Day of Promises, Day of Resurrection & Day of Judgment | Day of Nowruz & Lataif al Qalb

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As Salaamu Alaykum Walaykum As Salaam Someone is asking Sayyidi: what is the reality of Nowruz? The, what is the reality of Nowruz, inshaAllah.

00:29 - This in the lataif (subtle energy points) of the qalb (heart), we went over that from the lataif of the qalb the yellow was a summer and then from summer becomes red which is the fall.

00:53 - Summer is the height of life and fall is now a phase of death that’s why it’s red, that every tree, the leaves are entering a state of death.

01:04 - Allah (AJ) says, ‘I show you upon the horizon and I show you within yourself. ’ سَنُرِيهِمْ آيَاتِنَا فِي الْآفَاقِ وَفِي أَنفُسِهِمْ حَتَّىٰ يَتَبَيَّنَ لَهُمْ أَنَّهُ الْحَقُّ ۗ… ﴿٥٣﴾ 41:53 – “Sanureehim ayatina fil afaqi wa fee anfusihim hatta yatabayyana lahum annahu alhaqqu…” (Surat Al-Fussilat) “We will show them Our signs in the horizons and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth…” (Explained in Detail, 41:53) For people who don’t ever want to think of death look to the seasons.

01:17 - The season is showing us that the sun and all its height of glory is the fulfillment of life – everyone’s happy, living, then fall comes a state of death and it’s passing the Akhfa (most hidden) and the blackness in which it enters its death.

01:33 - And what comes after the fall is the winter which is the barazkh (Purgatory) because it’s white and like the malakut (heavenly realm) it enters in a state in which it’s frozen.

01:45 - So, the immense reality of winter is a frozen state when Allah (AJ) say, ‘I can preserve you too,’ so that your world of malakut is timeless.

01:57 - And a small understanding of timelessness is winter, when you look to winter you say ‘Everything is frozen. ’ So, it’s frozen and all its beauty and then begins the spring.

02:09 - So, the spring has an immense reality, that’s why we call it the ‘New day’ and this was a immense reality from Mawlana Shah Naqshband (Q) that the realities of Nowruz and the reality of spring and the reality of resurrection.

02:26 - Where Nowruz symbolized and spring symbolizes for us when Allah (AJ) is going to resurrect that which was like dead.

02:36 - That all the trees and all the surrounding that are frozen by winter Allah (AJ) resurrects them in spring that those same trees they come back to life, the same leaves on every branch begin to sprout anew and Allah (AJ) saying, ‘I’m doing this all the time everywhere,’ because where it’s winter here, it’s winter somewhere else.

03:00 - So, it’s on continuously on this globe surrounding all our life, Allah (AJ) is resurrecting - and you are not ‘You are not more difficult for Me to resurrect. ’ So for those whom are the people of tafakkur (contemplation) they look to it as an immense sign of resurrection and that Ya Rabbi resurrect me as something new at any moment that we want to be a seed that goes into the dirt and from the dirt the seed to finally perish and a new tree, a new tree to sprout – a reality to sprout from realities.

03:40 - That represents… it represents the immense reality of resurrection that we’re all asking to be resurrected.

04:04 - That Ya Rabbi let my bad character to go down and that which is new and blessed and that which is pleasing to you to be resurrected into your Divinely Presence.

04:15 - So, it has a immense reality for us to stop to look at the reality of spring on how Allah (AJ) resurrects.

04:24 - And described on Yawmul Mahshar (day of gathering) that when the day of judgement begins a rain like sperm begin to rain upon the earth.

04:35 - As it’s raining it hits and every coccyx – is a piece of. . Allah (AJ) preserves from human beings a part within the bottom of their spine that cannot be destroyed by fire, by coal, by nothing.

04:53 - That rain when it comes and touches that reality that insan (human being) will begin to resurrect and reappear.

05:00 - And Allah (AJ) from that understanding of Yawmul Mahshar, Allah (AJ) saying, ‘Don’t think it’s so far off,’ because the same thing happens as soon as the April shower begins.

