Taste the world: we try Jamaican snacks!

Jun 16, 2021 16:00 · 3514 words · 17 minute read

(K) You ready? (S) Hi I’m Steph. (K) Hi I’m Kim.

00:07 - (S) And today on ‘Taste The World’ we are trying Jamaican snacks.

00:11 - (K) Yes. (S) Special thanks to IslandTwistJa from Etsy who curated this precious box for us.

00:20 - (K) Yes. Snacks. Snacks. Duh duh dah dun dun.

00:28 - (S) So. (K) Okay. Cool. (S) One, two, three, ten.

00:30 - We’ve got ten snacks here. (K) (laughing) You don’t count fast.

00:34 - She counted before. (K) She counted before.

00:37 - Don’t pretend. (S) Shhhh. Don’t tell my secrets.

00:39 - (K) Oh that is not a secret. I think anybody that’s watched enough of this would know.

00:42 - (K) Do we wanna close our eyes and just like randomly grab one… (K) …and that’s what we go with? I mean I don’t feel like that really does value.

00:48 - (S) (laughs) (K) I don’t really think it matters because we know where they’re all placed.

00:53 - (S) Yeah. (K) So. (S) Okay. (K) I’m gonna go with Bigfoot first.

00:56 - I mean… (S) What did you call me? (K) That, I would never describe you as.

01:00 - (S) All right. (K) Bigfoot! What you got? (S) You know I’m gonna have sweets first because I really like savory.

01:08 - (K) Okay. (S) I’ll go with the one thing I know I probably might not like because it’s vanilla, but hey… (K) It’s just a basic cookie.

01:17 - (K) Okay sorry. (S) All right then.

01:20 - (K) Cool. I’ll go ahead and show mine so…then we get to it.

01:23 - (K) Mine is this. (S) Vanilla sandwich cookies.

01:26 - (K) Bigfoot. (S) Cream filled cookies.

01:30 - Is that common in Jamaica? (S) Because this is cream filled. (x3) Is it. .

01:36 - (K) Isn’t that just like…Is it? No gross.

01:40 - That’s just a common cookie element though. (S) Have a look.

01:45 - Pretty. (K) (yawns) Sorry I’m a little tired.

01:50 - Not – won’t be in a second with all the sugar.

01:53 - (S) Ready? Oh. (K) (laughs) I wasn’t sure what you were going for there.

01:59 - Oh, crumbly. (S) Mmmm. (K) Not bad.

02:10 - It’s a little dry. (S) I’ll take it back.

02:12 - I like this. (K) It’s a little dry.

02:16 - (S) Mmm. (K) (coughs) (S) She’s right.

02:19 - It’s a basic vanilla sandwich cookie… (S) …with the cream filling.

02:22 - It’s very nice. (K) That’s where the vanilla is I think the cookie is mostly just like a butter cookie… (K) … but it’s dry almost like a Ritz in the sense of like texture.

02:33 - (K) I would say it’s a good dipping cookie like good to dip in like a coffee… (K) …or if you like Kool-aid or something like that.

02:38 - (S) See…we always forget. We should make some tea whenever we want to do this.

02:44 - (S) So…tea and coffee. (S) All right.

02:47 - (S) I would give this whopping 8. (K) 6… (K)… for me.

02:56 - What? I’ve had better vanilla cookies.

02:59 - It’s not bad. Okay here. (gasps) (S) It is very, very orange. (K) (gasps) (S) Ha. HaHa.

03:08 - Awh this is so cute it’s actually Bigfoot. (K) It does say.

03:14 - The package which I don’t know if you saw it when I shared earlier… (K) …But it says the giant size cheese snack.

03:20 - Soo…high foot? (K) Oh I’m here for this.

03:33 - (S) Mmm. (K) Ohh. Mmm hmm. Mmm.

03:40 - (S) Whoa. (K) Well it’s got spices in it.

03:43 - So it’s not just like a cheese cracker. (K) It’s got a little bit of, it says like paprika and stuff in it.

