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all right all right let’s say one more time i say good morning good evening good afternoon good day wherever you are domicile this is radio biafra usa too my name marzie ike peters all right this morning we have a few announcements to make before we proceed into having our regular conversation that we’re gonna have this morning so get yourself ready first i want to remind you about uh 17th and 18th of this month we are going to washington for a mega rally this rally is very very important for those of you especially on the 18th the 17th we are limited to the number of people that can attend but 18th is free for all you can come in we’re inviting not just beer friends and world wishes but we are also inviting us ambassadors just come in and join us all of us in diaspora we’re going to be meeting there to make sure that we tell the world our plight because everybody’s talking about what is going on right now i know everybody is talking about it and uh the world is not keeping quiet anymore then we are hearing them left and right and center as we proceed there will come more more informations will come more more more uh how would i put it uh more concerned so coming to what we are doing and they are doing it already so make sure that you attend 18th washington d.

c announcement announcement announcement the ipob women in usa their friends friends of biafra and lovers of freedom are rolling out a national protest to washington d. c in united states of america on the 17th and 18th day of june 2021. to bring awareness of the usa government and lawmakers the following atrocities be emitted out to the biafrans at home by nigerian government the raping and continuous killing of biafrans by the nigerian security forces continuous abduction of the african youths for organ harvesting and sell to china and europe for more info contact the following mrs brigitte okay for ipob women leader usa seven one five seven seven zero nine fat august nine one seven three zero six nine seven eight six mrs cristiano four four three nine eight three seven four nine three marzi maxwell day day miss 798-728-8326 okay three four seven five one seven seven nine three four father ben one on enemy two one five nine five four seven one eight one 7-1-3-3-8-5-2-2-4-0 mazzy ben 1-4 5-1-3-6-1-6-1-4-1-2 the need to stop the overall genocide in nigeria and the urgent need to grant referendum to the agitating ethnic groups in nigeria even if the outcome is possible disintegration of nigeria why the rosemary williams 619-381-8579 cornell joe obonna four 443-413-511947 one six seven one zero six lady azucar charles eight zero one nine two eight four six two nine mazing austin juanko gallant tech two one zero nine six six four three nine three mazzy michael original erdo eight three two six eight seven five six seven three ambassador anthony chamber gallaudet brother 917-855-3503 all hell be afraid eight 5-1-0 seven five four four zero marzi michael average aka new york a.

m six four six two three six five two four six marzi oliver obi usa eastern regional coordinator four one zero five two two eight eight one zero marzi regional coordinator 313-587-3044 mazi individual usa central regional coordinator 214-664-8119 mazie babachi joker in the vc usa pacific regional coordinator eight one eight two zero one eight eight eight four marzi i features ipob gallant media representative plus one eight four five two mazie aloisier ipod garland media representative plus one four eight four seven six seven zero eight four eight marzi simon eva ipob gallant media representative plus one three five eight four five one eight oh hell yeah all right that comes up uh this weekend uh say the 18th make sure that you are ten please get yourself ready because uh it’s gonna be uh once in a lifetime we’re gonna be able to tell the world what is going on with us although they know you know people are like i said the international community they’re getting concerned we’re getting information here and there people are talking about what is going on in in the zoo because you know they exposed themselves and the twitter thing brought them out to the world the world is now saying wait a minute what are you planning because there’s no right sense man nobody in a sense that will go out there and say oh you’re going to block the access block the people so that people outside will not know what is going on well whether they like it or they don’t like it the world is talking the world is speaking the world is opening up the people from here and there they’re commenting about what is going on in the zoo and uh thank god for that many more will come cnn they can block you they can they can shut up but they’ll get a time they will right now they are opening up small small you know this is radio biafra and the death stone of nigeria’s latest gang attack has risen to 88 on thursday a gang of cattle keys attacked seven villages in nigeria as kevin state now kept states police spokesman has said that initially 66 bodies were recovered but 22 more have been found the attacks come as nigeria is witnessing a rise in gang violence for decades the african country has struggled with communal clashes over resources but lately the groups have become more violent and have resorted to looting killing and kidnapping for ransom as per the spokesman dozens of gunmen on a motorcycle attacked seven villages in nigeria’s zankova sugu district many people fled the region after the attack these people are still unaccounted for the police says that the search and rescue operations are on and that the death toll is not conclusive security forces have been deployed in the area to ensure no further attacks happen over the weekend and the bandits are believed to have lodged attacks from one of the neighboring states zamfara or niger where criminal gangs are known to maintain camps northwest and central nigeria our hub for bandits these gangs raid villages harass residents and burn down homes and since the last few months they have started kidnapping school children in order to squeeze ransom from the authorities since december 2020 more than 730 students have been kidnapped across the region data suggests that over 18 million dollars were paid in ransoms to bandits in the last 10 years it is infamously called nigeria’s kidnapping industry and it has been thriving so far the motives of these armed gangs have been financial with no ideological meanings but latest incidents show that jihadis from the north east are now infiltrating these groups moving on the horrific discovery of the remains of 215 indigenous children at a former residential school in canada prompted outpourings of brief joining all right this is uh this is one of these are one of the reports that i that uh just trimmed in we need the international community to understand one thing that one thing is i want to say the police and the and the army they’re coming in to protect and arrest no they are not arresting anybody who are the people perpetrating all this is the army and the police these are remainders of terrorist boko haram that they released from nigeria and then in feed them back into the army so basically what we are telling the world is that nigeria has no police they have no army these are terrorists it’s very very established we’re not joking about it it’s not going to stop because the people that are supposed to prevent it are the people causing it the people that are supposed to prevent any form of crime in that thing you call nigeria are the ones that are perpetrating the crime the army and the police any person out there with a police uniform is a terrorist absolutely sure of what we’re saying these are which country ever it’s like i tell america america those that were um al-qaeda or something like that putting them back into the united states army or police that’s exactly what’s going on there so when they say the army and the police they are no no no they’re not preventing anything they are the ones that are doing it the kidnapping is being done by them the raping of women is being done by them the children that are dying it’s the army and the police because these are the terrorists themselves the only difference is that they wear they have the uniform and the crown on their head this is true we are not making it up the international community can investigate this and they will tell themselves the truth that these people are not trying to prevent or protect the citizens no islam says to kill your army they formally they were terrorists attacking the country and when they arrested them they released them they said they called them repentant boko haram they repented you know you kill people you maim the country you destroy everything then all of a sudden you are repentant you repent and then they put you not repenting and not just staying in jail no they bring them out not only bringing them out they put them back into the same army that they were attacking in the first place what is happening to nigeria is that the people creating the problem are the people that are that claiming to save the problem to solve the problem the united states the german count the government of the french the government the great britain they are part of it anyway great britain is at the main the men the men the men body that is creating this problem they know they know what they are doing i don’t know what they are scared of why are they scared you’ve seen that you created a country that has lasted 100 years 100 years of nothingness 100 years of rubbish total rubbish so what is wrong with you guys not working out to say you know something we made a mistake boom boom you go back to what you wear then decide on your own if you want to come together as a country they won’t do that they are afraid of the oil that they are stealing the resources that they are getting for free that’s what is scaring them once you always hook on something why don’t you try something else the results were always the same thing because unless you make a change there can never be any change nigeria is not going to be able to change it’s impossible it will get worse and worse and worse and keep going worse send the people back to what they were before you came and try to colonize them try to create the boundaries the official boundaries we had natural boundaries for god’s sake that thing you call nigeria i had enough go to dua land they have you have the river niger river benue that divided whatever you got why do you want to create artificial boundaries you go into families and you divide families you cut them off into two one part is a different state and the other one is another state why are you why are you creating artificial boundaries this is even forbidden somewhere in the bible i don’t know i’m not i’m not a biblical student but i know that natural boundaries are things you don’t want to tamper with since you created this monster you call nigeria things have fallen apart nothing is nothing is working out and you don’t want to accept your responsibility the mistake that you made the world is watching and we know that sooner or later will know we