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wooden productions so oh sorry my name is tracy i work with this amazing company for years now i love my job so much but i love someone much more austin i really could give up anything for him but don’t get me wrong i still love my job so much and juliet i don’t like juliet she is such a [ __ ] oh sorry but she’s all up in jane’s business i mean jane is such a sweetheart but i really don’t mind giving her my love for her for austin but i still love my job i mean oh md is calling hello sir okay i’ll be there this meeting is very important because this advertising company is about to handle the biggest project of the century the program we designed just won us an international contract and it’s a big one for that a technology company in korea is going to partner with us on this and it’s a multi-million dollar team and we’re going to be producing a unique technology that’s a great news that means we’ll start working immediately oh my goodness um i’m very sorry with my colleagues i i know i’ve lost my voice like we all know but i’m sure i’ve not lost my sense of reasoning so i think handling any projects to jane will be a very big risk on our company that’s my take i definitely agree with jordan that jane you might be the project manager but you’ve not entirely been a success to this company so can we continue the meeting and i really would prefer if she can just sold up and like keep her mouth shut why we know what we’re doing well i can’t agree more on that because i noticed some lack of duty on her part so that is why we need to look at it very carefully though it is in her department to handle projects but i believe that this project is too big i mean to be risked mr harry why would you say something like that have been a submissive and diligent worker in this office for the past eight years have done my job diligently oh really diligently have you forgotten the south african project have you immuned it oh gene that was years ago i had a baby you were assigned to a project and the next engine did she falls ahead and got pregnant whose account girard can you please mind your business i did my job very well despite my condition we have a big fish to fly here we’re not here to sit down and watch both of you doing what you know how to do best so for the interest of this company jen and gerard shut up thank you i’m not really impressed that even in my presence i can still hear some of the noise i hear across my walls but please i want us to maintain focus and not to revisit old issues with all due respect sir i think we should trust jane on this one i mean she’s proven to be reliable with all projects handed to her so it’s true do i have to be punished for giving birth to a child jane all what we are saying is that you should consider the interest of the company too i mean you want to handle this project so badly because of the promotion and the benefits that comes with it but what of the interest of the company i mean we all here has contributed to the success of this project why do you want to read it so badly i’m not doing this for the benefit or the promotion i’m doing this because i love my job and i’m good at it okay we all know you’re good at it but this company must hire a professional sir that’s my take why go through the process of getting someone else when we have our very own testimony here who has proven to handle projects i mean he has spent five years with us here and i know he’s qualified and experienced enough to replace jane what are you saying wally i mean desmond right here is not half as qualified as jamie’s and besides his jane’s assistant just because he handled the project doesn’t make him qualified enough to handle this one desmond tell them you’re fine working with me and in due time you will become the manager in a proper way jane did you just hear what tracy just said she just said i’m not qualified enough to handle this project um jane i am fine working with you i’m very happy working with you but i believe that over time you and i have acquired the same amount of training and degrees so i don’t want to be at this idea of me not being capable of handling the projects coming from i’m surprised desmond doesn’t know what i mean you don’t want to say anymore okay if the company thinks i’m comfortable on this project then i am capable and i’m ready to handle the project thank you very much i want all of you to know that i allowed jen to use my office because i believe in her this meeting is our joint team for the notice then we are going to know who is going to handle this project meanwhile james and desmond i want you to begin to you know begin to plan around the projects years around the project how to do that and then we’re going to preview it you know both plans on on our next meeting okay and then we’re going to decide who’s going to handle the project thank you you have to calm down okay you have to calm down i mean don’t let all this get into your head or drive you insane can you imagine that betrayer have worked in this company for eight years i’ve been a project manager for four years now is this what i get in return you know what all what they are trying to do especially juliet is to frustrate you you don’t have to let that happen gillette has gotten me to the limit i can’t take it anymore i just can’t you see what i’m saying that’s it it’s getting to you you’re growing mad you have to calm down jane you have to even desmond i thought he’s my friend and he’s doing this jane desmond doesn’t hate you i mean he woke up one fine morning and the job of a manager was offered to him that’s something he would have worked for in 10 years i mean who wouldn’t grab such an opportunity tell me i don’t think he hates you