Meditation with the Mewing Tongue Posture?

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As Salaamu Alaykum Sayyidi. Walaykum As Salaam wa rehmatullah Can building energy and making a connection help us in solving our matters with people who aren’t present among us, like they are in a different country harming us with their tongues Yeah, this process of energy and this process of ma’rifah (Gnosticism) and all our teachings you have to put all together.

00:43 - This process of good character that Allah (AJ) has to smash you because you’re a very beautiful vase.

00:52 - We said ‘Big fish, small pond’ now, we give you another example – another… what do you call allegory, allegory Example, what’s another word for example Allegory No, not allegory.

01:07 - Analogy, analogy yeah. So, ‘Big fish, small pond’ if that didn’t work let’s try now beautiful vase, that everybody is a very beautiful vase nicely painted, they adorn themself with everything and all their beautiful character they think they have.

01:25 - Tariqah (spiritual path) and the reality that Allah (AJ) want to is that you, you going to ‘Kssh’ [breaking vase sound effect], come with a little hammer and He cracks it.

01:37 - And then this vase begins to shatter because this vase that we’ve built on who we think we are is all based on the nafs (ego).

01:47 - That what your mama told you how great you were, how beautiful you were, how great and successful you would be – that’s not true.

01:54 - That’s just your mom loves you very much [everybody laughs] right.

02:00 - But you build that and you go out to the world and say, ‘I’m the best, I’m the most beautiful, I’m the greatest, I’m most successful,’ but this become ‘ananiya (I-ness), ‘I, I, I’m so much… I’m Fir’aun. ’ And what Allah (AJ) want is ‘Are you created special – yes, let Me ‘kssh’ [breaking vase sound effect],’ and then a test comes in our life, another test comes and Allah (AJ) wants to shatter that.

02:26 - You’re not shattered but the vase becomes shattered because who you are is the soul inside, not the outside – that’s not you.

02:36 - That’s just the face you’ve given to the world, that’s just a character and a name that you’ve given to the world of who you are and what your status is and how people should respect you, talk good about you, talk high about you.

02:49 - Allah (AJ) doesn’t care for that. Allah (AJ) actually has the system rigged in a different way, ‘Let them talk bad about you’ because every time they say something bad Allah (AJ) sends from your sins and gives to them.

03:03 - They’re like… you’re packing bags upon them; they give you one bad word on here and there through relatives Allah (AJ) took sins off of you and put it onto that person.

03:15 - So, alhamdulillah this is a relief from Allah (AJ) and at the same time it becomes a crack on your vase, ‘I’m shattering your image, I’m shattering you. ’ When you become content with that and you took a path of humility… oh, many people say bad things about us everywhere and have been for 25 years but we’re a train that keeps moving.

03:41 - If you want a ride hop on board, if you don’t no problem ‘Pshht’ [kicking out sound effect] don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

03:49 - Because the train has to keep moving, keep moving, if it wanted to stop and cry for every time somebody wanted to say something, wanted to attack something, wanted to cause a difficulty that would be shaitan (satan) blocking the whole path.

04:06 - So, as the shaykh’s train is moving, who’s comes – ahlan wa sahlan, who left – salaam alaykum, walaykum salaam, khuda hafiz [everybody laughs].

04:16 - It doesn’t matter for the shaykh. It just matters that his train keeps moving and maybe that person will come back on in the next three stations down the road because in many areas it’s the only ride available towards the heavens.

04:31 - So, this is importance of they live their life like that so the students should be emulating that understanding.

04:38 - You don’t have to chase anything; you don’t have to worry about anything.

04:43 - If there are people talking bad about you, it’s a relief from Allah (AJ) -somebody carrying your bags.

04:48 - Let them talk and talk and Allah (AJ) send more of your burdens upon them and that’s why it’s very dangerous to talk bad about a shaykh because he carries the burdens of many, it’s like having a suitcases of thousands of pounds being thrown onto your life and that’s why it can devastate somebody.

05:06 - If you go back and look at the people who did and said very bad things their whole lives can become devastated from those types of characteristics because the burdens they carry are very big.