are not going to give up ipo be our quest is our freedom that’s what we’re asking for and nothing you either give us this freedom or you kill all of us we are ready to take our destiny into our hands whether you like it or not that’s what we are asking you to give us the freedom and the freedom is what we asking for we are not asking for anything that that that is uh somebody even wrote a book i i went through through uh my this morning and i saw something that somebody in america at least wrote a book about what is going on so let us listen to this uh this might be very interesting because they’re talking about a book that somebody wrote and had to do with nigeria if nothing is done and could the country actually implode yes yes it can and will i’m sorry to say that uh no liabilities as nigeria can include it will implode what has gotten us to this position is the dial on on on the leadership is the denial on the elite that too big to fail nigeria is not too big to fail when you have governors crying making open statements pointing accusing fingers at the president that the security situation is bad now they are robbing people in traffic yes nigeria can and it will unfortunately each time in the in the years that have been involved in this congressman you know that we have pushed i have joined you to many meetings to push for an envoy an envoy for nigeria we produce this book this is a 310 page book on the on the silent killings in nigeria it is real it is real there is an urgency for the united states the british government the french government the german government to do something quickly as possible and i think the best way including doing the the visits by congress people is for the president of the united states to appoint an airway as a matter of urgency what nigeria is faced with now is existential it is existential and if nigeria implodes right now chad just lost their president michel just suffered a coup banner is unstable car devices unstable mali is unstable cameroon demanded where it is currently india is fighting both a religious war and a tribal war and the religious war is from the people who want to implode and put in the jihadi um you know faction and way of life as well as a tribal war where we are seeing the evils and the europa’s analysis all saying that they want to separate from nigeria i feel like the first things that the first thing should be on the agenda should be how do we disintegrate nigeria how do we make nigeria go back so everyone goes back to their own particular space looking at the history of nigeria you would see that the founding fathers of modern day nigeria never wanted nigeria’s work and that was why they put nigeria the way it is and we have um you know we’ve spoken about how much uh people migrate tonight um to other parts of the world and develop other parts of the world most of the people who do this are the evils the evil speaking tribe of nigeria they’re the ones who are most concerned about development and progression but there are some sets of people in nigeria that are seeking to hold nigeria down and you mention them we all know them and that they’re the fullness they’re the ones who are hell-bent on making sure that nigeria becomes south sudan or become syria or and just ensure that the caliphate of militants there will be a high breed of militants that will be sent all the way from nigeria to other parts of west africa to cause even more havoc for africans so i will say this and this is just my suggestion it doesn’t have to be followed but i’ll say that right now all hands should be on deck to see how we can disintegrate nigeria how can we ensure that people who are shouting or cameron for biafra people who are clamoring for or do do people who are clamoring for whatever they are clamoring for how can we ensure that they can go back and you know um create their own nations in nigeria and see how those people can develop uh you know collectively as a group or as a tribe because if not if we continue to say that we want to go in and create a system whereby we help uh people in power they’ve already infiltrated we will only you the americans will only be giving the secrets to the enemies and that’s the fact we would only be telling empowering the enemy for what they already what’s your reaction to what the dss has said today there is a running against those who are according to them planning to disintegrate their country they said the problem in nigeria is that people who should know don’t want to know and they do not know the security section is talking and talking and talking what are they doing the situation in this country today is so bad that i robert clark i cannot guarantee nigeria’s train another six months all right that’s true that’s correct that’s very very correct and we know that you know that everybody knows that but you know what are we doing about it the british especially the united and united kingdom they are the ones that are the problem we have in nigeria because they created nothing in the first place and they are the ones that are doing everything in their power to protect it to make sure it stays there they don’t care how many people that dies all this that thing doesn’t mean anything to them honestly they pretend as if they put in there they brought what they call bbc uh evil they brought bvc there to tell to help them promulgate the atrocities that they are committing because bbc or bbc whatever they brought into into our region from the beginning have been a suspect they didn’t bring them at the time they required them no they decided you know something we are going to go in there so we can destabilize these people and that’s exactly what they have done but they are not succeeding they are failing because everybody out there is a media person people are reporting even though they get they get them killed you know when they see them taking pictures and all that and the rest of them they’re reporting all these things their lives are in danger the bbc they are they are free to run in any way they want and and make a valid and you know go to the areas where they think it favors them they are not objective but we don’t we are not bothered we have told you biafra is the thing that we want biafra is what we’re going to get regardless of what you do we are not going to give up we’re not going to stop you either kill us all or give us biafra it’s as simple as that they can they can pretend all they want as if as if everything is okay nothing is okay killing is ramping up it’s a rampage and now the fact to tell you how how weak a disciple are any killing there they try to caution it and push it to members of the biafran community south east was peaceful and as soon as they sound out they found out that saudis was peaceful they created something that will make it look like south east is very insecure no we know that from the beginning southeast was absolutely what we call biafra land was completely quiet then all of a sudden they started moving their boko haram police and the military down to that region but you know something while they are pushing them down their own end is open they are killing them too because fulani of their world they want is to take overnight for them god gave us nigeria is our country we’re full anywhere we are assuring you that nigeria might be your country but it isn’t it doesn’t include biafra land no you will never ever ever ever ever take our land it’s not possible because our children we’re we’re growing we’re teaching them already oh yes we are teaching them that these people are your enemies anywhere you see them sniff them out grow up and know that you are on your you don’t have to hate anyone then what we are saying is self-protection is not hate learn to understand that these people are here to exterminate you they have done they have they are trying everything in their power to make sure that you don’t exist and you have through everything in your power to make sure that you exist don’t put your hands and let them come in because they are snakes the fulani they are snakes they are not coming to live with you they are coming to sniff your life out of you i have spoken about my little book the new pictorial book that i found when i was five six i didn’t know it was the fuller needs but now as an adult i really know that the book is the farmer and the camel the camera was cold and wanted to come into the hot and they they allowed him to put his leg before you know it the other leg before you know the head comes in and then dancing boom he kicks out the farmer that’s it fulani that’s their story that’s their story the man in the camel go google it and read it up and see what what i’m talking about so these are snakes snakes you don’t bring them in because they will bite you trust me they will the world can keep quiet and pretend as if they don’t know what is going on well when they are killing the assurance we are giving them is that you know these people that you give a name they call them unknown gunmen or non-gunmen who are they is a very simple thing the logic is very very simple these are kids these are young kids these are disgruntled people that they have killed their families and they go see you know okay the best thing i can do in this world is anywhere i see these people in uniform i’ll sneak them out they are not attacking the police those people are criminals the people they are attacking the boko haram that they brought back into the army and gave them uniform so it will continue and god will protect them god will protect their known gun men they will continue doing what they are doing until they allow us to go a child that says that the mother will not sleep will not sleep will be awake too so as long as you are killing our families raping our mothers and killing our sisters and brothers unknown god men will continue coming after you you will never you don’t so much there is ipob no some say you see a esn no yes and they’re in the bush they’re not in the city they’re in the bush making sure that you fuller needs to come in there and they’re not going to stop there there’s no way they are going to stop because what we do is every day like we’re praying ourselves pray for it unknown gun men pray that they be guarded by because these are angels from heaven that have come to help us do what we are doing last month as assaults on security formations and killings have become widespread in the region particularly in imo states joining us now to discuss the security situation in the southeast as well as efforts to restore peace so last sunday the hedge men were still killing people but but we cannot deny the fact that these destruction and asian attacks are taking place in the southeast region on security formations on electoral body inec offices and of course killing off the you see the point is like like i was saying before you see the way they are handling it see the way they are talking security situation in the southeast couple of months ago we had absolute zero zero crime killing all this killing was not there so what did they do they started pushing their boko haram down to this to the south but our leader said one thing