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charlie why are you wearing this to pull up you charity there’s something wrong with you why are you dressed like an 80 year old crippled woman and you say you want to follow me to a meeting i mean his son are you all right i know embarrass you now this one fine dress right now you’re fine no my friend shut up come on run back and get something to wear like mother like daughter why are you laughing morning please i pretend eating with all this one please so what do you intend to do now i want to eat it with my hand is it just a problem i actually paid money for you to attend classes on how to use simple cut language but you never attended any of those classes and that’s how you go about disgracing me in public look at the children they are all using cutleries they know how to use their own levels but not you but my disgrace this is in the house it is not public please let me be using myself go i listen since you have learned how not to do it the easy way you know you are going to learn it the hard way you will not eat in this house unless you eat with cuddles now shhh what is it charity what is wrong with you charity why are you still behaving like a bush woman it’s 21st century you know why you still behaving like the village girl i i i i knew some years back but i was like this night village here when you married me now charity that was 18 years ago for god’s sake it was 18 years ago when i i unfortunately made you pregnant yeah i was in my second year in university now i’m true with my university education i have my master’s i have my phd and unfortunately for me charity you are still the way you are unchanging charity what is wrong with you i i try you know i tell him you charity i’m not helping you to grow you will leave my house oh yes david because i am not helping you to grow but you never reach that side now and before i forget charity i don’t want to see you in my bedroom again them well well have you had this time of yeah night meeting with some investors that’s right yes um before i forget how is the the preparation for the summit coming yes okay my wife oh no no no yeah it would have been nice man but you know um you know my wife my wife has problems educational background yes yes please uh yeah can you please get someone someone someone else to do it okay thank you thank you i’ll get back to you yes yes what is it your mom they want her to give a speech at the first commencement congratulations um i’m um i had a slight accident you know earlier today but i’m cool you just remind me of someone that is so close to me yeah um oh um thank you uh okay what could be troubling just that money yes um are you serious let me see you smile we just look at you your time rapper to come and sit with me out here in public charity are you high is something wrong with you i mean are you under a curse or or what is working against you now what is this what do you have here charity a servant spoon you are using to drink tea is there anything wrong with your charity honey i am oh shut up you invested shut up you’re just a little less than an investor what is wrong with you tell everyone and you ended up accepting to give the speech right charity what have i done to you what oh honey please you tried to make a gift of my personality in public you tried to make money out of me yes the people divorced wife you tried ah no happiness everyday charity trying i wanted i and um where did she say she was going to she says your mother left the house without telling me where she’s going to you said she said she needs space she left with a mini box okay all right you have cried a lot i know you didn’t offend me in any way on his own level of intelligence every time every time every time he says if he does that every time why not enroll in your advice so that you learn some basic education and upgrade your knowledge a little indeed he puts me first with okay i don’t want to talk about your mother this morning what she’s my mother and she’s also my wife i think it was all a mistake don’t rachel if your mother can walk out of this house without telling anybody where whatever she’s going to then i think she can also tell her family where she is okay all right um one is this one for big spoon dessert um hmm um okay okay that’s as i was saying i’ll be traveling towards france i’ve gotten the visa and i’ve confirmed my ticket don’t worry i’ve made all the necessary arrangements a friend of mine my neck down will be coming tomorrow he’ll be happy to do certain things he’ll be teaching you how to read and write how to dress up how to make up understand and that’s for my school i have a sizing machine right now so we’ll be teaching you how to use it make sure you listen to his destructions very well huh something like that yes he’s coming so when i’m back you’ll be happier understand i’ll buy a lot of things thank you very me much very well don’t worry sin is believing i’ll be happier don’t worry each of the following sentences now they go this way all the people in the past so fast are you sure positive are you sure you’re correct wow i’m very impressed you know okay let’s try that one again okay that’s what i said um what is that the more you do the less you see but it also give us a full question of the people now um wonder paladins right now right now this is the first question you’re answering to you’re like so easy just i’m impressed and i’m praying just impressed okay um let’s go to the final question and see okay this one said um there is an interesting article in the dash ecu of why of west africa there is there is an interesting article of west africa they give us a fourth question to ask the people for answering people now existing correct positive which one is obstacle in the current issue of west africa foreign wow that’s a good answer correct is it seriously i’m i’m impressed yesterday you’re going to impress me each time it comes here seriously you know the last time i came in my my my i was really really dumb the world man you were actually crossing the stamp you’re saying partners correct you know and so so far i practiced a lot when you left a lot you would go is oh charity what is the meaning of god will you shut up and keep away from this this is my wife old man please see yourself okay right now honey i am don’t leave at this minute i will create a sin now keep away from my wife for the lifetime she’s my wife who is your wife emotionally physically psychologically this young man rescued me make me a happy woman maybe who i am today i can explain miss you i don’t get it i don’t get it she was right but maybe i didn’t actually help her to grow i mean charity my wife is so beautiful so gorgeous so seductive yes dad she’s more prettier than she was you should say then shut your mouth up but she’s right my wife do so can i call me our house misses you your motherly care and tenderness the children they miss you i i miss i miss you so much especially what we share come back to where you sometimes irrational perhaps i have not understood you that’s why i’m here to take you home excuse me what are you dreaming please my name is oh this has to stop i’m here to take you home okay all right let’s go already this is madness you can’t continue like this let’s go let go please don’t touch me i’m not going anywhere go home how come i join you what is going on for me right now it’s not i want to tell you something you.