Building A FriendSHIP with @GrandLineReview || 1 YEAR SPECIAL

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hello my nakamatachi this is joygirl and first of all thank you guys so so much for all of your support earlier this week we reached the one year anniversary of our channel and i cannot believe how quickly a year has flown by i’ve enjoyed discussing one piece with you guys so so much and i hope you guys have too if any of you haven’t subscribed yet please do so now because i will be also hosting a stream sometime in early to mid-june and once i have an exact date i will be posting an announcement so make sure you guys don’t miss out on it so subscribe now so that you can join us on our fun stream as for today i do have a special video like i promised so why don’t you come on board the sunny because i have a special guest waiting for you guys three your source for everything one piece and i’m doing girl hello come on which isn’t you actually isn’t because that’s pluralism yeah i sometimes go like the karma’s and i’m like no wait that’s right that’s why i say okay so you know why you’re here i mean do you know why you’re here i’m a vague idea but if you explain it okay for everyone else so we are almost at the one year anniversary of the joy girl channel thank you and just as a celebratory event i wanted to have a dear friend liam the grandline review invited him onto this channel because i’m sure i would have told you this before but you’re basically one of the only youtubers like one piece content creators that i actually watch and your channel really inspired me in terms of creating and in terms of like starting a channel so yeah i thought you know it would be a nice way to celebrate the one year anniversary and what we’re going to do today we’re gonna prove our level of friendship by building the sunny ship together yeah prove and or destroy yeah we’ll see how we go i mean you’ve said that you’ve had some experience building one yeah so full disclosure i’ve built one of these before not a thousand sunny i built the barrattier i have no experience building this it doesn’t look too difficult but that’s what i said about the barracks okay i mean there’s only one way to find it right yeah yeah all right would you like to do the honors we have pieces more pieces but you’ll notice that there are also stickers here these stickers were probably the most frustrating thing they’re so tiny they’re incredibly tiny and if you don’t have like little tweezers then it’s real difficult i bought pliers but i feel like that might be a bit too heavy duty for they’re very heavy duty for stickers this is more for like ripping cable ties or something uh so it doesn’t look like much and there are instructions however the instructions are all in japanese not english it should be fairly obvious in the end it should look something like that these hands are made for destruction starting at number one we need the um i don’t know what ship terminology is so don’t use those that’s you’re gonna hurt yourself absolutely he likes to look dangerously in the meantime i don’t know oh originally you said that we were going to like meet up and ask each other a bunch of questions right yeah then you said but no let’s not do that let’s just have a casual chat i’ve decided not to go down that route so i while we’re building this i have a list of um interrogation questions interrogation questions to ask i thought we just i thought we were friends we’ll see most of them are one piece related some of them are not are you gonna ask me about why i love mushrooms no because i don’t want to utter that disgusting word to cut that out like very simple first question you know so it’s mother’s day yeah it’s not but it was very recently which is going to date this video i want to ask which one piece character would you most like to wish a happy mother’s day alive or deceit chances are they’re going to be deceased but alive as well i guess to don that was my immediate response to dan good choice thank you i mean okay would the dog be your choice the don would be my choice however it’s um it’s more of a process of elimination because she’s one of the only mothers who is alive yeah so wishing the others a happy mother’s day two nights i mean we could i suppose it’s nice in spirit you know it’s always good to touch on bell man yeah she often gets forgotten about quite a bit the mothers we don’t you don’t want to go down the road of you know we’re going to wish dragon about this day no no we’re going to wish crocodile yeah happy mother’s day croco mom now b ones all right b two there’s a good bananas and pajamas reference so neither of our audiences are going to understand because they’re primarily american i never know about these things was bananas in pyjamas uh australia i don’t think it was australian was it it has to be australia i mean i know it was shown like they had australian accents didn’t they i don’t remember question number two if someone other than luffy were to become the pirate king who would you want that to be this is like one of those questions like do i want to doom the world or is it like it’s sort of like how would you rate luffy and one of those skills like you know like would you say chaotic good i’d say luffy’s chaotic good he probably lands more into chaotic good maybe chaotic neutral at times because he’s he’s not like always the most upstanding of people and if i didn’t want to doom the world into chaotic evil but then i also just want a bit of fun this is a hard one i mean we’re putting the entire world of one piece at risk with this one question if i’m going down a pacifist route i think i might say shakes i think i feel but if you wanted to have fun if i want to have fun