our leader told us they were going to come they are not taking us by surprise but the truth is as they are coming their back is open we will kill them in biafra land they will all die they will bury them in biafra land but they will not have place to go because those that are that were escaped wouldn’t even have a place to go back to because their land will be taken their land will be taken over which is already what is going on you know most of them are living in idp camps so they eventually will lose and at the end biafra will come they will kill us we’ll kill them in the end we are still in our home they will not have home to go back to because biafra land is going to be their graveyard we’re going to bury all of them there that is correct we’re going to bond bond the bodies and just take them off our land because they are they are very impure all right let’s so let’s listen to this the report that is coming in i just got this one this morning somebody just sent it to me last month as assaults on security formations and killings have become widespread in the region particularly in imo states joining us now to discuss the security situation in the southeast as well as efforts to restore peace is a prominent nigerian lawyer and former president of the both think tank group akai kanga gaudi uwazurike it’s good to have you with us and thank you very much thank you okay let me start this way some say that to diagnose to solve a problem you first have to diagnose it so perhaps you can help us recently we saw a trending video of cows being set ablaze in anambra state so what is in your opinion at the heart of the disruption the insecurity and the violence that seems to have erupted in the southeast well what we are seeing in the southeast is synchronized violence synchronized by certain people definitely not bibles okay those people who are doing that are foreigners if you see a group of female people moving from the official army you will know now one of the things that people did in this southeast was to get close to them speaking to them and without exception they responded in broken english and you saw the other man speaking on sunday being displayed by police as the only surviving person among those who attended the bonded prisons i came the man was given an ibu name and when he spoke he had another ascent but back to your question about what is really happening in the past two years or more the clamor for a president of nigeria coming from the southeast has been on and if he noticed up to the past three months there was no problem in the southeast four months what happened suddenly if you read some papers published in abuja you see evils are killing not on us you call those in the south they say what are you talking about it has nothing to do with any able man or any nuthana what we are witnessing is a programmed action by some people to destabilize the southeast indeed the world of people land with a message ebola is unstable if you’re unstable how then can you produce a president that is the real key initiative the health men have always been there but if you notice for the past three or four months each of the husbands had died down except in a bowling state we are up to last sunday the health men were still killing people but but we cannot deny the fact that this destruction and asian attacks are taking place in the southeast region on security formations on electoral body inec offices and of course killing of the security officials themselves so the question is how does this make a call or a point for or an argument for inclusion if you say marginalization let us listen to these idiots when they talk they are killing police they are killing the army these are terrorists high neck office who brought the president governor of him state to office is inec they are the ones that conduct the election i know they might not be the ones that brought him directly but at least they are there they could have taken the supreme court or whatever take them to god just just they they have no right to do what they did so this is a cumulative good cumulative thing is not it’s not that anybody wants to kill anybody no the people the police the so-called police and the army you’re talking about these are terrorists and we know these are people abducting children abducting women and raping them so when they go after them there’s nothing wrong with what they’re doing what what these young people are doing like i said and i’m saying it again um the gun men they are non-gunmen they are doing what they are supposed to do and they are doing it excellently well they should keep taking these people out there’s no way don’t give them a chance don’t give away breathing space you know you know when they talk one thing about people that they call to interview to answer questions and things like that i don’t know why they cannot hit the nail on the head they keep rolling around you know it’s like a small boy who are finished eating rather than take the meat is licking the soup around the meat and leaving the meat there only to be asked to take it you are the ones that are creating this problem say it the way it is you where they are killing you regardless of what you say though so what is the point better keep quiet you keep quiet you die you talk you’ll die but i talk and die that’s the way i look at the whole thing let’s continue with this before i put it on inequity has been you know the reason for this clamor as someone would how do these aston attacks and killings and destruction make make a point for inclusion and who stands to benefit from these attacks why have they not gone uh why why do they continue to recover your own opinion first correction is this who is doing the destruction exactly who is attacking police formations who is attacking the ironic if you notice the targets election conducting body security body the first placebos are not destroyers symbols are builders since the end of the war the federal government has not been building police stations in the ebola land every structure is see that apart from the old presidency law which was built in the 1950s is the result of the contribution of i’ll give an example i come from a human being local government of hemostats recently the police division of quartus was destroyed i think two or three weeks ago what most people don’t know is that building was built by the community muslim community and donated to the police last december so why will the people who built turn around to destroy for what purpose the average burma knows that those who are doing the destroying are nothing but the special squad of security men sent by federal government i was not feebles okay so it’s a case of the policemen who come shooting to the air struggling to land on people and then the unknown government will move around in brand new helix trucks choosing today we face is covered once in a while people get close and do like this and then they take closer look at them so if you said the evils are not destroying who then is carrying out these attacks the unknown government it is not by accident that they call them unknown government that’s why i said if you go to alabama today you know there’s an evil section if you see them from the official nominee you say these eyeballs if you turn towards the right you see alabama that’s where the house says the house of trailers you also see the acceptance if i go to jakarta markets here in lagos you don’t need to control these are europas so if the unknown government covered their faces once in a while we’ll go despicable to them sing a neighbor they would give a response this is quite a strong it is a revelation but the biggest problem they have now in ebola is that if you see somebody of my age they look after me police will arrest me and call me a financier if they see my son they will grab him and say it’s an activist send him to the police station military barracks anywhere you have to run around to get him out there you know what it means that nigel for someone to run around i don’t mean real race you have to do something otherwise you see him on tv the next day confessing things it is not true because when they torture you you have no option i remember i’m surprised that bishop of foreign last sunday came out almost weeping they’re the morgue where they keep dead bodies that that place is overflowing 35 on identified bodies then a member station came out and said we have set up a unit two layers with police commission that’s how they have been able to rescue some people including the man who came from bayelsa who was going to buy a casket for his father-in-law’s burial the one was crafted and displayed on chief tv as need to just interject because you’re making stronger sessions and we wonder why this hasn’t come to light in a more public forum but let me just ask what we do know though is that there was this i’m glad you said you’re from emo state there was a sit-at-home order and it would seem that largely it was a bait so that would then beg the question who is in charge you know we want to bring up the issue of ipob because they’ve made certain accessions and then we want to ask the question as well regarding emo state um it’s hard to put this there have been a session by people in in imo state that since the current governor came into being that emo state hasn’t known peace so suggesting that he’s coming in as governor has also triggered some of this uh violent attacks what what’s your take on let me tell you one by one issue of sit at home to observe a day for our departed brothers those who died during the war has been on since 1970 so it depends on the government of the to make it a focal point now i’m talking about how it was enforced there was intimidation no no there was no intimidation listen what you saw was what you call a charade some people wear black and white and be moving around in mozart you think that it was unhealthy but that’s the point i was making unknown gone men are not feebles as for day of mourning is observed every year you have seen the one of that september 9 some people will also observe their own they don’t make noise about it they just call their own young people we call our own morning or dead two ipob is what i call a phenomenon that has risen because of injustice because of lack of fair playing ground because of arranged discrimination now nature applause vacuum so whenever there is this kind of lack of inclusiveness grumbling will come in all it takes somebody to have vests that are grumbling and say this man is doing something bad let’s see what i can do believe me that every person will join on the issue of the governor i better leave it at that is the governing church of any security force there no if he says something negative they will go against him you know he lives in nowhere it’s called the fortress on one side his army chief’s house police chief dss air force all of them live in a circle and the police headquarters and the prisons that were just burned down you just opposite them okay cctv showed all those who do the attacking do you know that in today none of these groups are mentioned ever produce this issue and i mean a