05:18 - So, he’s not carrying the burden of one small person, you may be involved now in the burdens that are very big that the shaykhs carry from the burdens of all their students.

05:27 - So, that’s why the hikmah and the wisdom of this whole system Allah (AJ) has set up.

05:32 - But everything is based on the good character so that you get the reward within the grave and that Allah (AJ) give us… and that was the whole talk of the energy.

05:41 - We’re here to achieve the energy and this qudra and power and that’s all that’s important for us.

05:48 - And if Allah (AJ) want to do all the testing then the testing is whatever Allah (AJ) wants.

05:53 - How could anyone stop it InshaAllah. As Salaamu Alaykum ‘ala hazrat Walaykum As Salaam wa rehmatullah What does tariqah say about taking care of the physical body because you’ve always talked about the soul, anything we should do to do for our body Walaykum As Salaam wa rehmatullah.

06:14 - You have to take care of your physical body - is a trust from Allah (AJ).

06:20 - That it’s under a gift, Allah (AJ) has given the body as a gift to us.

06:27 - It’s our responsibility to take care of the body so that this is a vehicle in which to give us the support to do our dawah (religious propagation), to do our ‘ibadah – to do our worshipness, for if we should be an oppressor to the body then you can’t even worship Allah (AJ), you know you get… you oppress the body then you get arthritis.

06:49 - If you get arthritis you cry that you can’t even make sujood (prostration) because it’s so difficult, so it affects even your ‘ibadah and your worshipness with Allah (AJ).

06:59 - So, always our shaykhs taught us – always pray for good health, good health.

07:04 - “Illahi anta maqsodi, wa Ridaka Matlob. ” No, “Amman yujeebu mudtarra daahu wa yakshifus sooa” that who can my soul call out to except through You Ya Rabbi, but grant me good health, grant me good health so that I can my worshipness and do my dawah.

07:18 - And that when my time is up then it’s time for me to go but to not oppress the body and to be safeguarding and preserving the body.

07:28 - In these days more important because of the amount of oppression and difficulty coming upon the earth, then to keep oneself healthy with your vitamins, with your activity, with your exercise, with everything so that you govern yourself appropriately inshaAllah.

07:45 - As Salaamu Alaykum beloved Sayyidi Walaykum As Salaam wa rehmatullah Your tongue positioning in meditation does it have anything to do with being silent when tested Please help me understand.

08:03 - ‘Your tongue position in meditation has it any importance to being silent when being tested’ Yeah Yeah, inshaAllah if you’re understanding the reality of your meditation that when you go into a lock state, when you meditate and you locked or in the khatm and the zikr all of these practices that you do, they should be done in your salah (daily prayer), in your zikr – every action that you’re doing of worshipness has to be in a state of tafakkur (contemplation) that ‘I’m nothing, I’m asking for their support and their dress to dress me, their lights to dress me.

’ And as soon as you breathe and you connect your finger, you feel their energy and then you seal your energy and lock with the tongue going to the palate of the roof and locking the body.

08:59 - As soon as the palate of the mouth feels the tongue it’s like a sealing of energy in which that servant is sealing themselves for their energy and the movement of their energy.

09:13 - Same thing if somebody testing and you’re able to catch yourself to bring for your madad, ask for madad – ask for support, seal yourself and then remain silent as somebody’s saying or doing.

09:26 - The more that you can use those – it’s like firefighting.

09:31 - You know they train you, train you, train you, not just run into a fire but all their training… if you’ve ever seen firefighter training, they even sleep with their shoe in their pants all rolled up so that from sleep they jump into their suit to go out to the fire.

09:48 - Means that in life you have to condition yourself with your shoes and pants to be all in one place.

09:55 - Means that your meditation practices you don’t try to gather them when something difficulty coming ‘Ohhh what was I supposed to do What was I supposed to do now Oh my God… this is screaming… let me go wash, let me go wash, let me… Oh now what am I supposed to…’ So it was like a fireman all your life you’re always in that system.