because shanks to me he’s kind of like true neutral yeah nothing ever happens right kid maybe kid very violent world what would you say that’s a hard question don’t throw my questions back in here from prepared answers for these um zorro would be tempting zorro it’s mostly from zoro surprises yeah it could be a really fun one hopefully someone like ivankov yeah just as you said that i was about to say bangkok would be fun sex changes for everyone yeah i didn’t actually prepare any questions because i thought we were gonna just hang out but if you were to take a position on the sunny what role would you like to have or what role would you think you’re most suited for probably not going to be the swordsman why not as much as i love zoro it hurts my teeth watching him with those three swords gives me two anxiety i’m gonna go ahead and say i’m also gonna not take responsibility for being the doctor okay or the navigator because that’s very important both very big roles i could probably handle being the chef but the food wouldn’t be as good as sanji is anywhere near as good i don’t know the captain feels like the easiest role really you just tell other people what to do okay we’re going here you make it happen um i can’t maybe the archaeologist something not a life or death matter i mean i feel like a captain captain said provide inspiration and i guess luffy does punch things ah fair enough okay um i can’t be the musician either because i can’t play an instrument you could sing could you be the ship right we’re struggling to build this can’t repair a ship what is he like i could maybe do that with some practice i’m gonna go ahead and try and call chef i think because that feels reasonably achievable and yourself i was gonna say shift well it’s it’s taken think i’ll have to go by like a process of elimination as well so it’s what it is yeah exactly i mean i do have a bandana for it already so i’ve seen yeah you’ve seen my navigation skills i don’t think i could be the navigator although i would like to be like the only one to be able to just leave you around i think i’m just gonna take captain for myself you think you’re that inspirational dude it’s just a process of elimination i don’t think i could do anything else you can’t be the only archaeologist i could be the archaeologist you’d have to go between archaeologists or can you play an instrument i mean oh no we’ve had this discussion right you did used to play the violin should i share this story you can it’s your story so i used to play the violin and my violin teacher told me that my neck was too short so i shouldn’t continue playing and then i also used to play the piano but my hands are too small i have the same problem with my hands i was told that my fingers were too short and sausage-like yes that’s even more brutal than my music is a brutal it is an industry it’s a very brutally it is here you go chef thank you he says begrudgingly oh this is not going to work out well have faith be inspiration that sticker will either make or break it’s not terrible it was my inspiration it’s not terrible very important question who has the better hair shanks or eustace kid battle of the redheads yeah i mean shanks is just so suave that’s the thing they’re opposite shanks is like suave back formal looking kids like scruffy sort of punk look i mean so like which do you prefer well which is objectively better state that objective objectively better i don’t think we could say that there’s no subjectivity okay objectively shanks you heard that objectively shanks’s hair is but i think i would sport the kid hair you would rather the kids i would i would rather sport the kid i would like to see that i don’t think it would work with my hair but maybe that’s why i would like to do it i’ve always been jealous your hair is much more shanks friendly i will say at the moment so what you would want i guess is sort of hair like mine actually yeah like a bit longer much more red much more red from the zebra red i have at the moment i have tried dyeing my hair before your head my hair and don’t try that at home please i used to be a lot more adventurous with my hair than i am now i’ve never been adventurous with hair i think i’ve dyed it green once and that’s about it were you trying to cosplay zoro no actually uh it was to go and see wicked for the first time wow i mean i am a musical theater nerd i just feel like it’s a missed opportunity to not cosplay as or if you had the green hair i also have a couple of his swords they’re both the ones he doesn’t use anymore i’ve got the bashiri which is destroyed and i’ve got the uh the shoe suite which he doesn’t have anymore it’s all right just get new swords we could do an entire reenactment get the animal i could dress up as things you’re going to be taking it who do you think was right luffy russell i’m gonna divide let’s let’s get one piece equivalent of political here okay i think in terms of overall journey you’d have to say luffy would be right is that because he’s the captain i mean for me as someone who’s taken on the captain role i’d like to say that you know well sanji followed luffy says it’s mean that you you’re siding with me then i think they both had valid points of course but that wasn’t the question you’re right you’re right that’s not the question okay i think luffy was right but he was too blunt in his approach oh 100 because what it made it seem like was isoba’s concern but they were just abandoning the going there i think luffy could have gone about it in a better way yeah let’s ask more depressing questions oh okay okay here’s a fun one okay if you had to cut out one of these arcs one of these arcs from the entire story which one would it be dress rosa or whole cake island