Designing Wedge Sandals

Jun 17, 2021 13:30 · 3400 words · 16 minute read

here is a mule sandals that we built in my muse and of course we build here our wage from cork Step by step we constructed here this big wedge with platform here with big hill here and recover it with ladder It has very elegant design and this is what we think about it before we started to make the sandals But you if you want if you don’t know what is the design of your sandals you want to create you can do it differently What you need to do is to create first of all your wedge like this one you see here is a little bit lower wedge uh wedge heel built from cork And first of all make this wedge from cork and then you will be able to design and limited designs of soundness working with your schuyler’s and you build it wedge call and right now in this tutorial I will show you what possibilities do you have working with this approach Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and click the bell bottom to know when my new video will come out So let’s go handle on the farmers especially on the edge But if you will not see it and check where you have course I explain why because we got in the angle in corrections in the window for example you see here and here you can see the differences and I start for the middle Mhm mhm side of this month mitch this straight line mm on second top Yeah I need to stand here more until I’m way I will get here perfect straight line him shoot very as well It’s already looked well learn how to make shoes with my step by step Yeah So you see this is mule sandals with wage that we made from cork we created on my sandals course mule sandals course and it has very simple but interesting design because here we have clean lines without any seams and also clean design of the wedge cover This is how we created these sandals but when you will know how to create simple new sandal with simple cover you will be able to design unlimited designs of sandals It can be with strips it can be redesigned similar to the palm shoes And what is great here with the new Sanders is not new sandals with wedge sandals Is that the wedge your wage built from cork that is built from cork can be a part of your shoe design So let’s say that for example you don’t know what design of the sandal you want to create but you love to have sandals with wage core So what is your options You can create the cork wedge like I explained in my courses where you need to create this cork which from layers of cork and then you can create you can design yourself and us working together with this wedge cork Okay so here I don’t need to have anything Just build this word from cork and then work together with your shoe Last show us for Sanders to create which from cork for example uh you and use it in sandals you have to work with sandals last But if you want to create wedge work on on a on different should I stop you also can do it Okay the wedge cork is only the part of design that can be attached can be used in any shoe time Okay but right now we’re talking about santa’s so after you will create this uh this wage you should cover it with masking tape Also cover your shoulders with masking tape This is usually how we work when we want to design our shoes And attach this cork which cork wedge built from cork to the bottom of your shoe list Why we need to cover which and shoot us Because right now we will want to create the design of our sandals were the part of the sandals The some part of the sandals will continue on the part of the wedge Okay so at the end we will have something unified So the desire of upper will continue on the cork wedge Okay I want to show you this way of thinking because yeah because it’s very important to understand that in designing shoes you are not limited You can create whatever you want you can create simple which with simple cower like with it in sandals but based on this knowledge you can upgrade your designs and create whatever you want And it’s very easy after you will know how to design simple things Okay so what you need to do is as I explained before attach masking tape on both parts of our sure that is Shula’s and which and then design your son does working with these two parts Also What is important here is to mark important lines of the santas that is that are the central line The back central line you see the central line must be the center line that you will design on the Shula’s must pass to the central line that you will mark Also on the wedge it’s very important So when we will design our Sanders on the last and on the wage they will uh they will it will be together completely as one part because of these important marks that we need to have similar on both parts So we have the back central line also we have here you can see because I attach with two pieces of masking wedge to the Shula’s But here central last central line on the front part of the shoe list goes to the end and passes to the wedge Central life Okay Also we need to mark their beginning of our pinky toe It’s very important in sandals making it’s one of the most crucial moments in designing of sandals and I explain how to find it in each size there’s certain place but we should market on the shoulders And according to these marks we will know where we can design there to the light on the tour to keep our old photos of our feet together So the pinky toe will not fall down from the from the Sanders It’s very important you know because if you will open it too much the pinky toe will fall down but you can close it and close approximately You can close sleeping entire pinky toe so it will not will be visible Okay But the beginning of pinky toe