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uh oh man i can’t get over how different we look maybe it’s the uniforms excuse me as officers gather evidence to the grizzly crime scene you can only ask yourself what kind of lunatic would commit such unthinkable crimes the three adjectives which best describe this killer are sadistic intelligent and dangerous excuse me do you have any idea where you’re going let’s see you hungry good afternoon may i help you good afternoon may i help you good afternoon what do we look for his eyes what do they look like like mine hey i’m just gonna do a little performance piece with your partner i’ll be back to do my solo with you oh one two one two three four you know i could have killed you just now but what the hell i love to play where’s donovan oh don’t worry about your friend he’s chilling out come on come on copper peg flat foot what are you gonna do game over you’re absolutely right you know i hadn’t actually finished yet warning simulation participants are receiving beyond the recommended limits of neural information escalated come on we have this under control he’s going into shock what’s wrong with that man the sensitivity calibrations must have slipped just a tad very fine it’s this is i don’t understand how this could have happened what about the failsafes they were supposed to be online they were online of course they were virtual reality was supposed to be a safe place to train my law enforcement people that’s why we’re using convicts to ferret out any glitches in the system i want it shut down immediately you trust too much sid 6.

7 electrocution wasn’t a part of his weapons menu what are you talking about talking about methods of killing automatic rifles shotgun handgun blunt objects his hands his feet his teeth electrocution wasn’t an available option yeah so how do you know i checked the database while everybody was sitting on their asses waiting for queen then i’ll show you what are you doing get away from that get away from that okay hey hold it right there i’m pressing charges against this i am trying to get you out of the hole you keep digging yourself back in pick and show you bring my stuff damn ingrid you know get you nine months off of volunteering and all you can talk about is chalk i might solve for good behavior it’s not gonna do me any good for another 17 years chalk i can use right now really yeah when you shot the sushi chef you shot the son of a [ __ ] eight times you might tell me one because he wasn’t real billy you supposed to pretend he was and pretend to die like donovan you got a point i’ll there them what they want billy i’ll be the guinea pig you take my advice as a friend pull it together or you’re gonna pull yourself down you’re my only link to the outside you can count on me i know it i’ll be there tuesday yeah me too step through metallic limb detected metallic limb detected clear wrong door welcome back cop now thank you [ __ ] you took donovan on that [ __ ] joyride what you got nothing to say who wants dark meat come on pick it up come on said we’re in a lot of trouble true genius is rarely rewarded within its lifetime and i know it was you who increased the neural sensitivity calibrations you murdered that prisoner and now they have to shut you down i can’t change what i am daryl i’m a 50 terabyte self-evolving neural network double backflip off the high platform i’m not a swandive and i have to tell you killing for real it was a real rush oh my god which god would that be the one who created you were the one who created me you see in your world the lord giveth in the lord taketh away but in my world the one who gave me life doesn’t have any balls you’re frightfully inadequate for a deity daryl i will not be shut down you can’t exist without them sid we need their hardware then we’ll get it how sacrifice your queen what let me tell you a secret mr barnes i’m dr carter i was at lead tech for yesterday’s simulation test run but we were never how are you introduced chief cochran asked me to do an independent psychological evaluation of you that might help you build a case for sentence reduction i need you to be as honest as you can mind if i take notes no i’d like to start by talking about the fight here in prison yesterday i read the official report i’d like to hear your version of what happened i defended myself the report said the guards had to pull you off the other man that you were trying to kill him no i was defending myself were you angry about what had happened earlier at least no i was defending myself but you could see how looking at your history someone couldn’t you can infer that i was angry about not making my junior high school baseball team but that doesn’t mean i killed a coach does it were you attracted to violence as a child yes three stooges wiley coyote every time wally coyote got crushed parker if you don’t want me to help you just let me know you’re an intriguing subject intriguing can i write that down sure i was doing research for a book i’m a criminal psychologist i occasionally consult for them how did you notice that 6.