lot of people watch you’ll be wondering why is nobody being brought to book where the perpetrators but in the absence of state police we’ve seen vigilantes across the country states having to form their own vigilantes and as well as regional security same as the south east with abu bayagu um they don’t seem to be making much headway what have the governors got wrong when uh when it comes to security of their states and of course the region southeast in particular now well i don’t want to call it intimidation from abuja i also don’t want to call it timidity of the governance no let me say is a case of three political parties having governance in the southeast very political for pdp has to that’s enugu and abia anyway has always had embargo they have a name for their own and they have bosses for them state yes his own is not as elaborate affirmative he must state also passed a law a long time ago outlawing open grazing and they also passed establishing embargo but then the governor said he has sensible to train the military barracks in an umbra state so that when they come they form the nucleus now the man in anambra also has his own his own method is different because there are three parties they have different methods after said okay if you kill a cow you pay if you kill the human being you pay and they’re enforcing it so when you’re talking of a bargain to them they may say we have something different the man in the neighborhood you know has just joined a pc and he’s also the chairman so he’s been drawn on one side unfortunately state is the worst hits by the killer hesmen up till this sunday rusty killing now the governance also well i think they’re handicapped but remember this there are killings all over the country in all the zones and in terms of number in terms of statistics all right let’s stop this because uh why i want to stop this right here is because like i told you when they want to talk they will never tell the truth they know the truth but they’re hiding the truth and how can you get a result when you’re not telling the truth it’s unfortunate if you ask about the governor what is he doing wrong the governor is not doing anything wrong he’s just that he’s not a governor he wasn’t he was nominated and put in there the people did not vote him in come on guys tell us just say it the way it is you best regarding if nothing will happen to you when you go and take somebody who is number four in an election i make him and put him there as governor you think the people are stupid they frustrate him they’ll make sure that he’s not a governor he’s not saying nominated he’s like he’s not elected by anybody the supreme court brought him there they full of janja with the just sat down around and caught that said you know what we’re going to put this man there and let us see what they are going to do the man will never find peace who is wasting his time he can never never sleep again because he has violated the law of nature you can’t do what you are doing and think you get away with it so this question of the disgruntled these are natural they ask you why is he having a problem just simple answer he was not elected by the people the answer is so straightforward stop being political like i said if you don’t want to come to tv to say something get prepared you have to really talk don’t go there any time because it’s not going to work also whatever they call him was not nominated he was not elected by the people they just picked him and picked him and put him there crocodile in the broad daylight they fabricated and then there are people there you know whether you think they are stupid they can be singing some of them you know can go there and say oh are you so we are supporting the governor yeah right when they come comes to become you know that they don’t even supporting him they’re not stupid nobody’s foolish the man is a worthless useless and nobody nominated him he’s going to have problem and keep having problems there is no way out some people are beginning to speak out now some of the governors ex-governors are talking and they are speaking up you know few of them are speaking about there’s no there’s no hope for anyone all we want is biafra and biafra is one to we are going to get regardless of what you say regarding whether you support nami kano and us and whatever we are doing we know what we want and we are going to get it you are not going to give us biafra we all die looking for biafra there is nothing anybody can do about it honestly enough listen to this of senseless killings of hebrews in the south east we call this press briefing to draw the attention of his excellency president and commander-in-chief political unfortunate chief mohammed buhari you see the point that the manager is well chief chief of muhammad do you see the point i’m trying to make is that this is exactly what i’m saying these people is the man sitting down here now this is i think as he faced his name yes he knows that he’s not alive he knows that the mandate is unbelievable that’s why he’s so reluctant to call his name what would i achieve and this is the first time i’m hearing that but it’s a chief anyway let’s keep listening this is very interesting and the international community on the unprecedented bloodletting cannabis a senseless killing of the ebook especially the youths in south east by the security agencies an appeal for argent intervention for the for the point of correction these are not these are not i repeat these are not security agencies these are boko haram that is wearing the military uniform and the police he’s not going to stop who are you talking to they are posted there the cabal they posted them there to eliminate our youths and they are doing very well doing that so when you say security agencies the world is listening to you sir the entire universe the entire world is listening tell them what they are these are people these are book ex book haram convict bandits they use the word bandit but bandits is a blessing is a christmas name it’s like a very good name for them these are murderers these are people that have made the people that did they put them back and give them uniform and none of them go close to them they on their badge you see a diaphragm name on their back but go speak any of the diaphragm languages to them some of them don’t even speak english these are needs that they brought across as a hell to come in and destroy our people let’s keep listening to jesus sake of peace and stability of the country we endorse the statement made by the president of ohanaeze and evil the current militarization and widespread carnage in the southeast have precipitated unprecedented fear tension and untold hardship on the people in the zone thereby aggravating the security challenges in the land we condemn without any reservation the destruction of public property in the southeast because it is not in our character to indulge in arson brigands we believe however that it is not fair and just to use a sledgehammer to kill hamlet’s flies as many victims of this joint security agencies onslaught are hapless and innocent evil youths and other citizens who have become victims of circumstances we know and understand the reason why the youths are angry the marginalization exclusion humiliation and other negatives and deniers matted out on evil met young ones very angry and that is the talk all right i don’t think i want to go on with that because uh this is this is very irritating it’s getting me i didn’t listen to it before now but he’s trying to like i said before you either don’t say something or you just make sense if you don’t know if you don’t if you are not courageous enough to come to national television to make this kind of pronouncement forget about it first of all you see the way you are nervous you are not talking to your especially on a video when people are watching your body language your body language is saying something else and your match is saying something else there’s fear in your eye what are you afraid of these people are old people like me allah basically so what are you people afraid of say it the way it is these are planned people say security is not in our line it’s not in our character to destroy public property what what property are you destroying most of the police stations were built by the community oh yes in my community i know clayton sebastian right in front of my house and there we built one and gave it to the police these are these are things that many people do not the federal government that is building it so what is wrong with destroying it since he’s not serving any purpose he’s not the government property it doesn’t it was given to them by somebody without without the people at the likes of clintus building that policy do you think police will bring any police station in my place come on man so when they destroy don’t say that the strong government property it does not belong to the government it belongs to individuals these are people that just coughed out their money yeah and then built a police station and handed the key over to them and they are not even serving any purpose and the people occupying them now today are terrorists and you’re telling me that unknown government until the where god will bless them god will continue protecting them there is nothing anybody can do to stop them let me open up the line for you to have your conversation this morning at the six four six nine two zero four five four one eight four five three four four seven nine eight four that’s the line for the whatsapp then we have the principal of senseline at 929-406-9953 you can also call me on signal 845-283-9665 so so far we have been talking about the insecurity in our place and um they’re trying to make it look like our homies insecure they created that situation because they want us so that is what they are trying to do is they want to have a reason to hang us a reason to make sure that we are we are we are crucified but you know something they will never never succeed they will always fail that’s the truth it’s a guaranteed truth i have a call let me take this one as the first caller this morning caller good morning tell us your name and where you’re calling from very good morning to you sir welcome to the program thank you thank you sir they were my brother they were my others they were my father ozzy i’m just playing um your day because um things that um i need to put some records straight i want to thank you so much this morning because you have done a very good job this afternoon by the whole enlightenment that you brought to to the people of their friend everyone in the world is listening to us everyone is listening to us now from chiropractic card we need to put this record straight yesterday you made them a pronouncement of finding anyone that comes to the radio to divide our people more from what we are already you remember yes i did yes i want to tell you something i am a chief that i got from mahanese in this struggle i’ve been there since 1999 i’ve been there i was there from the start of wasulting you know why i brought this there are chiefs there are pastors there are bishops we have so many