Giving our Dogs a Better Home | St. Pete, FL

Jul 15, 2021 16:00 · 2621 words · 13 minute read

do you ever wonder what happens when the police leave crime scene cleaners are private companies that handle the cleanup after the police are gone spaulding decon is one of the nation’s largest cleanup companies handling the aftermath of homicides suicides decompositions hoarding and much more these are our stories good morning we are in saint pete today doing a hoard for a couple that’s been hoarding for a few years now good morning we are in saint pete today uh doing a hoard for a couple that’s been hoarding for a few years now they’re just looking to get rid of a lot of the waste that’s inside of the home a lot of the garage they won’t clean out as well and then we’re going to do a deep clean and kind of get them back to you know we have myself we have room we have john isabelle and ivy so i’m pretty confident that we’ll be able to get it done in three days maybe even sooner uh it just depends on the deep clean the deep clean is what’s gonna take the most so uh they have some filthy bathrooms as of right now but uh i think like i said before i’m pretty confident in the team that i have that we’ll be able to get accomplished there’s a pink bag right over here that’s the mulch yeah nothing on the walls nothing on the walls no no doors the doors stay all this crank boxes go in the back right here yes are they fent or are they full? they’re full.

ohh. ready to use. yes sir absolutely all that stuff right it’s not just one box it’s boxes there’s yeah boxes there’s boxes there’s gas it’s all bad bring it back bring it back bring it back here don’t dump it all right we’ll do let me get those all this all these creams are our co2 carbs those are all okay those all got to be put away all right yeah you can move you can move right here and we just kind of train line right here if you want or you could just back it in like an angle straight up here at this tree yeah i’m gonna hit the tree i’m gonna go on the other side all right let go take two at a time womp womp womp that’s how i used to bowl when i was a kid okay okay okay okay just move the shovel man there it goes first time that’s the fragile thing i can tell you this box is kicking your a$ i don’t know if they want to keep the lamps because i know we sometimes do how’s it going so far what’s your name my name is isabella awesome and what’s your name my name is ivy i’ve been here for about a week and this is my first hoard how’s it going so far i love it yeah i love the work so far it’s amazing have you done anything like super gross yet this hoard isn’t super gross it’s more just clutter well not as gross as i thought it’d be i’ve done like one bio and that wasn’t that bad yet i can’t wait for something really gross nice to meet you guys welcome to spalding thanks thank you thank you good luck all right man what’s your name brucelon weaver so uh how long you been with spalding right now um coming up on a month a month yeah and you’re just in here for the summer and you’re going back to school or yep that’s what i’m doing play hockey up north so i decided to get some money for the summer down here so that’s what i’m excited to do all right you’re hard worker thanks bru thank you um the trash ones are the white  and then the box under it everything else stays correct okay actually you know what no this can go um that little blue and white this package you know the little package right here in front of the cardboard box that can go i think i remember you know i picked these up to take to the kitchen maybe guess what there’s no table in our living room anymore chuck that $h!t yeah so this is pretty much kind of like the big gist of stuff right now that we have all the walls are clean uh your garage is clean and we just have this in your back bedroom so if we could get that kind of like isolated to where hey you know what you want us to throw away tomorrow we should come in here just man boom boom we’re back to your bedroom we knock that out as well i’m not gonna stress you you know force you to do anything you want to do just you know just take your time doing whatever it is you know you have it for three days use the hell out of us all right all right i can do that basically everything in this corner that stays obviously the wood stays no um good luck with the pokemon fans bro yeah they’re serious yeah I don’t mess with the pokemon mon a pokemon fan! no I am not I love all of the pokemon goers these days I am the pokemon goers these days yeah I got a label maker I will give it to you and don’t even stress yourself out either.

no I wont that way we’re not pulling you all over the place right overwhelming you want to just get that stuff cleared out yeah like everything in the fridge can go.