okay tracy can i count on you you know just your support i need to get as much support as possible before the next meeting i just need this support you know i’m not happy when you talk like this i mean you know you have my support jane look i will always be here for you any day anytime thank you just thank you it’s okay you missed dinner yesterday i’m sorry darling i i had to walk late in the office you know some official emergencies so sorry about that it’s all right so tell me how was the dinner your mum and my mom wanted us to have dinner i wonder how those two are up to like trying to hook us up oh my word funny right the thing is that those two people they can never give up so what’s up he’s been a little bit bored i’ve been drinking all by myself what do you say to a little bit of booze after i had i don’t know don’t say no remember you missed a date yesterday so you owe me one all right but um you’ve had enough already right don’t stop me i’m having fun okay you know what i know it’s not hypersleepy but i told you i’ll sleep that is if you give me more drink and you take one the drink right yeah i have some oh boy this is how we roll you know oh i hope you’re not planning to get me drunk do you want to miss it no no i as a real man you know i like it hard nice just a moment um i want to show you the animal in me come here hi my name is jenny doka this is my office i love my job because i’m good at it leadership is a quality i admire and being the project manager makes me a leader my team isn’t that great but there is hope do you want to know if there’s a man in my life no i’m done with men i am a single mom with a lovely daughter excuse me you’re blocking my way sorry madam that’s okay so may i of course but first i want to introduce you to my friend you see my friend here she’s angry very very angry and she told us you’re screwing her man i don’t know what you’re talking about just shut up and listen we’ve been tracing this for a month now i don’t know what you’re talking about ladies if you don’t have anything to say i’ve got things to do she just feels jobless oh my god it’s like we are jobless right but guys i don’t know who you are what do you want does this looks familiar to you does it well it’s my office card anyone can have it with my man nothing is ever coincident have you been screwing my man i don’t know what you’re talking about did you shut up and stop asking me questions don’t tell me you want to add lying to your saints woman i found this on my desk too i thought it might be yours really a vacation later on a trip to the company quarters um has this ever happened before no so i finally get to take a break from all this work oh i smell vacation bye girl see you later yes hi tracy where are you going i’m going home but it’s working us i know but i’m working half day today so tell me what’s the occasion there’s no question i have to make arrangements my mom to come over she has to watch over victoria i would have sent victoria to her but she has to go to school so my mom have to come jane if this is about the vacation then you really don’t have to come with us i mean you have a daughter and you’re a single mom i think the company should be able to understand that they should give you some time off i understand but i can’t take that works this is about my job my job is a tricks i don’t know what they are planning so i have to be there to know the every move so i can see the conspiracy they’re about to do jay you’re sounding like i’m not going to be there i mean i can do that for you i would have agreed if austin would be there but he has proven to be your biggest distraction jane you know i love austin that i know but does it feel the same way for you i really don’t care i just love him enough of austin and i i mean it’s about you and victoria if you really want to go home then fine i’ll take your one let me have your bag lady thank you very much okay let’s go okay don’t tell me is the symbol that has been tormenting my life that girl and her friends almost killed me why did you tell me you were married are you scared of her if you’re not scared why are you saying all this hold on it’s not what you think please stop that language really act is obvious not again this is how evidence girls i need to talk to this [ __ ] i have just one question for you and i need you to answer some of that hesitation how does your pregnancy are you going to talk it’s less than three months and you want to keep the baby yes i’m keeping it see what a doctor have to say about that guys stop it if you continue hitting her she might lose the baby what are you driving at i thought that’s what we wanted babes i don’t want to be responsible for the death of an innocent child and you’re not that heartless are you deborah what do you want me to do this [ __ ] slept with my man and now she’s carrying this baby i believe in someone who cares together seven good days with all of these beautiful women in this place small full time okay paul if you don’t mind can you just take me to my room um i’m sorry um your company made the reservation for a five bedroom quarters a kitchen and two bedrooms and a swimming pool and looking at the numbers i have here seriously i don’t think i can help you what exactly are we supposed to do with five rooms are some people supposed to sleep in the toilet um um julia i i think we have no choice here okay let’s just make doing what we have no we do have a choice we mustn’t be out on this um what do they call it vacation we mustn’t please guys i don’t know how you guys will see now we let’s be matured here okay if we are nine numbers and we have just five rooms we can dedicate two rooms to the ladies and make do would remain a tree what do you guys think are you kidding me