledge how are you feeling 962 Peter Parker: I’m ready it’s my time no brakes no problem that totally worked last time 2 WEEKS SINCE ARRIVAL ON EARTH 962 okay I might be free to cast off flesh wherein I dwelt and fight who said that? Michelangelo right 120 Spider-Man: hey I’m gonna get you back EARTH 962 PETER PARKER APARTMENT Think of all you can do, all the power you feel good evening peter 10 MINUTES LATER 962 Spider-Man: I don’t have any pockets Richard never let me read his notes Everyone is equal thanks to you Peter I hope this works yes ah they aren’t messing around who are these guys Mysterio: I look forward to our time together from here on starting now I want my work to be credited by the anchors and on a burn I’m coming how low the mighty have fallen I don’t think you know what’s real Peter where’d it go What did he inject me with? I created Mysterio to give the world someone to believe in Mysterio is the truth You made your choice and now you have… yes 120 Spider-Man: what happened to that man what is going on? We are leaving MYSTERIO’S SECRET BASE my goals just whatever you do don’t panic yeah my motto is if you want to win the lottery you have to make the money to buy a ticket Earth 616 JJ Jameson: it’s been bad on my side for months now contentious defection talk people have been disappearing Mysterio: what I believe sir is that good things come to those who work their asses off and that people such as yourself who reach the top of the mountain didn’t just fall there Earth 616 JJ Jameson: why do you think I brought you in on this for your great tactical skill your in-depth knowledge I need to pretend to be you Earth 962L JJ Jameson: we share genetics Mysterio: so what do you say News: anonymous source provided this video it shows Quentin Beck aka Mysterio a warning you may find this video disturbing Mysterio: Spider-Man attacked me for some reason he has an army weaponized drone Karen: are you sure you want to commence the drone attack there will be significant casualties yeah the shocking video was released earlier today on the controversial news website the dailybugle.

net he’s a menace to the entire city I want that ball crawling erected prosecuted I want him strung up by his web. But that’s not all folks here’s the real blockbuster brace yourselves you might want to sit down Spider-Man’s name is Peter Parker come here gather round I got something to say I want to make this very clear everybody knows what’s going on the corrupt federation does nothing to stop it because this is unfair it’s unjust immoral I quit 2 DAYS LATER Earth 962 Peter Parker: what are you talking about this was it what do you think I’ve been working the past 10 years of my life for that’s over now they stole it from me they took it you think I’m stupid so you know who I am I’m also hopelessly patriotic I take an interest in people like yourself you’re the one man in this country who could put up a fight maybe even beat them I’d like a front row seat Earth 962 Peter Parker: I’m about the game you see two guys that are bored one makes a move the other makes them that’s it Hold On By Jet cover: 🎵 you tried so hard to be someone that you forgot where you are 🎵 🎵 you tried to feel some emptiness till all you had spilled over 🎵 4 DAYS LATER 🎵 now everything’s so far away that you don’t know where you are 🎵 🎵 you are 🎵 you guys following me? you’re soft! I’m coming for you I’m coming for you!!! 🎵 For you to hold on too 🎵 🎵 For you to hold on too 🎵 🎵 For you to belong too 🎵 News: we’re now getting news of power outages across the western part of the United States and reports of telecommunication outages as well I want to stress this is all preliminary we are reporting this just as we are learning it we do not yet have on damages- 5 MILES FROM MYSTERIO SECRET BASE Mysterio: Kill the image decloak drones all right weapons weapons Weapons only, stand by MYSTERIO SECRET BASE UPPER LEVEL EARTH 962 PETER PARKERS APARTMENT I’m afraid Mary Jane: Don’t be Dad said there is nothing to do no where to hide then he’s forgotten about something with all the prestige I am bringing to this country I’m the most famous man in the world 616 Peter Parker: I know you want to go on your own.