08:59 - I just want to help you guys out in the best way possible so you can– we appreciate not having the mess when you’re here you guys have been awesome like any stress has been like self-induced so it certainly hasn’t been you guys aw sorry i won’t do that. on that note oh my god i’m so sorry how did today go today went really well uh best camera man in the world uh we got done with day one of the hoarding uh the lady got a little bit overwhelmed you know so we’re finishing up a little bit early it’s around like three o’clock so we’re gonna come back in the morning you know we’re gonna wrap up the living room her bedroom all right newbies how you feel awesome i loved it they did great you know there’s no i in team so i don’t want to be individualized when i’m doing a wrap-up i appreciate them being here i appreciate them putting time and effort in coming in and working and hopefully tomorrow would be the same thing see you guys tomorrow all right later and your clothes right here too? all gone? all the clothes yes hello handsome hello good boy i can go all right grab another one i’m gonna cry where’s Thad and Bru? i never felt so cornered all right nothing crazy so tomorrow yes uh i’ll grant also we still have you know personal belongings and things in the house so let’s have a look tonight okay uh and then what we’ll do our goal i’ll see is we’re gonna we’ll start from the wall so what would you like to wipe down on the walls get all the heavy dusting down you know there’ll be some challenges because you know of the personal stuff that’s still here so we’ll we’ll mitigate around the majority of that i mean you’ve absolutely given us our lives back so i appreciate you guys we appreciate y’all thank you thank you granted people do call us you know they’re ready for a change but not everyone is ready to separate especially on the days and i know it’s stressful or are you like you think you’re ready and i’m not gonna lie like yesterday morning what was it like the first five minutes i’m i’m in here and here’s good you do this but you know it’s like buck up do it do it you’ll be so much happier i’m happy now look at this when y’all were at lunch the boys were just ecstatic laying wherever they wanted tyler was able to focus and do his three turn around before he lays down and we didn’t have to tell them to get up and move so we could walk by because they’re in our way something i will never take for granted hey everybody uh today’s episode is sponsored by hoover uh today we’re finalizing a hard job here in saint pete florida today i actually get the uh exciting opportunity to work with hoover they provided us with the hoover smart wash pet complete there are two dogs in this house so i’ve just finished putting the product together uh we’re getting ready to utilize it got some water in the tank a solution and a solution tank on the back uh we’re getting ready to fire it up and see how great the product is so let’s see how she works all right let’s check it out you can see it’s pulling up all the dry materials as soon as you pull it back it washes that clean carpet you’re cleaning the carpets you’re removing the odor one machine it’s definitely going to save us a bunch of time a bunch of room for equipment you know instead of us bringing you know a spot cleaner a carpet scrubber um small machine you bring your bag of accessories in your machine and you can do it all literally half the time literally with just six or seven swipes you can see the stuff that’s pulled up from that carpet so easy dude it’s literally one button it’s got your treatment spot button up here on the top a really cool thing which is gonna be super awesome is with one button you can pull this off and it turns into a wand utilize the hose provided you can actually do the spa treatment so when we’re doing the carpet as well we bring the accessory bag so now we can actually do the furniture at a lot of these homes not only can we do the floors with this machine but we also can utilize the hand scrubbing machine as well and literally still get the full function of machine on a handheld uh vacuum as well comes with the spot tank as well a handle and the hose that plugs right into the machine so you literally you can utilize it on the actual furniture clean the furniture it’s amazing for carpet it’s there the hose is long enough that you can work your way about halfway up the stairs for any of those that are interested uh go to hoover.

com uh we have the hoover smart wash pet complete so check out hoover. com and get one for yourself i highly doubt you’ll be disappointed it’s a great machine uh literally you’re trading and three appliances for one good purchase for us and we’re excited to use it in the field so thank you very much hoover very good boy so what do they need to know they need to know about you you keep your camera rolling the people need to know about the face behind the lens do me you’ll never know they’ll never know no they never know.

this is all I am to them look at yourself that’s kind of annoying i didn’t like that because this stuff right here they’d just be peeling up you feel me you see that now you gotta do a scrub use the water to your advantage look at that guys the fly on the wall yeah it’s all your fault camera guy it was him the entire time it’s omnipotent and all good this is kind of like my life it comes and hits you hard and at the end of the day all it is is fumes dude and hot air blowing sometimes take me in small doses dude yeah man you’re cooking with high grease right now girl yeah that thing’s in fuego we’re going to lift out these sinks you know what i’m saying i want to be able when i come in here man i’ll be able to lick that sink though i mean that’s just immaculate it’s good i appreciate you good is good you know is it a chihuahua $h!t or is it dinosaur $h!t probably chihuahua compared to what you’ve seen well chihuahuas $h!t like dinosaurs this trick goddamn question you know what i mean yeah i’m just joking it looks like a tyrannosaurus been in here it could have been a brontosaurus could have been a cameraman-asaurus they leave stuff like this around man why our camera man $h!tting in the toilet.

He’s just on another level. so rude! Where am I supposed to $h!t? for all y’all people keep trying to talk about our tampa bay lightning 2-0 right now understand we ain’t playing no games back to back you’re filming back to back anybody else don’t want to hear it drop drop the stuff in the comments if whoever your favorite team is and let me know what they be doing let me know they records what cup they playing in billy you get me hyped right now i’m supposed to be cleaning people get me fired up a lot of people that don’t say a lot or do a lot of people that like to run their mouth they don’t usually say money so so i don’t even know what the hell this is the steamer a steamer for what for clothes for clothes? get wrinkles out so thaddy’s main service of you if you need to get at your boy to come and do your house i will wear your favorite outfit whatever you need i’ll get the job done for you i don’t know what you guys want to see me in but uh i’ll do my best so you can look in your bathroom okay let me know oh can’t wait to see this okay oh my god yeah this room i think this is what is the bathroom yes we are going to check the craft room wow shower heads sinks uh all your baseboards i know you probably got on your nerves a little bit agitation a little bit uh you know we do appreciate your patience we do appreciate your 0:23:31.

283,1193:02:47. 295 oh my god time are we at Thad man we are at day three here in saint pete at the hoard that we started two days ago as you’ll be seeing and and the footage coming up that you know we have knocked out all the trash and the breed that they had all the dog hair that they wanted to get rid of things of that nature basically came in today on our last day and did a deep clean got all the baseboards the floors the countertops all the hard surfaces and knocked those out for they were super stoked about it very exciting uh they love the place they love to get back to living the way that they used to before the hoarding started and just another satisfied customer at spaulding decon sweet thanks for watching guys don’t forget to like share subscribe and ring that bell to be notified of the next episode for more information visit any of our locations.