2021 Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen Unboxing and Review

Jul 3, 2021 14:44 · 4104 words · 20 minute read

hello there welcome to my channel my name is doug and i’m back with another fountain pen review and thank you in advance for liking and subscribing to my channel your support allows me to continue to do these reviews so thanks so i finally caved and got a lamy 2000. people have been bugging me for almost two years to get a lamy 2000. try it you like it they said try this you like it watch this try it you like it but what is try it you like it so i tried it thought i was gonna die i have to be honest and tell you that i’ve been resisting because i didn’t really want to spend that much coin for a pen that just doesn’t do well anything i know it’s supposed to be cool and modern looking in a 1960s bronze shaver kind of way but seriously this is one dull looking fountain pen it’s doll doll doll my god it’s dull it’s so deadly dull and tedious and stuffy and boring and desperately dull i can’t stand it any longer i want to live ok we can argue bauhaus design aesthetics and german minimalism but what about the pen itself i’m told it’s the smoothest most amazing nib ever that’s cool but again you can’t see it all that gold is hidden whatever i was still not moved to spend two hundred dollars on a black stick that was until i watched doodlebug’s two-part video on the best engineered pen in the world i was fascinated by his detailed examination of the lamy 2000 and marveled at the genius that went into the design and engineering of this pen so i had to have one and i ordered it quickly i’ll link doodlebug’s two videos on this pen in the description below and you should watch as it’s truly fascinating in the meantime i’ve been writing with my lamy 2000 oblique medium fountain pen for a while now has the writing experience overcome my less than generous opinion about the pen’s appearance well let’s find out right now and it’s another package from cult pens in the uk day and i’m a little bit confused because of this package arrived today from cult pens and it arrived by dhl and it arrived to my door and i didn’t have an extortion fee so the last time i was required to pay twenty dollars plus extortion fee to get my pen out of hawk with uh dhl and this time nothing so i’m confused but pleasantly surprised so let’s open this up and i got this package on the 15 off day that cult pens had and so i thought well i might as well pick up a few other things and you all know how much i like clairefontaine so i got a couple of my essential notebooks these are the ones that i use part in the glare these are the ones that i use in my journal my wife got me this journal online for my birthday and it has a nice snap closure it’s all leather and it takes a standard a5 it came with a book but it takes a standard a5 and that’s what i use for my journaling and i got a bottle of ink and this is a queasy ink and it’s my favorite queasy ink azure number five i’ve got about a third of a bottle left of the bottle i got last year so it shows you how much i’m using it and the reason for the package and there it is i’ve been coerced cajoled uh convinced um lobbied to get a lamy 2000 for a couple of years now and now i finally bit the bullet and did it and we have a lamy box foil stamped with lamy and a lamy brochure i’m sure there’s probably warranty guarantee information in here somewhere two years and let’s look at the pen here we are it’s guarded by some foam in the condom under here oh that’s where that should be well closed all by itself that’s spooky and it’s spooky very spooky is it going to close again it’s like a venus flytrap look at that thank you thanks what is that just your imagination okay the box wants to be closed close the box okay it’s all right all right so here’s the lamy 2000 it has a little tag on it here take that off and it’s pretty much what i expected and the 14 karat gold hooded nib stainless steel section people talk about this being too slippery it’s not slippery i don’t know what slippery is you should try a moon man if you want slippery well it’s a lot lighter than i expected as well you’ll probably see this in about a month and what i’d like to do today is go over the parts and features of this pen show some size comparisons some measurements and then provide a writing sample after the writing sample please stay tuned as i will talk about what i like and what i don’t like so much about this fountain pen and you’ll have to forgive the background noise today that’s my desk fan and it’s staying on calgary broke a high temperature record of 36 degrees celsius yesterday and it’s doing it again today it’s 36 again today which is 93.

