Yuma - Western Film - Türkçe Dublaj Full İzle

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Look what I found! You wanna present? Yeah! ‘Cause we’re three days on the trail from Texas! Sidewinders! And longhorns! We are tired! One for the man, two for the lady! Bartender, no more liquor for these two. They’ve had more ‘n’ enough already.

05:23 - More than enough? Holster your guns and drop your gun belts. You’re under arrest.

05:28 - Under arrest? Why? Where’d ya get that stagecoach? Outside o’ town.

05:38 - We got awfully tired o’ sittin’ in the saddle.

05:42 - The driver and passengers were nice enough to wanna walk.

05:47 - It was just dumb luck ya didn’t kill anybody, the way you came into town.

05:51 - Let’s go. Oh, now, come on, marshal. We’re from the King herd.

05:56 - I’m Rol King, that’s my brother Sam. Arch, when he comes into town on the herd, will pay for any damages we done.

06:03 - That’s fine. You can wait for ‘em in jail. Marshal, maybe you didn’t hear my brother right.

06:10 - We’re the King family. Maybe you didn’t hear me. I said drop those gun belts.

06:15 - Nobody tells me nothin’! Now you stop it, Sam! We’re in enough trouble now.

06:22 - You know what Arch said about you mindin’ your temper now.

06:25 - Nobody takes my gun. You better listen to him, sonny. He’s givin’ you good advice.

06:30 - Marshal, you want my gun, you come and get it! Now you cut it out, Sam, you hear? Sam.

06:56 - Sam! Sam? Sam! This is my brother you just killed.

07:34 - Tomorrow there’ll be three thousand head o’ longhorns and twenty-five wild cowboys…

07:37 -… out there on that street, leadin’ ‘em as the toughest trail boss ever left Texas.

07:41 - His name is Arch King. He also is my brother.

07:50 - Stupid move, marshal. I’m Nels Decker, Cattlemen Trade Association.

07:56 - These men bring a lotta money into Yuma. They do this every year at trail’s end.

08:02 - Not anymore they don’t. The last three law men we had said the same thing.

08:11 - They didn’t last out the week. My name is Harmon, and I’m here to stay.

08:19 - Alright, let’s go. Come on. Get an undertaker.

08:49 - Inside. Hold it. Back outside.

09:24 - In there. In the cell. I’ll take that knife.

10:10 - Mind if I come in? Seen your door was open.

10:12 - Welcome to Yuma, such as it is. Name’s McNeil. Folks around here mostly call me ‘Mule’.

10:18 - That’s because I use mules in my freightin’ business.

10:21 - Good thing I didn’t use jackasses. My name’s Harmon. Dave Harmon.

10:27 - Well, thought ya might be needin’ these. Last time a law man left here, I picked ‘em up for safe-keepin’.

10:33 - As a matter of fact, I was just lookin’ for ‘em.

10:35 - Well, it didn’t take long for trouble to find you.

10:38 - Oh, I guess you could say it goes with my job.

10:41 - Yeah, but you didn’t back away. That’s real refreshin’ to this town.

10:45 - See, we ain’t had any real law here yet. Mostly the folks just plan on standin’ back and watchin’ to see what happens.

10:52 - Figure it’s no use to get all head up over what might be.

10:55 - Well, they got a point. That King boy there, his brother’s an important man around these parts.

11:02 - So I hear. Yeah, well, like I was sayin’, I own McNeil Freight, which ain’t doin’ too well lately.

11:09 - Mostly have fish. Them big ‘yeller’ cats pan-fried, better ‘n’ beef.

11:14 - Well, holler if ya need anything. As a matter of fact, ya can send a wagon out for those stagecoach passengers and…

11:22 - I could use some advice on a place to stay.

11:24 - Well, we got two hotels in town. Best one’s across the street.

11:27 - My stable’s real handy for your stock, right next door.

11:30 - And thank you for your business. I’d like a room, please.

12:05 - Sign right there, please. Marshal? Dave Harmon.

12:22 - You’ll want a room overlooking the street. Ten dollars a week, marshal, in advance.

12:30 - The last officer of the law didn’t stay a week.

12:34 - And I didn’t collect either. A month in advance.

12:41 - Well! At least you’re an optimist. I’m Julie Williams. I own the hotel.

12:48 - I live alone, marshal. I prefer it that way and I believe in laying out the situation.

