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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] oh [Applause] [Laughter] funny [Music] if you want to vote football come and sit down for money i don’t have i don’t have any money in this house i don’t have any single one error combo i don’t have you don’t have any money you must have money you must have money because me i also want to cook i also want them to perceive the smell of my food eh you have money how does our kind of food concern their kind of food do we make that kind of food and let me tell you it is not the amount of money that a woman puts into ingredients that makes food sweet it is how well you can cook even if you have only onions and palm oil if you mix them together well it will be sweet unless you don’t know how to cook how much you heard that the man recession and his brothers are in town if you don’t feel that debris has changed the bridge of change has changed everything recession is in town brothers and sisters yet you have money to be buying refugees rugged drinks and sneakers recessions in town so how do you get money to be buying all those your your rugged jeans and sneakers eh give me the money oh if i may go give me the money so that is the problem because i am looking good don’t you know that the business i do has reasons for me to look good always huh don’t you know besides all those quotes that were do not put them on credit do you know look okay if you have money you can tell god let the money come don’t worry it’s me and you in this house that money must come out anyway it will come out one way or the other wind this house together [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] my did you see that i’m back oh yeah come on carry these things down [Music] my everything before [Music] carry everything down yeah don’t forget that the tuba of yam [Music] ah it is not a small something my darling husband gave me 50k to go and do shopping for gustav you don’t say curry curry curry wow that’s nice this your husband is a fantastic man ah no he’s the best husband in the whole world [Music] okay where am i just came out so because i had cheated my cheating i thought something that happened though birthday make sure you don’t forget anything inside this kko what about the milo [Music] [Music] so i don’t know the money you’re talking about get your hearing i am talking about that money that’s only that i know you saw because your eyes they are flashing like he’s such like money yes that money belongs to tony tony gave me that money where is the money you must really think i’m one tata eh you think i’m one child somewhere huh i thought you said he didn’t have shishi with you so which money are you talking about go to the kitchen and serve yourself that’s what i use the money for i used to want to stop for us in the house not every time i pay 500.

the day you even try 1000 telling me to manage that man this woman before you came here will kill you in this house you took 50 000 to one micros [Music] stuff in the house if you don’t give me that money i will show you that right i will beat you okay [Applause] what happened to your face what oh this um it was me and my husband you know he’s a very adventurous man [Music] so last night we tried you know spicing things up we did it in the bathroom and i felt and i got the black eye having a good time okay [Music] you can lie i don’t know when i was screaming all over the whole place i’m telling you to stop beating us you’re going to tell the entire neighbor he’s a wife having a good time hola so you come and listen to me and my husband making love what no so why would i even come and listen to you you were screaming loud enough for everybody to hear i didn’t have to come and listen why are you covering up for him why would i cover over him i am telling you that is me and my husband having a good time and you are telling me that i’m covering up for him hey are you the one screaming whatever you had last night was me and my husband sometimes we’ll role play so whatever sound you hate it’s me and my husband having a good time man i don’t understand the word which kind of role play are you are you role playing look at your face you look like somebody one phone party but i am telling you that it is me and my husband making love okay if you say so role play i say so all right [Music] i’m sorry please i’m sorry baby hi i’m sorry i did not know what i did what i did baby leave me alone leave me alone after you’re finished beating me because of the money i used to go buy food stop for us to eat in this house please leave me alone now you’re telling me sorry speaking to god to god it was the devil i did not even know when i touched you how can i open my eye my normal self and touch you but you you will see somebody keep money somewhere you’ll just go and take it and spend it how will you do like that you know you tell me hey daddy which money is this i want to buy food stuff at least i was spending to you i’m sorry now i go video [Music] don’t worry i brought something for you hey you know i know you used to like plenty plenty shiny shiny things so i went for the jugular i bought you something small but don’t worry next time if i beat you again i’ll buy you big and sorry this one is very very shiny too say mommy hi a big one for you daddy all this for me for you i even have more but if that one is on that later we unveil it hey thank you thank you and i will place it when i place it for you to go down then in the night again hi i will be pressing the press impression don’t worry i’m coming now wow this this is so