N-Tank Per Boost & CWW 315.5? Review Eternal Night Monarch 【Garena Speed Drifters】

Jun 25, 2021 18:59 · 1670 words · 8 minute read

okay guys I’m back in Garena Speed Drifters. There’s a new A car in the workshop. Last time I called it Evernight Lord and Nighthawk, in here it’s called Eternal Night Monarch. So for this car I’m actually going to skip but I’ll get the trial and do the review because this car is actually quite good but I’m keeping my batteries for another A car, probably Adjudicator and Flame Warrior. I’m waiting for those two cars so I’m skipping this car but I’ll get the trial and I hope I don’t need much batteries for a trial.

Hopefully just one 9 enough and here’s uh different. Here’s three you get 10 (days), five you get 20 (days), eight you get sixty (days). So it’s easier to get the trial you don’t need to reach 9 to get the most one you reach 8 only you can get 90 days ready. Hopefully… three bars please yeah okay good I don’t need to spend… I don’t need to spend any more batteries okay so yeah I’m just gonna use nine batteries, I’m gonna use this car for 10 days so Eternal Night Monarch.

Yeah if you guys want to go for this car permanent it’s okay but it’s not really a must. This car Eternal Night Monarch, i reviewed before in QQ but I’ll just review it again. Each time you use a mini boost, basimum? basic maximum speed plus 0. 3 kilometer per hour overlap up to maximum 18 times and gain 3% N-tank. So that means after you done 18 boosts your max speed will +5. 4 km/h and every mini boost you use you get N-tank so that’s why this car is actually good.

This car… the best thing about this car is its speed and also because of its characteristic like this the way the play style for this car is like normal like normal cars. There’s no very not very special it’s just increasing your speed and your N-tank. So modding for this is “middle left left left” right ready let me full mod first. Okay done. So “middle left left and left” okay that’s the modding and this car is actually ranking number 7, with infinity chip is ranking 7 so it’s even better than Holy Guardian and it’s Tier 0, definitely Tier 0, and the skin I forgot to show the skin, the skin one, wow, Snow King.

That’s the skin and actually yeah it’s quite high quality the the visual I didn’t expect it to be that high quality in here surprisingly. and yeah like like some people say it’s like a Saga yeah Saga but ver. 2. If you look at the normal Saga well the design like the design is the same as the normal Saga but this that that one is Reno this is Troy. and I can see why some people would want to permanent this car because it’s very good in speed and the game style is also like normal cars okay.

All right so let’s test the speed out and I’m gonna activate the ability first, make sure I’m using the right pet. Okay so let me explain first how this car works. Okay you can see there’s a zero up there, QQ didn’t have that but here you can see okay now zero so now I press the two double boost now it’s two right so let’s say I do CWW now 311. 3 with four now i do again 311. 9 right? Yes, so every boost increases the max speed okay so let me just go to 18 make it 18.

04:22 - 18 is the maximum. Okay now it’s 18. All right let’s see the normal speed now 206. 3 so without the ability that is 200. 9 that’s the normal speed without ability. Double boost 252. 3 so without ability that is -5. 4 = 246. 9, yeah just double check 252. 3, 246. 9 yeah 246. 9, so double boost is 246. 9, without i mean without the 18 points here okay so now let’s do WCW. WCW 297. 5 without is 292. 1, WCW 292. 1. Now CWW 315. 5 so without is 310. 1, really? Maybe I’m not sure okay but anyway you can see the speed is 315.

5 310. 1 okay now WCWW 320. 1 okay so with that it’ll be like 314. 7? something like that. Okay and it says it can stack up to 18 times right? Basically every single map you can get to 18 times so that’s how imba this car is you just do 18 mini boosts, you already get a full stack. I’ll say the suitable map to play for this car almost every map also yeah almost every map and compared to Stargazer this car is easy to use because Stargazer there will be a lot of maps your gameplay style will change right, but for this car you still play like normal so the best one would be I guess city 11, I’ll show city 11, maybe I can break my record, I don’t know.

