Kat Kerr Q and A (June 20, 2021) The Fire and Glory In 2021

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This is another rare moment for us Here we are You don’t have it though Snoopy cuz I love Yes this is my cat But the gold Shamrock glasses Yeah mine are just normal Anyway we’re happy to be here today and so Finally heard all of you we just stopped Oliver busyness which is Is crazy right now We’re redoing our offices and that means everything’s out the reception area the kitten Studio Getting ready for the Big E Acceleration So even though this is Patrick Well that’s just a bunch of leprechauns It’s not just a bunch of people by the way Don’t bother asking me if the leprechauns know I’ve never seen a leprechaun I’ve seen small people how about that I probably actually Angel yeah I know there’s small real small ones Rainbows rainbows and unicorns yes Leprechaun I haven’t seen them so that’s my answer questions And so Anyway Saint Patrick lived on this Earth 300 400 That still was really early on Cuz of course right now we’re in 2020 320 400 Saint Patrick was a powerful person He started his new TV had a great day Give me that she kidnapped Changing people will be caressing me I think it was from Maybe England maybe somewhere So he was a kidnap taking the Ireland is a labor I believe he worked in the fields and other things Jobs But he fell in love with the Irish people He knew they were under bondage to like The Druids which was like the wizard They had a lot of fun back then because of what was going on in the Earth And so his heart The Irish people Ben when he was set free What Baptist decided to come back To win people to Jesus Christ Short he did that for many many years So much so that when he would win Did Jesus say was light like a bonfire on the hill Fires everywhere not burning things down like a bonfire to celebrate they came to Jesus Bangor iron for so long Angel Stillwood light began to appear And even today They’re still seeing singles area at night time So he was a great person on the earth into Jesus Christ I will tell you this You happy I’ve seen his mansion in heaven and Jesus because there’s a sense of humor They built st.

Patrick’s Mansion they call him Patrick in heaven They built his mansion in a field of these And they have faces and they sing hello to him when he goes off and does chores of having himself a saying hello.

04:11 - Kilpatrick Jesus Christ Because Preach the gospel AcuRite 3 weave To represent To those three people So isn’t God Use that uses a leaf blower Gospel Emerald green Which is also got Feels I’m sending lots of fields of these beautiful Clovers 561 Highway faces singing Welcome home Patrick and they also sings Jesus olivieri go In a little nuts tell he was a great person Of course we all know everything’s went commercializing make crayons Baltimore St Patrick’s Day And celebrated almost everywhere in the world actually right now Muncie holidays it is so Well when you honor what he did for Jesus Christ and also is kind of fun 2 A we have Irish heritage Yeah that’s why we like Talk and laugh The Scottish people very staid and Serious That would be my husband unless he’s going to play a joke on you Irish people let’s go let’s go So we don’t have any music for you but Time so welcome welcome to the team and general Read the questions to And then Headlights Some on Facebook We tried it Temperature of favorite questions Jan Yes Kids and teenagers yes they asked Question have a great imagination She sent like all these will show her little piece of paper she cut out her own car Cars that was the back of the card it’s just so cute but Her name is it says 2cat From Ashley Hi Ashlyn I don’t know where she What your age if you’re if you’re a child Not not your address Put your agent State then we will let people know how old you are She said Deer cat And I love how we always call you cat, that’s my sister What is it like in heaven And then she said please make a video So here is the video actual BFF CSS I’m not exactly sure what the But she wants to know Something about the body What happens in the body So he would ask that question Well you know you all have so much Revelation about having but I can tell you this there’s so much Fun dares Since this was from a childlike And talk about things for children There’s wonderful way to travel the platform you stand on all children Bubble comes around them and you slowed When you get where you want to go you just popped The bubble you come down and then you go enjoy the amusement park yellow lands No cartoon Village All these fun places maybe the surf Park No even kids can surf in heaven The animal part of the animal park dinosaur park Do all kinds of fun things for kids to do owe the art Barn Yes we can learn to passionate Charm Incel all the sins of their four children to enjoy every child has a 1 Grateful life up there And you’ll all be with him again one day Recently have a child or maybe your little brothers The Valley of the Through the valley of the Fallen Chocolate waterfall waterfalls everybody And whipped cream do And I know maybe you didn’t think that but But haven’t you were seeking about God you made everything right and they he knows I think like one He’s going to have fun when you’re there yes it’s Beautiful is amazing Desert fathers are Holy Spirit A beautiful Latin angels The Angels even send them a real small and I’ll play with you when you when you Daiso The answer to a question Heaven is a beautiful amazing Get to be with Jesus all the time God Selfie I thought you’d heard this week Report He brought a little Throne chair And that little chair is not precious But the other thing My most I’m like Play And people find it so fast Warehouses It says Warehouse it doesn’t look anything like an old Warehouse where they sell tires or anything like that Is still with light There’s excitement there And every kind of body part you can think of Different areas Angels work there some of those who are with Gabriel the Gabriel angel They work their worker Angels they assist in putting the body parts Body parts They actually get this little piece of paper given to them go get this body And they will give it to an angel go back in the warehouse Find ease in These been just like a drawers High drawers So you see all these eyes rolling around So here’s eyeballs rolling around now You know whatever body parts that replace Parts it within the attorneys Yeah we don’t want to think about this.