the mark of the beginning of the pinky toe you must have always in designing Sanders So also we have their line where we have the joints This is the joint line and the heel height here on the back part of our sandals it’s not you hide it’s the height of the back Okay here we need to market also and the end of the instep so we can’t move higher than this mark on the standards because it will bother our feet So that’s why we should mark this point as well on our shoelaces when you want to design Sandoz Okay so after you will mark all this important lines and points You can start to design your sandals and you don’t have any idea So just you can play with your imagination here drawing the sandals together with the wedge for example let’s make one of the most simplest designs but the design that will combine these two parts of our sound the part of the upper and part of the wedge This is how you can and explore your design possibilities here because you have not only the part of the schuyler’s you also have the part of the wedge that is a big part and here you can design also many interesting details So let’s stop here right now I will not will stay too much on the details to design a very clear and precise because I want to show you the idea how you should work how you can work how you can design and limit the designs of your sound is Okay so I will design is very fast just to give you the idea But actually when we will design we should use a ruler to create beautiful straight lines If you want to create straps for example Okay so let’s do it Let’s do it right now with without any ruler here land we can correct it with fuller to create this line smooth and straight So for example we want to create here two straps one big strap and one small step It’s very simple design of the son of that you can see in any place and then you store and here we have strep front strap that need to cover the pink So this is the beginning of the pink at the beginning Then it can be here or somebody has long toes maybe here Okay But we need to cover it to hold it with the strap with other design of the upper so it will not fall down from the shoot Okay so this is the beginning and I want to cover it a little bit with this front step He also it’s important to see how you design in this point of view in this point of view when you look at on the top from the top of the shoe last and then he will continue the strap Okay And here we have also straight line because strips here I want to create straps with straight lines but it can be also straps did can be a little bit with different shape For example here it can be wider a little bit Okay It’s only a lose them of the strap But actually to to have more comfortable sandals it’s required to create here a little bit wider space from the of the upper But these two lines looks battery and this is what will create the illusion that we have here Too straight straps Okay so simple design But how to upgrade it Working with the wedge for example we can continue the straight line here and create here for example shape of the half circle here and half circle here Yeah Mhm Mhm Yeah And then if you see that doesn’t match you can raise the line and design is again it’s again okay so uh and it will create the illusion that that the strap goes to the wage And to continue with this design of circles We can design on the wedge half circle or and let’s say a whole circle here It’s that’s not important We can design the whole circle here or I don’t like that Mhm The full circle let’s make also half circle here but bigger one And it can be on both sides on the outer side and inner side Yeah You see right now why not stay too much on on the details to make them precisely but because I wanted to work with a ruler to redesign it professionally uh this is how it must be I won’t only want to show you how we can work together with the wedge and create many many designs of Sanders So you see this is one of the most simple designs that you can do but already here you can in your in your design you can include the part of the wedge So you see here we have two straps with the rounded shape here the end of the strip have here the half circle And to continue this idea of the circles are designed on the back part of the wedge also half circle Okay And all of them can be one color or you can hear Color is also another big part of the design Let’s not talk about the color but let’s talk about the sheriff’s here Okay But the color it’s also one of the And yeah this is also the part that you should think about it during your design Okay Now let’s say we designed this we finished the design the sandal here And then you ask now I think you will ask yourself how uh the cover of the wedge will make the step may be doing Making the sandal something will move and it will not match If you will follow the exact steps it will know how to do it It’s very important We will have all the marks of the central lines the central line of the back part will make the central line of the show list will make the central line of the bridge Also we have here making off the front central line and then after you will take this shoelace off from the shoe last uh from the son of a bitch Sorry you will need two mark this lines of the upper on the button of the insult Because here also we have the insult You see here we have insult And I meant the tutorial how to work with sandals strips with the other shoot up that where we have open details The insult pattern here is very important because according to this pattern where we’ll have marks of the end of our upper we will know where to attach each part of our sandals We will have this marks on the