just cut it out just cut it out you’ve got to there’s a gun to your head you’ve got odor’s manuscripts they’re asking you to eliminate part of one piece the entire they’re both behemoths just it just doesn’t make any sense you can’t sometimes life doesn’t make sense just you don’t have to tell me but just for curiosity do you actually have an answer to this question do you have your answers i don’t have answers to any of these questions can i just cut out bits and pieces of both odds to just no i think in terms of story dressrosa might just come up above in terms of just in terms of how it led on to further developments for one piece but from an enjoyment standpoint i would rather whole cake island okay so with both of those things in mind what are you gonna do cut dress rosa because i said for my enjoyment purposes i would prefer to have whole cake island and i think having chosen luffy as or having chosen role of captain based on luffy i feel like luffy’s a lot more selfish and would just say i want to watch what i want to watch it’s very well reasoned joy girl hates dress rosa confirmed no sticking let’s say that’s holding great in that case we finished the first page based on your personality if you lived in the world of one piece do you think you’d be a pirate i’m part of the marines all part of the revolutionaries i would say it’s definitely not going to be a marine so i’m not the biggest like law and order advocate i don’t like structure rules or being told what to do the revolutionary army kind of stands counter to all of that however it also involves structure and a lot of work so i’m gonna have to say pirate i don’t know if this is just the way that oda biases it in one piece but it seems like the most appealing faction by fox it’s the one that’s most free you can just sort of do whatever you want i mean you’re responsible for like your own life and everything but you know if you just don’t go sailing in the new world i think you’re usually going to be pretty fine true do you think you try to stay out of the new world ah it depends on my navigator now doesn’t it if i don’t have a um an army level navigator yes i am going to stay out of the chipotle because i’ma die i have a very basic question next it’s not too difficult okay it’s the one you’ll probably get asked most commonly that is oh you’ve already answered this sort of thing why did you start making youtube videos why it’s a very difficult thing to do consistently why have you decided to spend such a disgusting amount of your life such an increase in this process enjoy it’s very enjoyable it’s excitingly enjoyable the simple answer is is i binged one piece until i caught up and then i caught up and then was faced with the horror that i could no longer just stuff myself with one piece and decided if i could stuff myself with one piece then i must stuff other people with one piece and just found that discussing one piece was the best way to do so there was just not i just didn’t know many people who you know read or watched one piece so i couldn’t discuss it with anyone you know in my immediate circle so i felt like okay i’ll have to discuss it with people online so that’s a very standard problem in australia i find yeah you’re still one of the only people i actually know in like you know real life do you remember how we met yeah vaguely yeah i believe i saw your avatar and it was like um oh if you were the straw hat yeah like really early like joy gold beta yeah yeah you commented i think on one of my community posts was it i think it might have been a video maybe mine is great but i saw the hat then i did the override click thing turns out you’re like a beginner youtuber not only that you were australian as well that’s a novelty to me australian one piece youtubers yeah yeah we can basically boil that niche down to two yeah i think so this is actually coming along very nicely it is pretty alright if we don’t take into account that those stickers don’t match but you know it’s fine question okay who has the better hair brook or gaimon i think brooke whose head do you think is more firmly rooted you would be inclined to say gaimon but then the fact that brook considering he’s a skeleton has hair very funny must be extremely firmly rooted you wanna go with i’m gonna go with brook i think that’s a safe choice as well i think skeleton guymon might not do quite as well no not what do you think about color though do you prefer a black furrow or a green for all the hard questions i prefer black because if i had green i could not play around with the green screen which is what i found out yesterday playing around with zorro i guess what you would do is you get like a blue screen then but then you’ve got to be aware of like blue things yeah but you couldn’t play around with like namies and things frankie’s and i would like to play around with frankie okay easy question who is your third favorite straw hat a lot has to do with her devil fruit power i really like the devil fruit power it’s probably in terms of devil fruit power that’s my favorite devil fruit power that’s his favorite too it’s so handy i mean it would yeah i mean you just used a pun handy yeah yeah i do it a lot it would it would be really handy for something like this probably we’d be done by now so another problem i had with barratti is that i would rip the stickers sometimes if they were like too circular you’re doing a great job now i think i’m doing acceptably i would not go so far as to use the word great or say exceptionally not acceptable you have a really positive attitude that’s true it would be an incorrect value proposition otherwise wouldn’t it groundline review doesn’t really state a mood you could have a fun adventurous guy or you