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Aug 5, 2021 12:01 · 1905 words · 9 minute read

Today’s Vlog starts with Muffin sleeping in his favorite space.

00:06 - The news is that a three-month-old baby puppy has already weighed over 9 kilograms.

00:12 - I’m here to take the cooking class I registered with my friend.

00:17 - Today’s menu is French toast, gratin dopinoise, ham & cheese crepes.

00:24 - A teacher who prepared expensive butter that you don’t even use at home.

00:29 - Isn’t it a foul to put sugar and maple syrup in a banana? I’ve been so frustrated since I’ve been staying at home, but it’s really nice to be out even for a little while.

00:41 - Thank you for asking me to join you first, my friend.

00:48 - Dip bread in egg water with whipped cream, milk, sugar, and cinnamon powder and bake.

01:04 - Complete with bananas on top of baked French toast.

01:12 - Due to the coronavirus, we bring our own dishes and pack them.

01:18 - I’ll try it with my husband when I get home! I set it up as soon as I got home.

01:32 - It would have been much better if I had eaten it right after I made it, but I was so sorry.

01:40 - I’m going to make potato gratin at home next time.

01:51 - The crepes were made by the teacher, so I came home and baked the ingredients.

02:00 - It’s very delicious because I just made it.

02:09 - It was a weekend lunch chatting with my husband. :) At the end of the day, I give them dinner.

02:21 - One routine before you eat, “Shall we eat?” Don’t just say it. Just give it to me.

02:31 - It’s so cute to see her nodding like that that that I keep repeating myself. (I’m sorry guys).

02:38 - Time to rest after eating. Just let this go. Muffin’s working on a butter neck collar.

03:03 - He’s growing so fast that he’s becoming a big cotton ball.

03:09 - The song is starting again? Ga ga ga Ga ga ga ga ga gag Should I keep listening to this? Oh my God EGGPLANT tomato PASTA I’m going to use the eggplant I harvested on the terrace yesterday to make pasta.

03:55 - Cut the eggplant into 3 pieces lengthwise and in the middle.

04:01 - Cut tomatoes roughly. Chop the onion. I’ll grill the eggplant first.

04:32 - a pinch of salt And add oregano Cook pasta while eggplant is cooking.

04:55 - I’ll make the sauce while the pasta cooks. Minced garlic (usually used when you are lazy to cut sliced garlic) And Peperoncino (Butter & Muffin playing) I added bacon in a hurry.

05:20 - I think it’s too much onion. (I think we should call this onion pasta. ) I mashed the tomatoes and cooked them.

05:32 - Now it’s time to put in the tomato paste. I put in 3 spoons (add 1 spoon later) I used it because I had a paste, but I think I can replace it with tomato sauce. ◡̈ Season with salt.

05:51 - Add Seasoning I failed to control the amount again today.

06:03 - a little pepper Now it’s time to put the baked eggplant in.

06:16 - Cook lightly to soak the sauce in the eggplant. I’ll put in Granapadano cheese. I bought some parsley, so I’m going to chop them up.

06:38 - Remove the stem and use only the leaves. Leave some toppings and mix them in the pasta.

07:02 - How will the tomato pasta taste after a long time? I’m finally watching a drama that I heard was so interesting on Netflix. > < Gift to Muffin has arrived. ◡̈ This is a disinfectant deodorant for dogs. gs.

07:47 - It won the prize for its self-developed mineral ingredient, Helsacline.

07:53 - Total Capacity 300ml It eliminates more than 99. 9% of harmful bacteria.

08:02 - It even has a powerful deodorizing power to control odors and prevent viruses.

08:07 - They sent it to me in the scent of eucalyptus that my dog likes.

08:11 - I spray it on the cushions that Butter and Muffin like.

08:17 - (She often interferes with filming. ) Sprinkle Butter’s favorite spot on the couch.

08:30 - And it’s been using really well since I got it as a gift.

08:34 - I was so satisfied that I bought another one.

08:37 - It’s a non-slip bowel pad made of soft silicon.

08:42 - I’m really satisfied because it doesn’t flow to the floor after bowel movement because it has a border! It’s soft, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your paws.

08:52 - The pad doesn’t move. It sticks well. Spray deodorant, place a bowel pad, and Muffin’s comfortable toilet is ready.

09:12 - Please, I want you to aim correctly. But I can’t help stepping on it.

09:24 - He is always bright… . . EARL GREY ganache MADELEINE I erased the microphone recordings, so I used a camera-recorded video. The sound is a little different than usual.

09:44 - I’m going to make Earl Grey Ganache Madeleine to launch the last Madeleine.

09:49 - * Recipe is from your favorite baking YouTuber, Old Fashion. * Cut and place Earl Grey tea bags in whipped cream.

10:00 - Heat the whipped cream in microwave twice to prevent it from exploding.

10:08 - It’s a difficult environment to film… … I’ll put this aside for a while.

10:20 - Now I’m going to make the dough quickly. two eggs.

10:26 - Sugar Honey Add vanilla extract and mix.

10:37 - Soft flour, almond powder, baking powder. And a little bit of salt.

