2021 Leonardo Officina Italiana Furore Galaxy vs 2020 Furore Salt

May 29, 2021 14:00 · 3271 words · 16 minute read

i woke up this morning and the sun was gone turned on some music to start my days when i’m tired and thinking cold i hide in my music forget the day and dream of a girl i used to know i closed my eyes and she slipped woke up this morning and the sun was gone turned on some music to stop my day i lost myself in a familiar song i closed my eyes and i slipped away yes it is more than a feeling by boston do you believe that song is 45 years old as of last september i know right but can you also believe it has taken me 45 years to be able to actually play this song correctly yeah i’m sure you believe that one it is one of my all-time favorite songs and it is an utter joy to play although you have to be a castrato to hit some of brad delta’s notes hello there and welcome to my channel my name is doug and i’m back with yes another fountain pen review please disregard the guitar as this is about pins and thank you in advance for liking and subscribing to my channel your support allows me to continue to do these reviews so thanks so far in celebrating 5 000 subscribers i’ve given away three pens a wingsung 699 piston filler and two of my favorite pen bbs fountain pens a 308 infinite blue and a 456 vacuum filler in clear glass congratulations to the three lucky winners so far tomorrow i’m going to conclude this little spurt of altruism by giving away one of these two moon man m2 eyedroppers both of which have custom nibs so make sure you tune in tomorrow to be part of that giveaway while i’m a little sad at seeing these wonderful fountain pens leave i’m heartened by the fact that they’re going to people who enjoy them just as much as i have to assuage my nostalgic melancholy at the loss of my pens i engaged in a little retail pen therapy that made me forget all about those giveaway pens whatever they were i forget now i took advantage of some discounts and a favorable tax refund to purchase two new fountain pens one for my wife win which is a surprise and the subject of an upcoming review next week and a pen for me this is my new leonardo offetsina italiana ferrare in an absolutely stunning acrylic galaxy of course i’ve mixed and matched it with my salt ferrari and made a bit of a franken ferrari out of it and doggone it people like me and if you followed my pen journey at all you know how much i adore my galaxy pens but this galaxy is in a whole new universe so join me as i unbox it and compare it to my other ferrari whichever one that one is right now so here you see a gaggle of leonardo’s how many leonardo’s on the gaggle you might say well at least five one two well at least five one two three four five and there’s two golan days two momento zeros and a feroi and i figured that ferrari by itself was and i figured that ferrari all by itself was kind of lonely so i ordered another ferrari in one of my favorite colors now this is a moon man m800 in galaxy in galaxies and galaxy is now one of my favorite finishes so i simply had to have a ferrari in galaxy and here it is so let’s open it and take a look and of course i got it from applebomb and i got another one of these wonderful storyboard books and that’s another stroopwafel you’re gonna make me fat yost you’re not fat chris you just come from a long line of husky griffins like your great-great-great-uncle jabita griffin raja naba do agola wokey nipple pinchy two stroopwafels and of course another wonderfully wrapped package just like a birthday present or a christmas present thank you for your care and packaging and here’s our ferrari boys love the packaging on the ferrari the lovely watercolor design if you hear pounding in the background it’s they’re working on the exterior of my house i got the sleeve and our familiar leonardo embossed outer cardboard cover and we have the package here it is put on a booklet made in italy and here we have the pen typical soft plush interior clip tag and i’m looking at this for the first time this is another whole galaxy this is very similar to the ferrari grande in smaraldo you can see that plush chatoyance but it’s in this deep deep blue almost into purple in some places and you look at it in the right angle i’m seeing more purple with my eyes than i say i’m seeing on the camera but that’s incredible but this is just stunning and it is number 4276 and there’s my nib some condensation on it because isabelle tested it for me and this is a medium they notified me uh middle of last week that uh isabel was going to test it on monday and uh she did that and here it is wednesday and i’ve got in my hands so it doesn’t take that much longer so i’ll flush this out again get all that residual water and ink out of there and then we’ll do a review i’m really excited this is possibly one of the most beautiful fountain pens i’ve ever owned so something to look forward to as the florida galaxy joins the gaggle which is now a flock i suppose the 70s and the 80s you’re not missing anything i looked into it there’s a gas shortage and a flock of seagulls that’s about it and what i’d like to do today is talk about the ferrari show some size comparisons some measurements and then provide a writing sample after the writing sample please stay tuned as i will talk about what i like and what i don’t like so much about this fountain pen yes i have more than a feeling about this fountain ben let’s talk about the leonardo oftena italiana ferrari for a moment shall we i think this is probably the most underrated of all of salvatore matrones brilliantly designed fountain pen models the memento zero and the grand days tend to get all the attention with the many unique and custom finishes and acrylics that are available but let’s look at this ferrari one of my viewers commented they weren’t surprised i jumped all over this galaxy ferrari immediately when it was released i’m a big galaxy fan from my pen bbs galaxies 308 model a 480 my 456 my 355 to my moon man m800 and even my custom-made galaxy turned by my friend michelle paquette galaxy is just so intoxicatingly gorgeous i get lost in the acrylic with the chatoyance and the sparkling swirls but this ferrari is a galaxy in an entirely different universe all together it’s an entirely different kind of flying all together it’s an entirely different kind of flying let’s look at the moon man m800 and the ferrari galaxy together and you’ll see that they’re both different colors actually and different acrylic techniques the m800 is like other pen bbs galaxies in that it is a swirling movement of different acrylics david parker of fig boot on pens has an excellent video where he visits the custom pen maker jonathan brooks and jonathan shows david how he mixes his acrylics and the different techniques he uses to swirl the various colors and elements together i’m going to link that video in the description and that’s why every one of these pens is different salvator metrone of leonardo mixes things up a bit uh pardon the pun what pun shut up he thinks he’s witty in the memento zero blue hawaii the rods of acrylic are not just mixed acrylics to give you swirls like on this amber or with various chips of already set acrylic like in this in the ango motroni will take his acrylics that are different colors and swirl together and then cut those into strips and then fuse them back together again into blocks or rods and then the pieces turned on the lathe so you get this stacked effect which some have dubbed spaghetti resin this momento zero in prunia is another example of a stacked acrylic where you see these bands of differing resin i like to imagine i see the azure blue of the ocean the sand of the beach and the deep blue of the hawaiian sky in these hawaii spaghetti resins i’m not going to discuss the primary manipulation series of resins because they are way out of my league and if i talk about them at all i will catch the wanna gotta kneaded bug but there’s another series of acrylics from leonardo that are slightly different than the swirls or the stacked resins of course salvatore hooked me with this magnificent furore grande and smaraldo this acrylic has been mixed with a different technique that i can’t even begin to guess at perhaps some of you out there know how this is created but there are like eddies and currents and bubbles not bubbles but bubbles hey what’s up bubbles hey bubbles come over here in this endlessly fascinating material look at this emerald resin and that continues on my ferrari salt this isn’t just a white pen this is a material that has incredible depth and chatoyancy look at that pearlescence and it’s all in one color on this pen look at that now you take these two similar techniques i think the similar kind of technique and you add galaxy to it i knew that the galaxy would be a great look for a ferrari but i’m sure you could tell when i unboxed it i was not prepared for the depth of this material just look at this the blue color of the acrylic is also different from the other galaxies here it is more into the deep blue to purple range than the deep blue to azure range of the m800 or the 308 pen bbs not sure whether my camera is picking that up or not but uh this ferrari is a much more into the purple range than this azure blue is on the pen bbs so i’m not sure how well my camera will pick that up but it really makes my heart go blippity blip an alien smart enough to pull this would be smart enough to keep my medical scanner from going bleep it’s not supposed to do that when i got my 2021 momental zero i compared it with my 2020 model momental zero because there were some significant changes the ferrari model only has one significant change from 2020 to 2021 and that is the yovo steel knit previous years had bach nibs and the new ones have yoga nibs and that’s the only difference here of course those eagle-eyed among you will notice that this is not a block nib on my 2020.