6 fahrenheit for you yanks that record was set in 1887. so i know 93. 6 might sound cool to some of you suffering plus 100 degree fahrenheit temps in the states but a couple of summers ago calgary didn’t even record a temperature over 30 degrees celsius which is 86 degrees fahrenheit all summer long so most people here don’t have air conditioning so you’re just going to have to chill about the background noise see what i did there shut up he thinks he’s witty okay let’s get at it some do find the design of this pen attractive attractive is not a word i would use another a word i would use would be austere some might call this pen beautiful a b word i would use would be boring we could go through the alphabet this way all the way to zed yes i said said with this pen embodying the zeitgeist of post-war nihilistic minimalism and me just saying but when it comes to how design and function merge the lamy 2000 is a masterpiece of the marriage of form and function in fact it is the beauty of the merging of the design and function in this pen that actually won me over let’s look at one of the most examined designs in fountain pen history here the pen as everyone who is anyone in the fountain pen world already knows was designed by gerd alfred mueller the man who designed the bronze shaver in 1966.

the pen’s design has remained in production since his debut and islammy’s flagship model first about the pen’s material the pen is made out of brushed fiberglass with a couple of parts that are brushed stainless steel this is why the pen feels much lighter than it looks from the top we see a flat macroline finial that is polished smooth and then there is a groove right there which separates the finial from the rest of the cap i assume that this groove has something to do with the disassembly of the cap and clip something i’m not going to do not even for the inquiring minds team the clip is a story in itself doodlebug has claimed that this clip is injection molded metal stainless steel i assume as it is magnetic but the underside of this clip show it here or not here we go the underside of this clip has germany one and what looks like an injection molding gate molded into it there’s also an imprint of lamy imprint of lamy right there on the side that’s injection molded that’s amazing technology the clip has the same brush texture of the macroline and the stainless steel section the clip is spring-loaded and pivots very nicely even from the top which is a nice little feature which means you can clip it to your shirt belt pocket or journal with just one hand very nicely done the cap tapers up to a beveled edge a small step down to the barrel which tapers up slightly to about the middle here and then it tapers away again to the end finial which is flat and has a silver dot uh this silver dot must be painted macro on because it’s not magnetic the blind cap of the piston filling mechanism is very blind indeed and only visible when you turn it even under high magnification it is very difficult to see incredible tolerances the cap snaps off to reveal a long tapering section that is half mackerel on and half brushed stainless steel and the semi-hooded 14 karat gold nib which has a silver colored platinum finish and this one is an oblique medium there’s a lot going on with this tapered section first are the nicely concealed ink windows which you can see if you hold it up to the light there are four of them there easier to see in backlight you’d be forgiven if this looks to you like some kind of alien or futuristic spacecraft then there are a couple of little stainless steel nubs that protrude from the section very slightly they are very smooth and very unobtrusive even if your fingers rest on this is part of the snap capping mechanism which is another marvel of engineering in itself i’ll show more in my disassembly video coming up then we have the brushed stainless steel portion of the section which is much slicker than the macro on and is cooler to the touch the back half has the filler hole and if doodlebug is too believed and i do believe him this part here is also injection molded metal and that little hole might be part of the design or it might have been drilled in later i’m not sure but the nib protrudes through that and there’s that nice angle right there that allows the nib to touch the page before the feed does and finally the nib or what you can see of it anyway most of it is inside that nose cone section does unscrew to disassemble the nib and feed and to get to the top of the piston inside of the cap shows some more very interesting engineering there’s a cap liner in there but take a look at the four thin blades of what i assume is copper those blades are spring-loaded and guide the stainless steel part of the section into the cap seal which gives the cap its characteristic drag feel as you engage the cap i assume those pieces are copper because copper is softer than stainless steel so it’s not going to make a mark just below that we see there’s a groove in the stainless steel liner inner liner there that groove is where the little steel ears from the body of the pen engage for that final click and keep the pen from traveling any further into the cap as those little ears are spring-loaded to expand into that channel and of course that groove i i can’t get close enough to show you here but that little groove has a chamfer angle on it that allows the pen to be retracted again from the cap otherwise it’d be locked in there forever if those little nubbins weren’t allowed to get out of that groove again it’s a pretty amazing stuff the cap posts deeply and very very securely and doesn’t back weight the pan at all in fact the balance of this pen is perfect just perfect the stainless steel part of the section makes the pen slightly heavier towards the nib and the paper which is what you want and i’m sure they balanced out the weight of that the amount of that stainless steel on there to make that balance so perfect and unposted the pen is very comfortable as well the arc of the torpedo shape of this pen is nicely designed to both allow for the deep posting and for it to fill your hand uh and give you a long grip section so you can grip this pen anywhere along here and it’s very very comfortable this pen should be able to accommodate almost every size hand and grip very very comfortably i bought this pen from cult pens and paid around seventy dollars 170.

