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oh foreign is my foreign be to foreign is i believe that we can still use our positions as members of this parish to manipulate things and get whatever we want to you see but why should they deny us membership of the knighthood where should surprise they can prepare himself to embrace my brother is requirements we could not even recite a permanent and when we are trying to to paint black and white this and that okay let me not pretend i did not hear you let me know let me just pretend we are not here cannot even lessen my own fear as a member i feel afraid yes yes what are you afraid of what i’m afraid of is right now that we’re having this little problem if we do not stop these people from reciting that that’s absolute does it give back what i’m telling you we need to let sabara help us if somebody is that strong let us about help us i don’t believe i know you agree why should you subscribe to these generated pessimisms this one is not the matter of this your big grammar as a what peace let me tell you let us tell these people because if we try to stop them they will open that speech and you as they give back you will drink that okay fresh just relax if you first didn’t hear me if you fell i never meant what i said let me say what i mean once again see very bro okay this land will bearing witness yes where are you you are they are praying for you every day nothing will happen to you you will go around and come back give me your hands in the name of the father another son one of the holy bad oh we should be destruction so i can see to replace the old priest parish priest he seems to be so powerful but that is his strength is not for the butterfly are you saying that he’s powerful than us far from that decrease in their breath as far as we have uh any further resistance by him will cost in his life not to worry see you at the party it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay why do you keep on encroaching on that land what gave me the impetus to interfere in my private office papa you’ve approached him and he told you that that’s the only family property he had um you are my father if i don’t tell you the truth who are you for goodness sake do not allow me to show you the other side of your father i’m sorry dad you should be don’t let me grow my tops it is us it is no peace all of you this morning because there is something very important i want you to understand the gilbert has approached me three times to send one to him i told him that i would not sell any land to him because that land belonged to the family the last time he met me he was eyeing me looking at me when i began to suspect him because that look was not an ordinary blue which means he has some evil mind for looking at me that way that is why i called all of you night the really narrated devotee you shouldn’t agreements into that listen i am no longer a child i know the difference between capital letter b and the footprint of a cow the way they get back looked at me that day it was not an ordinary root i’m telling you he is evil you will not understand and you cannot understand there’s nothing left to understand papa if you feel that this man is let me tell you something in this life look very well before you leave you know just because you want you you are strong let us fight and it may be dangerous um my son listen what i want to say now i’m referring to all of you anything i can see sitting down if you climb the tallest tree you can see it it is a peace syndrome that is causing problems for us in this family if you don’t restrict those that convert our backyard into a pathway it will never close it will never close listen my son it is only one who has lost knows the agonies of losing someone i don’t want to look for any of you not now that i’m still alive god forbid thank you for telling me oh save and done my children if anything should happen to me who is the gilbert responsible god nothing will happen to you um thank you father once again you are welcome to our parish these are the end of advanced council one of the further in this church yes my name like you is we are the papers and further please before i forget one of us is not around me um once again let me say thank you i welcome you all i am happy to be in this parish even though it is evidently clear that the task ahead is enormous but by the special grace of our jesus christ we shall overcome victory shall be ours the church must move forward thank you thank you thank you thank you father please before we forget uh the other party cooperated with us and we worked very hard very very fast when you talk about working harmoniously and working in cooperation i strongly believe that more is demanded from the parishioners especially you the parish councilwoman as for me you don’t have any doubt you are my god guy direct every of my activities in this parish let everyone fashion against me will come to sender the name of the most high have a father king of glory do not let me fall off thy hand father let everyone fashion against me return to sender name of the most high do not let me fall off thy hand father do not let my enemies triumph over me i take refuge in yourself he vehemently refused to send the land to me is it good no the man is wise the land is very close to where i want to be something and you’re telling me i should look for another life okay i told you okay okay now i understand this is that no no his yes your face is forgive me my memory followed me smokey would know your mind back to your hometown on your mouth since you have refused to say the land to me remember you shall die remember freddie it is now clear to me than this battle is not just against human beings powers of the dark world father i call upon thy name to help me and pull down every trying obstacles exalt themselves against that is trying to exalt themselves above your knowledge father let the heavenly host take every thought every negative thought and let them obey christ in the name of our lord jesus christ you all are aware of the problems we are facing in this parish the book of revelation made us know that every man is created to be hot or cold nobody is expected to be hot and cold at the same time the atrocities growing men in this church are getting out of hand because members of this church are the ones involved in this agreement i have imagined that the essence of this meeting is for me to share out the money so that we can buy good materials for the building of the church before the price will go up forever shut up and sit down shut up and sit down sit down watch me talk is it not another when i talk thus a human holy spirit