Lights and shadows of competition | Orbea FOX Enduro Team

Aug 4, 2021 14:00 · 1205 words · 6 minute read

Racing is a way to catch up. The smallest mistake is paid for dearly.

02:16 - It’s always better to do the Team Camp at the beginning of the season because it allows them to adjust the bike and its position, to get used to the reactions, to try different settings in different terrains in order to see what works best in different places, to check the springs, the pressure, the tires, the tire sizes, and different chain rings in order to know how hard to pedal. Well, to do everything they want to get to know the bike and its reactions so that, when it’s time to race, they know what works best in each terrain.

02:55 - Thanks. I’m not able to keep up the pace all the way down.

03:36 - A normal one here and an eccentric one here.

03:55 - All right. Great! -Are you okay? -Yes.

04:03 - Well, we’re done. We’ve gotten to a point in which the competition is so tight that every detail needs to be taken into account and the smallest mistake is paid for dearly.

05:49 - I didn’t ride fluently at all, I fell over.

08:42 - On the second day, I managed to flow better, ride faster, and go up in the ranking, so I’m happy overall.

08:50 - Especially with the second day. The first one was a disaster, but I’m happy because I saw things can work out.

09:07 - Go! Go! Go! All in! We’re already in La Thuile, the next destination of the Enduro World Series, ad we’re getting the bikes ready so that the riders can go train this evening.

11:32 - We’ll be able to get very well adapted to the terrain we’re going to race in next week and to share some time with the whole team, since this year we didn’t have the chance to spend a lot of time together.

12:58 - Not counting Spain, you could say it’s the second best, right? In France, you don’t have paella.

13:03 - You only have a very poor rice. My objective today is just proving to Damien that I have the legs to beat him.

14:13 - -Maximum 1100. 1072… -That’s not working well.

14:15 - That’s not working well. It’s okay, man.

14:52 - We’re already higher than the Aneto. There are very different personalities in the team.

15:12 - But, in the end, we complement each other so that we can be very comfortable and feel like home.

16:03 - At the moment, we’re the biggest team in the Enduro World Series.

16:06 - I think, on the one hand, it can look a bit chaotic and crazy, but I think if things are done right, as I think they’re being done, it can be very good for us all to have more riders to learn from and to live with, and, in the end, that helps you become a better rider day by day. Well, both a better rider and a better person.

17:26 - Well, we’re going to look for a track that has quite a few different features in order to try to adjust the suspensions for this type of terrain.

17:38 - Let’s see if he likes it because, otherwise, he’ll start the race upset.

22:30 - Why are you taking the GoPro? To show my friends.

22:37 - Now it’s time to… To look for lines, be sly! You always have to be alert because, especially in enduro, lines show up, which you can see in the evening.

22:51 - You might not see them otherwise. And, of course, you can take references and so. As we only go once through each circuit, with the GoPro, we look for references to remember certain things, such as where to brake, where to release the brake…

23:08 - With that, you can gain some seconds. Things are tense here! I think I’ve got it.

24:11 - Let’s go! Well, in the first one, I felt destroyed, I wasn’t at my best performance at all.

26:15 - I had a toothache because my wisdom tooth is coming out, and I’ve been on antibiotics and I’m not feeling very well.

26:28 - We’re heading to the third special stage. It’s pretty technical, it has several lines.

26:32 - Let’s see if we can take everything into account so that it goes well.

27:55 - I don’t think my results were bad at all, given that there was mud and wet roots.

28:01 - That’s were I normally feel less comfortable.

28:04 - And I finished 35th, so I’m happy. -Come on, Gabi! -Go, Gabi! Go! Go! -Go! -Come on! In each race of the Enduro World Series, our job is to set up the bikes so that the riders always have their bikes in perfect shape.

30:00 - As close as possible to how they like it and to their style depending on the terrain.

30:05 - Throughout the day, we check the bikes so that the next day, either during practice or during the race, the riders have them exactly as they want them for the race and, in the morning, when they arrive, all that’s left is setting the pressure on the tires and the fork suspensions, and checking everything is okay, just the same as the night before.

30:28 - Then the riders go warm up, they come back to the paddock to let us know that everything is okay or to tell us if they want any adjustments to be done, and then they head to practice or to the race.

30:40 - And when they come back, either from practice or from racing, we clean and disassemble the bikes, we clean all the pivot points and all the bearings, we check if there’s play, if something is wobbly, worn, or broken, and we fix it so that the day after the bikes are perfect again, just the way they like to find them.

33:48 - I would just clean the transmission and… -Anything odd on the bike? -No.

33:53 - Okay, so, we’ll clean the transmission. Careful with the stickers on the wheels, so that they don’t come off.

33:58 - I kept a good pace on the roots compared to yesterday. It was harder yesterday.

34:01 - Yesterday I felt fast, but I felt quite stuck.

34:06 - But, well, I’m happy. I’m going up in the ranking step by step.

36:26 - I was going full-on, and on a curve I went in too hard, and the tire twisted.

36:32 - Thanks. -Today is Flat Tire Day, guys.

36:41 - It makes my blood boil when… -I know. -I’m telling you.

36:46 - I even got a flat tire. - This is… - Hey!… inhumane.

36:53 - But well… Here we are. You think you lost much time? I don’t know. I went full-on anyway.

37:17 - Okay, man. I kept going full-on anyway, even with a flat tire, and I finished 30th.

37:36 - I’m so happy. Especially because of how I’ve been feeling, because, as you know, it’s my first race this year.

37:42 - I’m super motivated for the next one!.