it’s so tantalizing i can’t figure the way like seriously what were you guys doing in the bedroom i gave you this black eye it was a serious acrobatic so but when it comes to the bedroom my husband is the champion a good medalist and i’m not complaining because you know a happy wife well it’s actually it’s actually clearing up actually it’s fading yeah abby are you covering it with foundations no i’m not ah and it’s fading now by tomorrow you should be gone okay come on i just want that you are wearing all these uh jewelries are you are you going out somewhere or what i don’t know joel i’m sitting here with you justin with you and you’re asking me if i’m going out or your mouth is just itching you to talk calm down now i need to be insulting somebody i was just asking a simple question now this this is unusual for you [Music] you guys talking are you not wearing hearing your necklace are you going out um honey boo you know me and every time i’m in this mood i’m always decked out in this because you know hobby spoils me silly with them diamonds bola you always act like you’re so rich yet we both live in the same compound ah what’s that it don’t have to be so i don’t know that’s that’s a little uncalled for by the way if you must know it’s not like it’s a secret or anything but my husband is building a big mansion in lucky all right staying here is just temporary a big mansion yes billy okay and my own hobby to spoil me with this a diamond and gold jewelry for you know just to apologize for allowing me for when we’re having sex [Music] very generous looking but um diamond [Music] okay and gold yeah i can’t see that hello ladies hello you’re looking from choice thank you how no data hello bella hope mega restaurant see you later okay who is this that’s my girlfriend [Music] your friend now oh it’s looking at me like that which friend joe she’s not my friend though please ah friend cop she just leaves opposite me that’s why i’m supposed to talk to her what you guys were chatting and juicing like old school pals i beggie she’s just a gossip i i only hang out with her sometimes out of boredom say when you just sit and chat with me to boredom i’m getting you okay i’m cutting you watching she thinks i don’t know that she’s envious of me in my marriage [Music] what that’s your friend you are talking about so your food doesn’t really come and talk man i just remembered can you imagine this girl got the beating of her life from her husband oh why now apparently she stole money from him to buy food stuff i don’t understand you know what i saw her next morning and i was asking her about the black and blue eye she had the ghost to lie to me she said she said she said that she fell down while doing having sex um yesterday when you saw sitting outside there she was busy showing me the fake gold jewelry that she claimed the husband bought for her international any other one i didn’t speak excuse me darling i know it’s fake because my husband buys me real jewelry okay so i know the difference okay yes he’s a very big spender huh are you kidding me he even got me something last night safe hey babe i’m good all right babe i hope you haven’t forgotten the money i asked off yes i need to get my shoes back jewelries [Music] thank you so much baby thank you oh me too i miss you so much [Music] okay see you soon bye [Music] [Music] [Music] what kind of life am i living ifany i should come and help you push your car hey is it not your mate start driving brand new sierra backer yeah here telling me nk baby to come and help you push your car this morning bikobi kobikovico i don’t even want anybody to hear my voice this morning give me the money i asked for continuity most you always disgrace us eh what you always let all the other people do that you are begging for money you are always always begging for money if you had given me the money i asked for last night will anybody be hearing my voice i don’t have that kind of money you have it all i don’t give me the money that i ask from you you can see is it not your mates that are running around helping their husbands some of them are driving a camaraderie some of them are running beyond the ones but you are here what do you do you eat you sleep you [ __ ] you mess you get fat you eat you [ __ ] you sleep you mess you get fat nothing nobody contributing and you’re telling me your baby you’re begging me for money come across this guy lose some calories i know you’re my meter i know you’re my mates ah my needs are an [ __ ] rock chilling that is where my mates are give me the money i asked for your dreams this one was [ __ ] recession you will kill this economy because you will do nothing with the money come up if you don’t push the car the money i want to give to you i would take a cup of tea what did you call me daddy say it louder oh samia daddy come where do i start from now where’s the poster [Music] hey hey this is wicked man don’t worry you will come and miss me in this house eh i will get you you’ll come back and meet me in this house wicked man [Music] how do you achieve your look you even do eyelashes by yourself what if you enjoy your eye how will i enjoy my eye it’s very simple on my day look it’s very very easy let me just show you okay see let me put the lash on right you just have it at the edge of your eye like that okay yeah then you hold on to it until it’s it’s a bit dry you see that’s it very simple that’s it just like i said and voila wow yeah also i’m about to apply some lipstick you see how light my eyeshadow is that’s because i’m about to use a bright lip so there’s one rule you should learn about