um no matter the distraction nothing will make me not to do what i want to do nothing will distract me from what i am observing in this meeting better further for this the precious blood of jesus christ father do not allow my father and all the evil men in this community to go on foreign we fly to your protection for holy mother of god despite not our prayers in our necessity for deliverance from all dangers forever okay if you insist please if you go come back in time we have women meeting today i drinks while you are bitten by a snake snake yes oh yes i dreamt of similar something you had this similar dream not a similar dream and you still want to go to that farm a dream is a dream a dream is a figment of human’s imagination for your own understanding let me tell you sometimes they keep people in the dream and the person’s empty will be going up and down i’m telling you yes my house okay just doing that to your mother i thought you died you always bye oh is against the advice of if i may suggest you i’m just trying to save my mind if i may suggest why not give him a little time not to have everything you know as there is i am doing some thinking here and even me let me tell you when you think from thinking back imagine me meaning that this man might not just be as easy as you thinking wasting him you might not just be a trafficker jeff anyhow watch your utterances clear i’m pure let me tell you oh now we claimed just leave my house as a sacrifice and you shall be very very powerful now you are promoted to the next level hey i asked this guy to not go to the farm i should not have gone to the farmers she wouldn’t listen to me he wouldn’t listen i wanted my one game that is yes that’s my best friend what i told him i told him he wouldn’t listen hey foreign that is not good for you i thought you’re dead it is not necessarily so that is what they thought so you’ve come to stay with us i came with a message to you and your brother no native doctor no go into that farmland as for china she doesn’t support her father that girl is a very good girl go ahead with your marriage plans do you see just because there’s this our family land there’s a neighborhood was asked asking for but he said he won’t give him that so in my dream he came i saw in my dream we now said that we should not enter that man that would not enter that land unless we meet a very powerful native doctor because i am a christian i don’t want our family to have anything to do with it um they may is you know very very soon very soon mama will come out of harmony so it is very very important to raise money for the project we have at hand but uh remember past last injection for us not to enter into that land anymore oh i’ve met the reverend father concerning that before we go there all of us i mean the reverend father will go with us so that he will do a landed deliverance there if i would do anything yes okay hey see ya i am thinking yes to the ground if you want to do something a good man like you’re supposed to have license this man has a darkness with your common sense supposed to know that darkness has nothing in common what fake this smile is not the way as far as some concerns is yes grand master thank you from among the global girls yes my love my brother there’s something you need to understand violence begets violence if you look at these people i don’t think we’ll have that strength to acquire their forces seriously i’m tired of this whole thing every time peace peace peace do you know that in the same place syndrome that kid papa so you want all of us to remain like this and allow this evil man wipe us okay nah that is not what i meant please all we need to do now is to see the reverend father i know his words can help us spiritually and otherwise reverend father again i don’t understand you i was going nowhere where would you even especially tell us of god uh mary send yourself we have we don’t have any other thing you don’t have the strength you don’t have the power to face them if not to just leave everything to god everything to god uh father punish priests no you’re not even you will never understand never our father important over the present only science god that the appointed time has come father the pattern time has come father it is time for you to come and show us how great you are but i call upon you you are my anchor almighty and everlasting king of glory the mighty one in battle the time for you to show your power have finally come lord descend the power of the holy spirit oh lord let our presence come and overcome everything that that are the is are gathered but they are gathering to come against your faithfulness but that they are gathering to come against the church but they are gathering to come against the word of god but lord my god i know that thee is the most high that you are the power that is above every other power and therefore lord let any other power that rises about your power father assume befitted the prophets of bow let that same faith be achieved today father protect me protect my parishioners father oh lord instead of my parishioners to die father let my life be taken instead father i pray i call upon thy name to come and take preeminence in what is about to take place father in the name of the father love the son and of the holy spirit what’s the problem with you yes how do i know about my son listen yes he told me i was preparing to go autism god mother mary please do not allow their plans to come to fulfillment please save your son save your servants i have to do something yes i have to do something go to my rescue look at me a problem with you so when do i want to hey jesus oh assume that that is already planted again more than the manipulations of the evil if you will be okay why is he me you see who never submits to anything he will definitely submit to ethereum it is sometimes good for a stubborn child to bath with a corona for him to test for himself what am i turning it’s all about let us make sure that that boy yes has no business with their grandfather the good man let us know the content with the academy um my dad is a cultist my daughter you don’t see such thing against your father father he killed my mother how do you know my mother has appeared to me thrice in dream and she told me how he took her to their temple and offered us a sacrifice do you know that at times dreams could mean fragments of one’s imagination father they are plotting to kill me you know don’t worry it is the lord’s part and there is no peace yes he pretended as if he was going to show me something that belongs to my father just for him to bring that bearing into his finger and i could not remember anything again we