Kenny Taylor - WOCM-Make It Plain - The Anatomy of Faith - Pt E-2 - 07 Mar 21 -Giving God the Glory

Mar 28, 2021 18:48 · 3525 words · 17 minute read

this is the day that the lord has made we shall rejoice and be glad in it hallelujah hallelujah to god be the glory for all the great things he’s done in our lives hallelujah praise the lord love you hey everybody god bless you i’m glad you’re back hey don’t forget the just shall live by faith and if we’re going to live by faith then we need to understand what faith is let us pray father thank you for this opportunity to come to worship and praise your holy name as father to move us out of the way that hold us for heaven’s way speak to our hearts heavenly father make it plain for us to understand where you’re coming from so that we can hear your voice and understand your word in jesus name man amen amen you know the point is you know division of ministry is all about teaching the word of god in a practical and effective manner we ain’t talking about trying to get deep because it ain’t time for being deep and i mean if you want to be strong you’ll go spiritually you can get into more in depth and acknowledge the word of god but you know most of us we’re doing good if we can sit there and study the word of god and apply that word of god in our life daily understanding hey this is what’s written as the new testament i’ma walk with that you know and we talk about the fact is and uh in our center theme of the thing we use the first scripture as a hebrews 11 1 their faith what is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen but without faith it is impossible to please him for he who comes to god must believe that he is and that he is a reward of those who diligently seek him have faith in god and mark 11 24 is the the what we desire is is is in that desire i said before is the blueprint even hope is a blueprint is in here i said is a mind game it’s a mind warfare it’s a spiritual warfare in the mind and what we operate is and use the weapons that he’s given us the weapons of our warfare are not cardinal but mighty through god for the pulling down the strongholds casting down imagination and every high thing that exalts itself against what the knowledge of god we want to have a source we we talked about last time your faith could you have faith in many different things some people have faith in themselves some people have faith in ministry some people have faith in money some people have faith in a person and and then the problem is that god when we talk about his believers is have faith in god and those people who don’t believe in god they one of the biggest things is is they’ve been turned off because of what they see in other people’s life that call themselves christians sit their ended have this audacity to sit then judge somebody else and not recognize they got their own faults too and the bible talks about that but some people can’t see that there’s people one of our friends and in the ministry saying we got a preacher standard when it says you know what you can’t preach to stand unless you live the standard and see it’s so easy if you pinpoint an area and sit there and say no i’m gonna preach against this because this i know this is going against the standard i know i’m not doing that but you’re doing something else and the bible said you’re saying at one point you sent it all so it’s very hard for us to sit there and preach a standard that we’re not even doing ourselves and we think we’re fooling somebody come on man i’m just saying this very well humble and be me and sit there and say look i ain’t arrived all sinner comes short of the glory of god so so i’m not going to sit there and try to preach the standard that i can’t even keep myself and that’s why it’s so important for us when we talk about the just to live by faith is to teach one another to live by faith walk by faith not by sight what’s going on your mind i’m telling you what’s going on in your mind is critical as a believer walking by faith so we have to remember that faith hebrews 11 1 is the substance of things hoped for what is hope is an imagination it is a is a visualization expectation of something good happening we don’t hope negative we hold some positives right so the just shall live by faith faith in what faith in god not faith in other people where we get we let we fall and our expectations fall because we’re focusing on the wrong thing that’s why we got to make sure our faith is in god’s word spoken and written and we want to hear from god because god is always talking and he it is not well i have brought himself before i say look at let me make sure you get this you don’t have hearing god voice is not a gift what i’m trying to say everybody can hear from god even in the bible there’s people that were saved not saved heard from god they heard them we can talk with you in israel they won’t born again but they were delivered from bondage we won’t say they were born again but they heard the voice of god speaking on mount sinai to them and they said Moses you talk to him we talk to god if talk to him we’re going to die we we we even read an event in the scripture where the donkey actually spoke for god He used a donkey to speak to a man that was going to try to prophesize against god’s people um this there’s many uh incidents in the bible in the new testament as well where a person was not saving her from god matter of fact hey there’s a good one paul we call saul his first name was saw it first and then he changed his name to paul paul’s on the road to demarcus paul was not saying paul was wasting the church he was crucifying the people that were believers of christ jesus he won’t say on the road of demarcus god spoke to him and that boy got saved because he heard from god and and so many of us we come to come to making that confession because we heard from god we’re at that action that tells us it’s time to turn our