03:48 - (K) Spices, paprika. It’s good I like this.

03:53 - This is really good. (S) There’s a tiny bit of sour which I really like and then it’s got the slight spice from paprika… (S) …but it’s generally cheesy savory.

04:04 - Very nice and crispy, crunchy. (K) It’s like Cheeto Puffs.

04:09 - (S) Oh yeah yeah. (K) Like it has that texture.

04:12 - But the flavor is not that. (K) It definitely has like a smokiness… because I mean the paprika and other spices.

04:20 - It has like a smokiness to it. (K) I wouldn’t really say heat but it has a flavor that you associate with heat… (K) …like barbecues and stuff.

04:28 - It just isn’t lacking that. (K) But that’s probably where the paprika comes from.

04:32 - It’s really good. (S) 9 for me. (K) Yeah me too.

04:35 - We’ll finish these for sure today. Here you go.

04:40 - (K) It just says panda’s speech. So it’s a spiced bun.

04:45 - I’ll likely like this. (K) I do like spice cakes and stuff.

04:49 - Spice bun! (K) Why are you making that face? Explain to everyone.

04:54 - (S) I don’t like spice…buns. Cakes.

04:59 - (K) You don’t like spice cakes like coffee cakes things like that.

05:02 - (S) Can I smell? (K) Ya. (S) It looks very dense.

05:05 - (K) It smells good to me because I actually, this is one of my favorites.

05:10 - I like spiced stuff. (S) Show it. (K) Okay.

05:16 - (S) Break bread. Whoa. (K) It’s quite dense.

05:21 - (S) Wow. (K) It is quite dense. (K) It’s very dense.

05:38 - (S) I really don’t like spice cake. It’s just a personal preference.

05:46 - (S) Not that the cake is bad. Well I don’t know, I just don’t like… (K) It’s very mild.

05:56 - Like the spice. What is strong is the…I think ginger? Nutmeg.

06:03 - (K) The nutmeg is strong. But any like cinnamon or anything like that is very mild… (K) …so you get the nutmeg which gives you that like cleanliness kind of like… (K) Nutmeg just the texture or the flavor of nutmeg in and of itself for me has this almost like… (K) I don’t want to say chemical but because I actually quite like nutmeg… (K) …But it does this thing to your mouth where it has like a cooling effect on it… (K) And so that is quite strong like you eat this it’s very dense but also weirdly lightened flavor (K) … because the nutmeg.

06:35 - I don’t dislike it. I will eat it but it needs something.

06:40 - (K) To me this is like a 7. I like it better than the vanilla cookie.

06:48 - What about you? (S) 3. (K) Yeah.

06:50 - I mean I’m not surprised by that. (S) Ummm…Corn Curls.

06:55 - (K) Are they cheesy or is that one just corn? (S) It’s corny.

07:01 - (K) Yeah. As was that. (S) (laughs) (S) Oh.

07:08 - It’s cheese puffs. (K) Did it say cheese? (S) It says corn curls.

07:15 - (K) But I meant is there any cheese stuff on the back? (S) Cheese seasoning.

07:19 - (K) Oh. Yep. Nope…there’s no milk in this.

07:23 - (S) Take it. (K) Okay. No milk products.

07:25 - Oh okay okay quick question. What is this called again? (S) Corn Puffs.

07:30 - (K) No. That is not what it’s called.

07:32 - (S) Corn Curls. (K) That is not a curl.

07:37 - That is a, that is a line. This - and all of them are.

07:40 - Look at this. (K) This is some false advertising.

07:43 - (S) All right. Whatever. It’s by Cutters and this expired October 6, 2020.

07:51 - (K) Sweet. We’re eating expired food.

07:54 - (S) Expired non-milk cheese that are current curls but not puffs.

08:03 - (S) Alright. There’s no taste to this.

08:06 - (K) No. (S) Maybe like a 2. These are expired though guys.

08:12 - (K) Yeah, they don’t taste expired who knows.

