Lets Play Cyberpunk 2077 (Blind), Part 120: Raffen Shivs Hideout

Aug 3, 2021 21:00 · 2475 words · 12 minute read

oh right into it uh are they how do you know shut your [ __ ] mouth come on lipsticks oh yes today hell yeah we’re just stepping back and forth the other side not the other side that’s the same side ah crap didn’t mean to do that come on i missed that one i think that time ouch gotta breathe it kind of hurts slip move nice work thanks let’s get them that’s what you said the beginnings moments i’m on my last legs oh i think i missed a bunch of those shots got you that way pop your head up i leveled up sweet 27 which a lot of the clothes i have all right hold on a second i gotta get changed because some of this stuff i think this thing was locked too sweet i’m not sure though this might for all i know this is the one i already had 1.

94 two yeah this one we can level up a lot of the um cyberware requires technical ability so i’m gonna put some one in that increases damage to drones mechs and robots by twenty percent hello rogue pan am what did you say again solve your own problems clean up your nash is dead one [ __ ] cleaned happy i can’t stand up nash can’t deliver it anymore but if you ask nicely i might be able to help you help me i took my cut up front honey but i guess i’m touched i was actually wondering if you wouldn’t forget about biz while you were chasing down a vendetta [ __ ] feel better now so feel any better maybe a little let’s get out of here hold on i gotta loot loot loot we’re gonna loot the place and now i can dachy catalog i still gotta check the clothes but we might find more here that’s even better some punk fleets and some more punk fleets oh there’s a lot of stuff over here oops always that some up there oh hey hey yeah we can’t just leave are you kidding me with all these euros laptops to read and stuff get high at home primo literature here oh i want to read it but i guess that’s fine where’s the pd i got one of them hypocrites from poncho to groovy didn’t finish yesterday so i’m writing here sure you’ll read it once you take care of those forms in salinas good luck by the way anyway never heard of anyone taking anyone back once they’re rapping but sure maybe we should be the first they’re all hypocrites anyway i mean your whole life they feed you this non-stop stop crap about family first clan unity then soon as you had a rough patch to turn you into a pariah from groovy to pancho p we didn’t need a rough patch we wiped two of our own so i mean they kind of had a point if i were you i wouldn’t burn any more brain cells over this selena’s done nailed it coming back with a full load from poncho to groovy fine maybe they had a point but whatever happened to forgiveness second chances i’m telling you they want the raffins to exist it’s like where their negative image their that warped mirror they like to stare at and feel superior to but what they don’t get is night city sees no difference they think we’re all the same to them we’re all just one big gang of home on the range weirdos living outside the system it’s screwed up and that’s a fact from groovy to poncho ponchi is skylar mad at you again you’re not getting laid right because you get to always get all lyrical and stuff when you hit a dry spell more screwing less philosophizing seriously man that’s funny sweet rifle and pistol ammo and that’s not real i guess there’s no one else around i can put this away actually let me load it i can’t reload it wait that’s it only holds nine okay that’s why i did that make sure there was someone up here shooting at us i can’t get that these have two kinds of ammo in each one i like that double troll and we’re overweight this is after selling all my stuff right before we came here okay i know i put a lot of mods on that one gun and then just switched it out oh the clothes i want to look at right right right let me just save real quick just in case okay so now i can actually wear this stuff but i don’t want to wear the bandana actually and it’s barely any difference 116 it still requires this requires 30.

