World War 1 (WW1) Minecraft trench and battlefield with shooting artillery gun

Apr 15, 2021 16:07 · 3062 words · 15 minute read

Hi guys welcome back to Henry’s Hysterical History where history is hysterical and today I’m going to be showing you my Minecraft world war one trench i mean as you can tell i haven’t been recording videos for quite a while now but I’m back and well I’ve been playing Minecraft and building things and I’ve decided to show you a trench I built. So I’ll start off with the little top plan of it so from the very top of it, I’ll just show you the plan so in the middle it’s just here got no-mans land you got a few sandbags, machine gun places and artillery guns to tanks um but the main thing is is the trenches i haven’t yet finished the German trench as you can see I’ve just got the front line trench but the English one I or the allies one i have finished apart from a few flags so I’ll start off with no man’s land.

So in no man’s land i’ve just got a few craters from artillery showers, which actually quite help the allies and axis if they ever come out of the trench to attack each other’s trenches, because they can jump in there they would have shelter and they can duck down and shoot which would be very useful. There are a few bunkers that go towards no man’s land that have that go well towards machine gun or artillery places this one’s a German one goes down here into a bunker.

01:45 - I’ll now start off with the front of the front line trench for the allies so I’ve used fences and cobwebs for barbed wire and I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’ve actually got a resource pack on. A natural texture pack you can get it for free so it doesn’t cost any expensive for those that don’t want to spend any money but i think it just makes everything look really nice especially the banners because they’ve got a nice folded texture, but yeah I’ve used cobwebs for barbed wire and the fences for the posts in between them.