00 for it because i bought it during one of their discount days sale a really great deal i disassembled this pen and put it back together again before filling it for the first time and i’m going to show you that video right now before we look at some size comparisons so now take the cap off i’m not going to disassemble the cap i bet you can do that but i’m not going to do it i think this comes off but there’s some really magnificent engineering involved in that but the cap comes off and the section comes off there’s this little ring with the two little ears on it and that comes off there like that and you can push the nib through just like that and then there’s our nib this one is an oblique medium 585 is the gold content there’s that oblique medium nib and many other lamies it’s very easy to slip that nib off of there and then you have the feed or the collector it’s sort of like a feed-in collector and there’s a little bit of a slot a little ledge right there that you can push on with your disgusting guitar fingernails and that allows you to pull that part of the feed out oh of course i should have taken off the ring first and there’s this little silicone gasket ring that sits on the back of the feed as well like that and it compresses to fill that space when you screw the the nose cone down and here we have the barrel with the piston but let’s open the piston up but you just keep turning it makes a ratcheting sound and that comes out and there’s a little piece here that comes out a little plastic piece that only goes in one way all these things are keyed which is really cool i just take a syringe a blunt end syringe and push the piston out the other end and there it is there’s our barrel it’s keyed as well in there and this little collar with the stop on it and there are all our pieces now let’s put it back together again a little sleeve when it goes on one way and we can put that back into the barrel and we put this back into the piston knob it only goes in one way and then we just screw it back into the barrel and we’ll put our feedback together again this only goes in one way just like that see how that lines up the tolerances and then we slip the nib back on just like that very easy and then this goes into the nose cone only one way as well and this ring goes on only one way if you flip it over or backwards or upside down or turn it around it won’t go in forgot to put the ring back and again because this only has one starting place on the thread it’s a precise number of turns to close that right down let it complete now let’s look at some size comparisons and here is the lamy 2000 with a lamy studio palladium a wingsong 601 flighter stainless steel a moon man ti 200 titanium and a caico edge now let’s look at them posted and here they are posted they all post very well and are very sleek pins the keiko edge here is definitely a lamy 2000 wannabe but it fails in every single way i did a review of this pen a long time ago but i’ll link it in the description suffice it to say i found this pen to be should i say it awful not only was the nib scratchy the pen cracked within days of receiving it i see caico have reissued this pen but i’m still hearing of pen barrels cracking let’s see if i can get a good view of that crack there it is forums have even come up with a name for this brushed injection molded plastic material of the pen calling it crackle on i like it release the crackle on release the kraken now let’s look at some measurements and i’ll be back with a writing sample and we’re back with the writing portion of the review this is clairefontaine 90 gsm paper as always and this is the lamy 2000 and this has an oblique medium 14 karat gold nib let’s check the wetness it’s actually fairly wet but this ink dries very very quickly the ink is noodlers whoops noodlers upon the plains of abraham and it is a deep blue black i was in a quandary for a while about which ink i should use with my lamy 2000 then my pen friend from edmonton sean sent me an unexpected package of ink samples for me to enjoy his wonderful note mentioned he used the noodlers upon the plains of abraham which is a blue purple he said he used it in islamic 2000 and it turned it into a felt marker like line it’s a wet ink the cool thing about this is that sean didn’t know i had just bought a lamy 2000 but it was a perfect recommendation not just because i was looking for an ink but because it’s july 1st canada day as i write slash film this and so the name of this ink is very appropriate as the battle of the plains of abraham was a significant moment in canadian history i was going to do a whole canada day celebration for this video and then do a brief history lesson on the battle of the plains of abraham but with the recent discovery of thousands of unmarked graves of indigenous children murdered by the catholic church and the canadian government today is more like a day of national shame so i’ll leave it to you to google the battle of the plains of abraham between generals montcom and wolf in the plains above quebec city in september of 1759 it is nice to see an american company actually recognize the history of canada as well as that of the united states here’s a photo of a swatch for the noodlers upon the plains of abraham it is a blue black that has no sheening and no shading at all and it dries very quickly it is a very wet ink with this extremely smooth oblique medium nib i’m getting a fat marker-like line as shawn mentioned so look at that line remember this is an oblique medium that’s the line variation well the the nib doesn’t flex very much being semi-hooded and it’s already fairly broad but the nib is extremely smooth i don’t think i’ve ever felt a nib that actually glides across the paper so that you can’t even feel it on the paper this is just no feedback whatsoever actually feels like velvet and the line it makes is huge for an oblique medium it measures out at 0.