12:54 - It avoids misunderstanding. Well, I’ll try to keep that in mind.

13:01 - We certainly wouldn’t want any misunderstandings, Ms. Williams.

13:44 - Hey! What do you think you’re doin’? I got the wrong room.

13:50 - I’ll say ya have. Didn’t anybody ever teach you you can go to jail for stealin’? Please, señor. Do not tell the law.

13:58 - Son, I am the law. I’ll shoot. Pullin’ a gun on a marshal.

14:09 - You’ll get another five years for that. If you will let me go, I will not shoot.

14:16 - I don’t make bargains with criminals. ‘Specially when they got no bullets in their gun.

14:23 - Where’d ya get this? What’s your name? You got a family, kid? I take care of myself.

14:35 - Yeah, so I noticed. Where’d ya come from? Negales.

14:41 - How’d ya get here? On my horse. Most of the way.

14:46 - He died many miles away from here. He was old.

14:51 - Where’d you get a horse? One thing you better learn, kid…

15:03 - When ya need something, try askin’ for it. Now, what are we gonna do with you, kid? Ya don’t know anybody.

15:11 - Ya got no place to stay. And ya got no money.

15:18 - Hey, kid! Hey! I catch you stealin’ again, I’ll whip you to a frazzle.

16:27 - What’s your name? Andres. The marshal’s office needs cleaning. You can sleep there at night.

16:36 - Ya do a bad job, I’ll pay ya a dollar a week.

16:38 - Ya work hard, I’ll pay ya three. Who decides if I do good? Can’t eat on a dollar a week.

16:51 - With three dollars, you can. I’ll take that gun.

17:03 - Kid… A little advance on your salary. Get yourself some clothes and…

17:12 -… something to eat. This is stupid. I can’t afford to take this chance.

17:35 - What chance? Marshal’s asleep at the hotel. All ya gotta do is help me find the key.

17:39 - And what if somebody sees me go into his office? That’s what I brought ya along for.

17:42 - You’re just a good army officer, dropped by to pay his respects to the marshal.

17:46 - Hey now, listen. Relax. We’ll have King outta there in two minutes and our problems are over.

18:29 - What’re you doin’? Who are ya? Just a couple of friends who believe in justice.

18:33 - Come on, we got a horse outside. Hurry ‘em up.

18:36 - Where’s the horse? Across the street.

18:42 - Whoever ya are, me and my brother won’t forget ya.

18:44 - Yeah, I’m sure ya won’t. Now get goin’.

19:04 - You lied to me! Both his brothers are dead. Arch King’ll rip that marshal apart! But we were only gonna let ‘em escape! Yeah, but now you’re in all the way.

19:16 - - What happened? - I heard a shot! It’s Rol King! What happened? Somebody should get the marshal.

19:32 - What happened here? Anybody see? - I didn’t see anything! Somebody got ‘em in the back! Andres! Kid? Here, señor.

19:46 - You’re alright? What happened? Two men came in and let the cowboy outta the cell.

19:51 - Told him that there was a horse waiting for him outside.

19:53 - Then they shot ‘em with your shotgun. What’d they look like? It was dark. I cannot see.

19:59 - What did ya see? No faces. But one of the men was wearing high, shiny boots.

20:04 - I could see them. Very shiny. High, shiny boots? Sounds like army.

20:11 - Army uniform. You always kill escaping prisoners, marshal? I didn’t kill ‘em.

20:31 - Then who did? I don’t know that yet.

20:34 - He was killed with buckshot. You’re carrying a shotgun.

20:36 - I saw it. It was not Señor Harmon. You saw it? I was sleeping there.

20:41 - What did ya see, kid? I just know it wasn’t Señor Harmon.

20:45 - Well, who was it? What did ya see? - It was too dark. - I see.

20:50 - You say it wasn’t Harmon. Then ya say it was too dark to see who it really was.

20:53 - That’s not good enough, kid. Harmon, when Arch King rides into Yuma tomorrow…

20:58 -… he’s gonna want more than a Mexican kid’s word that you didn’t kill his brother.

21:16 - Harmon… From my grandfather. From your grandfather? From your grandfather what? The horse.

21:36 - Oh. The gun, too? Lock the door. Marshal Harmon from Yuma to see the commanding officer.

22:28 - Sign the log. Commanding officer’s quarters is across the parade ground there where the light is.