communities that are in this struggle please i am begging our people whatever title that you have i beg everyone to respect that man for the sacrifice that he has sacrificed for the people of japan i beg of the name of god pastor chris white he came to the radio yesterday if not you know we are going to adopt that in our leaders say that dear letters are going to be done some of the people if i want to call them my brother i have to hide my man sometimes our leaders have put in this template on the floor they have teach us who we are as people somebody asked you a question one day he said grant somebody to come and tell us the history of jaffra you said that our leader have gone even greater than anyone else anyone that is leaving you you like your father too our little name they come very very older than him and so many other people they cannot even tell the story that this man have come to tell we knew who we are through this man he becomes the mirror to all of us who is he who is this people they are our people you come to the radio to tell us about your people that your sister that was killed by an inferior person what does it bring to the table when millions of people are listening to you to open the gut and call your man to come and cascade our own brother in my place where i come from as if you could i don’t want to call so many names my neighbor we hate them when they talk we say that people they don’t tell the truth when they say they’re telling you they’re lying for this our brother and brother two big brothers that give birth to both of us should i deny them not being our brother come on equality is our brother he believes our brother these are families if you don’t know what to say do not let referendum say what it is do you know the people on the ground is it because some of these people have a platform to come on radio and tvs to talk like weekends talking and they’ve been giving money and you now want to say because of incident that happened between one person to one person you want to deny the whole race who they are somebody is there shouting we are one people and you come and say go with which which ones which state are you going with are you gonna leave your brothers alone please i will say this in myself later on on mondays and the mazes program because nobody should come on the aak and tell us who we are and tell us to go with this faith or this particular thing because i love what our brother did our brother from finland that is always fighting for the freedom of his people anaya to talk against these people nobody should come to our already again and talk about who we are as people we know who we are referendum is going to say who we are that’s right don’t divide us anymore everything that you say this afternoon i’m just going to say last thing regarding our people who goes to the tv and their body language is saying different things just give up give them one month from now or three weeks from now they are all going to be saving the way it is they are scared they are worried they are coming around they are coming gradually our elders soon they will stay the way it is for the day of judgment we are going to remind them what they have seen go to the hospital i see the body of you that they are going to lie around his house so that he can tell us why he bring military why you bring police and army to come and kill you you didn’t know what it would have become one zone everyone is running away from her from his house because you want power you see that power you and your family and you and your pc people who has led you to do this to our people are going to go this faith yes elohim yeah well thank you so much thank you very much yeah like uh like i was trying to say they they keep on hiding in their you know their mouth is saying one thing their body is saying something else you’re asking why is there they ask you why do you think that the governor of imo state is having all these issues just go straight to the point he was not elected the person that is asking you is expecting you to give that answer but you are not courageous enough you know we now buy around the man was not elected he was nominated by the supreme court and put in there to do what to do nothing all right i have a call uh straight line caller good morning tell us your name and where you’re calling from thank you my brother hi teachers this is smart from my location welcome welcome to the program sir thank you thank you your first quarter if you played somebody that was interviewed who was talking about jose de mar de cabana yes and he was calling in governor and you came up to say uh was not he was not elected by the people yes yes although i was not elected was imposed imposed and imposed on us forced to be a governor under the barrel of the gun and be perfumed by the courts all right it was imposed under the gov under the apparent of the gun and then he was it was perfumed supreme court under the leadership of that a alec i don’t know his name again only a legalitive judge so that is how it is for that but sometimes i used to walk the purple some elected abc some so-called elected apc governors when they are holding a meeting and you feel them amongst them i don’t know how they feel like i don’t know the teacher i thought we’ve been with kenya money girls they’re having a meeting with zadima those who claim to be elected and then those of them i will come and sit with them and i don’t exist people really don’t have shame they have nothing how can others tell you somebody was imposed on people after the battle of the corn because if you uh people at the hebrew state kind of collect the very days that supreme court metal pronouncement there were plenty of mobile policemen i told when i was like whatever that day they have declared state of emergency that was why people calm down because the person wants to lose his life because of those of them but today everything has life but our leader promised that he will he is not going to sit there and it’s happening i have you seen that last week after his deputies i think suddenly realized himself and resigned so that shows him that he himself i don’t think he would not even run away this is radio biafra we’re still talking here under the number is six four six nine two zero four five four one nine two nine four zero six nine nine five three that principal officer’s line and ladies uh we are also on sky i’m well no no no i’m not skype this morning am on um signal call us on signal at eight four five two three nine six six five no matter what they do when like i said before if you don’t if you don’t know what to say if you don’t have the courage don’t go to national television to embarrass yourself if you are talking like a coward we all know we know the truth and the truth is the only way you can if you’re not just enough to go there and speak please don’t call out on um principal officers line good morning tell us your name and where you’re calling from cola and press okay the land is hooked up you have to call us back you’re calling on what’s up on that line that’s why all right i have a call on straight line good morning tell us your name on where you’re calling from peters good morning welcome to the program sir good morning uh my name is george i’m calling from usa um i want to thank you first of all um one of my sisters let me use the word sisters i know um he’s living in new york with the husband they are the one nigerians but i was surprised yesterday when i got a call i should i should really thank um mazin nandi carlo and thank you peters and uh mazi alozier and mazzy jonathan for the good work they are doing um that she never knew that what is happening that has been seen beforehand yes that in fact that the only problem they’re having that most of them who are coming late into the struggle or into the awareness of what is happening many people are really ignorant of what is happening they are just and the one of our brothers i just spoke before the last caller now got it some my mind you see there was a time i made a request it’s yes i’m you somebody might say something but the presentation might not be the exact they just extract the idea of what the person is saying i made mention of history if somebody because his history that was crap from nigerian school was intentional was was in fact because if you keep on telling even if yes you know who your father is but any day you are with your father he keeps telling you about your line every day you cannot get enough of it every day you want to know and that is the best way is not that we have been told is it mazinger nicolo why god will continue to bless him and bless him and bless him is god prepared this man for the old and young if nigeria all the tribes in nigeria are listening to him what is befalling any or everybody now it wouldn’t happen at least which would have been reduced but now many people know that that did that man is not an ordinary human being i’m still bent on what i’m doing please sir i’m saying if you have a way i know everybody we know our lineage we know who we are you see the problem we are having even even the coastal uh our coastal brothers many of them are deprived of this history genuine history i listened to uh mazeful yesterday and the the the brilliant um that brilliant section they had with our coastal brothers you see that such section if is available the common people in the coastal region of biafra land frankly speaking what we are seeing now will not be saying it that way many of them are deprived of that any time you have an opportunity to bring in somebody who will continue whether it’s something we know before or something we don’t know history has a lot to win these souls people who are ignorant of this thing once they’re coming as i told you people who will come tomorrow many of them will be more more crazier than we are now so i just want to bring the greetings to you all who are doing the justice in the radio you are doing so wonderful frankly speaking i really appreciate it but anytime even if on voice record even if one of those uh uh why don’t the traditionalize the coastal region they say something they would can record something even our journalists can move to any of their policies girlfriend television there was a time they did it uh if you can aid and the man will just ex decided something about that costa rica to encourage our people look we are the elders we know who we are these people came and divided us and noticed you broadcast it here if you think we go a long way because it will help our dozer those our brothers are always saying hey well let’s forget about these five regions please we are one people we can leave our brothers behind thank you very much thank you so much all right thank you very very much this is radio biafra usa too like yesterday i said it on my program here i don’t i encourage people to say whatever they want to say but you see that area of uh go with this i know i don’t want it anymore in my program there’s no point there is no point at all because it’s also making any sense you cannot castigate you can’t leave your own i don’t know when i go bible the bible already told