Resident Evil VILLAGE Gameplay Walkthrough Part 24 - Rosemary Winters ( E N D I N G )

Jul 15, 2021 10:30 · 1386 words · 7 minute read

Show me your hands. Umbrellas, this is Alpha. Where is Miranda right now? Whatever she’s doing, she’s staying put. Goddamn. It really is you. I’m glad you saved Mia. Why are you here? I was caught in Houston experiments. Wait, did you say Mia? Mia Winters.

00:43 - In the flesh. What’s the situation up there? Kind of a war. Nothing we can’t handle. Don’t get distracted. Stick to the mission. I’m headed to the ceremony site. Wait, You can’t leave me here. You promised, damn it. You said that you would keep us safe. We did everything that you asked. We moved over here everything. And I didn’t care. So long as we were together. So you tell me, where is my husband? Where is my daughter? Anthony. Is gone.

01:25 - I couldn’t save him but I can save Rose. It’s not safe here after all. What do you mean he’s gone? I’m sorry, Mia but we have to leave. We have to destroy this village. No, you’re wrong.

01:58 - I tried to keep this a secret but You don’t understand how special he is.

02:21 - This is the part I love in this game. The whole story uncovered itself. What’s going on? There.

02:43 - It’s called once did I get here? Freeze it.

03:06 - **** My body. Uh huh. Me if you hear you.

03:38 - Dead. I mean, Miranda. No. I still have to save Rosemary.

03:52 - It wasn’t Miranda. Are always dead. What are you saying? I can still ugh See? Miranda doesn’t kill you.

04:14 - You mean you didn’t think it was weird? How much you got hurt.

04:32 - 3 years ago. Were murdered by 3 years ago.

04:54 - No way. You shouldn’t even be able to walk around. Who is messing with my head? Shouldn’t be Screw you.

05:23 - It did all that. I Now, do you get it? Your whole body is nothing but mold.

06:01 - See your family again. Familiar. No. Rosemary.

06:21 - My daughter. I will. Stable. At last, he awakes. Where am I? I can’t You are having a nightmare.

07:22 - Duke, your battle with Heisenberg was a sight to see but to think Miranda would show herself. How long have I been out? Not long till dawn. I need a favor. Take me to Miranda. I assume this much and I’m already on the way. We should arrive shortly.

07:52 - But Ethan, are you sure of this? Your body is well.

07:57 - Falling apart. Yes. Foolish outfit **** Speaking of foolish questions, who? What are you? Even I can’t quite answer that.

08:24 - And I owe you one. Mister Winters, I’m afraid you can’t return to your old world any longer. Are you ready? Yeah.

08:47 - Alright. Ladies and gentleman, so we are finally here.

09:02 - And this is the ceremony site. Anything. My some magnum shells Explosive rounds. Snipers. I don’t have shotgun.

09:42 - Preparation is more important now than ever before. You alright, buddy? Because of all this commotion, I’ve lost an entire territory to transact in.

10:06 - Say god y’all. I’m gonna keep and take coin. Whole the assemblage of life and machine. I can feel Lord Heisenberg’s essence through it.

10:29 - I need to see my inventory. I have I have magnum. I have salt. This is short gun. I have this. Alright. So, shortgun ammo. Sniper. Weapons and items.

11:10 - Lash bang I think it won’t work on a hell.

11:27 - This may be our last meeting. Be sure you have all you need.

11:42 - This These hands are more dexterous than one I hope we meet again someday. I hope too.

12:16 - Well, I’m just gonna reload this. I got two magnum shots.

12:35 - One twitter Just gonna save my game for the last time.

13:23 - Let’s bring it. I gotta keep going.

14:42 - My beautiful daughter. Missed you. Is leaving me.

15:23 - Miranda. Your body certainly isn’t. Dude, I think I have to shoot him in her eye. No, Once I kill you properly, everything and you try to take it away from me.

16:04 - Will be fulfilled. Children and awakened the glorious I assure you I’ll provide those Get a break. How can you deny me? Come on realize those Not yours. I That was deadly.

17:12 - I’ve never seen a human. Come here. Come here.

18:06 - I think it’s time then. The hell I win. When it’s uh dark. And it’s dark.

18:24 - Manifest and horrifying. Wait, wait, wait.

19:45 - Holy **** that was a fast attack. Do nothing to persuade my father might be you Miranda.

20:02 - You’re not capable of real love. Where the hell are you? You are dead.

20:46 - Sure I never seemingly The hell with you.

21:39 - Now die and leave my family out of it. It’s alright, Rose.

22:15 - Ethan. Come on, Ethan, wake up. He did it. It’s finished. I think we’ve finished each other.

22:39 - We gotta move. Keep moving, Ethan. There’s a bomb in that thing that’ll pull this whole village sky high. Hey, look at me. When I hit this trigger, we can’t be anywhere near it. Goddamn it.

23:15 - Mia’s waiting for you. She’s alive, you hear me? Alive. I’m so sorry. I love you. Keep Rosemary safe. Hey, hey. Hey.

23:35 - And you tell yourself. Now, come on, it’s not that much further.

23:44 - Watch over. Teach her to be strong. Goodbye, Rosemary.

25:03 - Go. Go. Take us up now. We’re decent.

25:20 - Get moving. We have to get clear. No, we can’t go, not without my husband. Sit down and strap in. Not before you tell me where Ethan is. I know he wouldn’t abandon us. Tell me what’s going on. Where? What was that? I told you to sit down.

26:02 - What have you done? He’s gone. I try. He stayed so we could all escape. I’m sorry.

26:20 - You need to see this. Bsaa didn’t send soldiers. This is a bio weapon. What the hell are they thinking? Orders, captain. Pick up the rest of the squad. Plot a course for BSAA Europe HQ.

26:49 - Someone’s gotta pay. So guys, we finally finished this game in the village of shadows difficulty. I hope you enjoyed it. Peace out.

28:16 - With a dress in his there’s deeper fish king of the earth.

29:31 - Gifts we gave but more you took, she snarled. So more in turn is due. In a blink, the girl was trapped inside a mirror. Her parents though had searched all day and at last arrived. With rampant rage, father fought the witch. While mother’s loving touch shattered the dark enchantment. But the witch was strong and father yelled, save our daughter. So mother bored their child to safety as the force was consumed. Even now, the burnt forest is a grim reminder of father’s sacrifice.

To this day, any child who stares too long into the charred wasteland will be haunted by nightmares of getting lost while picking berries.

31:04 - Do you think the little boy will be able to touch the moon? Nobody can touch the moon. He’s too far away. Wait, what if he has a rocket ship? Uh, then you can touch it but it’ll be very very cool.

31:20 - You were being silly. I don’t think that Hey, dad. Happy birthday.

31:59 - Sorry, I missed last week. I have a lot of tests coming up.

32:04 - You know how it is. Talk of the goddamn devil. Dirty calls. I love you.

32:27 - Yeah, I found her. Where else? The day of all days. We have a situation. You’re needed. Evelyn. Don’t you ever call me that again. Oh, oh, it’s just a joke, Rose. I can show you things even Chris doesn’t know I can do.

32:53 - We have a clear shot. Stand down. I can handle it.

33:02 - Want you to keep it together Rose. You’re a lot like him, you know.

33:16 - I know. .