Horimiya Live Action Episode 4 Eng Sub

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Hey, I heard Miyamura cut his hair. Seriously? I wanna see! -Come on, let’s take a peek! Hey, Miyamura. Do you have time? Miyamura, why’d you cut your hair? Well, uhh… Just because…

00:15 - You look way cooler without glasses! You have piercing holes too! That’s amazing! Can we get a photo with you? Me too! This is good! This looks good! You’re so cool! Please look over here.

00:31 - You’ve got a nice complexion. Thank you so much! Bye-bye! See you later.

00:43 - Don’t worry, Hori. This won’t last long. Give me more angles! More! Alright, smile! Smile! That’s it! Good! Let’s get going.

01:00 - Look here! Subtitles by FURRITSUBS Visit: LJ account- furritsubs. livejournal. com Twitter- @furritsubs // FB: Furritsu Kuromatsu Send me coffee through ko-fi. com/furritsubs HORIMIYA Kono? Hey, are you okay? I’m sorry.

01:58 - Not at all! I’m the one who ran into you. Are you okay? Thank you.

02:03 - If it’s fine with you, you can use my jersey.

02:06 - What? For once, you can’t go home looking like that, right? Oh, but it might be too big for you.

02:14 - N-No! It’ll fit well. Thank you. Alright, wait there for a bit.

02:27 - Alright, that’s good. Okay! What’s up? Something happened? Nothing, just a LINE message from Shindo.

02:49 - A friend from middle school? Yeah. He’s saying he’s in front of my house right now.

02:56 - Seems like he won a prize online. H wants to share what he got with me.

03:01 - What about? 1 year’s worth of… candies? Oh, no! The Miyamura I once knew is now long gone I’m not doing this for you, in the first place! I see.

03:24 - You already belong to Hori, right? Hi, my name is Shindo.

03:31 - I heard a lot about you from Miyamura. Nice to meet you.

03:35 - Wait, what did you tell him about me? Oh, it’s nothing much really.

03:39 - What? No, uhh… But really though, what are we supposed to do with this much? What’s in here? Candies.

03:48 - It only has weird flavors in it. That’s not true.

03:52 - Chili pepper? -Yep, chili pepper. Wasabi? -Wasabi. Good flavors, right? Squid ink? -Yeah, squid ink.

04:00 - Cheese. Speaking of cheese, don’t you dislike this flavor? What? Dislike? Dislike.

04:14 - What? -What do you mean? What now? Cheese.

04:17 - I hate cheese. Cheese~ I hate cheese! Cheese~ Cheese~ No, no. I can’t. I can’t eat cheese! Say “ahh”~ Is it good? Of course, not! My stomach’s starting to ache.

04:41 - Toilet. I need to go to the toilet! Have a good trip.

04:53 - The poor thing. This is disgusting.

05:08 - What flavor? Clay. [T/N: YOU SNEAKY BRAT! HELP MY SOUL!] Hey, good morning.

05:29 - Morning! What’s that? She gave these as thanks for the jersey she borrowed.

05:40 - Oh, from Kono? Like some? Or not? I can’t finish these off on my own.

05:49 - Oh, but if it were steak, I wouldn’t have a problem gobbling it all up.

05:53 - I’m fine. She gave that to you. You helped her out in wiping the stain, too.

05:59 - That’s true, but… It’s delicious.

06:09 - Alright, I’ll have some. Yeah. Really? Kono said something like that? Yeah, I heard if directly from her.

06:51 - Doesn’t that mean she likes Toru already? You think so? The person in question doesn’t realize it yet.

06:59 - Yuki, you knew already? Well… But, if ever Sakura confesses, do you think Ishikawa would go out with her? Why do you ask? They recently just got acquainted. It hasn’t been that long ye.

07:14 - We wouldn’t really know. Timing is also important.

07:18 - I see. Sorry, guys. I better get going. Bye! Okay, bye…

08:25 - I somehow understand where Yuki is coming. You don’t want people to notice, so you try your best to hide it.

08:36 - The truth is, you don’t want to let it all go. But, you can’t say a thing.

08:42 - So you’d say, “the more you start liking something, the more you want to get away. ” In the end, it’s just you that is running away from yourself.

08:55 - What you mean to say is… She’s probably…

09:05 - Why now? That’s expected in that kind of situation.

09:24 - [T/N: We all need a Miyamura in our life] Miyamura, you act oppositely…

09:51 -… because you won’t make a move in this kind of moment.