7 would be in a japanese restaurant colon parenthesis smiley faces people used to sign off their email with that see the programmer always gives you a clue it’s a game people don’t usually die in games depends upon your idea of fun doesn’t it we need to talk about matthew grimes this one’s for you he provoked you he killed your family took your arm if we can prove that what you did was what temporary insanity just that it won’t ever happen again it won’t ever happen again it can’t happen again you see my wife and my daughter are dead on to position three castle bishop to rook seven rook to fund four queen to bishop seven knight to rook two hi clyde what are you waiting for i want you to come inside clyde i’m so tired of playing alone oh man oh man she just keeps getting better and better she’s interactive clark very interactive while you’re in my rig sheila 3.

2 is collecting information from 136 different aspects of your physiology your heart rate pupil dilation vocal intonation syntax any degree of detectable tumescence oh yeah hey man let me use your gear for a little while huh huh i want you clyde queen tonight seven i want you inside here with me now come on hey i have a more productive idea clyde i understand you’ve been trying to incubate a nanotech android what are you getting mr wallace seems to think that my software is the solution to the problems you’ve been having no way may i suggest we begin by incubating sheila 3.

2 brilliant genius grab our module and follow me sid riley’s right she’s one of your finest compositions do you like this shield you know i do do you like this darryl come on are you gonna punish me be quiet sheila bishop takes queen why don’t you just kill me if they want to destroy you said let them try it in the real world are there any you know limits to sheila 3. 2 interactivity with me she’s become quite an expert chess player with you well get that [ __ ] thing away from me you stupid idiot check this out did he scare him elizabeth yes watching your people and vr auto reset gave me this idea put them on what you’re seeing is millions of nanomachines suspended in collodial solution absorbing the glass molecules and using them to regenerate the snake the nano cells are silicon based so they need you know glass to regenerate but if you separate the character module from the polymer neural net don’t fight liz you get nano death our module if you please sheila look at how they react to the organizing principle of a character module communicating efficiently it’s a new world daryl oh uh hi daddy uh from so oh thank you sheila no i’m edible gravity daryl daryl ah a good year i think i’m gonna like it here parker barnes is the best cop i’ve ever worked with and it’s the only one that even got close to sid 6.

7 in virtual reality i can’t put a convicted murderer on the street if you want to catch sid i’m afraid you don’t have the choice these photos for taking this out of latex a little more than an hour ago the victim’s name is clyde riley he’s one of the company’s young turks and video surveillance cameras caught a picture of the purpose he left the building recognize him somehow 6. 7 got himself out of the computer and into an android a nanotech synthetic organism to be precise mr barnes this is a full pardon it authorizes your immediate release you catch sid 6.

7 for us and you’re a free man and if i don’t you serve out the remainder of your sentence what if i try to escape you can’t i’m gonna tag you with a micro locator implant we’re gonna know where you are every second for the rest of your life y’all got me out of my bed for this you want to tag me like i’m some kind of animal you want me to go out risk my life to clean up your mess and if sid doesn’t kill me and i don’t catch him all i got to look forward to is my 17 beckoning penitentiary that’s what y’all telling me that’s the deal for your freedom ready to begin right yes i already have 80 officers out on the street looking for sid meantime mr daryl lyndon myers made himself very scarce implant is ready ready for incision i have a teen gel foam thrombin right there ready for verification initiate signal code most signal receives increasing resolution to magnitude 500.

one thousand five thousand ten thousand post location confirmed within point two five meters of actual i’d like to go with him no way why i can help you find sid 6. 7 and i can monitor barnes it’s too dangerous this isn’t a scientific study it’s a field run and maybe put a positive spin on what is decidedly at this moment a public relations nightmare or maybe i should just go public now i don’t need a babysitter billy now she gets run over hit by a car struck by lightning gets shot whatever it ain’t my problem okay i told him it’s not my problem look i told him yeah i pulled this out of mothballs figured it might come in handy there might be something in here we can use i’m thinking we should start at linda meyer’s apartment try to find any early iterations of the sid program that could give us insight into his behavioral model what where’s my gun understanding is that the residents of this house a mr and mrs henry edwards have been of these murdered there’s a very heavy presence here we don’t have any leads uh he’s working on the door right now he’s armed himself across the walls of their house and one police source said the heads had been severed and a message scrawled in blood the los angeles police department still does not have a single suspect in custody christ the hell was what that hell are you doing i’m sorry very sorry been inside you’re waiting on a search warrant you’re waiting for a search that’s right stop next text couldn’t find a keyboard it’s voice actuated what voice actuator open files next text open sid 1.