makeup never ever ever allow your lips to be bright and your eyes to be dark yeah so i know thank you see because my eyes are light so the the red actually just pops what’s the name of this powder wicked man [Music] but besides you’re looking very very beautiful hey why are you calling me a wicked man did i not tell you that i did not have money and you decided to follow me outside but you made me push your car eh so are you not my wife might be throated might be loved if you don’t push the car then who will when you pushed it didn’t you lose 10 kg i’m sure you felt like that if i could be pushing more cats in the morning for you to slim down besides your long throats now please i want to have my back come back we need to talk we really need to talk about that your car if you see the way all our neighbors were laughing at me today eh no that’s your jalopy we have to change it too you need to buy a new car and i’m talking about putting money into my business you’re talking about buying a new car you will stay low you will still iffy you have to steal because i can’t take all this mercury eh i can’t take all this more credit you want to go and shower come back here let’s the family is it not your mates that that are helping your husband that buy them things i don’t know how to get you up enough look at how you are hey i have so far i have suffered in this my life see buy me a new car he hasn’t even bought car for himself me he wants to buy from [Music] [Music] my wife beautiful woman so beautiful eh after apollo would be making anger for me unnecessary younger hey what what is this what’s funny what is this you look like a bloody masquerade it is your mother that looked like a stupid girl that’s how you just go around looking for people to insult you won’t go and get married time is going though so that is your problem man me getting married so you think these things are doing this company this is why you call marriage married people where are you oh yeah don’t worry i will surprise all of you in this comp i think let me just tell you just stop trying to be like me because you cannot walk who wants to be who wants to be like you what are you feeling like who wants to be like you no thing what was wrong with my makeup now what’s wrong with this my makeup it’s so beautiful please enjoy being jealous [Music] baby i’m sorry i’m sorry i apologize yeah sorry i’m sorry i apologizing for beating me yeah today i saw you with a woman in your car and i confronted you and you had the guts to beat me on top of the fact that you were cheating see i bought you something you would like it [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] oh my gosh wow you like them yes thank you i’m going to wear them tomorrow to show vikki and that on what leave me job if you like shake your head though let it fall off ah i like good things jerry you keep providing it i don’t have problems dave thank you guys for coming to hang out with me you know bored most of the time hey i bet a bigger bigger big that’s one weekend walker that you went for what was it now give me jesus hey my god my god now you’re shining oh do you guys let me tell you something you know we went shopping after the shop we decided to just chill in the hotel for the weekend after that on my way going guess what hey this guy handed me the check of 250k just to say thank you for a fantastic weekend beat that vicky did you say 250 000.

31:16 - impressive now wow some people are just lucky i know thank you so what is he now waiting for i don’t understand so where are you now oh thank you you ain’t fine girl you need to settle down yeah sure nk baby my dear because time is the best because leave a loon your sister me on the other hand my husband traveled for the weekend some boring job whatever i don’t know but the most important thing is that he came back with these for me 100 dubai gold pure white gold just the way i like it yeah they’d be singing in my ear oh wow this is your husband he’s always buying you hearing a necklace he’s as if he he likes the arena necklace he doesn’t even know anything i have a whole box full of those all this stuff one big box full i know i know victoria what are you whispering inside your stomach no nothing sorry nothing just be vigilant and you know be observant i don’t understand careful and vigilant of what really babes why are you guys acting like you’re acting like you don’t know these things you know how guys behave now after cheating on their wife they start acting all nice find them presents just to switch their gifts not my dear are you seeing this hot package tunde no they cannot use it on me they’re not going away not possible they believe that’s not that you’re not married hi she has a point ah okay yeah no problem you know you guys are so naive but it’s alarming but it’s okay it’s okay no problem married women association considering your gifts as a single girl you so much i call myself anna where are you going i’m going now i’m a single game all right i’ll call you later that game crazy i say but i love her [Music] [Applause] this one that you are packing all this clothes did you go for shopping because i don’t even know this clothes before daddy i am i went to a swimming market eh so i got them from there very cheap yes so so i decided to go and wash them that’s one okay and what is the um daddy if you see what i just saw just now yeah which one did you see again you know that day bowler’s husband i just saw him now kissing that mickey gill i can’t wait for money to come to tel bola [Laughter] [Music] is it your business the kiss is kissing now is it your