Then over here I’ve got machine gun nest so that’s the machine gun it just fires some little arrows so so you can defend your trench from the invaders from this side the allies it would be the axis that would attack which is the germans um the austro-hungarians so the top here just on some of the barbed wire i’ve got some flats so i’ve got the union jack for the british then the french flag and the american black you can use you can do that using a loom and i’ve used endstone to make sandbags just going all the way across i did some research for the top of these um so everywhere you see the sandboxes out the outline of the trench because they’d use it to keep it up and also sandbags take a lot of pressure from the bullets um i’ll just give you an outline of the english trench so here that one there is the front line trench and you’ve got senior passage to the back up trench i think i might have mixed up the reserves in the back up but i think that’s the backup trench and that’s the reserved trench then you’ve got the artillery massive artillery guns would be stored at the back or rounding the edges um so then in this trench you’ve got a ladder to come up so that’s why i’ve got a gap in the bar player so they can charge out when they hear the whistle of the officer commander corporal or anyone that’s blowing the whistle and use some puddle which looks like leaves or dirt just to show that it’s not very nice in front of my trench here you’ve got a small gap and an ammunition store i used composter and then and a uh i think it’s yeah a birch trapdoor then i’ve got a fletching table here because it looks like that someone’s taking part that gun to repair it they’re like the bullets then here i’ve got an air raid shelter and a bed just in case someone’s wounded and can’t make it back to the medic camp then the frontline trench doesn’t have too much interesting things just got some beds because most of the soldiers would be lining up in here ready to go out and fight because so you wouldn’t really spend much time in the front line trench unless you’re preparing for battle or were listening to what the enemy lines were saying he got crafting table and i think it looks quite good here because it’s got papers and that on it and then like tools on the side then moving through one of the passageways i’ve got a very intake brewing stand to make gas which is i’m just using splash potion of poison um then i’ve got an officer’s bunker here i used signs to you to place the banners here so that you can have a big banner um because they would have like sheets going over the entrances for their bunkers then got a bin here which i use composter for because you can place things in it um got a photography table to plan the battle a nice table um a bed and just a side table which you can put down if you need to stand here not too much on the ceiling but just plants on the side to keep the dirt from going in here you got some old metal inside and this this is some planks that they didn’t have enough to cover it all up i use signs for that then going up this ladder come to an artillery gun this actually worked so i used a dispenser um and an observer some signs and carpets green carpets cover it up and then i will do a tutorial on this and then if i pull this lever it fires a firework because they can actually hurt and they make a big explosion which i think is cool yeah then if i go back in the trench from there you’ve just got plank inside some more banners or flags and then you come to the ration preparations where they cook their rations this is made out of stone so it doesn’t catch fire to the trench it’s also kind of like a bunker just in case for those that forget um it says rations and cupboard this cupboard you’ve got some bread soups potatoes and any rations they can find obviously water thanks to the texture pack i really like the new design it looks like it’s like proper loaf of bread instead of a baguette then here you’ve got a really nice grill which i used an iron trap door for then just a spruce door there at the top i’ve used to put out campfires just normal cut price or or you could um you could use soul campfires but i didn’t want to use them so i just use normal ones then put out to make a lock effect then here going up this bit you can see some more of that metal sand bags on top um and this goes to uh another machine gun nest because there is one i’ve got three of these one there in no man’s land one at the frontline trench then i’ve got one in this in the secondary or backup trench then this is a bunker it’s also got a rod for communication so in here you’ve got a banner in your jack it’s got covers which i used barrels for then slip shoot out of and if the front line trench has been occupied you can shoot down the ladders to get in so you can shoot them down and here’s just a rack to hang your jacket or helmet on then i used here an observer a blast furnace and a lever to make the effect of like radio and communication so that’s where where they can speak to you out of that’s why this is where you speak into um that’s how you communicate and that’s how they speak to you this is the rod communicator i’ll just put it to daytime so you can see better then just got some space am i putting artillery gun here but i’m not sure um say down in the comments what you think i should do with that space over there then got some tables on the side secondary trench is mainly bit living and just preparing to go to the frontline trench then here you’ve got an airaid shelter just in case any bomber planes come or artillery showers this is the hancoats if it’s been like very boggy or marshy and you’ve got a nice chest there nice detail i use flowerpots i think it looks like they’ve got like stale tea or tea coffee or whatever you want it you know that’s brown and i just think it looks like quite nice for a decoration cup and a lantern to keep it bright in here and again the same banner design then just a bit more space to kind of relax because there wasn’t actually much fighting you’d mainly just be bored in the trench talking or stuff like that this is another way up to get to this bit um then i’ve just got another shelter in here here’s some beds in it sandbags on the side to keep the walls up obviously and that’s what these posts are for then here if i get a crossbow or bow out i’ve got both and i aim at this target this is a way to test your aiming and you get a reward for it because i found out that targets actually activate redstone things so now i’ve got some milk which is a ration by aiming and doing good aim there so i just filled this up with flower parts balls and some milk and if you shoot at the target and get a good aim then you’ll get something okay you’ve got some drawers another banner and lantern big chest and got more cupboards bunk bed but you wouldn’t really want to sleep here because it’s quite high up so you could get shot from no man’s land then just some more logs and slabs to make the effect of an uneven floor then down here is an officer’s preparing place so this map is the map of the actual battlefield so you’ve got no man’s land the german trench the english trench and this where i placed the map it actually came up with a green dot so they know where they are in the trench so they know where they need to go then some another flexion table and crafting table and bookshelf on the side barrel and a lantern for light that’s the actual that’s the main actual trench for the english but there is one more bit down here of it but just in case the secondary trench because that’s where you cook your rations over here just in case that place is occupied by germans then they’d cook their rations on this campfire and you can actually cook things minecraft on that campfire then at the very back i’m going to be making a few more of these big artillery guns they use the same mechanism as the other ones pull the lever and it fires a red firework then i just made a custom hill using coaster and then end stones for uh sandbags you know here i made a small gravestone that says john smith he’s private in the army r.