22:44 - Everybody sign in and out? After colors, by sundown.

22:47 - Major Lucas’ orders. He’s the commanding officer here.

22:52 - I see that Captain Sims White signed out at seven o’clock.

22:56 - Yes, sir. Officer Zelmly tonight. Enlisted men are restricted.

23:01 - He the only one to leave? Yes, sir. He’s a quarter master.

23:06 - Thank you. - Marshal - Harmon. Here to see the commander.

23:49 - The major retired several hours ago, sir. I’m his orderly. Can we put ya up until mornin’? I can’t wait.

23:56 - I’m sorry, sir. My orders is not to wake him.

24:00 - Well, I wouldn’t want you to disobey your orders.

24:13 - I imagine the major will be along shortly. Hursley! Just what the devil is this? Marshal Harmon couldn’t wait until mornin’ to see you, sir.

24:52 - I must admit, he is invictive. I’ll assume you’ll have a good explanation.

24:59 - Two men broke a prisoner outta my jail in Yuma tonight.

25:02 - Whoever did it shot ‘em in the back in the street…

25:04 -… and one of those men was wearing an army uniform.

25:08 - Hursley, sound recall. Before half of my command kill each other in the dark.

25:13 - Yes, sir. Come on this way. So you think one of my men was in your jail tonight.

25:30 - I checked your log at the gate and a Captain Sims White was the only soldier that left the fort.

25:35 - White is our quarter master. He has the run of the area.

25:40 - Now wait just a minute. You’re not accusing Captain White, are ya? I’m not accusing anybody.

25:46 - White has a perfect record. He comes from an army family.

25:50 - His father’s a brigadier general. Just what are the captain’s duties? Principally, to supply the army forts from Yuma to Santa Fe.

26:04 - He also regulates beef and other supplies to the Indians.

26:08 - Well, what exactly does that mean? That’s part of the terms of our peace treaty.

26:13 - They stay on their reservations and we supply them with cattle and some of their other needs.

26:20 - I noticed those wagons out there have got Decker’s name on them.

26:24 - They’re waiting for the cattle drive to come in.

26:26 - And when they do, Decker will ship out the cattle and other supplies…

26:28 -… to all the reservations in the territory.

26:32 - Does Decker handle all your freight? According to law, we have to get two bids before we can make a deal.

26:38 - The bids come from Mules McNeil and Decker.

26:42 - And somehow Decker’s always come up with the lowest bids.

26:46 - Which are then submitted to Captain White. That’s part of the duty of the quarter master.

26:53 - Now, wait just a minute, marshal. I’d like to know just what you’re implying.

26:57 - That trail herd you’re waitin’ on is headed by Arch King. It’ll be here tomorrow.

27:01 - His two brothers came into town today and I had to kill one of ‘em.

27:07 - I want the two men that killed the other one.

27:12 - I know Arch King. He’ll be hard to handle.

27:20 - I’ve been expecting you, Harmon. Any law man assigned to me and my post…

27:33 - I wanna know all about ‘em. There are no secrets from the army.

27:39 - It’s all here. ‘Harmon, Dave. Formerly a lieutenant.

27:45 - Good war record. Moved his family west, after the peace.

27:50 - Two years later, his wife Sarah was raped and murdered by raiders. ‘ They also killed your son, Jeremy.

28:01 - ‘There were no arrests. The raiders were reported to be wearing Union Army uniforms. ’ Not just reported. I saw them.

28:11 - ‘He left his ranch. Next reported to be United States Marshal.

28:15 - Served in Fort Defiance Territory, Fort Tularosa Territory.

28:18 - Fort Concho Territory. Present assignment, Yuma.

28:25 - You know, that’s the part that interested me most.

28:28 - Every place you’ve served is near an army fort.

28:36 - Is that a coincidence, Mr. Harmon? I hope you won’t let your hatreds cloud your duty.

28:48 - As far as my men are concerned. Where can I find Captain White? Well, if the King cattle drive is that close…

29:00 -… he probably would be at the Indian reservation.

29:02 - Planning delivery. That’s about ten miles farther up the river.

29:09 - Harmon… I’d go easy if I were you.

29:14 - You haven’t got much evidence to arrest a man on.

29:17 - If he’s innocent, he’s got nothing to worry about.

29:20 - If he’s guilty, he’ll face the court marshal.