08:15 - That tastes like a beer snack. (K) It’s so like insignificant of flavor you would just like pound them back with a beer.

08:21 - (S) (sings) You’re so insignificant. (K) I didn’t mean it that way it came across that way but yeah.

08:27 - (S) Watch yourself. (K) I don’t think they’re horrible so I think they’re like a 5.

08:31 - (K) I don’t think they’re horrible they’re just… (K) All right we’ll start with mine.

08:35 - (S) Tiki. (K) So this is a coated wafer with peanut cream filling.

08:40 - (K) Tiki is the bran…oh no Charles Chocolates is the brand I guess it’s just…whatever, Tiki.

08:47 - (S) And mine is a coated wafer with strawberry cream filling.

08:51 - (K) (sings) Strawberries and cream. Yep.

09:00 - (S) It’s got that pokey… pocky? Pocky strawberry smell.

09:06 - (K) Artificial? Oh yes that smells like chemicals.

09:15 - (S) Look on the inside. I don’t particularly mind it.

09:21 - (K) If you like fake strawberry you’ll like it fine I don’t like it at all.

09:25 - (S) I like that it’s not very sweet. The strawberry is actually really mild.

09:30 - (S) And it’s nice wafer, cream chocolate, cream, milk chocolate on the outside which I like.

09:37 - (K) I disagree with like literally everything you said.

09:40 - I think it’s very sweet. (K) I think the strawberry flavor is very strong.

09:45 - (K) But it is a wafer and it is milk chocolate on the outside…but what? (S) (mouth full talking) I took a second bite I don’t mind it.

09:55 - I’ll give this a 7. (K) It’s like a 4.

09:59 - I do not like it. (S) Oh I have to eat it right.

10:13 - (K) Now this one… the peanuts quite mild. (S) Why do I feel like I’m eating a protein bar when I eat this? (K) It kind of has that kind of flavor, I think, well most protein bars use like… (S) Whey protein.

10:29 - (K) Yeah because the wafers have that like um protein powder flavor in general I find.

10:33 - (K) And then the peanuts very mild but most peanut is used in a lot of like protein bars and stuff… (K) …because it’s just it’s its own protein it’s got a high protein content.

10:42 - (K) We can say protein a lot right now. I think it tastes fine though I like it better than that one.

10:48 - (S) You like it butter than that one? (laughs) (K) I hate it.

10:55 - (S) Oh she took a second bite. We very rarely take second bites in our videos.

11:01 - (K) This one is, but it’s still only like a 5 for me.

11:04 - It’s only okay. (S) Okay I’ll give it a 5.

11:09 - “It’s a little okay”. (S) Cheeze Stiks.

11:13 - “Baked never fried” it says. (S) Zzz Zzz (K) This is, are those made with corn too? (S) Don’t know.

11:21 - (S&K) Cornmeal. (K) So it seems most of their stuff is corn based which is not bad thing.

11:30 - (S) Oh it’s like Cheetos. (K) It looks just like Cheetos.

11:38 - (S) Cheetos. (S) Biiing! (K) Smells like Cheetos.

11:44 - (S) On guard! (S&K) (sword fight light saber noises) (S) (mouth full) Tastes like Cheetos.

11:57 - (K) I like them better than Cheetos actually.

12:00 - These are good. (S) (mouth full) What could go wrong with cheese stiks.

12:09 - (S) I will give you a solid 8. 5 (K) Sure. They’re good.

12:15 - I still like the Bigfoot better. (K) But they have a different flavor than these.

12:20 - (S) Only if the shoe fits hun (laughs) (K) I hate it.

12:27 - I hate it. But these are good. These are really good we’ll finish these for sure.

12:33 - (K) So this one is called Auntie Mama’s Peanut Cake.

12:36 - It only has four ingredients. (K) Five ingredients, math is good.

12:41 - Peanuts #1 Sugar #2 (K) Corn syrup also known as another sugar.

12:46 - #3 Molasses also known as another sugar… (K) …so you got basically peanuts and three versions of sugar and then spices.