you that if you have 100 cows and one of them run please leave the other 99 go out go after the one don’t let it go he’s not just cow he’s talking about he’s telling you now one [ __ ] one [ __ ] no matter what and don’t forget that before the anyway some of you are young and let me use that word and you have not been taught any history so most of the things you are talking you don’t even know what it is for me there was no difference between man and and somebody from our kiwi they were the same thing it was after the war that they started splitting and splitting and splitting and then they divide homes into two and one sides one time what the other side is the other side you know let me take a call call on straight line good morning tell us your name and where you’re calling from yes marzie good morning from here welcome to the program yes uh marzi today program is a wonderful program uh good morning dear friends good afternoon good night uh my name is judo caffo judo cafe is from ago agbo is in a numa is in biafra and anima is hundred percent evil speaking people marzi uh one thing i have to say about this issue about go with five state or whatever this data people are saying online everywhere in fact those people that are writing it they are not ipob members exactly and they are not they are not even biafrans i can say because if you are ipob member you have you know the manifesto of ipob ipob mean the indigenous people of biafra our main objective in ipob is to gather biafrans all over the world together including the biafrans in biafra land we are our aim objective is to gather our people wherever they are wherever they have been divided to put in in that confession that is the main aim of ipob and that’s why tukua biyama sent mahazin nandi kano to come and do to come and gather his children in the zoological republic of nigeria so that at the end all of us together we enter the promised land that chukwu obama has been has prepared for us but i see some people writing gold five states don’t those people they are not they are friends i will categorically tell you that 100 of those people they are not biafra’s they are either europa or bunny people that are writing those things and they are open they are opening the fake account and answering they do careful and putting your line so you are there jumping up and down let’s go with five states the people that are writing that thing is a fake account we are all turning to it now and putting comment go with five states leave this one don’t leave that one it’s a fake account nobody should be deceived with those things they are writing on first on social media if you’re an ipob you are a biafran you know your people you know your family you know your brothers and sisters and together we are all one people first of all dear friends i’m just going to give a brief history about the people and they are neoma because our history has been doctored and right written by a foreigner just like one man all the way from england came and discovered him a ninja he wrote a book that he discovered even ninja there were people living by the river band and what was that name today they said incapable of being bullies go and read the history we are old people and that is why you have a land in the canal that is called iguakeri today it’s called ibanke do you know the man called he do is uncommon he do is not a belly name where we write our history the night he do is not a beginning name the dew is an encampment that went across a river called october in the berkeley there is a place called the broglie nabo the man that found a bubble his name is called ao and awu is the father of hidu awu is related to a venus called igbogli he went across the river to fund autobahn an uber and that is why for 500 years they’ve been in empire fought with the cap warriors to claim our land econ was a big fast land 500 years the car people fought with the beginning empire after the beginning empire have conquered the jawline and another cosmetic ethnic group are made in their sleep but it can’t be refused to be a slept open empire and today somebody is writing and saying the icca is from benin you say lie we are igbo people and that is why they are as a whole from 87 percent of the importance go and read go and the first king of ecoland has four children four boys they were dumb and dumb in fact they left a command to sir john and they never came back they left with a basket on their head and today their name has been mortalized in the ego dynasty let people go and read histories they are normal people they are not from benin the inca people they are not from benin we are ego and that is why we answer the name that we answer we will never conquer people we are free people in the canaan in the new mexico we are ego you cannot go with five states without taking evil and normal people even during the war all the generals that fought with our legendary they are from a normal land if they don’t believe they are ego if they don’t believe that they are from benin they will not support our legendary to fight the war they know who they are and that’s why they fought with our nation to make sure biafra come to reality we are not going to let nobody write our history and that is why in the history we hear you do an upper wall and ask yourself why is he doing fighting over why when the war between he do and other because he do is not a man the other wanted to come to conquer induced territory the doom is a common there is no peniment calling to just like a village i told you khan above the man that formed that village is from ingrid his name is ao the khan people are equal people and that is why they have a land in the carolina that called iguacri which is a banker today and normal people are hundred percent evil we contributed 75 today called ebola see the evil will stand the western ego we are all in this struggle we are all in this struggle to liberate ourselves from the shackles of the dominican republic of the issue called nigeria let no man be deceived let no woman be deceived let not be afraid to not be deceived by what they are seeing on social media or what they are reading and people say there’s no history in the zoo do you know why they put on history because the history is lies they know that in the future we know we will find out the history that’s why they took it off from our from our curriculum in the school because all what is written there is lies upon lies midwest seat bender states a door and data i don’t care whatever state they are creating we are equal people we are biafrans we are ignobi and with the help of tsuko kika beyama biafra must come and we together must get to the promised land thank you so much bless you thank you sir thank you very much jesus you’re all right i have a call coming in on signal let me take this one uh call on signal tell us your name and where you’re calling from color and signal are you still there all right uh looks like uh all right call on signal good morning tell us your name and where you’re calling from thank you i thank you very much mr jack on the line good afternoon fellow girlfriends and lovers of freedom i just want to leave my voice this morning on this afternoon but say first of all i want to appreciate you dr peter for sending that warning that whosoever is coming on this platform with that argument of going with five five states should be shut down we are no longer going to toilet that anymore he to withstand this struggle you can just you may just do well to refrain from commenting on this particular issue the enemy cannot push us and tell us where to fall it is not possible if somebody that is in a year is telling you that he has a brother in nigeria and some of the other neighborhood country and he will be the translation away and other things because of his cousins in that place how much more our own brothers here somebody’s telling me i should come and go with with part of a part of part of this state and give our brothers it’s not it’s not gonna be it’s not to be entertaining again on any other platform so those of them online they can be happy they are happy for themselves we know ourselves and nobody have that power authority to speak for behavior only referendum will speak for every individual so having said that i want to go straight to the the so-called whether intelligentia or the so-called leaders political leaders and traditional rulers now we are coming to you because uh you people this group of people have been one of the major setbacks we are having in this in this quest from jafar restoration and we have come to the point where we will no longer tolerate anybody you see this is a freedom fighting we have no we are we have not yet endured democracy because we have no problem we have not yet restored our country when we restore our country we sit and decide already we have we have document that has the government will be conception go and search for this document you read it down you actually see that this system of government you actually give every set of people without ethnic or whatsoever it gives them the right to decide for themselves what they want not the central government deciding for them so at that level you’ll be able to bring any developmental project or whatever you want inside the effort nation it’s inclusiveness we are not one idiot we are the top deciding what will happen somewhere where the rule of law will be obeyed and intron to every and every nick an arrow not for sunset of people no nothing like that now some of these political leaders because they have seen themselves in one position of the other they are thinking there are decision makers for everybody but there is one thing they have refused to understand they only speak for themselves because first of all if you go to your village or your community for instance where i come from if the community or the village wants to make a decision on important things they will just call the thank you to someone everybody everybody will gather and yes or whosoever that is he is he’s leaving at that moment we have this issue what do we do what do you think he don’t take decision on our behalf without consulting the people it doesn’t happen so after deliberation people will set their minds so the leaders that are represented will not know what you have the people are thinking and from your collective suggestion they will not harmonize it and pursue that thing that the people have said is what they want not office order i’m a traditional ruler you gotta make a certain decision and say it is not coming to our australia everybody knows that also is never a governor never won a seat the unlike register is there the number of voters become more than the high neck register which you know is a fraud on his phone and they still went to the supreme court we are the presiding george there a brainpower who said his certificate was eaten by a tamar and where the register doesn’t care whatsoever evidence they have whatsoever every speech they have because he decided that they are going to change him and place somebody who will give them access to conquer emo state they brought us and because he was