did you just say that i am not mature not exactly no or did you not hear when i said i cannot share a room me too if we have five rooms i’m taking one thank you okay i don’t mind i’ll share my room with cindy okay um can we at least give the ladies what they want okay then we can make do with remaining i think i’m okay with that okay look we are here for a vacation let’s have fun i mean he has no point in fighting we’ll be here for a few and then we go to our various houses okay awesome let’s have fun very okay with it and i’m not okay with it at all like like seriously why won’t anyone want to listen to me because they are not important my bag is in the car get it handle it with careful that’s because you’re from the ghetto i wasn’t talking to you weren’t you this is what i have to deal with huh coupled with the fact that i’m forced to live under the same roof with jane then maybe you shouldn’t have come along simple i hope someone doesn’t stab me in my sleep not again look you ladies need to stop all this i mean this vacation is not about you two we’re here to have fun and not to listen or what you fight oh please shut up you slot what’s all this you think we don’t see you sneaking around the office with austin excuse me yes juliet what are you talking about didn’t i speak english oh come on austin don’t listen to her she always has something to say her father no wonder man can stay with you man it’s gonna be a lot of fun yeah almost blessing boy wally you shall immediately in that office everyone has got an interest including the chairman i mean don’t you guys see the way he looks like jane i’m suspecting something is going on there and i will definitely find what it is guys the chairman has nothing serious for james oh he has a soft spot for the little girl okay i forget that i and jane has come a long way you can’t be too sure man jane cannot do anything like that why do you nominate me i just debate one of your numerous games okay if you look at it critically i’m doing you a big favor here and you should be grateful forget about what my interest is just play your part i don’t want to be caught in the crossfire i’m sorry i don’t know what jane look at this guy you i mean do you know the kind of supporters you have behind you if it comes down to 40 you will win have you guys what am i saying you’re saying writing well um wally you have my full support but as far as my interest is protected you’re out yeah what do you have to say about what now jane has been your childhood friend for a very long time do you want to try away everything that you guys have just like that guy i’m a family man i need some more income besides what’s your take on this no take i have no reason okay i don’t think that was as incompetent or unqualified here while he was wrong even a nomination now inaudib am in a spot this month i think uh the deed is done already all we need now is play along okay see once that project is on your table trust me our interest here is protected man you guys should thank me instead of complaining i’m the smart one here now well well that’s why i said the chairman you know even when you’re not a chairman but for now you don’t need to worry man what am i doing to you okay i i hope i’m not gradually becoming a coward by giving into this guy’s plans well i mean if i cannot have jean i should be able to have a successful career you know i hope you understand someday i love you jane yeah this one what are you doing did you uh sleep over here no me sleep here i was i was just i had to graffiti last night so um i slept off so what are you doing here this early of the morning um um i i i i i oh yeah i i came to um you know fix the the tap you know it’s having plumber issues and uh you know i i noticed while they were having dinner last night that you know most people could not wash their hands because the tap was not you know running out well so i okay okay the tap was not working well yeah so you came to visit up it’s good now okay okay michael yeah this one um i i i’m i’m sure you you know what i’m about to say no no no no we don’t like the idea anytime we’re just dreaming you know it was just a dream this one alright thanks michael hey what’s up james so tell me what do you have on your drawing board join board yes i mean you plans to get the project i don’t know tracy they are really teaming up if desmond doesn’t drop his newfound aspiration to take over my office i’m scared he might win but did you try talking to him because to me i think he’s doing all this because of the pressure the mounting on him what do you think if i tried talking to him he would go on telling everyone they might think i’m scared but you are listen honey you need to talk to desmond i mean make him say reasons with you even if it means setting aside your ego trust me you have to do it this is about your job and you have to do what is right okay okay it is for the men okay trust me i can do it better than this you think so okay let me watch this don’t spawn my goats this boat is very expensive let’s take it this way okay part of it that is what i’m shaving let me show you just go this way take this way this way then cut this way down this way let’s go okay okay change the hand just up let’s take it out my goat is in trouble okay okay now i need a very clean shape so how are you enjoying the calm day too in the house i’m glad you’re here why don’t you stop all day can we go to my room i want to show you something where’s everybody i don’t know and i really don’t care as long as i know where you are right right you don’t care about other people right only austin because i care about you can’t you see why can’t you appreciate all the love and attention okay you know something interesting can you just like excuse me