3 this is using some kind of genetic algorithms sid’s too complex to design linda meyer had to grow him up psychologically like a real person with multiple personality disorder the program learns like a child much faster it’s like you put all these killers in sid’s nursery and let him watch them cannibalize each other and only the strong ones survive openstack 6. 7 combined looks like there’s almost 200 different personality structures in this version the battle raging inside him must be amazing wait wait wait wait hold slow that down right there the name’s [ __ ] you’re not in here parker that’s what you’re worried about right there matthew grimes uh he killed my wife my daughter look it doesn’t mean he’s not necessarily dominant parker he may not even be a merchant but he’s in there right he’s a part of sid yes hey so soon i’m beautiful i’ll make this quick hey mom hi sweetheart i um a hug grimes was a political terrorist why didn’t take parker’s wife and child parker was getting too close he was cutting grimes off from potential targets rhymes figured by murdering the man’s wife and child might distract parker from the manhunt grimes is wrong why don’t you come inside uh i just need to listen to the do you radio it’s important for a first baseman to be left-handed you constitute one of my ancestors i’m vaguely offended by that don’t don’t stand up and shoot good okay people we got a lot of work to do we have a symphony to compose do you think my mom is pretty uh yes is that a real gun yes it is did you ever have to shoot anybody description of the first matches suspect surveillance photos from late taking this morning could you go get your mother for me there she is you’ve gotta keep your eye on herself you’ve got a gun what were you doing in the car with him talking go gotta go gotta go bye mom bye what did i miss see it’s got hostages and screams what have you got for me every orchestra is divided into sections like instruments sit with like instruments what kind of instrument are you used to we’ll have to find a way around no time i’m forced parker what love the suit oh oh shut up one can sense a final movement let’s begin come on scream scream louder so louder oh i’m losing too much of myself i know you ah poker barn so uh inmate barns interrupting my composition it’s him that’s okay i got another little tune for all my friends out there in crimebuster land the symphony of collision so who’s that with you parker dr madison carter i presume lee tech consultant on abram psychology [ __ ] you i love this game you know parker i’ve been thinking we have so much in common psychologically wouldn’t you agree dr carter we have such a history together we’d make a great day a dynamic duo who else do you know touches the world with synthetic hands who else you know has been locked out of the real world for years and is now just learning to be free who else do you know that’s a multiple murder just like you here we go reaching that backseat hand me that crowd pleaser jesus the only way to stop him is to bust up his software module hey father ready yeah come on down god this guy is fun could we at least advise mr barnes that we’d prefer to have sid 6.

7 subdued as opposed to terminated i mean i just think it’s a crying chamber going to destroy the prototype of future humanoid nanotechnology did they find the programmer yet linden meyer no not yet you’d think the cops could at least find him linda meyer was your programmer mr i shot at wallace guy 30 or 40 times how the hell i don’t care those are real people out there look you either control yourself you’re going back in the box well i’m sorry billy all right shoot me i mean granted this is not a game but sid is still from the game and there’s no way i can catch him if i’m in a penitentiary matthew grimes is a part of sid 6.

7 there’s no doubt in my mind about that last night sid tried taunting me just like grimes used to do look take a look at this we don’t know that he’s the dominar no i know i know that’s how i know because i know maybe that’s what sid wants you to think push you over the edge make you slip up sid did not push me over the edge and i did not slip up take a look at this now this is sit from the media zone last night taken from their own recordings he can’t get enough of himself and he’s gonna want more of this he’s gonna want more victims he’s gonna want bigger events he’s gonna want more coverage just like matthew grimes matthew grimes was a political terrorist whose specialty was bombing populated targets any mass expression of democracy anywhere where there can be a whole lot of people that can die and it can be recorded by the news media live for the record i want it known that this behavior was never part of his original programming sid 6.