you’ll notice it’s sporting a yovo nib here salvatore kindly sent me a new section fitted with this yovo nib to replace the block i received which didn’t function very well at all this one is a broad eovo nib and is from before leonardo had their yoho stock customized to remove the yeovo scrollwork the new uvo nibs just have that swooping border around them the bach neb here on the left with my momento zero blue hawaii has no border on it at all this one with all the ovo scroll work is therefore unique it is also unique because i had jack hernandez cut this broad into an architect grind you can see that there are no physical differences between the 2020 and the 2021 for ole because i can swap parts let’s do this i like to make a mismatched pair of frank and florartes by swapping caps blind caps and sections between the salt and the galaxy i think they look totally cool i’ll quickly go over the features of this pen but for a detailed look at the ferrari i’ll link my review to the ferrari salt in the description for you to watch the ferrari is a cigar shaped pen this one has gold-plated brass trim but it’s available with rhodium hardware as well the clip is a very usable roller design the cap unscrews with one and a touch turns and the pin will post comfortably and is also nicely balanced when posted or unposted the section is the same as on the momento zero and both the momento zero grande and ferrari grande it is a unique milk bottle shape that i find very very comfortable you can’t feel these threads at all the nib is a number six size steel and the feed is plastic the section unscrews to get at the screw in converter which has a metal reinforcement and is standard international in size and it has a gold-plated extension knob allowing you to get at the converter from the blind cap and is nicely engraved with leonardo alphacena italiana and when you put the barrel back on you can access that converter from the blind cap this allows you to prime the feed if needed without having to remove the entire barrel i do use this feature and i find it very convenient i can’t fill the pen like that however i bought this pen well this and this and this pen from applebomb actually i bought them both from applebum for 189.