But you don’t have a choice 962 Peter Parker: Listen to me I’m trying to tell you something * 120 Peter Parker speaking overheard on the phone * you guys brought me here under false pretenses and you’re gonna fix it you’re all right you know you know it’s not about trying to be the ultimate it’s what’s in here that matters you can do this you got this you think so I never really thought about it like that yeah I want wrap on the team Vulture: They will be MYSTERIO’S SECRET BASE Harry: Peter don’t you understand how I feel I want this guy dead the same way you want the guy who killed your Uncle Ben dead you’re my buddy you know that your family Pete my father loved you you’re like a son to him thank you Harry Uncle Ben: Remember with great power comes great responsibility and that raises serious questions about what kind of chance you stand against such overwhelming it’s hard to believe what’s happening 🎵 Spider-Man Trilogy Theme Song 🎵 962 Spider-Man: I need your help 120 Spider-Man: I don’t know Gwen Stacy: there will be days where you feel all alone and that’s when hope is needed most you must promise me that you will hold on to hope my wish for you is to become hope and even if you fail what better way is there to live 🎵 Amazing Spider-Man Theme Song 🎵 strong focus on what I want this is incredible whoa Yahooo Vulture: hey Pedro Earth 616 Spider-Man: what the hell Mysterio: Edith give me some protection Edith: copy Mysterio: kill it kill the illusion no I’m not gonna kill it they’ll see you Mysterio: they’ll see what I want them to see done News: I’m here live on park avenue at 56th street a man in some sort of weaponized armored suit is wreaking havoc on midtown Rhino: I am Rhino.

I told you I would be back Earth 120 Spider-Man: look out this could have got a lot worse Mysterio: Who the hell is that? 616 Spider-Man: no way 120 Spider-Man: Hey Spider-Man 962 Spider-Man: hey guys Rhino: Look New York, Spider-Man is back 962 Spider-Man: tough guy huh talk is cheap Mysterio: target Spider-Man Edith: copy Mysterio: I just kill the kids myself 120 Spider-Man: Hey sparkle Come on Hey wait come back here 962 Spider-Man: okay Rhino let’s wrap this up 120 Spider-Man: Got you That sucked let’s go Scorpion: do you know what uh if he finds out you failed! Rhino: I failed?! Scorpion: yes you freaked show 962 Spider-Man: a little forced together time might help you boys learn to play nice 120 Spider-Man: there’s no place like home Mysterio: gotcha hey William how are we doing William: illusion almost back up I don’t know how you’re gonna spin this Mysterio: I saved the world people Its not real Its not real ah News: most notably several neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn have seen an increase in violent crime in illegal substance trafficking over the course of the day and now for our top story tonight although it has been weeks since his death the city is still in mourning over the loss of Spider-Man sad news tonight the hero known as Spider-Man has died the mayor will be holding a candlelight vigil this Saturday in central park to pay respect to the fallen hero who was slain I think that’s enough of that Spider-Man may have been fighting some type of war but the real war’s here why didn’t he help us fight it you ask me he was a menace 🎵Raindrops keeps falling on my head🎵 🎵And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed🎵 🎵 Nothing seems to fit Those 🎵 🎵 raindrops keeps falling on my head, they keep falling 🎵 🎵 So I just did me some talking to the sun 🎵 🎵 And I said I didn’t like the way he got things done 🎵 🎵 Sleeping on the job, those 🎵 🎵 raindrops are falling on my head, they keep falling 🎵 🎵 But there’s one… 🎵 ONE MONTH LATER 🎵 Spider-Man Spider-Man where have you gone to Spider-Man🎵 Stan Lee: Hey could I borrow thank you 962 Peter Parker: whatever life holds in store for me I will never forget these words with great power comes great responsibility this is my gift my curse who am I I’m Spider-Man [ Subtitles by MacamTV ] [ STAY TUNE FOR POST CREDIT SCENE ] right now I’m the ultimate Spider-Man what trickery is this? hope this works those are some pretty awesome moves out there Miles we need your help Miles Morales: Who sent you? Gwen Stacy: my name’s Gwen Stacy I’m fighting a war with the help of my friend Peter Parker I’m Doctor Steven Strange I need you to come with me Doctor Strange: oh uh congratulations on the wedding by the way 962 Spider-Man: this is too cool 616 Spider-Man: Big fan Spider-Man Doctor Strange: we need your help look it’s not over selling it to say the fate of the universe is at stake Earth 962 Miles Morales: looks like today is only just the beginning IN LOVING MEMORY OF STAN LEE.