for a moment only after the show i can come see your room all right no need to fight oh my hands make me smile stop the hating we’re meant for each other is i believe in someone who cares i believe together we hi um here i come out here to i’m gonna get the fresh air and probably sleep i don’t even know what i’m saying it’s like 5 00 am for 4 am in the morning what do you expect i’m not sure about that anymore let’s go with me uh hey you’re not seeing me foreign i didn’t notice anyone or someone here hey change your back why should i come here i say change that distance back now or what you ask me or what change that distance back now because you see me i changed i’m going to not change that before they jagged anybody could come outside well they beat you now you know like i’m you talk too much michael tracy hey what are you doing are you touching her breasts i saw you touching her breasts the left one he was not touching my breast touch breasts weren’t you touching her breasts i don’t touch breasts i just didn’t wash program she entered what were you doing what were you guys whoa michael why is your zipper open my zip up oh open i do not say anything now you guys just finished right finish watching again now we were not doing anything juliet how we were fighting over this remote i didn’t watch him she’s just working seriously he’s watching tv you’re fighting over a remote which one is the truth okay austin problem i know austin you know what you didn’t see anything oh i saw something i saw him touching your breasts austin wait wait wait okay wait yes what do you want why you tell her what you want you want brigham for waiting and audrey i don’t understand austin austin i should tell austin that you were on top come on i’m on i just saw that juliet austin i’ll kill you generally wait i know you wanna go get [ __ ] us before we cannot do em why do you want this project why are you trying to ruin everything she’s worked for you know very well how much this means to her look if it’s a promotion or a salary increment you want i could actually talk to her and she would do it for you what is it you guys don’t get it do you think it’s about some salary increments or job promotion no it’s not there is more to this than that’s our increments and job promotion then what do you want you don’t want the salary increment or your promotion then why are you bad martin me just to get a project have i ever wronged you hey guys what am i missing nothing just having to work god it’s so breezy out here did you have something to eat yeah i thought you guys were talking yeah the conversation actually oh i said um fine i’ll go you guys come on if you don’t want a promotion if you don’t want the salary agreement then what do you want look if you really care about typing you have to drop your intentions for the project show her that you love her is james that was she because i sure how much i love her yes yes i have feelings for her and i’ve shown her these feelings ever since they’re working in that company with her how many years now but she doesn’t see it all she goes herself herself herself she can’t think about how desmond feels for her she’s not seeing it then drop the project desmond you know she cares so much about her job look you just have to prove yourself to her and the very first thing you should do is by dropping this project i prove myself to everybody she’s not just seeing it if you love her then you would drop the project it’s more important to her and you know what if you’re showing up what i this wally i already know what you’re doing it’s fine i know what you’re trying to do i already know are you going to tell on me now i want to let you in on a little secret jen and i used to be best of friends yes years ago best friends never know you are capable of making friends let alone best friends i might appear on emotion but i am not a bad person and i cannot hurt anyone you’re right about that i mean i can’t say right jane jane has a way of dumping people when she thinks she’s done with them are you trying to make me hate jane because i already do and she’s not as bad as you’ve described her well if she’s not as bad as i have described then why are you after her job talking about drunken people jane did hurt my feelings couple of years back what are you talking about the day jane came to the office to announce her expecting a child i was going to ask her out we went on a couple of dates she never told me she was running off to go get pregnant brother she used me she let me on she used me to feel her emotional voice and get past her insanitation process one day news of her child finally hates me they say there’s a thin line between love and hate so i started hating and she never apologized are you saying she got pregnant through science i’m not sure she never lets me kiss her and i never saw her with any men so what else could it have been this is why you’re trying to hurt her so bad for hurting you juliet no one hurts me i get scot-free not the way jen did not even an apology why didn’t you just tell her yeah you could have asked maybe she would have apologized anyway you asked if i was going to tell you i will not you’re serving my purpose continue hi cupcake okay tell me you did not miss me again i’ll go back come here you know what’s that laugh now nothing i just enough you didn’t see anything see sometimes are you sure yeah please just keep your mouth shut i’ll not see anything did you hear what i just said now keep your mouth shut why anybody know if you just believe me when i say i don’t say anything i know you just take and say yes my cannot see anything for one time michael who will believe you you know how mischievous you are i’ve wondered what you can hear this moment what time what did you