29:24 - If he’s guilty, he’ll face me. Why you come? I’m lookin’ for a Captain White.

32:03 - Quarter master for the army. Ya seen him? One day back.

32:10 - What time did he leave? Captain White not fool to stay much time here.

32:20 - I can’t say as I blame him if he got the reception I did.

32:24 - Plenty talk. You go. Now. Wait a minute. I don’t understand this.

32:30 - White brings you supplies, I’d think you’d be glad to see ‘em.

32:33 - My people hungry. Treaty say fifty cattle month.

32:43 - Where are cattle, star man? There’s a trail herd on its way here now.

32:49 - Many cattle come to fort. For Yumas. Not many cattle come here.

33:01 - What happens to ‘em? Ask your Captain White.

33:10 - I intend to. Hunger make anger. Anger make war.

33:17 - We come get cattle. I can’t let ya do that, but if you got cattle comin’, I’ll see ya get ‘em.

33:23 - Promises! Oh, not just promises. I’m here to bring the law.

33:28 - White man law or red man law? Whatever the treaty says.

34:22 - How ‘bout a cup o’ that coffee, boss? Howdy, Sanders. What brings you way out here? Bad news, Mr. King.

34:44 - It’s your brothers. They’re both dead.

34:49 - Murdered. Do you hear me, Mr. King? Who done it? They got a new marshal in Yuma. A man by the name o’ Harmon.

35:09 - He gunned the one brother down in a saloon and back-shot the other in front of the jail.

35:15 - Why? That I don’t know. Run and tell the boys with the herd to move ‘em on towards town.

35:29 - Rest of you, get mounted. Harmon was at the fort askin’ a lotta questions.

36:19 - He won’t get anywhere. Major Lucas sent for me.

36:24 - What did he want? I didn’t see ‘em. I made some excuse and came right here.

36:28 - Well, that was a stupid thing to do! The King herd’ll be in tomorrow.

36:32 - We can’t take any chances. I want you to deliver every head to the Indians at the reservation.

36:38 - Alright, now you listen to me. I’ve already got those cattle sold out in California. That’s thousands of dollars.

36:44 - I don’t intend to let some shiny badge or a blue uniform throw it away.

36:54 - Last night you framed me into helping to kill a man.

36:59 - I’m through, Nels. White, you said it yourself.

37:02 - You helped kill a man. I’d guess that Harmon was partial to hanging.

37:08 - Now your only hope, if you wanna keep away from a rope, is to do exactly what I tell ya.

37:13 - When this is over, and it will be soon… We go our separate ways and all o’ this is forgotten.

37:20 - Now, Captain, you just go back to the hotel and stay there.

37:24 - Arch King will be in town soon and he’ll take care of Harmon.

37:28 - And none of us’ll have anything to worry about.

37:57 - Howdy. Howdy. Looks like it’s gonna be a scorcher.

38:03 - Heard you was out all night. Find your man? Not yet.

38:10 - Can I help ya? You might. Tell me about Nels Decker.

38:16 - Mighty powerful man around these parts. He gottaa lotta dollars to back ‘em up.

38:21 - It’s too bad. I guess that makes him pretty tough competition to bid against.

38:26 - Well, like I said, he’s got all the dollars.

38:30 - What do you know about Arch King? I know you’re gonna be meetin’ ‘em real soon.

39:10 - Your name Arch King? You Harmon? U. S. Marshal Harmon.

39:20 - From what I hear, I’m gonna have to kill you.

39:26 - You afraid o’ me, King? Hardly. Then let’s get down off these horses and talk some.

39:34 - Could be ya heard part of the story wrong. My office is back there.

40:18 - Your brothers took over a stage coach outside o’ town.

40:22 - They were liquored up, breakin’ the law. When I arrested ‘em, the youngest one took three shots at me and I had to kill ‘em.

40:29 - I think you’ll find all the witnesses you need to verify what I’m tellin’ ya.

40:36 - What about Rol? Well, I had him locked up back there.

40:43 - Last night, somebody broke ‘em out. Shot ‘em in the back out there in the street.

40:49 - And it wasn’t me. It was your gun. Well, that’s true enough.

40:58 - Sam was wild. Whiskey don’t mix with that.

41:03 - And I can’t argue with a man for shootin’ when he’s drawed on.

41:06 - But back-shootin’s somethin’ else and somebody in this town’s gonna pay.