own kiss what is your problem huh if two day like let him kiss every time they can hurry leave it alone you better not go and involve some in somebody’s family issues [Music] are you supporting a bad thing eh are you supporting a bad thing come are you sure you don’t have somebody that you are kissing yes because for you to be supporting this i’m suspecting you i’m suspecting you it will not be wrong with you allah [Laughter] [Music] now you are insulting me because you sought to indicate am i the one that was kissing you can’t remind yourself stay away from other people’s business because if you tell the true man it will cost more harm than good eh regional nigeria [Applause] [Music] what were you doing in the dark what are you doing there are you sure you are not involved in the kitchen too [Music] okay if i follow you inside okay how can someone steal my dress eh since when this is still in this compound babe just just calm down are you sure that you put those clothes out there maybe you should check your house or you might have given it to a dry cleaner who would dry clean now please don’t get me upset uh i watched this thing with my hands yesterday and i spread them because i came back pretty late i couldn’t take them in last night and i came out this morning and wallah is gone what kind of thing is this oh yeah me i don’t understand ah i have the chief guy hear me oh what is going on here ain’t catchy okay so when you stole my dresser you have the info tree the confidence actually where to power yourself around god punish your mouth today still with which witch cloth okay ah why are you like this why you like this this dress looks like victoria’s dress it does not look good in my dress i’d be am i blind ah when did you start hey so you’re now you’ve spoke so stealing just to fill them on keep your mouth shut yeah yeah woman which dress was this dress customized for you yes it was are you the only one that has this kind of it’s mine alone because one remove my dress for me what a wow for your information eh i bought this dress in a boutique in lucky this one for 15k yeah who does you fifteen thousand now when you say fifteen thousand an hour from seven oh so you start telling from your husband again abby me steal from my husband you’re just a liar and a thief that’s what you are nonsense holy this dress tell her you are supporting her victoria’s dread and by the way this dress is not it’s not 15 000 okay it cost 70 000 naira you know only ah man you’re supposed to have me no i who [Music] why you were kissing her husband last night i saw you kissing her husband last night why are you like this now you say liao best friends you’re just a liar and a very big thief vicki why is she saying this i don’t know what are you lying like this now you want to scatter my friendship with my friend you you a witchcraft society how can you say this how can i be kissing my other my my friend’s husband see don’t try to change the subject don’t try we’re talking about the dress you’re wearing now that you obviously stole from this girl i have warned you about this your friend yeah i have warned you one has international united but you said no she’s your best friend and you have known her for a very long time baller shine your eye you better shine your eyes before they will take your husband from your hand why remove my dress don’t turn the subject i have told you what i want to tell you as for this dress eh i bought it for 15k so you better go and look for your dress wherever you hungry in catchy and catchy remove my dress from you because that is your stupid allegation it’s not going to work see i see a bomb says people turn my dress for me oh vicky what why would she say something like that see voila si she’s the thief we both know that dress is your dress let her carry it you will get other ones please look i left my pot on the fire okay hey you’ve been acting moody since what happened nothing are you sure you seem to have something in mind what is it don’t talk to me you can talk to me it’s seriously it’s nothing okay it’s okay fine um kitty was telling me earlier that she saw you on vicky kissing yesterday night in the backyard and you believe that so you believe that people tabby baby please lower your voice how can i know my voice how can i wear my phone for you kiss me i’ll do something i didn’t do maybe i’m not accusing you of doing anything i’m not even saying that i believe in kissing if you don’t believe that you’ll ask me yes i i know i have said on you for not to be sending to my face all the time i apologize i’m sorry now emma is because it’s because she said this i just wanted to ask you confirm that i couldn’t have done that [Music] no no no no no no no no no no sit down come down i’m sorry i’m sorry it’s nothing it’s no big deal i believe if you say i didn’t do anything i believe you and did you want us to watch your movie now let’s let’s just watch you say didn’t do anything yeah you’re good came up [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] see you have to tell her because i’m tired of sneaking around and besides you are entitled to my mother one wife beef calm down calm down it’s like you don’t know palau see forget the fact that she lose camp she she will frustrate you if i if i marry you ah a second which means you don’t know me you don’t know me at all trust me she can’t do nada oh her schedule off what bola even when she told me that she told her she’s always kissing i had to form best and besides i i’m waiting to finish up the house i’m building on the island i mean just just a little more patient see i’m tired