15:33 - okay 108 just some of the stuff i couldn’t wear before let me go like that yeah what if she doesn’t wear this i can’t just take it off right does i have a mod on it all right this requires 32 okay oh i didn’t even go in here that’s the guy killed al dicados pan am parker i’ll read that girl is al dicaldo’s could be a problem pitch camp nearby job goes south risk of retaliation but screw it pan and parker new in town al dicardo’s either starting biz in night city or something else is up girl asked around for a job at the afterlife they’re doing recon or palmer’s on her own okay job and bag palmer doesn’t suspect a thing unsure about fixer but if she’s like the rest couldn’t give a flying beep so long as the merch gets moved and the eddies find their way home wheels look worth it at least as much as we owe the hungarian toss in a few extra packs and done i got some intel on her not that i helped him out any well that was 13 10 euros right there i got that vinyl record anything else in here still can’t get that what about up there yeah there was somebody up here we were shooting at there he is saratoga oh that’s goes right here here we just were places leaky one bitter cold [ __ ] that broke think she might have lost the plot mean to say she used to be sweet and alluring never that but she’s no stranger to the other end of the stick then she might need a nice strong shock i love that um i think i need like a burrito or something maybe a holobites peach pie there we go and away we go hey boss got your cargo no no fast ones come on let’s meet sunset motel i know you’re not kidding i’m certain to be there okay i arranged our meeting let’s do the deal and start working on hellman agreed 6th street won’t try anything sixth street not likely to pull anything i’ve driven for them before never had them do anything strange i’m hoping they know what’s good for business there’s a sunset motel huh sunset motel what’s that a safe spot it’s not far from here let’s roll should be fun does she smile a little bit oh my god she smiled a little bit oops people actually follow stop signs around here can you really see this from there let me do the talking sensing trouble not aiming towards you really at least i don’t think so i am getting out right i don’t want to wait in the car yeah i’m getting out hey boss good night anna how’s nash doesn’t seem to be answering his phone don’t call him anymore there’s no need you got balls girl what’s this a bonus of some sort nah here to keep you in line just here to keep you in line oh got a little more sass than nash do you wait and see i like this one that’s nice first-class merch so everything’s in order check your account should be pretty plush in a couple of minutes it’s been a pleasure but i believe rogue’s the one who is to pay you’re all right think you earned a tip troll they’re really not trying anything that went well i don’t want to put my weapon away come on let’s get a drink do i have to put my weapon away you plan to stay a while oh you’re fine i’ll put it away nash is dead congrats wonder what you were hoping to get out of that because i don’t think it was just a matter of wounded egos even wounded egos wouldn’t do something to that gonk i guess things will make you go hmm raffin’s wiped six streets pleased pretty good day for pan am palmer the day’s not over yet you still have a chance to piss me off yeah i’ll try to take advantage of that hi it’s a beautiful day huh you say something oh wait more reading material i don’t think i have that already go puke somewhere else hello noah hey new biz or new friends back there take a wild guess is everything good with you did those bozos come around again raffans nah it’s been quiet they’ll be back sure enough for this place to seem worse what can i get you corrosive two of them so that package for street what was it if i don’t want a product peak valoperidol drugs for the cyber psychos in our midst they trading them yes they have deals with black clinics rippers ah to your right here’s to that thorn of yours thanks for everything partner another smile whoa i’m about to keel over i’m not from the alcohol okay chug a lot another one over here you know how to put them away and that’s for sure thanks noah cheers let me know if you need anything else maybe take your time with this one there you go are we done with the raffins for good the raffins we done with them oh no the shiver cockroaches one’s never rid of them but it should be quiet for a time they’ll need to gather their wits and dust themselves off how strong are these things i had one drink look at the room you think you might ever go back to the al dakotas the alta keldos think you’ll ever go back i mean not right now but someday i don’t rightly know on the one hand i don’t have anyone outside the clan [ __ ] i don’t really know any other life but on the other without my clan who am i what would i become if i stayed in night city could make a fresh start it’s doable could you start over again that’s what i did for now i only seem to be really good at burning bridges talking about rogue no but thanks for reminding me i want to drink as we talk i’ll just have another drink or or maybe do you think i can make a fresh start with her too she seems to better eddie’s on the right people huh you’ll work it out yeah i’ll put in a good word uh i’m gonna have another drink and then we’ll talk about anders hellman yeah a little funky okay let’s talk about andrew’s helmet all right time we look to my needs what’s the plan for helmet i’ve come up with a plan a first draft but i need to sleep on it work it out then we can talk about the details okay i think it best to rent rooms here just to stay in the area we’ll get to work around midnight it’ll help keep us out of sight agreed right it’s a good idea because then we won’t be drinking and driving to get to the next place um maybe just one room maybe only one room mm-hmm noah has two twin beds in every room we’ll save some money that wasn’t exactly what i’m at not quite what i had in mind i know i’m glad i met you so i thought don’t worry about it i’m glad we met too that was a damn tough day but still we pulled through and we’ll do it again tomorrow i like to hear that are we all right yeah yeah no one will need a room twin beds just for tonight she makes nothing of it she makes nothing of it either i’m gonna have another drink it’s a failed passes whoa okay someone crying oh she laid down already that was quick who’s crying keep it down out here that one of you guys complimentary euro dollars all right guys stay tuned for next episode we lie down and trying not to get in trouble pan am palmer i’m thinking pan am parker for some reason pan am palmer is a gunship know what before i go to bed let’s go to the gun shop are you the one crying that’s a guy crying unless it could still be him oh pain editors and mortality rates i think we have that one how you doing got anything unconventional now that i think about it you don’t have ncpd bothering you way out here oh no corporate supply inspections either thought i was talking to you you got anything unconventional that i wouldn’t find in the city i’m sure we can find you something okay what are you selling what are you carrying firearms best in all the badlands look at that sidewinder pistols i keep finding something a little bit better i’ll take that i’ll leave that alone i want more epistle ammo rifle ammo and sniper rifle ammo i just want to see something too i don’t even know if i can take out my gun here i can yeah no matter how much it says i have 96.

i can’t hold more than that unfortunately i want my gun away i don’t want to break any badlands code uh let’s have a switch to this other well i’ve got this well they’re both 410 but this one has space for four mods i gotta i gotta get mods got some mods that are not non-lethal eliminates vertical recoil and aiming i’ll get those they used to exiting out of conversations with the escape key but all right put that on doesn’t have really good amount of mods but wait wait wait no different slot yeah that’s something if you can mod it you might as well still crying so stay tuned for next episode when we lie down thanks so much for watching see you next time and always seek adventure you.