05:12 - So as soon as the Nowruz is beginning the 21st of March means now the time of resurrection is about the begin.

05:22 - By the April showers then there’s tremendous barakah (blessing) in catching those April showers.

05:28 - That many people put something out to collect the water from the April showers because it has from that reality of the day of Yawmul Mahshar (Judgement Day) that it touches all the trees, all the plants, all the flowers and everything comes back to life and resurrects all.

05:45 - How they all resurrect on… as soon as the April rain comes.

05:48 - So, Allah (AJ) saying, ‘It’s not something that hocus pocus, look outside and you see it happening all the time around you. ’ So, then judgement day is just a symbol of that understanding, so it has an immense reality to stop and to take notice of what Allah (AJ) is doing.

06:06 - This is the moments of resurrection and that we are brought anew at every moment.

06:11 - And inshaAllah the April showers to dress us, bless us, take away sickness, take away difficulties and resurrect us in all in goodness and in good character and in good health inshaAllah.

06:22 - And for us then April will begin the holy month of Ramadan inshaAllah.

06:29 - Sayyidi a couple of questions related to destiny.

06:36 - As Salaamu Alaykum. Is our destiny written in stone or is there a way to change it? Also, did the tyrants also accept their fate to be tyrants and say ‘Bala’ just as those who were destined to be guided? It’s good and it’s bad.

06:55 - It’s good and it’s bad. Whatever destiny was written it’s good and it’s bad.

07:04 - Keep away from philosophy schools and taking courses in philosophy they take you away from belief.

07:11 - So, tariqah’s (spiritual paths) not a philosophy course - ‘If a tyrant accepted his destiny to be bad. ’ A tyrant doesn’t accept anything, he doesn’t accept Allah (AJ) and nothing.

07:23 - It’s not about the tyrant, it’s about the believer accepting the tyrant is bothering you.

07:32 - You’re not here to worry about somebody else’s grave and who accepted their grave and who didn’t accept their grave, that’s between that person and Allah (AJ) what their destiny was - did they live to the destiny or did they follow shaitan (satan)? The destiny for us to understand is the good character, that’s all that Allah (AJ) wants from us.

07:54 - Instead of living a life of complaining, that’s why I say: stay away from philosophy schools and philosophy classes in school.

08:02 - This is about when I sit in my life and I think every difficulty am I going to complain about it or I’m going to listen to the shaykh that I accept it.

08:11 - Now, somebody’s bothering me, I don’t have to worry about ‘Did this person accept from Allah (AJ) to be somebody who bothers somebody. ’ You’re going far, you’re not staying in your lane.

08:24 - You know when you, when you mix into other people’s business they say, ‘Stay in your lane. ’ You’re going into different lanes now.

08:31 - Allah’s (AJ) asking you about ‘You’ and your lane and your life.

08:37 - Are you accepting what comes to your life? And the shaykh then guides you to accept it, be patient with it and that is your call out in your prayers that you ask, ‘Ya Rabbi please wa ufawwidu amri illAllah, innAllaha basirun bil ‘ibad, You see my condition, if this was what’s written for me, give me strength to overcome. ’ وَاُفَوِّضُ أَمْرِيْ اِلَى اللهِ.

09:00 - اِنَّ اللهَ بَصِيْرٌ بِالْعِبَادِ. “Wa ufawwidu amri ilAllah, innAllaha basirun bil ‘ibad. ” “I entrust my affair unto Allah.

09:03 - Truly, Allah is aware of His servants. ” And then Allah (AJ) inspire you du’as (supplications) that you should be reciting from the app [MuhammadanWay].

09:05 - All these du’as are from the Sultanul Awliya (king of Saints).

09:08 - All these du’as and salawats (praises upon Prophet Muhammad ﷺ) are from this Sultan of saints.

09:11 - All of them you should be reciting them. If you are happy with the destiny, alhamdulillah Ya Rabbi grant me to be shukr (gratitude) so that You don’t take it away from me.

09:21 - Have me to have good character so that I don’t anger You.

09:25 - So, this is about how to resolve to have good character.