do you had this chore they walk up and size your leg don’t worry don’t worry on it you didn’t see anything i sound silly officers you know i will pay you this paper someday are you sure yeah wait for you to talk this demand for justice to confirm i say yes you really now you really can’t you understand ah you keep pissing for that quiet quiet okay just mojo will call this seminal but i say we don’t know what you will they do so you know you don’t trust me austin if i ever open my book of choice your picture not the inside your name not the you don’t understand so just you keep saying something and the way to tell me now just talking like that okay um michael okay from michael i will repay you this favor someday wait wait to make a call why why are you sweating nice one nice do business with you forward you don’t want to check out research not yet i still have a few stuff i’m turning around you know this is very important to me i want you to forget every other thing you do in focus on my work please don’t worry i got you hi jane hi are you trying to avoid me i don’t think so because i mean um ever since the previous night i mean you have been trying to avoid me all right guys i need some alone time to focus so permission to excuse myself uh um hi can i call you back please i’m talking with my boss right now all right i’m not trying to be your enemy here okay there’s anything i’m trying to keep our friendship and still focus on work well doesn’t know what you’re doing you want my job on the contrary look i have the respect for you and there’s one thing that i don’t want us to do is for us to fight over issues like this i mean there’s company and there’s friendship hi tracy crazy you look extremely excited today nothing i mean i choose to be happy and not let jane juliet or desmond spoil this whole vacation for me well you’re right girl i can’t believe i’ve been working on my vacation well don’t also forget your 100 percent ting jane same as you maybe before not anymore or haven’t you noticed what you mean you know what don’t worry yourself about this whole thing i mean everyone has their own interest to protect you my only interest is austin so i don’t care about yours or anyone else well i mean i stand to gain or lose nothing but there’s something i think you should know okay i’m listening i think desmond has feelings for jaina is this a joke or what girl i’m serious where did you hear this from i saw it in his eyes today the way he looked at her i think i pushed her today i mean if this is true then i think that’s one of this one’s plans because if he loves her why would he try to steal her position i mean who does that do you know what i’m here to find that out if this is true then it’s really awkward trust me i’m gonna find that out i know minister of information i hope our plans are working out right everything is a good plan i mean we have the majority on our side all right let’s go play your cards right and you’ll be highly rewarded this one is just a mature fellow who does not know what he’s getting into or he’s just the perfect candidate for this contract but trust me as soon as he gets this project to our company we’ll get him out of the way and i’ll tell the boss i have a perfect candidate wow don’t act like you don’t know what i’m saying you’re such a wise man i’m glad you chose me for this you know i have always no need to have this creamy now tendency was just that you never had this avenue to showcase your act of being a criminal oh my goodness dress it one time it’s enough it’s for austin and knight isn’t it obvious please i never told you i’m hungry but i thought you were exhausted and hungry austin exhausted this early morning austin what did you do yesterday night are you stupid kind of nonsense question is that i’m just saying michael maybe he didn’t sleep well or something austin do you mind showing me around later i mean ever since we got here i haven’t gone out oh dressing i know you can take good care of yourself i can but just take oh tracy please can you let me be he’s too early now come on tracy don’t let austin get to you so this is not fair i mean he treats me like this every time then stop letting him know you care i’m trying but i love him tracy if if you let me know the word here okay i think you should just let him be i mean when he’s calm he will come around and apologize to you and you guys can be cool again all right love doctor keep your advice to yourself what do you know about love a lot more than you know that then i don’t say there’s more get fitness for percy for disaster the best one i know has been a loner for a long time now oh that’s more lonely i’ll be the person never give a chance to express your feelings um michael look this is not about this wonder what about it’s okay this is about tracy and the way she feels right now i wanted to calm her down and be there for her okay so please whatever hello jade don’t worry i’m fine look i know you’re not happy with me okay i’m ready to explain everything to you really gerard i brought you to this company i know you’re in need of a promotion but out of the expense of our friendship and my job look look look there’s nothing you can say to justify your action i’m not interested can you just let me say something jorah as you can see i have a lot of works to do you just need to walk out of here getting why are you doing this to me you’ve changed she no longer come to my room or even talk to me i thought we discussed this before i told you i don’t want to be committed i’m not forcing you austin but at least show me some love president humiliates me in front of everyone all the time i know there’s a reason for this sudden change yes it’s interesting don’t push this okay another one forget everything forget