34 canadian which is 15 less than the retail price of 222. 75 or around 170 u. s and i got free shipping the ferrari is available with a steel nib in ef f m b and a 1. 1 stub in 14 karat gold the nib sizes are ef f m b and stub for an extra hundred and twelve dollars u. s i got the 15 discount for reviewing one of my previous purchases at applebaum on the applebomb website you can get 10 percent off your purchase by entering the code friend f-r-i-e-n-d at checkout and don’t forget to check that box to take advantage of the free nib tuning that apple bomb provides and then annabelle will personally check your pen before it ships that’s a really nice service thank you annabelle now let’s look at some size comparisons and here is the leonardo affazina italiana ferrari galaxy with a leonardo ferrari grande a wingsung 626 a pen bbs 308 and a leonardo momento zero now let’s look at them posted and here they are posted all five of these pens post very nicely the wingsung 626 is very very similar in size and shape to the shaffer balance as the smaller concave section now let’s look at some measurements and i’ll be back with a writing sample and we’re back with the writing portion of the review this is clairefontaine 90 gsm paper and this is the leonardo leonardo cena italiana that little skip at the beginning was probably because it was sitting open for so long under these lights and it has a medium steel number six let’s check the wetness this pen is very wet and it’s incredibly smooth just a touch of feedback beautiful i’ve been writing with this pen every day for the last week and a half or so and it has quickly rivaled my top pens even though it’s really great it hasn’t actually knocked my pelican m800 off its perch yet i did have some intermittent issues with skips on downstrokes i’ve come to know this particular symptom as a touch of baby’s bottom here are the multiple strokes that i was doing that show how the pen is fine and then it skips just at the top of some of the downstrokes i spent a minute doing the same down stroke on a piece of 8000 grit micromesh until the skip went away then i did the same down stroke and then a few figure eights on some 12 000 grit uh micro mesh as well the whole operation was about two minutes in length and the pen works perfectly now now some may say that apple bomb should have discovered this i disagree the pen wrote fine for me it was wet and smooth annabelle could not have discovered this without writing with the pen for quite a while as i did but it also shows that the fix is easier than it seems and the ink today is kwz azure number five here are some close matches to this ink from inkswatch.

com i just love this deep blue ink it sheens like crazy and has a very pleasant vanilla smell to it i’ve ordered a second bottle of it as i’m going through it very quickly even though it is a deep dark blue with shades really well it doesn’t pick up some of the purple notes i’m getting in this galaxy so i might be experimenting with an ink that’s still blue but leans towards this purple uh that i’m seeing in my galaxy i’m thinking my jay orban blue ocean might do the trick plus it has some silver shimmer to it do you folks have any other ink suggestions for me in a deep blue that leans towards purple something to complement this amazing acrylic would be great as to line variation that’s no pressure that’s a little bit of pressure it’s pretty stiff not flexible much at all this line is 0.

6 millimeters in thickness which is a western medium and a japanese medium to broad and for our quote and some reverse writing a lot scratchier but it actually keeps up and some quick writing this keeps up very very nicely indeed very wet pen so what do i like and what do i not like about this fountain pen this fountain pen ticks all of my boxes that’s what she said it is comfortable posted and unposted it has a nice thick comfortable section the nib writes very well and it’s smooth like butter there’s something about the curve of the cigar shaped pens that just fits nicely in the hand my furore grande is the same thing just just nestles into your hands so beautifully i love the look of the momento zero shape but i love the feel of the furore shape and i think that for the price of the steel nib version of this pen it’s a bargain for what you’re getting here this is an extraordinary writing instrument i have no need for a 14 karat gold nib for this pen especially when it more than doubles the price if you need gold you’re better off to get a number six size 14 karat gold yovo nib from fpnibs.

com for example at about 133 dollar us and swap it for the steel nib they are identical save the logo and there you have it if you like this video please like and subscribe and don’t forget to ring that bell to get instant notifications whenever a new video is posted and that just leaves for me to say thank for you and that’s all she wrote i made this.