12:54 - (K) It looks, it basically looks like peanut brittle kinda.

12:58 - (S) It also says distributed by Scarborough Ontario.

13:01 - I was actually wondering… (S) …because even though it says it’s Kingston, Jamaica they delivered the next day.

13:08 - (S) I was like, you must live here. (K) Oh this… (S) Oh oh… (K) Oh I don’t like this.

13:16 - You can see the sugar. You can see the peanut and sugar is going to be sweet.

13:20 - (K) I mean with sugar, corn syrup and molasses you know it’s going to be sweet.

13:25 - Ready? (S) Hmm. (K) It’s got like ginger in it.

13:39 - (S) There is a Chinese dessert, a Chinese peanut bar, it tastes very similar… (S) …although I’m very surprised that the amount of sugar or molasses that’s in here… (S) …I kind of, I don’t think it’s that sweet.

13:55 - Although I have had a lot of chocolate. (K) (coughing) (S) You good? (K) I guess.

14:02 - Sugar went down the wrong way. (S) You dying? (K) No.

14:06 - (S) You alright there sugar? (laughs) (K) It tastes sweet but you’re right I expected it to be like sickly sweet.

14:19 - (K) Like where you immediately felt it on your teeth.

14:22 - It’s not bad. (S) I like this quite a bit.

14:25 - (K) The spices it definitely has like ginger or something like that in it… (K) …because it helps dampen the sugar flavor.

14:35 - (K) I know what you’re talking about that Chinese dessert I’ve had that before.

14:40 - (K) It does taste similar. (S) Like I’m the Chinese dessert? (K) No.

14:46 - (S) Auntie Mama…I like it. (K) It’s very good.

14:50 - (S) I’m gonna say an 8? (K) Mmhmm. I’ll finish that.

14:56 - Not in the day. (K) Zoomers. Crunchy, cheese flavored wheels.

15:02 - Zoom zoom on the wheels go speedy speedy. (K) Also corn.

15:11 - They smell like cheese though. (K) If you can see we’ll show you obviously, but these are neon orange.

15:18 - (S) These all seem to be pretty neon orange.

15:21 - (K) Mmhmm. (S&K) (making driving noises) (S) They’re wheels.

15:24 - (K) Oh yeah okay yeah that’s what I was doing.

15:26 - (K) Oh I thought you were doing like a steering wheel.

15:28 - (S) (driving noises) (K) Here ready? Zoom.

15:31 - (S&K) Zoom. (K) That was really lame.

15:34 - (S) Okay. (K) Yeah. (S) Nom.

15:38 - (K) Mmm. Okay. This is what you need to learn from.

15:49 - Let’s have a talk. (K) Puffed corn and cheese.

15:54 - This one has to have milk. This one has milk.

15:57 - (K) This is what happens when you’re only chemicals.

16:00 - This is a good one. (K) This one can go somewhere else.

16:05 - These are good. (K) These definitely taste like cheese puffs.

16:08 - These are really good. (S) Are they really good? (K) Yeah, I like these.

16:13 - (S) I think Kim is a little bit offended by the other one.

16:17 - (K) Contradictory named. Name contradicts itself.

16:22 - It’s shameful. (K) The cheese product is, I mean you should have known when it said… (K) …cheese seasoning.

16:30 - No milk. As someone that is lactose intolerant… (K) …Yes, all the regrets after this video.

16:39 - I want some milk in my cheese. (K) Like what’s the point if you’re gonna go through that and not have any milk.

16:44 - (K) So yes, am I upset about those? Obviously.

16:51 - These I am not upset about. (K) I ain’t mad at these.

16:53 - These are good. These are very tasty You want another one? (S) No.

16:59 - (K) Did you enjoy my rant? (S) No it was boring.

17:01 - (K) It was not boring. Don’t be rude.

17:04 - (S) Fine. Her rant is justified, okay? Now we rank this, I don’t know you go first.

17:09 - (K) This is an 8 for sure. These are tasty.