I’m still at 2’01 let’s see if I can break my record.

07:24 - One more double boost, 18 already already full stack oh no oh so close 2’01 still ah dang it there was a mistake I didn’t CWW one time and also got mistake near the shortcut okay if i do it perfect i think i can get 1’59 and this car is fast this car’s really fast let’s try solo speed rank. 5 days left and then rank season will change I heard new season is Alpha season I heard we might get a new ECU also, Alpha ECU and I also heard infinity chip coming Wow.

I feel like it’s too soon. okay this time I won’t ban city 11 maybe I’ll ban grand canyon Winter (gorge) okay. Not sure Winter is suitable for this car but I’ll say it can be used this gameplay style is still normal. that’s the skin Eh? Delay start…

10:59 - Woah Commander (SPX). HEY! Dang it! (laughs) Damn Commander.

11:28 - of course Commander is better to play here so Eternal Night Bringer not really suitable for this one Commander and Stargazer still advantage. i say this car is more suitable i say can be used for mostly most maps but it’s more suitable for maps that are required more on speed so the city 11 flat map right so it’s suitable uh to use this car for more difficult uh not so difficult but complicated uh maps like just now Winter Gorge or maybe Grand Canyon i just banned Grand Canyon not really suitable Its more suitable for maps that are yeah that really need that really focus on speed like maybe North Sea.

North Sea should be great. I’ll just uh, can i ban Winter Gorge? !!! Why? Why Winter Gorge again? and maybe i shouldn’t Nitro straight away.

12:43 - this is not Team Speed Commander is winning.

13:48 - Okay this is better than just now 3rd, i’ll take it. this time better i would want to ban the tough maps but let’s see Snow Brewery okay. Alright, Spectral, Twin Ares, Commander got two and two Eternal Night Monarch i feel like i always delay start Wow Nice okay maybe West Lake I’ll ban. Mermaid? I’m the only one using the Eternal Night Monarch, the others are Commander, Twin Ares and Stargazers i said good for more to speed maps but I’m getting all the complicated maps.

17:54 - All right, I’ll take 2nd. yeah maybe i’ll make it to 700 i’ll stop at 700. please let me get North Sea, i actually want North Sea.

18:12 - Nice! All right then this will be my last game then okay again i’m the only one using Eternal Night Monarch the others Stargazer and Sunspark.

18:51 - almost 18 18 already full stack I should have gone right then i didn’t continue no First? AGH! I got new record though So much collision (barbar betul), lot of bumps/collisions 700 yes okay guys that’s it for this Eternal night monarch review i would say recommended yes to get recommended to use for city 11 map, North Sea also good just now but not really for those maps that we need a lot of turning like Grand Canyon what was it what’s the map again Snow? Winter Gorge like just now.

Actually can also but Commander is still better for that those kind of maps Commander and Stargazer is pretty better but yeah this car is actually one of the first cars that the ability will make your CWW  go above 310. later on there will be more there will be flame warrior, there will be Athena, Sky Devouring Gluttony, all the other cars but this is like one of the first cars that CWW can go at 315 and almost every map, should i say almost every match? Okay Every Match! you will get 18 stacks there’s no way you won’t get 18 boosts right? Every match will you will get 18 boosts so yeah that your CWW will be 315.

5 all the time so yeah it’s it’s a speed car it’s a speed car speed and N-tank. yeah it’s recommended. if you want it permanent, go ahead it’s actually good to get permanent like Commander. Commander also i skipped.

22:26 - i got three bars nine batteries i think you will get if i do another 9 maybe i’ll get another 20 days and i think the 8th bar might be a bit difficult so you might need about 100 more batteries if you want to get to 8 bars and for permanent straightaway it should be 350 to 400 same like Stargazer i assume. so yeah that’s it for this review guys. Eternal Night Monarch. what a long name thank you guys for watching see you guys next time.