9 millimeters which is a western broad two double broad and the japanese off the charts actually but obviously a double or a triple broad so this is very unusual as here is my lamy studio it is also an oblique medium so this is the lamy studio it is an 18 karat gold oblique medium nib and as you can see those lines are not anywhere the same thickness as the lamy 2000 oblique medium so that’s very strange i’m very confused about that same company and for our quote and for some reverse writing reverse writing actually isn’t too bad and gives you a little bit of line variation out of it but it’s very dry but not too scratchy and some quick writing yeah that feed has no problems keeping up so what do i like and what do i not like about this fountain pen first i want to thank doodlebud for his two-part video on the best engineered pen for pushing me to get this pen and sean marshall for the ink samples thank you both i’m impressed with this pen for all the reasons that doodlebug discussed in his videos and for the history and legacy of this classic fountain pen to those of you who said that this was the smoothest fountain pen nib ever i believe you it’s like writing on air the ergonomics of the pen are marvelous it’s light and comfortable and you can write with it for hours and hours would i have bought this pen if i wasn’t going to review it probably not will i keep using this pen now that i own it probably not if i were still going back and forth to work meetings definitely this would go with me it seems like a workhorse and i wouldn’t mind if it got scratched it holds a lot of ink it’s easy to take apart and clean so it definitely would be with me back and forth but for a knock about pen now for taking notes grocery lists measurements or clipping the pen to my shirt or pants when i’m out i use my wingsung 601 flighter with the bobby bent nib as it carries a lot of ink and writes a line that’s just way more interesting the lamy 2000 really isn’t appealing visually to me so i it won’t be sitting on my desk for me to admire i think i admire it more when it’s actually in pieces morbid i know i have no issues with the price either even at full price you’re getting an amazing fountain pen and i can easily see why it’s so beloved in the pen community i don’t understand why the lamy 2000 oblique medium nib is so much broader than my lamy studio oblique nib but the two nibs have some of the same characteristics both pens tend to skip on the upper parts of downstrokes sometimes i’ll lose entire letters in the middle of writing but i’ve discovered that that is the very narrow sweet spot on both nibs i’ve heard about the lamy 2000 sweet spot and the oblique medium just makes that sweet spot smaller the nib can’t handle the arc of my writing across the line so as i move my wrist and the angle changes it just can’t accommodate that uh it’s even worse when i get to the corners of my journal where the pages are rounded i know that you’re supposed to move your wrist with your writing but sometimes that’s just not possible so this pen tends to be a little bit frustrating i thought for a millisecond about getting a medium nib replacement for this one but since that is more than i paid for this entire pen uh there’s no way and that sweet spot issue would still be there but perhaps i’ll try another ink something with a lot of shading in it maybe because this ink just makes this flat line flat and uninteresting and very much as sean said like writing with a marker with a felt pen so this is a very broad line made by a nib where you can’t even feel the paper it really starts feeling like you’re writing with a very expensive paper mate flare so long story short i’m overwhelmed by the technology and design and underwhelmed by the writing experience and there you have it if you like this video please like and subscribe and don’t forget to ring that bell to get instant notifications whenever a new video is posted and that just leaves it for me to say thank you for watching and that’s all she wrote i made this.