could get this old complaining australian man which of the following characters do you like best marco the phoenix big news morgans or the south bird i mean that’s an easy question though is it yeah sounds good that’s surprising it’s actually a trick question i don’t like birds is that why this question was made correct would you like to explain your prejudice against birds it’s a lot of prejudice it’s approaching it’s not a prejudice but it’s not a prejudice because one bird did something bad to you that one time not one multiple birds not all birds i’ve gone i like birds from a distance just as long as they’re not within a certain radius maybe what is that radius i’d say metric systems bitching system okay because i wouldn’t be able to okay realistically speaking i’d have to say one meter one meter really so that’s quite close for a bird does it depend on the size of the bird like oh 100 if it’s a if it’s a magpie or a crow i will cross the road to walk onto the other side from personal experience magpies are definitely a species to stay clear of okay well you saw through my clever ruse of a question what is your favorite character actually southpaw though definitely the problem with putting marco into yeah just easy answer who’s your favorite yonko commander a young cook i mean okay it’s katakuri like i guess that’s also an easy question it’s hard to okay let’s say who’s your favorite that’s not katakuri okay yeah because now i’m not sure um i don’t think it’s any of the beast pirates i could see that if so it would be queen yeah i was gonna say queen but at the same time it’s probably not gonna be any of the big one pirates either because you’ve just got smoothie cracker snacks smoothie’s very popular i mean smoothies got legs which i’m assuming contributes greatly so that leaves us with either whitebeard commanders or red hair pirates or blackbeard i guess actually i’m not going to god is it actually marco i’m struggling to think of one that i like better than marco that isn’t cut across how to choose from the redhead pirates i mean ben beckman’s fun apparently because of what he did to kizaru yeah lucky room i can appreciate someone who enjoys food yes going to be honest i have no real attachment to yasuo really what’s he done for me not all ever literally has done nothing he didn’t do anything in the movies in like chapter one he didn’t do anything in marine food on cereal village he did do something which was abandoned his son the reasons that we still don’t quite understand you know what marco marco it’s marco oh here’s a fun question okay if you could create a new color what would it be and why a new color a new color i feel like i’ve heard this sort of question before and it just wrinkles my brain yeah yeah um a new color try and picture one right now a color you’ve never seen before with the i’m going to say a bleak yellow oblique or a blue a bleak yellow what separates that from normal yellow because yellow is bright and happy so a bleak yellow is the antithesis of yellow so if you could bring one thing into this world and call it yours you would want the antithesis of happy well not very joy girl this is not very on brand i mean yellow is my favorite color is it another yellow and red i mean which is funny because i wouldn’t actually necessarily say luffy is my favorite character but yellow and red are my favorite color colors nice what’s your favorite color uh it depends um if you can’t black and white black is pretty up there i usually don’t though because they’re shades if i’m in terms of lighting it’s definitely blue i think blue is an absolute super color what did i just have you done yeah it’s fine it’s fine i’m gonna stop playing with it good enough if you could join a pirate crew whose pirate crew would you join shanks it was pretty fun yeah i think i feel like the classical answer is the straw hats man i think the red hair pirates spend a lot of time just kicking back and just drinking and having fun yeah what is your favorite laugh in one piece and what does it sound like what about um i’m a fan of piranha oh yeah i have difficulty doing cola it’s like i also like um brulee’s life it’s so weird charlie quick no you’re a very black beard well that’s an easy one i think someone’s asked me that before i get asked that i keep getting asked to do like a top 10 list of laughs as well who has the better hair we’re getting a lot of these hair questions cavendish or young white beard yeah i think it’s a battle of the blonde this time i think white beard because i’m inclined to say for someone who i’m just i’m gonna have to assume at this point i’m not i can’t say for sure but for someone who doesn’t seem like he’s putting as much effort into his hair you think those golden locks maintain themselves yeah i think so if you’re if they’re attached to whitebeard’s head i think he puts a lot of effort in i think in his captain’s quarters he spends like an hour getting ready every day thinking my sons will not respect me exactly i might have asked you this before actually who’s your favorite grandfather grandfather like who’s your favorite old man in one piece that’s a tough one there a lot to choose from so hard it’s i think i think one of the hardest questions say really it would probably be pretty up there i mean just it’s so hard to go past just white beard yeah just hold my beard and then there’s garb i really like that i like him he’s probably not my favorite comes down to those three for me white beard golf and rayleigh of course whoopslap is the obvious favorite old man there’s some funny old men in one piece crocus crocus is great yeah crocusism ah his deadpan stared yeah someone’s gonna get hurt oh yeah who me who’s your favorite old lady oh it