oh i’m tired of all these excuses see you want to wait but i can’t because today i’m pregnant oh see if you don’t tell her i will ha wow see we can think about this your friend how do you think she would take all this betraya how do you think she would think about it now so you didn’t know she was my friend when you were busy chasing me around town uh pico let me hear what i’m happy i’m happy you’re pregnant yes yes i’ll be looking for a child for a while yes at the same time i’m just trying to to take care of you on the baby don’t worry about us and we’ll be fine handle your hand we’re fine i can’t take care of myself okay okay just just do me a little more a little fever just a little fever don’t just give me a little more time okay give me a little more time to to to to see how i can relate this to her i i love my wife i i i know i’ve cheated on her just give me a little more time just wait you love your wife what about me you don’t love me i love you i love you too i love you too yes please i just want a little more time just a little more time please okay wow wow i can’t believe what is it this is cool monday morning why you screaming my name i beg you the name of any of the gods that you want please okay did you see that eight thousand dollars when god wants to expose people [Music] he will expose them amen i thought you said didn’t have money eh but you had eight thousand dollars inside your wardrobe it is not my own let me explain that money belongs to a mecca he sent it to me that i should give it to his father to complete his building in the village hey tarzan you find me look i have been busy throughout the weekend that is why i could not give it to him i was saying during the big day i will give it to him not to know it that i have a profession i’ll have the robber as a wife please let me hear what you changed anyway if you must know i use this money to go and pay for a car funny i have been begging you to buy us a new car but you refuse if you like yet you have eight thousand dollars in your wardrobe [Music] food [Music] [Music] hey is please [Music] oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] so adventurous [Music] [Applause] [Music] i have no one anymore [Music] um [Music] hey [Music] hey okay thank you [Music] hi huh [Music] who can become my husband what that will surprise me with oh that dad he shall not be well with you my darling husband for now he’s dead he’s okay he’s bad it’s okay he’s a beautiful cat i wish he was here to surprise me himself [Music] it’s very nice [Music] okay i’m talking to you anthony well i’ve told you i don’t have money eh what you want me to do so what do you now want me to do for you on top of everything i have been doing for you in this company what do you want me to do you’re the only person who hasn’t paid the money we need to fix this pumping machine there’s no water in the compound i don’t have money i don’t have money my husband is dead i don’t have money anywhere see look look look i i’m tired okay hearing all of this eh you’ve been writing on this my husband is dead my husband is dating for far too long now ah everybody in this compound has been contributing i’m paying your tab to the point of paying your nepa bill paying wage disposal for you and yet you cut him up your he will say thank you oh it’s thank you that’s your problem eh it’s thank you that you want thank you for what now for helping it with you yeah are you the only winner in this country eh are you the only woman whose husband had died who’s of this what’s all this one please stop writing on this drama please just being ungrateful insults me insult me insults me because i don’t have a husband poor insults on me continue continue okay bring your money bring your contribution no because let me tell you something whether your husband is dead your husband is not dead i don’t care i’m tired of carrying your responsibility on my head if we fix this pumping machine without some contribution inside i will disconnect your water let me just tell you rubbish [Music] welcome thank you how was your day fine any problem um okay sunday not really you eh it’s just that ever since my husband died things have been so difficult for me it’s not been easy i understand i’m sorry okay very sorry about that how can i help you ogatunde i just want you to help me talk to your wife eh i want you to talk to her the way she insults me is too much eh yesterday she came to meet me for pumping machine money and i told her i don’t have the next thing she just started insulting me eh she just started insulting me and it’s raining abuses on me i [Music] sorry about that okay i’m sorry um i’ll pay for the confirmation i will uh okay yes i will ah and again take this use it to get anything you want anything okay just manage it i don’t have anything i don’t have much on me right now okay [Music] everything for me yeah [Music] right it’s all sure it’s all right i want to go refresh now okay we’ll talk later all right you’re looking for trouble at me you’re playing with fire do you understand me what were you doing with my husband eh and why the heck did he give you money anyway i want to report to him what you did yesterday oh what i did yeah what i did and he dashed me money i did not beg him for money forgotten there’s a 90 man yes he’s a nice man what is a manabi that’s the reason why you were hugging him after packaging your breasts like this you can’t put it in your face listen to me listen with my lips clearly so call me buddy i will do something to you stay away from my husband stay away from my husband i know your husband is dead but stay