life over to christ it’s time to recognize we need salvation that’s what people who are not saying they don’t come to christ because they rejected what they heard from god because they i i i can tell you right now every last one of us have heard from the inner ear not this physical year because that’s not how god talks he’s a spirit right god is a spirit and those who worship him must worship in the spirit and truth so when god talks to you believers and non-believers he talks to you through your spirit and when we listen to the voice of god take heed to what he says is what matters and you know in revelation chapter 2 and chapter 3 the bible say he has an ear let him hear what the spirit’s saying to the churches and then those letters dealing with two and three of the different churches all those churches have issues so for people don’t believe just understand the bible is very clear that we we can be the church but it doesn’t mean we’re gonna be perfect we’re not you’re not perfect and i don’t i hope you’re not sitting there espousing that you think the people in the church won’t be perfect but i do understand when you sit there and say i got issues with people in the church because they sit there and try to hear that word i think earlier preach a standard that they’re not even living themselves children of israel when they’re going by the law they’re preaching the law but they’re not fulfilling the law themselves only christ could have done that and then that’s why we’re with we’re people to come into the body of christ we come as we are and we grow through the body through the spirit through the study and the fellowship with one another trusting god to change us individually and not trying to impose our will of somebody else so just watch out for that so we want to have faith in god and and faith is always as from a biblical perspective is aiming toward getting god to move on our behalf and we need to understand we got to trust in him and we got to understand that you petition until you receive it meaning what i mean petition if you pray every day for something you’re asking and believing god for it then you do that until you receive it in your spirit and you hear that voice of god saying got it you got it because sometimes it’ll be a situation where we’re praying for god to move and it’s not his will one of the one of the believers said to say no i i i think if i think it’s a lack of faith you pray more than once about a situation well that’s not what’s in the bible saying paul when he had infirmities right he prayed to god many times to remove that from that infirmity that thorn in the flesh even jesus and the god of the sentiment he said father this cup can pass let it pass but nevertheless let your will be done but he’s competition to god to say if this can pass i don’t want to go through this if i’ll have to but i do because of your will so he did that three times in the garden so it’s not on you for you to continue to pray and and ask god and have faith in god for him to move and understand sometimes if it’s outside his will that what christ demonstrated nevertheless let thy will be done because that’s what’s important for us as we live by the faith of god and trust in him amen because we can have faith in something else we know that we talk about it earlier we have faith and money we have faith in people we can have faith in things right those people you know oh rabbit foots and stuff like that people have faith and trying to to bring something to pass and things that does not have any light it becomes like dead work you know favorite works is dead faith without work faith without work is dead when we don’t have faith in god it has to be faith in god and doing his will not i will because we do i will that’s when we lack or we call it dead works we’ve got to make sure that we don’t focus on dead works we got to focus on the will of god and and and walk by the will of god we talked about in mark 11 uh 22 and 24.

and you know i was showing that but the fact is that that desire uh that blueprint that hope has to be toward the things and the will of god because if we don’t do that then we’re gonna miss the boat and then once again it becomes dead works right and jesus is very clear when john i have faith in god you know i didn’t bring this up is this writing the scriptures you need to go by mark 11 22 jesus answered and said unto them have faith and what in god and then we’re talking the fact is well how do we have faith in god we talk about his word the written and the spoken word have faith that you’re hearing from god make sure you get to that point of personal relationship that you hear from god because that’s what it’s all about he said For verily i say unto you in verse 23 that whosoever shall say unto this mountain those are problems in life be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea and shall not doubt in his heart right in his spirit and to believe that those things which he says there’s spoken now what’s come out of your mouth shall come to pass he should have whatsoever he says what’s going on in your mouth that’s why the justice league by faith quickly about faith means is what’s going on in my mouth a lot of what’s going on with my mind if i don’t like what’s going on in my mind i need to not release it from my mouth but uh the abundance of the heart the mouth speaking so we have to watch what’s coming our mouth because i like that part he said is whatsoever he says right there for 24 therefore saying to you what things so ever you desire that’s what we’re talking about the anatomy of faith when we pray praying to who see that’s what we that’s critical who are we communicating with in this case we’re talking about communicating to god not man and they said believe that you receive them you shall have them that’s why we want to focus on the things of god and the will of god and we want to make sure our faith is