it is everything all right yes everything is fine why are you letting us in this way i know you’re not fine jen can you mind your business i thought i told you never allowed jenny my face anymore didn’t i tracy hold it daddy what is this can’t you stay out of my business you keep ruining things for me stay off my affairs with austin what has come over you why are you talking to me this way you you are my problem jane austin doesn’t like you and the only reason he doesn’t want to stay committed to me is because i’m friends with you he thinks he cannot trust me because i’m with you just stay off but he treats you very bad oh really at least i have a man who admires me i’m not the one who ran off to get pregnant what is wrong with you tracy who’s this one i might have a child but at least i have my self-respect really you think i don’t know i know you got pregnant through ivf because no man could stay with you oh you know i’ve been hearing about this some whole ivf thing is it true oh someone said i was the one who couldn’t keep a man yesterday the ones that uh yes she was so desperate she could not help her frustrated pathetic self who is this one gerard are you even mad enough wow babe do you know with friends that you want doesn’t need enemies let’s be friends i like you guys you’re happy now yes we are happy please follow her go yeah team backstabs was only trying to put it today you need to stop crying okay look at me look at me you’re a very nice person okay and if tracy cannot see how nice a person you are then it’s her loss not she was okay i faced a picture i’m sad you know what i’ll take a picture of you crying and i’ll send you to victoria so she can see how her mother didn’t do that she could see how was it when you have a kitchen kitchen why you’ve been so nice to me a very nice person i mean i’m very nice to you but you choose not to see it all right stop crying and you’re thinking of yourself right this month i just want to say thank you for being so nice to me i really appreciate it thank you very much you know what jane your tears are like treasure so you lock them up and you don’t let them out for no one or any reason i’ll see you have a good rest and am i being selfish selfish selfish selfish just a little bit i need your advice you guys don’t know what to do i just feel hopeless you know what um since you seek my advice i think you stop feeling helpless and soaking yourself in depression and you’re so beautiful for that maybe you should talk to him and um everything will be fine okay okay thank you very much oh i guess my uh my work is done here be going to my room now hey it means a lot to me thanks all right appreciate it and i just can’t believe that all we’ve worked for so hard is about to go down the drain how do you mean in a few days we’ll be leaving here and if we get back to the office we wouldn’t have the chance to redeem ourselves i don’t understand what you’re talking about you don’t understand yes can’t you see that jane and austin are getting pretty close and that flower stuff what was that for i mean this is not funny now hey really see i have always known that this month was a wrong choice but you and mr charles had the master plan i’m surprised that you see this coming listen this month will always be an emotional guy that he is we have to stop him how the emotions that jared displayed today has won him repeating so he’s safe in both parties if jane gets hold of this project i’m afraid you and i we’re doomed okay let’s let’s put this way see even if jen wins the contract my department safe yes your department will work with health but not you i i don’t understand i’m sure you do not yesterday when i was sniffing through her computer i found out that jane wasn’t actually working on the project all this while but how to get all of us fired us for you jenna’s got evidences of fire some unrecorded cash flow from our department something we neglected i’m afraid if she presents it to the board at the next meeting they won’t let us near this project that’s if we don’t get fired i i i have always knew i know it this girl is evil i said it no she’s not evil she’s just smarter than without let’s kill her are you okay i don’t know i just came through this anymore i don’t want to be your enemy are we fighting yes we are for the past couple of days now i’ve wish all sorts of batteries for you like you fall inside of the shower and break your legs or you just fall you’re not going for the presentation you must really hate me actually i don’t i really like you you like me all righty why don’t you show it there ugh do look at who is talking who are you to judge me hmm pick me make me oh my god let me oh my god need to pitch to me you understand yeah let’s see i want to be like every other guy for this house i won’t be like every other person i want to play soccer like them i want to watch football like that only club like them they understand i need a perfect better relationship oh my god what have i done to deserve this is this what i deserve is this what i deserve how bad can it be i don’t want to be in the relationship with anybody let alone you you know my god bounce i know your lesson okay the fact that your desire things does not give you the right to think that you are eating do is almost open you don’t want to talk i mean it’s obvious after everything that happened she got to find sorry just leave yeah i’m coming this yes stop the hating we’re meant for each other i should have told everything about timer since you remain our godmother i feel terrible we have been friends since childhood i should have cared more about you oh no james not for me to be feeling so terrible i should be the one apologizing right now instead of forging her to betray you any man in