Review S-Skywalker - Swift Meteor 2.0? 【QQ Speed Mobile】

Jul 10, 2021 07:37 · 1044 words · 5 minute read

Okay, this one is for Wechat. Oh! Straight away get trial.

00:07 - 3 days. Okay. The other 3 keys? 2 batteries, another 3 days, okay.

00:19 - 2 batteries, okay. I got 4 batteries and 6 day trial.

00:24 - of skywalker, S-skywalker. Alright, okay, let’s see in QQ.

00:31 - trial, 3 days? Okay. 2 batteries, 2 batteries, 3 batteries.

00:43 - Here batteries but I didn’t get trial. I only get trial one time, in Wechat I got 2 times.

01:06 - Okay guys, I’m back in QQ Speed Mobile. In this video, I’m gonna review the new car.

01:11 - Before that, let’s just try the gacha, because I have so many batteries here. 67.

01:17 - We’re gonna gacha a bit for skywalker, S-skywalker and then review straight away.

01:25 - Alright, first 9. Ah, two bars only, okay.

01:31 - Second 9. eh? Third 9. Okay there we go 10 days.

01:44 - Fourth 9. Fifth Sixth Seven.

02:05 - I’ll stop here for awhile, for now. 63 batteries already but only 4 bars.

02:11 - Maybe I’ll make it to 5? (bars), and that’ll make it 30 days.

02:17 - S-skywalker. Nitro power +18%. Every nitro gives you CWW Max speed, same with swift meteor.

02:29 - Every 5 times use Nitro, you get a nitro. I might need more tech mods.

02:37 - Got nitro power also in the infinity chip. ‘Left, left, middle, middle’ but I’m not sure about that.

02:59 - For this branch, it says left, but looking at left is nitro power and nitro max speed but if I look at middle is mini boost power, I think mini boost power is better, so for this one I take middle.

03:20 - So my modding is ‘left, middle, middle, middle’ I think this one might be middle.

03:32 - Okay, so lets look at its stats, Turning is strong, max speed is strong, the others are average.

03:42 - Let me compare with swift meteor. So its better than swift meteor, this is not modded tho.

03:51 - Everything looks the same like swift meteor but better.

03:55 - That’s all I can say. Like turning is stronger, nitro and N-tank is stronger, power is stronger.

04:06 - So, swift meteor 2. 0 I’ll say, This is swift meteor 2. 0, with a bit like Team Speed mode.

04:13 - because you get nitro, every 5 nitro you get a nitro.

04:18 - So it feels like playing team speed, where you get an extra nitro like that.

04:23 - Okay, so let me test straight away. Start normal speed, 202. 4.

04:36 - WCW 313. 2. CW 313. 2, I guess I don’t need to even do WCWW, also 313. 2.

04:47 - Yeah, so any WCW CWW or whatever even, just nitro also 313. 2.

04:57 - So whatever with nitro is 313. 2. double boost is 243.

05:11 - One more I get a nitro, there. and then one more, you get a nitro.

05:25 - Every 5 nitro you get a nitro. Stronger than swift meteor I can feel.

05:42 - This has to be better than adjudicator, right? Before I test in rank, lets just test in a map.

05:52 - What is a swift meteor map? I even mistaked a bit.

07:47 - The extra nitro every 5 nitro helps a bit, and I feel like I got unlimited nitro.

07:58 - Lets try this one, maybe I can get the trophy, moonville.

09:41 - Ah, I missed. New record still, I missed a lot.

09:50 - and I got the trophy also. I messed up so badly just now.

09:57 - If I didn’t messed up, I might’ve gotten 1’34? 1’33? One more map, I’ll play one more before I play rank.

10:04 - Lets try atlantis. maybe reversed one.

12:14 - few mistakes also. Okay, I think I’m ready, lets play some ranked.

12:36 - the new map, never played new map in ranked before.

12:49 - and look at those, everyone is using skywalker? Everyone is using skywalker, okay.

14:47 - I’ve to imagine like I’m playing using swift meteor. That’s the thing.

15:00 - polar freeze? okay. Dangit. 39% CWW, barely CWW with this car, because you’re playing like swift meteor.

16:44 - I was hoping for moonville, but no. This car is actually quite good.

18:33 - Its not as heavy as swift meteor, even though same ability. It isn’t as heavy.

18:44 - penguin island, this will be good. is everyone using skywalker? Yup, its another game of a full skywalker.

20:46 - I can’t chase. Last game, Okay, I’ll end it with this last round.

23:05 - I barely CWW there. and there is a lot of nitro, like I said.

23:11 - So I think that will be it for this review.

23:13 - This is like swift meteor 2. 0 just imagine swift meteor but its lighter, not so heavy as the original.

23:23 - and you get extra nitro every 5 nitro.

23:27 - And its fast, very fast, the nitro power is very fast.

23:31 - So, imagine playing team speed, after some time using nitro, you get a team nitro, right? It feels like playing team speed, even though you’re just playing solo.

23:44 - That’s how much nitro you have with this car.

23:46 - Very OP. and I see a lot of people are using it in ranked also.

23:51 - This might be, I’m not quite sure, but it might be better than adjudicator, this might be top 1 right now.

23:59 - but not sure, still not sure yet. I might, do a gacha for this. I might continue.

24:06 - but we’ll see first. if I really want to or not. For this server I might get.

24:12 - Since I don’t have a swift meteor, this might be a car I wanna get.

24:19 - S-skywalker. I’m pretty sure there will be a skin, maybe not yet. Maybe next time they will release.

24:28 - For now, there’s no skin yet. That’s it for this video guys, thank you guys for watching. See you guys next time. .