09:29 - No need to complain, ‘I don’t see you that often, I’m like this or like that’, it’s whatever Allah (AJ) has written.

09:37 - Everybody is exactly where Allah (AJ) wrote for them to be, be patient, endure and Allah (AJ) has a plan.

09:46 - Sayyidi a couple of more questions on destiny they’re saying can du’a change your destiny? Can a du’a change your destiny? Why not, because you don’t know your destiny so how do you know what it is? But to understand again this is the turuqs (spiritual paths) come to teach the akhlaaq (character) is that to submit ourselves with what we just said, is to asking and praying to Allah (AJ) that, ‘I don’t know my destiny Ya Rabbi.

10:27 - If this is what you have written for me, alhamdulillah give me strength to endure because if it’s something heavy and difficult, a sickness if there’s a shifa and a healing, grant me that shifa,’ and that becomes their dialogue and their intimate relationship with Allah (AJ).

10:46 - But just to email that ‘My life is bad, it’s horrible, everything is difficult coming to me, everything is difficult,’ that’s when we wanted to talk about was the reality of destiny is that on the yawm, on the day of promises these souls that committed themselves don’t think of them as children.

11:10 - Don’t think of a soul as an age from their body.

11:13 - These are ancient souls. When Allah (AJ) in His infinite Wisdom sees the line of your descendants and say, ‘They’re not going to reach to their haqqaiqs (realities), are you willing to take a course of difficulty, to enter into this world as being crippled, as being sick, as being lamed, as being in a ocean of difficulty?’ For even the bite of a mosquito that comes to you Allah (AJ) must be raising you.

11:42 - And on that day those souls are not children.

11:46 - Those souls are not old people. So, when people say, ‘Why these things happen to people?’ These are ancient souls and those souls are lofty and lordly, so when you see somebody with down syndrome and diseases and sicknesses these are very high-level souls.

12:06 - That on the day of promises they accepted, ‘Ya Rabbi if by means of this difficulty, this short life, this hardship, this teaching, this testing whatever it’s going to be, if by means of that it’s a support to my jad and to my descendants and to my family line: wa qalu bala. ’ So, it means the souls were eager to be of service.

12:31 - Nothing’s wasted, nothing is doing something out of play.

12:35 - Allah (AJ) say, ‘We didn’t create this out of playing. ’ But this is a testing facility in which Allah (AJ) want to bestow immense blessings, so the people who have no faith and their life is all about physicality they so, ‘Oh why, if there’s a loving God is this happening. ’ It’s exactly happening because He’s Loving.

12:56 - When that child comes into a short life, come and goes, the child had accepted it because it’s not a child, it’s an ancient soul that accepted that, ‘I would come into the world and I’m only going to come through this difficulty and go. ’ And they said ‘Bala’.

13:13 - And another may come into this world and take a lifetime of being crippled and lamed and in difficult position, and you don’t think Allah (AJ) by means of what that soul has entered in is being dressed and blessed and every type of dressing is coming upon them.

13:30 - And what type of arrangement did they make and what are they carrying from all their descendants, so it means it’s not, it’s not even possible to understand the infinite wisdom of Allah (AJ) but the only way to look at it is immense rahmah (mercy), immense rahmah.

13:49 - That that’s not a child that you’re looking at that’s an ancient soul, that’s not something difficult, that’s a not a horror, that’s not something of a horrific war or something happening.

14:01 - But these are all ancient souls that accepted these hardships and by means of those hardships their entire jad and family line are being lifted and raised and in many other deep realities.

14:14 - In the khalwa (seclusion) and the turuqs have gone into khalwa and they’ve seen Allah’s (AJ) Rahmah of what happens in the world of light and souls and when people are being tortured and put under difficulty and… So this is unimaginable.

14:31 - Everything from the immense oceans of love for Allah (AJ) and the believer only thinks of himself and his grave and how he’s going to pass.

14:39 - Not to make a philosophy of the whole world and what about the dog, what about this one, what about that one.

14:46 - InshaAllah. As Salaamu Alaykum Sayyidi.