41:22 - You’re the marshal. Rol was your prisoner in your jail.

41:28 - It’s your gun that killed ‘em. I only got your word you didn’t pull the trigger on ‘em.

41:37 - Now, then. Tomorrow come sundown, you ain’t got the man…

41:43 - As far as I’m concerned, you’re the man. You can’t call me that! Get outta my way! Alright, now stop it. I want you to stop it! - Stop it! - Hey, hey, hey. What’s goin’ on here? - Come back here. - Hold it, kid. Hold it.

42:38 - What’s this all about? Called me a Mexican.

42:41 - He did? True, ain’t it? Well? Can’t change that.

42:53 - Then quit complainin’, kid, and be proud o’ what you are.

42:56 - Fightin’ for’s different than fightin’ against.

43:00 - Now you better get back to that jail and get it cleaned up.

43:07 - You handled that very nicely. I wish they were all that easy.

43:11 - Not in Yuma. Well, maybe. I’ve got to ride out to the fort to see if I can find a Capt. White.

43:17 - Oh, well, that’s a long way to go for nothing.

43:20 - White checked into my place a couple of hours ago.

43:23 - Room 16. Thank you. When I left King and his men, they were madder’n wood hornets.

43:28 - What happened? That Harmon fella’s smart, real smart.

43:31 - Somehow he took the initiative away from King and the whole thing ended up in talk. Nothing else.

43:35 - So, what do we do now? Nothing. We stay quiet, very quiet, and very close to Capt. White.

43:41 - You own that man after last night. He’s coming apart at the seams.

43:45 - You get over to the hotel. Don’t let him out of your sight, and don’t let him open his mouth.

44:11 - This time he’s hurt bad! Somebody call the doctor! I… certainly appreciate your help.

45:08 - Thanks, and would you close the door on your way out? He’s in there.

45:30 - I warned you about taking out your hatred and revenge on my men.

45:34 - I’m going to wire Washington immediately to ask permission to put this town under martial law.

45:41 - I’d be sure of my facts if I were you. The facts are Capt. White has nothing but ketchup on his chest.

45:49 - And he’s been dead for hours. What kind of trickery is this? I found White dead beside a torn up sign I’d just found.

46:10 - Are you telling me that this is a suicide? I fired those shots to make people think otherwise.

46:21 - Washington said clean up Yuma. Right now there’s cowboys and a trail boss ready to tear this town apart.

46:28 - And out there, there’s Indians bein’ short- changed on beef issue and they’re hungry.

46:33 - If they explode, this territory could go up in smoke.

46:38 - And I think that White and Decker are the men responsible.

46:42 - Now Decker doesn’t know that White is dead yet and he’s gotta be afraid he’ll talk.

46:46 - Sometime tonight, I expect somebody to pay White a visit.

46:50 - And when they do, I intend to be here. Right now, I’m hungry. I haven’t slept in two nights, it’s hot, and I’m flat outta patience.

47:01 - Alright, marshal. You can trust the doc here.

47:05 - We’ll keep quiet about White until tomorrow.

47:08 - But only until tomorrow. How’s the food? Good. Good findin’ it, too.

47:31 - By the way, you owe me for a bottle of ketchup.

47:35 - And you owe me a promise not to talk about it.

47:40 - I’m sorry. May I ask you a question? I understand that Decker’s got most of the money here.

47:50 - He bring it? When Decker first came to town, he brought everything he owned in one wagon.

47:56 - Now he owns fifty of them. Not much freight in the territory moves without him.

48:03 - Must make it kinda rough on McNeil. Oh, he gets a short haul job once in a while.

48:09 - Not much more than that. I guess Decker’s got quite a few hands workin’ for ‘em.

48:16 - Thank you. Thirty or forty men, on and off.

48:21 - And his head man, Derrick Sanders. Yeah, I’ve seen him. What do you know about ‘em? I think he could be dangerous.

48:31 - Are you at least getting close to something? Maybe.

48:36 - Oh, I hope so. I’m afraid Arch King won’t wait.

48:42 - Two brothers dead, ya can’t blame ‘em. Do you think I killed Rol King? Do you think I’d be helping you if I did? We’ve had so many law men in Yuma.

48:57 - There’s one thing different about you. I think you care.

49:03 - Sometimes it takes more than that. Julie…

49:10 - How many banks are there in the territory? Only three, outside of ours.

