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[Music] one [Music] [Music] oh [Music] [Music] like [Music] [Music] oh a cool glass of water [Music] my god so name your price now five naira knife members now maybe no no five five nine i wish to be 50k oh that’s what you mean that’s what i want it’s okay that’s one issue you’re good i’m good that means i’m going to have you all night how can talk that one that’s an issue are you like this baby wow all right [Music] what is holding the soup now in fact i’m going to teach this food by myself you hear me yes sir [Applause] i have to go with this huh are you eyeing the beat nothing sir children don’t eat meat it’s only people like i honorable morgan do yes [Music] who is there we sit see i see that full of dirty bed bug huh i got download why did you insult me like that hey boy i have to close your mouth short point of correction my name is boy and most bomb boy what is the difference between bomboy and boy i don’t know but what i know is that my name is boy and not bombay shut up you are not even up to my son who is a an engineer that is staying at city even my beautiful daughter that is where to be huh and you madame you know why i’m here i came to remind you about your rent you hear me i don’t want to hear a story that’s why i’m here you have me yes hello i know that will be in three months time at least one you still running now one is still running my son please call him you can do something okay don’t worry [Music] everything [Music] [Music] juice [Music] [Music] [Applause] you’re so good [Music] oh [Music] [Music] do you guys ever do any other thing apart from party we’re having a test tomorrow on props course and you guys aren’t even bothered and sometimes i wonder if you ever have feelings for your parents will do so much to send you to school for you to become good girls so holla come here chica you don’t want to ruin your respectability come you know if you get respect for us now with the tattoo i believe why won’t you insult me after all that is the only good thing you know how to do but i must tell you the truth i really pity the boat of you especially hey if i hear you slap don’t forget what you’ve got something for this matter now i mean i missed something for your plot this even if you are the one that is paying this rent i will not fail to tell you both the truth what is your challenge i mean your parents do so much to send you to school but yet you are here while in a way your time partying here and there so preaching okay but you can go ahead and do whatever you feel like because i stay in your house that isn’t a problem but i will tell you the truth then i swear she will sleep outside you can’t even express yourself in good english rubbish at this house i see what i’ll tell you i’ll portion this gift until christmas is [Laughter] okay [Music] my daughter yes but do not let that bother you at all do you hear me yes mama don’t let it bother you at all at all mama do you also know that there is uncle abuses me without involving you mama that man is actually beating more than he could choose how would he date to reign a business at papa who is no longer with us does he not have respect for the dead listen to me my children if you wish to be a good leader someday then you must be a good follower and for your information no condition is permanent at all at all no condition is permanent do you understand me yes mama uh mama if you ask me i will suggest that grace should come back home after all hunger hasn’t killed us yet grace yes mama don’t even listen to your brother tolerator don’t even listen to him just continue paying your loyalty to your uncle i’m sure things will change for good someday do you hear me yes ma’am in that case let me run along before uncle return admits my absence have a nice day excuse me wait grace don’t you think that uncle of yours is biting more than he can chew i mean it is i time someone taught him a lesson they will never forget if you ask me now we want to ask just yesterday i almost quit staying with him what’s my name wait does your mom enjoy seeing you surfing go for pizza although she says if i must make it in life else [Music] i think i should pay that uncle of yours a vision no that won’t be necessary oh do you want him to tell me my little father poverty is free if i may ask why would you have to visit [Applause] why don’t you wait until i visit i hope it will cost me anybody it’s okay [Music] [Applause] [Music] hello yeah hello please am i on to charity morgan yes nachacharito good are you in any way familiar with 2014 slash 2090 ah yes that’s my matric number now isn’t that interesting my dear husband’s matter jesus and how about flatulence estate that’s my residence now you shut up and listen to me stay away from my husband but then please who are you and how come you know so much about me so which one of them is your husband hey whoa this is getting more interesting so it’s not just my husband no madam don’t misunderstand me i just i’m i just mean the name what’s his name stay away from my husband don’t say i didn’t want you [Music] babe she don’t cut what if she got the dog man she said an apple she didn’t even tell me her name my husband so what exactly did she tell you does she leave her husband sorry did she say anything that would lead to his identity what’s your problem i keep warning you girls to stay off people’s husbands don’t fire you off your father so you know how close you’re smelling this guy i don’t know why these guys provoke me for this house of other people’s hospital he didn’t see him sign this thing come up for this house he said that offended if i was saying you go back now break the number use my number just be yourself in my head they hold my face drinking skye [Music] thank you sir who does not know your personality as a matter of fact as i’m talking to you right now i’m having an appointment with the president governor of riverside chief pakistan really so can i join you to the meeting sir [Music] it’s not yet time i shall let you know what the guy was okay actually i was on my way to somewhere before i saw this so i would like to take my lead now see you next time do you know i’ve been trying to locate the address the contribution man gave to me or to know a girl mother on my way to work today i hope i heard some people discussing about some thrusters will go about duping people all in the name of daily contribution they dies not because if they do i will fish them out no matter what is take me yahweh me espresso mother [Music] [Music] what happened [Music] what happened to your left eye baby who can’t do this kind of thing now what’s napping i was attacked by some unknown men it was a beating it blew to my eye you didn’t say anything you didn’t do anything they just came out from nowhere started beating you cha-cha no no no no wait you know you know any of them oh yeah you know sorry anybody there hey god wait tell me the truth i hope some are blowing them blow you they’re not blind or eyeball i’m blind i’m not ain’t nothing true now enough to be true just like that go ahead hello yo baby it’s me joe yeah it’s me wow yeah i’m fine i hope you’re fine no problem good i’m so sorry baby i’m so sorry for not calling you others while but i promise you one thing i’m going to explain everything when i come back to nigeria by next month you expect me baby i’m coming yeah are you there yes i’m still here yeah i’m so sorry baby but i promise you one thing when i get back to nigeria i’m coming down with my pups and my family members we’re coming to pay your prize i’m coming to marry you baby yeah i’m coming yeah i love you so much i love you so much expect me by next month i’ll come with my father and everyone you know i love you i’ll marry you i promised i was gonna marry you so i’m gonna marry you yeah baby okay so uh until then uh just take a look at yourself for me i’ll call you huh i’ll get back to you love you yeah bye for now bye what did he say what did you say what talking down tell us now it’s therefore [Music] baby [Music] is yes dad let’s go inside and take charity to come and welcome our in-laws okay i’m happy take care of you you know i can dance uh is this the woman you were talking about yeah she’s the one adam oh my god what have i done to myself [Music] [Music] jesus what happened to you your eyes as you can see [Music] as you can see we will not be able to pay you 100 hmm [Music] [Music] um [Music] you are welcome we have agreed look at the way i’m being prized like a rotten fish in the market it’s talking about me maybe i’ll take care of you [Music] i [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] so [Music] you.