14:51 - How can someone increase the nur Muhammadan light within the heart? How can someone increase the nurul Muhammadi ﷺ (Light of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ)within the heart, by following all the practices from the MuhammadanWay [App].

15:06 - By doing the excessive amounts of salawat on Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ, by absorbing yourself with Muhammadan Realities and nothing else, nothing else.

15:17 - Don’t waste your time in other knowledges and other teachings, they actually can give you shak (doubt) and that’s the danger.

15:28 - That you watch somebody from a different level of belief and immediately like shaitan throwing an arrow into your heart, immediately you have a shak because that person teaching was not correct.

15:43 - You know and they could be big, you think they’re like big scholars, famous scholars.

15:47 - One scholar was they said he was so big, big, big - ‘You know the mawlid (celebration of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ) of the Prophet ﷺ it can be a choice, you can choose it or not choose it. ’ As soon as he said that you gave the whole world the clue that you’re not from Wilayat (sainthood), you’re not from even the understanding and the key of all Muhammadan Haqqaiqs, is the mawlid of Nabi ﷺ.

16:11 - Because the light won’t be born in your heart until you celebrate the light of being born in the reality of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ and by means of celebrating the milad it doesn’t mean that you attended a big mawlid but ‘Ya Rabbi I’m sitting even by my house, I want to invite all my guest and poor for dinner and I want just make salawats that night, to celebrate the immense love I have for Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ. ’ Just that mawlid un Nabi ﷺ alone will open the mawlid within your heart and the Muhammadan Haqqaiq and the birth of that reality within the heart of the believer.

16:52 - That’s, that’s the immensity. When someone talk like that that it doesn’t matter, they’re telling you their station and if you listen to that station enough, you’ll never grow, you actually may go downward especially because then they start to say other inappropriately and bad things.

17:08 - We consider bad because they don’t do Ta’zim un Nabi (honoring the Prophet ﷺ).

17:12 - They are not at the caliber of magnifying the magnificent status and reality of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.

17:20 - As Salaamu Alaykum Sayyidi Wa Alaykum As Salaam wa rehmtullah If we know that an object has sihr (black magic) do we have to throw it away or is there a way to remove the sihr and then use the object again? ‘If we know an object has black magic in it, do we have to throw the object away or can we clean the object and use it again?’ If you think anything has something of a negative energy that you’re definite it has black magic in it then best to expose of it in water – running water to river, lake somewhere where the water is just going to go and take that difficulty away inshaAllah.

18:12 - Now if it’s something of a you know immense importance that the family and you think there might be a bad energy then you recite over it ‘Ila sharifin Nabi ﷺ’ and make the madad (support) of the shaykhs over that inshaAllah everything should be okay but if you think something is… was given to you with very bad intentions and very bad energies dispose of it in the flowing water and let the angels take away every difficulty inshaAllah.

18:40 - As Salaamu Alaykum Sayyidi Wa Alaykum As Salaam wa rehmtullah What is the importance of visiting graves of awliya and asking their help and what evidence can we give to say someone who doesn’t agree? Wa Alaykum As Salaam.

19:02 - ‘What is the benefit of the visiting of the maqam (station) of awliyaullah (saints) and what evidence can we give to those who don’t agree?’ One - is stay away from people who don’t agree because if you. .

19:17 - ‘Show me who your friends are, I tell you who you are. ’ So, keep away from people whom their, their belief system is going in a different direction.

19:31 - And what was the. . I just watched the video ‘True Power’ huh? The latest video that came out in Divine Love, [lease watch the videos that are coming through the YouTube channel.

19:45 - So the Divine love series that came out last Saturday and the Saturday before that all of our teachings are on that subject.

19:54 - So, these are maqams of light, these are the presence of Allah (AJ) saying, ‘I am with Nabiyeen, Siddiqeen, Shuhadai wa Saliheen this is the best of company. ’ So, anybody whom wants to be with Allah (AJ), wants to be with Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ, wants to be with all the pious people and souls, they go to maqams. Because you’re not worshipping, you’re not praying to the maqam, but you’re going there and praying to Allah (AJ) because there’s a light and a blessing.