10:12 - That you know when you’re going out - is a fire, so I’m going to make sure I have wudu (ablution), make sure I have my tasbih (prayer beads), make sure I have my ring, make sure I’m understanding.

10:21 - I’m going to certain places I know which relatives I’m going to be tested with because relatives have the biggest buttons, not the strangers.

10:31 - Nobody should be crazy with somebody from a store, that’s way lower level.

10:37 - But the relatives Allah (AJ) gives them big buttons, people whom are near and dear to you they have buttons that they can push that go deep into the person for a reaction.

10:47 - Well you should go there with wudu, you should have your ring, you should you know be prepared for what shaitan is about to do to you.

10:56 - And then you go with all your practices and somebody start to say something and you just seal yourself and put your tasbih in your hand, remind yourself of who you are and what your practices are and try to survive it with little or no talking and reaction and good character.

11:13 - You fail two times, three time, four time until one time you actually begin to pass, and because you know that shaitan is sitting there to come after you, at some point you’re going to say, ‘Hey I’m not going to let shaitan make… ruin everything for me over and over and over again. ’ Say, ‘Oh no this subject is really I have to fight about it’ – no because Allah (AJ) doesn’t care about any subject, He just cares that how come you’re not passing You know something is not right with your faculties then that’s a different… you have to take medicine, that’s a different door.

11:47 - But if everything is operating with you, why you’re not passing this Each, ‘Oh no this is a serious issue; this always gets me angry. ’ But that’s the one that goes very deep, that’s the one that Allah’s (AJ) keeps pushing that button for some reason, ‘Oooh!’ they scream – that’s the one that invokes all your emotions, that’s the one they want resolved until you’re able to sit there and keep your wudu, have your tasbih in your hand and begin to learn how to lock yourself and seal yourself so that your energy is coming and defending you inshaAllah.

12:20 - As Salaamu Alaykum Sayyidi Walaykum As Salaam wa rehmatullah How I’m connect because I don’t feel anything that makes me cry, does it mean I’m not connected Please guide me.

12:36 - InshaAllah. I… yeah, I don’t know how somebody can think they have nothing to cry about, so that in itself we’ll make a du’a (supplication) that Allah (AJ) send you something to cry about.

12:58 - That if you can’t find in your life a sadness and nothing to be sad about, nothing to cry about, nothing about yourself, nothing about your children, nothing about your family, your condition of your parents.

13:12 - If you can’t find anything relative then start to look at the world.

13:18 - Say, ‘Ya Rabbi I can’t take all this sadness everywhere,’ that you’re eating and there’s somebody starving, you’re watching TV and somebody’s buried under the rubble of a building that just been exploded and they can’t find them, they can’t eat from them.

13:36 - So, this has to open empathy and compassion within the heart of the servant.

13:41 - You… how could you not find something to cry about Everyone should look at their children and cry a lot because in a couple years he’s not going to be doing what you said to do.

13:50 - They grow out of everything and the devil begins to attack them and influence them and ‘Come this way, come that way. ’ And the path of everyone’s life is then taking and… at that time everyone has their own path of whatever Allah (AJ) wrote for them.

14:05 - Then you cry that their path won’t be difficult, won’t be extreme and that Allah (AJ) keep them to the love of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.

14:12 - There’s so many things to cry about that it’s just unimaginable.

14:17 - Look at them – people who have been tortured and they show pictures of their torturing.

14:22 - You say, ‘How they’ve been tortured like that, tomorrow they’ll come to torture me one day.

14:27 - Why, they’re worse than me or better than me Allah (AJ) Loves these creation, Loves these servants. ’ So, at every time there’s something sad.

14:38 - And I remember we went to South America on a tour and they were talking about – people were so poor that they left their children out and dogs were coming and taking them.

14:47 - The dog would come and take the child and grab him by the feet to take him to the bushes to eat him with no parent around, nobody caring anything.

14:55 - It was the most horrific things that you could hear about, that you know these case workers were going where animals were eating people.

15:03 - So, there’s so much, so much horrific events happening upon this earth – it’s impossible to think that you know people can’t find something to cry about.