away from my own i’ll be able to come and kill him too what is your problem oh people that have a husband raise up hand you you raise up hands instead of you to go and meet vicky that is almost calling your husband away from me yeah he is speaking english to me because you are nothing but a home wrecker that’s my friend you’re talking about okay you’re not going to spoil my friendship eh home wrecker can you imagine this case okay sunday sunday [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] chanel i don’t believe this silly guy actually got me patches who does that oh wow what a wow see how small they are for this your excessive i just tire like don’t you engage it to there oh my god we’re cute though actually i like it it’s cute that’s you be busy ah what am i going to use this one wear it for your husband can you know i rock it i don’t like wedges you understand i’m not cheating on you you’re not cheating on me okay taloni because i know it’s not my own and i also know for a fact 110 at this this storm belongs to my friend victoria maybe next to me please just come back i can explain [Music] you have to go to sleep with my friends what the hell is she doing here what is all this all about [Music] my dear it’s not my fault that you have to find out like this what then i love your husband stole the fire you there turn the fire at your mouth that you can open i i i i’m telling you rubbish to me right now you’re supposed to be my friend and you’re just you’re supposed to be my friend victoria even if my husband was chasing you you’re supposed to be my friend how are you sit down there and steal that rubbish from your mother you could not resist him [Music] oh [Music] [Music] don’t take care of me as a child like this woman she said yesterday she’s pregnant for you yes [Applause] [Music] she’s pregnant for [Music] [Applause] you know we can talk this over a woman shut up i have absolutely nothing to say to you just you listening to me you listen to me because we’re friends i’m here to help you you have to listen see we can make this work we don’t really have to fight about anything in this world it’s entitled to what our own wife not to kill somebody today don’t you speak another word to me don’t how can you do this to me am i the one that gives children am i the one why did you man why didn’t you just divorce me and then and marry him that’s what you’re looking for everybody i couldn’t give you a child so you have to sleep no that’s probably not with your child seize me [Music] [Music] oh [Music] yes who’s there [Music] ah what are you doing here [Music] so what made you change your mind yes and i’m talking to you now this is right now for my husband he don’t [ __ ] how loud i’ve moved into my house i told you i told you that girl was evil but you told me to mind my business so right now i am going to mind my business please come and leave my house i’m sorry please i don’t know what to do please don’t tell me to go please i don’t know what to do what do you want me to do eh go and sort out your own issues bola now how your problem is not my problem i warned you about this vikki kill but you told me to mind my business eh after all your husband is a man and he’s entitled to marry as many wife as he wants can you say this to me you don’t admire too much if you hold my way in the same position what you say my husband is dead my husband is dead eh what do you want me to do so i should die because vicky is pregnant for your husband please come and go come on go come and go ah i have my own problem come and go you have to sort out your own problem i told you i want you from the onset you you did not listen to me you told me to my now i am minding my business come and leave my house your husband can marry as much as many ways he wants to go go go go go because vicky is pregnant for your husband i should come and die man disturb my cool evening for me when i was warning you that time you did not listen mind your business and keep your mind your business now i am minding my business she said i’ll leave this house today before bola listen nobody’s leaving the house vicky is not going anywhere i mean we’ve tried several times to have kids but it didn’t work out now vicky is pregnant now come to think of it her child belongs to you too so so leave her alone please leave her alone what’s this rubbish today is [Music] i’m so sorry for your loss actually i just got back from the stage so i heard what happened so i decided to come extend my condolences you tried eh you have done well thank you very much for coming god bless you yeah bo what happened jamaica that’s all my husband just slumped and died just like that take out my dear huh sorry thank you anyway um can i offer you anything oh no don’t worry i’m i’m okay i’m all right um once again i am so sorry about the death of your husband bo i sent some money to your husband to give to my father but i did not get it it’s thousand dollars because i don’t talk to home wreckers [Music] how is that your business because eh why don’t you stop taking panadol on top someone else’s headache you know god will punish you yeah so home wreckers like you people god will punish you if i know that was your problem ah okay mika what are you doing here i’m here for my car [Music] your car yeah which car this one of course listen i have to recover my money somehow please i don’t know what you’re talking about or any money all i know that this is my car that my husband bought for me before he died i’m sure you’re nagging and you’re longing for things you don’t have killed my friend you told me about all you do to him