11:26 - Really big Advance many of them Here’s all the blue eyes rolling around Unless they told me was believing They couldn’t take that little piece of paper Go back and handed to the angels who are in charge of getting them They get the body parts I actually did see this happen And then Down to earth Deathstep A person’s body And leave those brand-new eyes right where they belong And I’ve seen people get a new heart I heard him pray from 1 I saw an angel Used to have a real serious surgery Yeah that was a terrible service at our church By this man So much better The next Doctor they were freaking out because he had a heart That’s how it happens that’s what goes on there And so you know I’m sure people liked it go and see that one ticket to heaven I won’t be signing up for that From Bruce I bruise Hi Bruce in Texas Love texts Bruce wants to know and I will know Can a person Person in heaven See videos of G Jesus preaching while he was on So yeah I would Preaching him growing up Did the child that there’s actually theaters I called the mini theaters Were you will watch your own life we lived - Any fast food for You actually get to laugh at all the silly things Adult The crazy things you did when maybe you and her early use now Oh you do that is parallel We’re not talking about bad things will not talk about soon anyway but we all do silly Fun Growing up in that was recorded So guess what was recorded And you can go to the theater this Mall theater And you can see what he did when he was young You can see him when they went to eat Jesus was taught by some of the greatest tutors And all the things you can see all of that things he liked And but all the time he separated himself from the Caravan remember his parents two days later go back About amazing things they were quite shocked though Yes you can see And those are always really fun things I know some of my brother’s just a little silly crazy things What are the needs to take his banana seat bicycle if you’re from a certain age There was a canal down at the end of the road He drives fast as you can and try to jump that canal I don’t think he could ever make it though The fire department sometimes had to come and rescue them he didn’t drown there was water in it but Those kind of crazy things like that okay Don’t know who Evil Knievel is he wasn’t an evil person that was a guy that did stung some more Cycles and you can even go look it up online He would jump Cars By the way don’t try to do that if you’re young go ask your parents I was 13 I got a BMX bike Ethical iWatch BMX bikes My angel had to work overtime I know this other right now Don’t do that but they were people who do that for a living and that was mr.