15:12 - That means then the heart is too hard and has to be softened.

15:16 - So, lots of salawats (praises upon Prophet Muhammad ﷺ), lots of looking at difficulty, turn on the news and see oppression and difficulty everywhere and then inshaAllah Allah (AJ) open the heart of the servants to be more empathetic, softer and compassionate to themselves, to their family and to everything around inshaAllah.

15:35 - And Prophet ﷺ described ‘If you knew what I knew you would cry more than you laugh,’ because of what Prophet ﷺ is seeing of immense… all knowledges that are passing through the reality of Prophet ﷺ.

15:50 - So, it was an isharat (sign) or everyone to be compassionate and cry more than we laugh inshaAllah.

15:58 - As Salaamu Alaykum Sayyidi Walaykum As Salaam wa rehmatullah I have a non-Muslim friend who is struggling, though he doesn’t believe he asks for goodness from me, how does one be a good friend to those who is not Muslim or believing but you know Allah (AJ) will open or help them Yes, somebody’s belief is not up to us and has nothing to do with us.

16:21 - We’re good to whomever we deal with. We don’t have to categorize somebody as Muslim or not Muslim.

16:28 - So, when we go out with a friend, you just do good deeds for the friend, good actions, give advice, talk on a regular basis and a normal basis of ‘Do this, do that, do that’ and normally and this is how the tariqah spreads – is that people hear the good word and they see the good deed.

16:48 - They see that the character is good – it’s soft, it’s talking, advising.

16:53 - And then everybody becomes like an advisor for somebody.

16:56 - People come to get counselling, understanding your opinion and it’s always a very gentle reminder.

17:02 - It’s never turn around and say, ‘Okay, give me your shahadah (testimony of faith) and now go do your salah right now and…’ It’s not that type of dawah.

17:08 - The dawah is always of a subtle nature in which your good deeds and your good actions make you to be like a spotlight for people who ‘Hey, I want to get some understanding, I want to get some coordinates,’ and everything is always with a soft tongue and a soft example so, that people will be following that understanding, that guidance and coming at their own pace.

17:30 - We said this is the specialty of tariqahs. So, we don’t go around telling people ‘Make your salah, make your salah.

17:37 - Hello, how are you Yes, make your salah tomorrow. ’ No, but we talk and they sit with us and they say, ‘Shaykh you guys know about like energy’ Say “Yeah, as a matter of fact I can teach you about energy.

17:48 - Do like this, do like this, do like this, and ground your negative energy and put your head onto the ground. ” Oh, they do that right away, there was no mention of praying or nothing.

17:58 - So, everything in dawah is always very… with wisdom and slow because we’re all in the western world teaching this.

18:05 - And they begin to put their head onto the ground to make sujood (prostration).

18:10 - Then they ask for more about energy and you say, “Okay you should wash all the negative energy.

18:15 - When you go to the mall, come back, wash negative energy. ” Say, ‘Oh, that’s… yeah that sounds a great idea. ’ “When you come back from work, wash all your negative energy. ” ‘Okay. ’ Now they’re all making wudu.

18:24 - So, you talk to people and that was the hadith of Prophet ﷺ ‘Teach everyone at their level, lower your wings to reach to everybody. ’ So, the hikmah (wisdom) is to talk to people at their level and their understanding and before you know it they’re doing everything and then later they’ll find what these are called in Arabic language, inshaAllah.

18:50 - As Salaamu Alaykum Sayyidi Walaykum As Salaam wa rehmatullah When we come to know that external negative energy is coming near us, what should we do ‘External negative energy coming near us, what should we do…’ don’t worry about anything.

19:08 - That’s why all those talks before – just build your energy, build your connection, build your madad (support).

19:14 - And 360 degrees around you, above you and below you is negative energy.

19:21 - Did you think you were in a place where there was no negative energy So, where is shaitan right now He’s in front of you, he’s to the right of you, to the left of you, behind you, above you and below you.

19:36 - Didn’t he say that in Qur’an Yes Haji Shahzad [shaykh laughs].