your shoes will do the same every man in my shoe should consider the trust and the friendship or better still even share my fears with you you know you don’t understand so i shouldn’t just go ahead and betray you like that can you just give me one second we can make this is 2 million error i know it’s not much but it will go a long way hello jane see um we all have a different responsibility you have victoria here to take care of okay let that be responsibility for you now please i know i have victoria but tama is also my daughter consider this as a gift from a mother to a daughter please don’t refuse this anyway um jane if you insist i must say i appreciate it thank you very much i really appreciate it for my heart okay you’re welcome and one more thing i want you to take your mom to the hospital immediately so the sickness doesn’t escalate and when we get back to the office you have to take one week leave so you can take tamar to the hospital wow ask for your wife i’ll ask my daughter to check on her immediately okay oh jane i really appreciate everything you’ve done no doubt your friend indeed okay thanks a lot seriously thanks you’re welcome can i say something what’s that if you consider me as a friend and a family don’t ever hide the family issues from me again oh no doubt jane we’re friends for life i really appreciate everything thanks a lot okay i’m happy to hear that you’re a good person indeed i believe it’s lost oh my god you’re the last person jay wants to see right now now let me have a victory she would scream out her life if she caught you holding her cindy i thought he was going to take my daughter desmond what are you doing here i don’t hear any explanation okay you have nothing to say to me just leave stay away from i am my daughter just go now can you just give me a chance to apologize to you at least just go i don’t want to hear any more just just leave the change she’s also my daughter okay all right i don’t think so just go um jane i think you’re being paranoid right now victoria is your daughter and no one can take her away from you i think desmond here is only trying to show her some love as well look i i’m always trying to be in her life i’m only trying to be a father in her life no way this month i said no way just go stay away from i am my daughter we don’t want to see you anywhere close to us just just leave now just go this one i think you should do what she said but before you go let me tell you something inasmuch as what you did was wrong you shouldn’t let anyone deprive you of seeing your daughter you deserve a spot in her life do not let jane or any other person deprive you of your fatherly duties find a way any way possible to get involved in this child’s life i don’t want her anymore i don’t be the reason why she cries you then don’t don’t then watch your daughter grow up without the father then when she confronts you in daenerys future you should be man enough to tell her you only donated the spam that conceived her can i can i talk to you at least this month call me later all right we’ll talk i need to go in there and take care of jane all right call me is i have always wanted to say something to you ever since the day i set my eyes on you you are the most beautiful creature i have ever seen your balloon smile makes my day fulfill i love you jane i know i betrayed your trust just give me a chance to be a father to my daughter jane i love you who both i believe in someone who cares together i believe in someone who cares you come here how are you just take your time thank you very much i really appreciate this i i don’t know what to say but thank you hey you look at you what did you eat today what did you have okay um i believe in someone who cares forever move the mountains sorry so much energy she got there she just wanted to be too okay can i can i put that to bed there we go okay yeah is couldn’t you sleep oh yeah i guess i was a little bit too excited you know i kept checking my time to see when she was going to wake up she wakes by 6am you know i would like to be by her side when she wakes up that’s when you need to catch some sleep oh yeah so how are you why are you still awake i’m working on the project besides my breath can get me at times um i i came downstairs to get some water you know so i i guess we should just uh go and sleep here all right my bed is much bigger and comfortable i want to show you something you mind is victoria won’t be happy if she wakes up and you’re not here to brush at it you can spend the night here if you want i’m sure she’ll be happy if she if she wakes up and she’ll see you soon okay that’ll be awesome i’ll be fine where do i sleep you can sleep in victoria’s room or the guest room whichever you prefer is okay i’m really grateful for everything that you’re doing i’m very sorry for all the pain i’ll cost you i regret it now okay thank you very much for each other i believe in someone who loves someone is there’s a column for parent’s name and i will put my name here so you can just put your name you can take your time this means a lot to me i i really appreciate it i believe in someone who cares i need you too please the company needs you you just have to think about this okay we need as much as many capabilities as we can to get this project and if we don’t have you we can do it the company needs you to um yeah i am i i i really want bit of my mind but i wouldn’t you know i would um think about it you know you think about it you just you just have to think about it please and you don’t have to resign you know your daughter needs to go to school if you didn’t if you don’t work you can’t give her the best life she wants because you just have to do something i believe in someone who cares um hey is hello come on is um.