might be it might be just the recent events just shrouding my train of thought at the moment but i actually really like big mom really i really like big mom i think she’s really misunderstood or the the point of her character is very precise i think it’s greatly misunderstood yes i like her i think she’s great she’s just so terrifying she is actually terrifying also kind of sad oh there’s i i pity big mom very very sad after knowing all of her history yeah so dark okay having brought up big mom and your never-ending love for her if you were one of big mom’s children which food or ingredient would you be the minister of and would you dye your hair pink and if so who would have the better hair you or big one three part question okay well i’d have to answer the last part i think big mom would have better hair than i could i mean she’s got just luscious volume i think i would diet to swear my unwavering loyalty mostly out of fear of what would happen if i didn’t go to such extent and if i had to head my if i had to have my own ingredient this awful long food sometimes are just ministers of meals yeah minister of fries fries nice yeah like potato fries that’s cool with that yeah tiny tiny micro claws just as a reference it’s about the size of my pinky nail just as a reference this is like a normal pinky if you had a zoen devil fruit powder what what animal would you like to be panda that’s nice and quick little panda let’s do it what other than one piece do you uh engage yourself with so i spent the better half of my mid-semester exam period binge watching all four seasons of attack on titan i am currently finishing the anime of hunter hunter he’s just the best isn’t he that’s your good boy not currently reading anything there’s nothing current that i’m keeping up with i usually just wait for the anime for most things to be honest you just don’t have much time and when you make such a commitment to one piece it does get difficult yeah so are you doing that important question nekomamushi or inu discuss i think i lean towards neko more than in inu just has a very um very solemn and very serious air about him whereas necro is just a he’s a bit more fun especially when he’s eating hot food yeah i would agree despite being a dog person in real life for the cats i think nakamura she is just the more full character he’s fun it’s also after i started making videos that i found out i pronounce now usually now now apparently it sounds like meow like meow meow so i get a lot of comparison to neko all right everybody now we’re going to do this yeah now for this chapter now you should start um slipping those in all right this is happening right now and just see how many people notice oh that looks so good if i ignore the parts i’ve done yeah i don’t know if you can see this all right next up uh that white bit and we’ve got some trees triple trees triple trees which thankfully all come in one piece that’s the name of the show you guys missed out on nothing nothing nothing at all it’s just that this ship magically appeared all constructed with only one step to go turns out we didn’t actually need to build it we uh misunderstood yeah completely it’s just it was there all along and these are these instructions which is needed because it’s built and there was actually only one thing that we needed to do so there you go that’s our completed ship almost almost there was only one step and would you like to do the honors no it’s over on it i think i will maybe make it a teamwork effort do you want to we can ruin it together i’m happy with that basically the last thing to happen is the ship needs a jolly roger and whilst i would once we could come up with our own jolly roger that would take more time so so we’re going to go with the tried and tested straw hat you tell me where the middle is pretty good okay and then you help me stick it on maybe no yeah that’s all right i think so you know what good enough that’s good enough good enough what is today’s motto i think that is 1 000 sunny maybe missing a few stickers but no one needs to know about that i hope you guys enjoyed today’s ship building or whatever this was what would you say after you know constructing a ship together have we proven our friendship or have we broken our friendship i think it’s in a very neutral territory it’s just we’ve we’ve overcome this task to um questionable effect would you call me to build a ship again uh i would question whether or not i wanted to build a ship again in this place i think that’s it it was a lot of fun i found out a lot about your particular one-piece preferences that i was not aware of was one that was unexpected just the sheer hatred you have for dressrosa i was not expecting that okay okay the hate on this side of the room okay getting like a jojo aura all right now i am going to keep this for myself but i do actually have something for you and this isn’t one piece related but everyone i’m serious so i’m sure you know that liam also runs the grand line review also has the new world review your source for all things manga and anime it doesn’t actually have a tagline oh it’s the also is for everything anime and manga mostly so this is yours oh thank you so much it’s uh it’s a deal for anyone i don’t know where do you want to unbox that nail as well sure thank you so much you really shouldn’t be getting me presents on your anniversary yeah that’s okay i mean you presented me with five hours of your time building this ship no they don’t need to know how long it took to build this that’s embarrassing not long at all five minutes if that yeah it’s like a minute exactly okay all right then well this has been joy girl and i’ll see you again soon i don’t know if i will we’ll see you again soon you.