god he punishes you god will punish you eh for calling me a killer you’re trying to say i killed my husband it shall not be well with you all that you’re saying back to you let me have the keys which key this is my car er and this is my key i’m getting this key from you right now this car does not belong to you okay let me have it collect it now let me see you can call i leave my key let me have the key no leave my key alone you can’t call it leave me leave me let me tell you my car come here [Music] okay baby is it by force is it my photo drive car learn to put your clothes according to your material this is my cow it is my car thank you bye shut up only only liar pretender only you oh i made sweet jello for my sweet baby just the way your i made your fried dress that’s what you say you wanted to eat fried rice that’s what you’re going to eat [Music] how am i supposed to eat both food at the same time see i don’t care how you’re going to do it because in my pregnant condition i took my time to prepare that parties a lot for you so you don’t have to finish it [Music] i don’t know how you want to do it but you are going to find a way to eat that fried rice because that’s what you gave me money to keep for you fried rice [Music] [Music] okay pregnant pregnant don’t look for my troubles is how dare you touch my clothes what’s the meaning of this come as pregnancy made you blind or all you see that i’m drying my clothes you’re spreading out your clothes that’s why you touched my clothes did i tell you they are dried did i tell you that right let me see your hand on my designers just okay you will tell me i can’t just be finding trouble necessarily in this compound it’s not your fault now you are sharing the same house [Music] [Music] you have the audacity to stand there and open your mouth to say that i’m wicked after everything you do to me after after all the betrayal look at it yes you’re wicked yeah we can you kill my child that was clearly an accident that happened because of you because of the fight that you started this guy was supposed to be pregnant i was outside and she came and jumped on top of my head wait wait vicky you knew you were pregnant and you started the fight [Music] i did not kill your child you did maybe god wants to punish you punish you too both of you madam seeing us you’re no longer pregnant for my husband i think it’s high time you find alternate accommodation elsewhere my life i loved you in here the first place because you were pregnant and i needed a child ah they don’t be like this now what about all the love you professed to me i i like you yes i’m not putting that but i love my wife and i have water enough you know i will go and pack up your things for you you can leave this house first thing in the morning oh god is not going to judge anybody except you know why he would judge you for sleeping with another woman’s husband that’s why you lost your child i’m going to pack your bags [Music] it was never my intention see just hold it there do you know what you’re very foolish man like you don’t have sense one thing like this is not inside your brain see for your information i’m on my way out so but let me tell you the truth that’s out eh it was never used in defense so you need to go and get yourself checked you should be even ashamed of yourself i can relate to women i couldn’t even allow one person at least get pregnant none of us shame let’s [Music] [Music] [Music] oh [Music] who we laid to know i like you no money no husband no child i don’t even have money to pay for my house friends he wants my long throat has caused me oh that was my long throat i’ve got snake [Music] that made my husband die i still don’t have it i should have listened to my parents i should have listened to everybody [Music] hey now i have to go back home to my parents in shame [Music] hey look i don’t want to hear it again please you have said it too many times and i’m sick and tired of hearing it okay please i just came to get my boxes the last on my box so i can go but i don’t know just just please listen to me why do you always have to do this you did it the first time i forgive you and then you submittedly got my friend pregnant only for us to find out to our shame that the child was not even your own uh today for what all this pain for what to sleep with a woman for for 10 minutes for what you even have the ghost to open your mouth and tell me that you have a right to have more than one wife oh yeah marry [ __ ] it will not repeat itself again please you can see me on my knees please [Music] [Applause] [Music] because i need closure so let me just say this to you you i have been true to you through everything i have been true to you you did it once only god knows how many other times you have done that i did not catch you and now you want me to stay here stay here so that you can be embarrassing and humiliating me and using me as your daughter no sunday enough is me leave you eh let me leave you so that you can mario you may want to marry my lord you will drop the divot and they mind that you got married in court you remember which means i’m entitled to half of every single thing that you own in this house including the new house that you’re building like oh yeah and the money you just want from that contract thanks for your infidelity mm-hmm my lawyer will be in touch pull up a nice life look at me and you want to explain there is one man one wife no matter what tribe you are please hurry up don’t do this [Music] [Music] oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] music [Music] [Applause] so [Music] so [Music] you.