10:47 - Mix the shredded powder in egg water. I’m going to mix it with the Earl Grey whipped cream that I made earlier.

11:04 - Add melted butter, the last step of dough. I’ll wrap it up and use it in the fridge for about an hour.

11:23 - In the meantime, I make Earl Grey Ganache Cream. (It’s a complicated process. ) Open the new white cover while heating the whipped cream + earl grey.

11:39 - Melt the cover with the heat of the whipped cream.

11:48 - This will also be refrigerated and whipped later.

11:53 - (My friend came and I changed my clothes. ) The most exciting panning time.

12:04 - I’m really curious about the results of my first Madeleine.

12:16 - My first oven video (no sound) The navel is fine, but I put a lot of butter and flour on the mold. The pattern didn’t come out well.

12:31 - I’m explaining to my friend why the pattern didn’t come out well.

12:36 - I’m comforting this sad heart with the puppies.

12:45 - Whip the ganache cream you made earlier while Madeleine cools down.

12:55 - Make a hole in the madeleine navel with a piping tip.

13:01 - Fill ganache Cream It’s finally time to eat! I’m so curious about the cross section.

13:28 - Ta-da! I’m gonna try it, too, because my friend’s reaction is good.

13:40 - This is really… so good. It’s a taste that you can eat one whole pan at a time.

13:46 - The privilege of home baking, adding cream.

13:53 - I bought a mirror and I got two puppies. Who are you! Why are you barking at that place? Are you scared? (Who is it?) He still can’t accept his reflection in the mirror. (Hey, why did you come to my house?) Funny and cute.

14:22 - I’m familiar with you. You’re kind of handsome.

14:47 - Don’t tell me this isn’t me. Muffin’s been lying down in front of the mirror for a long time.

15:04 - I’m gonna do a little unboxing. I bought the walking comfortable sandals that I’ve been needing.

15:18 - This is Montbell Sandals purchased at 29cm.

15:22 - I’ve always thought of hiking gear, but I’ve got nice sandals. (Price is also good) I’ll try them on right away.

15:34 - The shoes are so light and fluffy that it feels like I’m not wearing anything.

15:44 - S, M, and L in these three sizes. I bought a small one (235 mm. ) I’m very satisfied.

15:56 - Next, yolk separator. I’ve always needed it for baking, but now I’ve bought it.

16:11 - Next is the pants I ordered from La room. I ordered it with a friend, and I chose black, and you chose dark green.

16:21 - I tried it on with sandals. I found a thin pair of long pants because of a scar on my knee, and I think it’s! It’s 34 degrees, and when it’s hard to take a walk, I’m out on the terrace.

16:47 - It’s hot, but the puppies like the outside better.

16:52 - By the way, when does summer pass? He came out dressed in a bit of colorfully.

17:06 - Pulling weeds in a hip, three-line slipper.

17:13 - The terrace was too hard to manage, so I left it unattended, and it became a jungle.

17:29 - Branches grow best on the terrace. So many eggplant dishes will appear for the time being.

17:44 - Muffin goes to the shade to cool it down a little bit.

17:50 - When will fall come? I’d like to make some side dishes for my husband’s special requirements.

18:01 - 1. Braised potatoes Grease and stir-fry until potato surface is clear.

18:12 - Add water (I put in too much) Seasoning sauce (soy sauce + sugar + starch syrup + sesame) Add onion and simmer at 80% boil.

18:22 - It’s done with the cheongyang red pepper. Lastly, sprinkle sesame seeds.

18:31 - Completion 2. Seasoned dried squid Cut soaked dried squid into bite-size pieces.

18:39 - The hyenas that swarm with the smell. Mixing with mayonnaise Seasoning sauce (red pepper paste + pepper powder + sugar + soy sauce + cooking wine + oligosaccharide) full of sesame seeds Transfer to a bowl. Completion 3. Mini Mushroom Boiled It’s gonna boil down with onions.

19:20 - Stir-fry onions until they are slightly transparent. (I added a little garlic, too. ) Seasoning sauce (soy sauce + oyster sauce + oligosaccharide + water + sesame oil) Lastly, sprinkle sesame seeds.

19:33 - Completion 4. Spinach seasoned soybean paste My mom’s soybean paste with minced garlic and sesame oil Sesame Add spinach slightly blanched in water.

19:46 - Time to mash things up. Transfer it to a bowl. Lastly, sprinkle sesame seeds.

19:56 - Completion My husband’s dinner show for the puppies.

20:07 - His love for Butter is overflowing today as well.

20:16 - Why? Butter is a good puppy who stays put despite his behavior.

20:32 - In the midst of this, Mr. Muffin Kim keeps his pace with his meal.

20:43 - He is exercising these days. Do you see my shoulders, biceps, triceps? I can see.

20:59 - narcissism I don’t care. It’s time to go to bed. “Butter, muffin, good night. ” But he doesn’t seem to want to sleep yet.

21:23 - Butter’s been getting jealous lately. She’s got a timid, depressed look on his face behind her. Muffin is now over 10kg and a very big puppy.

21:40 - “Good night, Muffin. ” “Good night. “.