19:42 - You know better Sayyidi [everyone laughs]. Yeah, of course Allah (AJ) Said… shaitan said ‘I’m going to attack Your servants – I’m going to attack in front of them, behind them, to the right of them, to the left of them, above them and below them. ’ Yes Sayyidi So, his guarantee is that ‘I’m surrounding them. ’ And Allah (AJ) Said, ‘Go after them except not my mukhles (sincere). ’ So, the mukhles they reached a protection in which Allah (AJ) distances them and they’re mahfuz (safeguarded), not ma’soom (innocent), mahfuz that they’re guarded – Allah (AJ) put around them guards to go after those shaitans.

20:23 - But Qur’an is promising you – from six directions shaitan is around you.

20:29 - So, where are you without any negative energy So, why do you care about that Just focus on the good energy that make your muraqabah (spiritual connection), make your conditions, make your salawats so that Prophet’s ﷺ Muhammadan light, beatific lights are all around the servant.

20:46 - That’s all that we have to worry about is build it, build it, build it, make the connection.

20:52 - No doubt shaitan is everywhere but now are you protected with these lights to defend yourself against these shayateen (devils) And that’s what’s important inshaAllah.

21:01 - As Salaamu Alaykum Sayyidi Walaykum As Salaam wa rehmatullah What are the etiquettes of wearing the ring like… washroom or while sleeping Yeah, the ring again like anything holy is to be… it has a light and has an immense blessing, so we don’t take those into the washroom.

21:24 - The only thing that you’re allowed to take into your washroom is your kufi (hat) that’s under this turban [Shaykh points to his turban] and that’s why we don’t wrap the turban on the head.

21:35 - Ba ‘Alawi– they wrap their turban on their head.

21:38 - [Shaykh takes turban off to show his hat] So… oh where’s my hat [Kufi gets stuck in turban].

21:45 - Your kufi, this has to remain on your head in the washroom, by means of that is a protection on your head and a protection to your energy.

21:55 - And your ta’weez (prayer for protection) under your shirt, your ta’weez… within yourself when you enter into the facility for washing because it’s a house of shaitan and he’s going to try to attack so Allah (AJ) is allowing these as a protection for the believer.

22:12 - But when you have a sunnah (traditions of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ) ring then everything has to come off.

22:16 - You don’t go with an ‘asaa (cane), you don’t go with the turban – this is holy.

22:22 - The turban is something holy. So, these don’t go into the bathroom facility.

22:26 - The ring doesn’t go into the bathroom. The ‘asaa doesn’t go into the bathroom into there.

22:31 - The jubba (cloak) if you’re wearing a jubba that doesn’t go into the bathroom because these are all dressings of light and holiness.

22:39 - Your tasbih goes into the pocket, never sort of into the bathroom with a tasbih.

22:44 - And never take food and sustenance into the bathroom as shaitan will dress that food and sustenance and become something cursed and then that person put into their body, if it’s a facility just for the bathroom.

22:59 - Some facilities are very open, the sink is somewhere else and the wash cabinet is somewhere else – that’s something different.

23:06 - But when they open a door into the wash cabinet it’s not a food and drinking festival.

23:12 - Western world now that’s like their best part of their home, the wash cabinet is there with a television, a snack bar, food and chips and drink and they never want to leave that throne.

23:23 - For them it’s like an ‘Arsh (The Divinely Throne), they’re sitting there, they’re going to be guiding the whole world from that seat.

23:29 - But that’s not, not the reality that the heavenly kingdom has taught for insan (mankind), is that’s the throne of shaitan – leave that, don’t bother yourself with that reality, that garbage.

23:41 - So, alhamdulillah Allah (AJ) gave for us these weapons – these heavenly spiritual lights that to defend ourself against these devils inshaAllah.

23:50 - Is my turban straight It’s good. Alhamdulillah.

23:55 - Ila sharifin Nabi (SallAllahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam) wa aalihi wa sahbihil kiram, Wa ila mashayikhina fit tariqatin Naqshbandiyatil ‘aaliyah, wa sayiri sadatina wa Siddiqin.

24:06 - Al Fatiha. .