inside So we attach this step exactly on the right place according to the marks And we will touch this part This trip also in the exact place And then after we will have the power with this rounded shapes We also will have here on the cover We will have the mark of the center and we will attach discover according to the central line that we’ll have here And it matched the center of our upper and according to the central in the phone part and it will match the circus will make the uh part of the straps that you have from the upper the steps of the upper Okay it’s one of the possibilities Now let’s design something more difficult You see It’s very simple design with the straps but how we can change it and create something more interesting Yeah because of the wedge that we have here Now I want to show you another example also it is very simple design but with interesting twist you see here I already designed this sandal started to design now I will need to continue these lines of the upper on the wage Now right now I attached masking masking tape partly on the which and on the shoe line but this will be one piece upper that will continue to be on the wedge So I need to combine these two parts and the best way to do it To do this pattern The pattern of this type of designs is to attach here masking tape that will unify the part of the upper and part of the wedge So let’s attach here masking too Yeah Yeah You see here I just attach the masking tape and we’ll continue the design of my sandals that here I need to attach also masking tape You know if you will decide to decide these sandals these uh sandals like this one you will need you will not need to attach musket to the wedge You will need to attach your wedge simply to the shoe lights and then attach maskin tape in the places where you will unify the part of which and the part of the upper together Only in these places Yeah so he here and it also attach small piece of masking tape and I will continue the lines of my album Thanks Okay so right now just simply continue lying that I Mhm 12 have here on the wage Yeah Mhm And here and then in the lasting process I will last My Apple together with the wedge And mm Here there are a lot of important points in making this album In lessening of this album I will mention only a few of them most important points because you know to describe the entire process It will take a lot of time I only want to mention a few of them The most important moments of making side uh the design of Sanders like this one so we will last this upper together with the wedge And what is important here that right now we didn’t include the width of in So yes we still need to use here in Seoul because our lying will be lasted on the insult The upper will continue to be here and this part of the upper where we have edge will be without lining Only upper lining will reach this place where we will have insult and will last for us The part of the lining on the insult Then we will place our wage and the last part of the upper Okay that the peace these two pieces of the apple will be without lining Okay this is how usually we should do the designs of sandals like this one and that’s why I didn’t include here insult because during plastic the upper and lining double stretch so a because of the strangeness of ladder we can design the sandal without in so because when we will stretch we will the upper will be longer The lining will be longer and if we will use here in so during class because the upper became longer and we will not the line it will not reach needed place Okay it will be too long That’s why we didn’t include here in salt in making in designing of this santa Okay now next thing is that you can live the cork without any cover So the cover will be only these two pieces of our upper So here will be the upper He will build the upper and here through these parts you will see the original cork and this is one of the options Second option you can cover still you can cover the wedge with some other colour of leather and then on top of this cover you will last your upper and it will be with different color and you will have here beautiful combination of different colors that you will want to create here Okay so this is another option that you can create working with sandals with wedge There are yeah believe me There are a limited designs to create different sandals different styles and what he gives you more possibilities in your design abilities Okay so the goal of this tutorial was to show you what you can do what Sanders or desires of sandals you can do when you know the simple construction of sandals how to work your schoolwork and create which how to create simple cover And then you can upgrade it and create a variety of different Sanders designs Okay that’s it for this tutorial If you have questions you are welcome to comment below this video Also I will place here a few useful links with tutorials Different tutorials that I mentioned during this tutorial How to create this uh insult part insult partner with the mark that we need to have to create a sandal Maybe you are Yeah Just started watching my tutorials and you want to know how to cover when she was was masking tape How to recover the witch It’s actually the same approach So I will play this link to the tutorial where I show how to cover your sugars with mass Native and you can use this approach and cover your wage as well Okay And please subscribe to this channel if you are not my subscriber yet So make sure to subscribe to this channel here You will get many different tutorials and to tell us about shoemaking So subscribe Also 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