thank god for everything never the mind is watching over you all the works of evil and the evil man shall be put to the stone just be steadfast why should you be here with other i never lose this yet you call yourselves professionals listen i am leaving you simply because i am going to make use of these regions in two weeks time i am giving you four days to bring them here how are you ready for this how many days indeed food foreign but deliver us from all dangers ever glorious and blessed amen father lord let all the evil men in this environment be exposed whatever that they are planning on letting back to sender in the mighty name of jesus christ of prayer in this house father what did i do wrong why should you pray for someone to die but i did not pray for anyone i am your father i have ordered you not to say that type of prayer in this house again any foreign voice in this house me you are gracious i don’t wish to bother you but when someone passed me on the head not avoiding the hair i would bite his hands not avoiding the voices i request that my daughter chinazo be killed alongside father agubata your wish has been granted yes so father 300 000 and 100 because they did work free of charge to promote the work of god and those of the church those who did the interior thinking painting of what happened we are grateful to god i pray that almighty god increase your freedom holiness i am not surprised in fact i give god the glory this singular effort by the parishioners returning their supposed payments back to the church may god’s name be praised this is what is called pure christianity yes in fact i am overwhelmed they have shown that truly truly they are the old children of god that took all of us that took part in this church building must be blessed i tell you that god in his infinite mercy will bless all of us i have to do everything i need to thank you my only happiness is that we are christ thank you i’m glad to keep on protecting you and keep on guiding i would never disappoint this family by the grace of god by the grace of almighty god i will never disappoint this family i will never ever disappoint you in this family please keep away from trouble as much as you can but i’ve heard what you said uh i’m promising you that i will never disappoint this family either thank you very much thank can fight him keep away from trouble and take good care of mama please stop trying keep peace i have so let me let me run hey thank you man definitely i have told you that he who never submits to anything one day he will submit to a very amount coffee will be your abode so is from west i just came to let you know that your food is ready this is you screaming begging my mother not to kill me my daughter don’t let that bother you our lord jesus christ is your personal lord and savior our mother mary will be there to always help you the holy spirit and the whole angelic host will always protect you never allow yourself to do anything that is sinful always stand in the truth and worship god pray fervently never let the word of god depart from your mouth segment imagination just a dream number number one somebody is about to die let me tell you what happened to you is a clear evidence to tell you that the end of sabbath yes it’s very important most of the things that happened inside dream fact they manifest very soon talk to the chief can you just shut up for a minute can you just shut up for a minute for a minute go for is blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruits of your own jesus blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruits of your own jesus you and your mother let me see those devils here who call knee you’ve done greatly well thank you sir i must say i’m really impressed because it is making progress i’m just only creative all thanks for making it possible for us to achieve that faith thank you sir for that please ordered me to stop attending all the negative meetings and activities you should not be worried always have it at the back of your mind that every good christian faces a lot of challenges the early christians were persecuted some were even bound to death my advice to you is that you should not disobey your father no no don’t get me wrong i don’t mean you should stop attending marry league activities or block rosary or the church activities no i’m only trying to tell you that only with prayers you can defeat the enemy be steadfast we thank you lord we thank you for our endeavors oh lord we thank you lord for our business we thank you for the extent that you have taken our business as our business is growing lord papa we thank you we move we are moving from place to place in lord we thank you lord thank you all for the things you’ve done so far or not but we still bring you enough to keep growing us taking us higher and higher and higher we believe in you we trust in you but lord most especially o lord i beg you o lord for my madame oh lord papa please bless her with the fruit of the womb she has stayed for a very long time she has asked she has cried now please bless her if her childlessness is out of their fault lord i beg you i beg you not to forgive them if it is what they have done now please forgive them but bless them with the fruit of the room but if it is the work of the enemies not at this very moment oh lord prevent it and reverse it in jesus name heavenly father we thank you lord jesus will glorify your name we say may all glory may all honor be unto your name in jesus name amen i have told you to denounce that name i would rather die than to denounce my mother as for abandonment you haven’t abandoned because you are not a leader you are just living good you are just a living ghost my son forget all that we are serving a living god not an idol for sure we will never experience peace for the parish praise has come to sanitize the parish there will be no evil in that foreign the holy mother of god can never allow that to happen amen count one or two things the blessed sacrament has done for me they are countless there are so many but um knowing that you are not a catholic it will be a little bit difficult for me to convince you but the only thing i will tell you is please let us just visit the blessed sacrament i know the goddess have i know that you must have a reason to glorify his name i am confident that your growth will with blessings because good things have come from you just that i’m thinking to kill me i know the god that i said thank you very very much for giving me this opportunity to tell you things about the blessed sacrament but one promise i am giving you today is that the god that i serve will definitely answer on your prayers in jesus