INTERVIEW WITH MY STUDENT. A German guy speaks Russian. Walking around Vyborg. Vlog with subtitles

Jul 22, 2021 07:03 · 1704 words · 8 minute read

Yandex goes there. Whatever. Oh, this is not Yandex.

00:06 - Hello everyone! Russian with Dasha with you, today Kevin is my guest.

00:13 - Hey! Hi, Kevin. Kevin came from Germany, he travels around Russia, today we will go to Vyborg with him.

00:26 - Is that all? Yes. These are the roads in Vyborg.

00:32 - Kevin is a little shocked, well, that’s alright.

00:37 - Kevin and I are now heading towards Mon Repos Park, passing by such destroyed or dilapidated houses, unfortunately, a very large part of Vyborg has not been restored, many houses are even more destroyed over time.

01:03 - You see, for example, here the windows are boarded up, that is, closed.

01:09 - I don’t know if this house will be restored at all.

01:15 - There are already walls with peeling paint.

01:18 - Okay, bye. Kitty. Can I stroke you? Kitty.

02:19 - Today, as always, I am recording a video impromptu, I did not prepare any information, please excuse me, and now we are heading towards the Vyborg Castle, and from there we will go directly to the park.

02:48 - Kevin, please tell us, what are your impressions of Vyborg? Yes, my impressions are very good.

02:58 - It looks like an old town, but beautiful, and there are some very nice cafes and restaurants.

03:07 - Yes, lovely cafes and restaurants. What I like most is that different types of architecture are together, that everything is different.

03:22 - Yes, different types of architecture, exactly.

03:45 - Thinking about life. Kevin, please tell me what you think of Russia? In general, I really like people, and St. Petersburg is a very beautiful city, beautiful architecture, and now, it seems to me , there are a lot of people here.

04:17 - People are funny. Here, of course, nature.

04:24 - Wow! Breathtaking. Kevin, please tell us about your experience in learning Russian.

05:05 - I have been studying Russian for four years already.

05:12 - In the beginning I didn’t study very much, I started with Bubble, the Bubble app.

05:23 - There you can study several languages, for example, Russian.

05:31 - In the beginning, I learned a few words and a little grammar, then I watched a video on YouTube, was three weeks in Moscow at a language school, after that I take lessons with a teacher every week.

06:18 - I think you told me that this teacher was focus on grammar, is that right? You studied grammar all the time.

06:27 - We sometimes talked a little together, but I think it is very important for learning to just talk a lot so that you can more freely express your thoughts.

06:58 - Okay, how did you find me? How did you find my channel? I think we’ve been studying since October, right? I think it’s been a year already.

07:13 - No, not a year. I had my first lesson with you in October.

07:19 - Okay. We, in my opinion, with you… Did we have forty lessons? Yes.

07:24 - Forty. Well, it’s almost a year? No, it’s July now, and we started in October.

07:32 - We had lessons once a week for an hour, that is, 60 minutes.

07:39 - I’m not sure, maybe I googled “ Russian language teachers (female) ”.

07:48 - Teachers (female)? Looking for women? No, not at all.

07:57 - Teachers, right? Yes, teachers. Or via YouTube - I don’t know for sure, maybe so and so, but I found your YouTube channel, I liked your videos, I thought, “Well, maybe you are a good teacher too. ” Thank you.

08:29 - Yes it is. Thank you so much. Kevin and I had mostly conversational lessons, yes, but we did some homework as well.

08:42 - These were often grammar exercises, texts, or videos.

08:48 - Yes. Do you remember what we discussed with you? We talked about economics, ecology, food.

09:02 - About food. Well, what did I say? You said food.

09:10 - Well, okay, I didn’t hear, apparently. About food, about religion.

09:17 - Yes, right. About Russia, about vacations, about many different topics, I don’t even remember everything.

09:31 - I try to remember how many lessons we had, I think about forty.

09:37 - Yes, forty. Forty lessons. Since you’re here, let me ask.

09:43 - Did our lessons help you? Again please.

09:47 - Did our lessons help you? Yes of course! When I started with you, we began to study together, I could read a little, and also write, but not speak as I am now speaking. .

10:26 - Of course, I’m not so good at speaking now, I know that, but better than, as you said, forty lessons ago.