in god not in man because we have faith in other things that’s what we’re going to fall and another thing too you know i i’m better i’m gonna add these other scriptures in here to 24-26 he said and when you stand praying stand praying forgive if you ought against any that you that your father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses let’s read it again and when you stand praying forgive if you have ought against any that your father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses but if you do not forget neither would your father was in heaven forgive your trespasses that’s why it’s critical for us to to to don’t have see we we we’re good at trying to say i don’t go and do to the club i don’t dance you know uh crazy anything like that we use those outward things but the end with things what’s going on what’s going on our heart and we got unforgiveness and unforgiveness brings in destruction too it’s a poison right so he’s he’s telling us you have to not walk in hate not in darkness right so so just make sure we have faith in god and we don’t want to substitute what god says uh to other men in the bible what he told them we want the things in the bible our written records as i said before of god interacting with man and the scriptures when it says different things such as by his stripes you we are healed the question is you still have is to personally believe that that’s what i have faith in god about healing and faith in god about deliverance in different areas but it has to be faith in god and that thing that’s what people pull back from the church and when it recognized people are led taught to to have faith in things ministry people uh and their own ability regardless and no we talk about faith it is talking about that spiritual faith toward the will of god right we want to make sure we get to that point and we also understand to look there’s different degrees of our own faith when jesus came from the mountain transfiguration and this this man had a son it was just a lunatic and the disciples couldn’t cast them out right the man jesus said uh look if you have faith this just have faith all things possible god and the the man said lord help my unbelief i believe lord but help my unbelief they see there’s different there’s different things different levels of our faith there’s there’s some doubt in there and there’s some levels of trust in there and we want to get to that point of trusting in god and therefore we won’t have we want to remove unbelief and come as strong in faith matter of fact we can put that in fact is that there’s people that could be weakens faith right there’s people are going to be strong in faith abraham it was witnessed in the scriptures that abraham was strong in faith strong in faith in god you know he told him to get it moved and go to another country out of his family how abraham moved because he heard from god and he’ll obey god’s will and therefore he it’s a testimony that abraham was strong in faith but we also talk about the fact is the bible said don’t despise somebody who’s weak in faith that means you can have a weak faith he said don’t despise that you want to build that person up because that person is is is is moving from glory to glory from faith to faith and that’s how we’re supposed to live that’s how we’re supposed to grow we don’t we come in the body crying drinking milk meaning we only get it they call it the milk of the word but at certain points we get stronger without talking about meat of the word we want to have that we become stronger in faith but everybody has a measure of faith but then we got to work our faith muscle to become more solid than ever before so that’s the point about you could be strong in faith you can be weak in faith uh abraham testimony strong in faith us as believers you me is this is it’s a growing process that’s why i said the judge shall live by faith meaning moment by moment we live by faith and what in god his word his written word and his spoken word the spoken word i said you don’t have a gift to hear from god all people came from god the question is are you believing in what you’re hearing from god and you’re trusting in him and those those people that don’t have faith in god have faith in other faith that’s one of the things you got to watch out for right you want to have that you got to watch out for that but we do want to make the fact is that you both to live by faith walk by faith not by sight amen hey i hope you enjoyed this part of making it plain i think it’s simple i think we capture the right scriptures and words for this and we’re going to continue to focus on the anatomy of faith the justice by faith and we’re supposed to live by faith then we need to study what faith is and try to get that incorporate our life and grow and we now know you can be weak in faith you have levels on belief right that’s what the scripture says or you can be strong in faith like abraham let us focus on growing to be strong in faith faith in what and god because you have faith and not a thing let’s have faith in god amen all right hey i hope you enjoyed the bible study i really enjoyed the time sitting and making the plane with you sharing the script with you i guarantee you everything that i’m saying to you i’m listening to myself so i can continue to try to apply those things in my life as well amen all right so i’ll catch you next time and don’t forget the just to live by faith amen what’s going on in your mind what’s the blueprint in your mind that blueprint gotta line up with the will of god but let it also be something that your expectation of good to happen on your behalf through god amen all right i’ll check you later and like i said we can keep going and we’ll keep going but we’re going to put make try to keep these videos within a good reasonable range hey man all right i’ll check you later and don’t forget walk my favorite side god bless bye so you.