20:25 - Watch that video and it describes many daleels (proofs) that why Sayyidina Zakariya (as) a Prophet of Allah (AJ) all his life – 99 years his du’a was not accepted.

20:37 - Why as soon as he stepped into the maqam of Sayyidina Maryam (as), you know he’s the imam (Religious leader) of Al-Aqsa of the temple in Jerusalem - Sayyidina Zakariya (as).

20:48 - And the imam of the temple his prayer was not accepted until he went to the maqam of an awliya and when she’s a waliya, a waliya.

20:58 - He went into the maqam of a waliya saw that she’s… all this fruit, his heart was pure and saw this is an immense.

21:06 - As soon as he makes the du’a, he didn’t even finish the du’a, Sayyidina Jibreel (as) appeared said, ‘Your du’a’s been accepted, your son Yahya is coming. ’ So, what more proof does somebody want and Allah (AJ) say, ‘Anywhere that it’s foundation was laid by piety, pray there. ’ Because anything that was established by pious people in piety has immense blessings.

21:34 - That’s not even in the world of light yet that what type of lights are there, why type of blessings are there.

21:40 - As soon as you enter into that precinct every type of light is being dressed upon your soul.

21:46 - Not that you ask for big bank accounts and Allah’s (AJ) sending money but the reality of your soul, the Muhammadan love all being dressed upon your soul and you’ll receive it on Yawmul Mahshar – on the day of judgement.

21:59 - That what were these lights coming from, where are all these blessings coming from and they say, ‘Remember these maqams you visited? Yes, from there. ’ All these lights are now coming and the shaykh’s intercessions are dressing you inshaAllah.

22:13 - As Salaamu Alaykum Sayyidi Wa Alaykum As Salaam wa rehmtullah How do we stop wanting what we want? I have PTSD and OCD and I’m so tired of my thoughts.

22:25 - I feel like my heart is blocked and I’m stuck in a loop.

22:28 - How can I overcome this? ‘How do we stop wanting what we want and I have PST, PTSD and OCD. ’ InshaAllah.

22:43 - Yeah, that you know with tariqah comes to offer spiritual help and the tariqah is a three-pronged that the mind, body and soul.

22:58 - And three have to be good and then it’s firm.

23:03 - If my body is sick that sickness will become a zulumat – an oppression and will begin to oppress my mind and my soul.

23:18 - So, I can’t leave my body into sickness because then I would be an oppressor to myself.

23:24 - So these three realties that have to be in check that’s why you have to go to a doctor to get your physical health.

23:33 - You can’t just leave an open wound in your leg and say, ‘No, I’m going to now do my spiritual practices and it’s going to make it better. ’ No, it’s actually the pain will be so intense it will disturb your mind and as a result of your mind and your body, your soul will now be in deficit because you won’t pray, you won’t meditate, you would do nothing.

23:51 - So, anyone of these if your soul is in difficulty how your body and mind are going to be of benefit if the soul is darkened and then if your mind… If your mind is not functioning then again, it’s an oppression against the body and the soul because anything the shaykh is saying you’re hearing something else.

24:10 - Everything that shaykh is giving guidance you’re saying ‘No. ’ The shaykh said, “Don’t do these things,” you say, ‘He do because he’s whispering to my ear to do them. ’ And we come across many people like that that they keep saying left and right, you say left they say, ‘No, no you said to go right.

24:24 - I know you came to me and said, go right. ’ So, now that zulumat is now oppressing your ability to understand the teaching.

24:31 - So, there’s literally no teaching when your mind is not functioning.

24:34 - So, that’s a dangerous student and they just go on the roof and say, ‘I can fly. ’ So, no everything has to be solid.

24:43 - If your body is sick go take your medicine and we’re older age and we take our medicine.

24:49 - If the mind is sick, go get your medicine so that the mind and the neuroreceptors are firing correctly and then sit with the shaykh to teach you about spirituality that your body now is being taken care of with your medicine, the mind is being taken care of with the medicine.

25:06 - And then you sit for spirituality so that Allah (AJ) would dress and bless the soul to become more powerful inshaAllah.