10:42 - Yes, well done. It seems to me that in the beginning it was difficult for you to remember the words.

10:47 - Yes, even now. Kevin had a very good vocabulary, he knew a lot of words, but it was passive vocabulary, that is, if he read the texts, he understood a lot, but if I asked questions, Kevin needed time to remember these words and answer.

11:14 - What legs passed by! What advice can you give to people who are learning Russian? It is imperative to immerse yourself in the Russian language, for example, through video, which means watching a lot of videos and practicing spoken Russian.

11:45 - For example, look for friends in Russia and just chat with them.

12:04 - This, I think, is very useful, because many times a day, you think in Russian and speak Russian and this all greatly improves the Russian speech and the level of the language.

12:39 - How to say? Understanding. What other languages ​​do you know? Well, unfortunately, I only know well English and German, my native language.

12:57 - Why did you decide to study Russian? In the beginning, it just seemed to me that the Russian language looks and sounds interesting, so I decided to learn a few words.

13:28 - To learn a few words with the Bubble app, as I said, and after a few weeks or even months I thought, “Yes, this is really a very interesting language, I should not quit learning,” so I decided to continue studying.

13:58 - Okay. Please tell us where will you go after St. Petersburg? What’s the plan? In a week I will go along the Golden Ring, also for a week.

14:24 - Then I will spend several days in Moscow, then also several days in Nizhny Novgorod, then a few more days, I don’t know, three or four days in Kazan, then I am flying back to Germany.

14:50 - You originally wanted to travel for a long time, right? You wanted to visit Mongolia, what other countries? First, travel through Russia along the Trans-Siberian Railway to Irkutsk.

15:07 - By train, huh? Then I wanted to go to Ulan Bator, then back through Central Asia.

15:19 - Yes, through the “stans”? Yes, right.

15:22 - Uzbekistan, what else? Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and beyond: Georgia, Azerbaijan, but because of the coronavirus, it seemed to me that it was very difficult to come to many different countries.

15:43 - Yes, or visit many countries. Yes, so I just decided to stay in Russia.

15:53 - Yes, or stay in Russia for a month. I hope that you will be able to go somewhere in these countries in the future.

16:05 - What a thrill! Is she in a swimsuit or is she naked? Naked, it seems to me.

16:11 - Yes, oh, it’s probably impolite to shoot. I thought she was in a swimsuit.

16:15 - Sorry! Kevin, how do you like the park? The park was very, very beautiful, a wonderful park! Yes, we had some rest, had a little snack, we are now going to the Burger’s House to drink local cider.

17:02 - I already tasted cider here when I was with Ira, and now I will take Kevin there.

17:11 - We stopped for a break, a short rest, bought to taste two varieties of local cider.

17:22 - The first is dry cider and the second is semi-sweet.

17:27 - Kevin, which one did you like best? Well, it’s hard to say.

17:34 - None? I liked both, but of course the German beer is better.

17:44 - Yes, Kevin and I were arguing about which beer is better.

17:50 - I believe that German beer is a simple beer, a simple taste, so I like English and American beer more, but Kevin said that this is not beer, that beer should have… How did you say, what taste? Well, not that complicated taste, well, simple taste, beer taste.

18:17 - Thank you. We came to the market square, but it feels like there is no market today , everything is closed.

18:38 - Where is she driving? Such knives are not allowed in Germany, why? How to say? You need three degrees of knife opening.

19:03 - First, I take a knife out of my pocket. One.

19:17 - Two - I need to open some kind of case, or press a button, thirdly, I need to open a knife with a different handle.

19:41 - These, for example, have one degree of protection.

19:48 - That is, such knifes aren’t allowed. It is impossible, because it is believed that a person can pull out a knife and immediately kill another person.

20:05 - Look, the seagulls have flocked. We walked around the city and now we are heading to the station, we will go back by train “Swallow”, probably, we will have dinner in the city, because we are hungry.

20:26 - I’m a little tired of the heat, this year the summer is unrealistically sunny and hot in St. Petersburg.

20:33 - How are you? Yes, too (tired). Show your tan, please.

20:37 - Here. We came to Gills, this is one of my favorite places, there are just awesome sushi here guys, and very good service.

21:03 - Come here, I recommend. .