17:13 - (S) Ok, I will give it an 8 for sure. (K) Are you just copying me? (S) Yeah.

17:17 - (K) Why? (S) Because. (K) Rude.

17:21 - Those are good. (S) Banana chips. (K) Plantains, right? Oh, it says green banana, plantains.

17:31 - I don’t know why they call them… (S) Gluten free, no cholesterol, no msg and no trans fat.

17:36 - (S) St. Mary’s since 1929. That’s very expired.

17:45 - (S) I have very high hopes for this by the way.

17:47 - (K) Yeah it’s just deep fried plantain right? With salt.

17:50 - As it says. (S) Green banana, sunflower oil, and or palm oil, sea salt and onion.

18:00 - (S) Did I already show you? I will show you.

18:03 - (K) I was just like, I don’t know. (K) Plantain chips are something Steph and I like a lot.

18:11 - (K) So we get them often. They’re good snack.

18:14 - (S) Banana! (K) Oh these are quite thin.

18:17 - (S) Banana! (S) (sings) It tastes like plantain chips.

18:25 - (K) Yep. They’re good. I wonder if there are other flavors.

18:33 - (K) Oh wait, these are actual green bananas not plantains, but they taste like plantains.

18:39 - (K) Same same to me. (S) I feel like the Jamaicans might be a bit offended by what you just said.

18:44 - (K) No from a flavor perspective they’re very similar.

18:47 - (S) No. I like them. I wish they had more salt.

18:51 - (K) Oh I think they actually are quite salty.

18:53 - I wish they had spice to them. (K) Like some paprika or something on them.

18:57 - (K) But from the perspective of what they are it’s just deep fried green bananas… (K) …and, so oil, salt and they said a little onion.

19:04 - I don’t really taste the onion though. (S) I would say…I apologize 6. 5 (K) I’ll say 7.

19:13 - I mean they’re good. I would still take that over a plain potato chip any day.

19:18 - (S) So which one do you think you like best? (S) I think I quite like the Bigfoot.

19:23 - The very first one. (K) I think I’m torn between…mm. . Auntie… (S) (sings) Torn between two lovers.

19:31 - (S) Don’t know the next line. (K) No. I’m not! (K) I’m torn between Bigfoot and Auntie Mama.

19:37 - (K) But one’s savory, one’s sweet so I feel like I can claim both.

19:41 - (S) Okay. I think I don’t like the spice cake.

19:46 - Personal preference nothing against the cake.

19:49 - (K) My least is the strawberry wafer. (S) (giggles) Actually I liked the strawberry for quite a bit, but oh good.

19:55 - (S) Anywho. (K) Anywho. (S) Again thank you to IslandTwistJa.

20:02 - (K) Yes for the curation of the box. These are tasty.

20:07 - (K) Let us know of any other Jamaican snacks.

20:10 - I know there’s so many out there. (K) I actually expected to see some more stuff with like tamarind and stuff… (K) …so I was surprised there’s none of that in here but yeah comment below.

20:20 - (K) Tell us which ones, I don’t know why I always do this… (K) …like I’m actually pointing below.

20:25 - But yes, please comment… . (K) …tell us what your favorite Jamaican snacks are if there’s anything that we didn’t cover here… (K) …which I’m sure there’s got to be a lot.

20:35 - (S) We will put the link to the Etsy page in our description section below.

20:40 - (K) Yes. (S) And yeah, that was all for Jamaican snacks today.

20:46 - (K) They’re very tasty. Jamaican food.

20:51 - (S) Oh my gosh I would love to try some Jamaican food-food that’s not patties.

20:56 - (K) Saltfish and ackee. Ooohhh. Now I’m hungry.

21:01 - More hungry. Good times. (S) In the meantime, what’s my line? (K) I don’t know.

21:09 - (S) Be intentional for food. (K) Yeah it doesn’t make any sense.

21:12 - (S) It does. (K) It really doesn’t.

21:13 - (S) It really does. (K) It really doesn’t.

21:14 - (S) Okay, goodbye. (K) Bye. .