09:56 - Huh? What do you mean by that? “What”, you ask… ? Should I do something? Hey! We’re back.

10:26 - I forgot to bring my wallet. What’s this about? Were you in “that” mood? [T/N: THE DAD IS MAKING ME SQUEAL!] Well, uhh…

10:59 - Alright. Cake? Yeah. A very delicious cake that someone like me who wasn’t made one before can be able to do.

11:21 - Alright, let’s see here. Well… How about this one? As long as you follow the recipe, I believe you’ll be able to create a delicious one.

11:44 - Is that the… cupcake? Well, should we try it out and see? Oh, there you are! What’s this? Singling me out? -Hey, don’t come near! What’s the big deal? What’s in there? Is this… ? -No, that’s… ! Give it back! Sorry.

12:12 - Hey, wait! Tastes bad. I said don’t eat it.

12:26 - Well, I’ll forward to the next ones. I’m expecting too.

12:33 - Me too! Can’t be helped. Leave it to me! It’s actually good, right? So bad.

12:57 - Here’s the team division submission table for the athletic meet.

13:03 - So… wasn’t it supposed to take place here? This is the place.

13:09 - Everytime the classes submit their submissions class by class, I feel like a nightmare is trailing after me.

13:15 - Sengoku is extremely bad at sports. At this rate, this abomination will expose me! It’ll be okay. Each and everyone has something that they’re not that good at! That’s right.

13:29 - Is there something that Miyamura doesn’t like? I think… horror films? But, he gets scared out of his wits and I on the other hand love watching it.

13:39 - Don’t tell me your letting him see you’re enjoying it? Is it bad? I actually love it.

13:45 - That might turn-off Miyamura. Yeah, it might be better if you acted a bit scared.

13:52 - If not, it’s not making you look cute. I wonder if they’ll laugh at me if they see me so out of it.

13:59 - It’ll be fine. Doesn’t make me look cute… huh? It’ll fall off. It’s impossible.

14:19 - You laughed a lot! -I did. That was messed up.

14:25 - Miyamura? It is you! How’re you doing? Ohhh, your mood has changed quite a lot, huh? Tanihara, you and the others too— Getting my name called by you gives it a disgusting feeling.

14:42 - What? Feeling like a big shot now that you’re in highschool? Hey! Shouldn’t you say something when someone’s talking to you? That’s enough. He’s no fun.

14:57 - Leave him. Ahhh! Sca… That’s scary! I’m scared! It’s scary! It’s so scare, right? I’m scared.

15:22 - Ahh! I’m coming in. Today, we’re watching “Kokeshita Yayako,” 25th series.

16:17 - I-I’m scared! That one almost had me.

16:25 - True. S-So scary! I can’t watch this all alone.

17:04 - I didn’t… Sorry. Leave me alone for a bit.

17:17 - No way. I look so lame! Thanks for waiting.

17:45 - Oh? Hori? I know I’m not cute.

18:14 - You’re girly than I am. That actually hurts.

18:21 - I don’t get scared easily. I want to be a normal girl like Ayasaki.

18:31 - I can’t even act cute. I can’t force it.

18:39 - Were the actions that you showed earlier…

18:43 - You mustered your best to do it? Don’t ask me, you idiot! I’m sorry for not noticing.

19:00 - Why are you even apologizing? Don’t look at me, you idiot! You’re the idiot.

19:18 - The one I like isn’t an ordinary girl… … it’s what makes you “you”.

19:33 - Alright? Finish the movie with me. You’re okay with it? Even with the grotesque splatter? I’d be happy to.

20:00 - It’s started to rain. Right. I also love you just the way you are.

20:39 - What’s wrong? Listening to the beating of your heart.

20:53 - Your ears are cold. Must be because of the rain? That may be it.

21:14 - I can’t go home if the rain doesn’t stop. I’m coming in.

22:44 - Hey… do you hate me now? Why do you ask? Because… you’re always just playing with me.

22:58 - Is my big sister… no longer my big sister? Your bis sister is your sister, Sota.

23:10 - How about you? I will also remain as your big brother.

23:20 - Really? Yeah. I won’t take your big sister from you, but…

23:30 - Will you give me Kyouko? [T/N: PLEASE I’M CRYING! HELP ME GET THROUGH THIS!] Subtitles by FURRITSUBS Visit: LJ account- furritsubs. livejournal. com Twitter- @furritsubs // FB: Furritsu Kuromatsu Send me coffee through ko-fi. com/furritsubs [T/N: I CAN’T RECOVER FROM THIS EPISODE!].