Kasoa S@kawa Boys Narrate How They K!lled The 10-Year-Old Boy for money R!tuals (Video)

Apr 5, 2021 13:40 · 1153 words · 6 minute read

m okay what is going on see every poetic guy get bad man if you don’t do something they will say you do it you understand every poetic guy get bad man how how can i how can i rape it doesn’t make sense how can i read 15 years or 16 years girl it’s going to be possible you understand it can be possible the time we are talking the video many people did inside so and the you bloggers take the video say i raped 16 years why not live like that all you people are playing yes huh have you seen photo before no no no no she wearing her dresses everything she didn’t move her clothes and you can say that it is like with you or what with you what is going on i don’t really understand what is going on here because you see there’s no people uh go get people people don’t let america northern voice say you are religious because what you are people that it doesn’t make sense what do people are doing it doesn’t make sense you but while i know it’s here if you open your eye like i don’t understand just get just imagine say that you take just normal snap on your own bed and some some people think that i i raped a girl i understand always we are thinking about money we are not thinking about sex sexy nothing how am might you use by pc you understand if we talk about the money people talk about it because i might refuse by pc you understand and i just think that yesterday i get programmed there you understand and i go there i didn’t do anything there there is plenty just stay inside the room and we are doing dance now one by one you understand there is many girls you understand you know the time i go i took my girlfriend with myself i never [ __ ] anyhow and i’m not [ __ ] anyhow i’m a special boy and i respect myself how can i go [ __ ] small girl you understand it doesn’t make sense so before you just mind your business see see blake’s life oh you see me [ __ ] that girl huh you see me [ __ ] dad y’all say no oh it’s it’s not good it’s not good just going there ah and the brothers take it take it go different way i don’t understand them they take it good that way you understand because many artists in chicago stone boys whiskey they’re all taking videos or normal snaps with girls i’m not the first one going to do it you understand i’m not the first one going to do it many people are doing it and every day we are doing it how can i sex with you how can i do that i’m a muslim how can i do that so you have to refresh your mind or if you know that if you are staying there i don’t know what’s here but come out come now for good stuff go ahead if you’re active you’ll come back you gotta understand this is this like this is a village life because life so you better stop that life and the bloggers take it different way and like like say i raped i raped 16 years girl how can i do that even though she’s 18 years she’s 18 years she’s not existing yes you understand so how can people think that i’m raping girls as seniors no no no no no we never think about [ __ ] [ __ ] is a regretted job you understand [ __ ] it’s a related joke so we never think about [ __ ] right thinking about money so if if you don’t get money or probably want to kill you don’t explain some people because i don’t understand yeah because what what do you do outside you want to creating confusion give her family understand because nothing can do to me nothing if you come my house i’ll shoot you you wanna sign even if you take it groupon definitely take good i’ll let them arrest you too you wanna so nothing can do to me you better stop it but there’s one thing you people can do her parents their family your honors are not me nothing can do to me i’m a street boy it was what whatever you are saying i don’t care you understand street boy nothing can happen to me the police you go report i’ll let them arrest you oh you get any evidence no people don’t get any advance that i all you get oh i don’t understand people don’t get any evidence they understand because you do anything so what you what you people are saying it is nothing nothing can happen to me you understand nothing can happen to me so you better stop that thing i don’t do anything with her i get many plenty girls i get many plenty girls so how can i go small girl you understand no no it’s not like that it’s not like that it’s not like that with the [ __ ] everyday we will type a [ __ ] we tire for [ __ ] what’s [ __ ] [ __ ] is a regulated job [ __ ] is a regulated job so we type a [ __ ] so don’t take something good high like that because what what you are people are thinking about you go far from it you understand so you better calm down nothing can happen to me you understand nothing can happen to me i just stay here i just stay here or if you want good take it to good coach if you want take it go course and and bring that video you believe that i’m [ __ ] the girl your evidence everybody that i [ __ ] that yeah in a court you believe that you can take go with your evidence and i go with my evidence and we can say social media i’m not the one posting with girls even many people say that they indeed a joke is inside and taking a snap they don’t see anything many people they gonna hear and they’re acting sexy movies they don’t say anything about dates so how can i like i just think that just enormous number you people take it like that now i understand who give you a better money on your business if you want if you won’t keep confusion give her family it’s not my matter and that’s because nothing completely everyone can take a gold course or policy a day here i just demand my business nothing can do she me.