wondering for power he thought he can do everything why he where he came he said like one of our brothers said they use army and police and comfort everywhere sifu in the world and after that not for him to even seek the face of his people to work with them he continued to take instructions from abuja he remembered that also two times he’s only sitting governor now bump their state also they must continue to kill their youth until finally he killed econ and some other people who did not do anything to him because he thought he has acquired power now the people have to remind you that you are a human being you bleed and nobody put in that position the people do not put it there in the first place and since you want see one problem that problem that people will give you the problem because he that goes to equity must go with clear hams now having said that no matter he is playing now opposite him i can also anybody can never have peace anymore if you like you go anywhere like you can never have peace or i can never stick to this issue unless you run away because in the first place we are elected and will never allow you to have peace because he shall brought water to our land he will see what and the anything that is regulated by us he brought everybody today they are cleaning our people they are burning houses they are killing our youth they will flood they will just stop a bus or float everybody and pack them to who know where and that’s not in our people now this police cannot fix others we want to tell you one thing we know you’re entitled to your personal opinion but you see when it comes to this biafra restoration this pursuit you don’t have to you only have your opinion but the error of you going to television or they call it in abuja you go there and play for one nigeria we have come and gone that area will no longer exist if you do we will deal with you it is not a threat is the truth because you are sending us back you don’t speak for all of us it is this that will speak for us so when you go there you are pretty good so that whatever you say we must remain here or you say you are harassing whatsoever my dear will come after you because we no longer take that anymore when we have our when we have our fairy store inside biafra you can sell whatever thing you want when we set up our government our government will run according to the wish of the people not the dictates of one individual so let us let us be mindful because anything you do at this juncture will come after you have you wondered all the white flag people have been looking for a way to conquer everywhere and they said the only greatest strength they have is the understanding or is the unity between these people they constant south and they want the constant is because initially i have an issue they are new that is that was why they have to divide us not to make sure they penetrate but when they are seen that people are understanding they have to fear for what is about to happen therefore we will continue until every part of behavior will be complete and they will give us behavior if the like they should threat threatening up and down all of us will either die or we get this biafra thank you dr thank you very much thank you so much all right what i’ll do right now is i’m going to take a very short break and i’ll be buddy all right i have a call coming in on principal officers line good morning tell us your name and where you’re calling from good evening from kuala lumpur malaysia here welcome to the program thank you sir this is uh um i thank you for the job you are doing for beer for us this is always my special thanks to our screen leader mazel nam the camera and i’m happy this afternoon to hear from our brother pastor jack i know that you are recording very very well and you understand the situation and that you will grab here and i’ll continue to be with you and then hear you also the genuine ipop fighting to make sure that we have been removed from the dunk which we know from the day one will never be adopted do you see that um the narrative is fast changing like the second to the last caller um judo castle but he just put it the way it should be i also have come random sampling of what i’m observing happening online but it is obvious about um 90 or 80 percent of people talking about the five states or let’s go even we should go with five states speaking diaphragm from interland you know the so-called south east south is mainly they are not um from ipop and i have observed that even before our brother reiterated that it’s not most people you see talking about yeah let’s go because a lot of things happening you see some people writing some things they do not even understand the direction where the struggle have reached and where we are heading to there’s nothing like a five five states biafra is not we are known by provisions and even before the coming of a white man if you go to the map of 1903 and then you can see everything there and we are going out there we are going back to the old map you know the bike of biafra and we know where the bike of jaffa started and we know where our map started so anybody trying to come online to tell us we should do this we should do that they are not they are not let me just say they are not even ipop who are the leading pioneer of this struggle with the whole world not today so i will just say that our spring lead amazing number kind of with the work of ipop the job is done to understand and um and the other thing we should also be rejoicing some of us that know the direction where the struggle is going to because very very soon we are matching towards that final freedom and you can see it the freedom is beckoning the freedom bell is ringing everywhere and i could remember vividly few years or a few months if not years few months ago they keep on making no housing or their meeting they keep on giving all their oppresses saying that nigeria is indivisible better now from what is happening now they are no longer singing a song of invisibility of contraption now they know that nigeria is negotiable whether they like it or not they must come to a round table even if they fight at war even if they try to do anything they want to do dialogue must come to ram table and while that dialogue come they know fulani know what they are afraid of and it’s not only beerus and that are going to disintegrate from that contraption you can see the nation’s mind coming from our brethren from udunwan nation the zoo have lost it the zoo would not have a mistake they will hold on to as people that will answer at nigerian once this reverse blue referendum is coming between the soviets you see is knocking on the door while this referendum comes everybody will decide where they belong as in they will and god bless you sir this is radio biafra usa too we’re still taking calls here six four six nine two zero four five four one eight four five three four four seven nine eight four plus one nine two nine four zero six nine nine five three call us the line starts to open for you guys will have a room to take a few more calls before we call it a day all right i have a call coming in and what’s up call out what’s up good morning tell us your name and where you’re calling from oh wow unfortunately the line just dropped it’s on its own i didn’t touch it i didn’t do anything to it so stay tuned we are here call us call on signal tell us your name and where you’re calling from good morning from here hi peter good morning welcome to the program yesterday yesterday when people were making a section i mean suggestion and their contribution i was boiling in my mind but i tried to reach you out i couldn’t i said maybe that is one of those things yeah one day any day you call you get that’s your lucky day so glory be to god and my regard to our ipob members all over the world i’m the servant of the most high marcin nando kucal you know there’s one thing one most people didn’t understand about we ipob those people of the africa and our leader whom god sent he came to restore or saved the lost sheep lost sheep lost sheep of biafra which comprised both south south and southeast south house and we they lost sheep so anybody telling you about the five states of these things that person is in fact the other something in his brain maybe he’s not to lose a bit that need to be fixed how can people from monitoring mauritania child in egypt gather together and call themselves and then giving you other the owner of the land i’m telling you who is your brother who is not your brother how many people are where to go and where to go that people that are making that perception are not ipob members so we shouldn’t blow that issue on table because we know when we are and we are going with the whole of our brothers and sisters our leaders have always mentioned these things in in his past brokers that they divided us after the war yeah they divided after after they were just just those two despise their friends they just put confusion in our brothers and sisters the other is when they divided us it’s after the war they invited us so people keep calling samsung because he brought wisdom understanding open our mind and these who have destroyed us completely if not this not this this prophet this prophet of god these who have destroyed us completely they have destroyed us when i was in the zoo i told you i told you in this platform last time that i was even vlog beating for not accepting that discoveries this is the fallacies they teach us in school there what else but we become even more zombies hoping that we are going to school not that they are they are destroying our brain with lies and pharisees hiding the secrets destroying our mentality our brain look at how most of our people are behaving there in this today that the place is awesome it was not good for human development just for destroying souls so i thank god for for this time that that that elohim have mercy and remember his promises he met for our father and sent his servant to come and redeem us so nobody should come mention anything five five states we are not five states we know who we are and we are going with our brothers and sisters because that’s an ego that is why the following to see the tricks of the enemy to see the device of the ufos so enough of that trash that people are saying lastly i want to say hi peter no yesterday what pastor jack says i really i i am in support of what pastor jack said yesterday regarding to all these inflation foods this is governors you know i thought this is our last long dance seat at home that we did on 31st started 23 would open the eyes of all these morons governors in in the southeast at least for them to start counting their lose their tongue to candy attitude not knowing that they will see the gathering again in in in is eating or what talking trash again rubbish against us so on my own time i’ve reached because i’ve given these people enough time and they don’t they don’t want to repent it means that they they they are caused completely they want so far they are choosing to is he he is mind-boggling he’s enough of them all right this is radio biafra we’re still taking calls at 646.