25:14 - But don’t sit with a deficiency saying, ‘Oh no the shaykhs will take it away. ’ No, it doesn’t work that way because you can’t even reach to that point because the deficiency will cause such a disturbance that something will go wrong.

25:32 - InshaAllah. As Salaamu Alaykum Sayyidi Wa Alaykum As Salaam wa rehmtullah How can we make our internal thoughts positive towards Allah (AJ) when we are in difficulties? ‘How can we make our internal thoughts positive with Allah (AJ) when we are in internal difficulties,’ then watch the videos.

26:02 - That’s the whole concept of the teachings and the teaching specifically tonight of destiny.

26:08 - That when we’re in difficulty that you accept the destiny and that Allah (AJ) has wrote it, because to be in difficulty without what we just said tonight your mind would tell you that Allah (AJ) has forsaken you and forgotten you.

26:24 - And then shaitan comes as a partner with your nafs (ego) to say, ‘Allah (AJ) forgot you come out drink with us.

26:31 - Come out and be a renegade to Allah (AJ). ’ But the teachings and the tariqah teachings are coming to teach you Allah’s (AJ) love because the one whom making us sit here tonight is Allah (AJ) and Allah (AJ) is teaching, ‘Teach them that I love them and that they promised to achieve these realities, they promised to endure difficulties because I wanted to raise them. ’ So, “Well look at those other people and how they have this and that and they drive these big things and they…” But Allah (AJ) said, ‘I didn’t promise them anything, they were destined to be in shaitan’s hands but when I wrote your destiny I wanted to give you the most and I wanted to carry difficulties from your family line and you were eager to please Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ and you said bala.

’ So, then it comes to your heart to feel that you’re loved by Allah (AJ), you’re loved by Prophet ﷺ that don’t give up, keep going, keep struggling.

27:33 - You don’t understand what victory is in Allah’s (AJ) eyes.

27:37 - You think victory is you know the money, the cars and a video from MTV, but that’s not the victory, it’s your struggling, enduring difficulty everywhere and you’re keeping your faith.

27:49 - This is, ‘Who’s better? The one who walks upright on a broken path that he’s happy, she’s happy and the path below them is in tremendous difficulty.

28:00 - They walk upright because they know that Allah (AJ) with them and that’s what’s important is that whatever comes Allah’s (AJ) with us inshaAllah, difficulty comes Allah’s (AJ) with us.

28:10 - So, we try to keep that within our heart that Ya Rabbi I know that You love me and these are testing’s that are coming and give me more power Ya Rabbi, give me energy, give my himmah, give me the ability to endure.

28:24 - And then you recite the du’as from the app, you recite the salawats from the app.

28:29 - The whole tariqah is based on teaching these realities inshaAllah.

28:32 - Subhana rabbika rabbal ‘izzati ‘amma yasifoon, wa salaamun ‘alal mursaleen, walhamdulillahi rabbil ‘aalameen.

28:39 - Bi hurmati Muhammad al-Mustafa…. You know the one whom, who never felt a sickness at night doesn’t know the sweetness of sleep.

28:52 - Have you felt sick at night? I know if you’ve had back pain, if you have like a sciatic nerve or your pinched back, you cry all night if I can just sleep just a little bit in peace Ya Rabbi because the pain is so intense.

29:10 - You can’t lie down on your side; you can’t put your stomach on the floor.

29:14 - So, how many people are heedless of the immensity of a beautiful night’s sleep and they complain about everything, everything is bad and bad and they sleep very nice at night.

29:25 - Just this one act of sleeping until Allah (AJ) give a sciatic nerve and a back pain you can’t appreciate the sweetness of lying on your bed if you have a bed and put your head on a pillow if you have a pillow.

29:38 - We pray that Allah (AJ) give us deeper understanding and to understand the sweetness of life and that Allah’s (AJ) Rahmah and Mercy to dress us and to bless us inshaAllah.

29:49 - And the best blessing is the light and the love of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ within our hearts.

29:55 - Bi Hurmati Muhammad al-Mustafa wa bi siri Surat al-Fatiha.