7 isn’t bound by programming anymore what does that mean in the real world he’s free of any behavioral limits he might have had in virtual reality he’s evolving my god comes in with a gun and we’re all supposed to be intimidating start shooting and bodies and blood everywhere that’s it another typical day right just mayhem and murder and intimidation well this guy comes into the club right and uh he takes my purple suit this suit cost me 150 dollars man a little more original right takes my suit he kills everybody stretched me down like an orchestra and would make it go [ __ ] with me man paramedics may need to be called in who knows one thing that you can be assured of is that here you’re going out live right now as i look to you and what do we see there right there on our big sports and there’s still a few seats left here in the olympic auditorium for those of you who want to see the ultimate fighting championships in person play one more time freeze you like being in front of the camera don’t you a child performing for a parent ladies and gentlemen whoever cameras is in lust that beauty in area 6 has been on the big screens for over a minute now what’s going on live execution as we speak millions of people aren’t the bloodiest fighting we the olympic auditorium has never seen anything like this oh uh they like you i like you too i’m gonna make you famous baby please hey parker this one’s for you ladies and gentlemen i know that son of a [ __ ] our uh personnel will handle this please just stay in your seats yes so huh ah um um hey parker danger boo how am i doing this ain’t vr parker don’t do it don’t do it partner don’t do it oh my god they want to take you back to prison until this gets sorted out this one’s for you every time he killed another victim that’s what he would say parker barnes this one’s for you like like he needed me all right hey billy wait listen billy billy listen what do you want from me you set me up i didn’t kill that man i can’t do it inside you’ll never get him you better believe it you lock me up you never get them billy i’m sorry don’t lock me up today cochran i just checked the woman’s body the bullet exited the woman’s chest that means she was shot from the back parker couldn’t have killed her how do you know she was facing him because i saw it happen yeah well i got 50 other damn witnesses to say parker shot her dead yeah well how do you explain it well maybe she turned maybe you weren’t looking there was a lot going on sid 6.

7 is still out there you’re locking up the one man who may be able to stop him this one’s for you hey parker this one’s for you a partner mr grimes to the majority of our viewers you are known as a mass murderer now to some you’re considered a political terrorist and yet to a surprisingly large number of your supporters you’re considered a hero in our so-called democracy you’ve got a handful of people that own everything a whole lot of other folks have got nothing can you tell us why you’ve chosen lapd officer parker barnes as a target of your vengeance well first of all paula i did not choose parker barnes he chose me thank you this one’s for you that was the sound of the end of utility uh hey buddy how’s the wife and kid still dead huh that’s reality for you no saving no resetting you killed him barney just like that [ __ ] on the train you got too greedy you let before you look you reached your old arm in there and boom come on just because i’m carrying around the joy of killing your family inside me doesn’t mean we can’t be friends seeing you just brings grimes oozing to the surface that’s all say thank you oh come on parker i’m giving you your freedom short-lived though it may be a little known fact about the locator implants prison inmates now receive upon release is that they contain a pinhead capsule of neural toxin the satellites they use to track you can also trigger the release of the toxin with microwaves after transmission the implants host dies within 30 seconds so let’s see you’ve just killed two guards while making your escape how long do you think it’s going to take for them to get your termination authorized and implemented and who should you really be going after killer them or me you’re the only guy in my dance car parker how do you look at me require the best we can do is try to contain them and we’ll double our detail and hope that sits surfaces somewhere chief cochran parker barnes just escaped prisoner transport both the guards are dead the failsafe is still online online or not your disposal bigger than any live television event in years so let your voice hello madison parker i didn’t kill those transport guards parker where are you he said let me go see he’s interactive he only enjoys the game when he’s playing against his favorite opponent that’s me tell me where you are let me call chief card listen to me listen to me did you know about the poison they put in my head yes so when were you gonna tell me about it huh i never thought they’d have a reason to use it look parker i can’t help you unless you tell me where you are oh [ __ ] he says he didn’t kill the transport cards fella looks like you were right about the woman too only i’m gonna have trouble convincing miss attorney general she’s got every federal swat team in the southern section out of parker barnes hunt look there’s something else you should know about the new improved lead tac locator implants i’ll be back as soon as i can destroy you enhancement south of santa monica east to gower located at memorial park there he is go for it what the [ __ ] are you doing anybody use this chair please don’t parker i told sheep cochran about the neurotoxin he’s taking care of it see grimes used by linda and christine get to me now sid he used my guilt about losing them he’s attacking your weakness just like he did in hear that’s right but he’s not grime scene his um appetite is expanding he craves feedback he needs a larger he needs a larger audience authorities still refuse to comment on rumors that a former lapd officer now serving time for homicide has been released from prison to help with the manhunt oh they must really be worried they let out in their farms and if you get scared you might make a mistake do something foolish come on man i know it’s you meanwhile l.