name just don’t worry in jesus name shall be destroyed in jesus name holy is of god this personal prayers do not let me down yes foreign me me hello especially yes remember your request that your daughter will die along the prison your greatness your wish is but i thank you as i return from the mountain that i may your name be christ holy mother of god i fly on your patronage holy father may your name be praised for i alone cannot do it father oh lord i call for your strength but i call for your strength to make me to have your neighborhood to carry on with the works of god which is facing me how can that be possible you must go to the bishop first acquisitions against the priest and the bishop will transform him out okay they said i am confused a little uh did you point at me or him let us let me kill me because if you are pointing at me he can’t walk you want me to accept something i cannot do you know it’s impossible there’s somebody who can do it to do it one day let god are you a member of this brotherhood brothers brothers brothers my wife is a commander is further we shall ever remain grateful because without you that beginning will not be a reality well to god be the glory i am going to communicate with his lordship our bishop i i want to find out if it is still uh with the date in schedule i want him to confirm that he is still going to come on that proposed date uh so good so you inform the rest of the parishioners but i want you to question them tell is them to move out at night so let’s walk foreign i say remove these women from here hey maybe you are confused and maybe this thing is broken in your eyes your sights what may be the position do what i told you remember foreign oh love you foreign this is unbelievable maybe girls where the prison did not be with you up i don’t want to believe that you girls have lost your faith i told you girls that the lord revealed to me that they will return why are you after my life my daughter as long as you remain in those lines of progress called the church members more especially it did you people eat anything from them no father further three men pushed into their vehicle and took us to their place further there was a ring one of them alone and immediately we looked at the ring we did not remember anything again until we were told to leave the place without looking back we saw three of them that came the name jesus or mary again that there was too much alive but the children of god will always be victorious no weapon formed against us shall prosper those three in white garments that came to see the three of you we are your guiding angels for them to proclaim that the three of you are set free indeed three of you are set free in the name of our lord jesus christ surely you are free indeed let me pray for three of you okay oh before you leave okay sir please foreign actions amen amen yes hey come on today is sunday you know what it means it is the toilet no that’s the security house security house yes only him is it too big it’s very big everything is just big you’re just saying the outside come let me take it something has been bothering me so i i took it upon myself to come and verify from you so are you saying that that priest’s power depressed power is more powerful than your power the boss is you can actually kill foreign hey do so oh oh cat kissed us for yourself people came to see me may the peace of the lord be with you ah i can’t really see you’re getting better we thank god for that and i know that the god almighty that we serve who saved you from that from the attack will really see you through your future and we pray that those evil doers who attacked you supporting what is saying the vicious circle of poverty shall be taken of past our young youth you see no matter what may god’s name be praised it is not by my power that i survived the attack you know that the car was set at least but to god be the glory no matter the plots and plants of the evil people the children of god will always be victorious amen i thank you all for coming please let’s go inside thank you what is this problem once you are involved both the driver and the conductor or conductors that have hands in her death no notice it is my did you share the world with me you killed your wife okay remove your clothes did you drink yes what body do you have here it is our considered opinion that is myself or cabinet and robert the pillars of this church that we should have over victory jesus this is my greatness happiness is that we are beyond human destruction what is your greatest happiness we are beyond human destruction if you don’t observe it don’t lose your hand i repeat myself if you know you don’t observe it don’t lose your hand continue let me agree that all of us observe these seven days faster you may bring down your eyes you all are witnesses to the battle we are facing in our parish the fact you all witnessed the last what just happened we are not fighting against flesh and blood so that we shall win this battle i wish to advise this very battle we are about to face if you are not ceremonially clean please do not endanger your life to come for this battle stay indoor go for your confession but pray for us that are in the world the name of our lord jesus christ this is why um everybody uh everybody everybody children of god children of the most high may the peace of the lord be with you all we have seen perilous times what god has said that today is going to be the last day that today all our enemies shall be put to end jehovah muslim has given us the authority to trample down on lions and snakes and they shall not hammer us no we can stand against the children of god shall prosper and today they are young that i am he has given us the authority that every of our battle shall end today so everybody do not be afraid of that that will only kill your flesh do not move you from the kingdom of darkness i know what you are made of but i tell you today is your last day today the lord almighty will show you that he has every power oh ah foreign today is your last journey on this earth yes yes yes yes and god bless you are standing yes it’s your life yes you can join me hello oh i disowned you you are not going to partake in any of my glorious any of my property father what made you think i’m interested in your you’ve got too well no the money you got from cultism i’ve denounced you long ago yes you are going to die along with father that is my ring the ring you are looking for is as important as your chief priest what i’ve sprinkled holy water and rose so it’s powerless foreign your congregation very soon i promise i will come back personally to with the food m sweet is my is oh.