9204541 i have time to take about one or two calls before i call it a day so call me and when you call please be very very generous make sure that you stay very long so that’s coming this is radio usa too all right i have a call coming in on straight line caller good morning tell us your name and where you’re calling from uh welcome to the program thank you very much i appreciate your question our leader and i appreciate it okay what’s up with that line let’s see you’re lying well enough but you’re still on air anyway i don’t know what is happening over there all right the call ended itself let me take another call and um principal officer’s line caller good morning tell us your name and where you’re calling from column principal office line are you there the line is am i coming out so can i go on now sir your line is open you are talking to the world go ahead sir thank you very much mazzy as good afternoon my name is desmond and i’m calling you from italy amazing quickly let me let me first of all give out our numbers here in italy for the support of esn you know and the air france as we all know that where we are now is to secure our land so for the air france in italy please and please would you urge you to call these numbers these numbers are from the ipob national party signed by the ipob national coordinator in italy and then this is for support of esn and the numbers are plus three nine three five one zero zero four six zero five five i repeat plus three nine three five one zero zero four six zero five five this number is for the ipob national coordinator in italy and the second number is plus three nine three five one two five five one two seven four i repeat plus three nine three five one two five five one two seven four this number is for the ipob nation apiaro in italy please any of the number you call and you’ll be directed on how to support esn is very very important at the stage of our struggle now del mars that you analysis is happening i want to appreciate you for the good work i didn’t say i could ask it’s not easy then i want to just point out something i noticed you know mazzy your friends are wonderful people you understand yes we are friends are wonderful people why did i say that you see our people don’t really care the rubbish some people are writing on facebook about first it why most of our people are calling and pinpointing about that particular topic or subject should i call it like that is because of khilichi that said yesterday that he’s stuck in his mind that is why people are very angry our people are not really angry about people writing nonsense on facebook or what the rubbish government is saying they are not they don’t care it’s because of glitch because they know that kelechi is one of us you know here he’s one of us and and i think he’s very familiar because he has been calling and making contributions that’s our people that’s what i see their fans are really wonderful people you see there is no how i keep saying it that we can leave any part or any inch of jaffa land to anybody it’s not something we can contest a referendum we decide but if they know how to bring up referendum then we’ll take our territorial control that is all that is it i mean that anyway they know so let me not dwell on that but i just want to say before i wonderful and i want to prepare something about security in our land i want our people to observe that this annihilation this genocide is not only going on gone it’s not only going on the way the military are shooting our people clean our youths um in our land they should understand there are some form of accidents that has been happening our land and that are involved with all these trailers some and some of all these players that are going on in our land i think these accidents are intentional because when you look at the acid skin one happen you know i think it’s about three just within an interval of two weeks we had about three of it like that and many people died if you calculate people that have died in that 3000 that they are almost more than 50.

you know and if you if you if you look the drivers of those trailers there is no account about them whether they escape or they die we don’t always know so people that are driving commercial buses along the whole ways of the africa because we don’t have good voice in our place so people become and why is this accident happening at this time you know so people that are driving commercial buses when you see these trailers coming from far please and please be careful and don’t go close to them very very well it’s very very important uh people must understand that these people driving these stairs are janja weed and they are intentionally using those trailers to cause accidents to kill our people that is what i observe and i have been wanting to say this you know since then last week but i have not been able to call any of the platforms you know but i’m happy that i’m saying it so people driving bus across the whole of the africa and even people using private and when you see all these they are trailers coming from afar please and please try to dodge them try not to close to them try to give them a lot of distance because these people they intentionally cause accidents they intentionally caused us them to kill our people that is what that is what i want to say this afternoon and god bless you for your good work thank you there is no your friends in thank you very much all right thank you so much this is radio biafra let’s see what time we have now we have uh we don’t have enough time to take any more calls at this time so i have to shut down all the phone lines and wait for another day tomorrow to be together again all right so we have uh actually done done with our conversation today unfortunately somebody’s still calling but i can’t i’m sorry i can’t take any more calls can pass any information that you actually if it’s something very important that you require just uh tune in to marzia laws here also be able to answer most of your questions that i know i’m guaranteed so this is radio biafra what we’re saying to you is keep doing what you’re doing because with that ipob our i don’t know what we could have done without myself coming up at the time that he came up you know there are people out there who are saying oh you know somebody even yesterday in nigeria was like the person ran away to london it’s not in nigeria at this time and these are the nigerians yeah you know they they obeyed the order about they sit at home because people were threatened they allah said hey why are you fooling yourself why are you lied to yourself the truth is that whether you accept it or you don’t accept it does not really matter to us i’m only saying don’t castigate anybody who does not want to adhere to what we are doing because eventually they have no choice one of our brothers who called from washington washington this morning was telling me about the one in nigeria who said that now he started listening to most of them don’t even listen to the radio that is the point but i bet you any day they decide and they sit down and listen to the radio you’ll discover that they they make the best disciples i’m telling you the truth because when they believe in things like that not because somebody forced them into it because they listen they get convinced in their spirit and they remain with us i am going to call this an end today but don’t forget we still have to remind you that biafra for us is our religion and radio biafra is where we worship we take all the knowledge here the knowledge here is something you cannot find in law books you cannot find them in history books but you have to listen to radiographer to be part of what we’re doing from me to you see you again tomorrow that’s really.