i. p then i used um i put um i used redstone for this one so i put an armor stand in the ground then placed the iron helmet on it then used redstone uh what he called pistons to push it in to push a costa in to make her it looked like they placed the helmet on the ground his helmet then poppy to resemble a fallen soldier he got an officer’s tent it’s just got a nice red bed a lantern and a table and i’ve used wool for that as well then that’s mainly the english trench but they’ve also got a double winged plane because this is what the planes would mainly look like so at the front you’ve got gun hair and then i’ve used um iron bars for the propeller then that’s the like the round symbol they have on the side of their planes then you’ve got the english flag on the side um and actually it’s also a bomber plane because if i pull that either it will drop this tnt dispenser it’ll fall down and explode but i don’t want to do that because at the moment it’s flying over its own trench if i click on this though then i can it sends me into this boat which i’ve placed inside here and if i pull this lever it will fire a fire charge which will then just carry on going just in case there’s enemy enemy planes and here i’ve got some british tanks and i found this emblem on the side of some recreations of the tanks they’ve got guns using end rods um then i i used a tutorial for this tank but i really like it so and then got like a grid at the top and i made an interior in it it’s not too decorative but it’s just got a seat there then all this so it’s a two block space it’s a nice design i will show you guys how to do that using the tutorial like i said then you got some more of these just to um this one i haven’t yet made the trapdoor to go inside it but i may be doing that then again no man’s land it’s quite bulky and lots of craters then i’ll show the german trench so here you’ve got german artillery gun in the middle of the no man’s land which to get there without having to wander through no man’s land so you basically can come i’ll go into the german trench to show you so when you’re in the german trench and you want to occupy the artillery gun to possibly take out the front line trench got some german banners then you go into this big bunker you can come out to this stairway in no man’s land pop up here sandbags for protection and i’ve used trapdoors for more protection they’re on all the artillery guns so you can then pull the lever and it fires a red firework there are some big artillery guns in the british side that i will show you actually working soon then again for the just like the english designed got cobwebs and well fences for the barbed wire and stone floors sandbags and another artillery gun this artillery gun i actually made a big working they all work but this one’s like a tnt cannon that shall use this material done that fires the tnt and i tested it and actually landed over here and explode the artillery gun so i’m going to be using that one and show you how it how far and how well it actually works so what’s this cowboy which you can also you can go up to this artillery gun by using that machine in place and here you’ve got just got some aerial shelters i haven’t yet finished the german trench i’ve only got the front line so far and because it’s been quite boggy and marshy in the frontline trench so in the english i used like they filled it in with dirt but in german they haven’t yet so it’s just like quite cuddly and marshy then those balls just keep everything out and then bed then this is how you get into that bunker to go to the artillery gun it’s more sandbags and flags and just quite a few of these bunkers just in case i do come the tillery fight comes because this trench i’m like doing trying to make the battle of the song so there was lots of artillery shower that came down onto the german trenches so that’s why i’m doing that in here without having to poke your head over the trench to see what’s going on i’ve made a periscope it doesn’t work but i think it just looks quite good and you know what actually there’s a way to make it look even better i get this warped song that kind of looks blue and place it on there it looks like that it’s quite good because then you can like pretend you look like it comes out there and then got more sandbags and a nice plank design and some more arrow chatters so now i’ll show you how these artillery guns work so basically if i get tnt that’s the block that it fires place one there and place as many as i want in here i’ll use three one two three and then i pull this lever it fires and explodes her pleases i’m not this one looks like it’s gone over here and exploded but i mean let’s try again with maybe less see what happens one two three four just make it see what goes this time look at that it hit over here and made a massive explosion i mean once i did it and it exploded that artillery gun is pretty cool so i’ve got that on there and then another one well i did have another one over here but then the germans i’m guessing destroyed it um you want to see more of this trench i will be doing i will be make doing a whole battle in it so i’ll and i’ll be videoing that so stay tuned to see that but i hope you like it remember to subscribe and hit that like button if you liked my trench but thank you for watching and goodbye.