Strike the Blood IV Episode 11 Subtitle English #ストブラ #StrikeTheBlood

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Avrora. Avrorushka. Good morning, Avrora.

00:19 - Who are you? Why do you know my name? Because you are a friend of Kojou.

00:28 - Kojou. . ? Yes. Akatsuki Kojou. The most powerful vampire in the world. The boy called the Fourth Progenitor.

00:39 - But vampires are just a fantasy, aren’t they? They don’t really exist.

00:44 - You are right. There are no vampires on this island.

00:54 - So wake up early, twelfth, Avrora. Foxy-Subs Foxy-Subs Akatsuki-senpai! What is the purpose of the First Progenitor? I don’t think it’s just to embarrass Akatsuki Kojou that he recovered the Za-Blood Beasts.

02:57 - He made a deal with the senpai. He granted him the power to save Avrora from the Node and thus stop the Node’s threat to this world.

03:09 - That’s why we now have the Za-Blood Beasts here then.

03:12 - If we gather 12 blood mates of the Progenitor, he will be able to tame the Familiars.

03:18 - However, if we fail… This island will be destroyed by the fury of the Familiars and the portal of the Node will thus disappear.

03:27 - A brutal way of solving the problem. He is like that. He has always been an intriguer.

03:35 - You are… Chaos Bride?! Don’t call me whit that formal name.

03:42 - I prefer Giada, Minamiya Natsuki. You have to gather 12 blood mates and so he will be able to subdue those horrible Beasts.

03:54 - But the question is whether that boy… will be able to get twelve blood mates.

04:00 - We can do it. With enough time we will succeed.

04:05 - Agree. I’ll grant you half a day to do it.

04:25 - Alteration of space? No, you carried him into the dimension of your Familiar, Giada Kukulcan! For me too, keeping him sealed takes a lot of effort.

04:40 - At midnight. Gather the twelve sacrifices by midnight today.

04:48 - Until then, I’ll take care of Akatsuki Kojou.

04:51 - We appreciate the help, Giada. I have high expectations of you.

04:56 - Try not to let me down, young kennagi. That’s fine. Come back here, Glenda.

05:20 - Da! Cain, what are you doing? What is this absurdly complicated magic circle? What kind of magic are you using? Look and you will know.

05:50 - It works?! It did not work. . ? Cain, damned! You were bringing that puppet to life! Yes, but I failed.

06:04 - That forbidden spell… Do you want to subvert the rules of this world? What is your purpose? It’s obvious, isn’t it? Save the world using my skills.

06:17 - Save the world with forbidden magic? Damned! How can you be so arrogant? note: Cleansing, the Purification.

06:23 - More than forbidden magic, I would call it… Seisen.

06:26 - Seisen? It’s the name of this power.

06:29 - It’s magnificent, isn’t it, Giada? It’s ridiculous! What is this? Giada…

06:38 - Am I seeing the memories of the Third Progenitor? It’s amazing that even locked up here, you can be conscious.

06:47 - Giada? Giada Kukulcan? And what’s more, you’re browsing my memories, Akatsuki Kojou.

06:56 - Why were you with Cain? Don’t tell me… Are those memories of the Node? Is this what you want to ask me? You should already know the answer.

07:06 - It is the curse of the Fourth Progenitor. You, who have the memories inherited from that blood, know the truth.

07:13 - You can continue to delve into these Seisen’s memories if you want and then curse what you received from the monster who is the Fourth Progenitor.

07:24 - This is your destiny. What’s going on there? They are all very beautiful.

07:31 - Maybe they are actresses? They are recording a Dorama? But there are no cameras…

07:37 - and the atmosphere seems tense. So? Natsuki-chan, I came because you asked me, but…

07:49 - Gathering all of Kojou’s acquaintances here, what do you want to achieve? Will you lock us up somewhere for killing each other? Oh, this would be interesting.

08:00 - If so, you would be the first to be killed, though.

08:04 - Would it suit you, Priestess of Cain? Here… Sorry, who are you? Don’t laugh Shio-chan. It’s rude to Kisaki-san.

08:18 - However, after provoking it so much, she doesn’t even know her. Can you think? Right, I apologize for not introducing myself.

08:30 - I am Kisaki Kiriha from Taishikyoku. note: StBII - The Black Sword Shaman.

08:32 - Using Eguchi Yume I tried to destroy Blue Elysium and kill you.