49:15 - One in Tucson, one in Bisbee, and one in Tombstone.

49:21 - Thanks. Dave… Be careful.

49:30 - Well, I don’t know what you’re worried about.

49:32 - What? I’ve got my rent paid in advance.

50:08 - Señor! Door was locked. I wait for you.

50:13 - Well, I think you better sleep over at the hotel tonight.

50:15 - You tell the lady I said you could have my room.

50:18 - But why? I don’t think I’m gonna be needin’ it. Now you get goin’.

50:59 - - Give ‘em another minute. - This better work.

51:01 - With a dedicated man like him, you know it will.

51:23 - Alright, get movin’. I told ya I’d beat ya tonight. Checkers was always my strong point back home.

52:44 - I wouldn’t throw back if I were you. Remember last Tuesday? Hey, Mules, look, the store! Hurry, you go sound the alarm quick.

52:54 - Fire! Fire! Fire at Harvey’s store! - That’s the firebell! - Where is it? - Fire at Harvey’s! - Get everything out! We’ve gotta get that dynamite outta the back! - In the back? - Yeah! You men standing out there watching, give me a hand! We gotta get that dynamite outside! - Come on! - Hurry it up! Come on! Alright, men! Keep that water comin’! Keep the water comin’, men.

55:04 - Now drop that gun. Easy, marshal. Now, easy.

55:09 - Slow down. I can see where you’re a little upset with findin’ me here like this.

55:16 - I mean, I did start out with the best of intentions.

55:20 - All I’ve done is kinda fouled things up. You know, this is gonna sound rather foolish, but…

55:30 - I told ya to drop that gun, and now I’m tellin’ ya to drop the smart talk.

55:34 - Alright, alright. So I admit I broke into jail.

55:37 - So what does that prove? Listen, Harmon, I got my – You stand there tellin’ me I got no proof and you’re stinkin’ of coal oil? You set that fire to try to get me away from the jail long enough to kill White.

55:51 - You can’t prove that. My story is I just dropped by to comfort an old friend.

55:57 - The other ear is a little trickier. The gun tends to pull to the left.

56:01 - Alright, alright. But all I was gonna do is bust ‘em out.

56:06 - Like you busted Roland King outta jail? You’re gonna write it up just like it happened, and then you’re gonna sign it.

56:18 - I told ya, I was just gonna bust ‘em outta jail.

56:25 - Alright. We’ll do it the hard way. Outside.

56:44 - Where you takin’ me? We’re gonna have a little talk with Mr. Arch King.

56:49 - Finally, señor! I was – I want five minutes.

56:57 - Alright, five minutes. But you hurt that kid and I promise you…

57:00 - this world ain’t big enough for you to find a place to hide in.

57:03 - Five minutes. We have the fire under control, marshal.

57:23 - What’s wrong? Sanders took the boy.

57:27 - Sanders? Ya seen ‘em? No. Ya get word to Major Lucas. Tell ‘em to take over while I’m gone.

57:39 - What’ll we do with Capt. White? Bury ‘em.

58:40 - I’m sorry they got away. It was my fault. Don’t you worry about that, kid, as long as you’re not hurt.

58:46 - I’m alright. Any idea where they went? No, but señor, Decker said it was time to leave.

58:51 - He tied me up while the other man got the horses.

58:54 - Alright, you get back to the hotel and you wait for me there.

62:47 - Alright, hold it. Now turn around slow.

62:56 - I’d kill ya right now, but I wanna see ya die.

62:59 - Now throw down that rifle. Take out your gun, with the left hand.

63:08 - Two fingers. Slow. Now throw it down.

63:13 - Biggest mistake of your life, Harmon, was comin’ to Yuma.

63:16 - Ya had to stick your nose in my business. Your business? Those Indians’ll go to war before they starve and a lotta people are gonna get killed.

63:25 - There’s nothin’ you can do about it. With you dead, Capt. White won’t talk.

63:29 - He’ll go out to the reservation, as usual, tell the Indians the beef is comin’.

63:34 - And deliver the most of it to me to ship out.

63:37 - I collect from the army, take it west, and sell it all over again.

63:41 - You don’t think I’d let a nosy marshal spoil that good o’ business, do you? You’re stupid, Harmon.