Knievel he did that all the time And so my brother decided if he can be loved and he was going to do that He never was successful but we certainly enjoyed all the drama That went on when he would try that so those silly And we know girls can be silly and funny too and so all those crazy You get to watch all that and haven’t been definitely for sure Christ when he was going up on here In all things I do know this about him Chi-Lites Reading Better than writing The joke he gave me He said he likes reading so much better than driving that’s why there’s only ten commandments Hahaha hahaha button in here So I do know this he loves sweets This is cell phone in heaven Jesus loves Sweets he loved honey Honey a lot And so he does still eat sweets in heaven Especially Two children Cupcakes So I always say I blamed Sweet tooth But if you need sweets children Nick Make sure you brush Alright so this is now she sent more than one minute Wanted to know why would God allow To make And how can He live in the second Well I can tell you for sure that when God made hell That was for all the wicked that was for all the all the Angels who fell out of him there were kicked out of heaven That was that was the place that God sent That you have done In the Bible says Of course is over everything but Always love God One that was who Satan was in the beginning He wanted Eli God he wanted to thrown like God you want to take over heaven Some of usernames Volume don’t know this Set that Satan one tablet God wanted And so he would always try to mock or copy what he did Or what he had and so Because people on the earth begin to Where ever seen is in some areas and so Some countries I have authority to go and begin to rule over those areas And because of that on the Earth Stephen way back one Satan Had permission from the people who are wicked To build a place way up in the sky you cannot see it with your eyes And that’s where he rules from here And so is there he goes only in the hell to give orders Okay He doesn’t actually live there right now he lives up there Up above people so you can see if you can control them That’s why we need to watch how we live our alive for being watched by heaven We’re being watched for the other side also So God May the search for certain reasons that so we can come here and live No Jesus and then one day come back to heaven The enemy wants to hurt Is it because the Bible says Satanist Prince and power of the air Mascara Appear And so that’s why he was able to make his own Mock Haven’t they caught Second heaven is not having a part of God’s having anyway Dino evil up there Adjusting one day he’ll be His end Fire people that would make you feel better Okay Serious about question And they made this This is from Gary in Devon Hi Gary Vaughn Wisconsin I know it gets cold there I’m going to ask About to This one is actually Into you Oyez Specific In any reason I’m asking this This is because I’ve actually Witness She was alive Something are you And whose family are you in and I am Persist What number number 15 Your number three What is the question Is that girl in the background cuz most They’re like is that cat Daughter Although I am Your mom is out here next time we’ll bring her mom so that y’all can say hi to her Years Young They would like to know when you visit Do you glow Yes Sometimes I actually do glow and you know in the Bible it even says that Moses wood Tend to visit with God he would come back And I will give you this in the years to come People have such an amazing relationship It says we will stop being like this Going to be happening on the Earth When we had that great relationship God Thank you for that question okay alright Influence Guardian angel In the house So yeah Can our guardian angel How do you say they try they try Think about that You know they’ll say something about maybe You shouldn’t go there you know maybe there Go there I’ve heard mind say Stop at the neck It’s cuz somebody ran that light And so I would say if you hear something And you know that’s probably your angel Or Holy Spirit Listen to them But really have saved me many times from things because they would say things to me They will say things like this to go well you you look really nice in that Could be something funny They will make Because I see them Isaiah Wright I don’t sit and have conversations Sometimes Nothing from the father You know them Like comment And sometimes they’re funny And sometimes The time you were born And they will be the ones at the very When you They’ll be the one to ask Take you to heaven So they’ll be with you your whole life here And take you to heaven Oh yes your pet to heaven They have a soul that have a spiritual body and so when you’re They take your pet To heaven and Bill Or if you don’t have one started yet then they’ll put it in if your Paris Mansions are being built Don’t let your pet stay there with them That’s important I need a highlight Did I ask Oh this is Cuz it’s like a physic Later Cuz we like it And hungry Like do we have the Thirsty We have a delivery at 3 delivery at the door It’s all lots of boxes and lots of products that are being shipped out so we’ve had Borderline Andover It is people Send Oh yeah Well they don’t come here Esther’s creative Jules isn’t that pretty Some are for January And she works really hard And my mama already Spoils you know my mama But she loves me loves it trust me I wish you luck getting card from people Just send it to say the PO box and just say 2G Send her a note She loves to hear from people And trust me having raised All of us She deserves To get a nice little sweet note for a funny nose Show me where yeah we’re always hiring We do have something new to share I wanted to question I meant to say not like you would down here it’s not like if you don’t get to eat or not Starving But most people can eat whenever they want there’s no weight gain so you can eat You need if you want to The thing is this everybody invite you to come over and have an or they take you So does eating all the time and I I don’t know that I never had Oh yeah how you senior Roma’s Hamburger Avenue C A Rama Down here we smell people see waves Listen to have an amazing day maybe there are Baker and they have like Pastries and yummy things they make in heaven You can see the Aromas coming people will follow these Aromas to that Bakery and then eat the food they can smell I think it’s more smelling food now you want to taste it more than like I’m hungry can we go eat Smells food or people inviting they have food prepared for you So enjoy very much Yes Romans coming from Party goodies And you get to have them Oh there are coffee shops in heaven I actually There is a person named Mark Was it called Bistro set He was English It was like the only British coffee And we had a woman’s Group didn’t wait Women’s Bible group and we Supply The Refreshments for that So Martin decided I’ll donate you a coffee cake at you and even a believer I’ll give you a call Joy Weather In agreement with that Martin will know Jesus Christ That he’ll go to heaven one day when he dies and we’ll all get Guess what happened 3 years later She did die Heaven Because all the women were praying for him he Gates Weebly for salvation games To Jesus Christ He right now runs Margaret’s coffee shop in heaven And it’s still burning Steelbridge stuff Well that’s all the questions we have Hopefully Been coming with a break of a couple weeks I think we should definitely do some Theorize Sox sign up here in person tickets are all You can go It’s been put on her face Online viewing I will be there in person Kunneman Be there Probably meaning Someone doing it online You won’t miss it it’s going on the thing about this Pay for that little And watch it for 3 years If you have to work So you can go back and My Facebook It’s on it’s on events In her events on her face The page arrived cauterized Arise if it is fariseo arise We just did the advertisement for that just the other day I did with my What would be going on Is there any powerful God saying about right now Great things are coming in the future for for America but also for this world The only have 2000 people sign up to watch All the seats physically there they’re all taken so don’t show up in Oregon You can still be apart by listening and over and over again You want to Arise arise it’s a powerful yeah so go there Got Ben lemon the pig Yes that limbs going to be online I think I don’t know who’s going to be online It’s something you don’t want to miss So we want to show you something this just arrived Okay you know what we’ll pick this up another time because I do want to let people know Are 2021 calendars have arrived The fire in the glory go to revealingheaven.

com you see if advertise It’s all about dumb It’s all about What’s about to happen on you if this is all good Nothing bad nothing negative Discounters Do you you actually have a future still in this world God not wiping on America All these great things will be happening I’m going to show you one picture that’s in here okay It’s it’s Here’s a fire angel I’ll on the Earth right here What happened did you see Images of baptism on fire Releasing Sharing the knowledge of the glory run the world you see the father on the throne Jesus Christ with fire in his eyes Drawing images Ascenso Carnival pictures are in here that represent all the images You don’t want to miss Having already 2021 This is something you will keep This is our third one in a revelation series they just arrived So go online Store And you’ll see that Or you can call her office Yes you can call the office How to call in 24 I’m not sure what it is Shipping but if you’re safe I think it’s raining King cobra They still haven’t lift The shipping for other countries do something active chat Yes Tell the whole thing’s and trust me it will be lifted Yes It was fine it was fun Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Cake Naviance Mall Serving Yes we love you we will see you later God bless you keep you Greasy anointing right now and gods Celebration in July Abundance of favor Favor favor See you later.