08:39 - With this, does anything come back to your mind? Oh… something like this certainly happened.

08:46 - But there are so many who threaten my life that I had forgotten it.

08:52 - Now that I remember. I also went to an outdoor hot spring with Akatsuki Kojou.

08:56 - What is this all about? I want to know everything! Yuki, is this true? Ah, well… it’s not entirely untrue.

09:06 - Himeragi, is that okay with you? This is… How to say… A lot of things have happened.

09:12 - Oh, they’ve all come together already. Sorry for the wait.

09:18 - Who are you? You were right to ask, girl with the malevolent look.

09:22 - I am the great alchemist who used the blood of the Magnus Opus to achieve immortality.

09:22 - note: StB - Return of the Alchemist. I am called Nina Adelard.

09:31 - Nina. . ? The legendary alchemist? Why is a being like you here? Furthermore… You are Kanase Kanon, right? Yes, that’s me.

09:43 - Excuse me, I’m late. There is no reason to apologize.

09:48 - What do we owe this meeting to? If the idea is to lock up us to kill each other, I’m in.

09:55 - Oh sorry. We have already finished talking about this.

09:59 - Eh?! Did you finish talking about it, even though I just got here? I demand an explanation! You are right, of course.

10:07 - I should start explaining to you. We do not have much time.

10:12 - Stop talking nonsense. In short, I’m sorry, but you must all become Akatsuki Kojou’s brides.

10:24 - B-Brides?! The kind of bride who lives and has children with him? That kind of bride?! Are you asking us to marry Akatsuki Kojou? Don’t fret. It won’t be a real wedding.

10:35 - It is only for this night that you will have to stay with him.

10:39 - Only for one night?! S-Such a vulgar relationship…

10:44 - As a Paladiness of Gisela I cannot accept it! S-She’s right! And what about the ceremony and the banquet? Wait, Shio-chan…

10:53 - Kasuko-chan… right? With bride, I think she is referring to a blood mate.

10:59 - Eh?! S-So, who shared blood with him? What other meaning should it have? You said it on purpose so that it would be misunderstood, right? Because I wanted to see your reaction.

11:13 - However, Kojou has now become a normal human being, hasn’t he? Why are blood mates needed? He hasn’t returned to being completely human, has he? The Fourth Progenitor’s Beasts have been given to Avrora, though…

11:27 - his body has not become human again. I’m right? Yes. And it is in this unstable condition that to Senpai, the First Progenitor’s mate passed on the Beasts of Za-Blood.

11:47 - However, in this state Akatsuki-senpai is unable to control the Familiars.

11:54 - And he doesn’t even have enough magic to hold them back for long.

11:58 - Oh! Is blood mates necessary for this then? Nina-san, can you use this and divide it into rings? We need eleven if possible.

12:09 - What? That’s silver gray! A truly rare precious metal.

12:14 - Incho-sama, you’re starting to drool. But I feel that there is something mixed with the metal.

12:22 - There is Kojou’s blood and flesh. I get it. You want to use them as catalysts to create a spiritual bond.

12:31 - Including me, bringing together 12 blood mates, Akatsuki-senpai will be able to control Za-Blood’s Beasts.

12:39 - Which means that in essence we are sacrifices.

12:43 - An offer for those familiars who are about to break free.

12:46 - Of course, if you don’t want to participate, we don’t oblige you.

12:49 - Therefore we beseech you with bowed heads. That it is a cat to bow its head does not convince me of its sincerity.

12:58 - However, when Akatsuki’s Beasts go out of control, this island will be completely destroyed.

13:07 - note: “Va bene”. in Italian, (with a strange pronunciation).

13:07 - All right. Then I offer myself as a sacrifice.

13:13 - Kojou has already drank my blood, after all.

13:16 - Shizuri-chan, you can’t unfortunately. W-Why not?! You have four broken ribs and a left arm ulna fracture, as well as bruises, sprains and muscle tears.

13:27 - While you have the stamina of an Orc, you have your limits.

13:30 - And now even the magic that was provided as a privilege of the Lords is beginning to run out.

13:35 - But as Paladiness I still have Gisela’s blessing! Incho-sama…

13:40 - Can I have a ring please? Sure. There is one just your size.

13:49 - Yukina-san, we’re the same now. Li-Listen… I want to be Kojou’s bride too! How cruel, Minamiya-sensei! I forgot to mention it. You two little girls are excluded from the matter.