63:48 - Dyin’ for a filthy pack of Indians. He stole cattle! We go! Fort Yuma, get cattle! Food! Go back to the reservation! I’ll see you get your beef and supplies! Why we trust you? Where’s the wisdom in savin’ a man’s life if ya can’t trust ‘em? We wait.

66:28 - One o’ them the man? Yep. Well, he can’t very well deny it, can he? I guess you’re gonna want more proof.

67:02 - Sanders and White killed your brother. They were both workin’ for Decker.

67:07 - Why would Decker want my brother dead? I’m comin’ to that.

67:12 - Decker came out here with one wagon, stone broke…

67:14 -… and in just a short time, he had government contracts and fifty wagons.

67:19 - Now, somebody had to back him up with money and help him get those contracts.

67:22 - Somebody who was familiar with the facts, figures and procedures…

67:26 -… followed in delivering cattle and supplies to the Indians.

67:30 - Marshal! Just what are you insinuating? I’m not insinuating, I’m tellin’ ya! Somebody here, somebody in this town was Decker’s boss.

67:43 - Well, what’s all that got to do with my brother? That somebody also knows who killed him and why.

67:55 - Well, who is he? Major Lucas here told me that two bids have to be made on every government contract.

68:08 - That’s right. McNeil, you were afraid another freight outfit would come into town and put you outta business.

68:19 - So you brought Decker in, set ‘em up, and let ‘em underbid you.

68:22 - He got the bids and the blame, and you got a nice cut o’ the profits.

68:26 - Including what Decker’s been stealing from the Indians, which is considerable.

68:30 - And that’s where White came in. He covered up for Decker.

68:34 - Harmon, that story’s so cocked it ain’t worth answerin’.

68:38 - You won’t have to. I figured you were too smart to keep the money here in town…

68:42 -… so I sent a telegram to every bank in the territory.

68:46 - While you were doin’ a lotta fishing and no business…

68:49 -… you put over forty thousand dollars in the bank at Bisbee.

68:59 - You want more proof? I didn’t kill Rol King.

69:04 - That was Decker’s idea. You mean you didn’t pull the trigger.

69:09 - But you let ‘em kill Rol, because like Decker, you felt sure that Arch King would kill me… .

69:14 -… and that would keep things wide open for you.

69:16 - You’ve done your job, marshal. Step outta the way.

69:22 - I can’t let you do that. My brother’s killin’ lays heavy on me. Get outta the way.

69:28 - You kill him, I’ll have to arrest you for murder.

69:32 - Get outta my way, Harmon. He’s my prisoner, King. One of us’ll have to die for ‘em.

69:44 - And it better not be the marshal. Because then it becomes army business.

69:54 - Go home. I’ll see McNeil gets what’s comin’ to ‘em. I promise ya that.

69:59 - Well, your word’s poor payment for my brother.

70:02 - So’s another killing. King… I’m sorry about your brothers.

70:48 - Me, too. Whatever you catch, I’ll cook.

71:35 - But you have to clean it. There’s no catfish in here.

71:40 - Oh, yes, there are. You’re just not doing it right.

71:42 - Now, you have to let your line down. You see, get it down in the mud.

71:46 - That’s where the big ones are. Right down there.

71:48 - Do you fish a lot? When I was your age, that’s practically all I did.

72:11 - - Morning. - Morning. Andres here is catching your breakfast for you.

72:15 - Well, you can’t get it much fresher than that.

72:19 - You know what he says? He doesn’t know how to swim.

72:22 - Is that right, kid? Never no water to swim in where I was.

72:27 - Well, there’s plenty here. Won’t you teach me? Maybe.

72:31 - When, señor? What’s your hurry? I bet I’ll be good at it.

72:36 - Well, you might at that. Teach me? We’ll get around to it.

72:42 - Now, señor. You are a persistent little cuss.

72:51 - Hey! Alright, reach out! Reach out, pull water to you! Pull it to you! Cup your hands! Thatta boy! Now kick those legs! Kick ‘em! Cup your hands! Cup your hands! Get those legs movin’! Thatta boy! Keep movin’! Relax, don’t get so excited.

73:17 - That’s good. Good, kid. I did it! I can swim, I can swim! You’re fine! I can swim! You see? You see, I can do it! I can swim! You swim almost as well as I do. I never learned how either.

73:32 - You don’t know how to swim? Oh! Oh, you wouldn’t do that to me! Would you?.