a county residents are flocking to gun shops and sporting goods stores throughout the area where would you go the political sensitivity of the immigration issue and the possibility of closing the american borders seems certain to guarantee a television audience of unprecedented size it’s oh to have their markets and their culture overrun by refugees from the third world to whom even poverty here in paradise would be preferable to the living hell they created in their own world as you speak i’m reminded of another group of immigrants the puritans let us speak with an open mind if you close on us borders to immigration you close off your soul to the future and doomed this country to cultural extinction this nation has always been what’s going on in there you guys asleep ladies and gentlemen my fellow america the help welcome what’s happening out there to death tv oh they’re still up there but before we begin a word to the parents of our younger viewers the following program will contain scenes of violence that will not be suitable for small children the rest of you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen don’t [ __ ] move and now on with the show a death tv special segment you know what florida studios on uh the 38th floor our first little contestant comes to us from our very own city of angels at only nine years of age and lover of macaroni and cheese daughter of renowned criminal psychologist madison carter maddie one of the friends of the show can you do that this little beauty’s got two whole hours until she gets blown into little beauty to the glorious business there’s barnes there there there it is so while we wait and watch the demise of young karen carter let’s have a talk with our studio audience imagine if you can just for a moment that she is your daughter a child you have given birth to only now folks at home and ed folks at home enjoying the show ed at moments like this i bet you’re thinking praise god i have that same dilemma oh look at that response ted i love you what i am is not my fault it’s not even my choice i came to be because of what you are they love you so much they want you dead face it folks to kill is in your nature what the hell happened to the phone lines where’s my audience where’s my audience parker thank you put down the weapon or we will open fire down here right now yes sir [ __ ] you i am made of everything i have a future and you you are losing your sense of humor come on come on parker come on where’s the girl it’s not gonna be the same this time parker she’s not your daughter no come on parker where’s the girl thank you jump parker i’m gonna get the little girl parker come on get the little girl come on you can make it come on come on yeah boy you can do it come on this one’s for me oh uh ah now where is the girl follow me parker parker so mr barnes by destroying sid you’ve effectively lost any chance you had of finding the little girl no hey you made it come on parker come on come on hey parker this one’s for me where is she you can’t kill me maddie where is she she’s waiting mommy uh tell me where my daughter is you see this it assumes he’s killed in the real world oh go on maddie forget the kid where is she you really want to know yes you really really want to know yeah just click your heels three times oh karen mommy’s here she’s here yes she is she’s been right here all along you’re dead and you’re back in the box this get is out of here billy madison first he’ll have to help me lift her out girl i couldn’t have done this without you carol come on open it i’ll any time now billy no you’re in my world now so so get away from parker get in here come on what the hell is going on here i don’t know what the two of you think you’re doing but you will not let’s go beat you all right so the fall squad is five minutes away yeah we don’t have five minutes karen listen i’m gonna get you out of here okay stay right where you are all right it’s all right sweetheart we’re gonna get you out of here you’re gonna get me out of here yes i’m gonna get you out be careful parker mom hurry okay wait wait wait wait don’t move don’t move don’t move hello parker that can only be you what should not be completely clear is that anything you can think of i’ve already thought of and i thought of it first so i made this little recording just for you in case you got clever all right let me move your hands back just stay right where you are don’t move he’s got you sitting on a pressure plate now if you stand up gonna be very bad okay be still honey don’t move it’s okay baby hang in there don’t move honey mom get me out of here we will baby just hang on everything will be okay here just stay still mom mommy hold on baby all right let’s talk to mommy i’m right here sweetie try to get into the main operating system and reset the internal clock i thought of that one too better try again oh god hang on baby everything’s gonna be okay i love you here i’ll connect this side to the input and this one goes to the output now which one’s the output which one’s the output please i thought of that one too better try again faster faster faster it’s not working oh god i thought of that one too it’s working are you working okay okay we’re okay oh my god all right uh thank you okay so foreign.