14:11 - It’s true. They are still in elementary school.

14:14 - If they did it, we’d give him a license as a pervert.

14:17 - But then, why did you bring us here too? As a joke.

14:22 - The fate of this island is at stake, this is no time for some jokes! Certainly. There are many lives at stake on Itogami Island.

14:33 - A Lion King dancer shouldn’t hesitate over personal matters.

14:39 - Hikawa Shio? That’s how it is then.

14:43 - After all, Shio-chan, you like Kojou-kun too.

14:46 - You are wrong! I do it because I’m a dancer of the- Shio-chan… you too? Why did you say so, Yuiri? Yuki, can I get one too? Kojou-kun sucked my blood once too.

14:56 - note: STBIII - Tartarus Rose - Ep. 3. And… it’s not like it bothered me.

15:03 - What did you say? So really, that’s what happened that time.

15:08 - What, really? So, could you give it this shape? I wish it had a Rag jewelry style look.

15:17 - You’re not really ashamed to ask, are you Kiriha? Hey, why do you want a ring too, Kisaki Kiriha? Being a blood mate of the Fourth Progenitor grants considerable power.

15:30 - I can’t give the Lion King the monopoly, can I? Furthermore,, Akatsuki Kojou and I have already related, naked.

15:35 - note: StBII - The Knight of the Sinful God - Ep. 6.

15:40 - I have to take responsibility for it. Yukina! Me too! Akatsuki Kojou sucked my blood too! Oh, what a pity. Apparently there are no rings left for you, Kirasaka Sayaka-kun.

15:54 - This is not true! Only four were awarded, right?! Wait a moment. I want one too. Give me one too! My, my… with these we have six.

16:06 - And if she joins too, there will be seven. It is already good that we have more than half of them.

16:13 - Ah, enough, give up! Twelve True Beasts and Blood Squires II Do you know any others Akatsuki sucked blood from? As far as I know…

16:26 - there are still Astarte-san and Glenda-san.

16:30 - Glenda?! Such a young girl? It-It’s not what you think! I mean, it’s true, but…

16:36 - note: StBII - ep. 8. At that moment Glenda-san looked like me, and so the senpai got confused and…

16:42 - And did you believe such a pathetic excuse? Naive.

16:49 - By the way, Glenda… Wasn’t she with Kasuko-san? While I was treating Shizuri-chan, she disappeared.

16:58 - Glenda. . ? Why? Astarte cannot become his blood mate, since she must already feed the familiar she has within herself.

17:07 - As for Glenda, on the other hand, I have no idea.

17:10 - That dragon girl anyway, where is she? This… we don’t even know.

17:16 - Since she is very attached to Kojou, I thought she would come back to help, but…

17:21 - There are other people to consider too… Like Yuuma-san…

17:25 - and also… Aiba Asagi? You too? Knowing Tokoyogi Yuuma, she will accept.

17:32 - And we are nine. I’m sorry, but I will not participate.

17:37 - Aiba-senpai?! Stand in line waiting for Kojou to suck the blood of each of us? No, thanks.

17:46 - Hey, Aiba Asagi, I understand how you feel but the life of the inhabitants of the Itogami island depends on…

17:50 - If that idiot Kojou came begging me on his knees, I might as well think about it.

17:57 - But above all, this business of subduing the Familiars by bringing 12 of us together seems very strange to me.

18:03 - But the First Progenitor said that… Exactly.

18:06 - Do you think this trivial solution satisfies the Progenitors? You already have something in mind, right? There’s no guarantee it’ll be fine, though.

18:20 - So I don’t oblige anyone. Well, it’s better than this idea of a Kojou’s forced harem anyway, or at least that’s what I think.

18:28 - If it’s Jotei-domo’s idea, Yume-dono and I can help too! What are we to do, Asagi-onee-san?! I don’t like it at all, Aiba Asagi.

18:41 - After all, I should have blown you up with the Blue Elysium.

18:46 - Thank you, I’ll take that as a compliment.

18:50 - Aiba-senpai! I knew that Iblis had grown fond of a young human girl, but…

19:03 - Now I understand. It was you, yes…

19:06 - Priestess of Cain? I apologize for the sudden visit.

19:12 - I’m here to ask you a favor, your highness.

19:15 - Speak then, yes. Then… Regarding the selection of the Lord of the island Itogami, I would like the title to be awarded to the Lord of Saikai Academy domain, Kasugaya Shizuri Castiella.

19:31 - Are you asking me to serve that Orc girl, right? Exact.

19:37 - Who does that human think she is? What arrogance! Friend of the prince or not, that’s unforgivable! Obviously, it would not be without a counterpart.

19:46 - I intend to offer you compensation. Something that satisfies me, that reigns over a domain.

19:53 - Do you think you can offer it to me? Really? C-Certainly! It’s true, Aiba-san? Obviously.

20:02 - It is interesting, yes. What is that? A curry! From the most delicious and famous restaurant on the Itogami island, on the East of the island, for you the European recipe of Relulu! A masterpiece served in just 20 portions a day, but being a regular customer, I had a whole pot of it! A-Aiba-san! You are idiot? You are crazy, right? It’s a deal we’re looking for here, you know? I advise you, Relulu’s curry is really hard to book.

20:37 - Even princes and nobles have a hard time tasting it.

20:41 - Even the gastronomic authority of the Itogami island, Ozawa-san would go on to enjoy it! But who cares? Besides, who is this Ozawa-san? A curry?! Will you offer me curry in exchange for my submission? I hadn’t laughed so much in years! On this island, you really don’t get bored, do you? What you think, Shogun? note: Grand General of the Army.

21:17 - Once, spices were traded at prices comparable to gold or silver, right? So, after all, this curry which is the apotheosis of spices, it’s a proper homage for a king, isn’t it? Certainly.

21:31 - So be it. Tonight, the Dynasty of Destruction, will recognize the young Castiella as his Lord.

21:41 - However, I have a condition. You attend my gala dinner. Yes? While we will taste your curry, you will explain to me in detail the plot you are preparing. Yes? With pleasure.

21:58 - Astarte, how is the evacuation of residents going? There are no civilians within a radius of at least 1. 5 kilometers.

22:06 - The roads leading here are blocked. The percentage of the population protected by the magic barrier is 90%.

22:12 - That’s the best the Magic Defense Committee can do.

22:15 - Do we have any chance of success, Witch of the Void? Why are you asking me? The initiative of this plan belongs to one of your students, right? Unfortunately, if she doesn’t come back in time I can’t know, Sorry! We are late! Are you all right, Yuiri? I’m fine.

22:37 - But with all that curry, my stomach… Astarte.

22:41 - Since Akatsuki Kojou is unstable and cannot control his magic, summon your Familiar now, endangers your life.

22:49 - You know this, right? Affirmative. To optimize the success of the operation, the use of the Familiar will be limited to what is necessary and for a short time.

23:00 - Counting on you. Accepto. Astarte, what time is it? 11:40 pm.

23:21 - At the beginning of the operation, there are twenty minutes left.

23:31 - Before this song ends Before this song ends I want to tell you I want to tell you I was shy because your kindness I was shy because your kindness I couldn’t be honest that day I couldn’t be honest that day Glare was so bright, I place my hand over my face Glare was so bright, I place my hand over my face Rather than searching for the future we walk together Rather than searching for the future we walk together If someday, we can’t see each other If someday, we can’t see each other Until the moment Until the moment I want to be by you giving my all of strength I want to be by you giving my all of strength With an unnatural and clumsy gesture With an unnatural and clumsy gesture You seek me You seek me I want to be the only heroin for you I want to be the only heroin for you I want to be the only heroin for you I want to be the only heroin for you Very well! A dish with eggplant and chilli.

What a nice smell! Actually, I don’t like spicy dishes, but I don’t like meat very much, so…

25:11 - And you, Glenda, what are you eating? I have these. I bought them before I came to class.

25:17 - But that’s not fair! Donuts for lunch? But is it allowed? Of course yes! Because I’m the one who decides it.

25:29 - Ava, you are kind but a little too stiff. Now you can live more freely.

25:34 - Freely? Don’t forget what you’ve always wanted.

25:40 - Because this is the key to remembering who you really are.

25:43 - Glenda. . ? Get one! Say, Ava…

25:52 - Avrorushka… Did you know that? Somewhere in this school, there seems to be a room that contains all the secrets of the world.

26:01 - The secrets of the world? If you find that room, you can recover important memories that you have forgotten.

26:10 - Kojou would certainly be happy too. Kojou? You will look for it, won’t you, Avrora?.